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Eco-friendly travel guide to Aruba advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Aruba, Caribbean, North America.

Hooiberg mountain, Aruba

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 2 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $30
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $70

Responsible Travel

Aruba is an island that comes under the constituency of the Netherlands. This island is present on The Caribbean sea with its total area of around 180 kilometers square. Focusing on this country's tourism front, three-fourths of all the cross-national products are earned through tourism. This country welcomes a lot of tourists from North America. Different nationalities live in harmony here, including Arubian, Dutch, Venezuelan, Chinese, Surinamese, Peruvians, and Haitian. Most of the people here speak Dutch and Papiamento, which made it the country's official languages. Focusing on the statistics, around 68% of the people converse in Papiamento. The constitution and other official documents are written in Dutch. This Country has Roman Catholicism as its main religion and also the most followed one. It has its foreign relations with the European Union as well as the United States of America. The Netherlands provides Aruba's military and armed forces. The country's air is very clean, and other pollutions are at a scale of low to moderate. Therefore you have to maintain its cleanliness. You must have reduce your carbon footprints during your trip. There are many ways to be eco-friendly; less use of plastic is one of the most important ones, dumping the waste in its designated place and using transport, which creates less pollution.

Air Quality and Pollution

Aruba never had any major issue with air quality and currently has immaculate and fresh air, unlike most of the world, which has major pollution issues. Aruba has a tiny population, which maintains the air quality and does not create much pollution. Many different areas of the world have suffered from too much air pollution, but there are not enough people to be truly affecting the air quality in Aruba. Tourism in Aruba can cause some trash, but having more people does not affect outdoor pollution. People of Aruba believes that it is necessary to raise awareness of the dangers of pollution and attempt to share clean air alternatives. Countries should start moving towards ways to create clean energy. Aruba is safe for every type of person; sensitive people can also travel to this amazing place with no restrictions; it is that safe and clean.

Respect the Culture

In Aruba, you will see that they follow various cultures, respect each other's culture and religion, and follow this rule if you visit this country. They celebrate various festivals such as Betico Day, Dera Gay, and the Flag and Anthem; you can enjoy them in their festivals; they will treat the same way they treat their country members. Some people in Aruba are cultural conservatives because of growing concerns about the rapid changes. Here people are so nice that they treat everybody equally; either you are from Aruba, or you are an outsider as the tourism sector is the most important social interaction area. You will find Aruba so attractive, beautiful, and a spotless place to spend your vacation with so much peace. Here people are so friendly, and they help tourists visit new and attractive places by guiding them.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • De Palm Island: Experience De Palm Island, Aruba's only all-inclusive destination on a unique private island that offers all-inclusive fun. Whether you are looking for a day of fun and adventure with your family or want to escape the busy beaches as a couple for some relaxation and pampering, this is the place to be! The entrance ticket includes a boat ride on our ferry to a private island, breakfast and lunch buffets, open bar, snacks, snorkeling equipment, banana rides, ziplines, sky jumpers, water park, football, beach volleyball, beach chairs, salsa lessons, and more. Not enough fun yet? You can go for more water activities in Aruba, such as Seatrek, a unique underwater helmet walk or SNUBA, a combination of snorkeling and diving so that you can go deeper underwater without the equipment on you. Other complementary activities include power snorkeling, beach massages, hair braiding, and temporary tattoos. Shopping is also possible at Coconuts Souvenirs, Accessories, and Beachwear.
  • The Bushiribana gold mill ruins: Located between the beaches of Vaiririri and Andikuri, the Bushiribana gold mill ruins are the remains of a long-abandoned gold mill that processed gold ore during the 19th-century gold rush in Aruba. The treasure was discovered on the island in 1824, while the Busiriban Steel Works was built by Aruba Island Gold Mining the following year to mine gold from the nearby Ceru Plat hills. He worked for ten years and during that time has produced over three million pounds of gold. All of this golden and colorful exploration history has shaped what Aruba is today. The ruins now serve as a popular attraction frequently visited on the way to Aruba's Natural Bridge.
  • The Alta Vista Chapel: The "Church of the Pilgrims" or the Alta Vista Chapel is the first Christian religious building in Aruba. The Alta Vista Chapel is located on the north coast of the island. The church is painted on the outside in a very bright yellow color and can be seen from afar. The chapel area is considered the place where the conversion of the Aruban Indians to Christianity began, and the village was founded here by the missionaries. Work on the church's construction and the conversion of local Indians to the Catholic faith were the main pursuits of Father Sylvester, which he carried out independently. The old church is built of stone and covered with a thatched roof. Here a small cross was hoisted, brought from Venezuela by one of the priests. After Sylvester's death, Miguel Enrique Albares served in the temple, then Domingo Bernardino Sylvester, the first priest's son.
  • The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary: The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is one of Aruba's favorite places for tourists from all over the world. It should be noted that a herd of adorable donkeys attracts the attention of a large number of spectators.

Long ago, these beautiful animals were the main mode of transport for residents. But nowadays, people in reserve only admire them. It should be noted that this Donkey Sanctuary was erected in 1997; this idea saved many animals. At the moment, there are about forty individuals in reserve.

  • California Lighthouse: On a northwestern part of the island, on a hill called Hudishibana (Khudishibana), it rises a white stone lighthouse, 30 meters high. The California Lighthouse got its name in memory of the ship "California," which was wrecked in these places in 1891. Next to the lighthouse, there is now a restaurant in the former caretaker's house called the Restaurant at the White Lighthouse. There is a sign at the entrance to the restaurant that tells the story of the lighthouse. The lighthouse's white candle, proudly roaring up to the blue sky, looks quite breathtaking, so this image has become Aruba's real trademark. People come here to admire Aruba's western coast views, which are especially beautiful in the rays of the setting sun.
  • Antilla wrecks: SS Antilla is a German merchant ship sunk at the beginning of World War II off Aruba's coast. It is believed that the ship was used as a supply base for Nazi submarines hunting in the area.

Antilla is now one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean region and lies slightly off Malmok Bay at a depth of 18 meters. Corals and tubular sponges have colonized the wreck site, which attracts lobsters, sea turtles, and many fish species, including moray eels. Antilla is a popular dive site that was popular in the past for the ability to dive inside the hull, but storm damage continued to accumulate, and some divers feel that it is not safe to enter the hull and parts of the vessel at this time.

  • Baby beach: The famous Baby Beach in Aruba lives up to its name. The large crescent-shaped lagoon, with fine sand and azure clear water, is well suited for bathing children. It is shallow enough so that parents do not worry about their children. Swimmers can travel long distances and still touch the bottom of the sea. This beach is also a good spot for underwater observation - where the bay opens into the Caribbean Sea; you can snorkel with a colorful kaleidoscope of corals and tropical fish. Consider strong currents outside the lagoon. Therefore, for snorkeling, it is highly recommended to stay within the marked snorkeling area. There are sun lounger rentals, snorkeling tubes, masks rentals, drinks, and snacks for sale on the beach.
  • Arikok National Park : About 20% of the territory of 34 square kilometers of the island of Aruba is occupied by the famous Arikok National Park - a nature conservation area between the Yamanote (188 m) and Arikok (176 m) mountains, which block the park from northeastern winds, which creates a special microclimate. Thanks to this, and also thanks to the soil rich in minerals, this area has a rich flora and fauna; many endemics have survived in the park that needs protection. Several snakes and birds (one of the species of owls and parrots) can be found only on the reserve territory. Plants grow here divi-divi trees, quihi trees, various types of aloe, cactus, succulents, and tropical flowers. The territory of Arikok Park includes three geological formations - lava, quartz, and limestone.
  • Oranjestad: Oranjestad, the capital city of Aruba. Oranjestad is a city named after the ruling Dutch royal family, located on the southern coast of the tiny Antilles' westernmost. Dutch architecture looks colorful on this tropical island, and the city itself harmoniously includes government buildings, a picturesque ocean, and luxury shopping centers. Nearly 1,000,000 cruise passengers visit Oranjestad every year. Liner's moor in the city center. The town itself is small, pretty cute. A free retro tram runs along with it, making a circle in 40 minutes.

Whichever hotel you stay at, most beaches can be reached in five minutes by bus or car. All beaches in the city are municipal, with white fine sand.

  • Eagle beach: Eagle Beach in the Aruba neighborhood of Oranjestad. Eagle Beach boasts the width of the beach and is renowned for its clean and soft white sand. Eagle Beach has ample parking and shaded picnic areas.

For several months of the year, Eagle Beach is dotted with red and white markers protecting sea turtle nests. Turtles lay their eggs mainly at sunset and night. In Aruba, you can find four species of sea turtles and their nests - leatherback, loggerhead (loggerhead turtle or Caretta), green, and bissa (or real Caretta). Turtles also rush to nests elsewhere on the island; however, most nests can be found on Eagle Beach. Each nest contains about 80 eggs. Several low-rise hotels are located nearby, across the road; some private owners also provide their cottages and lounges for guests. Every year, during Easter week, the coastline is dotted with tents, a traditional camping site for local families.

Arikok National Park


Aruba is a Caribbean island and shares so many interesting facts about its culture, people, history, and many more fun and amazing facts. Every native people here speaks four languages; English, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento. Most schools here teach children in the Dutch language, and they can only speak Papiamento during the Papiamento class. You will get to see Aruba Aloe; they generate beauty products and medical gel to help treat burn victims, and you can also tour the aloe vera factory during your tour to Aruba. Aruba is also home to rare species of the burrowing owl. It would help if you visited Aruba to explore all the beautiful spots and wide green space to remove your tiredness.

City Parks

  • Splash Park (Oranjestad): Splash park is the water park in Oranjestad, Aruba. It has so many features like water play areas, including swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, and water playgrounds, to have fun with your friends and family members. Here you will get an indoor water park system. Also, water parks are now turning into vacation destinations. You can visit this water park with your kids, other family members, and friends to enjoy your weekends and vacations.
  • Natural Bridge (Aruba): Natural Bridge is a top attraction in Aruba that attracts many tourists and local people who like to spend quality time here with their families. It is also called a baby bridge because once it collapsed. The bridge is the formation of coral limestone cut out by years of pounding surf and was one of the largest spans. The natural bridge is a trendy spot, and many local people visit this place for picnic purposes also.
Natural Bridge in Aruba

National Parks

  • Arıkok National Park (Aruba): Arikok National Park is a vast national park covering almost 18 percent of the island's land and has three main geological formations: limestone, quartz diorite, and lava. Besides being a magnificent natural wonder, these formations directly affected Aruba's human settlement. Arikok National Park is home to some of the island's oldest Arawak paintings and some wildlife species unique to the island, such as two unique bird and snake species, namely Baker's cat-eyed snakes and the Aruban nest owl. Visitors of the park can explore traditional Aruban houses and enjoy various hiking trails that pass through field ruins and gold mines.
  • Peace Labyrinth(Noord): Peace Labyrinth park is the most amazing part of Aruba; thousands of people visit this park throughout the year to see the park's beauty. Here you will get the benefit of pathways also. The park will provide you soothing vibrations with its natural beauty. You will find inner peace and a healing environment while walking the labyrinth. Must-visit park after a tiring day from your work to heal yourself.


  • Baby Beach: It is a wonderful beach located in the western part of the island of Aruba. The beach is covered with white sand washed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. An atmosphere of calm and tranquility reigns here. For those looking for a secluded, quiet, calm vacation away from the people, this place is perfect. Here you will see amazing breathtaking views. The beach is great for families with children. The water inlet is smooth, not too deep. White sand does not get hot even at extreme temperatures. Those who love active fun can go snorkeling at Baby Beach. The quiet shallow waters are suitable for observing underwater inhabitants with a mask and fins. The strangely bright fish are not afraid of divers and swim arm-length. Ropes limit fields for athletes. There are open hangars on the beach, and you can rent sun loungers and beach umbrellas. There are also places to eat here. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are always slaves to tourists.
  • Palm beach: It is located in the northwestern part of the island of Aruba. This exceptional beach ranks first among Aruba beaches in popularity. The beach is gorgeous, here the white sand is washed by deep blue waves, and large palms are growing; you can meet pink flamingos. The beach is ideally equipped for a civilized, comfortable rest and offers excellent service to tourists. There are restaurants, bars, and cafes here. The beach is equipped with sun loungers, beach umbrellas, awnings. This beach is popular, so there are more people here than any other beach in Aruba.
  • Arashi beach: This beach is located in the northern part of Aruba's island, near the town of Oranjestad. The closest resort hotels are within walking distance to the beach. The beach is a special symbol of the blue flag's best beaches for the highest standards, high safety, and luxury service. In addition to the white sand, blue clear water, the beach attracts tourists with one of the island's attractions - the California lighthouse, from which almost every visitor to the island comes. These places are especially picturesque during sunset. Arashi beach is considered the cleanest beach on the whole island. Pink flamingos sometimes walk by the water—fans of active pastime snorkel and dive here.
  • Malmok Beach: Malmok Beach is a rocky strip of hard sand that makes it slightly different from a classic beach. The area with expensive villas is across the road. The highlight of the local landscape is the rusty shipwreck that landed after a shipwreck. The ship was previously lying deep in the water and was used as an inspection object for divers, but the 1999 storm dislodged it and brought it closer to the shore.

The north of the wreck is the most popular diving spot on the whole island. The waters here are clear and calm, with plenty of small fish. During the day, sailboats rush around this region with tourists who want to swim underwater. Malmok Beach has no restaurants or large hotels. However, many hotels are only four minutes away. With its well-developed infrastructure, Palm Beach is also not far away - a few minutes by car.Surf lovers prefer the area called Fisherman's Hut, located just south of the beach. In June and July, it hosts the biggest surfing event in the entire Caribbean - Aruba Hi-Winds.

The beautiful Baby beach in Aruba


  • Oranjestad: Oranjestad, Aruba, is a charming city today, the capital of cities, and a tourist port on this island. The most notable feature is the Dutch population architect. You will find colorful Spanish and Caribbean style buildings in the background and many shops, hotels, museums, galleries, and entertainment venues in ordinary ways. Overall this city is a great place to spend time and soak up the environment. You will get to see so many beautiful attractions in this city, which is why it attracts many people again and again.
  • California Lighthouse & California Dunes: At the northern tip of the island, the California lighthouse displays stars of Aruban postcards and travel leaflets. S.S. On the shore. It has been named California. The area is grassroots with roads and beautiful California mounds, cacti, and even dunes. The lighthouse attracts many tourists and local people of Aruba to see the beauty. Many people far see the beauty and attractive lighthouse and spend some quality time in this beautiful place.
  • Alto Vista Chapel: Alta Vista Cathedral is one of the most popular places in Aruba. Alto Vista, often referred to as a church, was founded in 1750 by the Spanish missionary Domingo Antonio Silvestri. The current building was built in 1954 on the same site. It is one of the most famous places on the island because many people love to visit this chapel because of its beauty and culture. You will find so much peace and calm in this beautiful chapel; after visiting, you will feel visiting this place again and again.
Plaza Daniel Leo, Oranjestad


  • Aruba Aloe Factory Museum and Store: A few minutes from the hotel, visit the Aroe Aloe Museum, Factory and Shop in Hato, Aruba. A group of local guides will give you a free tour of the museum and factory in Aruba Aloe. The tours take place every 15 minutes in English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamento (mother tongue of Aruba). The museum and excursions are open Mondays to Fridays from 8 are to 4.30 pm. The last tour starts at 4 pm. The museum is open on Saturdays, and excursions are available from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also choose to visit the museum. 11-minute audio and visual presentation of the history behind the Aruba Aloe brand and the works and processes behind Aboe skincare products also shows Arro Aloe products stored in the back packaging. The short historical journey tells the visual story of the Aloe plant's marriage and how it established the beginnings of agricultural style.
  • Museum of Industry: The museum offers a history of gold, aloe, phosphate, oil, and tourism with in-depth presentation and multimedia presentation. The Industrial Museum of Minana exhibited all the history. It provided an opportunity to get to know the stories that were part of this history, the green area. The museum will also set up a museum building program that will provide a new development plan for Aruba and its youth.
  • San Nicolas Community Museum: The new San Nicolas Community Museum is a true addition to the Aruba Museum, which will open for the second year of 2017. This museum will be an invitation to see more in-depth content of Aruba culture. The Community Museum is located in Nicolaas Lodge, a church now located in downtown San Nicolas. This elegance repeats only two levels at its cost alone, with old floors and wooden doors. One terrace of the second room offers panoramic city views. The theater wants to draw our face to the uniqueness and authenticity of the San Nicolas area.


In Aruba, the traditional menu consists of maize dishes such as fungi and pan bati, goat meat, fish, and stoba is also very famous here. Pastechi, a small pie filled with cheese and beef, is the most famous and tastiest dish you must try to visit this beautiful country. International food chains and Chinese, Italian, and other ethnic dishes and restaurants have gained popularity in Aruba, and most food products are imported here. You will get to see piñata filled with sweets hanging on the ceiling at children's parties as it is trendy here.


Drinks are the beverages that everyone enjoys. It includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The legal age of drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits is 18 years. The national drink of the country is Aruba Ariba, which is a signature cocktail drink. Other than this, there's an array of different drinks available here. Also, there are breweries present in Aruba that make beer for locals and export them to other countries. Drinks, such as coffee, mojitos, mocktails, and tea are also served here. However, most of the people present there prefer coffee over tea, so many coffees are available. Beverages provide refreshment to the body and also provides nutrients along with it. Other than beer, few other drinks are produced locally. The local beer present there is named Arubian Beer, which is made within the Country. The alcohol content in alcoholic beverages depends on the climate and the culture of that Country.


The Tap water in this country is very safe to drink. Therefore it eliminates the use of bottled water. However, bottled water is still available in this Country, and the bottle manufacturing company claims that the water is filtered by themselves and what the plants are providing them. It means that the bottled water has double purified water. Many desalination plants help in the purification of water by removing the salt content. Usually, these plants use thermal energy to boil the water and later condense them by cooling. When the water boils up, it leaves the salt content behind and the freshwater if I put it’s offered, later on, collected. Further, as many tourists visit this Country annually, the government has decided to build a new desalination plant that can purify around 24,000m³ per day. This Country is present on the Caribbean Sea, an ocean; therefore, the only water source is its salty water. They have a separate team and a two-way process, which involves desalination plants and water purification plants. The desalinated water is later sent to water purification plants where it is further purified, and all the dirt and other harmful chemicals are removed. Other than this, there are many water fountains and taps with drinking water, and you can consume them directly. Instead of a plastic bottle, you can purchase a metal bottle to use throughout the day and refill it from different taps.


There are a lot of activities which you can perform in this country. Actions are something that we do out of our intrinsic feeling or hobby. Activities give us a lot of memories and experience in different categories. The first activity is water surfing. As this country is an island, there are many beaches present in this country on the borders. Water surfing is a common water sport that can be practiced in this country. You can also get the necessary gears on rent. Water surfing is simply riding on waves using a wooden board. This activity usually requires practice and training. Different guides are excellent in teaching water surfing. The next exercise involves kayaking. Kayaking is a water sport in which you are present on a narrowboat with a double blade paddle. It is different from normal boots because the kayak is narrower in width and longer in length. Other than this you can take a cruise right where you can have lunch with your loved ones. There are cruises also available for the party. Other than this, you can explore this country with a lot of new things. Exploring is an activity that involves finding out new spots to roam. Exploring reduces our boredom. There are a lot of new things such as plants and their species and wildlife. You can also walk in the city and explore various cafes that serve your favorite cuisines. Other than this, there are many other activities, such as parachuting or hot air balloon ride or hiking. You can choose the activity which you want to perform out of your own will and hobby. These activities will not let you get bored on this Island. More to this, there are beaches where you can enjoy and relax. Present in this country, many tourists perform different activities, so it does not matter that you can get a good company even if you are alone.


The total area of this country or island is 180 kilometers square. Around more than 1 million tourists visit this island to enjoy its nightlife beaches and many other things. Therefore to take care of these tourists who travel to this Country, many accommodation options are available. Some of the accommodation options involve resorts and villas. These are specially built for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and have a good budget to spend on accommodation. Some of the resorts are present near the beaches or near the water bodies which can be booked to enjoy the water at night. Other than this, there are many different accommodation options also available in each city of this country. For those tourists who want some eco-friendly accommodation option, there are green hotels present in this Country. Green hotels are different from standard hotels as they are certified by the government or any regulatory body working under the government and get the green certification. This green certificate can help them to attract nature-loving tourists. There is a backpackers hostel available in this Country. Backpacker hostels are those hostels that are specially built for backpackers. Backpackers are those people who do not stay at a place for longer and have all their essential items bagged in a single bag. There are guest houses which are just opposite hostels. In a guest house, you get an entire home on rent. There are camping grounds which are also present if you want to sleep between nature. We request that wherever you stay, you must adopt eco-friendly methods as much as possible to reduce your carbon footprints as well as pollution.

Green Hotels

A green hotel is also known as an eco-hotel, a sustainable hotel, and an accommodation option. There are different methods through which our hotel is converted into Anne eco-hotel. These are different from ordinary cartels as they protect and conserve nature vile serving their customers. Even the house cleaning team, whose work is to clean rooms, uses cleaning agents with less toxic chemicals. The same happens with the laundry. There's the chemicals or detergent used to clean the clothes using less chemical products that are good for the health of clothes and the environment. Another very beneficial thing is that they believe in recycling and less creation of wastage. Eco hotels believe in recycling, which eliminates the waste and also in less output of garbage. They maintain cleanliness; therefore, there are many dustbins present in the hotels.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are fit for those who do not want to spend too much on accommodation and are traveling solo. You can even visit these hostiles In Group. Mostly the hostels which are present in this Country backpackers hostel. The rooms involved sharing with other people who can still provide you with other tourists who are often traveling alone. You can learn many things from them, such as their preferred cuisines, taste, language, and many other things. You can even roam around together, enjoying a lot of things. In a hostel, your company is not limited to your roommate but the other tourists as well. Hostels are friendly and offer basic facilities and a kitchen where you can cook your food. You can even learn to cook Different dishes from different people living there. Other than this, there are guest houses also present in a smaller quantity. These guesthouses offer furnished and clean dwellings available for rent—best for those traveling in a large group. You can get your desired dishes from the menu in a guesthouse. Guesthouses are best for short term accommodation.


Apartments are generally flats that are available on rent. The most available apartments are two bedrooms, one Hall and one kitchen, three-bedroom 1 Hall, and one kitchen. Apartments are best if you want to stay in the country for a longer time. Other than this, there are many facilities that these apartments provide, along with several benefits. The benefits include privacy. In apartments, you have your flat, and there will be none to disturb you, and you can spend some time with your friends or family. Apartments help you to become independent as you have to manage your things alone. Other than this, if there is any breakage or other issues related to the flat, the landlord will pay the expense of repairing to the landlord. The apartment premises' safety involves staff of security guards and cameras covering the entire premises, so you do not need to worry about the security. As this is an island, some cities have beaches on their borders, and some apartments are present on the sea-facing view, which gives them a unique and fresh look. You can enjoy morning and evening view along with the sea breeze.


There is not much of the host present in this city, and they are limited to only 500, which states that this Country does not have the facility of Couchsurfing as an accommodation option. The prime reason this Country does not have Couch surfing because the other accommodation options are easily affordable and are mostly preferred by tourists. It is called surfing means to stay at any local house without any charge, and instead of payment, you can help them by purchasing daily household products or assisting them. Couchsurfing is a temporary and free accommodation option available. However, there are several benefits such as you can make friends, especially the local in whose house you’re living. In exchange, it tells you many things about the Country, especially famous tourist spots and minor scams that regularly happen with tourists. In addition to this, he can also tell you about the various money-saving tips. However, Couchsurfing is not in reliable accommodation option.


Camping is an adventurous activity that involves sleeping on an open ground or a beach between nature. Camping in both star gazing, which means observing the night sky and the stars. Other than open campgrounds, there are beaches available in this country for camping. Camping on these beaches is better than camping on the free ground between nature because the sandwich is present on the beach. It provides relaxation to your body, and the fresh sea breeze helps you to sleep well. If you are camping in the summer season, you must be aware of the insects which usually come out in the summer season. There are several camping tours organized by different private agencies to enjoy other peoples, even when traveling alone. Many tourists who visit this Country often throw garbage everywhere while camping, making the beaches untidy and dirty. It is a request that you must not create pollution and dump waste only in its respective place, which means the dustbin.



Getting There and Moving Around

There is an international airport in this Country through which all the airline reaches this destination. Other than this, as it is an island, the only other way to get here is through a cruise ship from nearby countries. The most convenient way is to travel through flights as it does not take too much time. Traveling through flights can be costly but are considered to be safe. Other than this, you can move into the city in various ways after reaching this Country.


There is only one international airport present in this country which is responsible for all the flights. The flights are costly but convenient. The airport has a local cafe near the waiting room that sells snacks and beverages. There is a bookstore for the ones who love to read books in their free time. There is a bus station which can help you to reach your accommodation option.

Aruba International Airport


There is no international bus facility because this is an Island. Along with this, there are intercity buses that can help you travel from one city to another. You have to take an intercity bus because there is only one airport and sometimes many tourists want to travel to another town. Other than this, there are local buses present to help you reach tourist spots within the city. The fare of the local buses is calculated based on the distance you travel. While paying for the food, you must try to have the exact change.

Bus in Aruba


There are no trains which travel different countries to this country. Other than this there are even no trains in this Country. However, there are electric trams, another substitute for trains which are smaller in size. These trams do not charge much and help you reach your destination within the time as they do not take much of your time. The seats of these trams are very comfortable. These are very clean and tidy.


Hitchhiking involves asking for a lift from any traveler going in the same direction. It is an Island; therefore, there is no possible way to hitchhike internationally. Other than this hitchhiking is not reliable because sometimes it takes a lot of time. The crime rate of this country is shallow, which eliminates the risk of getting robbed. Hitchhiking is not common in this Country. Many people use local buses and trams, and there are very few who use their vehicles.


There is only one other way to reach here, which is the waterways. It would be best if you used channels only when you have a lot of time with you. The cruise ships are limited to some of the neighboring countries. Options for moving around are taxis, public buses, cycles, and walking. Out of these, cycling and walking are the best because they help you remain fit and support your budget.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping malls are shopping for those products which support nature during their production and creates less wastage. Mostly the production of these products involves using human resources and less use of types of machinery. As there is less use of machinery, there is less use of fossil fuels required to run these machines. Other than this, this production involves second-hand products that are termed under sustainable products. The reason behind it is that the second product eliminates wastage, which means that they help reduce pollution and eliminate the use of raw material that would be required to make and fresh a new product.


Recycling means reusing anything by giving it a different shape and use. There are many benefits of recycling, which involves reducing fossil fuels that are non-renewable sources of energy. The most recycled item is paper, which saves a lot of trees from cutting down. Other recycling products involve iron and tin, creating less iron ore, another fossil fuel, and a non-renewable resource. There are a few recycling centers which are present in this Country.


Waste involves those products which cannot be reused further and need to be dumped immediately. Different types of trash involve other methods to decompose them. Some of the waste gets eliminated and sent to recycling centers as they are eligible for recycling. If not treated properly, waste can create many types of pollution, such as air, land, and water. The waste management of this Country is efficient enough; however, in some peak time when there is a lot of tourism, most of the tourist makes this country, especially the beaches and other public and tourist spot polluted.

Work and Study Abroad

The education pattern of this Country is divided into primary and secondary education. Primary education is further divided into three types: kindergarten, basic education, and special education. This special education is scarce and is given to those children who need special care. Later, the chill child is sent to secondary education. There is not much work or visit because this is an island and there is not much of the development present here however there are George like waiter are English speaking guides which are largely required by tourism companies.

Exchange Student

An exchange student is a program in which a student from a home college is sent abroad for further studies. In this college, the colleges' charges are paid, and the student has to pay only for the living. It is a good program for the ones who love to explore and Want to increase their knowledge. There is a University in this country that has access to this program. As many of the students want to study abroad through this program, the University has decided to big an entrance exam that must be a part of this program.

Au Pair

An au pair is the person who stays with the locals family and takes care bear child. It is work, not a job because there is no involvement of funds by any means. This type of job is rarely available in this country. It is because mostly the ladies present are housewives and take care of their children. There might be some families looking for an Au pair, but it is infrequent.


Volunteering involves the work that is done out of your hobby or feelings. You cannot charge for volunteering. There are organizations present in this country that are ready to expand their team. Some of the organizations are very famous. Therefore, you can easily reach them.

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