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Eco-friendly travel guide to Taichung advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Taichung, Taiwan.

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3/ 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $300

Responsible Travel

Traveling to Taichung is common for people especially as it is the industrial hub of Taiwan, so people go there for one business or the other. Asides from its business feature, people also frequent this city as it gives better access to nature through its parks, hiking trails, and much more.

It is usually not a hassle traveling to this city since there are many things to enjoy, and the people are welcoming. However, you must ensure to do health checks, which ensure that you are a responsible traveler. It is not wise traveling to Taiwan if you are treating an illness as others stand the risk of also getting infected.

A responsible tourist should also look out for the health of others while traveling to a place.

Air Quality and Pollution

Suppose you are wondering about the air quality in Taichung. In that case, it is not out of place as we see foreigners asking questions to ensure that they are not at the risk of any air pollution-related diseases when traveling to a new place.

Since Taichung is usually busy, it is expected that there would be constant air pollution, leading to low air quality. The air pollution in the city is undeniable, but measures are put in place to curb it, so we cannot say that the air quality is low.

On some days, the air quality is usually high, while it is moderate on other days. It assures you that living in this city will not be harmful, and you are not at a risk high of getting air pollution diseases.

Respect the Culture

It is general knowledge that you should be respectful of the locals and the community when visiting a new place as getting on their wrong side will give you the worst experience during your stay. Thus, foreigners always try to establish a bond or be cordial with the locals.

In Taichung, it is considered respectful to take a meal or gift, seen as a peace offering when visiting a local. Although it is not compulsory to do this, it helps shape the local’s perception, and you will be in their good books.

The dressing laws are not high in this city, but it will help if you dress modestly so that you will not get the stink eye from locals who are against dressing conservatively.

Top 10 Places to Visit

If you want to have the full experience of any place, you should start by visiting some of its top places. In Taichung, here are some of the top places:

Wuling Farm: It is a beautiful place with greenery and vegetation that would leave you drooling. You get to see numerous plants and relax the mind. It is also perfect for camping, so you can make plans for that to happen.

• Gaomei Wetlands: If you have never seen a wetland before, Taichung allows you to see one. It is one of the top tourist sites in the city, and many of the locals would recommend that you visit it.

• National Taichung Theater: There are many things to love about this place, starting from its architectural structure. It usually inspires people while also leaving them in awe. It is an opera house, so you know that you will get maximum entertainment whenever you visit it.

• Xueshan: If you love to hike or climb mountains, this is one of the places you should visit. Asides from the thrill that comes with the exploration, you also get to watch the beautiful sunset from the peak. It is always worth visiting.

• Yizhong Street: It is a night market in the city and a beautiful sight for sore eyes. It allows you to connect and interact with many people, so you should not miss visiting it when in Taichung.

• Hehuanshan: Those who do well with cold will survive exploring this mountain as it is always chilly, and some people say that you will need winter clothes when going to the top. It has a fantastic view that will always leave you in awe, and you will not regret visiting.

• Dakeng: It is common knowledge that mountain regions are perfect for hiking, and this is a mountain region in Taichung. It allows you to either hike or walk around and appreciate nature. Dakeng is one of the top choices when talking about tourist attractions in Taichung.

• Xinshe Castle: A castle is expected to be beautiful, and this place does not fall short of expectations. Looking at this place will always put a smile on your face, and it has lush vegetation that stands out.

• Guguan: If you love hot springs or have fantasies about visiting one, you should visit this place when in Taichung as it would help your wishes come true.

• Cultural Heritage Park: It was once a national park but now serves as an exhibition site for cultural artworks. The arts are usually captivating, and foreigners find themselves spending long hours there.


We are sure that you heard numerous things about Taichung before visiting, and it will be right for you to verify the claims when you are in the city. It is unwise for any foreigner not to explore when in a new place, as they would not fully experience that city.

It would help if you analyze your schedule and fit in exploring different places on the list to have various stories to tell when you leave the city. If you are bothered about knowing places to visit, that would not be among your worries at the end of this article.

Also, you can ask the locals for recommendations on the best places to explore in their city.

City Parks

You cannot go wrong with visiting a city park as it is one of the first calls of relaxation in any city. Here are some of the city parks you should check out in Taichung:

• Taichung Metropolitan Park: It is a big place where you can engage in different activities, including biking. The environment is serene, and happiness is always contagious. We know that you will appreciate the beauty of nature at this place, and it is suitable for both adults and children.

• LIHPAO Discovery Land: It is a place to visit if you are out to have unlimited fun. Although it is not big, there are many activities you can do, like swimming in a pool or going on rides. It is also an excellent place for networking as people visit to have a happy time.

National Parks

If you want to see the national parks in Taichung, here are some of them:

• Folklore Park: It is a park with museums and stores, ensuring that people are always comfortable whenever they visit. The museums help you know more about different aspects of the city, while the stores ensure that you are always refreshed. It has an array of beautiful flowers, which gives the place a unique feel, and its cleanliness is one of its significant perks.

• Fongle Sculpture Park: There are many features at this park, making it outstanding, including a fountain. Thus, it becomes a perfect place to take pictures and capture memories. Exploring this park is not out of place as there are many things to do and see.


The beach is also another option when it concerns exploring a city, and many people vibe with it as they say that it is always exciting to hang out there. We would not want to generalize or draw up a conclusion, so you should visit a beach in a new city and validate the claim.

Some of the beaches in Taichung are:

• T'ung-hsiao Bathing Beach: You will always see many people hanging out at this beach because they want to have a good time. It calms the mind and relaxes the nerve, so there is no reason why one should not have this place on their list of places to visit in Taichung. You might have a busy schedule, but you will be happy to see this place.


Landmarks are essential in any city, and they also serve as tourist attractions because they have different features that make them captivating.

Here are some of the landmarks to be on the lookout for in Taichung:

• Taichung: It is not surprising that this will be one of the city’s landmarks as it is a sculpture design of the city’s name and always leaves people in awe. Its captivating power cannot be downplayed, so you should know that it is a significant landmark.

• Old south door bridge: This structure has been in place for a long time, and many people can direct you at any point. Once you mention it, people already know the direction you are headed, and it helps in easy navigation.


One can say that Taichung is home of museums as it has many, so there is no sacristy, nor can you say that you did not have enough museums to explore.

Every foreigner usually hopes to get a chance to visit a museum in the new city as it will help them know more about the place.

Some of the museums in Taichung are:

• National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: It is a well-organized and structured museum that anyone would be happy to visit. It has many art exhibitions that will leave you in awe, and some people try to contact the artists to purchase the works. If you want to wear a smile while in Taichung, you should visit this museum before leaving.


If you are thinking that exploring a city stops at visiting the different tourist attractions, you are wrong as it goes further than it as eating is also a part of the exploration.

One who eats the local meals will have a closer bond and idea of the traditions in the city than someone who does not try the traditional meals.

Taichung meatballs are one of the top local cuisines in the city, and it is prepared in a unique way that leaves you drooling. People are always quick to rush this meal and request for more.

Tong Zai Mi Gao is a rice delicacy in the city, and it goes well with many options. Some people see it as food for royalty, but everyone eats it and gets satisfied.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Since you know that there are numerous local meal options, it could be that you are curious to taste all of them, but you do not know where to begin. In such cases, you will need a local’s assistance to guide you on what to take first.

It could be that you do not want guidance and want to go with the thrill of eating randomly; it also works perfectly. However, you should ensure that you only eat these meals at a traditional local restaurant as they guarantee to prepare them to perfection.

If you eat at a local restaurant, you have the assurance that they know how to prepare the food, and it would be of high quality compared to others. Ensure that you get it right with food while in Taichung.

Vegetarian and Vegan

We hear complaints from vegans concerning the difficulty in getting food, and it could be that there is no vegetarian restaurant in the city they visited, or they have not researched enough.

In Taichung, there are vegan restaurants to meet the needs of vegetarians, and we are here to help with some of them in case you are experiencing any challenge.

They are:

• Bluesomeone's Vegan Café: Although it is not easy to locate this restaurant, it always comes through for vegetarians. Their options are healthy and suitable for any vegan’s preference. The prices are also affordable, so you might decide to become a regular at this restaurant. It is one of the best vegan restaurants in the city.

VegesM: If you are a vegetarian in Taichung, you should have no worries as this place has you covered always. They have a rich menu array, and the meals are always tasty. It is also always clean, giving the perfect ambiance to digest your meals.

Street Food

When in Taichung, you will notice that the people have a love for cakes, and sun cakes happen to be the most typical street food you will find. It is almost like regular cakes found in other places but has a mixture of honey and different ingredients. If you are a sweet tooth, we know that you will love this option.

You can also see stuffed meatballs on a stick, majorly with pork as the meatballs. We do not know if this option appeals to you, but you should buy it if it does.

Street foods might not always be filling, but it keeps your mouth busy, and you will be satisfied to an extent. Do not leave Taichung without trying any of its street foods.


Visiting a new place entails trying different things, including the available local drinks. We know that you will be expecting us to say the various local beverages available in Taichung, but where is the fun in that?

As a foreigner, it is your task to discover these traditional drinks and make a mental check on where you can always purchase them. We know that you may see drinks similar to what you will get in your home city, but this does not always happen.

If it is your first time tasting any of the local drinks in Taichung, ensure to savor the goodness and soak in the happiness. It may seem weird at first, but we know that you will come to terms with these drinks in no time.


As a foreigner visiting a new place, it is normal to be curious about different subjects, including drinking tap water.

The idea that surrounds asking questions about tap water is to know if it is drinkable or not. Suppose you are in a city where the tap water is not portable, and you drink it because you did not have adequate information. The result will not be favorable as you will develop adverse health effects, and it will ruin your stay in that city.

If you are traveling to Taichung, know that it is not wise to drink tap water as it is not clean. You can buy bottled water or stick to other available options that would not cause adverse health effects.

Organic Cafés

Some people often say that they prefer to eat in an organic café than in other places. If you share the same sentiments, here are some of the organic cafes in Taichung:

• Mes Vegetarian Café: It is a café that focuses on healthy food options as they ensure to use natural food ingredients to prepare all their meals. They have an array of food options, so customers always have different things to choose or decide. Although it is a small place, its coziness makes it comfortable.

• Spring Natural Vegetarian Restaurant: Although it is a vegetarian restaurant, anyone can eat here as the meals are tasty and healthy. They sometimes organize a buffet and have made an excellent reputation. It is one of the top places to eat in Taichung.


We do not know the drink you desire, but we know that you can get it from a brewery in the city. It may be that you have heard of a specific drink and you expect to get it from a store when in Taichung, but cannot find it anywhere. However, it could also be that you have not visited the brewery source where you are sure to get the drink.

Some people have it as a habit to visit the different breweries in any city, and we urge that you add it to your activities as you will enjoy the beers and wines fresh. It is almost like having a first-hand experience of these drinks, and we know that you will not want to miss the opportunity.


It is also right to add fishing and kayaking to the list of activities you can do in a new place. After all, it keeps you busy and takes your mind away from any worries. You will find it exciting to engage in any of the activities, and we know that you would want to do them again.

Although we cannot say that there are many water bodies in Taiwan, you can see in Taichung, making these activities feasible.

As a foreigner, you should fish as a team, especially being a part of the locals as they better understand the terrain. It also gives you a chance to bond with them and understand some things better.

Yoga and Retreats

It is almost as if everyone in Taichung knows about yoga and why it is essential, but not all of them participate in it. If you are a yogi traveling to Taichung, we know that you will be restless until you can engage in this activity. If that is the case, you should try to link up with those who are enthusiastic about yoga and practice with them.

If you are friends with any of them, they will ensure to carry you along on things that they do, such as practices and yoga retreats. We know that some people keep a type of face when yoga is mentioned, but we know it is an exciting activity that many people do not want to miss.


Many people get excited about the thoughts of leaving their home city for a new place and forget to make adequate preparations concerning accommodation. We begin to wonder if they are happy with the ideas of being stranded as we know that it does not appeal to anyone.

You should know that since it is a new place, it is essential to make proper preparation as you do not understand the terrain, so being stranded should be out of the equation.

Once you have a destination city in mind, ensure to research its different accommodation options and try to weigh the prices, checking if it is compatible with your budget for accommodation.

It is always essential to make a choice early so that you can know the way forward.

Green Hotels

One of the best accommodation options in Taichung is a green hotel. Here are some of them in Taichung:

• 台中逢甲葉綠宿旅館 Fengjia Green Hotel: It is an eco-friendly hotel in the city with a lush garden that is perfect for taking walks or relaxing in any manner you desire. The prices of the different rooms are moderate, so we can say that even those on a tight budget can consider this option. The rooms are adequately-spaced and always clean, while the staff are nothing short of friendly.

• 台中草悟道住宿綠宿行旅Green Hotel: If you are looking for a comfortable, eco-friendly accommodation option, this is the one for you. It has an excellent location, making it easy for you to access different places, and it also has provisions in place to keep customers entertained.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some people argue that staying at a hostel or guest house is the cheapest accommodation option you can get in a city, but we do not want to generalize. Although you may need to share a room with others if you stay in a hostel, it ensures that you are not stranded, and you get to bond more with people.

Some of the hostels and guest houses in Taichung are:

• Lane62 Hostel: The architectural framework of this place takes on the old Taiwan building style, making it cozy and comfortable for anyone to lodge. The environment is also perfect as it is always clean, so it is an option you should consider.

• BlueSky Homestay: The price of staying here varies depending on the rooms, but it is a perfect option to stay in Taichung. Although the rooms are small, your comfort is always assured, and you can easily navigate the city.


Another perfect lodging or accommodation option you can get in Taichung is to stay in an apartment. As the name implies, it is almost like you get a home in a strange city.

It comes in handy for those who do not like to share their pace as you get a comfortable place to sleep, with other facilities, including a kitchen and other things that will ensure your comfort, making it seem like you never left your home.

There are some apartments in Taichung, as they understand that this is the preference of some foreigners, so you should research and possibly place calls ahead for reservation before arriving in the city.

Staying in an apartment might be more expensive than other accommodation options, but it is worth it.


You will sometimes hear people say that the best way to enjoy a city is to experience it like a local, and you might wonder what they mean. There are different explanations to this saying, and one of them is in terms of accommodation. Some people suggest that a foreigner should stay with a local while in a new place as you will get first-hand information about the city.

It is an idea that people consider, which leads to the concept of Couchsurfing. Many cities worldwide have a Couchsurfing website where willing locals register so that foreigners can locate them. It is seen that these locals are welcoming, and you must reciprocate their kind gesture by respecting their culture and traditions always.


People have different ideas and definitions when it concerns camping. Still, we can say that it is a way of experiencing nature with a group of people away from your everyday comfort. It does not matter if the city is a new terrain or your home city. What matters is that you go to a considerable natural habitat and have fun that is not typical.

If this is an idea that you do not mind, you should link up with the locals and enjoy this experience. Some of the campgrounds in Taichung are:

• 野Fun趣露營區: Irrespective of the activities you indulge in while at this campground, we can assure that one of your favorites will be watching the sunset as it is a beautiful sight always.

• 中正露營區下平台: It has a beautiful natural environment with hiking trails, and we are sure that you would connect with nature better at the end of the camping.

How to Get There

It is not surprising to hear people say that traveling is stressful as a lot goes into the preparation process, and one of those is to know how to get to your destination. Thus, some people do not bother leaving their home city, except it is essential.

However, others love to explore, and they cannot help but want to visit different cities. If you ever decide to travel, you should research and know the various means that can get you from your current location to your destination. This way, there are no disappointments as you know the means of transportation to use, and you get a smooth movement down there.

You can sometimes get a direct means from your current location to your destination, while you might need to use different options at other times.


Using air to reach your destination is a preference of some people, while others have a phobia for flying. If you are amongst those who prefer to use a plan, we know that you will want to reach Taichung via air.

Since there is an international airport in the city with both domestic and international operations, it is not always a hassle using this option. If you are within Taiwan and wish to reach Taichung, you can do it if there is an airport in your current city.

The international flights at the Taichung airport operate to and from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Macau, Hong Kong, and Thailand, so you can get a direct flight if you are in any of these countries. If not, you will get to get a connecting flight.


It should not be shocking that we are adding bus usage amongst the means of transportation to Taichung as it utilizes the road networks. Since there is an efficient road network system in the city, there is no reason why anyone would not want to use it.

However, you should know that it is difficult getting a bus from many locations to Taichung, except you are within Taiwan. This usually discourages people from using the bus, but those within the country get lucky.

If you are lucky to get a bus to Taichung, you will notice that the fare is lower than most of transportation, so it would not take much out of your traveling budget. It is one of the reliable means of reaching Taichung.


The train system in Taichung operates almost the same way as the bus system as it is also efficient and has different trains leaving at various times. However, it is also dependent on location, so you should know that it will be challenging to get a train if you are not within Taiwan.

Since trains are typically slow, you know that it would not make sense for it to operate long distances, so it is not feasible to use a train to the city if you are not within the continent or country.

A regular train in Taichung operates to and from close cities, so you should check if it fits your schedule. If it does not, use other available transport means that suit your location.


Many people assume that hitchhiking is possible in a country with an efficient road system, and Taichung is not left out of such expectations. If you do not know, hitchhiking is a means of getting a free ride as it involves a person staying on the road and hoping that a driver would be generous.

It is common knowledge that this form of movement will work when you are within the country, so you do not think that it will work if you are not already in Taiwan.

It is not every time these drivers will stop, so we always advise foreigners not to put all their trust on this form of movement to avoid disappointments. This does not mean that you should not try it, but all hopes should not be there.


We get questions from foreigners who wish to reach Taichung, asking if there are other means of entering the city except for the ones that are already highlighted. We wish there were more ways to get to the city as diversity gives people more options, and variety is the spice of life. However, you cannot enter Taichung through any other means.

There are high hopes that the city would start utilizing its water bodies so that there can be passenger-carrying boats and ferries. Until this happens, any foreigner who wishes to reach the town should stick to the available means.

Out of the others, you will find one that suits what you desire, and you should use it as long as it would safely get you to the city.

Moving Around

Every city has different means of transportation that work within it, and these are the means that are suitable for moving around. It could be that you need to pay for some of them, or you would need to rent others. Whatever the case may be, the goal is to get from one point to another, and these various means are usually helpful.

The difference in either barrier or operations is why you should not expect to get what you would see in your home city. Understandably, you may get confused about how they operate, which is why you should be friends with some of the locals who would help you explain these things.

It is essential not to overlook this factor as you would need it before leaving the city.


Since Taichung can be considered a safe city, it is not out of place to have walking as one way of moving around. People get skeptical about walking because they are scared of getting mobbed. However, these concerns are subdued since the crime rate of this city is low.

You should know that walking around helps to calm the mind as you are not sharing a confined space with others, so there is no need for agitation. You get to go at your pace, and you can stop to appreciate different sights whenever you desire.

We see some people walk around with cameras, and we would not say that it is wrong to snap things you like. However, you should ensure that it is within the permission.


We know that some foreigners love to cycle, and Taichung will be a haven for them as the roads are sweet for cycling, and in no time, you will see yourself renting a bicycle. Asides from the lovely feeling associated with cycling, you get to use the bike as a means of moving around.

You should ensure that you have a proper cycling experience before using a bicycle in a new place. This is to eliminate mishaps and ensure that you do not have issues with the local authorities.

If you would love to participate in cycling tours or competitions, you can also do it when in the city as people organize it, and it serves as a means of associating with others.

Electronic Vehicles

Many people are also open to the idea of renting a scooter for movement while in a new place, and we can say that this is feasible in Taichung. However, you should ensure that you are renting the scooter from a certified rental to ensure that you get the best quality, which will give value for your money.

Safety should always be on the top of your mind, so you should also purchase a safety kit while renting the scooter. This way, you would not have issues with any of the local authorities, and you are also assured of your safety.

If you know how to use a scooter perfectly, you can use it to navigate the drivers and traffic in Taichung. It has proved to be an effective means of moving around.

Public Bus

It is quick and easy to get a public bus in Taichung, and they cover different locations, but understanding how the system works is where it gets confusing, and you will need the help of a local.

They have a payment system that offers you free fare if your distance is within 10km. If you can understand the payment system, everything will be easy, and boarding a public bus will be one of your preferred methods in the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

Since there is a railway station in the city, you should know that you can use a train to move around. It is almost similar to using a public bus, as you need to understand the various payment systems and know the timing.

Once you reach the city, you should try to make friends with the locals. Understandably, you cannot be friends with everyone. However, you should have some people and be friendly with others. This way, you will understand a lot of things in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

The idea of sustainable shopping entails that you patronize businesses that sell things that contribute meaningfully to the environment. It means that the items were made from sustainable materials as they will not harm the environment. We cannot start listing the various available items that you will find as they are much, but you can start from clothes, also called eco-fashion items.

Sustainable shopping usually encourages the sellers as it shows that people like what they do, and it improves the economy as well.

Food Markets

It is almost impossible not to need a food market, so here are some of them in Taichung:

• Feng Chia Night Market: If you have never had the opportunity to visit a night market, you can do it while in Taichung. Although it is always rowdy, there is adequate space, which shows that it is well-structured. There are different food items to get at this market, and it always leaves a smile of satisfaction on the face of many people.

Flea Markets

Having a flea market in Taichung shows that sustainable shopping exists as it eliminates the idea of wastage since the items can be reused.

The flea markets in Taichung are:

• Taichung Flea Market: It is the most famous flea market in the city, with sellers having various items. You should know that there is no fixed price to any of the items at this market, so they are open for bargaining. You will get them at a fair and low cost if you have the bargaining strength.

Second Hand Stores

Some of the second-hand stores in Taichung are:

• 拉福利 二手衣交換收購店 La Flea" second-hand Clothing Shop: If it comes to used and thrift clothing, this store has you covered. You will see many trending styles, and you can get them at an affordable price.

• 翻箱趣: The ambiance of this place is always welcoming, and you cannot leave without seeing something you desire to purchase, and at the best rates.


The idea of eco-fashion entails that different clothing are made from sustainable materials. Many cities worldwide have designers who have adopted this into their styles, but we cannot say the same for Taichung.

It is not that you cannot find eco-fashion clothing in this city, but it is not a rampant trend. It could be that people do not patronize enough, so it discourages the designers.

Always ensure to purchase eco-fashion clothing when in Taichung.


The government has bodies in charge of recycling in the city, and they ensure to do their work effectively. Thus, you will get information on how to disposable your reusable items during your stay in Taichung.

Some people find it hard to follow instructions, and we still see these items in the same bags for regular trash. However, we also know that it is a gradual process, and with time, everyone would get the memo. However, recycling is effective in Taichung.


The same way the government of Taichung has bodies in charge of recycling is the same way they have those responsible for waste management. The idea is to ensure that the city stays clean and presentable always.

While in the city, you will see bags and buckets that signify where to throw your trash, and you should obey the instructions so that there will be no littering. It could also be that strict rules should be put out for defaulters.

Work and Study Abroad

Taichung is the definition of abroad to some people, so you should not be surprised at this term. You will see people from other cities who wish to school in Taichung, while also desiring to work as they do it.

We cannot say that it is impossible to do work and study abroad, but you need to have been in the city for a while to know how things work to ensure that you effectively balance work and study time.

Exchange Student

There are currently many exchange students in the different universities in Taichung, proving that the exchange program is not as complicated as some people think. If you are an intending potential exchange student to Taichung, you should liaise with your school and see how things go from there.

At the end of the exchange program, we see that many of them have now understood some things in the local language and their cultures and traditions.

Au Pair

The au pair system is almost like a way of ensuring that people quickly get jobs, but most of the jobs center on being a nanny or babysitter. If it is something that you do not mind, then you should check the au pair website when in need of a job in the city.


We see some people visiting other cities as volunteers, and we encourage others to do as well as it shows that you are interested in the wellbeing and affairs of the city.

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