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Eco-friendly travel guide to Yangon advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Yangon, Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda, Great Dagon Golden Pagoda. The most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. The pagoda was built by the Mon people between the 6th and 10th centuries AD. Yangon, Myanmar.

  • Air quality: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.75 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.25 / 5
  • Parks: 3.25 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.75 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $75
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $200

Responsible Travel

Yangon is the most populous and famous city of Myanmar. It is one of the most exciting and famous cities in the country to visit. Every year a lot of tourists visit this place and spend their time. There are many scenic places and landmarks, which can be visited by tourists visiting the city. This city is an important center for various other economic and commercial activities too. This city has a very rich culture and traditions that are famous around the globe and many tourists try to experience those cultures during their visit. This city has good transportation facilities that help in easy traveling around the city. There are many hotels, and green hotels located in this city that provides to the needs of the tourists. You can get accommodation in Yangon very easily and at an affordable rate.

Air Quality and Pollution

Being the most populous and developed city in the country, Yangon is very crowded. The air quality of this city is not too good but not too worse. You should take certain measures regarding the air quality of the city during your visit. This city has a tropical monsoon climate and receives rain throughout the year. The average temperature of the city remains between 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

Pollution in this city is growing day by day and this problem has started to alarm the situation in the city. But it gets balanced due to the presence of a load of trees and natural flora that surrounds the city. Most of the temperature increases in this city are in the months of April and May that reaches the mark of 42 degrees and the lowest reaches in the month of January and December.

Kids playing during It rains, Yangon

Respect the Culture

Yangon is famous for many reasons and the most important reason for its popularity is its rich culture and old traditions that fascinate people from around the globe. The people of this city are very polite, humble, and helpful. They will never cheat upon any outsider and they are staunch believers of social values and morals. These people believe in their traditions and beliefs quite passionately and try to keep pace in accordance with their beliefs. These people will treat you humbly and will let you experience their traditions.

The only thing during your visit that you should keep in mind is that you should respect their culture and try not to hurt their cultural feelings. They are very possessive regarding their culture and believe in it too much. So try to spend quality time in this city by experiencing the new and rich culture of this city. The people of this town will make your visit comfortable and a memorable one.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Yangon is a very famous city and a favorable place to enjoy your holidays. There are many places that a person can visit and spend time. The places that a person can visit in this city are as follows.

  • Shwe Dagon Pagoda: This is one of the famous centers of attraction in the city. This place is regularly visited by several tourists around the globe. This place is famous for the large gilded stupa that has been constructed in the structure. There is a visitor center in his pagoda that offers a number of meditation facilities in it.
  • Kandawgyi Lake: Another iconic and famous place in this city to visit is Kandawgyi Lake. This place is famous for the natural beauty of this lake. This place is a reservoir that surrounds a park and many beautiful pagodas can be seen for this reservoir.
  • Sule Pagoda: This is a very historic place located in this city . this place is known due to its Buddhist statutes placed in this pagoda, many Buddhist monks can be seen in this pagoda. This is a golden pagoda and is famous for its architectural design and color.
  • MAC GLOBAL: This place is famous in the city due to the greenery of this place. Neither is it a historical place nor a cultural site. This place is a green space in the city that accommodates a lot of fountains in it and is the best place to relax and chill during the holidays.
  • Inya Lake: This is a famous lake situated in this town. This is famous due to the serene views and greenery around the lake. This lake also offers the opportunity for sailing facilities too that can be enjoyed and explored by the tourists. This lake is popular in the country and is also considered as a religious place to visit. Hence several local people and visitors visit this lake throughout the year.
  • National Museum: This is a Burmese cultural and historical museum that consists of various historical pieces of art and culture and it also reserves various historical events that took place in Burmese history.
  • Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda: This is a famous place that tourists wish to visit. This place is famous for the statue of the Buddha. The statue of the Buddha is very old and traditional that has a reclining view.
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market: If you are in this town and you are not visiting this market then you are not doing the right thing. This is the most famous market in the country and you can get a lot of products in this market at a very low cost. Hence don’t miss this opportunity and visit this place.
  • Botataung Pagoda: This pagoda is the most historical in the country and is the oldest among all. This pagoda is a monumental one and consists of a Buddha statue that is also very historic and famous in the city.
  • St Mary's Cathedral: This church is the most famous cathedral in the city and has historical importance too. Many Europeans and French visit this cathedral regularly. This cathedral has a very rich architectural design and attractive interior that can be amazing to see.
Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Yagon


This city is crowded and offers many places to visit. This city is an important tourist destination and is rich in natural as well as artificial places of tourism. The city has several natural parks and places to visit. This city also has a very rich history and many museums can be found in this city. If you are a tourist then try to visit the below-mentioned places.

City Parks

Following is the list of city parks in Yangon:

  • General Aung Sun Park: This is a very famous park in the city. You can find many tourists in this town. Most of the local people visit this place very frequently. This park is rich in greenery and has many historical natural sites in it. You can find types of trees and plants in this park.
  • People’s Park: People’s Park is located in the center of the city and is visited a lot by the locals. This place is surrounded by big trees and is expanded over a big chunk of land. This is the largest part of the city, that is visited a lot by local as well as tourists.
  • Karaweik Park: This park is located on the banks of the Yangon River and offers beautiful serene views and scenic beauty. Many tourists visit this place and enjoy the natural beauty of this place. The scenic beauty of this place attracts a lot of visitors to this park.
  • Hlawga National Park: This is the most famous and the only national park located in the city. This national park is an open zoo in this city that expands its area around 6.5 acres of land. Many animals can be seen in this park. This is a unique zoo that attracts a lot of visitors towards it. Many locals also visit this place during holidays and summer. This park was mainly created to protect the evergreen forest and fauna in the city. Then it was developed into a park so that people can enjoy nature. You can find several animals in this park, there is a swampy forest covering the land and you can see the animals roaming freely. This is a favorable place to go and spend your time in nature. There are many varieties of trees and plants that you can find in this place.
A view of the People's Park, Yangon

National Parks

The only national park in the city is:

  • Hlawga National Park: This is the most famous and the only national park located in the city. This national park is an open zoo in this city that expands its area around 6.5 acres of land. Many animals can be seen in this park. This is a unique zoo that attracts a lot of visitors towards it. Many locals also visit this place during holidays and summer. This park was mainly created to protect the evergreen forest and fauna in the city. Then it was developed into a park so that people can enjoy nature. You can find several animals in this park, there is a swampy forest covering the land and you can see the animals roaming freely. This is a favorable place to go and spend your time in nature. There are many varieties of trees and plants that you can find in this place.


There are no beaches in this city, as this city is landlocked from all directions. But if you wish to visit the beaches, there are various beaches near the city, which can be reached easily. There are rails, buses, airplane facilities available that will connect you to other places.


Some of the most interesting and iconic landmarks that you can visit in the city are:

  • Allied War Memorial: This is a famous memorial build in the center of the city. This is a memorial that highlights the impact of war on the society of Yangon. The memorial highlights the struggle of the locals that helped them in the war. This memorial is a famous one and is famous in the world due to the architectural design of the memorial.
  • Martyrs' Mausoleum: This is a memorial cum museum situated in the city of Yangon. This museum tries to pay homage to all the soldiers that lost their lives during the tough time of the war and independence struggle. This memorial is built in the old city of Yangon and a lot of visitors visit this place regularly.
  • People's Square and Park: This square has a very special place in the history of Myanmar’s’ freedom struggle and the establishment of the republic. This is the place that was used as a landmark to address the meetings and rallies during the war, and the independence movement. This is now developed in a park with a memorial. This is a must-visit place for all visitors.
  • Yangon National Theatre: This is a famous and iconic building in the city of Yangon. This is the home of the Myanmars’ film industry. The first local film was telecasted in this theatre. This is a drama theatre that displays a lot of dramas throughout the year. This is a place that empowers the local stories and displays the art of locals in the city.
Allied War Memorial, Yangon


Some of the museums in Yangon are:

  • Yangon Drugs Elimination Museum: There was a time when the country was facing the problem of mass substance abuse and narcotics supply, then a campaign was started to eradicate this problem and with the help of many leaders the problem was very much eradicated and in remembrance of that, this museum was constructed that paves the importance of a healthy life. This is a unique museum and has many amazing pieces that can amaze tourists.
  • National Museum of Myanmar: The National Museum of Myanmar is a museum that highlights the Burmese culture and its relevance. It also contains many pieces from the time of the independence movement and war. This is a historic as well as a tourist place that can be enjoyed by the tourists. This museum consists of many artifacts and historical pieces that are famous in the world.
  • Myanmar Gems Museum: Myanmar is famous for the types of ornaments that it produces and many local jewels are also famous. There are many unique gems and metals found in this town. This museum display all the gems and metals that are used in the jewelers in the country. There are several gems that you can see in this museum and many unique and rare gems are also displayed here in this museum.
National Museum of Myanmar, Yangon


If you are a food aficionado and want to get a taste of different types of seafood, then Yangon is the best place for you to spend your time. This city is very famous in the region due to its food. There are many different types of food stalls and fine dining restaurants in the city that can meet all of your needs related to food. Yangon is primarily famous for its amazing seafood but it also has much more to offer and a person can enjoy his visit to this city.

Yangon has various types of restaurants and food stores. There are many traditional or old fashioned restaurants as well as vegan stalls. The most famous food corner of this city is its street food and it amazes and attracts everyone.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most traditional local restaurants in Yangon are as follows:

  • Le Cellier: This restaurant is the most famous and crowded place in the city. The specialty of this place is that it is a vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant that offers a variety of seafood. Most of the dishes that are served here have a unique recipe and the spices are also unique.
  • Le Planteur: This restaurant is very famous among the youths of the town and this place is known because of the types of salad it serves and this place serves various foreign dishes and they are served in local utensils that add more to the taste. This place is comparatively expensive to other places.
  • The Yangon Restaurant: As the name suggests, this is a special restaurant and is the oldest restaurant in the city. This was among the first food outlets that were opened in the city. This restaurant is known to the whole of the country due to its taste and service. This place moreover serves every local dish that a person wishes to taste.
  • ORNG kitchen: This place is a very well known place. This place is a complete nonvegetarian restaurant. This place is special when it comes to chicken and meat dishes. This place serves seafood in a very unique way and the place has a special recipe for every dish.
  • Shan Kitchen: This restaurant is a complete Asian restaurant and serves many different types of dishes that are eaten in Asia. This place is famous for dishes made of beef, meat, and chicken.
A traditional suburban teahouse in Yangon. Such teahouses can be found across Myanmar

Vegetarian and Vegan

Some of the vegetarian restaurants that you can visit while in Yangon are:

  • Green Gallery: This restaurant is very famous in the city. This is a place where you can find amazing dishes made up of various salads and green herbs. This place serves a number of dishes that are made out of green vegetables and herbs. This is a very cheap as well as an attractive place with a good and vibrant interior. This is a must-visit place during your visit to the city of Yangon. This restaurant also serves many types of salad made of different farm products that are delicious and good for health.
  • Rangoon Tea House: As the name suggests this is not exactly a restaurant, but a tea house that also serves food. This is a very famous chain in the country and only serves vegan products. The tea of this place is very famous and this place serves almost150 types of tea and coffee. This place also serves different types of farm products in the breakfast and all of them are locally produced. Hence this place can let you taste different types of local products at one location.
  • Nourish House: As the name suggests this place is a restaurant located in the heart of the city that serves natural and fresh vegetables and salads. This place also serves various juice and shake made out of the vegetables and fruits. This place is very affordable. Many tourists visit this place regularly and enjoy their visit. This place is a complete organic-based restaurant and tries to serve vegetables that are grown organically. This place also serves desserts that are famous in the whole city.

Street Food

Yangon is not only famous because of the vegan and traditional restaurants but it is also quite famous because of the street food culture in the city. This town has many markets and lanes that serve street food. Most of the street food outlets are non-vegetarian and deals with seafood. This is a good place to satisfy your hunger and that too a cheap price.

  • The Marina: This is the most famous street food outlet in the city. This place daily starts its operation in the evening and tries to sell most of the seafood and local cuisines. The rate of food items in this place is very cheap and affordable. This place tends to keep an eye on the hygiene of the facility very minutely. This place also serves continental, Italian dishes. This place is the eldest and famous street food outlet in the city. Many visitors visit this place regularly to eat the tasty food that this place serves.
  • Shwe Sa Bwe: This street food outlet is known due to its seafood that it serves. this place also serves various vegetarian dishes that attract a lot of customers towards it. This place is affordable. This outlet is famous for various types of beverages that it serves. Many types of noodles and continental food is served by this outlet. This is a must-visit place for travelers and tourists who wish to know the real taste of the street food in the city of Yangon.
People enjoying the famous street food in Yangon


Yangon is a metropolitan city that is accommodated by the upper-class people as well as lower-class people. There are various types of beverages that are offered in this city. Due to their traditions and beliefs, most of the people prefer mocktails over alcoholic beverages. This is because of their religious beliefs. Some of the famous beverages that are consumed by the locals are as follows:

  • Green Tea Shake
  • Bamboo Green
  • MixFri Juice

Not all people in this city consume mocktails or non-alcoholic beverages, few people in the city love to enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages as well. Alcohol even though is not widely available, some of the the alcoholic drinks that you will be able to find here are as follows:

  • Dagon Lager Beer
  • Regal Seven
  • Burbrit Beer


The tap- water of the city is not clean enough to drink. You should try to drink purified water. This is because of the poor quality of disinfecting plants in the city. The city is rich in the water supply but the treatment plants are a problem. The treatment plants do not work efficiently in the city that results in the supply of dirty water in the city. And the consumption of such water can lead to many illnesses and diseases. Hence, try to consume treated water.

Organic Cafés

There are many cafés in Yangon. The concept of organic café has taken the world by storm and is getting famous day by day. There are many organic cafés situated in this city too. The concept is taken very seriously by the locals too in this city. They have tried to utilize the nature and fauna that they have possessed. Apart from the infrastructure, this city offers great cuisines that can be enjoyed by everyone. You should try to take some time to visit the following cafés:

  • Café Burma
  • Caffa
  • Bodhi Nava Hostel & Café

All of these places offer good food with a great ambiance that can be enjoyed very well by the visitors.


This country is a very cultural and traditional country. Alcohol in general is not very welcomed in the country, still a good number of locals in the country drink and enjoy their life to the fullest. Apart from it the country is visited regularly by a lot of visitors and to satisfy the demand of the visitor's number of local breweries have set up in the city that tries to produce the liquor. The local alcohol of Yangon is very famous in the country and many visitors try to consume it regularly due to its unique taste. There is a number of breweries in the city that are as follows.

  • Burbit Brewery
  • Myanmar Brewery
  • DAGON Breweries Ltd.
  • Heineken Myanmar
Myanmar Brewery, Yangon


There are various activities and things that you can experience during your stay in this city. There are many things such as camping, trekking, etc that you can do while you stay in this city. Apart from this you can also visit various landmark sites situated in the city during your day time and can enjoy the street food and markets in the night. You can also try yoga and meditation in this town.

Yoga and Retreats

There are many resorts and ashrams located in this city that offer you the opportunity to explore the importance of yoga and other ways. You can visit various places in this city to get mental appeasement and enlightenment. This place is famous for its meditation and yoga resorts located in the suburbs of the city.


There are many places and lodging facilities that a person can opt for during his visit to this city. Some of the best available facilities are as follows:

  • Lil Yangon Hostels
  • Hotel Grand United
  • Sky view hotel
  • Sedona Hotel
  • Lotte Hotel
Sedona Hotel, Yangon

Green Hotels

Some of the green hotels in the city are as follows:

  • Sanctuary Hotel Yangon: There are many hotels in this city that promotes the idea of green lodging. The city is regularly visited by a lot of visitors and they have expressed their wish to stay in these types of hotels. This is one of those types of hotels, this hotel has emphasized on the concept of a green hotel. They use all the eco-friendly ways in their hotel to help eco-tourism.
  • Grand Garden: This hotel is the oldest green hotel in the city. They have emphasized this concept at the earliest. They are a very affordable chain of green hotels. They try to innovate different methods to attain the aim of eco-friendly ways in the lodging business.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are many hotels and guest houses in the city, which are tendering to the needs of the tourists and visitors.

  • Sky View Hotel: Sky View Hotel is the most affordable and famous hotels in the city. Many tourist visitors and guests stay in this hotel. They offer all types of luxurious facilities at a very affordable rate. The best thing regarding this hotel is that it promotes the concept of eco-friendly tourism and tries to give the best facilities at minimal rates
  • Lil Yangon Hostel: This is a famous hostel chain in the country of Myanmar. This hostel is a very affordable place to stay for people. Many foreign tourists stay in this hostel. This is a very modern hostel that provides all the facilities that tourists want and the fare is also very low.
  • Pan Pacific Yangon: This is the most luxurious hotel in the city. The rate of rooms is high in this hotel but they offer all the luxurious facilities to its visitors. The hotel is good for those people who visit this city for a luxurious stay.
Pan Pacific Hotel, Yangon


Booking an apartment to stay in during your visit is a very good option. But in this city, there are not many apartments that offer this facility. Apart from it those which offer this facility do not offer it for limited days but only provide this facility to the visitors who stay for a long duration. Some of the apartments are as follows:

  • The Lodge Yangon
  • Grand Garden


Couchsurfing might be famous in many tourist destinations of the world but Yangon has not taken the concept of Couchsurfing very seriously. Most of the families are very poor in this city and are very orthodox and hence they do not offer their houses as the stay house to the tourists.


There are many ways that a tourist can spend his time in the city camping in the jungle or forest. Some of the camping sites are as follows

  • Hlawga Camping Area
  • Aung Sui Camp Site

How to Get There

There are many ways to reach Myanmar and Yangon being one of the most famous cities in the country is quite easy to reach. There are various ways with whose help you can reach this city. The traveling cost to this city will be very less as compared to many other cities in the world. The conveyance facility that can be used to reach this city is very cheap, reliable, and easily available. Hence you can visit this city easily and without any complexities.


The air routes that connect Yangon with other cities are very good and reliable. Yangon International Airport is the main airport of the city. This airport is an international airport and almost connects the city to every country in the world. Apart from being an international facility, this airport has three terminals that are reserved for domestic travel. Hence, with an easy procedure and very affordable cost, you can reach this city. The city at present is connected with almost every major city in abroad. Hence the air route to reach this city is very affordable and easy.

Yangon International Airport, Myanmar


Yangon is a very populous and crowded city. To meet the demand of the crowd the bus services of the city are very effective and efficient. The main bus station in the city is Yangon Bus Terminal. This service enables the city to have the best bus services available for traveling. However, the problem of traffic in the city is very big and sometimes it hampers the working of this system. But you can reach this city easily with the help of the bus services. This service is very affordable, they charge very less fare compared to any other service provider. Hence, there are many bus service running that can help you in reaching the city.


Yangon is the center of the country's rail network and the whole functioning of the rail network takes place from this city itself. The Yangon Central Railway Station is the main terminus of the Myanmar rail network and almost every city is connected with Yangon from rail tracks. This city is easily reachable through trains. The fare of the train to Yangon however varies upon the person's selection but with the help of the rail services you can reach this city easily and with less prize. And still, the work to efficient the railway line is going on in the city that will bring down the traveling cost for the travellers and will connect the city more cheaply with other cities.

The Central Railway Station, Yangon


Hitchhiking can be a good option for travelers in this country but you need to take certain precautions while traveling in this form. There are many anti-social elements present in this city that might harm you in a certain manner. Sometimes foreigners are looted and harmed when they do this kind of a thing. So it might be best for a traveler to not opt for this option of traveling in this city. There are chances that you might get busted by certain youth in the city that can be a danger to you and your financial aids. Hence, try to take precautions while Hitchhiking in this city as it might go against your safety.


Yangon is surrounded by the river Yangoon and this river serves as a way for transportation. Many boats and ferries operate in this river and can be used for traveling. Various traveler boats are functional in this river that can be used by the tourists to reach other parts of the city as well as to different cities. Hence this type of transportation can be a good way that too at an affordable rate.

Yangon Water Bus Terminal

Moving Around

Yangon is a considerably big city and one would need some mode of transportation to move from one place to another. There are many ways that you can opt as a mode of transportation in the town. There are many facilities both private as well as the government that is serving the purpose. There are many electronic vehicles and eco-friendly ways to travel in this city too. Overall, moving around in Yangon is not a difficult task as there is a wide range of travelling options that will be available to you.


This is the most decent and healthy way to travel but it doesn't suit a traveller in Yangon due to the size of the city. Every place is located in different parts of the city and you cannot reach them on time if you are walking. This mode can be utilised only when you have to visit the places nearby to each other. Hence, being safe, walking can be a way to move around this city but it will not meet the demands of the traveler.


A bicycle can be a good way to travel around any city. It has both health benefits as well as financial benefits. But bicycles are ban in the city as it leads to an increase in traffic in the city and it can frustrate the people. Hence this mode of travel cannot be utilized by travelers in this city and they will have to look for any other alternative.

Electronic Vehicles

Motorcycles are also banned in the city limits. But electronic cars and cabs can be hired by travelers. This is a good way to travel the city as it will lead to both luxuries as well as a good traveling experience. The only lacuna with this type of traveling is that it will lead to high financial aid. You will require good financial resources to travel in this way. Hence it is a good way to travel around the city and to enjoy your visit but it might prove to be a bit heavy upon your budget.

Public Bus

Yangon is a city that offers a very good bus service for both inter-city as well as intracity travel and this can be the best way to travel the city. This mode of transport is widely used in the city. Most of the locals use buses as the only mode of travel in the city as it has many benefits. The cost of travel by buses is very low and it does not create a load on the budget on a person. Apart from that, there are separate bus lanes in the city that lead to the avoidance of traffic and save time. Hence, a bus facility can be a very good and reliable source of transport in the city that can save both time and money and will help you to travel to the city easily.

A local bus in Yangon

Tram, Train and Subway

The train service in the city is very good and affordable. The only problem related to this mode is that it might be overcrowded and are somewhat not efficient. The train service is a very good option for the intercity travel but for the intracity travel it does not connect every part of the city, and the crowd that opts for this service is local and you can face certain problems like, pickpocketing, etc. in this mode. Hence it is a good way to travel the town at an affordable rate but it may lead to some problems that you should avoid while traveling.

Sustainable Shopping

In this unprecedented time and exceptional situation, sustainable development is the key to life so that we can save the environment. Many ways can add to this issue. The concept of sustainable shopping is something new and it enables travelers and locals to practice it to save the environment. Various places are known for sustainable shopping in this city. Sustainable shopping is taking place in every type of market and is adding to the co friendly mode of traveling.

Food Markets

There are many food markets in this city that are famous in the country. You can find many products in these markets that might be unique for you. You can get a lot of new vegetables and fruit in these markets. Some of the famous food markets of the city are as follows.

  • Mahar Bandula Park Street Market

This market is very famous and is a crowded one. This place offers a number of food items to be sold in the stalls. This place is very cheap and you can bargain the price of any item in this market. Some many local vendors and shopkeepers place their products of the farm to get a good price.

  • Marché Yangon

This is a full organic market. This place offers various farm produces and grains that are produced organically. This place also sells various types of fishes and meat in the market. This place offers quality products at a good price.

Flea Markets

This city is a market city and has many markets in the city limits. There are many flea markets situated in this city. Some of the famous flea markets of the city are as follows. This place offers a lot to the people. You can enjoy this market in various ways. You can eat various types of street food in these markets and can purchase some amazing products offered for sale in these markets.

  • Yangon Weekend Market Pansodan
  • Bogyoke Aung San Market
  • Than Market
  • Night Flea Market
  • Urban Legend
  • Myanmar Gems Trade Centre

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are a good way to promote sustainable shopping method in the city, these stores rely upon the fact that a thing can be used after its servicing is the most important way to promote sustainable development. There are many markets in the town that only deals with the sale and purchase of second-hand products. These second-hand markets are as follows.

  • Chaw Gyi
  • Japan Pleasure Land
  • Myanmar Second Hand Shop
  • Ko Nge Lay
  • Mg Zen Gyi


The country of Myanmar is a good exporter of various local fashion clothing products around the globe some of the famous eco-friendly fashion brands of the city of Yangon are as follows.

  • Virya Myanmar
  • Urban Rangoon
  • OMG Clothing
  • KAY
  • Bossini

These brands are famous in the country as well as in the neighboring countries. These brands are creating a boost in the economic activities of the city as well. Hence by using these fashion accessories, one can promote eco-fashion and can contribute towards the practice of sustainable development.


There are many benefits of recycling and it is also adding to the need of the hour. The concept of recycling id welcomed by almost every nation and is used to make the world a better place to live. But in the city of Yangon, this concept is not very much practiced. It is due to the large population of the city who are illiterate as well as unaware of the benefits of it. Still, steps are being taken by the authorities to make this practice a must one. Some many ways and benefits can be attained by practicing this process. Hence, due to the constant steps taken by the authorities in the city, the process of recycling is increasing day by day and is contributing to the development of the city


Yangon is the most populous and famous city of Myanmar. Due to the large population and less awareness, waste is a big problem that the residents of this city face. There are many industries and employment centers that produce waste and do not dispose of it in a good manner. The problem of waste disposal in the city is leading to many other problems. The system of disposal in this city is very old and does not meet the need of modern waste.

Apart from it, the residents of this city are also less aware of the disadvantages of the improper disposal of waste. They give no importance to this issue and try to overlook it. Hence with the installation of proper facilities of disposal, there is a need to make the local people aware of the proper ways of waste management and ways to dispose of it properly.

Work and Study Abroad

Many educational institutes around the city offer number of opportunities to the students and youngsters of the city. This city is famous due to these institutes. There are many plans and different curriculum that is run by them. They offer various courses and programs to people. There are also various study plans and student exchange programs that will enable you to visit other countries as well and will provide you the opportunity to make your future bright and happy. The education system of this city is quite effective and efficient; hence it enables the student to take wise decisions in their life and to give the most.

Exchange Student

There are many universities and colleges in the city that are reputed and known for their education. The students around the part of the world visit these universities and try to learn new things here. Many universities are also famous in European nations. They attract a lot of students and programs around the globe. Many programs in them offer student exchange programs and allow visiting other countries as well. These colleges also offer several scholarships and facilities to the poor and intelligent students so that they can avail of the benefits out of these facilities.

Au Pair

The city of Yangon might be the most famous in the country but they are not very liberal and open-minded. There are many places where a person can stay during their time in the city. But the concept of Au Pair is not very much accepted in this city and you will not find such facilities many in the city. The city is a poor city and the locals do not even have a quality of living and hence they cannot accommodate any other person with them. Still, you can find some of the families offering this facility but still, the number remains minimal.


Myanmar is a country with less development and there are many problems present in this country. Many NGOs are working in this city as well for the betterment of society. Many international organizations are also working in this country to eradicate the problems of poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. Volunteering as a concept is very much accepted in this country and a lot of people from different places and the world are working for their betterment. So if you wish to volunteer for any of the social causes, then you are most welcomed for the work. Hence you can try to work towards the betterment of the poor and needy people in this city. Many organizations will pave the way for you to volunteer for these people.

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