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Eco-friendly travel guide to Amsterdam advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $250

Responsible Travel

Amsterdam, the capital city of one of the safest countries globally: Netherlands and is on every traveler's visit list. You will find that the city is the cultural, educational, and financial center of the Netherlands and attracts tourists from both inside and outside the country. It is famous for the many canals that run inside the city and the stunning architecture that sits along-side these canals. You will hardly face any trouble while exploring the city and can spend a memorable time exploring the various culturally and historically significant places that hold the potential to take you back in time. While traveling and exploring Amsterdam, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind;

  • Your trip to Amsterdam begins the second you book the flight. After securing the getaway, you need to book a hotel for your stay. Instead of booking a 5-star and luxurious hotel, find out if the hotel is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly hotels are hotels that follow certain environment-friendly practices that support and protect their local environment. You must prefer these hotels as they will help you minimize your carbon footprint.
  • While booking your flight, make sure that the take a direct flight. Avoid booking transfer flights as they cause a lot of harm to the environment and will take more time to reach the final destination
  • As a tourist, you will feel that using mineral water bottles and disposable items are better choices, but they are not. These items create a lot of pollution that uses a lot of natural resources to dispose-off properly. You can carry your refillable water bottle and a cloth bag while traveling to Amsterdam.
  • While exploring the city, you will come across many international stores . You will want to visit these stores, thinking that they might have different items than your city's stores. It is not so; in fact, you will find pretty much the same products in these stores and only waste time and money. Instead, visit local shops as they are the ones that possess items that will help you understand the local culture, traditions, and the livelihood of the Dutch people.

Apart from these specific measures, you should travel with the presence of mind to avoid creating any negative impact on the local environment.

Air Quality and Pollution

Unlike other European cities, the pollution levels in Amsterdam are astonishingly lower. You will find that the government and even the locals are promoting and supporting environmentally friendly practices. The locals focus on changing their lifestyles into a healthier one, which has led them to start using bicycles instead of motor vehicles and organic food than preserved and frozen food. Because of such changes in the people's activities, the pollution levels remain low, and people can live a better life. Here are some air pollution statistics collected from the World Health Organization’s report as of July 2020;

  • PM10 – 23
  • PM2.5 – 16
  • PM10 Pollution Level – Low to Moderate
  • Pollution Index – 30.79
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 51.65

As you can see, the air pollution levels are relatively low, so Amsterdam's people are at lesser risk of respiratory diseases and lead a healthy life. While traveling to the city, you need to make sure that your activities don't harm the environment.

Respect the Culture

Everyone loves to travel, but most people always forget the essential thing while traveling, respecting the culture. Most travelers only focus on getting the most out of their trip and often not getting the best experience. While traveling, you can get the most out of your trip only if you respect the culture. You can pay your respects by following the rules, not indulging in illegal activities, prefer local businesses, and avoiding any action that harms the local environment. By paying respect to the culture, you can make your trip more meaningful and memorable.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Anne Frank House: It is a well-known place in Amsterdam where the wall and rooms showcase the whole story of Anne's life. The building is the home where Anne and his family lived in during the World War. They were the Jewish refugees from the German city of Frankfurt, and Anne wrote a diary that became an international bestseller after the war. Next to Anne Frank's museum's door is a famous church in Amsterdam with an 85-meter tower and is renowned by the "Langer tower" name by the locals. The house is the most famous place not only in Amsterdam but the world also.
  • Jordaan: Jordaan is the most popular of Amsterdam's neighborhoods and is a prominent place famous for its garden and courtyards, lively markets, upscale boutiques, and food items. It is also near the Anne franks house and the treasure like Woonboots Museum, a floating museum located at the Amsterdam dedicated to houseboats and the fascinating Amsterdam Cheese Museum. Every Saturday here, the place turns into a vast market where you can buy flowers and local crafts. Some local vendors sell a wide range of items and are the primary source of their income. You can also enjoy some Dutch classical music.
  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam: Currently, a town hall, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is the Dutch Kings' residence of the past. Its construction started in 1648 and required the sinking of 19,659 piles to support the giant structure. The structure of this place is classical, which is of ancient Rome times. The townhouse's interior is magnificent and has ornamentation, marble sculptures, friezes, and ceiling-paintings as decoration items. It has the finest furniture all over the world. Here the halls of the palace are made by the Bol and Flink.
  • The Botanical Gardens: Sitting in the city's heart includes a surprising dose of nature and is one of the oldest sites in the city and the most beautiful one. There are many varieties of herbs and exotic flowers, and the large hothouse encompassing different tropical zones. Plants are an essential part of the biodiversity and play a vital role for every living creature. Here the variety of plants available are rare in nature, and also the probability of finding these kinds of plants is very low. These plants have so many medical qualities and are usable for preparing many drugs and medicines that we can use daily.
  • Amsterdam Royal Zoo: The time taken to reach from the botanical garden is nearly about 5 minutes. It is a world-class attraction across the world among tourists and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe that depicts various animals' lives. It was constructed in 1882 and featured a coral reef system and a fascinating peek under an Amsterdam canal. This factor makes the zoo the best place to visit in Amsterdam.
  • Begijnhof: Suppose you seek for some quiet and peaceful environment while exploring the heritage and culture of the city. In that case, you can visit this fantastic place that homes a group of historic buildings. You can admire these buildings' architecture and design while strolling and relaxing in the secluded garden with lush green grass.
  • Red Light District: Your trip to Amsterdam will be bland if you don't visit this crazy and district at night. As the name suggests, the section is red, not because of paint or crime but because the buildings use red lights that give it the warm street colors. There are many bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the area that will provide you with the time of your life.
  • The Rozentheater: It is a must-visit theatre in Rozengracht district where you can spend a great night attending unique performances by the Netherlands' local artists. The theatre usually gets full, and you will need to book in advance, but the acts are worth all the work.
  • Flower Market: Another name of this market is Bloemenmarkt, which is the Dutch name of the market. It is a famous flower market in Amsterdam that stretches on the Singel Canal and is a colorful and vibrant place with beautiful fresh flowers that will make your day just by looking at them. You will find a wide variety of tulip bulbs that can serve as ideal souvenirs of your trip.
  • Canal Belt: Your trip to Amsterdam will be incomplete if you don’t visit this impressive neighborhood. The neighborhood is a U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage site and homes beautiful houses and cafes representing Dutch culture and history. The ideal time to visit the canal is in the evening when the sky turns golden and reflects in the canal's water. You can rent a boat and enjoy some peaceful evening time with your loved ones.
Royal Palace of Amsterdam


Many places In Amsterdam are the synonym with the cost of value. These will give a delightful pleasure to the soul and touch your heart softly but intensely.

City Parks

  • Vondelpark: This park is the epicenter of Amsterdam, the largest city park in the town, and comes at the top of Amsterdam's largest parks. Here about 8 million visitors came every year. The free nature of and the healing greenery gives peace to the soul, and the fresh air of this park will blow your mind.
  • Beatrixpark: This park's name is after a Dutch Queen and is one of the cleanest parks in Amsterdam. It sits behind the R.A.I. congress center in south Amsterdam. This park is near to the street Diepenbrockstraat. The pleasure you receive from here will move your heart up to the level of your soul. In short, this park will help in concentrating the mind of the person.
  • Frankendael Park: This park covers the 7 hectares, and one part of the park is a botanical garden that boasts some 500 varieties of wild plants and trees, of which some rarely can be seen elsewhere. This park is near to the street Middenweg in Amsterdam.
  • Oosterpark: This capacious park is from the end of the 19th century in East Amsterdam. Just located behind the Tropical Museum, it exhibits several giant and historical sculptures. If you are in the area, the park will create a pleasant environment for the body and give infinite relaxation to the mind and the heart. Here the core of the mind will generate sensations, which will create a spark inside the body and provides power to the body to do the work afterward.
  • Westerpark: This park is an extensive park near the city center, which provides space for artists to perform their work up to a great extent. One specialty of this park is that a former gas factory sits inside the park and gives uniqueness to this park.
The Beatrix park in Amsterdam which is named after a Dutch Queen

National Parks

  • Maasduinen National Park: This national park is located at Limburg and is quite close to the Netherlands-Germany border. This park got fame because of the butterflies and trees like oaks, pines, Etc. You can take part in hiking and biking activities with your friends, and spend some quality time with them in the lap of nature.
  • Oosterschelde National Park: It is known for the maximum area covering national parks in the country Netherland. This park is famous for its flora and fauna that attracts both locals and tourists. Fortunately, the location is in such a way that it lies where the seawater and freshwater meet, so this place's environment remains cool all the time.
  • Veluwezoom National Park: It is the oldest national park in the city of Amsterdam that dates back to 1930. It covers over fifty square kilometers, and the uniqueness is that its highest point lies at about 360 feet from the sea level. A private entity owns this park, but you can refresh yourself by taking a walk here.
  • Biesbosch National Park: It ranks in the list of most extensive national parks in the Netherlands present in Amsterdam and is a popular tourist destination in the city. The park is well known for hiking, walking, and taking a long ride to enjoy with family and friends. This place is the perfect place for relaxing the mind in the best way possible.
  • Dunes Of Texel National Park: It is an ideal place at the weekends as it is famous for vacations and picnics with family and friends. The surroundings of this place are created so that you will feel free here to do anything.
  • Groote Peel National Park: The national park is famous for its water preservation, forests, and marshes. It is one of the country's most famous parks and gives the country's fantastic water views.
  • Hoge Veluwe National Park: It is a great place that is famous for its exotic landscape. The rich entity owns the park and hence comes in the category of private property. The park is also renowned for its puppets shows and the safaris practices by the locals.
Dunes Of Texel National Park


  • Pllek: This beach comes in the top position in Amsterdam's top listed beaches and is famous for its alluring sand mixed with its crystal clear water. Around thousands of tourists visit the site every year.
  • Zandvoort: Previously known as a fishing spot among the locals, it became a famous seaside resort town. Nowadays, this is the most renowned destination among visitors and tourists. The sun looks much brighter from the sight as compared to the other beaches. Hence, the beach has its value and uniqueness among the beaches of Amsterdam.
  • Bloemendaal: This beach is located in the center of Amsterdam and has many famous clubs nearby. Even the atmosphere is fantastic and can make you feel refreshed and content. This beach is an excellent place to swim in the freshwater that will help you feel fresh after swimming.
  • Strandzuid: It is an artificial beach in Amsterdam that is known for its value over the water. It is a popular destination among teenagers for partying and night out with their friends.
  • Sloterplas: This beach is known for its crystal-clear cloud scenes over water. There are so many water riding and swimming schools where you can buy swimsuits or equipment types for the many water sports on the beach.
  • Ijmuiden: It is located at the mouth of Amsterdam's river I.J. It is well known for its popular water sports like kitesurfing and paddleboarding to go-karting for tourists that prefer some adrenaline-filled adventure activities.


  • Herengracht: It is a significant canal in the city that dates back to the early 17th century and is still present. The area near the canal is designated as the poshest and prestigious location in Amsterdam. You will usually find that wealthy tourists can generally afford the money to live here or own a property.
  • Singel: This canal encircles Amsterdam's city from an earlier time and has some historical value as it joins many canals and their tributaries. There are so many prominent posh areas that sit along and parallel to the canal bank where you can enjoy some peaceful time alone.
  • Weeping Tower: This weeping tower has a historical value as it is located in Amsterdam's stone city. The place is founded by Henry Hudson and has its own long story for which the visitors come here to see. The tower and its architecture are the major attractions of the area.
  • Nieuwmarkt: It is a neighborhood in the city that is famous for its marketing place and colorful lighting. It is located in Amsterdam's old town and homes, many resorts, pubs, and lodges that make the evening very memorable.
  • Rembrandtplein: Rembrandtplein or Rembrandt square is located in central Amsterdam. It gets its name from a famous artist, Rembrandtplein Van Rijn. The statue present in the middle of the place is a tribute to the artist.
  • Dam Square: This place is quite famous for its energetic vibe in the day and colorful lighting at night. It is truly the heart of Amsterdam, or we can say the glowing heart of Amsterdam. The lights are arranged in such a manner that it looks like the place is alive.


  • Rijks Museum: This museum is famous for its one-stop-shop for art and history buffs, with everything from ancient sculptures and handcrafts. Most of the galleries represent the time without technology and the struggles the locals faced.
  • Stedelijk Museum: This museum has its uniqueness that it has a collection of over 90,000 eclectic pieces. This museum has an eye-catching bathtub-shaped exterior, and the traffic is comparatively less than other museums and galleries in Amsterdam. Visiting here is worth all your time and money.
  • Anne Frank House: It is the only museum in Amsterdam for which you have to wait in line. The museum showcases Anne Frank and her family's belongings and clothes. This museum also gives the horror vibe of the Second World War to provide a tribute to Frank's unwavering optimism.
  • Van Gogh Museum: In this museum, over 1,400 pieces of Vincent Van Gogh's work are present. It is the most visited and famous museum in the town. It is worth visiting for art lovers and people looking for some fun activities in the city.
  • Foam: This museum got its name from the famous event "Foam Talent," where many photographers can submit their art and get their work represented in the museum's gallery if they win.
  • Eye Film Museum: This museum is a cinematic museum across the city and came in its list's top position. In this museum, you will find the collections of different movies and cinemas and short films and coverage. The interior of the cinema depicts the story of a modern approach to art and cinema. This museum allows doing well in the cinemas' career to perform well in the industry and achieve the Aim in the film industry.
The library in the Rijks Museum


If you want to explore Dutch cuisine and Amsterdam's food culture, you can find many restaurants, cafes, and eateries where you can indulge in mouth-watering Dutch food items. Many traditional and modern restaurants serve a wide variety of dishes of many international cuisines. By exploring Amsterdam's food and drink culture, you will be able to get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the history, culture, and traditions prevailing in the city. Many traditional restaurants serve mouth-watering Dutch food items that are made using standard practices. You can also find many Dutch restaurants that serve American, Italian, English, Indian, Greek, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisines.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Restaurant Greetje: This restaurant is located on the historically acclaimed place around the Amsterdam old harbor area and the V.O.C. warehouses, precisely around the corner. It was designed to look like the traditional Dutch dining room. It gives you a full experience of how beautiful the Dutch cuisine is and the varieties they serve. Their authenticity looks promising as they do patrons with the taste of the old days. The dishes they serve over there are plaice, farm chicken, calf, etc. When you order them online, it costs around approximately fifty-five euros, whereas dining at their restaurant costs approximately 62.06 euros per person.
  • Restaurant De Kas: Well, the restaurant is in business since 2001, and the unique thing about this restaurant is they "plant to plate," which is kind of amusing in itself as they are among the hotel which uses their fresh ingredients to serve you on the plate. The food they serve is mixed with the taste and richness of their tradition and food. They provide us with a sublime dining experience. It is located in another historical as they are series of renovated greenhouses in Frankendael Park dating around 1926.
  • Restaurant Wilde Zwijnen: It is a modern restaurant that started back in 2010, located in Javaplein. It not only serves Local cuisine and Dutch but also consists of European, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options too. It is the most recommend restaurant for a special occasion as their aroma delight menu makes the customer happy as they chuckle with flavor with fantastic taste. It is the busiest restaurants and gives you many features and outdoor dining facilities according to your wish. On their menu, 4-5 course meals are available, and they also serve alcohol.
  • Restaurant Lastage: This restaurant is situated near the historic buildings outside Amsterdam’s Redlight District and is within walking distance from the central station. The restaurant uses classic French cooking techniques to create the mouth-watering delicious Dutch specialties in a classy environment that doesn't feel informal. It is an appealing small Michelin-starred restaurant which was awarded in 2012. They have delightful flavors and a wide variety of the local Dutch cuisine they serve.
  • Restaurant 'dVijfVlieghen: The restaurant is a culinary museum, where you can dine under four original etchings by Rembrandt. If we translate the restaurant's name, it turns out to be” the five flies,” but it has nothing to do with their health and hygiene. The kitchen in the restaurant comprises of old-fashioned dishes that they serve with seasonal ingredients and organic veggies. Its style is referred to as “The New Dutch Kitchen" and is located in the heart of Amsterdam city.
  • Restaurant Moeders: Time Out Amsterdam magazine's readers choose it as the Best Dutch Restaurant in 2009. Moeders means "mothers" in Dutch is a tribute to "your mother's cooking," that your mom was from the Netherlands. Well, It is a diverse little place, decorated with hundreds of photos of patrons' mothers, along with mismatched tableware and warm dark brown wood. Their typical dishes are budget-friendly consists of daily stamppot and draadjesvlees with boiled potatoes and red cabbage. It is Cheap and cheerful, Moeders is the ideal spot to take your mom or to hang out if you are homesick.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Café deCeuvel: This café restaurant was open in 2014 with aim to provide healthy food for people and the planet. Their menu has varieties of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, soups, and snacks .thier the menu starts at approximately 22 euros for two. It changes as per their local market supplies. They use some of the turned away veggies by supermarkets for being too ugly into their platter known as "Saved vegetable," which is an innovative idea so that no food gets wasted. In Amsterdam, its located at KortePapaverweg.
  • VanVeg: It is located just a train ride of about 15minutes from Amsterdam's center in a nearby Haarlem. It is called veggie have a range of mouth-watering traditional vegetarian curries and strew from all over the world .Takeaway is also available with some other features like organizing events for occasions such as office parties, birthday bash. All their ingredients are plant-based, can be gluten-free or sugar-free according to their customer's choice.
  • Beter&Leuk: It is a small café described as homely as it has provided a balance of light air and space. It is located at EersteOosterparkstraat, and there you can find vegan food in a cozy environment. They have a varied variety of not only vegan food but also the food they provide is gluten-free. They cook as much as organic, seasonal, and local products, with their creative essence.
  • Manamana: They provide us with Middle eastern culinary experience in the heart of De Pijp; it is called a real hidden gem in Amsterdam as they serve an incredible selection of modern Lebanese and Israeli dishes on the platter. They do serve good food, good wine, and cocktails. It is amongst the famous vegetarian restaurants among the locals.
  • Golden Temple: Located on the lively Utrechtsestraat, its name suggests it is named after a famous north Indian Sikh temple as it aims to enrich your mind and heart with plant-based dishes gathered from different parts of Asia and South America. It attracts fans of vegetarian and vegan food at its altar.
  • Dignitas Hoftuin: This restaurant is a tucked city garden behind the breath talking Hermitage in Amsterdam. It provides an all-day brunch and is a vegetarian dream as it contains extensively vivid vegetarians meals throughout the menu. It uses only locally available organic ingredients, thereby confirming they take great care of their customers' tummy.
  • Betty's: It is nearly 30 years old vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in Amsterdam Zuid. It is open seven days a week; the menu consists of a 3-course meal at approximately 35 Euros and the menu change regularly .what make it a special place is its delicacy of food and atmosphere. The owner of this restaurant welcomes you and lets you enjoy the menu along with wine selection. They have an additional feature in which they teach you their vegetarian dishes, giving you cooking and baking workshop at of starting at about 80 Euros
  • Spirit Amsterdam: It is a buffet-style restaurant that serves 100%organic vegetarian food. Whether it is breakfast or dinner time, it is a smartly stocked bar, delicious, and is located in Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam. There is so much selection of food, and it is fresh and hot. You have paid and can have as much or as little as you'd like what attracts most people to it.
Café deCeuvel

Street Food

  • Stroopwafel: Stroopwafel means syrup waffle made from a stiff dough and pressed in between a hot waffle iron until it is crisped. One waffle over another waffle with a caramel filling is syrup, cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. As the caramel sets cold and the waffle is ready to be served. Stroopwafel is popular from ages from the old Dutch era time.
  • Herring: Herring is a Seafood delicacy of Dutch food as it has its uniqueness. It's a kind of fish caught during a particular season as it contains the best of their type. People might think they are eaten raw due to removing its flesh from the bones, but the twist is that it is partially glutted in the fishing vessel and then salted, and then it is frozen for about two days, which enhances the taste and tenderness of the fish.
  • Cod: Here is another seafood on our list, which has its remarkable taste as salt Cod is profound globally and has no difference as in Amsterdam. These delicious fried salted Cods are available on Amsterdam's local street fish booth and are served with Homemade Tartar Sauce, making it perfect for lunch.
  • Poffertjes: Poffertjes are Dutch puffed mini pancakes simply Served with butter and sprinkled sugar on them. You can see Poffertjes more often during holidays and during time summer festivals on the street of Amsterdam. Well, they are yeast-based batter poured in cavities of the particular type of pan poffertjes. They are cooked until they are golden brown from both side, then powder sugar is sprinkled
  • Mint Tea: With pancakes by your side, you are served with a piping hot beverage is a mug of Mint Tea. Mint tea is not tea, as it does not contain tea leaves at all. The hot infusion of mint leaves in water embraces the aroma and refreshing taste, which is very common in Amsterdam, even better when it comes to stroopwafel.
  • Satay: Besides herring, Satay is one of Amsterdam's popular dishes as it doesn't sound any Dutch as its a southeast Asian dish but is now a staple food of Amsterdam, which is served with Amsterdam satay sauce. Well, Satay is either goat, chicken, or any other meat prepared using a rustic style schrewer and cooked with a sauce.
  • Oorlogfrench fries: Dutch patatjeoorlog means "war chips," a beautiful infusion of crispy homemade French fries and creamy mayonnaise, peanut sauce with raw onions. It is the street food worth eating every time you visit Amsterdam or are roaming on its street.
  • Bitterballen: It is an ideal Snack preferred snack ordered alongside towering Dutch beer. These are deep-fried meatballs traditionally served with mustard dipping and most popular street food that people often find comfort food.


  • Koffie Verkeerd: If you love a latte, you should try Koffie Verkeerd when you are in the Netherlands. It is a dutch version of caffe latte. It is traditionally a hot coffee cup with warm milk but commonly served with expresso with steamy milk that forms foam at the top of the cup. The dutch restaurant is often accompanied along with a cookie, charming addition to your coffee. It is available in most cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam.
  • Verse Mint Thee: Fresh mint tea is not a traditional Drink of Dutch, but you might find it hanging out in Amsterdam. It mostly ordered beverage after a meal because warm minty tea is slightly comforting and settles the stomach, which is needed when you had too many dishes for your meal platter. When you order for a handful of fresh tea, you get honey and lemon on its side, which have herbal properties to soothe the mind with its aroma and freshness.
  • Jenever: The fact about Jenever is that the gin is the evolved form of Jenever. It is an old traditional liquor of the Netherlands consumed by soldiers during the war in 130s. The drink is popular as Dutch soldiers would drink it before a battle and even share it with their allies. You can taste Jenever in various bars in Amsterdam and learn more about Jenever's history and significance. You can visit the House of Bols for the best Jenever in town.
  • Likeur: Likeur is famous since the golden age Dutch during the 17th century its type of liquor. But at that time, it was only affordable by the wealthiest families of the dutch as it was formed using the imported sugar, fruits, and spices. It is served in a tulip-shaped container filled to the brim. The most popular and famous in Amsterdam is Wynand Fockink but people like the hidden 'T Nieuwe Diep too, where they provide local and international types. It is all about different kinds of fruits and species used to prepare them, which changes the aroma and flavor.
  • Dutch Bier: Heineken or Amstel is the most common and popular beers are dutch beers, and it is a ubiquitous Dutch drink that can be found across in any bar. Pale lagers, the most popular in the Netherlands and abroad. Bokbier and WitbierWitbier are the traditional beers of Dutch culture. In which Bokbier is a special beer brewed during both spring and autumn, and tastes sweet and malty, whereas Witbier is more of a sweet and spicy type and is refreshing beer during a sunny day and is served with a lemon slice
  • Chocomel: You may think the chocolate milk is of kid thing, but there is no big deal; you can order warm milk and a comforting cup of hot chocolate and ask directly by the name of its brand name Chocomel. Some bars and cafes do have a Chocomel pressing machine, which quickly serves us the cup of relaxation. Chocomel comprises several varieties like dark chocolate and as well as full-fat milk and skinned milk.
  • Advocaat: The traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage is advocaat, which is made from eggs, sugar, and brandy. It adds to various cocktails and desserts and is a golden drink .popular drinks like snowballs, in which advocaat is mixed with lemonade in ration 50:50. Well, in the Netherlands, it is served with whipped cream and cocoa powder as a cocktail.


The tap water of Amsterdam is the highest quality tap water in all of Europe. The water is so clean that it is even better than the water in mineral water bottles. Such purity in Amsterdam's tap water is because of the advanced technology that the water companies use to convert the surface water to pure and drinkable. Amsterdam's water is free from chlorine or fluoride and has a score of 8.4 for its quality. You can easily find many water taps and public drinking fountains in Amsterdam safe to drink, and you will not need to buy mineral water bottles. You can carry a reusable water bottle with you while exploring the city and refill it from these public sources. Amsterdam's tap water is not only safe to drink but also tastes and smells good.

Organic Cafés

There is a national movement in the Netherlands where organic food or biologisch is gaining immense popularity and recognition as the Dutch people realize the importance and need for such food to their health. You will find many organic food stores and cafés in Amsterdam that serve locally sourced food items and avoid harming the natural environment. Here are some organic cafés in Amsterdam where you can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items that are organic and delicious;

  • De Oranjerie (The Orangery)
  • De Peper
  • Deshima Freshop
  • Dignita Hoftuin
  • Noorderlicht
  • Stadspaleis


  • Brouwerij' t I.J.: It stands underneath Amsterdam's tallest windmill, its beers with labels that bear this mammoth machine's likeness. As it was launch in the 1980s, it is among the oldest crafting breweries in the Netherlands. It has created many outstanding brews over the years, including approximately eight signature beers popular in Amsterdam. They offer us guided tours around the brewing facilities.
  • Butcher's Tears: In 2010 the Butcher's tears moved into an old canal-side warehouse in Amsterdam; they completely renovated the rustic industrial place to an innovative complete brewery with on-site minimalistic tarpon. Since then, they are employing their brewing expertise to craft and create new varieties of tasty beers, ranging from well-balanced I.P.A.s to barrel-aged dark ales. They aim ideas of innovation and traditional methods in the brewery fields to either reinvent some classic beers or enhance their flavors.
  • Oedipus Brewing: Four friends founded Oedipus Brewery with love for beers from Amsterdam; they were eager to shake up the city's brewing culture by releasing their own creative but tasty brews into the world. Since launching their brewery in the early 2010s, Oedipus has created many different beer styles based on classic mixtures from Europe and North America. Many of their colorful concoctions are laced with zesty ingredients like mango, lemongrass, or chili peppers, which add subtle undertones to the beers. These well-balanced beers are available on draft inside Oedipus' headquarters in Amsterdam-Noord, which welcomes visitors from Thursday to Sunday every week.
  • Brouwerij de Prael: This difficult-to-spot brewery is addressed within the hustle-and-bustle of Amsterdam's Red Light District. It features a surprisingly spacious brewpub that serves not only beer but also bar snacks and classic Dutch meals, making it an exotic place. Whereas other craft breweries in Amsterdam lean towards experimental methods, de Prael relies on recipes that take time to age and make many traditional brews originated in the Netherlands or Western Europe. You can join guided tours through the brewery to discover its history, vision, and authentic beers.
  • Brouwerij Troost: In 2014, BrouwerijTroost converted and renovated an old Art Deco-style monastery into a modern brewery, taproom, and restaurant. They began brewing over 100,000-litre batches of beer inside the old monumental location. They established two more breweries in Amsterdam to fulfill demands for their tasty craft beer, and a dedicated brewpub that keeps most of their creations on tap. The brewery's first location welcomes beer lovers throughout the week and serves at delicious pub grub alongside its wide variety of drinks on the menu. Troost also likes to experiment and releases its adventurous blends of brew. They also blend old classic traditional beers.
  • De Bekeer de Suster: It is charming micro-brewery stands on the old foundation of the Medival monastery that was founded around 1450 to protect the vulnerable women from hardships and poverty during the city crisis. For funds, nuns used to brewed beer inside the sanctuary and sold to the Amsterdams gentry. It was disbanded for a long time, but their memory and honor are embraced by crafting the old–school dutch beers.
  • Walhalla Craft Beer: Well, Walhalla's names itself are influentially taken from primordial deities and other spirits from international folks. It is located in Spijkerkade, Amsterdam, known for their crafty and robust beer. It was founded in 2015 and is inspired by mythology. They serve different beer varieties, and the traditional dutch beer with other mythological gods inspire their beer names.
Brouwerij de Prael


Amsterdam offers many endless activities to tourists to help them explore the city's beauty, culture, and history. By indulging in these activities, you can enhance your Amsterdam experience and get the most out of your travel. Here are some activities in which you can participate and make your stay more enjoyable and happening;

  • Wander around in the Jordaan
  • Take a bicycle tour of the city
  • Visit the countryside part of Amsterdam
  • Attend the festivals and markets in Westergas
  • Take a canal cruise
  • Attend a concert or live music at Paradiso, Concertgebouw, De School, and Roode Bioscoop
  • Explore Hembrugterrein

Yoga and Retreats

If you want to participate in some recreational exercises like yoga, Pilates, and massage, there is a wide range of such classes in Amsterdam. These classes are suitable for all your needs and will help you stay fit while staying in Amsterdam. You can select the courses according to your budget, convenience, and comfort. Here are some renowned yoga and other bodywork classes in the city;

  • Yoga Studio Momo
  • Mindful Yoga
  • Unlimited Health
  • Yoga Studio Padma
  • Shirley Woods Practice

These bodywork and exercise classes are the best in the city and offer a professional and experienced teacher authentic training.


There are many accommodation options in Amsterdam, but they can be very pricey, and you may need to book in advance. You will need to carry a lot of money for your stay in Amsterdam as it is not cheap. The many hotels, hostels, guest houses, and other city options are very costly but are more affordable on the city's outskirts. You will find that tourists' possibilities are endless in hotels, hostels, guest houses, and apartments, so you will need to take extra measures to see that you are not overcharged. You will require to book in advance as the hotels, and guest houses are usually fully booked, and you will be left stranded on your first night in Amsterdam. You can also opt for couch-surfing, which is expected as the city is a popular tourist destination.

The Victoria Hotel is a major hotel located on the corner of the Damrak and Prins Hendrikkade, close to Amsterdam Centraal station

Green Hotels

  • Boat&Co: It is a unique hotel in Houthhavens that is a hotel for the namesake only but comprises 84 apartments. All the rooms are equipped with a kitchen and living room to make you feel comfortable as you feel in your home. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary pieces of equipment like a dishwasher and an oven. It uses reusable materials that are sourced from the local environment. Another unique feature about the hotel is that they store heat and cold airflow to alter the room temperatures accordingly. It also offers electricity through solar panels to even charge your electric car in their car parking.
  • Conscious Hotels: It is a hotel chain in Amsterdam that is one of the firsts to adopt sustainable practices. There are four hotels in Westerpark, Vondelpark, Tire Station, and Museum Square areas. These hotels follow specific eco-friendly measures like the use of L.E.D. Lights only and tables made from coffee cup holders. Instead of using natural resources, the hotel uses renewable sources to minimize their carbon footprint.
  • Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam: It is the best eco-friendly accommodation option in Java Eiland that offers 200 luxurious rooms with an Indonesian influencing style. You will find that the hotel uses recyclable materials in the building, and the staff also wears eco-fashion clothing by Rockland to promote the use of eco-friendly practices. It offers various amenities like the Café Jakarta, a swimming pool, and an indoor garden.
  • QO Amsterdam: It is a 5-star hotel that offers luxury services in a sustainable way to promote eco-friendly living. You can find the hotel in Amstel Kwartier and consists of 22 floors with spacious rooms. The hotel uses various innovative and unique practices like climate control panels, solar panels, recyclable materials, etc.
  • Element Hotel: It is a new hotel in Amsterdam's business district that offers quality services to its guests. You will find that every room is equipped with a trash can divided for the different types of waste to ensure proper waste disposal. The hotel's carpets are made of 100 procent vegetables and 20 procent types of meat to promote organic living. It is the best sustainable hotel in Amsterdam that also offers rental bicycle services to its guests.
  • Mercure Hotel: It is another hotel chain with five hotels in Joan Muyskenweg, Centre Canal, Sloterdijk, Schiphol Terminal, and Oude Haagseweg areas in Amsterdam. These hotels provide various amenities like a spa, fitness center, dining space, and air-conditioned rooms with recyclable items. You will find that the hotel recycles almost everything, and the staff is highly trained and experienced in the sustainable living field. The hotel follows various sustainable practices like local produce and reduced CO2 emissions to minimize their carbon footprint and support the local communities.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Generator Amsterdam: It an affordable hostel in the Mauritskade Area of Amsterdam that is quite popular among solo travelers. The hostel offers many amenities like a library, game rooms, T.V. Lounge, Café, basement bar, Striking bar, etc. You can find the hostel in Mauritskade District and is ideal for budgeted and solo travelers.
  • Cocomama: It is a boutique hostel in the Westeinde District of Amsterdam that offers a luxurious yet comfortable stay to its guests but with affordable prices. It offers private rooms, three-bed family rooms, and dorms from which you can choose. The hostel also hosts some social events like board game night to share their Amsterdam experience.
  • W.O.W. Amsterdam: It is a budget-friendly hostel in Wiltzanghlaan and offers various size dorm rooms to accommodate a full family of 10 or more persons. It offers a patio, restaurant, and an urban farm where the guests can socialize with each other and learn about Amsterdam's culture.
  • ClinkNOORD: It is a large and affordable hostel in Badhuiskade that offers more than 750 beds. Sitting alongside River I.J., it provides a peaceful and quiet environment to its guests. You will find that it provides various size dorm rooms that have a maximum occupancy of 14 beds. It also provides some communal areas such as a fully equipped kitchen, café, bar, library, and lounges, where you can meet fellow travelers and interact with them.
  • CityHub Amsterdam: It is the largest hostel that offers guests privacy and comfortable rest. It is a cheap and affordable hostel, which is quite different from other hostels. You will find that it provides compact, windowless, and sound-proof rooms with a queen-size bed, mood lighting, speakers, and pods. It is the best option for solo travelers staying in the city for a short time.
  • Rembrandtplein B&B: It is your typical Dutch townhouse in Groenburgwal that offers guest rooms on various floors. A guest house is an excellent place for travelers that seek a quiet and peaceful environment. You will find that it is a famous guest house amongst tourists as it sits near many famous landmarks like the Skinny Bridge, y, Pathé Tuschinski Cinema, and Amstel River.
  • De Baronie B&B: It is a charming guest house in Kalkmarkt in Amsterdam that offers rooms at an affordable price. The guesthouse provides fantastic views of a nearby canal and is equipped with necessities like refrigerators, televisions, etc. It is a famous guest house that ranks amongst the top guest houses in Amsterdam.
  • Nine(t)teen B&B: It is a peaceful and homely guest house in the de Pijp Neighborhood in Amsterdam. The guest house's rooms and apartments are connected to several townhouses and offer Amstel River's fantastic views. These apartments and rooms range from affordable to luxurious, which you can choose according to your budget.


Instead of wasting your money on hotels, hostels, and guest houses, you can prefer renting out an apartment if you stay in Amsterdam for more than a month. You can find many apartment buildings all over Amsterdam, which can be a bit pricey because of the prime location but are cheaper and offer various amenities that you will not find at a hotel or guest house. You can reduce the apartment's total rental cost by sharing or dividing the amount amongst your friends or family with whom you are traveling.


Couch surfing is a popular mode of accommodation in Europe where you can search for hosts that are willing to let you stay in their house for a particular time. All you need to do is get on the couch surfing website and search for hosts in Amsterdam. It is an excellent concept of saving lots of money from hotels, hostels, and guest houses. Couch surfing is perhaps the cheapest and most convenient mode of accommodation in Amsterdam. You can meet many travelers at the couch surfing host house and share your experiences in Amsterdam.


It's ideal for people that want to spend some quality time in nature and getting an outdoor experience or on a low budget; there are many campsites in Amsterdam, which are the best options. These campsites are the best option for accommodation because of their affordability factor and offer many recreational activities that will enhance your Amsterdam experience and let you get the most out of your trip. Camping is also an eco-friendly way of living that will enable you to minimize your carbon footprint and impact of the local environment. Here are some famous campsites in Amsterdam that you can opt for;

  • Camping Het Rietveld
  • Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam
  • Camping Vliegenbos Amsterdam
  • Camping Amsterdam Forest
  • Camping Amsterdam Gaasper
  • Camping de Badhoeve
  • Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam

How to Get There

There are many modes of traveling to Amsterdam, but the best way is by taking a flight. If you are already in the Netherlands, you can opt for other transports like rental car services, long-distance buses, hitchhiking, trains, etc. These transports are not only friendly to your pocket but also the environment. If you want to travel to Amsterdam from your home city, the best option is to take a direct flight to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.


The Schiphol Airport is an airport that serves as the primary and international flight port in the Netherlands. It is about 9 kilometers in the southwest of Amsterdam city but offers airport shuttle bus services that tourists can use to reach the city. As the primary airport, you will find that almost all airlines provide international flights to the country. If you want to reach Amsterdam, you can get a direct flight to the airport at reasonable prices. Also, avoid taking any transfer flights as they result in a lot of air pollution and you may face a delay in your travel.

The Schiphol Airport


There are many private and public buses in Amsterdam that offer long-distance and intercity travel. These buses provide quality and comfortable service at reasonable prices. You can find these bus services in almost every city in the Netherlands and are the best traveling mode for long distances. These buses are not only affordable but also friendly to the environment.

Amsterdam Bus #47


Traveling to Amsterdam by trains is a popular mode among travelers as they offer a comfortable service and provide breathtaking views of the countryside. You can use trains to travel from one city to another or even reach the far off places. By traveling on the trains, you can meet many locals and tourists and interact with them to increase your knowledge. Traveling through trains is quite popular in Europe and can be a bit pricey but worth every penny. There are many international trains in Europe which you can use to get to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Central station, the city's main train station


Hitchhiking is a mode of traveling for tourists who are low on budget and can't afford transport. It is a standard mode in Europe as some tourists like to get a real adventure where they can meet incredible local people and gather knowledge that one can't find on the internet. You will find that some countries in Europe also have a hitchhiking station where hitchhikers can use to get a lift.


Other modes of traveling to Amsterdam like rental car services, boats, ferries, and private planes that can help you conveniently reach Amsterdam but not all of them are the best choices. Some of these transports use only natural resources like petrol, diesel, and gas, and these resources emit a lot of carbon while operating, which is the leading cause of air pollution in most cities of the world. Although such transports are very comfortable and convenient, if you want the best Amsterdam experience without any guilt, you should prefer vehicles that are less harmful to the environment.

Amsterdam canal tour

Moving Around

If you think that you may face some trouble moving around the city, you are mistaken. You will find that the locals prefer healthy lifestyle choices, and walking or cycling is the most common mode of moving around. You can opt for electronic vehicles, public buses, trams, metro trains, and other efficient and eco-friendly ways of moving around the city. There are many rental car services as well but try to avoid them at all costs as they will overcharge you and emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment.


The best way of exploring Amsterdam is by walking. You will find that the streets are safe for pedestrians, and the chances of accidents happening are relatively low. The locals also prefer walking as the best way of traveling as it helps them keep their bodies in shape and avoid spending money on transports. By walking, you can get a first-hand experience of the local culture and livelihood by observing the activities around you. You can reach even the narrowest streets and areas of the city where vehicles cannot get.


Bicycles are as famous in Amsterdam as pizza is renowned in America. Almost everyone owns a bike and uses it to travel from their homes to their work stations. You can find many bicycle renting shops in Amsterdam where tourists can rent out a bike for a day at reasonable prices. While renting out a bike, prefer booking in advance as these shops often get out of stock quickly in the tourism months. If you find it challenging to walk great distances, bicycles will help you cover distances faster and comfortably.

A bicycle parking lot in Amsterdam

Electronic Vehicles

With the increasing popularity of environment-friendly practices, electronic vehicles have become one of the best ways of moving around the city. These cars, motorbikes, and bicycles operate using renewable resources, and their charging points are available all over the city. You can either opt for buying or renting out an electronic vehicle but prefer renting out to save your precious money as a tourist. You can even find some charging stations outside the city and enjoy various amenities that the government provides the users of such vehicles.

Public Bus

There are many bus services in Amsterdam that are under public or private ownership. These buses come under G.V.B. that controls these buses. You can easily find these buses in all areas of the city and can take a ride on them by paying a small but reasonable ticket charge. These buses provide an accessible transportation mode for locals and tourists to places inside and outside the city. You can meet many fellow travelers and locals on these buses, and by interacting with them, you can get some tips and advice for your stay in Amsterdam.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trams are the most preferred modes of traveling around the city by both locals and tourists. You will find that Amsterdam's tram network has 18 lines to help you get to all the city's significant areas. You will hardly find any trouble using the tram network as the locals are friendly and like to help tourists.

You will find that Amsterdam's city is a hub of various train networks in the Netherlands as it is the capital city. You can use the trains to get out of the town and visit outside areas to enhance your Netherland experience. These trains provide a scenic journey with luxurious facilities at reasonable rates to both locals and tourists.

The subway network for metro trains in Amsterdam is also a popular and convenient way of moving around the city. You will find that the system provides access to 39 stations in the city. There are five routes for the metro trains that offer an efficient and fast travel mode to all city areas.

A tram crossing the Keizersgracht

Sustainable Shopping

In a city where people are conscious of the things that can harm their environment, sustainable shopping or eco-shopping is not a new or recent concept. You will find that the locals already practice such shopping types and make full use of the local resources without exploiting them. Sustainable shopping or eco-shopping is a worldwide trend where you opt for buying goods that are sourced from the local environment and are eco-friendly. The Netherlands' organic movement led to increasing awareness amongst the locals and tourists regarding such shopping types. It is not only environmentally friendly but also supports local businesses and helps them in growing. You will find many sustainable shopping spots in the city to find authentic and quality products at reasonable rates.

Food Markets

Food markets are the best places in a city where you can get fresh and quality food items like seafood, vegetables, fruits, baked items, spices, etc. These products are sold by local farmers, bakers, and fishers of the city. These local businesses' primary earning comes from these markets as they usually don't have other sources. It is why you need to put more preference in buying from these vendors rather than the international and retail stores that often overcharge and don't even meet the quality standards. These markets are trendy among tourists, locals, and restaurant owners as the best place to get organic food. Here are some popular food markets in Amsterdam that you can visit during your trip;

  • Albert Cuypmarkt
  • Ten Katemarkt
  • Nieuwmarkt Market
  • Marqt
  • Noordermarkt – Boerenmerkt

These food markets will help you get deep insights into the local culture and livelihood of the people. It is the best way to enhance your Amsterdam trip in the best way possible.

Albert Cuypmarkt

Flea Markets

Flea markets are another prevalent way of sustainable shopping where many local people sell second-hand goods that can reuse. You will find that these markets are no less than the malls as the variety of products in the markets are endless. You will find that the locals prefer these markets a lot as they sell second-hand goods at reasonable prices. These markets are the best places to look for souvenirs for your trip that you can gift your loved ones back home. Here are some popular flea markets in Amsterdam that you must visit;

  • Ditjes & Datjes
  • Ropa Amsterdam
  • IJ-Hallen

These three flea markets are the only ones that serve the city, and IJ Hallen is the largest flea market all over Europe, and you can find almost every item that you know the name.


Second Hand Stores

If you are looking for some cheap and second-hand items while traveling in Amsterdam, then these stores are the ones for you. These stores sell second-hand items that are relatively in good condition. These stores are often called 'Thrift Stores' by the locals as these stores are commonplaces of shopping for lower-income group people. You will find that these stores offer various products like books, furniture, containers, utensils, clothing items, etc. Here are some of the best second-hand stores that you can visit while traveling and exploring Amsterdam;

  • Thrift Shop Amsterdam
  • A. Mog
  • Ari
  • Sjoege
  • ReLove Exchange
  • Episode
  • Thrift Store De Lokatie
  • Bij Ons Vintage

While visiting these shops, keep an eye out for handicrafts and antique items that are some pricey items but are sold at cheaper rates at these stores. You can re-sell at a higher price or to a museum or gallery and earn a fair amount of money while traveling.


Eco-fashion or sustainable fashion is trendy in the Netherlands. You will find that many local designers, models, and fashion bloggers promote such clothing items and accessories and create their fashion statements. The Dutch people of the Netherlands are opting for such stores these days. Eco-fashion or sustainable fashion is a type of style made using organic substances sourced from the local environment. Many eco-fashion stores also employ workers from local communities to help them grow and lead a better life. You will find some unique and trendy styled clothes and accessories at the following stores in Amsterdam;

  • Boutique Bellerose
  • Smitten Organic
  • Klothberg
  • Studio J.U.X. + Co.
  • Lena the Fashion Library
  • Verse
  • Noumenon

You should try out these fashion stores as they offer unique but trendy items that you can even buy as souvenirs for your friends and family back home. These items are sold at an affordable rate and are of good quality.


If you wonder how Amsterdam is maintaining its rank as the safest and cleanest city globally, then here is your answer; recycling. The Netherlands' government has always made sure that people realize the importance of keeping their environment clean. With various programs and movements, it has successfully implemented efficient and self-dependent recycling and waste distribution system. You will find many second-hand stores and recycling stores in Amsterdam where you can give your reusable waste. Choosing to give away or donate items that are of no use to you can support people who cannot buy these items at their original prices. Even small things that mean nothing to you can be handy to those who can't afford them.


Amsterdam's municipalities follow various extensive measures to ensure that both locals and tourists follow proper waste disposal methods. You will find that garbage containers in every street and district of the city are emptied every day. For maintaining appropriate disposal of waste by every person, many boxes are allotted where you can dispose-off your waste according to its type. Glass, plastic packaging, paper, drinks cartons, residual waste form homes, and textiles can be disposed-off in these containers but not any bulky waste. With such extensive measures, the waste disposal is done efficiently, but if any person violates these laws, they can be fined according to its severity.

Work and Study Abroad

For those tourists that want to study or work in Amsterdam, you will be happy to hear that it is quite possible. With one of the leading economies and quality educational institutes, career and educational opportunities are endless and the world's best ones. If you want to work in Amsterdam, you will need first to bag a job and then apply for a Work Visa to stay in Amsterdam. By working in Amsterdam, you can mold your personality into the best version of yourself. If you want to study in Amsterdam, all you need to do is register for the student exchange program and wait for your calling. There are many quality education institutes in Amsterdam that offer unique and useful courses.

Exchange Student

Many educational institutes in Amsterdam are part of the Student Exchange Program and offer various scholarship schemes for such students. You can visit one of these institutes and ask about the criteria for admission of foreign nationality students. By doing so, you will get to know the courses and scholarship options available for you. You will need to register yourself on the program's website and wait for the time being as your application processes. Some of the institutes of Amsterdam that are part of the program are;

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam University College
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam School of the Arts
University of Amsterdam

Au Pair

You will find that au pairing is a common practice in Europe. Au pairing is the concept of helping out a family in a foreign country in providing them a helping hand to manage their basic needs and provide financial needs for education and other necessary things. An au pair can be a couple or an individual alone. You find some Dutch families in the Netherlands have an au pair that improves their living standards. An au pair receives a monetary benefit for supporting such a family that they can use for personal use.


One of Amsterdam's reasons as a safe and clean city is because of the many volunteering activities that take place. You will find that the volunteers and the locals give their full support in resolving the issue at hand. You can find many volunteering organizations in Amsterdam that focus on various societal and environmental problems like protecting the environment, humanitarian rights, animal protection, child protection, etc. Here are some popular volunteering organizations in Amsterdam;

  • Amsterdam Cares
  • Buddy Projects
  • Serve the City Amsterdam
  • Adam Helpt
  • The Netherlands Red Cross Society

By participating in these organizations' activities, you can provide your useful help to a person in need and play your role as a responsible human being.

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