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Eco-friendly travel guide to Split advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Split, Croatia.

  • Air quality: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $XX150

Responsible Travel

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and one of the largest cities in the Dalmatia region. The city is found on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and covers the entire Central Peninsula as well as its surroundings. This city has become one of the most hyped tourist destinations in all of Croatia owing to its beauty and history. The city is well connected to the Apennine Peninsula as well as the Adriatic islands, which makes this city even more exciting.

Being a tourist in a famous destination, you must engage in travelling responsibly so that you can give back to the city rather than taking away much from it. You need to understand that these tourist destinations are being polluted on a regular basis which needs to be stopped as soon as possible. For this reason, there are some responsible for travelling tips and tricks that you must keep in mind:

  • While it may seem more luxurious for you to ride in a private car when in Split, you must realise that this adds to the level of pollution and is extremely dangerous for the city itself. For this reason, you must try to look for other eco-friendly options. There are a plethora of options that you will be able to find in Split, which is not only viable but also great for the ecosystem. Try to ride bicycles and use public transport when in Split in order to give back to the city.
  • Another very important habit that you must inculcate no matter where you are is never to litter the streets. Not only is this an extremely disgraceful activity but also ruins the aesthetic beauty of a place. When it comes to littering, follow a strict policy of carrying your own little reusable pockets that you can throw your trash in from time to time.
  • If you are passionate about the environment, then you must abstain from using plastic in every manner impossible. Plastic is one of the biggest enemies of mother nature, and the dangers of overuse of plastic are quite evident in our day to day lives. It is natural for you to want to shop and collect tokens from the place you are visiting, for this reason always try to carry a reusable bag with you that you can open up and continue shopping to your heart's content. You must also try to carry refillable bottles, Steel straws, your own cutleries so that you can stop the use of plastic as much as possible.
  • Another very important aspect that you must keep in mind is to shop locally from those who are selling things in the local shops. While big corporations are getting richer every day, these small craftsmen are suffering. You must try to look for things made by the locals as that will provide you with an authentic feel.
  • Wasting food is a heinous act one can perform, keeping in mind that the huge part of the population remains hungry on a regular basis. Wasting food has severe and detrimental effects on water, land, climate and biodiversity. Always try to order the amount of food that you are surely going to finish. If you cannot finish your plate of food, then pack them up in your reusable containers and enjoy a leftover meal!
  • When you are travelling to a foreign city, you must bear in mind that you have to be respectful towards the culture and traditions that have been upheld by the citizens for centuries. You have to respect the citizens who live in a city but also the various customs and traditions. You cannot use racial slurs or perform hate crimes that are discriminatory or this respectful to those who live in the beautiful city of Split. You have to adopt a growth mindset as a tourist and have an immersive experience into the culture of the place you are visiting.

Air Quality and Pollution

While air quality and pollution is a very important aspect, you will be happy to know that there is very little air pollution in Split, making it an extremely fresh and joyful environment. The air quality index is value 13 U.S AQI, which indicates good air quality. You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities to your fullest, whether it be simply taking a walk or relaxing in a park. It is advised to keep your Windows open to let in the fresh and clean air indoors. Even if you are particularly allergic, this place is a great environment to revitalize yourself and feel rejuvenated. This makes it an extremely special place for tourists, even those who are highly allergic or have breathing problems.

For many people who have breathing problems, some locations become extremely difficult to travel in. However, this is not the case for Split as you will be able to enjoy a rejuvenating breath of fresh air here.

Respect the Culture

Split has become one of the most significant hubs of Croatian culture because of its rich history and traditions. It was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in the year 1979. This place has since become a Paradise for learners and historians. The culture and traditions, particularly the literary traditions that are still practised in Split, can be traced back to the mediaeval times, which includes the famous name Marko Murulic. Even in modern times, it has produced some of the greatest authors as well as artists. One of the most famous names of Split has to be Miljenko Smoje, who is still famous to date for his TV series Velo Misto and Malo Misto.

Split boasts a number of museums and galleries that are filled to the brim with some of the most interesting pieces of artwork that have been produced in Split itself. Music is also one of the most important parts of the culture in Split. There are a number of musicians who have made a name for themselves all over the world to have originated from Split. Split Music Festival is one of the biggest cultural activity in Splits which happens after the Split summer theatre festival. The colourful culture of it can also be seen in the various sportsman that has been produced by Split.

When visiting the city of Split, you need to be respectful to the citizens as well as to those who are conducting business in this beautiful city. You need to immerse yourself in the beautiful and vibrant culture of Split without looking down upon what makes this city ethereally beautiful. You must never disrespect the traditions and cultures in the form of music, movie or films that have made Split a beautiful city in itself. It is important for you to intermingle with the locals and gets to know more about their lives, taking a genuine interest in people and their stories.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Marjan Hill: This is a tall hill that is 178 meters high and is situated in the north-west corner in the old city of Split. It is filled with biking trails and is one of the best locations for mountain biking, Rock climbing, jogging and many other activities. One of the biggest attractions here is the fact that it has a number of mediaeval and ancient churches that comprise some of the best places to visit in Split. One of the most popular ones includes the St. Chere Church that was built in 1400 and is still an extremely peaceful place with hermitage carved in the various rocks here. There are a number of wooden figures that have been made by one of the most famous Croatian artist, Ivan Mestrovic, that are found in the Church of Our Lady of Good Council, which is one of the ideal parts of the Capogrosso Castle. This location is open from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Split Old City: The old parts of the city of Split are one of the most famous places that one must visit in Split. It is filled with the most enchanting cobbled lanes, beautiful old buildings and hidden alleys that simply adds to the charm of this place. The Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most important monuments near which were built-in 305 AD during the Roman empire by the emperor of the time Diocletian. This important site used to be a famous holiday home and a very important piece of the monument in Rome and has now been given the status of a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
  • The Riva: The beauty of Split is most evident in this promenade which is sea facing and is known as Riva. This is the heart of the city in various contacts and is one of the most beautiful regions in Split that you will ever come across. From here, you will be able to see the South face of the famous Diocletian’s Palace, which simply adds to the charm. There are a number of churches as well as the bejewelled Bajamonti Deskovic Palace. This is one part of Split that you can’t miss.
  • Church of Our Lady Seven Sorrows: This Church was apparently built in the 14th century, latest most prominent features of the work of a 17th-century Venetian sculptor known as, Juraj Dalmatinac. This Church is the epitome of Venetian influence that was so prominent in the Dalmatian region of Rome. This Church is clearly dedicated to virgin Mary and has minimalist decor in the interiors. This is a celebrated spot for various photographers and extremely exhilarating for those having a passion for photography. the church is located on the Marjana hills and offers the most spectacular view of the sea
  • Statue Of Marko Marulić: This is another extremely famous sightseeing option that is available for you in Split. Marko Marulić is basically one of the most famous people in Croatia and has also been known as the father of Croatian literature. The structure can be seen at the Brothers Radić square, which is a famous place in Split itself. The square has also been referred to as the flower square. The statue was built by the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. This place is extremely important for those who have an active interest in literature, sculpture and history.
  • Temple of Jupiter: This temple is one of the most famous sites in all of slaked and has been dedicated to ancient Roman god known as Jupiter. The temple is very close to Peristyle and was built somewhere in between 295 to 305 AD, as a part of the Diocletian Palace. The date and itself are intriguing and hold attention for those who have an interest in architecture and history. You can see that some of the parts of this temple are yet to be finished, which adds to the inquisitiveness of this brilliant place. This temple is a specimen of architecture and history that was well dominated during the Roman era. This makes it extremely interesting to those who are interested in the architecture of history and even Roman mythology.
  • Cathedral of St. Domnius: The Cathedral of St. Domnius, which is also known as Katedrala Sv. Duje lies within the perimeter of Diocletian Palace. Filotas originally designed it in the seventh century. Not much has changed in the cathedral itself except 60-metre Belltower was added between the 12 to the 16th century. You can climb the bell tower now from where you will be able to get the best view of the palace. The cathedral is laid out with dual lines of columns and has an octagonal pattern. This is a splendid example of Corinthian-designed cathedral, which is a Roman classic. Some of the most notable features here include the Romanesque stone pulpit that is hexagonal in shape as well as the Altar of St. Domnius.
  • Klis Fortress: This fortress can easily be reached with the help of the city bus 22 and has been known as a must-visit spot in Split. If you are an average Game of Thrones fan, you will be able to recognise this fortress as the City of Meereen, which makes it extremely impressive. The fortress lies along a beautiful limestone bluff the tallest point of which is 385 metres. This is used to date to control the valley that leads into the town. There is a small Museum that you will be able to find here, and there is also a special room that is dedicated to Game of Thrones, and fans can take a visit into Daenerys Throne Room.
  • The People' Square: The People' Square dates back to the 15th century and is also known as Narodni Trg Pjaca. Here you will be able to witness various features of the Renaissance, including Gothic buildings as well as Venetian ones that have been constructed over the years. One of the most exciting building includes the Cambi palace that is located along with the town hall building. The town hall building houses the Ethnographic Museum of Split, which is a fascinating museum that is absolutely irresistible. The statue of Grgur Ninski, which was sculpted by Ivan Mestrovic, is also located here.
  • Croatian National Theatre: This theatre was inaugurated in the year 1893 and is one of the oldest buildings in the entire country. This theatre is still of capital importance in the city and adds to the culture and vibrancy. The theatre still holds a number of programs that includes bhale as well as various theatrical events and even classical musical performances. It also holds various festivals which includes the popular Split Summer Festival, which is one of the most traditional and the oldest events celebrating performing arts. If you or someone who loves to delve into the culture and tradition of foreign Nations, this is the perfect place for you. You will be able to witness the unknown customs and traditions and enjoy music that is new to you.


The city of Split has much to offer, and you will have a lot on your plate. The city has become so famous among tourists because of the variety of activities that you can perform here, making it a vibrant spot for tourists. Not only will you be able to find a number of eateries, museums, historical sites, parks, beaches, and more, the related culture of the city and itself will transform you. When you visit the city of Split, you do not need to fill up an itinerary as it is more important for you to have fun and be spontaneous. However, if you like to keep your travel organized, make sure to visit every aspect of the city. You cannot miss out on the exciting beaches, neither can you give up on the beautiful galleries and museums that are spread all over the town.

City Parks

Split is blessed with some of the best landscape that is captured in the various City parks. These parks are great for your children as well as for you to take a mild job or go on a picnic with your family members. Split has to offer some of the most beautiful city parks, which includes:

  • Marjan Park: This Park has beautiful trails and beaches that provide the perfect environment for a lazy morning or one where you want to exercise and get in shape. You can ride a bike, climb the cliffs, go for a job, explore the woods, play tennis, and much more here.
  • Sustipan: If you appreciate some peace and quiet, this beautiful Park with the best view is the place to be.
  • Strossmayer Park: This is a beautiful park for your family to have a relaxing time together.

National Parks

Split has some of the most beautiful national parks that you will ever come across around the globe. In itself, Croatia is known for its beautiful waterfalls and parks, and the city of Split is no exception. The national parks here are some of the things that you cannot miss out on as they are enticing in their own ways. Suppose you have a deep connection with nature, flora, and vegetation, able to have the best time here. When you visit these parks, keep some time in your hands, not want to get out of them any time soon.

  • Krka National Park: This National Park is located some more close to Sibenik and is only a 1-hour ride from Split. It is very well known for the beautiful waterfall and is one of Croatia's most visited national parks. There are parts made out of planks that go around the waterfall and lead you to the lake. It is an extremely scenic place that offers boat tours as well. However, when visiting this park, it is always best to walk and immerse yourself in this location's beauty.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: This is also one of the most visited national parks in Croatia and has been recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The beauty of the space is simply undeniable, and words are not enough. You need to be here in order to soak into the natural beauty of this location. You can spend all day walking around this beautiful Park.
  • Paklenica National Park: This National Park is very famous for those interested in rock climbing as it is filled with canyons and rocks and stunning mountains. One of the most famous canyons here has to be the Velika Paklenica, which serves as the starting point for various hiking trails. This is a park that you cannot simply miss out on even if you do not want to go for rock climbing.


The beaches in Split are serene and exciting at the same time. These are some of the best places to mingle with the locals and play fun games with. Split has some of the ideal beaches that will help you to rejuvenate and have a relaxing time. Some of these beaches are as follows:

  • Bačvice Beach: Whether you want to relax and silence or spend your time enjoying the hustle, the Sandy beach is the best place for you. It is popular with tourists and locals and is one of the most famous places for young people to visit.
  • Trstenik Beach: This is one of the best-kept beaches in Split. At the same time, it is not completely natural; however, it is serene and will help you to form a natural bond with the water and the environment in no time at all.
  • Kaštelet Beach: This is nearly 20 minutes from the city centre and is one of the best features along the captivating Marjan Hill's southern slopes. This is an exciting beach filled with a young crowd to keep it lively and fun.

There are many other features and Split, including Bene Beach, Kasuni Beach, Podstrana Beach, and many more!


Split is an extremely exciting tourist location that has been recognized as a heritage site. A number of the most important landmarks that define the city of Split have been already mentioned above. The city is home to various Roman churches as well as architecture that date back to the medieval ages. There are also a number of exciting museums that open the doors to craft and art and other important aspects of Split.


  • Split Ethnographic Museum: - This museum was founded in 1910 and was recognized as one of the fascinating museums in Croatia. In fact, it is also one of the oldest museums and was located just near the Pjaca Square. However, it was moved in 2004 and is now located behind the St. Duje Cathedral.
  • Archaeological Museum: - The Split archaeological museum is one of the oldest museums in Croatia that was built in the year 1820. Some of the most historical pieces observed here were collected from the Roman capital of Salona and include potteries, ancient coins, sarcophagi, mosaics, and many more.
  • The Treasury of Split Cathedral: - This Museum has the most Central location and cannot be missed at any cost. This is one of the most valuable museums in Croatia and has items from the 8th to the 20th centuries. You will find here some of the most golden artefacts, Church garments, relics of martyrs and saints. This is truly a place that will ignite the historian and you.
  • Split Croatia Museums – Live museum: - This has to be one of the unique museums and all of Croatia that consists of ancient Roman sceneries being played by actors who are wearing authentic costumes. This is the best way to learn more about the senators, plebeians, emperors, slaves, and gladiators of those Times, which is located in the City Centre and is very easy to locate.
  • Jaksic Gallery: - Among the videos private galleries and museums located in Split, this is one of the most interesting ones, which shows both traditional as well as modern art and was recently opened in Split. It has a great display of stone sculptures, paintings, and much more that are truly enigmatic.
  • Mestrovic Gallery: - This is one of the most beautiful cultural attractions in Split. He built the personal gallery of Ivan Mestrovic in a new classical villa in 1931. It consists of various statues by the most renowned sculptors, as well as his own work.


Croatia has an exciting plethora of food items close to the heart of the people who live here. The city of Split has developed cuisine of its own, and it consists of the most mouth-watering food items that you will be able to find all over the globe. The traditional dishes were to be tried out, but the modern take on these dishes is also exciting.

Traditional Local Restaurants

If you like to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting, it is simply incomplete without trying the local dishes that are available in the City. Some of the best traditional local restaurants in Split are as follows:

  • Konoba Fetivi: This restaurant has all the local dishes that are famous all over Dalmatia. Although this is not the fanciest restaurant that you will come across, the food here is authentic and features such amazing dishes such as Black risotto, apple strudel, and more.
  • Villa Spiza: This restaurant is a hidden treasure in the old city of Split. It is not very easy to locate, but once you find it, you will be able to unravel the most authentic experience into dalmatian cuisine. Traditional Dalmatian dishes include a variety of seafood like the famous mussel risotto. This is not a place for fine dining but is rather a cosy place to have a wild ride into the nitty-gritty of the Dalmatian cuisine.
  • Oštarija u Viđakovi: This restaurant has a vintage look and feels and has a culinary lineage that dates back to 1799. You will be able to experience all of the Dalmatian cultures here. Some of the most iconic dishes served in this classic restaurant feature pašticada stew, gnocchi with braised beef, and many more.
  • Konoba Kod Joze: You can find this eatery just outside the old city of Split and has become one of the most loved restaurants in the past 30 years. It has a cosy atmosphere with classic Croatian wooden tables. This place's menu keeps regularly changing, depending on the seafood that has been caught on the day.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you follow a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle, you will have quite a number of places to visit for a culinary experience in Split. These restaurants include:

  • Marta's Veggie Fusion: - This is a cosy Cafe with some of the freshest ingredients and a vegan menu that is suitable for those following this lifestyle. It has an open kitchen concept that brings the food alive in front of your eyes.
  • Restaurant Makrovega: - This is a fully vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Split. Not only do they have mouth-watering snacks but also a daily buffet that is simply irresistible.
  • Pandora Greenbox: - This vegetarian and vegan restaurant has the cutest atmosphere and ambience. You will be able to enter beautiful dishes like risotto, pea soup, fresh juices, and more here.

Street Food

The most resonating culinary journey in a city has to be its street food. Some of the cheapest and exciting street food in Split is found in the following places:

  • RIZZO SANDWICHES: This joint has been serving some of the best sandwiches over the years and has made a name for it among locals and tourists.
  • TAVERN TRI VOLTA: This place of the most authentic Dalmatian dishes in the most fun atmosphere.
  • Bili Pivac: Get the best fast food in all over Split here. The pizza available here are to die for.


There are a number of bars and pubs available in Splits that offer alcoholic beverages. However, drinking in public places is not allowed in Split, like in most cities all over the world. Various cafes serve the freshest and exciting fruit juices that are also worth a try.


Drinking tap water in the city of Split is absolutely safe. The water comes from aqueducts built in the 1700s, and although this seems alarming, the water quality is cleaned regularly and is deemed fit for drinking.

Organic Cafés

Some of the organic cafes in Split are as follows:

  • Upcafe: This organic Cafe producer various Mediterranean dishes that are fresh and prepared with the best ingredients. You will also be able to enjoy organically brewed wine and beer here.
  • Bistro Toc: This is an organic Cafe with Mexican influence where you will be able to find nachos, burritos, and more. They use tempeh, seitan, and tofu to invoke the most brilliant flavour profiles.
  • Bepa: This organic Cafe provides the best vegan options and is well known for its delicious food.


Split features by the number of breweries as the drinking culture are quite pervasive here. Some of the top breweries include:

  • Tap B Craft Brewery & Brewpub Split
  • Mandrill Nano-Brewing CO.
  • Craft Beer Croatia
  • Dellamorte Craft Bar
  • Baraka brew bar & eatery
  • The Daltonist Craft Bar


When you are visiting Split, which is seriously no time that you will have where you will not be wrapped up in this place's charming beauty. Split is one of the most likely cities all over the world, and there is always filled with the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals. There is much to be discovered in this historic town, and you will have the best time exploring the city. All you have to do is hire a bicycle and get around the city in no time at all. The old city and the various national parks that make this place possess the most beautiful landscape.

The beaches that are surrounding the entire City are also worth the visit. You can go around the various eateries and have the time of your life exploring your taste buds or simply relax along the beaches here.

Yoga and Retreats

There are not a number of them located here when it comes to yoga and streams in Split. However, you can get a deeper insight into this by conversing with the locals.


Split is the second-largest city in the Dalmecia county and an extremely famous tourist location. Hence the city is always dealing with the floating population, making the hospitality industry very important here. You will be able to find luxurious as well as budget and locations all over the city. While the five-star applications come with the best and the most luxurious treatment, even the budget accommodations are nice and scenic.

Green Hotels

There are a number of eco-friendly editions available in Split. These accommodations offer the best facilities while being eco friendly. Some of them are as follows:

  • Countryside Villa Vinea: This is the best place to stay if you want a countryside break. It is a peaceful villa that is eco friendly and has the best view.
  • PIECE OF PEACE: This is another beautiful and eco-friendly villa that has adopted green living styles to the fullest.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are on a budget, you should stay in hostels and guest houses. Various hostels are available at affordable ranges while providing great facilities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ćiri Biri Bela boutique hostel
  • Tchaikovsky Hostel Split
  • Hostel Dvor
  • CroParadise Green Hostel
  • House of Cyril
  • Garden Rooms Nela
  • Colored rooms


When it comes to finding the best apartments in Split, you will not have a very difficult time as it is quite a common practice for tourists to hire a villa or an apartment for a peaceful stay. If you visit Split for quite a number of days, hiring an apartment is actually quite a good idea. You will be able to find budget apartments with the best equipment and facilities, including full baths, kitchen, and more. In fact, you'll also be able to find sustainable and eco-friendly apartments all over Split.


If you want to visit the city of Split in a local's eyes, why not having to pay a lump sum amount of money for accommodation Couchsurfing is the best option for you. You will be able to visit the city with a local and share their couch. You can find various search options at www.couchsurfing.com.


There are quite a number of campsites in Split. The best part about these campsites is that they provide you with an opportunity to mingle with the best of nature while not burning a hole in your pocket:

  • Camping Stobreč Split
  • Belvedere Camping & Apartments Trogir
  • Summer Camp Split
  • Galeb Camp
  • Camping Rožac

How to Get There

It is an important area for tourism; it has good connectivity and can be reached in various ways.


Resnik Airport or Split Airport is an international airport serving the city of Split. It is located around 19 kilometres away from the city centre in Kaštela, right near the Kaštela Bay.


Bus services in Split are quite popular and keep the city well connected. The intercity bus routes, however, are a little limited and have mostly 3 suburban routes. You can come to the city or move away with the help of these bus services.


The main train station in Split is located just along with the port, as well as the bus stop. Although people generally do not use the train services to go around the city, you can go to the adjacent Solin region or the Kastela region with these train services.


It is possible to hitchhike to Split. However, different travellers use different ways to reach the city, and you will have to do your own research to find the best route that is good for you.


Split has one of the busiest ports all over Croatia. Hence, you will find a number of ferries and catamaran lines kakki sattai well connected with the neighbouring Islands.

Moving Around

The city of Split is very well connected with the help of an advanced transportation system. This means that you will be able to move around the city without any problem. However, you must always try to use eco-friendly ways when travelling in a foreign city. try to use public buses and other users of public transport which is both great for your pocket as well as the environment.


Walking is one of the best ways to explore the city of Split. This region's air quality is so good that you will not have any problem walking around the city. Many of the tourist locations are quite centrally located and are well connected. You can have a rejuvenating time walking around the city and exploring the various alleys.


You will be able to find bicycles for rent all around the city of Split. Cycling your way around the city is one of the most sustainable means to explore the city. Cycling around the city is a cheap option, and if you are looking for the best option, this has to be it. It gives you the freedom to make your own itinerary and roam around the city according to your wishes.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles have not yet become the norm in Split. However, there are quite a few electronic vehicles available in the city. This is clearly evident because of the wide availability of charging stations that you will find all over the city. This makes the city quite green.

Public Bus

The public bus system in which keeps the city well connected and is run by Promet Split. There are Buses the travel 19 routes, and you will be able to reach the most famous destinations with these public buses' help.

Tram, Train and Subway

The Split Suburban railway is quite popular and will help you to reach from one destination to another in no time at all. This is a great public transport that is cheap and will help you understand the lives of the localities better.

Sustainable Shopping

When you are visiting a foreign city, it is important to shop sustainably. The best way you can shop sustainably is with thrift shops or buying things in bulk. It is also important for you to buy from the locals rather than the big corporations.

Food Markets

The most famous food markets in Split are as follows:

  • The Green Market (Stari Pazar)
  • Plodine
  • The Fish Market

Flea Markets

There are quite a number of flea markets available in Split, such as:

  • Split Fair
  • Antique flea market
  • Stari pazar - Tržnica

Second Hand Stores

Thrift shopping has gotten momentum in Split in the past few years. There are quite a number of second-hand stores selling good stuff in Split now.


Eco-fashion has not gotten much attention in Split yet.


You need to recycle waste when in a foreign city. While recycling has not become very popular in Split, there are some places where you will be able to recycle the items that you have used and do not need any more when in this city. Some of the recycling sites are located in Sibenska 56, as well as in Strožanac. All the recycling is far from perfect in Split; you need to do your part when visiting the city.


Sustainable waste management has become very important in Split to preserve the natural beauty and diversity of this beautiful land. It is important to find sustainable ways to dispose of off garbage as it is the only way to remain eco-friendly.

Work and Study Abroad

A number of people migrate to Split from the neighboring country side in hopes of work and employment. One of the key industries in Split has to be the tourism industry as well as the hospitality industry. Many people come to work in Split, which leads to a floating population. Students also gather from various countries to study here for some years because the sites of historical relevance scholars and archaeologists have special information towards this location.

Exchange Student

There are quite a number of exchange students in Split, who come to this city from various countries worldwide. Being an exchange student in a city like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only does it have a rich culture but also an exciting lifestyle.

Au Pair

Au pair is quite popular in Split. You will be able to find the number of nanny agencies here. It is a booming job and one that is created an employment opportunity for men and women.


Some of the best volunteering jobs in the local voluntary organizations in Split are as follows:

  • Dolphin Conservation & Research off Istria
  • Youth Support
  • Teaching Locals
  • Eco Diving
  • Special Needs Support
  • Animal Care Helper
  • Creative Technologies

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