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Eco-friendly travel guide to Toulouse advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Toulouse, France.

View of the beautiful Toulouse

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 5 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $2000

Responsible Travel

The city of Toulouse is the capital of the French area of Occitanie and division of Haute-Garonne and it is the best option of objective for the vast majority of the sightseers visiting the nation because of this you will discover numerous in making a trip alternatives to investigate. The city is home to a populace of practically 1.3 million individuals consequently the city has discovered many green choices to guarantee that the carbon impression per capita. Being one of the greenest urban communities in the whole landmass of Europe, you will discover a huge number of measures being attempted these incorporate supportable business sectors, green methods of transport, and different motivating forces to eco-accommodating explorers.

The city is home to some of the biggest aerospace giants being the heart of the industry in Europe. Considering this and the large population along with wide-scale commercial activities, the city is bound to have a hard time curbing pollution but the city is innovative and diligent when ecological standards and activities are considered, a portion of these are examined in this segment of the article and as a vacationer, you also could follow them to really be eco-accommodating.

Keeping up the pattern, as a traveller, take a stab at making a beeline for the nearby cafés rather than worldwide natural ways of life. These little cafés that are arranged in the city will acquaint you with the real food of France and maybe even the absolute choicest of antiquated plans. This in general will be significantly less expensive and it will likewise hoist your eating experience all in all. Likewise, attempt to eat at natural bistro's and enjoy some veggie lover and vegan cooking beyond what many would consider possible.

In the principal case, it is suggested that you be an eco-accommodating vacationer by utilising the different methods for public transportation. Toulouse is known to home the absolute most proficient methods for private transportation however these aren't generally supportable because of this you are proposed to take the metro. Likewise, you can think about the utilisation of electric vehicles, be that as it may, the best methods for transportation in the city is known to cycle.

At whatever point you travel to another city it is basic that you buy from neighbourhood markets known to run for maintainability instead of benefit. Despite the fact that the nation of France entirely may be incredibly commercial, you will discover a few stores that will take into account all your necessities without adversely affecting the climate. All the more thus, these are known to house some evident gems that give you an understanding into the nearby culture and conventions. Likewise, this can be said about the food markets, where you will buy some fresh produce at extraordinary rates.

Finally, it is suggested that you focus in on an inn that is guaranteed as a green lodging. These will give you a large group of luxuries in the most conceivable economical way. This incorporates limited utilisation of energy, most extreme utilisation of natural lighting, utilisation of proficient apparatuses, and disposing of single-use items. These will assist you with having a casual stay without affecting the climate and local resources to an extreme.

Air Quality and Pollution

The weather in the city is known to be pretty comfortable all throughout the year. With a good deal of warmth and sunshine for a few months and icy winds blowing through a few months, you can enjoy a good contrast throughout the year. On the whole, the weather conditions are slightly extreme and you shall see a maximum daily high of mid-20-degree centigrades during the summer months and barely 9 to 15-degree centigrades through the winter months while the daily lowest shall be around 10-degree centigrades during the summer months and around the zero degrees centigrade mark during the winter months. With below-average rainfall and a bit of snow, you can expect an overall good climate here in Toulouse. Hence, it is recommended that you pack your clothes according to the season in which you are travelling to the city. The air quality in Toulouse is known to be quite decent by global standards. Being one of the most reputed cities in Europe and a key city in France, you one can expect a decent amount of measures being taken by the authorities to ensure clean air. However, when the air quality is compared to some of the major French cities, it is observed that the air in Toulouse is quite polluted, while it may not exactly be as bad as cities in Asian nations, the pollution is quite visible to the naked eye especially for those tourists who originally hail from cities free from air pollution. Nitrogen oxides are the major reason behind pollution in the city and though you will not face troubles in breathing while doing day to day activities, it may affect you in the longer run, especially if you are outdoors for long spells of time and if you have pre-existing breathing illnesses. The city ranks in the lower half of the table when pollution amongst French cities is considered, however, the favourable AQI scores do offer respite and make it a clearly acceptable decision to visit the city.

Respect the Culture

Regardless of who you address – in a shop, bar or any place – it's an unwritten law that you start with the enchantment words "Bonjour Monsieur/Madame" or, if it's night, "Bonsoir". At the point when you are acquainted with somebody, the required bonjour is joined by a handshake or, when you know them better, a shared trade of la bise – kissing on substitute cheeks which, contingent upon the district, is rehashed more than once, some of the time more. Take your lead from the other individual in this circumstance. Obviously, on withdrawing, an au revoir is legal. It's ideal to be guided by the individual you're with regarding when to change from vous to the natural tu, except if conversing with a youngster, a creature or God, when its utilization is prompt. Vous, nonetheless, remains 'le must' for tending to anybody in an official limit, for example, cops and bank administrators. You've likely consistently accepted that the best possible approach to welcome somebody is to utilize Bonjour (Hello) with one or the other Monsieur (Sir) or Madame (Madam). This is valid in the event that you need to unequivocally communicate regard toward the other individual, yet recollect with companions or collaborators of a similar position, you could sound hardened or excessively formal.

It appears to be that it's a demonstration of civility in France to turn up 10 minutes or so after the concurred time, however, a similar standard can't be applied to some other sort arrangement when promptness is fundamental in the event that you don't wish to be viewed as discourteous. Despite the fact that it's standard to take a little blessing when somebody welcomes you to their home, dodge chrysanthemums as they are related with burial services and are generally purchased to put on friends and family's graves at the graveyard. On public vehicles around France various notifications, including les règles du savoir explorer, advise travellers regarding the express principles of movement, for example, a ticket should be bought for your canine, except if it's in a bushel or a sack, and conveying a bundle under 10 kilos is allowed, given it's on your knees and not an issue for other people. There is even a sign about how to settle a debate about opening or shutting windows (the person who needs it shut successes). Not at all like the recognition of reasonable play by lining in the boulangerie or at a general store checkout, individuals group aimlessly at a bus station prior to flooding forward, apparently with no respect for others when the transport shows up; just to continue a conscious mentality by the surrendering of seats, once packed onto it, to anybody looking in need or mature enough to require one rapidly.

French feasting is quite serious. This is particularly valid for occasions and uncommon events, for example, Christmas supper or birthday celebrations. However, numerous easygoing dinners with companions or a straightforward lunch with associates can without much of a stretch raise to a ceaseless food-fest and delay until the center of the evening. French suppers are delayed to begin and even more slow to wrap up.Before you get to the starters, you may wash your throat with the apéritif (hors d'oeuvre): regularly a glass of wine or alcohol, for example, Pastis or Ricard, with some sort of bite (peanuts, smoked ham, olives, and so on). What's more, before you're pardoned from the table, there will be a LOT of talking. Except if you're with dear companions on an easygoing occasion, it's generally viewed as inconsiderate to leave the table before the dinner closes. Obviously, in the event that you have a sensible reason to do as such, no one will toss rocks at you, however it's for the most part better not to be hasty.

It's acceptable French habits and behaviour to hold your voice down, not to a murmur, but rather to what we think about a sensible level. Check out you when you're outside, take cues from your companions, and you'll take care of business. The French are known for being exceptionally loose about open showcases of warmth. It's entirely expected to see individuals kiss, clasp hands, embrace, or nestle in the road or on the transport, and no one will mind in the event that you get delicate with your darling in a public spot. That makes it simple to rehearse your French kiss abilities! Be cautious, nonetheless. This just applies to kissing, embracing, and guiltless stroking. In the event that it gets more physical or suggestive, or if there's any nakedness included, it won't be viewed as adequate any longer (and conceivably not legitimate, by the same token).

Follow most of the above directives and you shall certainly be appreciated as a good tourist by most of the local people in Toulouse.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Toulouse as a city is home to some of the most interesting places to visit in France and though these places may not be as high profile as those in Paris or other big cities in the country, they do warrant your attention and admiration.

  • Stade Toulousain: Toulouse has a group in Ligue 1, the top level of French football, however in southwest France, this game takes a secondary lounge to rugby. Stade Toulousain offers a larger number of players to the French public group than some other club in the nation. They additionally have more Heineken Cup (European club competition) prizes to their name than some other group in the game and lead the path for homegrown titles in the France Top 14. In case you're an avid supporter around in the colder time of year and can get a ticket, you need to take a quick trip and see them play: The climate is unique, and it's one of those encounters you'll have the option to gloat about when you return home.
  • River Garonne: Using a great part of the evening are boat visits going on a round outing around the wide River Garonne as it passed by a portion of Toulouse's most photogenic landmarks, including the L'Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques and the serious arch of the Hôpital de La Grave. It's the best way to genuinely acknowledge Pont Neuf, the most established bridge in the city, developed during the 1500s. The journey will likewise show you the Port de l'Embouchure, which is the noteworthy crossing point between the Garonne, the Canal du Midi and the more modest Canal du Brienne.
  • Canal du Midi: It isn’t simply one more stream, however, a marvellous work of seventeenth-century designing; some portion of the 430-kilometre Canal des Deux Mers that connected the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. The Canal du Midi is only the 240-kilometre-long stream that starts in Toulouse and stretches to the Étang de Thau by the waterfront city of Sète. It was requested by Louis XIV and made by the virtuoso Pierre Paul-Riquet, taking 15 years to finish. Walk or ride on the tow way close to its green waters, or look at the old locks on a voyage.
  • Cité de l’Espace: On the off chance that there was ever a day out that could recover your uncorrupt feeling of marvel, it's an amusement park about space investigation. In the event that you or your little ones are intrigued by the universe, at that point you could dedicate a day to watching mind-growing IMAX motion pictures and planetarium shows. Space travel nerds may hyperventilate when they set foot inside the real Mir space station, which circled the earth from 1986 to 2001. There's likewise a day to day existence size reproduction of the European Ariane 5 rocket, which has finished in excess of 70 fruitful missions since 2003.
  • Church of the Jacobins: This Jacobin community is the final say regarding the southern French gothic plan. It was done during the 1300s and is noted for its wonderful measurements, with a twofold nave and vaults that arrive at right around 30 meters. The best piece is at the apse, where you can eat your eyes on the palm tree, a section coming full circle with 22 ribs that bend outwards to shape the vault. You can perceive how it got its name, as this component has a capturing natural quality to it. The relics of Thomas Aquinas, one of the incredible masterminds of the archaic period, are likewise found in this congregation.
  • Hôtel d’Assézat: It is the Bemberg Foundation's recognised home, is a wonder without anyone else. This manor was planned by Nicolas Bachelier, Toulouse's most lofty renaissance draftsman, and took very nearly 30 years to finish. It was worked for Pierre d'Assézat, who fabricated his fortune on the woad exchange, however, was destitute when his extravagant royal residence was finished in 1581. The workmanship exhibition inside is similarly as radiant and is established on the assortment of Georges Bemberg, a tremendous twentieth-century craftsmanship benefactor. It's difficult to pick champions, however, you need to see the works by Venetians like Canaletto, and balance de siècle French specialists, for example, Monet, Pierre Bonnard Matisse and Cézanne.
  • Place du Capitole: It doesn't make a difference in case you're shopping, touring or partying like there's no tomorrow, throughout your break in Toulouse you'll generally be moved back to the square before the city lobby. The city appears to float towards this spot, and the great pink-coloured castle before you is more seasoned than it looks. There are sections returning to the 1100s, and on the off chance that you stroll around to the back of the Capitole you can see the structure's renaissance donjon. Go inside for a visit to look at the frescoes on the roof of the Salle des Illustres, and the endearing pictures in the Salle Gervais, where the nineteenth-century craftsman painted moral stories of adoration, as this was the city centre's wedding chamber.
  • Musée Georges Labit: Georges Labit was a nineteenth-century meandering dabbler with energy for craftsmanship and antiques from old societies. He volunteered to discover fascinating pieces and afterwards take them back to Toulouse to be sold in his family's retail establishment. This exhibition hall flaunting his own assortments from old Egypt and East Asia was set up in 1893 and is found in a huge Moorish recovery royal residence by the Canal du Midi. There are three centuries worth of antiquities to find, including Edo-period samurai shield, Coptic workmanship from Egypt and buddha sculptures from Afghanistan, India and Burma. The safeguarded mummy and stone caskets in the Egyptian displays are genuine group pleasers, as you'd anticipate.
  • Pont Neuf: is well known for being the most established bridge in the city of Toulouse, raised in the late sixteenth century. Due to the beautiful perspectives, numerous individuals frequently use it to go for walks or ride their bicycles on a pleasant day. Along the bridge are chronicled realities about its development. The bridge ranges across the Garonne River, which is around 375 miles in length, associating various urban communities, and the river itself offers fun exercises, for example, driving an electric boat or oar sailing.
  • Theater du Capitole: In case you're searching for some diversion, evade the average cinema or show and take a stab at something somewhat more refined with a visit to the Theater du Capitole. This French auditorium holds numerous artful dance and show exhibitions. It's a little, yet rich space with agreeable seats and great acoustics, and the venue is situated in the organization working of city lobby. Appreciate a beautiful night of high-class amusement at the show house.
Garonne river in Saubens, Haute-Garonne, France


There are plenty of attractions across Toulouse and some popular ones are listed in the sections below.

City Parks

  • Jardin du Grand Rond: Named after the Bowling Green grass utilized when individuals play a round of boules, this public garden is similar to a circle in shape. More than four hectares enormous, the park was built during the mid-1700s, as a feature of an imitative to build up the more metropolitan regions of Toulouse. The garden is improved with various sculptures, including a model of David vanquishing Goliath, the enlivening of Morpheus, and a mother canine ensuring her little guys. There is likewise a Wallace Fountain, which is a functioning water fountain. Finally, this park has the most blossoms than some other spot in Toulouse, so visit the Jardin du Grand Rond to stop and enjoy the scenery!
  • Jardin Raymond VI: It is a greenhouse and public park that was set up in 1998 and committed to Raymond VI, a tally of Toulouse. Come investigate the grounds, which is rich with wild and uncommon plants, a considerable lot of which are related with some sort of legend or fascinating account. The park is free and open to the entire family; let the canine move around in the grass while the children play on the jungle gym. Found right close to Toulouse's Modern Art Museum, the two-hectare park is a mainstream place for specialists to portray the scene or paint a picture. It's likewise an incredible spot for understudies to study or make up for lost time with a touch of light perusing. Make certain to visit throughout the colder time of year season to appreciate a serene, and calm, perspective on the park canvassed in snow; it is simply stunning!
  • Prairie des Filtres: Grab the family and head out to Prairie des Filtres for an entire day of fun! The park sits close by the Garonne River, making it a well-known site for water-based attractions and rides, including a unique water ski club that has been dynamic for more than 40 years now. The park likewise includes a bowling alley, a jungle gym for little youngsters, and an outing region. Stroll around the knoll and find bits of history; the site was utilized as both a preparation office for rugby crews, just as a vegetable garden during the war. Prairie des Filtres has so much open, rich green space that it is habitually utilised as a scene to have celebrations, shows, and other unique occasions. Also, pets are permitted, so bring your companion for a great round of games!
Jardin du Grand Rond

National Parks

  • Jardin des Plantes: Founded during the French Revolution in 1730, Jardin des Plantes is the main professional flowerbed to be set up in Toulouse and the most seasoned public park in the city. There are more than 1,000 unique types of plant science, some of which hold therapeutic properties; these end up being fundamental during the war, and Napoleon even permitted the grounds to be utilized as an ordnance half quart for officers. Neighboring the Jardin des Plantes is the Natural History Museum, notwithstanding a clinical school, well known theater, and habitually visited church. Arrange a gathering visit or take an individual visit, where you make certain to unearth one of the numerous models that dwell in the park, including a commemoration to a war commander and sculptures devoted to numerous characters of Greek legends.
  • Jardin Japonais: Take a vacation day and appreciate the eastern intriguing desert garden that is the Jardin Japonais. The herbal Japanese gardens offer a calmly wonderful climate to reflect, also value nature's excellence. Take a free visit through the grounds and find the Zen Japanese stone garden, Buddhist sculptures, incredible lake, and striking red extension. The park likewise includes a little house, which has been changed over into a gallery to show guests more Japan, notwithstanding the pleasant realities about the blossoms and trees that are filled in the garden. This is the ideal spot to appreciate a warm outing, regardless of whether you need to take a straightforward walk or discover a spot to twist up with your #1 book. Jardin Japonais is especially excellent during fall, as the leaves change and enliven the park in a variety of dynamic tones. Be keeping watch for a little play region for kids and a bar bistro for guardians.
Jardin des Plantes


The city of Toulouse is landlocked an finding a beach here is impossible, hence, those tourists who were planning to take a dip in the ocean or ride the waves shall surely be disappointed.


  • The Basilica of Saint-Sernin is an eminent illustration of Romanesque craftsmanship. This lovely church, worked in the tenth to twelfth century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built from the red blocks run of the mill of Toulouse, the Basilica has a five-aisled nave and three-aisled transept in the Romanesque style. The congregation is committed to Saint Saturninus (Sernin) of Patras, Greece, who was martyred by being attached to a bull. The Basilica remains on the site of a prior chapel where the Saint was covered (presently his burial chamber is in the apse). Appreciate the Basilica's veneer with is radiant entryway decorated with perplexing figures, for example, King David and the Apostles. Enter the old asylum to encounter the peacefulness of the spot. The inside highlights a dazzling sixteenth century to seventeenth-century ensemble enclosed by nine sanctuaries. Make certain to investigate the walking, which has seven noteworthy eleventh-century marble reliefs. In the north transept is a tremendous cut Romanesque cross. The grave houses the Treasury with various valuable relics. The Basilica's six-story clock tower has an octagonal shape regularly found in chapels of Languedoc. To remain significant with current explorers and guests, the Basilica presents fascinating turning shows of contemporary strict workmanship.
  • Chapelle des Carmélites: A magnum opus of strict workmanship and design, this seventeenth-century chapel was initially established by King Louis XIII and his significant other Anne of Austria in 1622 for the Carmelite religious circle. In spite of the fact that the religious community was demolished during the French Revolution, the chapel was saved. The chapel's divider artworks and paintings by Jean-Pierre Rivals and Jean-Baptiste Despax have been all around protected. Appreciate Jean-Pierre Rival's divine roof artistic creations, loaded up with heavenly attendants and seraphs, motivated by the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. The chapel's fine art was started by Rivals and finished by Despax. Passage to the chapel is free, aside from when shows are held here. One of the most agreeable activities in Toulouse is to go to a melodic exhibition at the chapel. The site likewise has a tea parlour, a rich scene for rewards.
The Basilica of Saint-Sernin


  • Musée des Augustins: In a luxurious structure that was previously an Augustinian religious community, the Musée des Augustins shows a balanced assortment of artistic creations and models. The canvas assortment speaks to works from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, while the model assortment traverses the Romanesque period to the advanced time, with particularly breathtaking pieces from the late Middle Ages. The cloister's congregation presently shows an assortment of the fifteenth century to seventeenth-century artworks; among the features are artistic creations by Pietro Pérugino, Peter Paul Rubens, and Nicolas Tournier. The seventeenth-century to the nineteenth-century assortment is likewise significant, particularly for the canvases by Eugène Delacroix, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, and Jean-Paul Laurens. Guests should take as much time as is needed appreciating the broad craftsmanship assortments while finding the memorable structure, with its agile engineering including a stupendous flight of stairs and open, sunlit rooms.
  • Musée Saint-Raymond: On the other side of the Basilique Saint-Sernin, the Musée Saint-Raymond has an awesome assortment of archaeological finds and relics. The exhibition hall is housed in a middle-age college building, which is a recorded memorable landmark. The assortment covers archaeological revelations of the ancient time frame and artefacts from the Roman period and the Early Middle Ages. A feature of the historical centre is the exhibition of Roman figures, including fanciful works and Roman representations found at the Villa Chiragan; this wonderful assortment is comparable to the relics of the Louver. In the wake of reviewing the assortments, pause for a minute to unwind in the Garden of Antiquities. Planted with shrubs, cypresses, plants, and olive trees, the garden is intended to bring out a traditional Roman scene. The garden has a bistro with patio seating where guests can appreciate reviving virus beverages, espresso, or tidbits. Guests are additionally free to go for a walkabout the gardens.
Musée des Augustins


The French people living in Toulouse are known to be very passionate about their food and some of the most popular dishes in the city are listed below, these are worth trying and any visit to the city without dabbling in these shall be considered an utter waste of a trip:

  • Toulouse frankfurters: These popular sausages have just shown up in the cassoulet above, however, they are likewise discovered seared or braised as a supper in themselves. The wieners have a secured status that implies the real thing is just sold in and around Toulouse itself! Produced using pork and smoked bacon seasoned with garlic and wine they taste probably as French as a hotdog can!
  • Cassoulet: Cassoulet is the conspicuous star of the Toulouse culinary show; this conventional dish is a moderately cooked stew of duck confit, haricot beans, pork and Toulouse pork frankfurters. It is rich, unctuous and filling and generally served basically with ground cheddar and a glass of powerful red wine from the nearby grape plantations. The one-pot supper is named after the earthenware goulash dish it is cooked in and you'll discover each eatery has their exceptional mystery formula – attempt a couple to locate your top choice!
  • Duck and goose: Toulouse food is brilliant with duck and goose; regardless of whether it's a basic sautéed duck breast, broil goose or confit duck leg the nature of the nearby produce truly radiates through. Foie gras is another strength – these livers from uniquely reproduced winged animals are frequently made into tasty, rich, smooth terrines or patés.

After all that meat you may be needing something sweet, and you won't be disillusioned! It is France all things considered; the patisseries and chocolatiers here are ordinarily brimming with delectable treats. Specialities of Toulouse incorporate fresh, caramelized almond bread rolls called 'Croquants', 'Caraque' a lively green chocolate tart and 'Fénétra' a debauched cake made with marzipan, meringue and sweetened lemon.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most popular restaurants to enjoy an authentic French meal in Toulouse are listed below:

  • Xavier
  • Les Jardins de l’Opera
  • Les Caves de la Maréchale
  • Le 7 Place Saint Sernin
  • Le Grenier de Pépé
  • Le Colombier
  • La Faim des Haricots
  • La Cave au Cassoulet
  • L’aubrac
  • Michel Sarran

Vegetarian and Vegan

Some of the most popular vegan restaurants in Toulouse for eco-friendly travellers to visit and enjoy a hearty meal are listed below:

  • Bloomy
  • Manger Autrement
  • Sovaga
  • Douceurs Vegetales
  • Sixta
  • Virgule

Street Food

Street food in Toulouse is actually quite interesting, however, one must note that most of the street food is not authentic French cuisine but it is an amalgamation of world cuisine, so you may be pleasantly surprised as you see numerous carts selling Vietnamese food, Thai food, or even Middle Eastern cuisine. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you go out and explore some of the most delectable dishes being served on the romantic streets of Toulouse.


France can be called the world’s capital when it comes to wine and there is no doubt the you shall find some of the most rare and exquisite wines in Toulouse, however, one must also remember that there are a couple of other exotic drinks for you to try as well, a list of these is given below:

  • Eaux de Vie
  • Chambord
  • Calvados
  • Kir
  • Grand Marnier
  • Chartreuse
  • Benedictine
  • Pastis
  • Absinthe


Tap water in Toulouse is known to be extremely safe for consumption, as a tourist, you can feel free to open any tap in a public place and quench your thirst. Yet, if you are extremely particular about hygiene or if you have a weak belly, then it is recommended that you stick to the simple bottled water which is widely available at stores but it is quite expensive and not an affordable option for all travellers.

Organic Cafés

Some of the popular organic cafes in the city of Toulouse are listed below, if you are a tourist who wishes to enjoy a nutritious meal without harming the environment and generating minimal waste, head to these popular joints:

  • Açaï Restaurant
  • Saveurs Bio
  • Flow House
  • L'Embargo
  • L'Emulsion Restaurant


As mentioned in the section above, the local people of France are known to enjoy their alcoholic beverages and while wine may certainly be their first choice, they are not the type of people who shall shy away from a good pint of beer either, hence, given below are some of the most popular breweries in Toulouse that you can visit on your trip to the city and enjoy a chilled beer after a long day of tourist activities:

  • The Hopscotch Pub & Brewery
  • Barallel
  • Beer Mosaic
  • ROOSTER & BEER Bar à Bière Artisanale 20 pressions
  • Bar L'Autruche - Brasserie Du Bec


Apart from all the mesmerising sights to see in Toulouse, a tourist can simply enjoy the magnificent outdoors and indulge in sporty activities such as bike trips, boat tours, kayaking, motor racing, ski clubs, golfing and even a few escape room games. These shall not only make the trip a lot more fun but also memorable by giving you a chance to interact with the locals and strike friendships much more fluidly.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is no longer a form of exercise that is practised in the continent of Asia, rather it is now a way of living for many across the globe and the story is no different in Toulouse. Many of the local people here enjoy practising yoga and as a tourist if you wish to do the same you could head to some of the scenic naturally beautiful places and practice in peace or you could head to some of the major yoga retreats and centres to practice with professionals, learn, and interact with like minded individuals. Given below is a list of such yoga retreats that you could visit:

  • Yoga-Et-Son Yoga Center Toulouse
  • Le Singe - Yoga Studio Toulouse - Center Yoga Toulouse
  • Studio Sattva Yoga & Pilates
  • Ashtanga Yoga Shala Toulouse


Toulouse is one of the most visited cities in France and it is absolutely no surprise that the city is home to some of the most exquisite lodgings and stays. However, it does offer a wide variety of options, covering all tourists with different budgets visiting the city. Given in the sections below are the different options that you can take into consideration.

Green Hotels

Some of the popular eco-friendly hotels that truly offer a green stay for tourists visiting Toulouse are:

  • Zenitude Hôtel Résidences : Le Parc de l'Escale
  • Hotel du Grand Balcon
  • Novotel Toulouse Centre Wilson
  • Hôtel Restaurant Campanile Toulouse Sud Balma - Cité de l'Espace

Hostels and Guest Houses

Toulouse as a whole attracts a lot of budget travellers, explorers, and students, many of them prefer to ditch the conventional hotels and live in hostels, some of the feature-rich and pocket-friendly hostels in town are:

  • Friendly Auberge
  • Hotel des Ambassadeurs
  • La petite auberge de Saint-Sernin
  • Residence Thibaud
  • Hotel Victor Hugo
  • Hotel Heliot


Leasing apartments is known to be very famous in Toulouse. As a traveller, you also can investigate this choice and keeping in mind that there might be a couple of real wellbeing concerns, in the event that you book a condo in a great neighbourhood through solid applications or channels, you will be all set. Airbnb is additionally a favourite of the sightseers while leasing apartments in the city.


Couch Surfing is incredibly normal in Toulouse and it's anything but an outsider idea to numerous here. As a traveller, you could peruse a couple of sites, find reasonable hosts, set up contact, finish things and you are all set. Continuously make sure to assist your host, keep things clean and show your appreciation through a little badge of appreciation.


The individuals of Toulouse are known to be excited about open air exercises, this additionally incorporates camping. A portion of the unmistakable areas to go for a climb and appreciate a pleasant camp are:

  • Camping Toulouse Le Rupe
  • Camping de la Bouriette
  • C L'AVENTURE Toulouse
  • Camping Les Violettes

How to Get There

Being a major city in France Toulouse is extremely well-connected, and as a tourist you could choose from a host of transportation options to reach the city, some of these are described below in detail.


Toulouse Blagnac is the primary airport in the city of Toulouse, it handles most of the domestic and international loads and it is well-connected to the city via different means of transportation.

Toulouse Blagnac


The city of Toulouse is well-connected to almost all the major cities and towns in France via bus, thus you can board a bus at some of the major bus stations from your point of origin, you could also board a bus from international destinations, but planning your journey well in advance is advisable.

Toulouse Bus


Toulouse-Matabiau is the main railway station in the city and it handles all the international and domestic trains reaching the city. Trains are one of the most preferred mode of transportation across France and its neighbouring nations, it is also extremely eco-friendly in comparison to air travel.

Toulouse Matabiau


Hitchhiking is very common in Toulouse and numerous French locals are happy with giving travellers a ride in their vehicles. Individuals are pleasant and accommodating yet again the dangers included will remain but in rare cases.


Beyond the above-mentioned ways of reaching the city, there aren’t any options for a tourist to consider.

Moving Around

The city itself is quite large and moving around town can be undertaken via a host of modes of transportation, depending upon your destination, more details are given in the section below.


Walking around Toulouse is simply amazing as the city has stunning sites to offer and you can move at your own pace.


VélôToulouse is a popular bicycle rental company which offers you a bike on rent for short and long durations, so don’t hold back, go out and explore the city in the greenest possible way on a bicycle.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are increasingly becoming popular in France and as a tourist in Toulouse you can certainly find a few options to rent an electric vehicle but one must serious consider the limitations and risks involved in doing so.

Public Bus

Tisséo is the local company that handles all the bus transportation in the city of Toulouse, the buses are well equipped, efficient and have modestly priced tariffs, as a tourist, you can certainly use them to navigate around town.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city of Toulouse has an extremely popular metro service and a frequently utilised tram service as well, so as a tourist, you could choose from either option depending upon the time of travel and your destination.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping sustainably is a significant part of keeping up equilibrium in the general public, the little stores regularly take into account explicit requirements with reasonably fabricated items, they don't really work for benefits yet they do serve to be fascinating spots particularly for sightseers who are searching for some uncommon things and fine craftsmanship.

Food Markets

With food going from French cooking to cooking styles from all sides of the globe, a portion of the well known food markets around are:

  • Victor Hugo Market
  • Marché de Saint Aubin

Flea Markets

Some of the popular flea markets in Toulouse are:

  • Toulouse Wednesday Market
  • Marché Couvert Saint-Cyprien
  • Carmes Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are exceptional places to find hidden gems, cheap clothing, used luxury handbags and much more. You could truly find a host of exquisite items and even bargain for them. Toulouse has a few such stores and you must visit them for an absolute steal.


Eco-fashion is serious business in Toulouse and as a traveller, you will discover little stores as well as significant design brands fiddling with this section. Eco-fashion here incorporates items of clothing and embellishments both.


Toulouse is one of the many cities in France and Europe as a whole that just doesn't recycle well but does so efficiently. Everything from bottles to cans does get recycled, so don't worry too much about popping that soda open.


Waste disposal is mainly done efficiently here as the waste is separated and then collected door to door. However, many individuals even compost their own waste and reduce the burden on authorities.

Work and Study Abroad

France is one of the most popular places in the world for work and education, Toulouse too, is right at the centre with people reaching here from different parts of the globe.

Exchange Student

The neighbourhood colleges are renowned across the globe and they offer grants and different trade programs too. The majority of it relies on your scores, French language capacities and the last round of interviews.

Au Pair

Au Pair as an idea is extremely famous in Toulouse and you can discover different families through well-known sites, simply pick the most alluring offer and head there to meet and finish things, or do so by means of video calling.


Paying back society is a significant piece of life and you can do precisely that by chipping in. In Toulouse, is anything but an unexpected that you can discover scores of occasions to chip in on sites and applications itself. Pick a cause that you have faith in the most and go assist.

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