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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ahmedabad advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ahmedabad, India.

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $250

Responsible Travel

Ahmedabad city is one of the oldest cities in India and is also the capital of Gujarat. Ahmedabad city has a lot to offer as tourist destinations as well as to its people. Its historical importance is a must see for everyone who visits this city. It is situated at the junction of two rivers - Ganga and Sabarmati - and is on the banks of this river. The city is also known for its numerous mosques and for the numerous festivals that it celebrates all over the year.

A tourist should come here and take a tour about Ahmedabad City. Tourists who are interested about the rich cultural history of Ahmedabad city should go ahead and visit the historical monuments of Ahmedabad City. The colonial period of Ahmedabad city is marked by many of the architectural structures such as the Fort.

Ahmedabad city is also known as "The City of Dreams" due to its long history and rich heritage. The city is also known for its cultural diversity, as there are many places that can be found where the history, architecture and traditions of different parts of the world can be easily observed. This makes Ahmedabad one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India.

  • City tour packages are also available for people who want to see more of the city. There are tour packages that include the city tour, railway tour, boat tour and an elephant safari tour among others. Tour packages are also arranged according to the budget of the tourists. People who prefer to stay in the city for longer periods of time can check out the budget hotels in Ahmedabad which can be easily accessed by checking out various online travel portals.
  • Ahmedabad city is known for its heritage business hotels. Some of these hotels are also known for offering international cuisine to its guests. Tourists can check out this aspect of the city through the restaurants, cafes and delicacies. Tourists can also enjoy the traditional cuisines during their stay here. The city's hotels and guest houses offer a number of facilities like spas, swimming pools, gyms, game rooms, and swimming bars for visitors to relax and unwind.
  • There are various options to choose from in Ahmedabad city for budget hotels. When you compare the rates of the hotels, you can make a cost-effective choice and can save a lot of money. You can also find cheap hotels in Ahmedabad by searching the web portals.
  • There are a number of cheap and affordable hotels in Ahmedabad city. If you are planning to travel to the city during the summer season, then you should opt for hotels in the suburbs of the city. These hotels are less expensive than the hotels located in the middle of the city. During the winters, tourists can enjoy cheaper accommodation options as these hotels are located in the suburbs of the city.

Air Quality and Pollution

Ahmedabad has been found to be among the most polluted cities in India according to the latest peer-reviewed published medical research. The study has highlighted the importance of a change in lifestyle in the form of implementation of a comprehensive clean environment management system to reduce pollution levels and improve the health of the citizens.

The pollution levels have declined since September as the city has made the necessary adjustments to the environment-friendly measures are being taken to curb the pollution in Ahmedabad. However, on a daily basis, air pollution in Ahmedabad continues to be a major problem. During the day, the pollution is noticeable in the form of fumes, dust, smoke and smog; but at night, heavy smog and smoke is the dominant factor.

Respect the Culture

Culture of Ahmedabad shows through its diverse music, dance, art, tradition, etc. The people living in Ahmedabad city of Rajasthan are very enthusiastic and energetic about celebrating every festival including Janmashtami, Ganashtami, the Indian New Year, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm in Ahmedabad. The people who live in this region of Rajasthan have a rich tradition of celebrating different kinds of festivals for the past many years. As per the research, it is observed that the people living here are proud of their culture as well as the language they speak in.

Culture in Ahmedabad can be defined as the unique and rich tradition that is maintained by its people. Every day of the year, people celebrate different kinds of festivals with a lot of enthusiasm. People in this region of Rajasthan enjoy many cultural events throughout the year. A complete study on these festivals in Ahmedabad shows that there are numerous cultural activities and celebrations that are observed during the month of October. One of these is Dussehra festival which is celebrated in this region on the first day of October.

The cultural heritage of Ah Ahmedabad is so old that it is now considered sacred. This means that its tradition, architecture, and customs should be kept alive and cherished in the hearts and minds of those who come to see it.

It is also important to remember that the culture of the place has changed through time. This is evident in the changes in the buildings, traditions, and customs. Since many of the buildings are no longer in use, the places where they once stood are no longer the same. Places like the city hall, the railway station house of the Ah Ahmedabad city collector, the Ah Ahmedabad police station, the Birla Mandir, and the Ah Ahmedabad airport, are no longer functioning. but they still retain a significant part of the Ah Ahmedabad culture.

It is important to keep these areas open to visitors who visit Ahmedabad. The older areas of the city may not have modern conveniences, but they will provide a glimpse of the city's heritage. If there are not many people in the area, then a visit to the older parts of the city will provide a more authentic feeling of the place.

When someone walks into the Ah Ahmedabad museum, he or she can see the history of the city, and the past of those who lived there before. They will find the Ah Ahmedabad culture, traditions, and history fascinating, exciting, and a joy to see.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Kankaria lake

Kankaria lake is one of the largest lakes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which is situated in the heart of the city. It is situated in the north-western part of the city, within the Maninagar district. It was built at a later date during the rule of Shah Jahan, though its origins are traced in the Chalukya era sometimes.

The lake is a popular attraction for tourists and has been described as a 'must visit' for those interested in nature. It can be easily reached by taking the train from Mumbai or New Delhi to Ahmedabad.

  • ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple Ahmedabad is located near the Gujarat Samachar Pradesh Press. The temple is commonly visited by followers of Hindu tradition during the summer season. A perfect blend of Rajasthan's traditional architecture, Gujarati and Sompura styles, the ISKCON is a testimony to the rich legacy of Rajasthan. An ancient religious place, the temple depicts a perfect combination of Gujarati, Samajic and Sompuran architectural styles.

  • Adalaj Step-Well Ahmedabad

The Adalaj Step-Well Ahmedabad is one of the most beautiful examples of the Mughal architectural work. It is considered to be a masterpiece of art by historians as well as by the local people living in nearby villages. The Step-well Ahmedabad has been inscribed as a major historical site in the World Heritage List. The beauty of this well and its amazing history attract millions of tourists from all over the world each year and makes it a wonderful tourist destination.

  • Hathee Singh Jain Temple

Hathee Singh Jain Temple is one of the most famous Jain temples in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was built in 1849. It is situated near the Pirka Pass Road in Alwar district of Gujarat. There are many tourist attractions nearby that include the Pirka pass, Ranakpur Lake, Rajpura and Jaisalmer Fort. It is situated near the Pirka Pass Road where you can enjoy a beautiful scenic view of the hill stations of Shimla and Mandawa. The temple is also surrounded by a thick forest which is perfect for a peaceful meditation. Many tourists enjoy a peaceful meditation in front of the temple during a visit to Ahmedabad.

  • Lothal

Lothal was ruled by the Chandragupta the Great, who was known for his achievements in the field of architecture. A rich and vibrant civilization has been left in Lothal ruins and it has been said that only a hundred or so houses remain in this historical place. Lothal was built by the famous sculptor and architect of India, Brahmavardhan.

  • Juma Mosque and Its Religious Purposes

Juma Masjid is also known as Juma Mosque, the largest mosque in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Juma Mosque is a magnificent monument which was built by Ahmadi Muslims in 1424 to commemorate the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in Arabia. Juma Mosque was built for the first time during the reign of Shah Jahan. Juma Masjid is the tallest and most beautiful mosque in Ahmedabad.

  • Bhraparvan fort

Bhraparvan fort is built by Ahmed Shah Jahan on the banks of river Yamuna. He built it to protect the city from the Mughals. In 1411, he added to the fort walls of a palace that was known as Majlis Jahan.

  • Dada Bhagwan Temple

The Dada Bhagwan Temple is a very old temple located close to the city centre. This temple has been around since the 10th century and has been revered as one of the most important temples in Ahmedabad. This temple was built on the top of an ancient hill called the Panchkarma. This hill is now covered with vegetation and has an excellent view of the city. The Dada Bhagwan Temple is also used for religious ceremonies by the Hindus as it was the first temple that was constructed on the site of the Hindu sacred Ganges.


Ahmedabad is one of the commercial hubs of Gujarat state and the sixth largest city in India. Thousands of people visit this place every day mainly for business purposes rather than for tourist activities. But still there are many places worth visiting here that have historical importance.

City Parks

  • Parimal Garden

Ahmedabad is well connected to all major cities through air and train systems. You can reach the garden easily by taking any means of public transport, cab or your personal vehicle.

National Parks

  • Gir Forest national park

Gir Forest national park is an exotic wildlife park in Gujarat, central India. It was established in 1966 to protect wild Asiatic Lions, who is found in the vast fenced off Devalia National Park.


  • Mandvi

Mandvi beach is amongst the less known gems of Diu, which lies at the junction of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The beautiful beach is spread over a 6km stretch of the blue Arabian Sea in the North Western part of India. It is popular for its beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches.


  • Gurudwara Gobind dham

The first stop on your tour of the state is the village of Gobind Dhillon in the central part of the state. This village was once a renowned temple town and is now situated in the valley of the holy Ganges.

  • Sabarmathi river front

Sabarmathi Riverfront is an inland waterfront development being developed on the banks of the Sabarmathi River in Ahmedabad, Maharashtra. Proposed on the same spot in the 1960's, construction started in 2020. As of now, it is slowly being opened to the general public.

  • Sidi Saiyed Mosque

The Sidi Saiyed Mosque, commonly known as Sedi Saiyed ni Jalis in Gujarat, is among the many mosques in Ahmedabad, a large city in the western state of Gujarat, which is a place where Hindu, Muslim and Christian minorities come together. The main worship place at the mosque is the Masjid or temple complex. In this mosque, the people of all faiths can freely pray as long as they abide by the basic rules of Islam. This mosque was constructed in the twelfth century, making it one of the oldest mosques of this region. The mosque is situated in the Jai Bhim locality, in the south west of Ahmedabad. The beautiful architecture of the mosque has made it one of the favorite places of worship among the Hindus and Muslims of this city.


  • Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad

Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad is an important attraction for any auto lover visiting this city for some time. This Auto World Vintage Car museum provides visitors a chance to see and test drive various classic and vintage vehicles, from automobiles to trucks and more. This museum has a huge collection of cars belonging to different models and makes. The car collection has a special section dedicated to trucks.

  • Shreyas Folk Museum

The Shreyas Folk Museum, Ahmedabad is one of the most fascinating places for tourists from other parts of India. The museum is home to a wide array of objects and cultural artifacts of Shreyas folk culture. This museum was established by the government of Gujarat in 1977 to preserve the rich heritage of Shreyas folk. The museum is situated on a small hilltop and is close to a major railway station.

  • Calico Museum

The Calico museum of Textiles Ahmedabad, located in the central part of the city of Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, is a private museum and is the only private museum of textiles, which is privately funded. It was initially established in 2020 by Dr. Sarabhai's Foundation and now has an annual budget of USD 20 million, of which approximately USD 5 million is coming from the Sarabhai's Foundation.

  • Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Museum

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Museum Ahmedabad is one of the finest museums in the country. You will find a huge collection of paintings, sculptures and other artworks here.

The museum is the oldest museum of Gujarat and has been a hub for various activities and festivals for many years now. It has been used by all the leading political leaders as a venue for their campaigns and other events. The museum is also famous for its exhibits on famous archaeological discoveries. The exhibits are unique and you will be surprised at some of the rare artifacts found in the museum.

  • Erp Foundation Museum and Research Centre

One of the top places to visit in Ahmedabad is the Erp Foundation Museum and Research Centre. It was founded by the Erp Foundation, an organization dedicated to the study and implementation of eCommerce across the world. The museum was initially established in Bangalore, India, but soon became popular in Ahmedabad. Here, visitors can see an impressive collection of artifacts related to the early eCommerce, such as brochures and books.


The Top Restaurants in Ahmedabad, India are some of the best places to dine in the city. There are plenty of things to do and see around this city to keep your visitors busy during their stay and you will definitely want to spend some quality time with them. This is a great idea to make your next vacation a memorable one.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Bistro

The name speaks for itself, a romantic, elegant, casual yet elegant dining experience that is sure to please. A great place to dine with family, friends and romantic couples or even on a date with that special someone!

  • La Casa

You can find this restaurant just about anywhere in the city. It offers a wide variety of food items that are sure to satisfy anyone. The dishes are always a good mix of western and Indian taste.

  • The La Cantina

The name is enough to describe this restaurant, it is a great place to dine when you want to have a truly wonderful meal and have the chance to mingle with others as well. It also serves up some scrumptious dishes and serves cocktails that you won't forget after a while. This is a great place to dine with your lover or a group of friends.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Cactus

This is another name of the restaurant that offers some very good Indian vegetarian food. This restaurant is quite popular and is open twenty-four hours a day. The staff is always happy to make your requests and are very accommodating and friendly.

  • Chai Garden

Here you will find a lot of chai tea that you can enjoy. The chai tea is made with some really great spices that give it a spicy and pleasant taste. The place is clean and hygienic and is very quiet. The owner is very nice and does a good job in taking care of the place.

Street Food

  • Dhokla

Dhokla originated in India and has been part of the cuisine in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. It has been incorporated into other cuisines throughout the world, but it is probably best known as an Indian dish. It is typically served during festivals and is available to almost everyone.

  • Kichdi

A traditional Gujarati dish, this dish is prepared by roasting rice in coconut oil and adding curd and spices to the rice batter. The curd, and not milk, is used to give the dish its creamy texture. The result is a sweet dish that is very good for those who want to get the real taste of Gujarati cuisine.

  • Roti

The roti is an unripe rice flour pancake that has been baked and deep fried. It is the most common Gujarati dish that is prepared and enjoyed. The word "roti" means "round". The dish is usually served with steamed rice. There are different types of rooms available in Ahmedabad and depending on their preparation, they can be served either hot or cold.

  • Chutneys

Similar to roti, chutneys also come in many varieties such as Choli (sweet), Chilis (sour), Mustard, Murg (stewed) and Mustard Seed. These are prepared with various ingredients like onions, spices, and are prepared to look like a typical Gujarati dish. These chutneys are also known as "Mukhi chutneys" (mustards).

  • Ganja Chutney

Ganja chutney is another famous Gujarati dish that are a combination of various different items like spices, and curd, fruits, and other food items. This dish is prepared using a variety of recipes that include chicken, onions and spices. It is often prepared on special occasions.

  • Baju Bhaji

This is an Indian spicy meat and vegetable stew dish prepared from the meat and vegetable cooked in the same pot. The baju bhaji is a famous Gujarati dish. The main ingredient that is used in this recipe is curd (ghee). The other ingredients that are used are various herbs, spices and some vegetables, which make the stew pungent.

  • Ganje Bhaji

Ganje Bhaji is also a popular Gujarati dish. This dish is prepared using different spices and ingredients that are cooked in a pot of water, which is then covered with a variety of ingredients, including chicken, onions, and spices. The ingredients and spices are simmered until the flavors mix well.


  • NimbuPani

It is the Indian name for lemonade and is another popular choice amongst the locals for cooling down from the hot and humid climate. In India, lemonades come with many variants: cumin, chat masala, mint, and salt. You can choose from the ingredients according to your preference at the many street stalls in Mumbai.

  • Lassi

It is a must-drink beverage that is yogurt but is blended to give a smooth and liquid texture. The drink is available in three primary flavors; vanilla, strawberry, and pista. You will find many international and national brands selling packets of these drinks. Still, you should avoid them and prefer buying from street vendors as they will provide you with an authentic and quality beverage without preservatives and harmful chemicals.


Ahmedabad tap water is chlorinated at the treatment facility, which ensures the cleanest water possible. However, since this is a big city, you still have to assume that there are other toxins present in the water as well. If you want to really get a good idea of what the water that you drink is like you can take a sample from your tap water. You may be surprised at the results. There may be cysts in the water as well

Organic Cafés


  • El Cortez

Members here can expect a fun, low-key environment where they can enjoy themselves, get together with their buddies and just chill out. El Cortez is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing sports, enjoying music and socializing. You will also find that El Cortez has a very active recreational program as well.

  • Golden Gate

Top recreational club in Ahmedabad include t the Belly Dance Lounge and the Lounge. All of these locations have something to offer to every member of the group. From the games to the activities, you will be sure to find a club where you can feel comfortable and where your friends will feel at home.


The city has many leisure activities to offer too. You can spend your vacations in this city and enjoy watching the sunset or sunrise in the beautiful beaches in the city and enjoying all the things that this city offers.

  • Water skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Sunset

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga and retreats in Ahmedabad are a perfect combination. It's a perfect destination for yoga lovers, who look for an ideal spot to practice the art of yoga. There are various types of yoga retreats available, ranging from traditional, small-scale ones, to big ones with many rooms and amenities. A few of these can be visited in Ahmedabad itself or in surrounding places.

  • Anjali Yoga Retreat


If you want to stay in this city then you can do so easily by checking out various accommodation options in the city. There are various hotels in Ahmedabad city that offers different kinds of accommodation services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. They offer air-conditioned rooms for the guests who wish to have a warm welcome. These rooms are also equipped with a private bathroom along with private balconies. Hotels in Ahmedabad city also offer a number of services like laundry, restaurants, fitness centers and a pool side where you can sit comfortably and relax.

Green Hotels

  • Hyatt regency ahmedabad

Hyatt regency ahmedabad is a luxury business hotel located in ahmedabad with world class service.

  • Renaissance ahmedabad

It is a 5 star luxury hotel is located in the district of S.G Highway in Ahmedabad.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Shree mahakali guest house

It is a best guest house near Ahmedabad railway station . The Gust house offers Fylly air-conditioned room.

  • Moti mahal

Moto mahal guest house It is a pocket friendly guest house that offers many facilities.


  • LE Chalet

The most popular luxury apartment is LE Chalet

  • Arbor park service aparatment

You will definitely want to stay in a luxurious place on your holiday trip to this luxurious apartment.


In India, Couchsurfing has been the latest trend in the country. The reason behind this is that it offers an opportunity to foreigners to visit India in a friendly way, without going through the hassles of travelling by plane or road, and even visiting places that are not native to India.


Camping is one of the most popular ways to spend a vacation in India. There are different types of camping places in Ahmedabad for tourists.

  • Mountains

The second most popular camping locations in Ahmedabad are the places located at the foot of the mountains.

  • Ghanapuram

Camping in Ghanapuram is a very popular option among travelers. It is situated at the northern side of Ahmedabad city and you can easily reach it by driving a car or a bus.

How to Get There

Apart from the hotel facilities, you will also enjoy plenty of sightseeing opportunities while staying at these hotels. There are various walking paths and routes that can be enjoyed by the tourists. These paths are the perfect way to explore the hidden nooks and crevices of the city. You can also tour around the area by taking a boat trip or a flight.


Ahmedabad International Airport is the second largest airport in India and is the second busiest airport in Gujarat. It is located at Hansol, nine kilometers from central Ahmedabad. It was named after Sardar Patel, the first deputy prime minister of India. Ahmedabad International Airport was developed with the help of the federal government and a huge amount of money has been invested by the state government.


The only bus station in Ahmedabad is situated at Naranpura. The nearest stations to Naranpura Bus Stations are: If you happen to be travelling from a nearby airport, the nearest airport bus station is located at Kachchh. Once you reach this airport, it is just a couple of hours drive to Ahmedabad. If you are not travelling from a major airport, there is a bus station situated at Vadodara, which has direct access to the city.

If you are travelling to this area on business purposes, you will find that a bus station in Ahmedabad is available close to the commercial areas of Naranpur, Narowal and Varsha. The buses arrive at the Vadodara airport at least a half an hour prior to landing. The journey is not as long, and the journey can be done easily by foot.


The stations located at the Station include Sariska, Shahjahanpur and Bharatpur. These stations are popular for shopping and have a huge population base.


If you plan to take your car along while hitchhiking in Ahmedabad, then you need to get a license from the city police. You should also be carrying some documents such as proof of identity and your registration card so that the police will be able to identify your vehicle


There are many transport options available in Ahmedabad. You can hire taxis, cars, buses and even cabs.

Moving Around

One of the most popular means of moving around the city is by using the taxi service. These are very common in the city. However, there are times that they get very expensive. To save some money, you can also rent a limousine, which will be much cheaper.


You can also travel on foot around the city. However, it will take a longer time than any of the other modes of transport mentioned earlier. However, these ways of moving around are a little bit expensive.


Cycling through Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat, is a great way to travel through this beautiful state. There are a variety of routes to take through this city and you should be able to find one that fits your tastes and abilities. Here are some of the more popular biking tours that are available in Ahmedabad.

  • The National Highways

A Bicycle Ride through Ahmedabad through these highways is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get to many of the attractions in Ahmedabad.

  • Bicycle Rides Through Lake

These bike tours in Ahmedabad take you up into the mountains and past the lakes that provide so much beauty to the region.

Electronic Vehicles

If you are looking for a cheaper way of moving about the city then you can go to the airport and ask the people there for a van which will transfer you to the location you are looking for. They will also pick up all the other stuff from the spot. This is a very cost effective way of moving around the city.

Public Bus

One of the ways of moving around the city is by public transport. You can hire a rickshaw to drive you around the city. The rickshaws are easily available in the streets and they are also very safe.

Tram, Train and Subway

  • Ahmedabad Railway Station

This station has one of the best train stations in the entire country. Its proximity to several major business districts makes it one of the ideal places for any visitor.

  • Aundh Train Station

This railway station is located a short drive from the city. You can easily get to the heart of Ahmedabad by taking a taxi or by taking public buses to get to the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping at Substainable in Ahmedabad offers something unique for every traveler, no matter where they are from. Whether it is the finest of fabrics or designer clothes that are topnotch, you can enjoy them at this store.

Food Markets

It has the largest open air market and it is located in the heart of Ahmedabad. This place is open all round the year and there is no set schedule when the market is going to be closed. The market has three entrances and one exit. This is the reason why there is no limit on how much you can buy from the market.

Flea Markets

If you are looking for something interesting to do in Ahmedabad, you should definitely make the trip to one of the popular flea markets that are scattered throughout the city. They provide you with a chance to purchase unique items such as hand made products, furniture, textiles and many other items that you won't find anywhere else.

Second Hand Stores

You can find second hand stores in Ahmedabad in both urban and rural areas of the city. However, the best part of shopping in a second hand store in Ahmedabad is that you can shop for used and new things in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • T Mart

This store is one of the oldest stores in the city and is famous for selling some of the best quality and branded products. This store also features second hand clothing, shoes, handkerchiefs and other accessories.

  • Bazar Aqaba

This store sells a wide variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and books at very good prices.


The best Eco Fashion markets in Ahmedabad are situated at the junction of the Commercial Street and the Ganga. Here you will find a wide array of goods, ranging from apparel and accessories to garments and home items to furniture and electrical appliances and everything else that is Eco friendly.


Recycling is a waste management method that involves utilizing materials that are in abundance and thus it is referred to as the "waste recycling method in Ahmedabad." This waste management system has been in use since the early days of the city and it has become more prevalent in the recent years due to the environmental changes.


The waste management in Ahmedabad also involves various steps like collecting, sorting, separating and then transporting the waste to various places. This is done by trucking the waste at the collection center. After the collection, sorting and separating, the waste is stored in storage bins and containers. When the waste is transported to the proper location, they make use of a specially designed truck and trailer in order to transfer the waste.

Work and Study Abroad

Ahmedabad city is the capital of Gujarat state. It is also one of the most important cities in India as it is considered to be the industrial hub in the country. Ahmedabad, located on the eastern bank of the Sabarmati river, is also the headquarters of the Gujarat government. The city's political importance cannot be denied. It is one of the major destinations for the people who are looking for good jobs and career prospects.

Exchange Student

You will find a lot of different institutions that offer this kind of course. Some of them are quite expensive, while others are quite affordable. If you are looking to find something that you can afford, you should look for the government backed institutions that offer these courses. In most cases, the government backed institutes will offer the courses at a much lower price as compared to the private institutions that offer this kind of course.

Au Pair

If you are looking for an au pair in Ahmedabad, it is easy to find some suitable accommodation if you look in the right places. These include some rental homes that are close to schools or orphanages. If you can afford to pay the high price of renting a home, you might be able to secure a place to stay at an establishment that will also offer some sort of childcare service.


There are many organizations and companies that provide local volunteer opportunities in Ahmedabad. These organizations provide a variety of opportunities for their volunteers to be able to enjoy the volunteer experiences in the different areas of Ahmedabad.

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