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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bhutan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bhutan, Asia.

The dzong in the Paro valley, built in 1646

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.9 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.8 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.9 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$1100 - $1200
  • Budget per day: US$900 - $1000

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Bhutan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Landlocked in the Eastern Himalayan region, Bhutan is a country in South Asia. It is connected to India in the north and China in the south. Officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, this country is a constitutional monarchy with Mahayana Buddhism which is the state’s religion. The country has some unmentioned beauty of nature. This includes the Gangkhar Puensum which is Bhutan’s highest peak and amazingly an unclimbed mountain in the world. Besides, the country is famous for its diversified flora of more than 5000 species and fauna which contains some rare species like the golden langur, also sloth bear, red panda, barking deer, Tibetan wolf, etc. Bhutan is popular for its forest conservation, great culture, and heritage. Thus, there are some tremendous tourist attractions including Rinpung Dzong, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Tiger’s Nest, Phobjikha Valley, Hidden Valleys of Bumthang, Tower Of Trongsa, Simtokha Dzong, and many others attractive places. Further, the country is known for its amazing landscapes, monasteries, and inherited fortresses. If you are looking forward to spending your vacation enjoying the mountain scenery and beautiful valleys, then Bhutan is the best place for you.

  • Always opt for the methods that can help to keep the environment pollution-free and conserve the natural resources of the country. This will help you to fulfill your duty as a responsible.
  • Prefer using public transport like buses to travel long distances while scouting the popular attractions in Bhutan.
  • You can use the taxis to move around within the city. It is suitable for traveling short distances in less time as the drivers have complete knowledge of the routes and locations.
  • Prefer visiting the local markets for food and lodging. This will help to increase the local economy. It is considered as one of the most effective ways for fulfilling your job as a responsible tourist.
  • To enjoy the wonderful views, you can visit the valley of the country. Besides, you can praise the beauty of Mother Nature by visiting the Himalayan Mountains and feel the freshness of the changed atmosphere.
  • The roads of the country are well connected. Hence, you should opt for using the local transport facilities to support the local livelihood. Transport modes like cars will help you to explore the major destinations of the country.
  • As an eco-friendly tourist, you should consider staying in green hotels. These hotels contribute their role to keep the atmosphere clean.
  • Being a responsible tourist, make sure not to cause any destruction to the heritage and cultural monuments. Keep them well maintained and avoid any scribbling on the walls.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Bhutan is moderately unsafe. There are some regions in the country that has high pollution level. This impure air quality causes a big threat to the health of people. The rate of pollution keeps on fluctuating every day. Hence, the government has taken certain actions ever since these problems started to grow. This group of authorities is motivating the people to hand out their role to improve the air quality by using low fuel-based machines, and imply the same for the means of transports as well. The management is persistently trying to understand the concept and taking the necessary measures to cope up with the problems related to pollution. The government is working hard to make the atmosphere condition of the city better. The country is constantly getting better day by day. These official body has also taken important guidelines to reduce the number of running such gadgets that extends the pollution rate. By applying these measures, they have handled the situation and managed to control the impure air quality to a certain level. Till date, the rise in pollution rate has been taken care of to an estimated rate. So, you can plan your trip to Bhutan without any worries.

Respect the Culture

Being the Buddhist Kingdom, Bhutan is popular for conserving the historical and cultural reign of the country. This country of South Asia has superior quality of living. The country has several ancient places that depict the architectural carvings of the country sites. The Punakha Dzong is the second largest fortress in the country. Its majestic structure makes it unique sightseeing to explore. The Drukgyel Dzong Ruins is part of ancient Bhutan as it digs the country’s history. Various museums and monasteries narrate about the high culture of the country. The National Institute of Zorig Chusum displays the art of the country. The old folk tales narrated in the Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple reflect the culture of Bhutan. The National Museum of Bhutan is known as the cultural museum of the country. It has a tremendous collection of the finest specimen of Bhutanese art. This infrastructure is the house of many masterpieces including the statue made of bronze and the beautiful paintings. This museum portrays maximum Bhutan’s culture. The rich holdings of various traditions and disciplines remarkably blend to represent the past and present of the country’s major attractions. The famous Paro and Thimphu Festivals are a part of ancient Buddhist culture. Therefore, Bhutan is very popular among the tourist for its unique and rich cultural heritage.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Bhutan also has numerous tourist sites that are worth visiting. The Himalayan kingdom offers a trove of archaeological treasures, including many ornate temples and dzong fortresses. It holds several sites of attractions and people love to visit the place. Hence, you will get some beautiful spots that have the most attractive views for your holiday trip. Read further to know about some of the interesting spots that are worth visiting, during your tour to the city.

  • Drukgyal Dzong – This was a fortress and Buddhist monastery, now in ruins, located in the upper part of the Paro District, Bhutan. The dzong was probably built by Tenzin Drukdra at the behest of Ngawang Namgyal, Zhabdrung Rinpoche, to commemorate the victory over an invasion from Tibet. It is listed as a tentative site in Bhutan's Tentative List for UNESCO inclusion.
  • Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary – The sanctuary contains the former Kulong Chu Wildlife Sanctuary, in northeastern Bhutan. It covers most of the Trashiyangtse District including Bumdeling Gewog. It contains diverse flora, fauna, and scenery including alpine lakes and the Bumdeling Valley. The sanctuary also contains several cultural and religious sites. The sanctuary is located in the basin of one of the largest rivers of Buthan and Kholong Chu, Drangme Chu.
  • Punakha Dzong – Also known as Pungthang Dewa chhenbi Phodrang, this dzong is the administrative center of Punakha District in Punakha, Bhutan. It is the second oldest and second-largest dzong in Bhutan and one of its most majestic structures. The dzong houses the sacred relics of the southern Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism including the Rangjung Kharsapani and the sacred remains of Ngawang Namgyal and the terton Pema Lingpa.
  • Rinpung Dzong – Listed as a tentative site in Bhutan’s Tentative List for UNESCO inclusion, this is a large dzong, Buddhist monastery, and fortress of the Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu School in Paro District, Bhutan. It houses the district Monastic Body and government administrative offices of Paro Dzongkhag. A great annual festival or tshechu is held at Rinpung Dzong from the eleventh to the fifteenth day of the second month of the traditional Bhutanese lunar calendar.
  • Wangdue Phodrang District – This is a dzongkhag (district) of central Bhutan. It is also the name of the dzong which dominates the district, and the name of the small market town outside the gates of the dzong. It is the capital of Wangdue Phodrang District. The word wangdue means unification of * Trongsa Dzong – This is the largest dzong fortress in Bhutan, located in Trongsa in the Trongsa district, in the center of the country. It is an important administrative building, providing the headquarters of the government of Trongsa District. It consists of a maze of courtyards, passageways, and corridors, and the complex contains as many as 25 temples.
  • Royal Manas National Park – This Park is Bhutan’s oldest national park, and the Royal Government considers it as the conservation showpiece of the Kingdom and a genetic depository for valuable plants. Habitats in Royal Manas National Park range from lowland tropical forests to permanent ice fields. Ecoregions in the park include Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests and Himalayan subtropical pine forests. It is also home to Bengal tigers, elephants, gaur, as well as rarer golden langur, pygmy hog, hispid hare, and Ganges river dolphin. It is also the only Bhutanese park inhabited by the one-horned rhinoceros and wild water buffalo.
  • Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary – This wildlife sanctuary is located mostly in Trashigang District and just crossing the border into Samdrup Jongkhar District, Bhutan. It is one of the country’s protected areas. It is listed as a tentative site in Bhutan’s Tentative List for UNESCO inclusion. The sanctuary represents the easternmost temperate ecosystems and landscapes of Bhutan and is part of the Eastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests ecoregion.
  • Tamzhing Lhundrup Monastery – Located in Bumthang District in central Bhutan, this is a Nyingma gompa in Bhutan. Its temple and monastery are remarkable for their direct connection to the Bhutanese terton and saint, Pema Lingpa and his tulkus. It is now the seat of Sungtrul Rinpoche, the current speech incarnation of Pema Lingpa. Tamzhing consists of a deteriorating temple and a cramped vihara. It supports a body of over 95 Buddhist monks.
  • Paro Taktsang – also known as the Taktsang Palphug Monastery and the Tiger's Nest), this is a sacred Vajrayana Himalayan Buddhist site located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan. It is one of thirteen Tiger’s Nest caves in historical Tibet in which Padmasambhava practiced and taught Vajrayana. The shrine dedicated to Padmasambhava, also known as Gu-ru mTshan-brgyad Lhakhang or the Shrine of the Guru with Eight Names, refers to Padmasambhava’s Eight Manifestations and is an elegant structure built around the cave.
Drukgyal Dzong


Above are the mentioned top ten tourist attractions, which are worth visiting during the tour to Bhutan. In addition, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider checking out during your tour in the city. Here is a list of such places that you can explore.

City Parks

  • Royal Botanical Park, Lampelri – This is the first botanical park in Bhutan and forms the backdrop of the Dochula Pass. The park forms a biological corridor between the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park and the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Park. Besides, it has a popular botanical garden within it. The park forms the heart of the tri-junction of the hill ranges of Sinchula, Helela, and Dochula. There is a botanical garden of rhododendrons within it. The park has a lake known as Baritsho Lake which has religious sanctity as the local people give votive offerings.

National Parks

  • Jigme Dorji National Park – Named after the late Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, this park is the second-largest National Park of Bhutan. The park provides sanctuary for 37 known species of mammals including several endangered, threatened, or vulnerable species. It is also the only park in Bhutan where the national animal (takin), flower (blue poppy), bird (raven), and tree (cypress) exist together. Jigme Dorji also contains sites of cultural and economic significance. Mount Jomolhari and Mount Jitchu Drake are worshipped as homes of the local deity. The fortresses of Lingshi Dzong and Gasa Dzong are sites of historical importance.
Jigme Dorji National Park


Unfortunately, you would not find any beaches in Bhutan.


  • Jangtsa Dumgtseg Lhakhang – This is a Buddhist temple in western Bhutan and is located on the edge of a hill between the Paro valley and the Dopchari valley, across the bridge from Paro. The temple is notable as it is in the form of a chorten, very rare in Bhutan. The Lhakhang is conceived as a mandala, with different stories (three floors) corresponding to the different levels of initiation. The three floors are said to represent hell, earth, and heaven.


  • Folk Heritage Museum – This museum is located in Thimphu, Bhutan. It is housed in a 3-story 19th-century traditional rammed mud and timber house aged more than 150 years. It includes paddy, wheat, and millet fields, watermill, kitchen gardens, hot stone baths, etc. The ground floor resembles a barn, the upper floor resembles safe storage and the topmost floor resembles a living and dining area. The museum displays various materials related to the Bhutanese culture and way of life. Exhibitions include rural household artifacts, equipment, objects, and tools.
Folk Heritage Museum


This landlocked country is famous for its Bhutanese cuisine. It serves a variety of dishes made with beef, pork, and chicken that are famous among tourists. The famous traditional Bhutanese dish named Ema Datshi is the national dish of the country. Its flavorful recipe makes it a must-try dish when in Bhutan. Rice being the staple food of Bhutan, it is also considered as the main body of Bhutanese meals. Momos are also popular in the country and are liked by almost every individual (both locals and tourists). These local foods are authentic and will surely suit your taste buds.

Bhutan has some delicious street foods that are available in almost every corner of the region. Some popularly known foods to taste in Bhutan are Thupka, Yaksha Shakam, Shamu Datshi, Geon Hogay, and many others. These dishes are easily available and do not cost much. The hygiene level is highly maintained while preparing the dishes. These dishes are full of flavors and tempting. You can choose from the options available, according to your taste preferences.


Bhutan serves good quality alcoholic drinks at cheap rates. It is not only famous among the locals but also among the tourists. You will find a variety of both soft and hard drinks in options. The variation starts from good quality beers to wine of great taste. There is a wide range of strong drinks including whisky, rum, and vodka. You will also get a variety of non-alcoholic drinks besides the exotic ones. There is no doubt that the tourists will find Bhutan a great place to give themselves a treat. Further, the drinks are available at different ranges starting from cheap to expensive. Also, it is easily available in the shops across the city. Some of the drinks are always high in demand due to their affordable price. Ara, also known as Arag is the traditional beverage of Bhutan. This alcohol-based drink is made from the plants that are found on the native high-altitude. This is famous among the locals and is highly recommended for the visitors. The taste of this traditional drink is usual. Other than these alcoholic drinks, you will get flavorful non-alcoholic drinks such as ngad- ja (Indian style sweet milk tea), sud-ja (Tibetan style tea), big Cola, ice tea, etc.


You need to know the quality of tap water in the country you are planning to visit. This will help you to prepare yourself better and stay healthy during your tour. Although in most of the countries, mineral water and packaged water are available at different prices, many countries use tap water as they are very clean and drinkable. When it comes to the tap water of Bhutan, it is completely unsafe to drink.

You need to use bottled water while exploring the country. So, during your trip to Bhutan, make sure to use packaged water for drinking and other purposes. In Bhutan, you will find purified water or bottled water in almost all restaurants, food stores, grocery stores, and cafes. It will help you a lot to get drinkable water wherever and whenever you want. Most of them also come at a very reasonable price, which makes it a good option. Further, you can opt for drinking tap water after boiling it. As per the suggestions, it would be good to not use tap water for drinking.


Bhutan has several sites that you can opt for visiting. The rich cultural heritage and the old monasteries in the country are very popular. Some famous places are there, which the tourists prefer to visit for site seeing and capturing the beautiful moments. The Cham dance is truly remarkable and represents the culture of the country. In this event, people depict themselves as demons, animals, heroes, death heads, and others by wearing costumes and wooden masks. You can enjoy seeing this and admire their talent. The music of Bhutan is also a masterpiece. It is divided into traditional national variations, which will make you feel the music from the heart and even tap on the beat.

Besides, enjoy the traditional dance and music, you can also enjoy few outdoor activities to get an adventurous experience. These outdoor activities include white water rafting in the Khansum Yulley, rock climbing at The Nose in Thimphu, and kayaking in the rivers Wang Chhu, Kuri Chhu, Puna Tsang Chhu, and others. You can also go trekking that begins in Paro. There you will get the chance to enjoy the stunning view of the Jomolhari peak along with the marvelous flora and fauna. The Druk Path Trek is also a great destination for trekking. It is surrounded by the forests and mountains of Gangkar Puensum. You can also opt for archery, paragliding, and mountain biking. You can also consider hot springs in Punakha and Bumthang, not only for relaxing but also for their medicinal properties.


The accommodation arrangement of the country is remarkable. Every city in Bhutan is well developed to provide options in types of accommodation available. Whether you want to stay in the city for study, vacation, or business purposes, you will get multiple options to select from. Mainly, all the lodging services will provide you the facilities of free internet connection and parking areas. Though being a peaceful and untouched land, the lodging services of the country will provide you nearly all the benefits starting from transportation to food markets. Being a tourist, the first thing you need to take care of the accommodation. Booking a room or two accordingly is very the first thing when you visit any other place. This provides you a place to keep your luggage securely without getting missed. Further, when you get tired after traveling the accommodation faculties will provide the best options to relax. Hence, many hotels and resorts provide extra benefits like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc. These types of hotels can be expensive but are worth staying to release your tiredness and build up your energy.

Green Hotels

Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should plan to stay in the green hotels available in the city. The facilities of these green hotels are somewhat similar to an average hotel. These hotels play an important role to keep the environment pollution-free. You will observe some recycled and environment-friendly items that you can use as well. Doing this will assist you to fulfil your duty as a responsible tourist to keep the country safe and clean.

There are several such hotels in different regions of the country. The cost of these hotels is usually low as compared to the other hotels. Considering the well-being of the visitors, these green hotels provide pollution-free goods as much as possible. The pollutants present in the atmosphere get purified by the greenery that is planted all around the hotels. Many such hotels are aware of the increasing pollution rate. Besides, they are taking all the necessary precautions to build a harmless environment.

Hostels and Guest Houses

You will find several hostels and guesthouses to be housed in the city you are planning to stay. You can opt for the options available as per your preference. If your tour is for a longer duration, then consider staying in the hostels or the guesthouses. As these lodging options are inexpensive, they will save you money. These are the best options for your long stay. Rather than a reasonable price, the other reason to select among these lodging facilities is the top-class amenities. The facilities that you will get here are somewhat related to the ones that you get in hotels and motels. You might get the lodging near to your preferred location, but make sure to make a pre-booking as Bhutan experiences a crowd of tourists and visitors every year.


Apartments are more beneficial for those who are planning to stay in Bhutan for few months. If you visiting the city for studying purposes or business purposes, then this the highly recommended option for lodging. You will get a number of rental apartments in the preferred city. Apartments provide many advantages and benefits for tourists to stay comfortable during the tour. There are many cheap to expensive apartments available with a different range of premium features to the tourists. You can even opt to share the apartments, to reduce your share of payment. Also, this sharing service will motivate you to survive in an unknown place and knowing the country better.


If you are lacking in money or want to spend less on accommodation, then Couchsurfing is a great option for you. In the past few years, Couchsurfing has become quite popular in many countries and cities. Opting for this option will help you to survive in the city with nearly all facilities. Also, it is a useful way to explore the busy city life while you are on your vacation. This method of lodging also helps you to interact with the locals and get more knowledge about the country from the local’s perspective of living. Selecting Couchsurfing will help you to scout the non-popular places as well. Further, it will make the trip more interesting as you start to know about the city.


Though being covered by the lands from all sides, Bhutan provides mostly all the attractive places that a tourist looks for. Starting from the food to lodging. Further, it also provides campsites. So, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, then camping in the country would be the best choice. Being the Land of Thunder Dragons, Bhutan has some adventurous camping sites with amusing landscapes. This country has few remote areas that are provided for camping. This includes Gangtey, where you can meet the native people and enjoy the thrill of serene places with a great view of mountains and valleys. Other camping sites of Bhutan include the Lhuentse, which is known as the land of paradise. Here you can camp along the riverside of Kuri Chhu River and feel the gentle breeze of the pleasantly flowing air along with admiring the handcraft of women weaving. Apart from these, you can opt for camping in the village of Tingtibi, Limukha, Khotokha, Punakha, and Gongphu.


Bhutan regions map.png
Central Bhutan
Eastern Bhutan
Western Bhutan


  • Thimphu - The capital city
  • Jakar - An administrative town in the north and the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan.
  • Mongar - One of the largest towns in east Bhutan.
  • Paro - The location of the international airport and Taktsang Monastery.
  • Punakha - A former winter capital of Bhutan.Still hosts the Monastic Body in Winter.
  • Phuentsholing - A town on the Indian border. The point of entry for travelers arriving by bus from Kolkata.
  • Samdrup Jongkhar - An administrative town in the southeast, near the Indian border.
  • Trashigang - A picturesque administrative town in the east.
  • Trongsa - A small administrative town famous for its dzong and the Tower of Trongsa

Getting There and Moving Around

The transport facilities of Bhutan are well connected. While traveling from one city to another or from one Asian country to another, you can opt for using various modes of transportation such as railways, roadways, and airways. As a responsible tourist, you should opt for traveling by public transport available in the cities of the country. This will help you to reach a major destination covering both short and long distances. The fares of all these means of transportation are a lot different. When it comes to exploring the interior of the cities, you might need to break your journey based on your location. Hence, you can consider traveling by taxi, buses, and SUV cars to explore the cities. It will be more convenient and comfortable if you are traveling with your loved ones.


Traveling through airways has always been very speedy and restful. It helps you to save your time and utilize them on other effective things. Bhutan has only one international airport namely, Paro Airport. The country also has a domestic airport namely, Yongphulla Airport. Regarding the prices of the tickets, it can vary depending on the location to want to go to and the airline you are boarding on. You can easily compare and select according to your preferences. Choosing to travel through airways can be expensive but it is worth spending because of its rapid service and comfort travel.

Paro Airport


As the roadways of Bhutan are well interlinked, the transport network within the country is very widespread connecting all the directions. These roadways are maintained by the Bhutanese Government’s Department of Roads. Being paved land, you will find a network of passenger buses that run across the cities of the country. Though traveling by bus can be a bit tiring, but it will cost you less as compared to the other modes of transportation. The buses here are highly maintained and make sure that you have a safe and comfortable ride.

A bus in Bhutan


Currently, Bhutan has no railway system. The King of Bhutan and the Prime Minister of India have entered into a contract to connect southern Bhutan to India’s widespread network. The possible routes include Hashimara to Phuentsholing, Pathsala to Naglam, Banarhat to Samtse, Kokrajhar to Gelephu, Rangia to Darranga, and further to Samdrup Jongkhar. A plan was approved to build an Indian broad gauge rail connecting Hashimara in West Bengal with Toribari in Bhutan. The railway route through Satali, Bharna Bari, and Dalsingpara will be constructed and owned by the Indian Railways.


Hitchhiking is considered to be the best facility that provides traveling options without spending much money. If you have low-budget traveling or there is any shortage of money, you can opt for this mode of transportation while your stay in the country. The practice of hitchhiking is way far better and easier in Bhutan. Getting quick hitchhiking facilities while being on the roads of the country is considered to be safe. In this place, you will get more than one car at a time that can provide the hitching facility. Though it is time-consuming but provides you and an amazing journey full of adventures. Bhutan has well-connected roadways. The main roads that run from the western to eastern Bhutan are maintained by the Dantak, a task force of India’s Border Roads Organization. Whereas, other roadways of the country are maintained by the Bhutanese government’s Department of Roads. The local authorities in the local areas of Bhutan also take the responsibility to maintain the roadways. These ways of traveling will help you to interact with the local Bhutanese people and gain knowledge about the country from their perspective of staying.


There are several other means of transport available inside the country, apart from airways, buses, and hitchhiking. You can explore the inner city by walking down the paths. Other options like helicopter services are also available in the country that provides the service for sightseeing and enjoying the aerial view of the country’s attractions. At a time only six passengers are allowed on the helicopter. This service is handled by the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service. You can even opt for renting a car or bike, to visit the local areas and markets of the cities.

Sustainable Shopping

It does not matter which country you are selecting to travel to shopping is an important part. It helps you to understand the culture very closely and become more conscious about their tradition. Purchasing some of the unique things such as souvenirs or items for loved ones is a very common activity for tourists. Instead of casual shopping, people around the world are now opting for sustainable shopping that helps to shop lovely things at low costs and decreases the waste of the city. You will be able to see some of the popular markets in the country that offer antique and vintage items. If you like to add some handicraft items to your collection, then Bhutan is the place for you.

You will get items such as Cane and Bamboo handicrafts, Dzi Beads (Himalayan beads), gold and Silver Jewelry, Handmade Wooden Bowls known as Dappa, Hand-woven textiles, Bhutanese handmade paper, Sculptures, and Buddhist paintings, and some of the other high-quality items at a low cost. Purchasing items from the small shops will support them a lot, as most of them are dependent on tourism.

From clothes to accessories, you will find various types of items while exploring these markets. Make sure to visit the markets early, so you can get the best items before they go out. Some of the popular marketing places in Bhutan are Norzim Lam Street, Lunga Handicraft, DSB Books, Yarkay Central Mall, Yoser Lhamo Shop, Choki Handicrafts, Authentic Bhutanese Craft, Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Center, and Thinley Dhendup General Shop and Handicraft.


In the process of making Bhutan a clean and pollution-free country, it pays keen attention to recycling waste products. Bhutan’s first-ever and currently only waste paper recycling facility is the Eco-Friendly Initiative. Bhutan experiences a high rate of urban population which increases the challenges of the urban environment. This also makes the country face the challenge of economic development in the urban area. Many urban areas lacked landfill grounds and effective waste disposal systems. This lack of facilities prompted the people of Bhutan to burn the garbage or just throw it off the cliff. Therefore, the government is planning to increase the recycling product percentage to bring change to the country.

As this country has the opportunity to recycle more, in the past few years they have taken various measures to recycle as much they can. This aids them to ensure that the country is free from wastes. The country has started this recycling procedure more efficiently. This has helped them to achieve a lot of development in the country to process for filling the gap of recycling.

Many local people here, contributed to the gathering of the wastes that are found in different regions of the country such as cities, landslides, and others. Measures have been taken to improve the process and use the wastes in different places as recycled. Make sure that you are playing your part as an eco-friendly tourist while staying in this country during your trip, to keep Bhutan free from wastes.


Waste production is a very critical issue that is arising in almost every country. However, many countries have taken the necessary steps to improve the environment and reduce waste collection. Bhutan is one of the fast runners in this case as they have taken the steps to improve the condition earlier. The Eco-Friendly Initiative is responsible for waste management in Bhutan. Hence, they are working efficiently with the resources and aiming to create a society that values the resources and avoids wastage. The Waste Prevention and Management Regulation has been set in Bhutan to regulate waste management and minimization.

Several agencies and monitoring authorities are effectively implemented to manage this regulation. They are appointed to check the origin of different types of waste and their management. The National Environment Commission is the main monitoring body that supports this regulation and coordinates its overall performance. Also, the Royal Bhutan Police helps to assist the implemented agencies to achieve the goal. This process to heal the environment also acts as a workplace for men, women, and children. However, this regulation targets to achieve sustainable economic growth by decreasing the cost of climatic change to the economy. The country has divided the waste management categories and each one is monitored by a specific authority.

Work and Study Abroad

Bhutan is popular in the world for having a lot of tourist attractions that reflect the history of the country. Many tourists are not familiar with the working and student culture in the county. Education in Bhutan is much better as compared to that in many other countries. This landlocked country is remarked for providing safe and academically interactive campus life. Besides, it offers attractive courses to foreign students. During your tour of the country, you will be able to see a lot of students from different countries who are staying in the country to complete their education. Also, there are many universities available in the country which offer benefits like exchange students that help the students to study in the country at a low cost.

Apart from this, there are many migrants as well who are working and earning their living pretty well. Plenty of jobs are available in the country that helps workers from different countries to earn a lot. Jobs like Au Pair and volunteering are also available that help you to contribute toward the country to stay safe and help out the local people. The education system has improved a lot from the past times, which is attracting students from different countries. Here are some of the things that will help you to know more about the benefits and facilities that are available for foreign students.

Exchange Student

As mentioned above, exchange students are one of the most effective benefits that help the students to study in other universities at a low price. It is getting popular around the world, and most of the universities in different parts of the world have partnerships to offer this facility to their students. The best thing about this facility is that students can study at foreign universities only with the college fee. Most of the reputed universities have partnerships with other universities in different countries all around the world. With the help of the exchange student, many students are living in the country to complete their education successfully.

If you want to take the help of this benefit to study in Bhutan, then you have to know whether your home university has a partnership with any of the universities in Bhutan. To get this benefit, you will have to get nominated by your home university. Only if you are nominated, and your university has a partnership with Bhutan’s universities, then only you will be able to study in the country using this exchange student program. Through the online services, you can check which colleges or universities in Bhutan have partnerships with your college.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a helpful facility and job sector for foreign students and workers. It is a useful facility, which is popular around the world. Most of the people take the help of this facility in the early stage of their settling down in the country. The benefit of this facility is that it will provide you the convenience to be able to get shelter, food, and even some pocket money.

In exchange for all these, you will have to take care of the house, children, or elderly person. It is available in most of the cities of Bhutan. However, you will need to take the help of the online services to find the host easily and quickly. You need to make sure that you are contacting the host earlier, as the procedure takes some time. This will also help you to avoid all the end-moment trouble that one might face while reaching the country. Also, you will get the chance to know their way of living better.


Volunteering is known to be one of the best ways to give your contribution to the country and make it a safer and cleaner place for tourists. As an eco-friendly tourist, you can volunteer for different jobs in the country. This volunteering idea starts from keeping the famous attractions of the country clean to teaching English or any other languages to the local people.

This will also help you to gain a lot of knowledge about the local people, their culture, their traditions, and many such other things. You can have a look at the online services to know about the list of available jobs available and consider the options that you can choose to volunteer. You will come across many foreigners who are participating in the volunteering work conducted in the country.

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