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Eco-friendly travel guide to Vatican advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Vatican, Europe.

Pinacoteca in the Vatican City (view from the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica)

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $20
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $50

Responsible Travel

It is a city present in the world’s smallest country with an area of 49 hectares. The currency which is widely accepted here is Euros. This city's official language is Italian because it is connected with Italy and has a significant impact on that city. The dominant religion of this city is Catholicism. The government which operates and runs this country is Unitary Christian Absolute. The president of the Vatican is Giuseppe Bertello.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air pollution is moderate in the Vatican. The particulate concentration may be an essential air quality indicator since it's the only common air pollutant that affects short-term and future health. The government and local people of the Vatican are also taking the necessary steps to lower air pollution.

Respect the Culture

Everyone in Vatican City supports Romanism and is 100 per cent Catholic. Some of the Vatican languages are Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese, but the official and main speech are Italian. All service employees speak Italian and English. Many of the festivals held in Vatican City are just like the celebrations of the Catholic Church. Here people are also charming and friendly; they will help you get knowledge about the place.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Pietro Basilica:The most popular and most visited place in the Vatican is St. Pietro Basilica. The church, designed by Michelangelo with its dome, Bernini, and the building itself, by the most influential architects of the Renaissance and Baroque Period, was built on Saint Peter's tomb in 1506 and took more than a hundred years to build. Today, it is a pilgrimage point for Catholics. Consisting of 11 chapels, 45 altars and hosting countless works of art, especially painting and sculpture, St Pietro's Basilica is the first and most crucial step in the list of Places to See in the Vatican.
  • St. Pietro Square: Built by the famous master Bernini between 1656 and 1667, St. Pietro Square St. It is located right in front of the Pietro Basilica, in the direction of Castel Sant 'Angelo. Sint Pietersplein is one of the largest and most beautiful squares in the world. It is present within the Vatican, at the foot of St. Peter's Basilica. The dimensions of the court are unusual: 320 meters long and 240 meters wide. Sint Pietersplein houses more than 300 000 people in the most important rituals and events. The square was built in the years 1656-1667 in the hands of Bernini with the support of Pope Alexander XII. However, the court is so significant and so remarkable that there is no way to overlook it. Already the St. If you decide to go to the dome of Peter's Basilica, the view you will see from there starts with this square. Here you will see an Egyptian column in the court, which has been here, and also the columns in the elliptical courtyard and the statues of hundreds of Catholic Saints are among the works worth seeing.
  • Castel Sant'Angelo: The castle, which hosts the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo Museum, was originally a mosaic of Emperor Hadrian. The building turned into a court in the Middle Ages, has witnessed countless wars and tragedies throughout its history. Here is what you must see; Sala Delle Urne, where the dead's ashes are hidden, Pope III. Sala Paolina with magnificent frescoes made for Paul, Terrazzo dell'Angelo Terrace with a unique view. Construction of the castle took place in 139 and soon became a military building incorporated into the Aurelian walls in 403. In 590, while a great plague was plaguing the city, Pope Gregory visited the archangel, Saint Michael, at the top of the castle and announced the plague's end. In memory of its appearance, the building has a crown of an angel statue. During the siege of Rome in 1527, Pope Clement VII used the fort as a refuge.
  • Porto Santa Spirito Gate: Pope IV. When Leo built the historical gate on a 3-kilometre wall against the Sarazens who tried to plunder the city in AD, the construction of a new one took place by the architect Antonio de Sangallo 1543. Still, the structure of the gate was not downright. La Chiesa di Santo Spirito in Sassia is a 12th-century church in Rome, Italy, in Borgo Santo Spirito. This street got its name from the church placed in the southern part of rione borgo. The titulus' current holder is cardinal deacon Dominique mambertiit has been the official sanctuary of divine mercy since 1994. Porta Santo Spirito is one among the gates of the leonine walls in Rome. It rises on the hospital's rear side of an equivalent name via de penitentiary close to the crossing with Piazza della Rovere. Our website will offer you information on Porto di Santo Spirito images of the very best quality; search and find the content also as more innovative and attractive images that suit your taste. Porto di Santo Spirito images from thousands of image collections from various program sources, especially Google and Bing, so we recommend this Porto di Santo Spirito page for you to see. You can also support this website by sharing images that you like on this blog on your social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or tell your closest friends to share your experiences about the convenience of access to downloads and knowledge get on this website.
  • Church of Santa Spirito in Sassia: With its chapels and the nave covered with breathtaking frescoes and a historical clock tower, the church is a restored, even re-created version of a church built here in the 8th century by architect Antonio de Sangallo. The church is open to touristic visits. The church of Santo Spirito in Sassia (Holy Spirit of Saxony) in Rome is near St. Peter's Square (Vatican). Not only is it known for its beautiful and rich decoration (it is adorned with numerous paintings, frescoes, and works of influential artists from different periods), but it has a long history of grace for the spirit and body of a man. In the 8th century, there was a church called Santa Maria in Sassia dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The church's name comes from the "Saxon school" - the place where pilgrims from Northern Europe, from the Saxon people, received their first spiritual and material help. In 1198, at the request of Pope Innocent III, the Holy Ghost of Europe's primary hospital was built next to the church. The pope instructed Guido di Montpellier, founder of the Irmandade do Espírito Santo Hospital in France, to develop and supervise the works.
  • Santa Spirito Hospital: If you ask what a hospital's touristic feature can be, I can say "its history and architecture," which is why I included Santa Spirito in the Places to See in the Vatican. Hospital do Espírito Santo was founded between 1198 and 1201 by the Roman pope Innocent III (1160-1216). It is present in Sassia (Saxony), close to the Vatican and the Tiber River. It is the oldest hospital in the city and is still useful. The hospitals run by Guy de Montepellier, the Holy Spirit's founder, hence his name. Expanded and some buildings added. The hospital and adjoining buildings contain various frescoes and inscriptions. Santa Spirito, Rome's oldest hospital, was made especially for indigent patients. Meanwhile, unwanted babies at that time were put in a rotating barrel (which kept the mother's identity secret) and left to the hospital, and these orphan children were in the section reserved for them. Today, while some hospitals are still working, some (octagonal chapel) is open to touristic visits.
  • Palazzo del Commendatore: In the palace, which is the home of Commendatore, the director of Santa Spirito Hospital, the frescoed porch depicting the hospital's establishment, a mill, and a historical clock are among the works worth seeing. Today, only the palace's courtyard is open to the public, and the artefacts that you will see are already there. Palico Alicorni is a restored house in Rome, important for historical and architectural reasons. The palace, originally located a few meters from the Bernini Colonies in San Pedro, was demolished in 1930 after demarcating the newly-created Vatican City's limits and rebuilding its metro. After stylistic analysis, its designer identified as Giovanni Mangone, a Lombard architect who worked in Rome in the 18th century.
  • Palazzo dei Converted: The house is the famous master Rafaello lived for a while and passed away in 1520. The palace itself is not open to visitors, but you can see this aesthetic wonder from the outside. A 19th-century castle in a privileged downtown Vatican city centre was converted into a homeless shelter by Pope Francis. Palazzo Migliori, built in the early 1980s, was the Calasanziane religion's seat, which used the building to care for young single parents.
  • Santa Maria in Traspontina: Santa Maria in Traspotina, a Carmelite Church, is the last church in the article What to See in the Vatican. Pictures depicting Pope Alexander VI Borgia's demolition of the pyramid used to be in the church's place, frescoes decorated with war motifs, and the church decorated with historical columns are open to visit if you have time. The Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli is located very close to Altare della Patria and is one of the Roman residents' most valuable churches. The temple Pis knew for hosting Santo Bambino de Aracoeli, a Child Jesus's wooden image, is a miracle.
  • Palazzo Torlonia Palace: The Palazzo is one of the places that are not open to visitors, but because its architecture is awe-inspiring, I wanted to mention it in Places to See in the Vatican. Built by Cardinal Adriano Castellesi in the 15th century, the palace has changed hands many times over the centuries, and the palace's surroundings have changed over time. However, Torlonia Palace preserves its simple beauty of the first day.
Basilica di San Pietro in Vatican


Exploring places will make you gain knowledge about the areas in detail. Vatican shares so many interesting facts about its culture, people, history, and many more such interesting facts are available there for you to enjoy your vacation. Every native people here are so unique and of helping nature that they will help you with everything. It would help you gather more and more information about the place, and you will also get to see so many beautiful spots and vast green spaces.

City Parks

  • Gardens of Vatican City
  • Courtyard of the Pigna
  • Fontana dell'Aquilone
Gardens of Vatican City

National Parks

National parks are not present in the Vatican for that you have to visit nearby places. The national parks that are available near the Vatican are top-rated and also attract many visitors. Parks have so many varieties of flora and fauna that you will be amazed after watching them. Beautiful view of the national park attracts thousands of tourists every year.


In the Vatican, you will get to see no beaches, but if you want to visit any beach during your visit to the Vatican, you can try visiting nearby places. You can take a bus, car, or hire a private taxi to visit nearby beaches. The beaches are clean and tidy, and you can see them with your family members also. You will get so many pubs, and bars along the shoreside, and restaurants are also available to try different and exotic dishes.


  • Sistine Chapel
  • The Pietà
  • Vatican Necropolis
President Donald Trump and Melania Trump tour the Sistine Chapel


  • Vatican Museum
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Gallery of Maps
Inside the Vatican Museum


The majority of the people in Vatican City are tourists visiting for the day or workers, most of whom sleep in Italy and only add the Vatican. Fettuccine Alfredo is a pasta dish made from wide, flat noodles tossed with cheese and butter. It is topped with a creamy alfredo sauce and sometimes chopped mints. Tiramisu is another famous dessert cake. Gelato is Italy's version of ice-cream. It has lower butterfat and sugar content than ice-cream. You will get so many other national and traditional dishes to try.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Tre pupazzi
  • La soffitta renovation
  • Trattoria vaticano

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Osteria dei pontefici
  • l’lsola della pizza
  • Bar sotto

Street Food

  • Coney island street food
  • Vulio apulian street food
  • Bono bottega nostrana street food


The country with the very best consumption of wine per capita is that the Vatican. People who live in the Vatican are a bunch of alcoholics. The people within the Vatican consume more wine per capita than any other peoples in the world. Here you can try so many varieties of wine, and you will enjoy all of them. Here you will also get to so many pubs and bars, and they have one thing in common: varieties of wines.


This country's tap water is fit for drinking to drink the tap water of this country directly. There is no need to use bottled water as it will create wastage. There are fountains which are present in this city where drinking water is supplied. Around 50 % of the full water is polluted in this city. There are fewer water supplies, and water needs to be purified many times to make it completely clean. This city's waste management involves ocean dumping, which is a convenient way of dumping waste, but it creates a lot of pollution and burden in the ocean. Not only the locals but also tourists do the same thing. There are fewer policies and strict rules on creating pollution; therefore, many people do not hesitate and dump the waste in water without any hesitation. Other than this, some industries release chemical water directly into the water bodies, or there are fewer wastewater treatment plants, which can help reuse the water that is wasted. More to this, the rate of pollution in this city is continuously growing. Therefore, you must not take any step which will increase the pollution of this city. It would be best if you used some safety measures such as whenever you are in our hotel or another place where you are staying, you should always make sure that you did not leave any tap opened as a lot of water will be wasted open tap.

Organic Cafés

The organic cafe is the cafe that serves organic dishes, which are better than everyday dishes. Organic dishes are made up of fruits and vegetables grown sustainably and without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. These pesticides disturb the natural growth cycle of a vegetable and speed up the growth of it. These dishes are slightly higher, but they deserve it because they are chemical-free, and most tourists prefer organic dishes. There are significantly fewer and limited organic cafes and other cafes that serve organic dishes and typical dishes.


There are two types of breweries. One brewery is those that produce beer not only to distribute it within the country but also globally. These are generally big beer brewing companies that are well established and earns a lot of profit. Second are microbreweries smaller in size and production. The production is always lesser than 15 to 25 gallons of beer. These breweries sell their beer within the country and earn profit from the government. As they do not have to spend on distribution, these beers are comparatively lower in price than regular beers.


Activities are things or tasks which every person loves to do out of their hobby or intrinsic feeling. There are some activities to perform in this city. Other than this, activities help us to gain experience in a lot of things. Different activities such as exploring and different tours help a person t connect with the people very efficiently. You can make a lot of friends with different types of activities. Activities help you gain experience and help get memories and pictures to carry throughout as memories last forever. It is a small city. Therefore, there are limited and few activities.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an ancient activity that helps a person remain fit and flexibly to the body and muscles. Yoga and meditation are proved to help you to gain mental peace. As it helps in getting mental stability, it reduces the rate of depression and reduces stress. Yoga and other retreats help get a night of better sleep and provide energy for the entire day. There are limited yoga and retreat studios available, and many of the hotels and resorts.


Different options are there, but there are only two resorts in this country in limited numbers, such as the resort. Other options are hotels, and there are many different types of hotels present in this city that offer different kinds of facilities. Different hotels have separate rooms, and even you can find other rooms within the same hotel. The difference is about the room's size, facilities and the location such as the top floor and the rooms with balcony will cost higher as it will give a premium and a good look. Rest other accommodation involves green hotels, which are best if you do not want to have many carbon footprints and support nature. Other is hostels, which are available in limited numbers because most tourists stay in a hotel. There are apartments, and some of them are sea-facing apartments, which you must try to accommodate. Other is guesthouses and a camping area.

Green Hotels

There are a few green hotels present in this country. These green hotels promote eco-tourism. These hotels use rainwater harvesting by having large tanks on terraces, so the water gets collected and used in the future when it rains. Other methods include groundwater resources with wells, tube well, pimp, etc., which help extract water below the ground. Their solar panels generate the electricity they use. They do not use the electricity provided by the city electricity board because they consume fossil fuel to generate electricity. There are a lot of other benefits and methods of conservation of energy in this city.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are fewer hostels available because not many of the tourists use this type of accommodation. Some of the reasons are that the hostels' bathroom is shared so that hygiene will be an issue. Other than this, you must be careful with your belongings because there might be any roommate who can steal your things. Some benefits are that out of the total tourist, mostly youths prefer this type of accommodation, so there are high chances of getting a good company of your age. There are guesthouses which are present in this city. It is a type of accommodation in which you can take an entire furnished house on rent. The is best for a large group or family.


Apartments are best in providing privacy and security as the flat will be owned by you. Other than this, you don’t even have to pay the flat's maintenance, and even if something breaks out, the repairing charges will be paid by the landlord. They are using these apartments to stay longer than other accommodations cost a lot if used for a more extended period. Other than this, you can meet many people living in different flats within the apartments and make friends. There are significantly fewer apartments present in this city because of the small size.


Already the population of this country and out f these there are significantly fewer families ready to host; therefore, chances of finding a host family is considerably less. Couch surfing is a free type of accommodation because you do not have to pay the host family. Instead of paying, you can help them by purchasing essential home utilities or can help them in their daily household work. You can make friends with couch-surfing, and the locals can tell you many things about the country. However, while couch-surfing, you must always check the crime rate of the city.


Camping is a free type of accommodation option. Some private agencies organize various camping tours to track two mountains and camp there. They will provide all the essential items, and you have to pay once for the entry piece. Many people become a part of this store; therefore, you can also meet many people there, so no worries if you are travelling alone you can be a part of these tools and easily make friends. However, camping is a temporary accommodation type, but you still have to pay for the tent and other essential utilities that might cost you higher.

How to Get There

Vatican City is connected with Italy; therefore, there are different ways to reach here. However, there is no airport in this country so getting herewith direct flights is not possible. Other than this, you can get here with the help of trains which start from Italy. Other than this, there are road connections so you can easily reach here through buses from neighbouring countries. If you want t get here very quickly, then some metros travel faster than trains and can help you come here in a shorter time. You can take a flight to Italy and can reach here through different methods.


You were reaching here with the help of flights because there is no airport in this country. There are two reasons that this country's area is minimal and the tourism of this country is less. You can reach here by taking a flight from your country and reaching Italy, which has good connections with Vatican City. Flights are the most convenient way of travelling, helping you travel in a brief period. There is no direct way to reach here.

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport


There are international bus facilities available which can help you travel from one country to another. Buses are a good option which offers various sceneries and good views throughout your journey. There are different buses named 40 and 60 which can help you reach this city through Termini, a town in Italy. However, there is no central bus station, and also there is no station in the Vatican. The bus charges are 1 to 7 Euros and are affordable. However, it takes 17 minutes to get there.


There are trains and metros which can help you to reach this city taking different times. There are international trains so you can go here to Italy. This train takes around 19 to 20 minutes to get here. These trains' charges are 1 to 5 Euros depending on trains' facilities and the time it takes to help you reach this city. These trains are very convenient and comfortable, so you travel from these trains easily. Other than this, some metros are faster than regular trains and can help you reach here in a short period.


Hitchhiking is a travel option through which you can save a lot of money you otherwise have to spend on other accommodation options. Other than this, there are highways and roads through which you can hitchhike easily. There is only one problem with hitching: most tourists either use public buses or taxis or use trains to move reach here. There are fewer chances of getting any vehicle for hitchhiking. To come here, you have to be present in Italy, which has land route connections with this country. Hitchhiking can cause a delay. Therefore, you must try when you have a lot of time with you.


There are two other ways to reach here through Italy, so you have to go to Italy first if you live in different countries. The two methods are either walking or cycling. Walking is a good activity, and it will not take much time to reach here by walking from the Italian city to the Vatican. You can either purchase a first-hand or a second-hand cycle from Italy and cycle to reach this city. Besides this, you can also take a taxi from Italy and get here, but that will create a lot of pollution. Therefore, you must accept the cab only when you are in a hurry or emergency because using a taxi will increase your carbon footprint. Not only pollution, but it also consumes fossil fuel.

Moving Around

It is a tiny city. Therefore, there are not many options to move around the city. One of the possibilities of moving around is walking through which you can move around the whole town in a short period. Next is cycling. There are a few cycling rental shops or second-hand stores. Therefore, you must always carry your cycle with you while visiting this city. Other than this, you can use public buses smaller in size and move around the town or travel outside the city. Can cover the entire town by walking.


It is a small country. Therefore, you can cover the entire city by walking. Consequently, you can easily walk there. Other than this, you can even step outside the city by walking because the area is less. Walking has its benefits such as it can help you stay fit and is a good exercise. Other than this, you can save a lot of money by walking. It is a free type of travel option which does involve the use of money. Walking can help you to explore the country in detail.


Bicycling is a good activity as it helps a person to remain fit, and through cycling, you can exercise daily. You can either move in or move out with cycling because of this country's distance. There are only a few cycling rentals and second-hand stores where you can get a cycle; therefore, you must purchase it from Italy. While cycling in summer, you must have enough water to stay hydrated because the summer here can cause dehydration or heat strokes. Other than this, it would help if you always carry your mobile phones with you so that you may not get lost.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are better than standard cars because they do not consume fossil fuel such as petrol, diesel, or gasoline, a nun renewable energy source. Other than this, electric vehicles are better because it does not release smoke and noise from them. These electric vehicles are better at controlling pollution and conserving nature. There are no electric vehicles in this country because there is not much of the population in this country, so even if electric cars are introduced, people won’t purchase them. Another reason is that electric vehicles require electric charges, which will be very expensive for the government.

Public Bus

Public buses are the best way to travel either from one city to another or moving around in the town. Other than this, public buses are very much affordable because the ticket price does not cost much. However, sometimes public buses can cause delays because they have their fixed route through which they travel. There are fewer public buses as there is n need for public buses to move around the city because Vatican City is the smallest country; therefore, the majority of the distance can be covered by foot. You can use the bus to move out of the land but not for moving around.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no such facilities to move around the city. However, trains are known for their convenience and comfortability to the customers travelling in them. However, there are no trains that can help you move around the city, but trains can help you move outside the country to reach the land. Trains do not charge much and are easily affordable. The population is significantly less, and building a railway system will be very expensive.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for those products which have a positive or less harmful impact on nature. There are many sustainable shopping categories: in bold second-hand stores, handicraft products, organic fruits and vegetables, flea market, etc. Shopping for sustainable products can reduce your carbon footprint throughout your travel or trip to this country. These products' production does not involve the use of Non-renewable natural resources, especially the electricity produced by using fossil fuels. Sustainable products are not only helpful or help in conserving nature but also in promoting our health.

Food Markets

  • Vatican Souvenir
  • Annona Citta del Vaticano

Flea Markets

There is no flea market in this country. It is because there is a grocery store which serves the whole country. Other than this, flea m involves the large ground. There is significantly less land; therefore, there is no flea market. Also, there is considerably less population.

Second Hand Stores

There are no second-hand stores in this city. It is because everything which reaches this city is from outside. So the people do not sell here. Second-hand products are suitable for nature. It also helps in eliminating waste.


There are stores which can help you to purchase clothes. There is no sustainable clothes store in this city. Other than this there are eco fashion stores in Italy, through which you can reach here. So you can purchase clothes before coming here.


Recycling is a process that involves reusing an item by giving it a different shape. Many things that can be recycled will stop cycling helps eliminate waste, which eventually reduces pollution. As it helps introduce this, it also reduces the burden on the waste management team. Recycling also helps in the Conservation of Nature, especially votes and trees. It also reduces the use of raw materials as there is no need for our products' new material.


Waste something which is of no use and needs to be dumped. Waste consumes a lot of land in the form of a landfill. These landfills, if kept untreated, can create a lot of pollution. It is an immaculate city because there is significantly less population here will stop. There are different types of dump waste methods, such as ocean dumping, landfill, incinerators, waste burning, and many other ways. Out of these methods, the best way is using incinerators.

Work and Study Abroad

There are no high-paid jobs available in this country because there are no business organizations present here. However, if you want to work, you can work in a hotel, cafe or restaurant which can help you to earn some amount. Other than this, there is no scope of study because there are no institutions or universities. To study, everyone has to go outside the country.

Exchange Student

In this program, a student is sent to a university partnership in a foreign country to complete the remaining course. Its program is beneficial for a student. It helps a student gain self-confidence will stop other than this. The student can also polish his social skills to make friends in a completely new University and country. Other than this, not every university has access to an exchange student program. Only those who have a partnership with other universities in a foreign country can access this program. There is no such University in Vatican City.

Au Pair

An Au pair is a person who stays with the local family and has the work of taking care of the child at home. It is popular in those coo tries where there are working parents in the family. With the help of this work, you can stay in a foreign city for a long time. This type of work can help you save a lot of money you have to spend on accommodation. This work can give you an idea of how the people of that country treats the tourists.


Volunteering involves those work that is done out of your own will or hobby. It is the reason why you cannot charge for volunteering. Other than this, there are no organizations in this city for which you can volunteer. Volunteering improves your social skills. It removes depression and stress because whatever you do makes you happy.

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