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Eco-friendly travel guide to Albania advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Albania, Europe.

Founded in the 4th century BC, Scodra was a significant city of the Illyrian tribes of the Ardiaei and Labeates

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $50
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $80

Responsible Travel

Albania is a famous country located in Southeast Europe that invites travelers from all around the world. The country is also known as the Republic of Albania. The country is full of beautiful tourists spots that will take your breath away. The country has a lot to offer and any traveller will have an enriching experience on their trip to Albania.

The population of the country is nearly 2.8 million and offers more than 75 cities. Tirana is the largest city in the country and the capital city. During your trip to the country, you might face some problems if you don’t speak Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Macedonian, and others. If you are planning to visit the country, then here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

  • One of the things that boost the travel experience to any place is the food. Traditional cuisine is one of the must-haves during your trip that will help you to understand the culture of the place very well. However, don't forget to try the traditional street food of Albania as it offers a very good food experience to the travelers and is an important part of the culture just like traditional cuisines
  • During your trip, you will find a lot of options available for accommodation. Most of the travelers choose based on budget and different facilities. However, you can opt for green hotels as an eco-friendly traveler. It will both help the country and you to stay safe and healthy throughout the trip
  • Transportation is one of the major concerns for travelers for moving around different locations of the destination. In your trip to Albania, try to choose a mode of transportations based on the pollution level. Most of them produce a lot of pollution in the air by using fuel. So, try to choose eco-friendly transport options such as cycling, electronic cars, and many more.
  • There are plenty of city parks available in Albania that you can visit to have a great experience. Most of these parks are covered by green and offer fresh air to the visitors. If you want to get far from the crowd of the city and enjoy some time alone in nature, then make sure add them to your list
  • Make sure to stop at the small shops in the country during your trip. Helping out the local small vendors is one of the responsibilities of eco-friendly travelers. You will find both small stalls and shops in almost every lane of the country that offers goods, items, foods at very low prices. Choosing them will both save a lot of money to help the local sellers to keep providing these goods

Air Quality and Pollution

Before visiting the country, you need to check all the things that will ensure your safety. One of the most important things that you need to check is the air quality and details of the pollution. Based on air pollution and quality, you will need to prepare all the things with you. The air quality of the country is below average or moderate with an AQI of 70-80 on average. The air quality of most of the cities in this country is not safe for travelers. The air quality of the country is getting polluted because of different sectors such as energy sectors, transportations, and others.

You will need to carry masks, medicines, and many other things with you to keep your health on top-notch. If you are having some conditions like asthma or serious breathing problems, then make sure to visit the doctors. They will help you to know what are the things that you need to carry with you. It will help you a lot to stay healthy and explore different places. It is best to check the air quality before starting your journey using online services. The air quality of some of the areas in this country keeps changing very frequently.

Respect the Culture

During your trip to the country, make sure to explore the culture very well. You will find some of the traditions and cultural things very rare in the country. If you are lucky, then you might catch some festivals as well. These festivals are one of the best places to explore the culture and know a lot about people. Despite being a small country, the diversity of the couture is very impressive. The culture itself of the country is shaped by history and geography. You will get to see a lot of archaeological sites, mountains, and famous attractions that will help you to know about the culture.

Apart from that, things like clothes, foods, the lifestyle of the local people is a very good way to explore and know more about the culture as well. The culture of Albania is influenced a lot by the Romans, Ancient Greeks, Ottomans, and Byzantines. You will find a lot of similarities in the culture of this country with them. Most of the people of this country belong from 3 regions such as Islam 60%, Catholic 30%, and Orthodox 10%. It is also common in this country to have different religions in the same family.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Today the majority of the tourists from different parts of the globe want to visit Albania. The reason behind this thing is that the country has some wonderful cities with some nice places to visit. If you want to know what those places are, then just go through the ones which are mentioned below.

  • Rozafa Castle (Shkoder) - This is a 600-year-old castle located in the city of Shkoder, which reminds you of history. Here you will find some ruins and fossils of the early ages and feel like knowing about them. Therefore, try it for once and see how you get the best experience of your life.
  • Et'hem Bej Mosque (Tirana) - It is a fabulous mosque where you will get more than hundreds of worshippers. Come here during the day time and pray for something which you had been wishing for a longer period. It is being said that if you wish here anything from your true heart, then it is always fulfilled. Just do it and see something which you have never seen before.
  • Berat Castle (Berat) - People in Berat call it a palace, but in simple words, it is a castle. No one misses it because it is better than many other mosques. Here you can know about the things that happened in the time of the 13th century. In other words, you can also refer to the place which was there in the books of history.
  • Castle of Gjirokastra (Gjirokastra) - This place is lovely and is beyond any words because here you would get some cannons of the 14th century. You can also refer to them as something which you have found in your history books. Therefore try not to miss this place because an opportunity like this will not come again and again.
  • Fatih Mosque (Durres) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this mosque was established in the year 1502. It is still famous today because here you will get the presence of a Turkish god. Visit here, and if you pray for him from your true heart, then your wish will be fulfilled one day.
  • Murad Bey Mosque (Kruje District) - Do not go by its name because it is not a mosque but a monument. It has beautiful architecture and reminds you of some fascinating things about the early ages. Here you can experience something which you might have never experienced before.
  • Monastery of 40 Saints (Sarandë) - There is no doubt about this fact that this monastery is possibly the most prominent one. Here you will get the things that are discussed among every archeologist. So in order to know more about them, just visit this place as soon as possible.
  • Resurrection Cathedral (Korçë) - This cathedral is huge and is situated in the heart of the city Korçë. It is known for promoting the cultural heritage of the city. If you think that this place is boring, then just erase this thought because it has a very special value.
  • Muridae Mosque (Vlore) - Today, this place is not only popular in Vlore but all over Albania. It gives you a brief idea about the very famous architect who constructed this particular place. Just try it out and get to see something very extraordinary.
  • Drino Valley (Tepelenë) - The views and attractions from the top of this valley are amazing. People come here to get a very valuable amount of peace and relaxation. Please make a note of this place and mark it as very important in your travel diaries.
The magnificent Rozafa Castle


So now you have known about the places which are mentioned in the above section. But what will you do if you are asked to explore the cities of Albania? The answer is clear: you would visit the other places like some city parks and museums which are mentioned below.

City Parks

  • Vollga Promenade (Durres) - The ambiance of this park is lovely and gives you a better amount of happiness. Come here for a family picnic and spend a very quality time over here. It will be a memory to remember throughout your whole life.
  • Parku I Pezes (Peza) - This place is based in the small town of Peza and has a lot of open spaces. Here you can bring your children and play a game of cricket with them. Just go for it and see how you will get a very different form of joy and satisfaction.
  • Kraps Fier (Fier) - It is not a very famous place, but you should come here at least once. Here you will get a nice scenic view and get to know the real meaning of nature. But if you miss it, then you would curse yourself and gather unnecessary frustrations.
  • Kend Lojrash Goga (Fushe-Kruje) - You can call it a theme park for kids where there are many rides. Come here with your kids, and they will enjoy this place to the fullest. In the beginning, you may find it uninteresting, but later on, you will understand its relevance.

National Parks

  • Camping Laguna Park (Shëngjin) - As the name suggests, this park is suitable for camping activities. So if you are a camper, then you would definitely have to visit this place. It will give you a thrill and make you feel something that was beyond the level of your dreams.
  • Valbona Valley (Puka) - There is no such person who says that this place is not good. It is because the fact is that this place is fabulous and has an eco-friendly environment. Rather than having any second thoughts, you should explore this place and see something new and different.
  • Qafshtame National Park (Burrel) - This park is spread all over the city, and everyone loves it. You will find a small lake over here which has the finest ducks and ducklings. Carry a piece of bread with you and feed them with a whole lot of pleasure.
  • Parku Kombetar (Erseke) - Without any hesitation, we would say that this park is awesome. Here you will get the most beautiful flowers and plants in the city. It is guaranteed that after exploring it, you would want to give some positive feedback about it.
Valbona Valley


  • Ksamil Beach (Ksamil) - The water of this beach is clean and clear like a crystal. So do not wait for anything, just wear your swimming costumes and lounge into the water. It will give you an experience which you have never thought of earlier.
  • Mango Beach (Sarande) - If you do not bathe in the water of this beach, then you will not feel anything. Here you will get to experience the best part of your trip. In other words, you can also say that without this beach, your trip is incomplete.
Ksamil Beach


  • Skanderbeg square (Tirana) -Visit this landmark during the evening time and see how lighter and shiner it is. After exploring it, you will feel like getting absorbed and would never want to return back. If you do not find it good then better leave the hobby of traveling.
  • Xhamia e Plumbit (Shkoder) - This place is fully made of lead stone and has the best structures. Just have its tour and see how outstanding it is. But if you think that it is nothing, then no one can help you with the best destination.
Skanderbeg square


  • National History Museum (Tirana) - In this museum, you will get a fair knowledge about the activities that happened during the period of 1780. There are no words to express it because it is more than what someone has thought. So this place is a must-visit because this scope might not come back on your next trip.
  • Ura e Rruges Egnatia (Librazhd) - Though this museum does not have any reviews or ratings, it is widespread all over the internet. It is because of the artifacts which it has, and it gives you a brief idea about archaeology. Visit it, and you would never have any disappointments or complaints.
National History Museum Tirana


Eating is one of the most important things in a trip that helps you to understand the culture and traditions pretty well. Many food lovers have rated the food of this country as one of the best around the world. After stepping into the country, the very first thing that you need to try in this country is the traditional dishes. These dishes will help you a lot to know about the true raw flavor of the food and understand their food choice as well. There are plenty of restaurants all over the country and some of the traditional foods are available in specific regions or cities in the country.

So, make sure to visit all the cities and areas of the country very well to get a full experience. Apart from traditional foods, there are many different types of food dishes available in the country from international to vegan. If you are health conscious, then you will also find some organic cafes. Make sure to explore the street foods of the country pretty well to get a unique experience. You will find street foods in almost all the streets and lanes of the country. It will both save your money and help the small sellers and vendors who are dependent on tourism.


Drinks are as important as foods in Albania and to get the entire experience of the trip. You will need drinks in almost every step of the exploration in this country. The drinks help to take breaks between your exploration and get refreshed or energy back. There are plenty of drinks available in this country from soft drinks to alcohol. You will find both local and international ones available in almost all the cities of Albania. Upon reaching the country, make sure to try their traditional drink which is known as Raki.

This drink is a type of rakia which is available in almost all the corners of the country. Apart from that, there are also many other drinks that you might not have tested anywhere else. There are plenty of bars and pubs available in the country that you can visit to witness a long-range of drinks. Being a Muslim country, alcohol is not legal under the age of 18. Apart from alcohol, there are some soft drinks from local companies that taste way too good. Drinking them will help you to understand the drinking choices of the locals and their traditions.


When it comes to the safety of your health, you need to check everything before reaching the country. One of the concerns and things to check in the country is the tap water. Unlike many European countries, tap water is safe for drinking and free of pollution. There are no reports of people getting sick by drinking tap water in this country. However, most of the people that you will come across in the country use tap water only to brush their teeth and wash dishes. The local people use only bottled water for extra safety and to stay without any worries.

They use tap water for cooking but never take them directly. Most of the shops in this country sell packaged drinking water to customers. You will be able to find bottled water at a very reasonable price in most places. The price of this bottled water is not very expensive that helps the local people to buy a lot of them. If you want to save some money on packaged water, then you can also choose to boil the tap water very well before drinking it. Also, you can install a filter in the house to filter and get rid of the harmful particles of the water.


Plenty of activities are available in Albania that can help you to get a great experience in the country. The country is very famous for having some of the best histories and archaeological sites all over the country. If you are someone who loves to witness historical places, then Albania will not disappoint you. However, there are also many other places available in the country that invite people from all over the world. Apart from big castles, there are many places that you can visit to get closer to nature. Green forests, mountains, sand beaches of the country make it special from all the other European countries.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you will be able to get plenty of them as mountains, beaches, and forests. Some of the outdoor activities that you will be able to take part in in this country are river rafting, Saranda jeep wild tour exploration, rafting, trekking, tubing, and others. All of these different activities will help you to get an unforgettable experience in the country. Make sure to book a post earlier in these out activities to book a spot successfully. You can choose yoga or health care centers to improve the physical and mental state.


One of the things that greatly increases or decreases the traveling experience in a country is the accommodation. Albania is one of the best places for tourists and travelers for history exploration. So, you will find a lot of options available that you can choose from based on price. Apart from the budget, there are some things that you need to check before choosing a mode of accommodation. You will be able to find very rich and cheap accommodation in this country. While most of the travelers choose accommodation based on price and distance from the famous attractions.

You need to choose one of them based on green methods and eco-friendly ways. Being an eco-friendly traveler, green hotels are the best option for you as it contains all the green methods. It will not only help the country to stay safe from pollution, reduce waste but help you to stay healthy during the trip. However, you can choose any accommodation based on your choice in Albania. Here are some of the commonly chosen ones given below. You can look at the prices and all the benefits very well before choosing one for your stay.

Green Hotels

As mentioned above, green hotels are very popular in this country too like the rest of the world. These hotels have earned a lot of popularity in a short time all over the world for improving the environment. Albania offers plenty of these green hotels at different ranges. You will get them available in almost all the major counties. The green hotels in this country use all the eco-friendly facilities and products to keep the country free from pollution. You will get recycled water to solar windows available in the hotels that prevent the use of chemicals. Your health will also stay very well in hotels, and you will get a nice time staying there.

It is best to book these green hotels as earliest as possible as they seem to get full very quickly. Saying in the green hotels is not very costly and each of the rooms comes in pocket-friendly ranges. It will inspire other travelers and local people of the country to save and improve the environment as much as they can. You can use online websites and services to locate these green hotels all over the country. These hotels are ideal for your stay if you are planning to stay for 1-2 weeks.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are planning to stay in the country for more than 2 wells, then hotels can be a very expensive option for you. There are other options available that offer you a very good and comfortable stay in the country at a low price. One of the very first ones that come to mind is the hostels and guesthouses. They are as popular as hotels but start from a lower range to very premium and luxurious ones. You will be able to get the guesthouses located in different locations such as near the beaches, mountains, and other places in the country. Using online services, you can book guesthouses and hostels at a very low price.

They offer all the basic benefits and facilities to the travelers along with a comfortable stay. When it comes to saving money, you can share the hostel room with other travelers or locals to reduce the room charges furthermore. While booking the hotels or guesthouses, try to book them at the center of the cities in Albania to get connected very well to the different corners of the country. You will come across many travelers from different countries who are staying in the hostels to explore the country.


If you want to save more money during your trip to Albania, you need to choose apartments for your stay in the country. Ranting apartments range even lower than the hostels and guesthouses that helps you to save a lot of money while enjoying the country. Despite the low cost, the apartments have all the basic benefits and facilities for the travelers to stay without any issues. You can get apartments for rent in almost all the places in this country. From very low to very high, all types of apartments are available in this country that you can rent. For renting apartments, you can take the help of online services. It will ensure your room and helps to avoid the hassle of offline booking.

However, the best thing about staying in the apartments is the experience of culture and a closer look at the lifestyle of local people. Many local people of this country choose apartments to stay at for rent. So, you will be surrounded by local people in the apartments. Staying with them will help you to get a closer look at their traditions and cultures. You might make some friends with local people as well in the apartments.


While it comes to accommodation, one of the things that are getting popular all around the world is Couchsurfing. It is a great way for travelers to stay in a country and explore the country very well without spending any money. The chances of getting a host for Couchsurfing is lower in this country compared to all the other ones. If you want to get a host successfully in this country, then it is best to take the help of online services to find them. You can search for them in the community of travelers to find the host and contact them. Travelers around the world help each other to stay in their home while visiting their home town or country.

There are some travelers in Albania as well who are willing to provide great hospitality to other travelers. If you get a host successfully, then you will be able to get a great experience of local culture and tradition by staying like a local with a family. From foods to language, it will help you a lot to learn them. The host can also help you to know different things about the country and guide you through some places.


Nothing is more adventurous than sleeping under the stars and inhaling fresh air in nature. Camping is the best option to stay near nature and tinder the open sky in Albania. There are plenty of camping spots in the country that you can choose to stay in. The prices of these camping spots start from a very low to high range. You will be able to get unbelievable views and a great experience of mother nature in these places. While some of them are located near the mountains, beaches, others are located in lush greens. You will be surrounded by green all over the places that will help you to get fresh air.

Apart from that, many camps also offer outdoor activities as well such as rock climbing, hiking, trekking, and many more. Just like all the other above mentioned accommodations, you will be able to find a lot of facilities available in these camps. Facilities like toilets, food, bonfire, heating devices, and others are available in most of them. The wonderful locations of the country even improve the staying experience more in these camping spots. As the camping spots get booked very fast by travelers, it is best to book them by online services or by contacting them by calling.


Map of Albania with regions colour-coded
Coastal Albania
the long narrow strip of between about 10 and 30 km wide along the whole of the Albanian coast, bordering both the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea
Northeastern Albania
the inland region to the north of the Shkumbin River, bordering Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia.
Southeastern Albania
the inland region to the south of the Shkumbin River bordering Macedonia and Greece, and including the great border lakes, Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa.


  • Tirana (Tiranë) — the capital. Trees and mountains surround the city. Mt. Dajt is a popular tourist site for a great view of the town.
  • Elbasan - A large, poor, industrial intriguing town that is full of life. The market is fascinating, and the breakfast "Bugace" legendary. The Via Ignatia, an old Roman road to Istanbul, runs through the city. The Lakes of Belsh near Belsh are also worth a visit.
  • Berat — Thought to be one of the oldest towns in Albania, it is a new member of the UNESCO world heritage list. Berat has long been known as the "city of 1001 windows" because of its unique Ottoman/Albanian architecture. It has a well-preserved castle, with residents still living inside its protective walls.
  • Fier — Lively seaside city, and only about 8 km (5 mi) away from the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Apollonia.
  • Gjirokastër — another UNESCO city, located in the south is known for its unique Ottoman period architecture. There is a large castle on the hill in the middle of the city, which served as a jail for many generations. A Military Museum and Art Gallery are now located inside. Gjirokastër is also the birthplace of a former communist leader, Enver Hoxha, as well as Albania's most internationally famous author, Ismail Kadare; their homes now serve as museums.
  • Korce (Korça) — Located in southeast Albania, several miles from the Greek border, this city is full of life during the summer when you can find couples and families strolling through the city's main park, Parku Rinia. You can hike to the top of the beautiful mountain Moravia and view the city and its surrounding landscape. Don't miss the Korca Brewery (famous throughout Albania), which sponsors a week-long Beer Festival every August!
  • Kruje (Krujë) — ancient city of the national hero Skanderbeg. It consists of beautiful mountains; Skanderbeg's castle is now a museum. Kruje also contains an old-style bazaar with shops selling traditional goods amid cobblestone streets.
  • Pogradec — Overshadowed by its glitzy neighbors on the Macedonian side of the lake, the town of Pogradec has been experiencing a revival recently.
  • Sarandë — a city in southern Albania known for its unforgettable beaches and colorful spring blooms.
  • Shkodra — the biggest town in Northern Albania. Shkodra is considered the capital of Albanian culture. In Shkodra is located "Migjeni" theatre, the first in Albania and also was held the first cyclic race and also the first football match and the first photograph was developed (by Marubi). The Rozafa Castle is a major tourist attraction here, but also "The Great Cathedral," "The mosque Ebu Beker" ect.
  • Vlorë — Lively seaside city, nice beaches south of town. Passenger ferries to and from Italy dock here.
  • Tepelena — cassle of Ali Pasha Tepelena

Getting There and Moving Around

Before planning all the other things, you need to know what are the available options to you for reaching the country and moving around from city to city. There are plenty of ways available to reach the country from all the other countries. However, it also depends on the location of your home country. Some of the options might not be available for you if you are traveling from a far country. The most chosen way to travel to the country from other places is by air. However, you can also choose trains, buses, and others to reach Albania. When it comes to moving around the country, you will find some of the common and local options.

The transportations might change a bit from city to city in this country. Keep in mind to choose the transportation that both keeps the environment clean and help you to reach the places very fast. You need to choose the transportation to reach Albania and move around in the country based on your budget, time, and exploration. While some of them help to reach faster, others help you to get breathtaking views on the way. Here are some of the most chosen transportation to reach the country and move around given below.


Air is the best and fastest way to reach Albania from different countries around the world. While other transportations might not be available from countries that are far away from Albania, the flight is available in almost all the countries in the world. This country is pretty well connected with the rest of the world by air. This is the fastest and most convenient way of traveling that helps you to save a lot of time. Compared to all the other modes of transportation, you will be able to reach a lot faster this country. However, there are some things that you might not get from traveling by air.

Unlike other transportation, you will not be able to enjoy the views and spectacular places on your way to the country. All you get to see from the flight is cloud and water during your journey. Other than that, traveling by air is also very expensive that you need to know before making your budget. If you do not have much time for the trip, then traveling by flight is the best option as it will help you to save a lot of time. To ensure your seat on the flights, make sure to book the tickets some months earlier. It will also help you to get the tickets at a very low price.

Tirana International Airport, Albania


Buses are almost available all around the world and are known for being the cheapest way of traveling. If you are thinking of traveling to Albania by bus, then you need to check the locations of your home country. From some countries, traveling by bus might not be available for you. If you are from some nearby countries, then you will get a bus very easily that directly connects with the country. Otherwise, you will need to break your journey to reach. You will need a lot more time to reach your destination when traveling by bus compared to flight. But you will be able to enjoy all the scenic beauties on your way to the country.

The bus is also very comfortable and cheap for moving around the country. You will find a lot of buses in all the cities of Albania. The best thing about traveling by bus is that you will be able to know a lot about the culture and traditions of the local people as well. As the local people of the country use buses to move around in the country. You will be traveling with the local people all around you. Make sure to take some time on your hand before going out by bus as traffic can make you delay.

Buses lined up at a bus stop in Tirana, Albania


Trains are known to be the very popular mode of transportation all sound the world as it provides a completely different experience. Traveling by trains takes a lot more time than flights but less time than the bus. They are not as cheap as buses but the train tickets are low. You can get a direct train to reach the country from some nearby countries. If you are traveling from a country that is located very far from Albania, then you will need to take the help of breaking the journey. During your trip, you will be able to see all the natural sceneries or views on the way.

In the country, most of the trains are operated by the national railway company named Hekurudha Shqiptare. You will be able to reach all the places by trains with a low fare. Make sure to book the tickets earlier to prevent getting your name on the waiting list. You can take the help of online services to book the tickets earlier and ensure your spot. Also, there are online and offline time tables available that will help you to save time. Unlike buses, trains will help you to reach different places very fast as there are no traffic issues.

Railway Station, Tirana, Albania


Hitchhiking is known to be one of the most chosen ways by travelers to travel to different corners of the world with low spending. However, you need to keep in mind that hitchhiking takes a lot of time to reach the destination. From most of the nearby countries, you will be able to hitchhike to Albania easily following the main roads and highways. Hitchhiking is a way of traveling to different places by taking lifts from people who are going the same way. It is known to be a very adventurous journey, which helps to save a lot of money.

The local people of the country are very helpful and will help you to get a lift easily. However, make sure to choose the busiest highways for hitchhiking to get lifts easily and look for a lift in specific places like petrol pumps, repair shops, and other places where the cars slow down. Not only for reaching the country but you can also use hitchhiking to travel from one to another city of Albania. It will save you money and help you to connect with the local people of the country easily.


These above-mentioned transportations are mostly chosen by travelers all around the world for reaching the country and traveling around. However, there are some other modes of transportations that you can choose to have an unforgettable experience. Many travelers prefer to travel by road using 4 wheelers, 2 wheelers, and others. Traveling by road takes a lot more time compared to other transportations. You will need a lot more money too for traveling by road. Apart from that, you can also travel to the country from many nearby countries by water.

For the location of this country, from countries like Greece, Italy, and others, you will be able to travel by water using the ferry. Just like others, traveling by water will also take a lot of time to reach the destination. It is best to take these options if you have time on your hand. Book the tickets using online services to ensure your seat on the ferries and prevent waiting. Although these are not much chosen by travelers, people who use these modes of transportation get the unforgettable experience of the road or water tour.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is known to be very popular around the world. Apart from travelers, many local people in different countries also adopted sustainable shopping to keep their country pollution-free. Albania offers a very good sustainable experience to the customers. Being a country that is very well known for archeological sites and history, there are plenty of fleas, second hand, and other markets available. People all over the world come to this country to get some rare items and expand their collection.

As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to visit these markets and buy items to both help out the local small vendors and inspire the local people to adopt them. From second-hand clothes to rare items, they offer all the things at low prices. Make sure to visit all the markets as soon as possible to get the items available before they are sold out. The items are very good and the clothes are high-quality in these markets. So, you will get high-quality items at low prices and help out the sellers as most of them are dependent on tourism.


Recycling is one of the most important things that is necessary for every country around the world. The environment is changing rapidly in most places, and many countries are trying to recycle things to improve it. Albania is one of the countries that made many changes throughout the year to keep the country safe from pollution. They have taken multiple initiatives to improve the ecosystem in the country. They are trying to minimize the use of plastic to reduce the waste of the country.

You will find a lot of recycled good shops in the country in almost all the major cities. Make sure to buy the recycled items from small shops and vendors that will both help you to save money and help them to offer wonderful things at low prices. Also, it will inspire the people of the country to adopt the recycled items without any issues.


While other countries around the world are trying to reduce waste as much as possible, Albania has not made a lot of changes. Waste is one of the most important and main things in the country that causes pollution in the air. Reducing waste does not only improve the environment but also prevent landfills. Over the years, the government of this country has taken many initiatives to improve waste management. However, the initiatives are still not up to the mark and haven't been able to reduce the waste a lot.

Apart from the government, some local companies and local people are also trying to reduce waste. Some of the industries in the country are producing a lot of waste every year, which is making it very difficult to reduce it. While all the major cities are collecting solid waste, there are no facilities available for waste collection in rural areas. Most of the wastes go to dumpsites of the country such as Bushat, Maliq, Sharra, Bajkaj, Elbasan, and others for landfill.

Work and Study Abroad

While traveling to Albania, you will find a lot of tourists who are staying in the country to explore the archeological sites. However, there are plenty of other foreigners living in the country as well who are working or studying. Both the education system and the availability of jobs are very good in the country. You will get some of the universities that help the students to study at a very low cost. From textile to automobile, there are plenty of industries available in the country, which makes it a perfect place for foreign workers.

With the help of some benefits, the country attracted students from all over the world. The lifestyle and overall environment are great for living, which makes the workers and students have a very good stay during their time. Here are some of the benefits that help the students and workers from other countries to settle down nicely.

Exchange Student

The exchange student is one of the best ways for foreign students to study in Albania by paying only tuition fees. Using this program, the students from other countries can study in universities, schools, colleges of other countries that have partnerships with their own institute. However, you will need to get nominated by the home institute to get this program.

You can check which universities have partnerships with your institute before sitting in the exam. There are plenty of universities in Albania that have partnerships with colleges, schools, and universities of other countries all around the world. You will come across a lot of students who are studying with the help of the exchange student program in Albania.

Au Pair

Au Pair is known to be one of the best benefits for the students and workers from other countries. You can take the help of this to settle up in the initial stage by taking care of the older person, children, and the household in exchange for shelter, food, and some pocket money. Many Au Pair jobs are available in the country that can help you to get a very good and comfortable stay in the initial stage of visiting the country. You can take the help of online services to search for Au Pair jobs in Albania.


When it comes to helping the city to stay clean and clear, you can take part in different volunteering jobs. It will not only help you to keep the environment of the country clean but you will get closer to the local people as well. Some of the volunteering options that are available in Albania include taking care of the famous attractions, keeping the streets clean from waste, collecting plastic waste, planting trees, teaching English to local people, and many others.

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