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Eco-friendly travel guide to Annecy advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Annecy, France.

Annecy Overview

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $40
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $100

Responsible Travel

Annecy is home to the purest lake in Europe, closed by a protected nature reserve. It is an excellent place to go for eco-friendly travel because everything encourages one to be disciplined or pacified in all. Another broadly covers the rock of Cheer, a 200-hectare pebble clinging to its eastern shore.

  • Annecy has a majestic nature that encourages tourists to undertake to tame it instead of consuming it. Thus, from the beaches to the mountain pastures and the town's guts, environmental initiatives, places promoting organic farming, or those promoting local know-how are legion.
  • For those that want to be amazed more on altogether discretion, it is better to do cycling around the lake to admire the beauty that it shares with tourists and invites contemplation. It is the best eco-friendly advisable to adopt to incite others to follow and encourage locals. A 37-kilometer course with a view of transparent water, punctuated by swimming breaks. As a symbol of their exemplary environmental quality, the Saint-Jorioz beach and the Brune beach in Veyrier-du-Lac have also been awarded the Iris versicolor.
  • Another eco-friendly measures that you will discover in Annecy are the biodiversity and guarded species of the rock of Chère; the Conservatory of Natural Areas (CEN) offers to rally its cliffs by kayak during an academic excursion punctuated by mild lapping.

Additionally, to tasting the farm-inn's cuisine, which pulls on vegetables, fruits, eggs, and wheat for bread, fans of glamping (a campsite that gives unusual accommodation) can stroll between the plantations and even try their hand at local gardening.

Air Quality and Pollution

For eco-friendly measures to be possible, air quality improvement should be a significant issue for public health and the environment. This is often why this problem is now the topic of increased observations and surveillance in France.

Greater Annecy is taking concrete measures to ensure a sustainable future for its inhabitants and tourists to provide them the healthiest possible environment. By this, you should avoid or reduce solo car driving to reduce consumption of fossil fuels.

You should be asking yourself many questions concerning the weather in Annecy. Well, the weather here is under the double influence. The Bornes and Bauges massifs place during a mountain climate configuration, and the Annecy is there to attenuate the characteristics of the mountain climate.

Respect the Culture

Annecy's beaches are generally stormed by locals and tourists, French and foreign, but this massive influx raises many questions on the culture of Annecy. You'll take the chance to go to museums, castles and other wonders of our municipalities.

  • Basilica of the visitation: The Basilica of the Visitation in Annecy is hospitable visitors on Sundays all year round.
  • Regional observation of the alpine lakes: Staff numbers are limited, counting on the health context. Here, you've got free access to the primary Sunday of the month from October to May.

Top 10 Places to Visit

If you are wondering where you are going to visit Annecy, well, here are the top 10 of the most visited places.

  • Annecy's old town: Annecy owes its nickname "Venice of the Alps" to its small cobbled streets, canals, and timeless charm. Then treat yourself to an opportunity in one among its picturesque cafes and pique your curiosity within the typical little shops that the old town is home to.
  • The Thiou Canal: Its colorful facades and houses involve curiosity. Its clear waters also make it so beautiful. Departing from the old town, the Canal du Thiou offers many walking trails and invites you to descend to the lake before discovering the Gardens of Europe.
  • The Palace of Isle: Sitting on a triangular islet on the Thiou Canal, the Palais de l'Isle is intriguing with its whimsical turrets. Erected within the 12th century, it had been first a mansion before becoming a courthouse, and eventually ... a jail (lucky inmates!)
  • The Castle of Annecy: What to try to in Annecy as a part of a historic walk? Besides its architecture and other heritage treasures, the town of Annecy is additionally known for its castle. Overlooking the old town, the Chateau d'Annecy was once the house of the Counts of Geneva.
  • A stand-up paddle session: How about enjoying the exceptional panorama of Lake Annecy while floating quietly on its waters? Among the nautical activities to notice, the stand-up paddle enjoys particular notoriety. And permanently reason, its relaxation and Zen philosophy invites you to paddle quietly, consistent with the places' sweetness while practicing a sporting activity.
  • Annecy religious sites and buildings: If you're wondering what to try to in Annecy during an esoteric visit, know that the town is home to several historic churches and non-secular buildings, mostly wearing Gothic.
  • A Segway ride: A popular and at the very least original activity, the Segway ride allows you to go to Annecy differently. From its old town to the encompassing area, the town Tour by Segway promises you an enriching and fun ride lasting one to 2 hours of your time!
  • A bike ride: Between lake and mountain, Annecy offers a picturesque playground suitable for bike rides. If hiking isn't your thing, then why not visit Annecy by bike? A well-liked means of transport, the bicycle is legion for an outsized number of tourists.
  • Lake Annecy: We do not present him. Considered the foremost beautiful and purest in Europe, Lake Annecy may be a true gem of nature. Its enchanting panorama and its topaz waters invite you to dive into a postcard setting.
  • Regional specialties: Some will tell you that the local gastronomy is undoubtedly the simplest reason to go to Annecy. Between cheeses (Reblochon, Tome, and others), dry sausages, terrines, Savoyard fondue, or maybe tartiflette, your taste buds awaken and don't know where to start.
The Thiou Canal


In this town within the Alps, you'll inhale the local influence of the terroir, which will cut you far away from the lifestyle in your home town. The picturesque old facades filled with charm, with their windows, have skilled the ages and are still beautiful.

Annecy's historic center will satisfy the curiosity of tourists because it is pedestrianized; in this respect, only delivery men and cars with authorization are allowed to venture there.

To always be equipped during your urban hike, it's essential to possess a simple frozen dessert, a pancake, or an honest waffle for us foodies. After exploring Annecy, you can boost of knowledge and be capable of describing the town to others.

City Parks

  • Charles Bosson Park: Adjoining the Annecy casino and therefore the Imperial Palace with its restaurant, this park is the most beautiful and therefore the most famous for Sunday walks and wedding photos.
  • Le Pâquier: This large green area (6.2 ha), which opens onto the lake's attitude and therefore the mountains, arouses the admiration of tourists.
  • Gardens of Europe: Originally two marshy islands, the event of a public park with a set of decorative trees helps reinforce the natural beauties of the lake's shores.

National Parks

There are numerous national parks in Annecy which you will surely enjoy. Here are a few of them

  • The Bauges National Park: Lake Annecy towards the north surrounds this Park. You will surely enjoy visiting this park because a pre-alpine ridge and plains dominate it and fortify b a sea cliff.
  • The Bout du Lac National Park: It has a very natural aspect since it has kept its last natural and an attractive undamaged Lake Annecy shore. You will enjoy its natural reserve, which gives you a nice opportunity to discover what is said to be the local flora and fauna.
The Bauges National Par


Annecy and its lake offer all water lovers a genuine experience with its many beaches, of all kinds, which welcome swimmers from May to October (for the foremost beautiful summers). Discover the swimming possibilities here that are available to you in Annecy, whether you're a resident or a holidaymaker.

  • Bathing within the river near Annecy: Any unsupervised bathing is completed at your own risk. We recommend that you simply be extremely careful and suit municipal decrees if you would like to swim in a river near Annecy.
  • Jean régis pool: The Jean Régis swimming bath offers a good range of sports, aquatic and well-being activities (aquaphobia, swimming for youngsters and adults, aqua bike aqua gym, prenatal swimming), allowing you to cultivate your form while having fun).


  • Annecy Museum-Castel: He watches over the old town with power and kindness. Former residence of the Counts of Geneva, its construction began within the 13th century. The medieval fortress will gradually subside to Renaissance elegance.
  • Roman Bell: Backing onto the building of the old government building of Annecy-le-Vieux, near the Saint-Laurent church, a 12th-century Romanesque tower. A belfry with two floors of dual windows decorated with plant motifs.
  • Lac d'Annecy Boat Company: With the Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac d'Annecy, you'll go round the lake at your own pace.


Annecy's city may be a historical city and has no but 20 monuments listed or registered as World Heritage by UNESCO. Determine what these monuments are! While most of those buildings are the town's property, some belong to non-public owners, for instance, the Basilica of Boutae. The list of some historical monuments of the town

  • Basilica of Boutae
  • Saint-Pierre Cathedral
  • Annecy Castle
  • Novel castle or manor
  • Saint-François Church
Annecy Castle


When you decide to come on holiday to Annecy, it means understanding the history of this area. The culinary preparations come from ancient lifestyles, the mountain character of human occupation. The old town of Annecy is filled with restaurants of all types. Naturally, Savoyard specialties dominate the market. Chalet-style restaurants promise to form your tastes the simplest of local cuisine.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Annecy may be a very touristy city and has its share of pitfalls, especially within the Old Town. Obviously, there are good restaurants here; you'll be entitled to an inventory of restaurants known by the locals:

  • Le Fréti (Old Town - rue Sainte-Claire): It is THE reference if you would like to eat cheese (raclette, fondue, tartiflette ...). In fact, the bottom floor is an old-fashioned cheese factory, and therefore the millstones will already put milk in your mouth. Remember to book!
  • L'Estaminet (Old Town - rue Sainte-Claire): Despite its somewhat local name, you'll have noticed it; it's the opposite reference. In fact, remember to form a reservation, especially if you would like a table overlooking the canal!
  • Le Sapaudia (Old Town - Sainte-Claire suburb): One of Annecy's references if you would like to eat a (good) pizza, but the restaurant has other strings on its menu with other hearty and attractive dishes. Remember to book!

Vegetarian and Vegan

If the small Venice of Alps is more won't to fondue and raclette than tofu, Annecy is becoming an increasingly veggie-friendly city. For a couple of years now, the town has seen more and more organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free establishments open their doors, let's go discover them!

  • Happy veg: Anne's first 100% vegan boutique, Happy Veg, offers food, cosmetics, and clothing products. Especially, you'll find zero waste products for the toilet. Whenever I visit Annecy, I'm going there to refill on the spread, mage, imitation meat, chocolate, and frozen dessert in summer.
  • La P'tite Nana: At La P'tite Nana, you'll find homemade, organic, local, and seasonal vegetarian dishes and desserts. Marina Décarre's objective was to "succeed in creating an area of proximity, representing (her) own universe, during which everyone can feel" reception "!" "Particular attention is paid to the provenance products, which come from organic, local, and seasonal agriculture, beat a brief circuit, and every one the dishes are cooked every morning."

Street Food

A nice Airstream caravan permanently burgers; it's at Street Burger.

  • Food Truck - L'H ET Vous: We find Christophe in his vintage tube on the roads of Annecy and Haute Savoie! It offers a menu that changes hebdomadally, to revisit French cuisine during a street food version!


Explosive beer brewed by craftsmen in Annecy and shortly to rock bottom of your throats! Nevertheless, we have alcoholic and non-alcoholic brewed drinks in Annecy as the non-alcoholic ones you have; At the farm's sweets is a producer of frozen dessert from milk produced on the farm, sorbets, and cream desserts.

Pirate Brewery: Space with two atmospheres: the bar with various activities and therefore the sales area with beers brewed on-site. Please do not be scared of pirates, as long as they need a drink they're very friendly! Come and visit us.

For the alcoholic brewed drinks, we have

The Beer and Mountain come and find out even more beers, regional, French, Belgian, and German. And more great, still like Japan, the Dominican Republic and lots of other countries still!

V and B Annecy is the place to be when you are here because V and B may be a cellar during which we discover a good range of wines, beers, whiskeys, and rums. It's also a bar where you'll taste these countless products, carefully and with ease. V and B, halfway between the cellar and the bar: a place of life, unique place!

You have a wide choice when it comes to searching for what to drink while in Annecy.


There are several sources of water in Annecy, including water. The tourists who come here always wonder if the faucet water is drinkable or portable or not. As far as water cares here in Annecy, it goes through in-depth analyzes administered independently by professionals from approved laboratories.

The tap water is checked from the source to the distribution within the different points. This water comes from a natural environment that's preserved and monitored, hence its sanitary level.

Visitors haven't any problem consuming this water. The inhabitants and, therefore, the surrounding communities want this water.

To this end, preferring water from Annecy is like choosing a particular product. Additionally, it's how of enforcing compliance with the principles that apply to the protection of water resources and our surroundings.

Organic Cafés

  • Café Bunna
  • Pâtisserie Philippe rigollot
  • La buvette du marché
  • Les palettes
  • Café des arts
  • Café curt


  • The Brasserie Saint-Maurice
  • The 20/ Vins
  • The Theater Brewery
  • The Brewery of Abbaye
  • The Brewery of Park
  • The Irma Brewery
  • Munich


In Annecy, there are many activities that a person can enjoy and partake in, whether it be clubbing or hiking. People over here are usually seen organizing and performing activities every day to create memories and spread happiness to everyone.

From visiting the popular Lake Annecy to enjoying hiking and participating in the local festivals of Annecy, there are tons of activities you can do to make your day in Annecy a memorable one. There is this Annecy tourist information centre for tourists where you can know more about the special events in the city. Some popular activities you can do in Annecy are:

Visit the 'old prison' – The Palais de I'Isle

Visit Annecy Castle – the Chateau d'Annecy

Visit the European Gardens


Mountain climbing



Participating in events and festivals

Yoga and Retreats

There are several yoga and meditation centres. Yoga is something everyone wants to practice in their day-to-day lives as it helps them maintain their health and lead a peaceful and carefree life. These yoga centres help you with your mental and physical health and provide you with several other facilities. Many tourists prefer to go to these places every morning to start their day fresh, allowing them to be hydrated throughout the day. Some of these yoga centres and retreats are:

  • Julia Gavin Yoga: Julia Gavin Yoga retreat presents the ideal opportunity to recharge in the French Alps for an active week with lots of time to relax and meditate. This retreat not only provides yoga and meditation facilities but also gives the tourists guided hiking tours. Tourist's morning starts with the practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. At the same time, the day ends with a Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga Class, leaving you feeling revived and ready for a fantastic evening of local French wine and cuisine.
  • A Cycling & Yoga Retreat on Lake Annecy: It is a boutique that hosts cycling and yoga facilities at the Queen of the Lake's foot. Tourists find this mesmerizing and fantastic way to promote yoga as it helps to stretch the body and mind to have a peaceful and carefree day. Along with this, there will be challenging days, but every day, there will be guaranteed laughter and lots of fun.
  • Samoens: Here, yoga enthusiasts and amateurs can escape daily life stresses and deepen their yoga practice and unwind and expand their thinking in luxurious surroundings. It surely is a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the place all at a time and at one place.


Annecy is a beautiful city in France that attracts millions of tourists from worldwide to experience the place's beauty and serenity. Although many other France cities are much more popular than Annecy, this city has its tale to tell everyone. This city offers you lots of opportunities to choose from. Many locations are mostly booked full, so if you plan to stay for a longer time, do some checking on your requirement's available accommodation. Hence, this city gives you tons of accommodations to stay in with all the necessary facilities and amenities you can ask for.

Green Hotels

Annecy, no doubt, is one of the beautiful cities in France. Many people visit or come throughout the year to experience the city's rich culture and historically important sites and landmarks, along with enjoying the world-class drinks of France. To make this city more alive, the government and other associations have installed several green or, say, ecological friendly hotels for such tourists to stay in. These hotels are purely eco-friendly and provide you with all the items made with environment-friendly things. Some best green hotels in Annecy are:

  • Anchor Hotel
  • Hotel des Alpes
  • Atipik Hotel Annecy
  • Hotel du Chateau

Hostels and Guest Houses

Staying at hostels or guest houses is another option of accommodation in Annecy. Hostels and even guest houses are located in some pretty amazing locations, which will surely take your heart away. What more you can ask for if you have a perfect view of the city and lake-sides and meet people from all over the world. What better place can you get to have all of this at such affordable prices. Therefore, opting for hostels and guesthouses is a great choice to stay in your holidays. Some of the best hostels and guest houses in the whole of Annecy are:

  • Annecy Hostel
  • Auberge de Jeunesse HI Annecy
  • FJT Novel
  • Bed and Breakfasts Le Piou
  • Les Filateries chambres d hotes
  • Les Jardins du Chateau


Annecy is a great location to move around; however, several people are moving here either for work scenarios or any other reason that makes them stay in Annecy for a longer time. For such cases, people rent apartments to stay in and save the excess cost they have to pay if they stay in hotels or guest houses. For tourists, renting apartments may cost them more than other accommodations, but renting one of them is not a bad option if they prefer luxury and privacy. Here are some places you can look up to:

  • Chatelain Camille
  • Rey Andre
  • Bruno Valentina
  • Chapel Jean-Victor
  • Vaury Gilles


Couchsurfing is a new concept of staying at a place you don't know anything about. There are plenty of sites online that offer people the option of Couchsurfing in Annecy. There are more than 3000 hosts who have signed in on these sites to provide their homes for Couchsurfing purposes. The hosts are very generous and provide great hospitality with all the required amenities. Therefore, Couchsurfing is surely a great option to stay in Annecy.


In Annecy, Camping is seen as common practice as there are several places with lakes and river-sides where people prefer setting up their camps and relaxing amongst nature. Locals prefer spending time with their family in the woods or on any camping sites. Here are some of the best campsites in all of Annecy:

  • Camping Le Verger
  • Camping Moulin Dollay
  • Lac d'Annecy Camping

How to Get There

Travelling to Annecy might be challenging as there is no airport in Annecy; one has to flight to the closest airport to get here. Meanwhile, there are other options too, like bus transports or renting vehicles to reach here. Numerous roads are connecting the city; therefore, you can opt for any other transport to get here easily apart from airways.


There is no airport in Annecy; however, you can take a flight to the closest airport located in Geneva, Switzerland or Lyon, France. Regular taxis are available from the airport to the city centre; in addition to taxis, a shuttle bus service is available from the Annecy city centre. You can board a flight to the international airport in Geneva in Switzerland as it the most convenient option and is only 35kms away from the city centre. It has many flights to travel to places outside of Europe also.


Taking the bus to Annecy is a direct way to reach here as regular bus services are provided by the government or other private companies that connects Annecy to Geneva, Lyon, and Paris. The bus service fare is cheaper than other modes of transportation, but it can be a bit uncomfortable as the buses are overcrowded, and on many buses, there are cramped seats. There are numerous stops on the way, which might be inconvenient for any tourist to opt for.


Annecy might not have a proper transportation system, but these high-speed TGV trains connect Annecy to most of France's major towns. France's only rail network is SNCF; it connects to every possible town and city in France. Taking trains might be a convenient option for most travellers, yet most passengers face many difficulties. Therefore, it is better to choose other modes of transport for your journey.


Hitchhiking is not always preferable as this option might be free but comes with lots of risks and dangers. It is a risky travel mode for both the person asking for a ride and the person offering a ride. Many people like to travel in their vehicles in France and are often wary of such hitchhikers and do not want to offer a ride to them. Some may offer rides but might not drop you according to your prescribed location.


You can move around Annecy via car or rentals vehicles like motorbikes or hiring a taxi or any other modes. In the western part of Annecy, the A41 highway runs between Chambery and north towards Geneva. There are many other beautiful roads to approach Annecy, which travels across mountain passes; therefore, as a tourist, it is a great option to travel by car to experience every bit of the city in and out. Other than this, intercity taxi services are also present in abundance for people to reach Annecy.

Moving Around

This city's total area is 66.9 km2, so there are different transportation options available. There are local buses which can help you to move around the city. Other than this, there are very limited trains that can help you reach a city destination in less time. You can even hire a taxi to move around the city. You can also try walking or bicycling in this city. Using electric taxis can cause a lot of pollution as they will release smoke so you must use them only in the case of an emergency.


Walking has a lot of benefits for health as it helps a person to remain fit. It allows a person to stay healthy and helps a person save a lot of money that he would have to spend on other accommodation options. Walking also helps in keeping the environment clean as walking is a sustainable mode of travel option. If you are walking regularly, it can help in good digestion and help keep the heart-healthy. There are various city parks where you can visit in the morning or evening for a morning walk or an evening walk. The area of this city is not big enough so you can cover the entire in few days.


There are bicycle rental shops available in this city and from there, you can take a bicycle on rent to move around in the city. If you stay for a longer time, you can take a rental pass is provided by the rental company present in this city or purchase a second-hand cycle on rent. Purchasing rent can be less expensive, especially when buying from a second-hand store and using it for a longer time. There are cycle tracks present where you can cycle and move around. Cycling can help you reduce your carbon footprints during your trip as cycles are a sustainable travel mode, and you can travel along with performing an exercise.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are these vehicles that run on electricity. These vehicles are best in controlling pollution as it does not emits smoke or any other pollutant which degrades the quality of air in that particular city. It runs on electricity, so there is no fossil fuel consumption such as gasoline, diesel, or petrol to run, saving many natural resources. It also reduces noise pollution as the engines of these vehicles are silent and create little noise. Electric cars are very low maintenance vehicles, so you do not have to spend much on their maintenance. These vehicles are present but significantly few and are present in electric taxis, so you can hire one to move around in the city. Other than this, you can even bring your electric vehicle as there are charging stations present in this city.

Public Bus

Buses are excellent and popular means of transport which is used by a lot of people. There are intercity buses which can help a person to travel from one city to another. Other than this, you can even move around the city with the help of these buses. This bus does not charge much and is often affordable for everyone. Other than this, you can meet many people while travelling by bus and make new friends. Many local buses display French and English destinations, so travelling to your desired destination will not cause any trouble. Buses have their fixed-route. Therefore, it can be trouble if you want to reach a particular place in a brief period.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are trains which are present in this country which can help you to move around the city. However, these trains are in minimal number, especially those trains that can help you move around. The train tickets are easily affordable. Trains travel faster than buses, so you can use this type of method to reach a destination in a short period. However, this city has significantly fewer areas, so using trains is not preferred by many tourists, so there are fewer trains present for moving around in this city. There are no trams currently in this city.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves purchasing those products which are beneficial for human health as well as useful for nature. The production of these products does not harm nature and not even consumes natural resources. Solar panels generate the majority of the electricity. There are products made up of natural material, such as clothes made up of natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. Generally, these clothes are mostly made with hands, so these products' production includes less machinery use. There are food markets where foods are sold in a ready-to-eat manner. There are food markets, such as grocery stores that have organic fruits and vegetables. There are second-hand stores where you can purchase essential second-hand items at a lesser price.

Food Markets

  • Carrefour Market Annecy Le Viuec
  • Cheese Shop
  • Supermarket La Rhone
  • Aux Quatre Saisons
  • Au Petit terroir

Flea Markets

  • Marche au Puche
  • Bric and Broc
  • Casino Supermarche

Second Hand Stores

  • Seconde Chance Annecy
  • Culture Trock
  • Sigma Dentaire - Annecy


  • Mise Au Green
  • Billabong Store
  • Zapa Annecy
  • Bizzbee Annecy


Recycling means reusing products. There are tin, lead, iron, steel, and other metal ores which are recycled, and these are obtained through mining. As these are recycled, it eliminates the further use of raw material; therefore, it prevents a lot of damage done to land through mining. There are recycling materials such as recycled paper, and many trees cut down to make paper. More, recycling also helps eliminate waste, which further reduces the pollution created by waste.


Waste is something that cannot be reused, and it is a need to dump the trash. Waste consumes a lot of land in landfills and creates a lot of pollution if not treated properly. Waste management of this city is good enough to make this city clean and tidy. Other than this, there are different types of waste, such as nitrogenous waste, chemical waste, thermal waste, solid waste. Waste is later sent to incinerators, where waste is decomposed using thermal energy.

Work and Study Abroad

This city's education pattern is divided into three major parts: primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Primary education involves a six-year span that starts from six years of age and ends when the child reaches eleven. When the student completes the primary education, the student moves forward towards secondary education. Secondary education is further divided into two major parts, which include college and high school. College involves a four-year program, and the student enters at the age of eleven and leaves at the age of 15 after attaining a certificate. Later the student moves towards high school, which is a three-year program. Later t completing high school and attaining the education qualification. The student further attains a baccalaureate qualification. Higher education involves a vocational diploma or academic diploma.

Exchange Student

It is a good program which involves sending students to foreign for further study. It is generally a free program only when you attain a scholarship. Otherwise, you would have to pay the tuition fees. This type of program can help a person to become more adaptable to the changes around him. As you need to clear the entrance exam, which is also given by many other students, beating them and becoming a part of this program will boost your self-confidence. There are universities in this city that have access to this program. The best university in this city is Universite de Savoie, the best university with access to this program. As this is a city present in France, you can even learn French with this program's help.

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays with the local and his family and takes care of the child. This type of work will not help you to earn anything other than shelter and meals. This method can help you to roam around any city without spending on accommodation and food. There is less au pair work available in this city because most families have housewives who take care of that city's child. It does not mean that this type of work is not available in this country. You have to find such jobs or inquire with the locals whether any family wants to hire an au pair.


Volunteering involves social work. Different volunteering organizations have different work to perform. You cannot earn anything through volunteering; therefore, it can be expensive to perform volunteering in a foreign city. Volunteering can help in removing stress and can provide relaxation to the body. There are few organizations present in this city that are ready to take you as a volunteer.

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