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Eco-friendly travel guide to Strasbourg advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Strasbourg, France.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$75 - $250

Responsible Travel

The capital city of the Grand EST region is Strasbourg. It is the seat of the European Parliament and several other European institutions and bodies, including the European council and the European Court of Human Rights.

Located in northeastern France, Strasbourg is a perfect cultural and architectural mixture of German and French influences near the German border. The capital city plays a significant role as a cultural, business, and commercial center.

From the perspective of a tourist, Strasbourg is a must-visit, as the city is filled with exciting sites and tourism plays a significant role in overall growth and development. So, it's your duty to follow the path of an ideal tourist and participate in the betterment of a place. Here are a few simple ways which you can follow to become a responsible tourist.

  • When you are abroad, you should always be concerned about where to spend money. Here comes a great opportunity to contribute to a foreign place's economy by buying local products. If you have the chance, buy authentic local products instead of spending money on a luxurious suite. Also, protect the fauna by banning leather products.
  • Always participate in local volunteering programs. Donate some money or teach certain things- give back whenever it's possible.
  • Throw your trash only in the designated places. It may seem way little to be concerned about, but if every tourist starts throwing trash everywhere, imagine what can happen to the city! So, take a step ahead and start making changes.
  • Take a train or bus rather than a plane or book a sustainable plane ticket. And while moving around, try to ignore taxis or cars, use local transportation.
  • Don't use wastewater. You may not suffer much but remember you will leave in a few days, and the local people will suffer from the shortage.

Air Quality and Pollution

The AQI of Strasbourg is 64, which means the air situation is not so good. According to reports, it is seen that Strasbourg air contains a high level of some of the prime air pollutants. One of the main reasons behind this is the motorized traffic.

Strasbourg has a semi-continental climate with hot summers and relatively cold winters. The best time to visit the city is mid-May to the end of September. The weather stays pretty pleasant; however, there can be some thunderstorms in some afternoons. Mid-June to Mid August, the climate remains pretty hot.

Respect the Culture

Strasbourg is enriched with vibrant cultural life. The city's unique position makes it the appropriate cultural hub of the Grand EST region; the town represents both German and French cultures. In short, Strasbourg is everything you can expect from European culture. Do you have an interest in arts or architecture, or music? — Strasbourg has plenty of cultural opportunities to offer you. More than 10 museums in the city, including the Archeological Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts Museum, Historical Museum, etc.. Strasbourg's opera is famous around the whole world. Though the city has a reputation for presenting world-class classical and contemporary music and its talent for Opera, Strasbourg also cherishes its interest in various other kinds of music. You will witness incredible diversity in the music scene here.

Strasbourg celebrates various sorts of events and festivals all year round. Major cultural events in the city mostly focus on their classical music and theatre performances. The International Music Festival is the biggest here in June. They celebrate hodgepodge events during July and August, including choral concerts, weekly poetry readings, etc. If you visit Strasbourg from the end of November to the end of December, you will visit the annual Christmas Markets. Other than that, the European Fantasies Film Festival, Jazzdor, Musica, The Architecture Days, ST'ART, Résidences Croisées, etc., are some of the biggest festival events celebrated here.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The interesting part about Strasbourg is its old-fashioned style. The Charming burghers' houses, Elegant Louis XV buildings, Mesmerising Cathedral— Strasbourg has a unique, charming, old-world character. The tourist attractions are fascinating and wonderful in themselves, making it so difficult to sort out only the 10 best places. But nothing to worry about when we are here! Check out the list we have made with the top tourist attractions which you can not miss.

  • Palais Rohan: The magnificent Palais Rohan was once the home of the prince bishops and cardinals who belonged to the House of Rohan. The structure was built in the 1700s. This place is not only enriched with old architectural details but also with an interesting history. Palais Rohan has hosted a number of famous figures in French History, including Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, etc. Until the French Revolution, the building was with the House of Rohan. After that, it was auctioned off and changed numerous hands. Today it houses three museums- the Museum of Decorative Arts, Archaeological Museum, and Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Pont Couverts: It is a part of the defensive structure used to protect Strasbourg's historic quarter. Today, the four quarters and three bridges' set stands as an incredible example of 1300s architecture. There was a roof on the bridges to protect the defensive men. After the 1700s, the roofs were removed, but Pont Couverts remained the same, which actually means covered bridges.
  • Place Kleber: Place Kleber is Strasbourg's central square. There is a statute of Jean-Baptiste Kleber, one of the important generals of the French Revolutionary War. The square is named in his honor. There are several popular stores and several historic Aubette Palaces. It's a popular meeting spot, located at Strasbourg's historic center. During holiday seasons, Place Kleber is decorated with a mesmerizing festive look. It is graced with a large Christmas tree, and the lighting makes the Aubette Palaces look like a crown on Place Kleber.
  • European Parliament: Strasbourg might be famous for its history, but the city is also known as the European parliament's official seat. Five buildings together make up the parliament, and the principal structure is Louise Weiss Building. It has a 750 seat chamber where members meet each month to vote and debate on various proposals during meetings; they call plenary sessions. The European Parliament is the biggest and eye-catching building in the city. There are tours available of the parliament for the tourists, and if you have the luck and right timing, you can even sit during one of those plenary sessions.
  • Barrage Vauban: Barrage Vauban is another part of Strasbourg's defenses. Its pink Limestone building is located on River III. When the Barrage Vauban or Vauban Dam or the Great Lock was finished building, it was considered an engineering triumph during the 17th Century. If there had been an enemy attack, the dam was used to flood River III to prevent invaders from Strasbourg. You can walk the interior corridor and climb up to the roof to enjoy impressive views of the city from there.
  • Petite France: This town is one of the most picture-perfect towns in Europe; even it's the most beautiful one. Also, this town is the location of several tourist attractions of Strasbourg, including Pont Couverts. The cobblestone streets and pretty canals make you feel like just strolling around and soaking up the atmosphere's historical presence.
  • Strasbourg Cathedral: Until 1874, the Cathedral building was the tallest one in the whole world for 227 years. Well, that reign ended a long time ago, but it is still the tallest building in the world that has been built entirely during the period, and that is still surviving. Strasbourg Cathedral is also the sixth-tallest church in the world, and among the many Gothic cathedrals in Europe, it is the most beautiful one. The church is a perfect example of the mixture of Gothic and Romanesque architecture and a mind-blowing interior.
  • Maison Kammerzell: It is the finest old burgher's house in Strasbourg. With the half-timbered upper floors, richly carved ornamentation, and traditional leaded windows, this building is a gem of Alsatian architecture. In the 15th century, the ground floor served as a space where merchants used to sell their wares. Today, Maison Kammerzell is a hotel with a famous dining Restaurant.
  • Eglise De Saint Thomas: The Saint Thomas church is located where an ancient Church used to stand during the early 6th century. And the Church was destroyed by fire. Later the structure was rebuilt as Saint Thomas Church. The Church has an 800-year-old history. During that period, it used to be famous for its role during the Protestant Reformation of the Grand EST region; it was the Lutheran Movement center. The Church has a clock, and for 400 years, it has been four minutes soon! The reason behind this is to make the clock heard before the Cathedral clock.
  • Eglise Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune: The Church is basically a living history. It was built back in the 11th Century. The building has an authentic mixture in the architecture, so even after the renovation in the 13th to 14th centuries, the principal ancient structure is still visible.
The majestic Palais Rohan


There are plenty of things to explore in such a vibrant city, so gear up for your jam-packed schedule in Strasbourg. Have a look:

City Parks

Strasbourg parks are ideal for attracting visitors on a sunny morning or a beautiful cold wintery afternoon. The Alsatian parks are perfect for a fun-filled cultural event as well as for a little relaxation. Most of the parks here in Strasbourg are decorated with beautiful rose bushes, ponds, flower beds, and gazebos. Here are some of those beautiful parks and gardens:

  • Parc De L'Orangerie
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • The Citadelle Park
  • Pourtalès Park
  • Jardinet Gothique du Musée De L'Oeuvre Notre-Dam
Parc De L'Orangerie

National Parks

There are not many national parks located in Strasbourg, and around Alsace, there are a few. Take a look at some of those national parks:

  • Réserve Naturelle Nationale De L'île du Rohrschollen
  • Forêt Du Neuhof
  • Col du Petit Ballon
  • National Nature Reserve of La Petite Camargue
Panoramic view of Réserve Naturelle Nationale De L'île du Rohrschollen


There are no seas or oceans in Strasbourg, which is why you need to find some other ways to cool down. Not having beaches is the only flaw of Strasbourg, but the city has various swimming spots to offer you. They will not give you the same pleasure as the beach's water, but it's the closest the city can do. So, here are some of the swimming spots where the water temperature is not so hot, and you can have fun swimming down there.

  • Reichstett Lake
  • Achard Lake
  • Baggersee Lake
  • 'Ballast Pit of Bischheim
Baggersee Lake


This capital city has a beautiful multicultural flavor and lots of wonders hidden inside, which means there are plenty of Landmarks in Strasbourg that are worth visiting. Here are ten landmarks that you have to visit in Strasbourg.

  • Fort de Mutzig: Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II is one of the fortifications built by Germany during the end of the 19th century. This fortification is the first one in German territory after the Invention of high explosives. Until the 1960s, the French army used the fortress for various military exercises, but the fortress itself never had to survive war actions, which is why it is one of the best-preserved pre-WWI sites which still has almost all its equipment. Since 1955, it has been open to the public as a Museum.
  • Place Gutenberg: The area is just a short walk from the Cathedral. Place Gutenberg is a square where there is a 19th-century statue of the famous Strasbourg resident Johannes Gutenberg. Around 1430-1450 Gutenberg invented the printing press. The printing machine first printed the Gutenberg event, and the publication of the book is an influential History for Strasbourg. There is the finest classical style Renaissance building in the whole Alsace or Grand EST region on the square's southwest side. The building was originally the Town Hall, but today it is occupied by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Christmas Markets: The Christmas Markets are like an annual festival for Strasbourg's people. This market has been the tradition in this region since 1570 when it was called "Market of the baby Jesus" or "Christkindelsmärik." Along with the city around Christmas lighting and the large tree at Place Kleber, there are also around 300 stalls across the city's historic center. The Markets at the artisanal stalls, the food stalls are some of the highlights of this Christmas market. The Strasbourg Christmas market is Europe's one of the best Christmas markets.
  • Place du Marché-aux-Cochons-de-Lait: Place du Marché-aux-Cochons-de-Lait is one of the city's charming squares. The name came from the ancient market where they used to sell.
* Place de la République
  • The Garden of two shores
  • The Great Mosque
  • Neustadt
  • Bruche
  • Cave des Hospices Strasbourg
  • Baggersee
Fort de Mutzig


Having numerous museums is nothing to wonder when a city has such a rich history and interesting influences. Most importantly, these museums are the best way to learn about the happening past of Strasbourg. Soz tighten up your seat belt and have a fun ride to Strasbourg's history with the help of the following museums:

  • Musée d'Art Moderne & Contemporain offers us to witness their expended collection of 19th and 20th-century paintings.
  • The Historical Museum gives us a tour of paintings, weapons, graphic art, and other everyday objects that belong to the centuries between the Middle Ages and the French Revolution.
  • Musée Alsacien, a museum dedicated to folk art, costumes, furniture, domestic items, etc. It offers viewers a glance at the Alsatian life during the 18th and 19tj centuries.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts, museum of fine arts.
  • Musée des Arts Décoratifs, museum of decorative arts.
  • Musée Archéologique, Archeological Museum.
  • Musée de L'Oeuvre Notre-Dame houses an impressive collection of European medieval art.
  • Tomi Internet Museum is the international illustration Centre in Strasbourg. The museum is dedicated to Strasbourg, Tomi Ungerer, and displays thousands of his graphic works and his extensive collection of ancient toys and all.
  • Strasbourg Zoological Museum
Musée d'Art Moderne & Contemporain


Strasbourg is a unique place in itself; it is different from the rest of France. From the architecture to language, everything still has a bit of German touch. You can feel this France-German mixture in Strasbourg's cuisine. Flammekueche, Spätzle, Pain d'épices, Kougelhopf, and Choucroute garnie are famous dishes in Strasbourg. Take a look at the list below and decide where you are going to eat in Strasbourg.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Parfait, Coq au Riesling, Baeckeoffe, Tarte Flambée, and Choucroute Garnie are the top when we are talking about authentic Strasbourg dishes five traditional dishes you have to try in Strasbourg. Here's where you can go:

  • S'kaechele
  • L'Ancienne Douane
  • El Pimiento
  • Les Haras de Strasbourg
  • Maison des Tanneurs

Vegetarian and Vegan

The spot of vegetarian dishes in the famous Strasbourg cuisine had always been out of the limelight. But as days pass, numerous contemporary options and new veg dishes are making their way in Strasbourg. Today, several restaurants in Strasbourg can offer you a large variety of their veg classics; have a look:

  • Au Petit Bois Vert
  • Buerehiesel
  • Vélicious
  • PUR Etc
  • Une Fleur des Champs
  • Au Potiron

Street Food

Being one of the busiest tourist places and the European Parliament's home, Strasbourg can't lack a number of mouth-watering Fast Food Restaurants. Go through the following list and eat some of the best Street foods in Strasbourg.

  • Virtuoso
  • Le Pied de Mammouth
  • Come a Marco
  • Ô Street Food
  • Seoul Station
  • Golden Kebab
  • Chicken Star
  • Yaki House
  • Bagelstein


Alsace is famous for its wine and beer production. Gewürztraminer and Riesling are the two favorite wines in Town. One is a little spicy and sweet, and the other one is a little dry. Both are marvelous while combined with appropriate dishes. On the other hand, Fischer, Kronenbourg, and Karlsbräu are the famous beer brands you have to try here. Picon Bière is another famous beer in Strasbourg. It is an intexcitingink, mostly spicy, made from fresh oranges. The oranges are dried first and then mixed with a distilled solution of alcohol. It would help if you visited breweries in order to get the perfect beer.


According to reports, Strasbourg's tap water is entirely safe to drink but if you travel to Strasbourg, always verify with locals before drinking the Tap water. And always carry a bottle of mineral water with you.

Organic Cafés

Vélicious is Strasbourg's favorite organic Cafe. Even most of the travelers who have visited the café said that Vélicious is by far their favorite organic Cafe in Strasbourg. There are also other organic cafés which are quite famous in the city.

  • Harmonie Bowl and Juice
  • Oh my Goodness café
  • PUR etc
  • What the cake
  • Le Café Potager
  • La Pause Quinoa


As mentioned before, Strasbourg has some of the finest handcrafted beer in Alsace. The combination of German and French influences reflects amazingly with the thriving beer culture here. In this new generation, Strasbourg's beer genre is expanding rapidly with the young designer breweries. Here are some of the breweries:

  • La Lanterne
  • Meteor
  • Kohler-Rehm
  • Bière Artisanale Artzner
  • Au Brasseur
  • Bendorf


Strasbourg is an exciting city with a lot of wonders hiding inside it. There are a lot of outdoor activities waiting for you in this happening city; check them out:

  • Walk: Strasbourg has many beautiful places, gardens, parks, riversides, where you can just wander around, holding your loved one's hand. Soak in the beauty of nature and make some amazing memories in Strasbourg.
  • Historical Tour: Strasbourg is a living history in itself. Most of the structures here belong to the city's ancient times. Several museums offer to show you Strasbourg's ingenious historical items, impressive art galleries containing speechless paintings of Strasbourg's and Alsace's renowned artists— covering most of the city would be a historical Tour in itself.
  • Ride a bike and see the street arts: Hire a bike and ride all around the city. You will find several beautiful street arts along the town's streets; there are plenty of them around this old city. Have your camera ready, don't miss a single one!
  • Cruise the Canals: If you are interested in a different city perspective, then ride on a water taxi and sail through the canals inside the city.
  • Love locks: in the Jewish Bridge, Passerelle des Juifs, you will see several love locks are hanging. This love lock fever has entered the city after the movie, 3 meters above the sky. The love lock thing might seem cool but question the logic twice before doing it.
  • Cheese Tasting: Here is a piece of good news for cheese lovers; around Strasbourg, there are many places where you can taste different cheese.
  • Wine Tasting Tours: The typicality of the Alsace area is wine. The wine here has a different taste and perfume. If you are a wine lover, you can sign in for wine tasting tours in Strasbourg and enjoy the outstanding wines.
  • Visit the European Parliament: It is possible that visiting the European Parliament is one of your to-do lists tops since the day you were planning to visit Strasbourg. Our suggestion is to set a time for the parliament tour when you can actually sit in the debate and discussion room while a political discussion is going on. It will be a different experience!
  • Water Reflection Shots: Don't drain all of your energy in the morning activities. Because at night, Strasbourg completely turns into a different place! The whole city lit ups with various light colors. At this time, if you visit the Barrage Vauban, you will be able to see the amazing water reflection of the lit-up structure. Don't forget to capture hundreds of water reflection shots.
  • Spa: After a long, productive day at Strasbourg, a relaxing Spa would feel like heaven! You will find the escape; you were searching for so long in your busy life.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga and Retreats provide a completely different journey or vacation experience. It is like an opportunity to learn about the locals you would have never met and also an opportunity to see a foreign city closely in the early morning; it's more fulfilling than anything else in the world. Here are some yoga retreat centers for travelers in Strasbourg:

  • Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
  • Yogiz Strasbourg
  • La Cabane
  • The Little French Retreat
  • Yu Yoga Club


Being a busy tourist city and with the internet's advantages, finding appropriate accommodation is pretty easy here in Strasbourg. Still, you need to know what the best options you have in the city are.

Green Hotels

As a responsible traveler, you must hop into every opportunity you can find to help a place's greenery. Staying at "green" hotels allows you to know that you play a role by supporting them in saving the environment. Here are some of the best green hotels in Strasbourg:

  • Hotel D
  • Hotel Cour Du Corbeau Strasbourg- MGallery
  • Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles
  • Ibis Styles Strasbourg Avenue du Rhin
  • Ibis Styles Strasbourg Centre Petite France
  • Cap Europe

Hostels and Guest Houses

When your budget is a little tight, or you are a student, staying at hostels or guest houses in a foreign city is the most sustainable choice you can make. You will find a number of hostels and guest houses in Strasbourg.

  • Ciarus
  • Hotel Graffalgar
  • Hotel Couvent Du Franciscan
  • Le Lodge Hôtel
  • Hotel Esplanade
  • Finkneschtel
  • Suite Place De L'Etoile


When coming to Strasbourg subjects to more than a three or four days trip for you, renting an apartment would be wise. But, always keep your eyes open and your mind ready while searching for an apartment, no matter if you are staying for one month or one year. So, always go through the property amenities.

There are plenty of options in Strasbourg if you want to rent an apartment. Just go online and book one or meet your lender face to face here. There are different apartment options available for tourists in Strasbourg.


Couchsurfing has not yet gained full acceptance everywhere, but you know, people take time to adopt new things. The concept of having a stranger staying in one's house may not seem very safe. This is why there are ways to know the person in whose house you are going to live or whom you are going to allow staying with you.

There is an online website called Here people around the world, interested in Couchsurfing, login, and find their Couchsurfing companions. Log in to the website today or talk to locals for more information.


When the sun is happy, and the weather shines, and your friends and family are around, no other outdoor activity like camping would be more refreshing. Even for some nature lovers, camping is the best accommodation in a foreign place.

Strasbourg has many picturesque spots where you would love to go camping and enjoy outdoor staying. Here are some of the campsites in Strasbourg:

  • Camping Les Portes d'Alsace
  • Les Amis du Lac
  • Camping Les Bouleaux
  • Camping de Strasbourg
  • Camping Au Pays De Hanau
  • Camp Au Clair Rousseau

How to Get There

Strasbourg is the European parliament's home, and it is located just at the center of Europe. So, it's relatively easy to guess that Strasbourg is an easily accessible city in Alsace. There are various ways to get here; here’s how:


Strasbourg international airport is located at a 10km distance from the city center. It serves both international and domestic flights. Air connections to the city may seem a little confusing to the travelers as they have to change their plane a number of times in order to reach Strasbourg airport.

Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport


You can avail of bus services to reach Strasbourg from various cities in Europe. But you cannot reach Strasbourg by bus from your country.

A local bus on the streets of Strasbourg


Gare de Strasbourg is the central railway station of Strasbourg, located just between France and Germany. It serves several international and national train networks. Travelers can avail of the rail service from their country to reach Strasbourg. The high-speed TGV train has recently started, which connects France and Strasbourg. The train is the cheapest way to get to Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Railway Station


Hitchhiking is quite famous among students as they can quickly get to Strasbourg with minimum expenses. But you should not ride a stranger's vehicle randomly; it's very risky. Try to avoid Hitchhiking at night.


You can also drive a car as many highways connect the city to the rest of the world. For example, if you are visiting from Germany, you can take the A5 highway.

You cannot reach the city by water as Strasbourg does not have any port and it is not connected to the other places by water.

A tour boat in Strasbourg

Moving Around

People mostly prefer exploring Strasbourg on foot, and on the other hand, transportation here is also quite extensive. With several bus stops, multiple tramlines, and other transportation benefits, there are lots of options to move around the city.


Walking by foot around Strasbourg is the most convenient way. The streets are pretty picturesque with unique streets, arts, historical monuments everywhere, and beautiful gardens, which are why you won't even feel bored while walking.


The city has the most extensive cycle network in France. The lanes and streets of the town are quite picturesque, and they are appropriate for bicycle rides. There are multiple places in Strasbourg where you can buy one and explore it on a bike.

Electronic Vehicles

Strasbourg might be the seventh-largest city in Alsace, but today its light rail system is now France's largest network. Light rail is basically an electronic vehicle, made with the idea of combining metro and tram. Strasbourg's CTS tram had 8 light rail lines with 169 stations.

There are also some other electric vehicles; you will see them moving around in Strasbourg's streets.

Public Bus

There are approximately 29 bus lines in the city. Buses run daily from 5 am to 6 am. It may be the cheapest and easiest way of transport in Strasbourg.

Tram, Train and Subway

Strasbourg's tramline is 65 km long with eight tramway lines. Trams are quite active here, running from 4 am to midnight. Trams are the most effective means of transport in the city.

The central railway station is located just a short distance from here. It has excellent Rail links which connect the city with lots of other places.

The metro station, Saint-Denis in Strasbourg, is the hub in the French transport network, enabling travelers to easily reach the Paris region.

Sustainable Shopping

If you are looking for shopping sustainably in Strasbourg, check out the following list and just go shopping!

  • Weill
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Ultima
  • Mireille Oster Pain d'Epices
  • Les Secrets du Chocolat!

Food Markets

Here are some of the famous food markets in Strasbourg:

  • La Nouvelle Douane
  • Aslan Market
  • Market Can
  • Motuvelli Market
  • Marché De L'Esplanade
  • Halles de Neudorf

Flea Markets

Here we have come up with a list of flea markets in Strasbourg, especially for the people who love to bargain:

  • Flea Market Strasbourg
  • Antiques J.schon-Grandin
  • Strasbourg Marché aux Puces

Second Hand Stores

Here are some second-hand stores in Strasbourg:

  • From 'N' role
  • Rehab Second Hand Shop
  • Speak Out
  • Vintage Store
  • Le Jardin des Créateurs
  • Le Trésors du Quai


Here are the top five French brands who have given some fantastic green fashion clothing:

  • Loom
  • Forlife
  • sézane
  • Les Sublimes


Being the administrative city of Europe, Strasbourg needs to stay green and healthy. This is why there are several recycling programs up and running in the city. Everyone is putting effort in as much as possible. Still, you have to fulfill your duty by separating reusable and disposable waste. It is nothing but putting two kinds of trash into two separate trash cans. Remember, your tiniest bits of effort can bring massive changes.


Strasbourg town and its tourism are growing every day, and along with that, the number of wastes is also increasing. According to reports, the main reason behind this continued growth of garbage is tourists. Most of the tourists forget to care about a city that is not their hometown. That's why they don't even notice how they are jeopardizing Strasbourg's environment.

The Waste Management System in Strasbourg is taking new measures to reduce waste production in the city. As a responsible tourist, you must support their initiative and stop destroying the beautiful environment.

Work and Study Abroad

Strasbourg University has produced four active Nobel Prize winners. The University is a part of the tri-national EUCOR- European Campus and also the network LERU. You will get such a top University for study here in Strasbourg.

Did you know that Strasbourg's educational institutes arrange events all year round where they take students to discover the city and local treasures? Well, that is one of the reasons why studying in Strasbourg is so beneficial. Also, Strasbourg is right in Europe's center, and it is Europe's administrative center; who does not want to study somewhere like this!

Various job opportunities are also available here, in case you are planning to move into Strasbourg for a good job.

Exchange Student

There are many exchange programs you can be a part of in Strasbourg. In general, you will live with a host family and study or work here. In conclusion, being an exchange student in a place like Strasbourg will be an amazing, enriching experience for anyone.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a new concept that everyone is not yet known; at the same time, it is not entirely unheard of in Strasbourg. Do your research and get it to touch with people who are interested in the idea.


Volunteering means give back. When you are visiting a foreign city, you can always give something back and make an impact by participating in different volunteering programs. Here are some programs in Strasbourg which require a volunteer,

  • Teach your language to locals and stay for free
  • Teach English
  • Help in Farming
  • Sustainable flower farm and woodshop

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