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Eco-friendly travel guide to Asunción advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Asunción, Paraguay.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $600

Responsible Travel

Asunción is a one of the oldest cities in the South American region and it has been continuously habited for centuries altogether. The city is a undoubtedly vital not just for the country that it is situated in but also for the entire region as it is an economic and cultural powerhouse. The city holds the distinction of being the largest city in Paraguay and more importantly it is also the capital city of Paraguay. In addition to the above, the city is a major force in Paraguay because it is home to the national government and it is a hub for all major business activities. It is the primary industrial centre of the country and it is also the chief port. The city has a population of over half a million people and most of them live in the 70 districts that the city is divided into. Keeping all of the above in mind, one must realise that there is considerable stress on the local resources, the levels of pollution are also increasing on an annual basis, and as the city attracts larger crowds with each and every passing year every tourist who is visiting the city or is planning to visit the city must try and lessen the environmental impact of their presence, thus, given below are some basic tips and tricks that you can follow to be a responsible tourist while visiting Asunción.

Initially, it is continually proposed that you as an explorer don't put your merited money truly into the pockets of the big organisations and brands. These are accessible in various fields be it fashion or food, you will reliably have a choice to make. Subsequently, you are prescribed to shop from neighbourhood stores, this way you will without a doubt find altogether more hidden gems, choicest craftsmanship and substantial Paraguayan items. Moreover, with respect to food items, try embarking to the local markets and purchase the freshest of produce. This way you will uphold the more unobtrusive venders and propelling neighbourhood associations that ordinarily gain ground toward maintainability rather than profitability.

Recalling the previously mentioned, as an able explorer, screen your suppers, it is recommended that you head to the best neighbourhood diners that serve the best Paraguayan cuisine. Essentially don't go for economical yet run of the mill fast-food chains and baristas, these scarcely consider the local palette. Devouring at close by bistros and street food trucks is possibly the best way to deal with like the genuine flavours and components of the local cooking in Paraguay. In what could be named to improve upon the arrangement significantly further, you will in like manner discover the occasion to taste a few novel dishes cooked using ancient recipes that are gone down through ages of the family.

As a voyager, one of the primary contemplations that add to your carbon impression is such an accommodation that you pick. By and large, most motels are following nonsensical practices and humble hotels consistently are inefficient in the utilisation of their resources. In this manner fix your undertakings in various circles when you are out venturing out to a city as a careful adventurer. Thus, it is suggested that you by and large give due thought to your accommodation choices and book a housing which is a certified green/eco-obliging hotel. These hotels every now and again utilise the resources in the best way and offer you lavishness and comforts in a viable manner.

At last, exploring the city you travel to is perhaps the best bit of your journey. Therefore, it is urgent that you pick the most sustainable technique for exploring the city. This overall proposes that you pursue the most sensible and eco-obliging modes for transportation. You could pick to walk around, use a bike to explore the town, or you could even choose various techniques for public transportation that lessen choking up and energy usage in general. If none of these is connecting to your destination then have a go at using private modes of transportation which use electrical energy as the basic fuel source or are hybrids at the very least.

Air Quality and Pollution

Asunción experiences a humid subtropical climate, this implies that the city has district seasons and the summers are extremely hot and humid while the winters are not too harsh and often bearable, especially for those individuals who hail from countries with near-zero or sub-zero temperatures. The average high temperature is between 23 and 25-degree centigrades during the winters and the average low temperature is between 13 and 15-degree centigrades during the same period. While the average high temperature is above 30-degree centigrades during the summers and the average low temperature is between 18 and 22-degree centigrades in the same season. Thus, if you plan on visiting the city, you must ensure that you are carrying the right kind of clothing for the right season. Also, one must keep in mind that the city experiences a good amount of rainfall all throughout the year. Asunción by and large has a short dry season among May and September, however, the coldest months are June, July and August. Slight ices can happen on normal a couple of days a year. The wet season covers the rest of the year. During the wet season, Asunción is commonly hot and moist however towards the finish of this season, it turns out to be observably cooler. Interestingly, Asunción's dry season is charmingly gentle. Asunción's yearly precipitation peak in the summers because of serious subtropical summer tempests which travel toward the south from northern Paraguay, beginning in the Gran Chaco area of the northwestern piece of the nation. The wettest and driest months of the year are April and July.

As far as air quality of Asunción is taken into consideration, the city has moderate to unhealthy air quality. On some days the air truly is harmful to sensitive groups while on some days you could fancy walking down the street without any protective gear. The major reasons for the high levels of pollution are vehicles and industries. It is no surprise as the city is the capital and the most developed in the country, many industries are situated here and they do add to the pollution, with PM 2.5 being the major pollutant. As a tourist, you need to choose your timings to waltz around the city carefully, avoid walking around at peak hours of traffic as the air shall most certainly be unhealthy, try using masks to reduce the impact of the pollution and those tourists who have breathing ailments must certainly carry all needed medication along with them.

Respect the Culture

Commonly, Paraguayans will in general be very formal and moderate individuals, with family and conventions staying as significant parts of their social culture. Class and monetary status are likewise evident in Paraguay, as the rich-poor gap is maybe more articulated here than with numerous different nations. Nonetheless, regard towards others paying little heed to financial standing is of principal significance here. When visiting Paraguay it is viewed as acceptable behaviour to treat everybody that you meet with deference and poise paying little mind to their situation inside the social order.

Family and extended family is an inborn portion of Paraguayan culture. Family values will, in general, be a traditionalist and you should know that family faithfulness is critical. It is accordingly fundamental that if meeting any relatives of your Paraguayan partner, convention and habits should be maintained. This is on the grounds that the overall agreement of a family will administer over most sincere beliefs. The interest and judgment of the entire family overwhelm the way of life and consequently focusing on a decent impression is.

Regardless of being considered as to a great extent conventional and traditionalist, Paraguayans are additionally amazingly warm, affable and tender individuals. In any case, when meeting somebody in Paraguay, it is acceptable behaviour to hold a conventional methodology and trust that your colleague will affect any familiarity, for example, kissing and embracing. Handshakes among people are the favoured social decision of welcome, regardless of whether you are genuinely very much familiar.

The official language of Paraguay is Spanish, albeit because of the social legacy of the nation, the local language of Guarani is additionally generally spoken. The blend language of Guarani and Spanish is known as 'Jopara'. You won't be relied upon to entirely get Guarani or Jopara, despite the fact that it is acceptable decorum and valuable to get familiar with some conversational Spanish before you set out travelling to Paraguay.

Social chain of importance additionally doesn't mean how well one should dress, in Paraguay, even those with generally little pay will put forth a purposeful attempt to show up all around prepared to hold an aware appearance. You should know that socially you may be decided on your appearance, so consistently put forth an attempt to dress well when in any open circumstance, anyway formal or casual. Dressing all the more unobtrusively and expectedly is ideal, and cosmetics is famous with ladies.

Paraguayans additionally will not in general behave in a blunt or rowdy way. It would hence be an idea of appropriate decorum to hold a level of restraint and unobtrusiveness. On the off chance that you wind up in conflict with a Paraguayan, or need to manage a disappointing or testing matter, you ought to consider that yelling is viewed as terrible habits in Paraguay. Persistence and resistance are viewed as righteous; along these lines testing circumstances should be managed tranquilly. Utilising a level, polite tone is more fitting than raising your voice.

When eating out in Paraguay, manners direct that you should put forth an additional attempt with your dress and appearance. You should dress all the more formally as shorts, flip-flops and athletic apparel are certainly not fitting.

Whenever welcome to an evening gathering at the home of a Paraguayan, it is acceptable habits to carry a gift to present to your host or entertainer and any kids that they may have. Similarly, as with numerous other Latin American nations, blades, scissors and other sharp objects should be avoided as gifts, as they speak to the cutting off of a kinship. More fitting blessings included blossoms, chocolates or desserts for grown-ups, and toys or athletic gear for the kids. Anything illustrative of your nation of origin or culture will likewise be gotten with much eagerness and interest.

At supper, subjects of discussion ought to veer away from political or strict conversations, except if started by your host. As an 'untouchable', it would be viewed as exceptionally terrible manners for you to straightforwardly condemn the Paraguayan Government or military and any of their arrangements.

While you are eating, it is without a doubt that you will be offered second helpings of food. It is viewed as acceptable habits to charitably acknowledge another making a difference. You should likewise know that it is amenable to leave a little food on your plate whenever you have wrapped up. This shows the host that you have been adequately taken care of and have not been left hungry.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Despite the fact that there are a few must-see spots and activities, the greater part of the explorers ordinarily feel one day is totally enough to see the best Asunción has to bring to the table. Asunción is the sort of the city which won't serve you totally shocking sights on a silver plate, however, when looking reflectively on the photographs from the city, you should concede something is hiding underneath the surface, it will just require significant investment before Paraguay and Asunción will be solidly put on explorers' South American schedules. Given below are the top 10 places to visit on your trip to the city:

  • Panteón Nacional de los Héroes: Protected by two grave sentinels, Panteón Nacional de los Héroes is an altar giving recognition to Paraguay's fallen and a tranquil spot for calm reflection. Entombed inside the church are Don Carlos Antonio López, Paraguay's first president and legend of the Chaco War, Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia, just as the remaining parts of two obscure officers. Be on the look out for the stately changing of the watchman for the duration of the day. Pantheon of the Heroes is a Catholic church which was set up in 1863. The structure of the congregation was worked by Alejandro Ravizza who was an Italian planner himself and it has social legacy of the city. You can discover various kinds of fancy designs inside the structure of the congregation. A few authentic occasions of the city are praised here in the congregation consistently.
  • Estadio Defensores del Chaco: Football is one of Paraguay's most energetic distractions. The 2010 World Cup saw the public group arrive at the last, while a few of the nation's best players are dabbed all through Europe's top clubs. Unruly matches at Asunción's Estadio Defensores del Chaco aren't for the cowardly. In case you're feeling courageous, get a game among Olimpia and Cerro Porteño, the city's most prominent adversaries.
  • Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción: Directly at the core of Barrio Catedral, this transcending church is a basic piece of the Asunción horizon. Inherent 1845 to supplant a sixteenth-century house of prayer and clad in silver, it's an incredible sight, with a stripped-back inside and petite recoloured glass windows. Today, the church is at the core of the city's strict festivals, the pope even commended mass here in November 2015.
  • Casa de la Independencia: This unassuming cabin, underlying the late eighteenth century by a Spanish pilgrim, is a significant public landmark. It was here that a closely-knit political gathering proclaimed Paraguay's freedom from Spanish standard in 1811. Presently Casa de la Independencia houses relics of that time, including mystery reports and wonderful compositions of key individuals from the development. History buffs shouldn't miss the dignified picture of Emperor Charles V, hanging in the cantina.
  • Mercado Cuatro: Mercado Cuatro is the most clamouring market in the capital. It's around a 30-minute stroll from the centre, so the ideal outing for a tranquil non-weekend day morning. Street food carts down blend with stands selling indigenous specialities, pets and Chinese gadgets. Get some new nearby produce, a splendid scarf to conceal you from the noontime heat and a frosty ale for the street.
  • Museo del Barro: The fundamental historical centre for everything Paraguayan, Museo del Barro is an absolute necessity visit spot on the edges of the city. Stuffed with memorable workmanship – including wood carvings, pottery, covers and strict figures – the shows follow over 400 years of indigenous culture and pilgrim attack. In the event that you need to study this generally secret nation and its different history, join a (Spanish talking) workshop or a guided visit.
  • Loma San Jerónimo: Head to this playful, bright neighbourhood for a brief look at real Paraguay. Loma San Jerónimo is a celebrated vacation spot which is viewed as the authentic and social legacy of Asunción. Mirador and San Jerónimo church are arranged here on a higher rise from where you can appreciate the full perspective on the city. It houses a few food courts from where you can appreciate different Paraguayan nourishments. It houses numerous shops which sell a few vintage things in the city and consequently, you can pick huge numbers of your decisions. It houses snooker clubs which offers you to appreciate the game. Numerous discos can be found in Loma San Jerónimo where you can invest some of the extra energy by appreciating dance and music. It's somewhat precarious to discover, however, local people are particularly inviting here, much more so on the off chance that you can flaunt some Spanish. At the point when dusks, get some chipá as you meander around, at that point snatch a mixed drink at the great housetop bar, La Casa del Mojito.
  • La Costanera: Twisting close by the Río Paraguay, La Costanera is an expansive promenade frequented by walking local people with tereré (cold-prepared yerba mate) close by. Redeveloped in 2013, it's presently one of the most charming spots in the city to while away an evening or to get the setting sun. Feeling dynamic? Lease a bicycle or rollerblades from one of the numerous riverside merchants.
  • Palacio de los López: Blindingly white and intensely affected by neoclassical and palladian styles, the official royal residence is maybe Asunción's most notable structure. Initially planned to be an amazing home, today it fills in as the seat of government, with the president's office on the ground floor. For a very surprising perspective, head back to the Palacio around evening time when it's enlightened against the inky sky.
  • El Cabildo: Head to Plaza de Independencia for this diamond of a gallery. El Cabildo is a social community and presentation space committed to Paraguay's indigenous legacy. It has a few lobbies stuffed with instances of customary music, strict antiques and local specialities. There are frequently English-talking guided visits, just as admittance to the previous Paraguayan senate rooms. Head higher up for a fascinating perspective over the city.


Asunción is an immensely misjudged city. Perhaps the most seasoned settlement in South America, this rambling city is home to some striking engineering, intriguing galleries, provincial pearls and as of late an updated beachfront promenade. For something somewhat extraordinary, stay in Paraguay's capital and look at our top things to see and do. For voyagers looking for untrampled pastures, Asunción's disintegrating pilgrim structures just add to its appeal. Local people talk a combination of Spanish and the indigenous Guaraní and minimal English. Down and out and recuperating from the fascisms that held South America in the last portion of the twentieth century, Paraguay's capital is as yet cleaning off its knees with regards to the travel industry. However, for the inquisitive, there's bounty hiding underneath the surface. Massive Palacios hobnob with best in class cafés, while the redesigned Costanera attracts hundreds to watch the dusk over the Río Paraguay. Given in the sections below are the best places to visit in Asunción based on their classification.

City Parks

Asunción has quite a few parks in its area, given below are some of the popular ones that you can visit:

  • Plaza de Armas: This is the city's principal square and the hypothetical centre point of its social scene. Unfortunately, in Asunción, this simply isn't the situation, as its Plaza de Armas can best be portrayed as a broken-down, junk tossed ghetto invaded by dejected addicts. One certainly can go there to admire its natural beauty but its better to be safe and not interact with too many shady individuals in and around the park.
  • Parque Seminario: A top pick with neighbourhood wellness fan, the obscure Parque Seminario is pressed brimming with walkers and joggers pretty much all week long. An adjoining Catholic church gets a lot of love, while huge tagged shows are frequently held here around evening time throughout the warmer season.
  • Carlos Antonio Lopez Park: Regardless of being worked over the highest point of a wartime graveyard, Carlos Antonio Lopez Park is the best spot in the downtown area for outside entertainment. Offices incorporate a football pitch, forest climbing trails, and bicycle ways, albeit a lot of local people come here to loosen up and associate with companions. Best give it a wide birth around evening time, however, on the grounds that it's missing sufficient security and lighting.
  • Plaza Infante Rivarola: Possessing a lucky situation in the core of the city's most upmarket area, this verdant Villa Mora square is a well-known spot for local people to unwind in the middle of visiting close-by shopping centres and cafés. Expect to unearth a humming craftsman reasonable or maybe even an offhand open-air theatre execution.
  • The Costanera: A mammoth 2013 redesign revitalized Asunción's rotting Costanera, changing it into a beautiful waterfront lane where local people can appreciate the dusk over the winding Rio Paraguay. Regardless of not carefully being a recreation centre or square, it's by a long shot the best spot around to rollerblade or cycle on a warm summer's evening.
  • La Democracia: As Paraguay's most significant square, La Democracia has been the point of convergence of fights and uprisings all through the nation's fierce history. Various excellent provincial structures flank each side, while a lot more can be discovered only a short distance away.

National Parks

Despite having many parks in its region, Asunción lacks the presence of a true national park however, the Botanical Gardens and Zoo, which is the greatest open green space in the city has gigantic grounds and various zones including a little zoo, some rich nurseries with extensive all around kept up climbing trails, an advantageous public history gallery, and even a eighteen hole golf course.


Asunción is a landlocked city in a landlocked country and finding any beach around would be remotely impossible, so those who are looking forward to it shall be immensely disappointed.


Some of the popular landmarks in Asunción are listed below:

  • Palacio de los López: For a very surprising perspective, head back to the Palacio around evening time when it's enlightened against the inky sky. Blindingly white and intensely affected by neoclassical and palladian styles, the official royal residence is maybe Asunción's most notable structure. Initially planned to be an amazing home, today it fills in as the seat of government, with the president's office on the ground floor.
  • Panteón Nacional de los Héroes: Protected by two grave sentinels, Panteón Nacional de los Héroes is an altar giving recognition to Paraguay's fallen and a tranquil spot for calm reflection. Entombed inside the church are Don Carlos Antonio López, Paraguay's first president and legend of the Chaco War, Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia, just as the remaining parts of two obscure officers. Be on the look out for the stately changing of the watchman for the duration of the day. Pantheon of the Heroes is a Catholic church which was set up in 1863. The structure of the congregation was worked by Alejandro Ravizza who was an Italian planner himself and it has social legacy of the city.


Some of the most renowned museums in the city of Asunción are:

  • El Cabildo: El Cabildo is a social community and presentation space committed to Paraguay's indigenous legacy. It has a few lobbies stuffed with instances of customary music, strict antiques and local specialities. There are frequently English-talking guided visits, just as admittance to the previous Paraguayan senate rooms. These shall be quite informative and worth the price.
  • Museo del Barro: Museo del Barro is an absolute necessity visit spot on the edges of the city. Stuffed with memorable workmanship including wooden carvings, pottery, covers and strict figures the shows follow over four centuries years of indigenous culture and pilgrim attack. In the event that you need to study this generally secret nation and its different history, join a (Spanish talking) workshop or a guided visit. This is truly an enlightening experience for all tourists interested in history, art and culture.


The Paraguayan food that you shall find in Asunción is undoubtedly the most authentic iteration and given below are 3 of the most popular local dishes that you must eat on your trip to the city:

  • Pira Caldo: This generous seafood soup, first formulated after the War, is thought to upgrade sexual ability. It's made with neighbourhood stream fish, as mandi'y and tare'y, which have a substantial surface and pungent nibble. The flavour is improved by vegetables singed in meat or pork fat, just as onion, tomato, ringer pepper and flavours. Now and again milk and cheddar are added as well. You'll frequently be served mandioca as a filling side dish.
  • Mbejú: A staple of Paraguayan food, mbejú (in a real sense signifying 'cake' in Guaraní) is a dull cake-like patty made with mandioca flour, disintegrated cheddar, pork fat, eggs and milk and afterward singed in hot oil. It got well known after the War of the Triple Alliance against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay during the 1800s, when food was scant. You'll in all probability discover it served close by mate cocido (a severe natural tea) or espresso.
  • Chipá: There is a wide range of varieties of chipá that it's difficult to tell where to begin. Essentially, expect a bread roll produced using mandioca (otherwise called cassava), eggs and cheddar. Various sorts incorporate chipá manduvi, made with cornflour and peanuts, and chipá guazú, which is more similar to a level cake made with milk, new corn and cheddar and presented with asado (grilled meats). This commonplace bite is thought to have started in the eighteenth century among the indigenous Guaraní; you'll see it today at practically any road food slow down all through the nation.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most popular restaurants in Asunción are given below:

  • Ciervo Blanco
  • Bar San Roque
  • Paulista Grill
  • La Flor de la Canela
  • Lido Bar
  • Bolsi

Vegetarian and Vegan

Some tourists who are visiting the city shall be eco-friendly in all aspects of life and they may choose to enjoy a vegan meal, hence, for such tourists, the ideal restaurants are listed below:

  • Buena Salud
  • Combitos Restaurante Vegetariano
  • Elefante Blanco
  • La Vida Verde
  • Vida Sana
  • Kehesto
  • Rotiseria Vegetariana Salus Vitae

Street Food

Street food is immensely popular in this region of the world and Asunción does lead the way with some prolific street food places for tourists to visit, given below are a few such places:

  • Tío Rico Street Food
  • La Candelaria Street Food
  • Bazurto Paraguay
  • UKIYO Japan Streetfood


The people of South America love their beverages and many of them have similar tasting ones in their daily lives, given below are some of the most popular drinks to enjoy in Asunción:

  • Tereré
  • Caña Rum
  • Carrulim
  • Beer
  • Maté


Tap water in Asunción isn’t exactly the safest for consumption, hence the tourist must avoid drinking tap water here at all costs and should stick to water served from purifiers, these can be commonly found in good restaurants and malls, you could also rely on bottled mineral water which is not just cheap but also easily available.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are recently the rage across the globe, the people have accepted the idea of sustainable dining and those tourists who wish to enjoy a meal without the guilty conscience of heavily impacting the planet and the local resources can always enjoy a meal at the places listed below:

  • Eco Tienda Café
  • Alma Zen
  • Café Consulado


It is no secret that people in Paraguay love their beers so enjoying a cold pint which is freshly brewed at one of the best breweries in the city is certainly a great idea to chill for all tourists visiting Asunción. Given below are some of the renowned breweries in town:

  • Compañía Cervecera Palo Santo
  • Sacramento Brewing Co.
  • Sajonia Brewing Co. Cervecería
  • Ninjas Con Apetito Beer Garden
  • The Walking Beer Brews Store


There aren’t too many activities for tourists to undertake in Asunción. The city does have a limited number of landmarks and exploring town is an adventure in itself. With the lack of a coastline and sea around the thrill is already reduced to a half but the most fun that you can have is to enjoy the parks around, strolling around town is rejuvenating, you can indulge in jogging, some photography, and perhaps even some bird-watching.

Yoga and Retreats

Over the past few decades yoga has become a way of life for many people across the globe and if you are a tourist headed to Asunción and you wish to practice yoga with some like-minded individuals and experts in the field, it is recommended that you head to some of the most popular yoga retreats in town, these are listed below, so read on to know more:

  • Yoga Urbano
  • Samasthiti Ashtanga Yoga Gurukula
  • Hari Gopal Yoga
  • Yoga Renda
  • Ram Hari Yoga
  • The Yoga Garden Paraguay


Accommodation in Asunción is not a major problem for most tourists since it is the capital city of Paraguay and it offers a truly wide variety of options. Right from budget hotels to extravagant ones, a traveller can find his/her ideal accommodation after considering multiple factors such as tariff, location and amenities. Additionally, a factor that works in the tourists’ favour is that the city is known to be one of the cheapest destinations to visit in the world.

Green Hotels

In Asunción, the concept of green hotels and eco-friendly accommodations has not taken shape wholly. As a tourist, you yet have to rely on major hotels that are international chains and have effective environment-friendly policies in place. Given below is a list of such hotels:

  • Luxsur
  • Villa Floreal Hotel Boutique
  • Las Lomas Casa Hotel
  • La Mision Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Guarani Asunción

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are often a remarkable option for solo explorers who are looking for certain associates around them and unassuming living spaces without choosing extravagances. The current alternatives of hostels are dynamic, they offer some dazzling points of interest and that too without begging to be spent a lot of like the significant lodgings. Given underneath are the best lodgings that you can consider for comfort while visiting Asunción:

  • Hostel El Jardin
  • Casa Amarilla Hostel Asunción
  • Piedra Luna Hostel
  • Estacion Central Hostel


Leasing apartments in Asunción is an extraordinary thought particularly on the off chance that you are going in gatherings or are searching for security without the unbending nature and significant expenses of lodgings. Renting apartments is reliably fairly a task for tourists and voyagers since some establishment is required and one necessities to investigate generally for good areas, reliability, cost, and security. Notwithstanding, it serves to be an amazing option for most voyagers. Airbnb is very famous here however it is suggested that you search for posting on other unmistakable nearby applications and sites too.


CouchSurfing is very mainstream is Asunción and you also could search for a reasonable host. While there aren't an excessive number of rules and guidelines, most has are youthful grown-ups and much such as yourself they also may be striving to make a decent living, so guarantee that you don't be a weight, be useful, be benevolent, repay them, and if nothing ensure you show them some adoration with a little badge of gratefulness toward the end of your stay.


Camping is very well known among local people of Asunción and keeping in mind that there are numerous choices accessible, the locals set out especially during the cooler months. It suggested that you find a group of like-minded individuals and set out with them as they can guide you to scenic hidden spots to pitch a tent, deal with any local issues arising and provide you with an authentic experience

How to Get There

Reaching Asunción from any major city in the region or even European nations shall not be challenging as the city is a popular global destination in addition to being a major hub of Paraguay and its capital too. Given in the sections below are some of the most popular ways to travel to the city, peruse on to know more.


The Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is the primary airport in the city of Asunción. The airport caters to almost all the international, domestic and private flights coming into the city and moving out. The airport handles over 1.5 million passengers annually, so if you are visiting Asunción, it is likely that you shall land here. The airport is well linked to the city via a vast means of transportation, so you do not need to worry about reaching your accommodation from the airport either.


Buses are one of the main modes of transportation in Paraguay and as a tourist, you shall have a wide variety of private and public bus operators running buses from major destinations in the region to the city of Asunción. Depending upon your fare and desired luxury you can pick a bus to Asunción.


Paraguay once had the most developed railway network in the entire region and Asunción was a key destination but over the past few decades the railway line has been shut for passenger services and as a tourist you can no longer opt for rail travel to the city.


Hitchhiking your way to Asunción is certainly an interesting way of reaching the city. Considering the nature of the local people many of them shall be more than happy to give you a ride, while some shall do it for free, some may ask for a negligible amount. However, the biggest issue here is your safety, as hitching on a wrong ride could end up very poorly for you as you could be looted and robbed as many local mischief makers see tourists as a soft target.


Beyond the above listed means of transport there aren’t too many options for those tourists headed to Asunción as they could only rent a car and drive down to the city. The city is a landlocked one and reaching via passenger ferries through inland waterways is a possibility but it is often considered to be way to complex and uncomfortable.

Moving Around

Considering the stature of the city as the capital of Paraguay, one can safely assume that the city has a host of transportation options to commute locally, thus, given in the sections below are some of the most commonly chosen means by the local people and tourists in town.


Walking around Asunción is one of the best ways to explore the city. Not only is it a form of exercise for you on a holiday but it also allows you to explore the city at your own pace and admire every single aspect in detail. However, every part of the city isn’t safe at all hours and you are recommended to restrict your walks to the daytime itself.


Riding a bicycle to explore Asunción is another way of getting in some exercise on a holiday. It is eco-friendly and shall help you shuttle around quicker than a stroll. However, your safety is an issue considering all parts of the city do not have proper lanes and directions.

Electronic Vehicles

Asunción may be a powerhouse in Paraguay but it hasn’t yet developed so well that you can easily rent an electric vehicle. The charging infrastructure is weak and it is extremely unreliable, hence, you may want to stick to the conventional means of transportation.

Public Bus

The public buses of Asunción are known to be moderately efficient, as a tourist, you may not find them to be quite luxurious or even comfortable, often ill-equipped. However, as a tourist you must be aware that not only are the buses the most effective means of transport, they are also the cheapest means of transportation.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city does not have any active rail, tram, or metro network for local transportation.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a basic part of each eco-obliging explorers' journey. This is basic as you can clearly add to the close by economy and with no assistance deal a hit to unquenchable finance managers. Shop from neighbourhood stores in case you wish to take a few to get back some composure of genuine craftsmanship and go without dirtying uber companies who misuse the nearby assets for benefit and voracity instead of sustainability and endurance.

Food Markets

The absolute most well-known food markets in Asunción are:

  • FR Food Market
  • La Marchante

Flea Markets

The absolute most famous flea markets in Asunción are:

  • Folklore
  • Mercado de Pulgas
  • Ao P’oí Raity

Second Hand Stores

Asunción is home to some genuinely remarkable and fascinating second-hand stores, however, you must know that most of them deal with used clothing, electronics, vehicles, and cheap imported goods. Unless you find something of absolute value do not buy it.


Eco-fashion as a trend is not very popular in Asunción. However, most of the local people inadvertently follow an eco-friendly way of dressing up as their local items of traditional clothing are made by fine craftsmen who have mastered the art over generations and they use sustainable methods for the same.


Recycling in Asunción is not too efficient and while most types of wastes are recycled, including glass, plastics and metals, the amount of waste recycled is not sufficient and now the government is known to be working tirelessly to inform and educate the local people.


Waste assortment and collection in Asunción hasn't generally been the best as individuals frequently ridicule rules about waste isolation and removal, yet things have improved and you unquestionably can anticipate precise garbage removal/assortment on your outing to the city.

Work and Study Abroad

The city of Asunción is among the main instruction objections in the region of South America. Furthermore, there are a lot of openings for work accessible here, consequently, you will see numerous individuals from various nations running here to capture the odds accessible.

Exchange Student

The open doors given to youthful understudies by means of grants and through government trade programs itself sets up the base. The popular schools and colleges are a major draw and you can surely discover many international students around town.

Au Pair

Au Pair as an idea is not very mainstream in Asunción and you can unquestionably search for opportunities. There are posting on different sites and you should simply pick the offer that bids to you the most and start a dialogue.


In case you wish to offer back to society and are energetic about a reason, you decidedly can do as such without using cash. Submit your time for action and add to the organisation by volunteering. Through various online social affairs, you can see openings and select for contributing. Considering the general population in Asunción, you will find a lot of chances without looking unreasonably hard.

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