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Eco-friendly travel guide to Wrocław advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Wrocław, Poland.

Wroclaw city view

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $450
  • Budget per day: US$140 - $560

Responsible Travel

Wroclaw is the largest city in southwestern Poland. Wroclaw is considerest one of the smartest cities in the world and also for the quality of living, it is very popular. The city has its name in UNESCO world heritage sites as there are a lot of historical sites in Wroclaw which makes it a perfect holiday destination. These sites including cathedral island, main market square and centennial hall, etc are the biggest attraction spot for tourists all over the world. The city looks very beautiful due to its architectural designs and vibrant colors. It is a perfect place for your next holiday destination.

The city is famous for its historical sites and being the capital of the Silesian province you will be impressed by the unique panorama of the battle raclawice and Ostrow tumski, this city is full of surprises. Wroclaw is the center of many industries and well connected transport system make the city even more attractive. You can explore these beautiful places in Wroclaw but don’t forget to follow your duty as a responsible traveler.

  • Visit all the green parks of the city and stay close to nature. It allows you to stay fit by providing fresh air and allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Eat from the local shops as it helps the economy of the city to stay stronger. You can try fancy restaurants but don’t forget to buy food from local shops once a day.
  • Try to avoid using fuel-based vehicles as much as possible and opt for bicycles, electric cars, or just walk to explore the inner part of the city.
  • Try to stay in hotels that are environmentally friendly as compare to the regular ones. It will help the city in the reduction of waste generation.
  • Buy from the local shops as much as you can as the city is blessed with different types of local vendors proving all the necessary goods.

Air Quality and Pollution

Wroclaw is the center of many industries including electronics and data processing industry, foundries, heavy machinery plant, textile mills, food processing industries, etc these make the economy of the city strong and also give birth to air pollution. The air quality here is not so good as compare to the other seaside cities.

However, the government has taken several measures to control pollution and now it is safe to travel to the city. You should take precautions just to be on the safe side, take masks or medicines with you where ever you go. You can consult your doctor before visiting Wroclaw if you have a delicate respiratory system. In general, the quality of the air is normal for the people here now.

Respect the Culture

Wroclaw is a city known for its architectural buildings with vibrant colors. The heart of the city lies in the market square, the infrastructure of the buildings and the surroundings make it even more beautiful and picturesque in the whole Poland. It becomes hard to keep away your cameras here. Most of the buildings here are painted with bright colors which makes the city more charming, along with the lights at night the view of the city is mesmerizing.

Wroclaw’s old town has most of the historical monuments and architecture where you can spend the longest part of your vacation. The cathedral island is the place for religious worship and it is called the home of the cathedral. Overall the city has a lot for their tourists and through these monuments, you will be able to witness the culture of the city. Make sure to visit Wroclaw on your next holiday to enjoy the beauty of nature and culture at once.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Wroclaw is one of the finest cities in Poland where you would love to visit. The reason behind this thing is that it has some wonderful places which can tell you the meaning of beauty. Here are the names of those places about which you have to know in a very brief manner.

  • Panorama of the Battle of Racławice - This monument is beautiful and showcases you in a painting that how the battle of Raclawice took place. Come here and you will get a nice knowledge about it which would be more than enough. But if you miss it then you will curse yourself throughout the life and develop unnecessary frustrations.
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - A Roman catholic where you can visit and wish for anything which was there in your dreams. Here if your wish is from your true heart then one day it will definitely come true. So come here as soon as possible because this opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Wroclaw zoo - It is a zoo where you would get a wide variety of animals and many other wild creatures. They are eye-appealing and become a point of attraction for majority of tourists. Visit this place and get a very worthy experience which you might have not got before.
  • Wroclaw Town Hall - You can refer to it as a palace which was established in the period of 13th century. It tells you about the full history and the significance behind the city's culture. The knowledge about history will be more than enough that you would get over here.
  • Hydropolis - A science center where you would know the different sources from where we get water. It will be the processing of water and its importance in our day to day life. Now to know more details about it just visit here within a very short span of time.
  • Japanese Garden - Do not go by its name because it only has the name Japanese. Here you would get some beautiful flowers and plants which will leave you awestruck. So carry a camera with you to take their photographs as they will remain your whole life memory.
  • Aquapark Wroclaw - This is the most fabulous water park where you will get different kind of water games. They are slides and some other things which will be good for your kids. Bring your kids over here and give them the most adventurous joyride of their life. And remember that without this place there is no meaning of your holiday trip.
  • St Mary Magdalene Church - Believe it or not, but it is true that people from various countries visit this church. Here the architecture becomes a point of attraction for everyone. It reminds you of the early days and some historical facts which you have not known earlier. In other words, this place is beyond any words and can give you a lot of satisfaction.
  • Opera Wrocławska - For all the opera lovers out there this is the most preferred place for you people. It provides you with some amazing dances and shows which will leave you awestruck. Instead of having any questions just come here for once and get an unwanted happiness.
  • Space Adventure - This place will give you a live space exposure and take you on the journey of universe. So just go for it and see how worthy is your experience of this lovely place. Never miss it because a place like this is nowhere there in any other cities.
Wroclaw Town Hall


Now when it comes to exploring the city of Wroclaw then the above ten places are not enough. You have to come out of them and visit the other places like some city parks and museums. So in this part of the article, we will tell you about those places only.

City Parks

  • Old Town Garden - This park has a lot of open spaces and here you would be eager to play outdoor games. Come here with your children and play some exciting games with them. It will give you pleasure and make sure that you are not getting bored.
  • Park Grabiszyński - The ambiance of this park is calm and you can visit it for having a nice trip to nature. Here the scenic views are awesome and give you a nice feeling of wow. Make a fair attempt of coming here at least once and it is guaranteed that you will adore it.
Old Town Garden in Wroclaw

National Parks

  • Park Poludniowy - Without any doubt, we can say that this is a park where you would get some pine and tulip trees. They entice everyone and because of them, this park is famous. In the beginning, you would think that it is an uninteresting place but later on you will understand its value.
  • Tablica informacyjna - Though there is not so much information about this place but you have to make its fair trial. It means that for once you have to explore it vividly and experience something new and extraordinary. And after doing it you would enjoy to the fullest and never have any disappointments.
Park Poludniowy


  • Morsie Oko - The water of this beach is pure and you would love to have a bath inside it. And the feeling would be magnificent which you might have not felt in your previous excursion trip. People often say that it is boring but you have to come here and make your own decision.


In simple words, we would say that you would not get any famous landmarks in Wroclaw. It is because here the museums are its leading examples which are a must-visit.


  • National Museum - In this museum, you will get some interesting artifacts which conveys half of the things. Undoubtedly they represent few things that played a crucial role during the ancient ages. After knowing about them you would want to narrate your experience among your beloved persons.
  • Museum of Architecture - This place commenced in the year 1965 and briefs you about the architectural structures of every ages. Whoever have visited here had given some of their positive reviews and ratings. And you will see that there is no such person who criticizes about it.
Museum of Architecture


Food is the basic need, and it is a significant part of traveling. The culture of the city can be seen through a variety of foods here. Wroclaw is a place where you can find a wide variety of polish cuisine that includes meats, spices, herbs, etc. Some of the most famous dishes in this city are zurek, pierogi, golabki, potatoes pancakes, paczki, etc. You should try these dishes while you are in Wroclaw as you will not be able to find the authentic taste of such dishes anywhere else.

Polish cheesecake is very famous not only in Wroclaw but in the whole of Poland. It is made up of sweet curd cheese and you will get the variants of the cheesecake all over Wroclaw. There are a few old shops and restaurants in Wroclaw which need your attention as they are serving their customers since forever and you can enjoy that old-school vibe here with delicious foods. Try to eat from local shops as much as possible to support the economy of the city.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The city has so many restaurants serving traditional dishes here. You will be able to find good restaurants near to your hotels, it is that easy. The culture of the city can be seen through these foods made with traditional styles. Most of the restaurants here have good and skilled staff so you will not face any problem related to the language.

Most of the staffs are familiar with the English language. When you are in Wroclaw you should eat from the local restaurants as by doing these you can support the economy of the country and eat in local shops as it allows you to save a lot. You can find all types of cuisines here, you can just check with the help of the internet to find the best restaurant for yourself. Here are some best traditional local restaurants in Wroclaw.

  • Wroclawska - This is one of the best restaurants in Wroclaw. You should try the potato pancakes here as it is the best selling and famous among the travelers and locals. The staffs here are very friendly and can communicate in English, which makes it easier for travelers to eat here. it is the most famous restaurant here which is nearest to the main market square.
  • Kurna Chata – If you want to have proper traditional polish dishes then you should visit kurna chata as it is the best selling traditional dishes restaurant in Wroclaw. Pierogi, gnocchi, chicken soup, and dumplings are their best items. This place is generally filled with locals and travelers so you might have to wait for a while for the food to come. It is highly recommended for travelers to book the seats on weekends as you will not be able to get seats here at that time.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are someone who loves vegan foods then you can also grab delicious traditional vegetarian polish foods here. When it comes to varieties then this city has all of it. For vegan food lovers, there is a number of restaurants available in Wroclaw. Most of the vegetarian foods are made of organic products which made them even healthier. All the foods are made of fewer spices but with the traditional techniques so there is no point in compromising in terms of flavors. Here are the best vegan restaurants in Wroclaw.

  • Ashima Restaurant & Club - This is the best vegan restaurant in Wroclaw as it serves vegan foods from different cuisines. You have the liberty to choose between vegan, polish, and middle eastern plates. The staffs are amicable, and the service are very quick. You don’t have to wait for long for the food.
  • Vega – A fantastic restaurant with a wide range of vegan dishes. The quality of the dishes is very fine and affordable. It is a self-service kind of restaurant offering the best vegan dishes in town. The foods are healthy and tasty and most of the dishes are prepared with organic products or ingredients which allows most of the people who are diet conscious to choose this place again and again.

Street Food

You will be able to get many restaurant offerings to take away delicious street foods which you can either eat under the sun outside or take away to your hotels or lodge. Street foods stalls here are a place where everyone can get something that suits their taste buds whether it’s vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food. Most of the street foods are dishes from Poland, Asia, Germany, etc. You will see food truck rallies here every day, each truck has different dishes to serve and there are dozens of food trucks available on the local streets of Wroclaw. Osiem misek, panczo, happy little truck, etc are some famous food trucks that serve the best dishes of different cuisines.


There are multiple bars and cafes here offering varieties of drinks here. You will be able to get cheap alcoholic beverages in Wroclaw. Few bars have the best beer, vodka, wines, and polish dishes at one dollar per beer and two-dollars per dish. This place is generally very crowded with locals and travelers at any time of the day, you will never find this place empty.

There are a few shops near the main square where you can enjoy your drink while enjoying the beautiful views of the city. Along with the alcoholic drinks, there are plenty of mocktails and cocktails available in Wroclaw. Most of these places serve freshly brewed drinks which can make you feel refreshed and keeps you energetic all day.


Tap water of Wroclaw is safe and you can consume it idly. According to the reports, the water is safe and highly used by the locals without any facilities of extra filtration. The hotels and restaurants have purifiers for their customers who have a very delicate stomach or do not want to drink tap water. If you are traveling to a different place then it is very obvious that you might not trust the water quality and especially for the tourists there are facilities available of providing purified waters at all restaurants and hotels.

However, it is highly recommended to use filtered water when you are in the outer area or not in the proper city. The water quality is used to improve when it is in the treatment plantation and it might get polluted by the time it reaches the tap so be careful and carry extra bottles with you to fill from the local shops where water purifiers are available.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are loved by the travelers a lot; it keeps you healthy and energetic throughout your journey. There is always a vast difference between a home-cooked meal and restaurant food. When you are traveling, you have no choice except to eat from a street stall or restaurant. Organic cafes can be an option to keep you hydrated and healthy by consuming foods and beverages made of organic products. Here are a few famous organic cafes in Wroclaw

  • Giselle Café Bistro
  • Bez Lukru


This city has a long history of brewing and it is not going to disappoint you when it comes to freshly brewed beers. Most of the bars are serving freshly brewed hand made beers for their beloved customers. There is a vast difference in the taste of beers or coffee, the making process is very important. You want to start your day in a good mood and positivity, the first thing you need is a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. The city is filled with a number of bars and cafes for travelers to serve the best they have. Here are some best breweries in the town.

  • Browar Stu Mostow
  • Browar Zloty Pies


There are a lot of things for you to do in Wroclaw apart from the sightings. The market square and the cathedral island are the two important places which should be there on your list no matter what. You can visit plac solny, here you will be able to witness the beautiful non-stop flower market and the tallest church in the city. Near to this plac solny you will be able to witness the old buildings which are shinning till now from the 1600s and 1700s.

The city is full of historical sites, parks, and museums which take a lot of time to explore each one. You can do outdoor activities like playing in the open gardens or visit any amusement park in the city where you will see the culture of polish people. You can interact with the locals to get a brief knowledge about this historical building as all of these monuments has a story to tell.

Yoga and Retreats

You can take a break from your daily chaos and enrolled yourself in yoga classes for a few days. It will help you to relieve stress and make you relaxed. Your body needs relaxation from all the traveling chaos you made so far, it will prepare you for your next destination. Wroclaw is filled with yoga centers with different styles that suit everyone. You can also book online classes which are relatively low prices as compared to the studios but the atmosphere in a perfect well-furnished studio is something different which you will not find anywhere else. You can choose according to your preference.


The accommodation structure of the city is very fascinating and highly maintained. You will be able to see the culture of the city through their accommodation structure, as all the hotels and lodges are well designed and architecture here for the travelers. It will give you a home-like feeling with lots of facilities. They have numerous facilities for their customers including laundry facilities, car parking, cafes, restaurants, etc which make these hotels a perfect place for all the basic things a traveler will ever need.

You will get multiple options depending on your budget and requirements. You can even get a fully furnished apartment for yourself if you are planning to stay in Wroclaw for a long period of time. You can share these apartments with other travelers to save money by sharing the rents with them. You can even live in a guesthouse and this city has multiple options for that as well with beautiful views on the side.

Green Hotels

You can choose green hotels to stay in Wroclaw to reduce the amount of waste generation. These green hotels are similar to any other regular hotels in Wroclaw; the only difference you will be noticing here is the facilities of laundry, food, etc. These hotels will allow you to stay eco friendly by using recyclable goods resources. The foods here are mostly prepared with organic products or ingredients and it can be a perfect place for vegan lovers.

You will get a variety of vegetarian foods and fewer meat dishes as well. There are plenty of green hotels in Wroclaw from which you can choose a perfect one for yourself. You can easily get these types of hotels all over the city with perfect views and accommodation structure. Here are some best green hotels in Wroclaw.

  • Boutique Hotel’s Wroclaw
  • Art Hotel
  • Hotel Lothus

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are planning to stay in Wroclaw for a long period of time then opt for hostels and guesthouses instead of any other hotel. These will allow you to save a lot of money as the prices of these hostels are comparatively low to the other hotels. You will find a variety of hostels here; these guesthouses are mostly occupied by the student who is studying in Wroclaw university.

If you are a student then you will get a number of facilities here as the accommodation structure of this city for the foreign student is very dynamic. You can share these hostel rooms with other travelers to save money. These hostels are blessed with all the facilities including laundry, house services, swimming pools, playground, playrooms, etc. Some of the most famous hostels and guesthouses in Wroclaw are as follows.

  • Swiebodzki Hostel
  • Hostel Wratislavia
  • Villa A8


Wroclaw is known for its best constructed and serviced apartments, it is best for you if you are willing to stay for more than three months. It will give you the vibe of a second home in an unknown destination. These apartments are well designed and furnished; it will definitely blow your mind as the detailing of these apartments are very eye-catching. There is a room for every member of your family or friends with all the basic facilities of household, cleaning tools, etc.

You will get a kitchen area with all the required types of equipment attached to cook your own food which will allow you to save a lot of money and home-cooked meals are always better than restaurant foods. You can choose from the vast range of apartments here according to your budget and here are a few best apartments with excellent views.

  • Silver apartments
  • Absyntapart Odrzanska


Couchsurfing is a community of travelers that helps other travelers when they are visiting each other’s hometown. It allows you to stay in the house of the people and they will provide you food as well. You can take the help of couch surfing to stay in a house for two to three days as it is not meant for longer stays. By doing these you can learn about the culture of the city and the native language of the people, you can also gather information about the best places to visit. Couchsurfing is a modern way of traveling which is loved by travelers all over the world.


The camping sites of this city is something you should not miss when you are in Wroclaw. The least you can do is that you can spend a night at one of these lovely camping sites in Wroclaw. The services are outstanding with the mesmerizing view of the city will definitely make your trip the best trip ever. You can easily communicate with the staff in English here. It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature as it allows you to stay closer to Mother Nature which is the ultimate source of healing.

How to Get There

The transport facilities of Wroclaw is vast and dynamic as the city is blessed with all the different modes of transport and it is well connected with all the cities of Poland and other countries as well. You can get direct flights for Wroclaw from the other major cities of Poland and some of the other cities of different countries. Wroclaw has a vast train network that connects all the small areas of the city and to the other cities of Poland.

Wroclaw Glowny is the main train station here from where there are departure and arrival of trains from or to the other cities of Poland on the daily basis. The public transport structure of the city is also very good which allows you to travel to the local areas of the city smoothly.


Wroclaw-Copernicus Airport is the main airport in the city. There is a number of airlines serving the city from high cost to low cost. You will be able to get taxies or buses any time you reach the airport as the buses are connected with the airports which will directly take you to the center of the city where you can find multiple hotels or lodges to stay.

Taxies are always available near the airport to serve you to your desired location directly. If you are traveling from another country then you will have to check with your airlines regarding the direct flight or you can break your journey to reach Wroclaw. Through traveling through airways can be a bit expensive as compare to other modes of transport.

Wroclaw-Copernicus Airport


The transport network of Wroclaw is a bit complicated, so traveling through buses in the inner part of the city is very common and popular. The buses here are very well maintained and organized which can help you to travel comfortably. The ticket prices of the buses are super cheap if you are booking in advance. On the spot, the booking may cost you a bit more so you can plan your journey a night before traveling so that you can book your ticket in advance to save that extra penny. You can travel all the sights here from the old city to the new city by bus as the buses here are well connected with all the small areas of the town.

A bus in Wroclaw


Trains here are well connected with all the neighboring cities of Wroclaw which can help you to travel faster as compared to the buses. There is a separate train to cover the local areas of the city. The ticket prices are very reasonable and traveling through trains can be very memorable. By traveling by train you can witness the culture of the city and the lifestyle of the locals.

This will allow you to understand the city in a better way. Train crossing small villages and towns will help you to see the beauty of the city in a different way. You can explore the city at its best only through public transport as traveling with fellow passengers will help you to understand the ethics of the city.


Hitchhiking will allow you to save a lot of money and it is the most popular means of traveling nowadays. It is the most adventurous and thrilling way of traveling, it allows you to make a lot of memories on your way to your desired destination. You just need to find the busiest road from where you can start your journey. The people of Wroclaw are very cheerful and helpful so you can gather information about the city as well while you are riding. Language can be a problem here but you can communicate in English by breaking the words in such a way that the driver can understand where you want to go.


The city has a very good history of traveling by bicycle or motorbike. There is a separate lane for the pedestrians and bicycles, and areas near the old town or downtown can be traveled by foot. The inner part of the new town can be traveled through trams which look super cool and fascinating and there are more than twenty-five tram lines that cover all the main areas of the city and the rest can be covered by walking only. You should always look for ways where you can serve nature by using vehicles that create less pollution.

Moving Around

How you are traveling the city is very important in order to get the maximum joys of traveling. You can always choose walking in order to notice the little details of the city which is not possible with any other means of transport. The old town is meant to be explored by walking only. The streets are so narrow that it might take a lot of time to reach a place through cars. You can rent a bicycle and travel to the city, it is easily available and at a very low cost as well.


The old town can be explored by walking only and it is best for your health well. Most parts of the city are meant to be traveled by walking as it does not allow any vehicle to roam there. The culture of the city can be seen by walking you can even shop and eat from the local vendors where the actual beauty of the city lies.

There are varieties of street vendors selling a number of items in a day from where you can buy things that will be there with you forever as the memory of the city. This window shopping can only be done by walking. The city od is full of historical sites and churches which make it even more convenient to walk and explore. Separate footpaths are made for pedestrians.


Wroclaw is a bicycle city as the majority of the population is dependent on it. It is very common to see students and even employees of travel the city using the bicycle more than any other mode of transport in Wroclaw for their daily traveling. They use a bicycle to stay fit and also to lessen the pollution caused by fuel-based cars. Being the oldest bicycle city, the city has a good network of bicycling along with separate paths for them. It is very easy to get a rented bike here at a very low cost which will help you to cover the longer distance.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are very cheap and affordable in Wroclaw to travel with. You can get private electronic cars for rent here which can be changed from time to time with the help of the charging stations available all over the city. This city has facilities to travel in big electronic cars with family which is called two hours private guided tour by electronic cars. You can easily book the tickets online and explore the city. Try to book the tickets in advance to get the maximum discount. If you want to explore the city without causing any harm to the environment then opting for electric cars can be a very good option for you.

Public Bus

Public buses are very common and most used means of transport in Wroclaw. The buses here are connected with neighboring cities of Wroclaw as well, so if you want to travel to the other cities you can choose these buses to travel and save a lot of money. The inner part of the city can be traveled by bus as it is very comfortable and cheap. There are more than sixty bus lines that help travelers to travel regardless of the time. These bus channels run 24/7. You can book your tickets in advance to avoid the long lines and online booking will give you discounts as well.

Tram, Train and Subway

The train and tram facility of the city is very dynamic and well maintained. Ticket machines are available at every stop, you can even book your tickets from the grocery shops here as well. Some of the grocery shops in Wroclaw have the facility of providing tram or bus tickets. You will not need any tram or bus facility to travel in the old town but for the new town, you should be aware of the tram networks. The tram is the charm of the city which you can ever experience, as there are only a few cities in the world that has such facility so when you are in Wroclaw make sure you include trams as a mode of traveling in your travel diary.

Sustainable Shopping

There are various malls and local shops available all over the city to shop for your favorites. All the malls here are well furnished and maintained with all the mini-shops in them. They have a gym, theatres, and medical centers included in most of the shopping malls here. The cafeteria is filled with all types of local famous foods here. You can even buy your groceries from these malls. These malls are filled with varieties of items for every age group, you can buy toys for your toddlers and gadgets for the grownups. The city has all the facilities for their travelers.

Food Markets

You can find all sorts of things here including clothes, foods, cosmetics, furniture, shoes, antiques, etc. There are a number of shops selling varieties of items here. Food markets are a place where you can get foods directly from the farms made of organic fresh ingredients. Cheese, yogurt, beers, street foods, traditional dishes, etc you can get all types of cooked and raw foods here. From these flea markets, you can buy raw food items which you can ccok in your own style. You can even get varieties of spices and herbs here at a very low cost.

Flea Markets

If you love to collect antiques wherever you go then you should visit these flea markets in Wroclaw. The city has the oldest culture of polish people which is still alive in somewhere the old town. You can get a number of antique items here which are rare and cheap. Travelers are very fond of these types of the market so grab your favorite ones as soon as possible. You might not able to see the same product again.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are very helpful in times of urgency. When you are traveling it is very obvious that you might need some stuff includes items of clothing and other necessary item, buying such things from regular shops can cost you a lot. These second-hand shops will help you in time like this, you can buy things which are in absolutely good condition and reuse them. By doing these you will help the environment to heal faster as well. Second hand from London, Margo used clothes, Komoda second-hand clothes, etc are some of the best selling theft stores in Wroclaw. If you are a brand lover then you can also get second-hand branded items here at a very low price.


Eco-fashion is getting popularity in western culture and people love it from all over the world. Graz has its own culture that allows the people over here to adapt to the culture of eco fashion way before it started trending overseas. There will be no trouble in finding a good place to shop eco-friendly clothes that are made up of fabrics, DIYs, and colors which is not harmful to nature and can be regrown.


To keep the environment neat and clean of your favorite destination you should always look for ways of reusing the resources as much as you can. Environment pollution is causing harm to the monuments and historical places here a lot, being an eco-friendly traveler you should help the city to control the pollution. In order to do so, you can stay in green hotels here and try to reuse plastic bags and bottles. Do not throw waste anywhere on the streets. Some minor steps can help nature to heal a lot.


Being the favorite travel destination, Wroclaw is filled with travelers throughout the year. This increases the chances of waste generation in the city. The government has taken several measures to control waste generation by creating green hotels for travelers. Try to stay in these types of hotels when you are in Wroclaw.

Work and Study Abroad

Wroclaw is the fastest-growing center of working and studying apart from the travel destination. The city has plenty of job opportunities in various sectors, whether you want to work as a full-time or freelancer. The salary package here is excellent, and the cost of living is affordable. One can think of shifting to this beautiful city which is blessed with all types of facilities.

Wroclaw has the largest academic center, and it offers a vibrant and dynamic higher education. Thousands of students from across the globe try to get enrolled in these universities every year. The city has a very affordable condition for the students. You can check with your home center for the details.

Exchange Student

An exchange student is a program in which students from universities or secondary schools can get a chance to study in foreign institutes. These foreign institutes are parterres of their home institute. An exchange student is a very popular and effective way of getting jobs in foreign countries. It will allow you to gain knowledge and skills which can be beneficial for your future in the job field. Universities of Wroclaw have many partner universities all over the globe.

Au Pair

Au pair can be a very good option for you to stay in a different location if you are new to the place. This allows you to stay in the homes of the locals in exchange for some household work you will get a place to stay and foods to eat.


Volunteering can be a very good idea if you want to keep your favorite destination clean and pollution-free. Try to volunteer for teaching, cleaning, and other works in Wroclaw.

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