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Eco-friendly travel guide to Kolkata advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Kolkata, India.

Kolkata's Skyline

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$5 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $250

Responsible Travel

Kolkata is a very well known city in India, which is also known as the City of Joy. People from all over the world visit this city to witness the unique culture and people of this place. Kolkata is also known as the cultural capital of India as you will be able to see the rich culture of Bengalis in this city.

If you are interested in history, then you will also hear the stories of the British Raj and Mughal Era, partition of Bangladesh, and many other important moments of Indian history. This is one of the cities where you will get to see the old trams and taxis of the past era. When you are visiting the city, make sure to follow some instructions as an eco-friendly traveler to travel safely and help the city.

  • While traveling inside the city, make sure to use the local transportation modes to help the city stay pollution-free and move comfortably throughout the city. You will get some of the best and rare transportation options in this city such as rickshaws, trams, eco-friendly taxis, and many more.
  • The city has many green hotels that use different eco-friendly methods to keep pollution to a minimum level. Make sure to use these green hotels for your stay in the city to ensure a comfortable stay and help out the city to stay out of pollution. Most of these hotels come at a reasonable price and many different benefits.
  • The city offers some very famous parks where you can visit to enjoy the fresh air along with witnessing nature. Resting in a place surrounded by green trees will help you to get far from the crowds.
  • Foods are necessary for every trip to different cities. Kolkata is no different and the city is very well known for some of the famous street foods and popular Bengali fish cuisines. Make sure to try these foods from local stalls and street shops to help out the people and get the authentic taste of Kolkata foods.
  • When exploring the city, make sure to purchase items, clothes, foods, and other goods from local shops. A large population of the city is dependent on tourism. Your support will help them very much to keep providing their service to travelers.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Kolata is not healthy and the overall average for most of the people. Although most of the time the Air Quality Index of this city stays moderate. There are times when the AQI starts to jump very high and it might be not healthy for you to travel without precautions. If you are traveling to the city, make sure to carry a pollution mask with you to wear it whenever you need it.

If you have problems like breathing, asthma, heart problems, and others, then it is best to take some medicines along with you with a mask to ensure safety. Although local people do not have any issues living in the city the air quality might not be good for a specific group of people who have different conditions.

Also, make sure to check the month of your journey to this city, in some specific months, the air quality gets worse. 'You can take the help of online services to know the AQI of the city before stepping foot in the city.

Respect the Culture

The city is very well known around the world for its rich culture for decades. Although the majority of people are Bengali in this city, you will come across Muslim, Christian, and many others. The culture of the city is very diverse and comes with different traditions. You will get to see the cultural touch of the city in many different things from foods, buildings to clothes.

So, when you are in the city make sure to visit all the corners and lanes. As Kolkata is known to be the most important cultural center in India, you will be able to get a very good experience visiting this city. From modern Indian literacy to Indian nationalism, you will get a touch of all these things in the city. Do not forget to visit the museums to witness some of the historical masterpieces of this city.

Top 10 Places to Visit

People from different parts of the globe love to visit the city of Kolkata and feels like enjoying every moment. The Bengali culture of the city becomes a central point of attraction, and everyone gives it a special value. But if you want to make your trip more enjoyable, then these ten places are mandatory for you to visit.

  • Hatibagan Market - One of the best shopping markets where you will find a wide variety of products. It ranges from different types of garments and many other things like them. Besides buying these products here, you can also try out some street foods like Phucka, Papdi chat, and many more. Go for it, and it is guaranteed that you will not have any kind of disappointments.
  • Marble Palace - Once you have a tour of the market, then you can visit this wonderful palace. It was built in the 18th century and tells you a brief history of the famous merchant of Bengal. There is no such person who misses it because the opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Dakhineshwar Temple - Without any doubt, we can say that this is the best temple where you can get to know about Lord Ramakrishna. There is a long story which tells the significance of this place and how it became popular. Make a double tick of this place in your travel diaries and never miss it by any chance.
  • Belur Math - This temple is near to Dakhineshwar, where you can go and enjoy the evening prayers. It gives you a holy peace and can also fulfill all your wishes. Just try it out, and you will feel like recommending this place to your beloved persons.
  • Alipore Zoo - It is a zoo where you will get diverse animals and would want to interact with them. In other words, interacting means feeding them and listening to their inner voice. If you even think of missing it, then you would curse yourself throughout life.
  • Fort William - Though it is a fort, many people in the city call it a palace. It was build during the Mughal era and is still famous today. The reason behind this is that it gives you a fair knowledge about King William and his famous achievements. Even if you are not a history lover, then also you will love it to the fullest.
  • St. Paul's Cathedral - It is the biggest church that was established in the year 1847. Without asking any questions, just come here, and you will love its ambiance. Many people call it a boring one but rather than hearing their views, just explore it yourself and then form an idea.
  • Birla Temple - This temple is like a monument and is famous for some of the architectural sculptures. The moment you see them, then you would have an eagerness to know more and more. Although cameras are not allowed inside you can take a picture of this temple from the staircase.
  • Nakhoda Masjid - The best mosque which depicts the activities of the early ages. In other words, you can say that the things which took a major part during the commencement of this place. In the beginning, you would find this place uninteresting, but later on, you will soon realize its value.
  • Mani Square - During the evening time, you can have a tour of this shopping mall and get to rediscover yourself. This shopping mall has the finest stores of fashion wears and clothes. The moment you have a look at them, then you would soon make a decision to buy them very soon.
Marble Palace


Now, if you want to explore the city briefly, then these ten places are not enough. You have to also go to some other places like city parks, national parks, and museums. This way, you will not only enjoy but also get a different feeling.

City Parks

  • Eco Park - One of the biggest parks where you will get a lot of fun-filled and recreational activities. Come here with your family during the morning time and enjoy the whole day with them. Believe it or not, but the majority of the city people visit this place at least once a week. Make a fair attempt, and you would never feel like returning back to your normal life.
  • Maidan- This park is just awesome, and here you can visit during any time of the day. Mostly the couples come here, but if you want to find relaxation, then this is the perfect place for you. It will not only give you peace but also make you free from all the pains and depressions.
  • Lake Town Children’s Park - It is situated in a place called Lake Town, and here you have to come during the day time. Bring your children over here, and they will love some of the fun rides. Besides them, you will also have fun and get to experience the most valuable things in your life.
Eco Park

National Parks

  • Birsa Munda Triangular Park - It is a small park, but you can come here for jogging and have a nice leisure time. Earlier no one understood its value, but now, after visiting, everyone praises it and gives positive reviews.
  • Nature Park - If you Google out this place, then you would see that it is spread all over the internet. It is because the park provides you with scenic beauty and gives you the real meaning of nature. You can also try it out for a family picnic and capture some of the best memories.


If you are looking for beaches in Kolkata, then you would not find it. But the best thing which you can do is to visit some of the nearby districts. There you will get the best beaches and feel like spending the whole day over there.


  • James Prinsep - There is no doubt about it that this is the most famous historical landmark. You should have exposure to it for at least once in a lifetime. Once you come here, then you would have an addiction to exploring it again and again.
  • Birla Planetarium - You cannot imagine that this is a lovely place where you can experience some famous astronomy shows. It is a real-life experience, which is even more than a 3D theatre show. Now, if you still have any doubts about it, then see the best reviews and ratings on the internet.
James Prinsep


  • Jorasanko Thakurbari - This is the house of Rabindranath Tagore, which is now called a famous museum. Here you will get to see his famous works, and it will take you to those early days. This place is mostly visited by foreigners because they want to learn more about the literary arts of Tagore.
  • Indian Museum - You cannot imagine that this museum has a huge collection of antiques, ornaments, mummies, skeletons, and many more. Visit here and rediscover the colonial era in the latest form.
  • Science City - Do not do by its name because it is simply a science museum. Here you will see some of the popular science exhibitions and know the purpose of those experiments. If you have not seen it, then you have missed the most crucial thing on your trip.


Your trip to Kolkata is not complete if you have not tasted the delicious local foods of this city. For many people, Kolkata is famous for having Rasgulla and Misti Doi, but there are many other things available in the city that will take your breath away. You might have never eaten a cuisine like the Bengali cuisine, which is known around the world to be a food delicacy among travelers.

Make sure to try the Bengali cuisine from a local restaurant to get the best food experience of Kolkata. You will be mesmerized by eating a variety of fishes such as Hilsa, Pabda, Prawn, and others. When it comes to street foods, Kolkata offers you a number of dishes that you will not be able to complete in one day.

From Jhal Muri to the famous Fuchka, which is also known as Golgappa in many states, there are hundreds of street foods that are available in the city. Here are some of the best places to visit in the city to get the best food experience of Kolkata in detail.

Traditional Local Restaurants

As mentioned earlier, your tour to Kolkata is not complete if you have not tried the traditional foods in the city. Kolkata is very well known for having some signature foods and you need to try them on your trip to the city.

There are many traditional restaurants scattered throughout the city that offer true Bengali cuisines at an affordable price. You will be welcomed with all heart to these restaurants and they will be happy to serve you the delicacies of Kolkata. Here are some of the places given below that will help you to get the real sensation of Bengali foods in this city.

  • Bhojohori Manna - This is one of the restaurants that is very well known for offering Bengali cuisines to customers for long years now. All different types of fish are available in this restaurant and it is known for offering delicious foods. Make sure to try the starter to dessert all types of food here for getting the best experience of Bengali food.
  • Kasturi - Another very well known Bengali traditional restaurant that is very well known for serving Bengali buffet to customers. The price of eating is not very high compared to other restaurants but it offers a wide range of platters that will help you to get the amazing experience of eating Bengali food.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Not to worry if you are a vegetarian in the city of joy, there are plenty of options that are just waiting for you to grab. Many local people in the city are vegetarian and they like to eat veg delicacies.

That does not mean they miss out on the taste of Bengali cuisine, there are many different vegetable dishes available in the city that will beat fishes and any other meats.

In fact, some Bengali veg dishes are known around the world for the taste. Head out to these popular restaurants to try some of the vegetable wonders in Kolkata.

  • Rajdhani Thali - As the name suggests, the restaurant has a very unique system of serving food in a thali that is huge. The royal thali is presented to you with all different types of veg dishes from dhoklas to dal baati churma. The spices and aroma will stay with you for days and you will return to this place to try the plate again.
  • Fly Kouzina - Do you want to try the best vegetarian Bengali dishes in a themed place? Then visit this restaurant as fast you can which is one of a kind in the city that offers a wide range of dishes at affordable prices. Also, the whole restaurant is themed like an airplane that helps you to get the experience of eating on a plane.

Street Food

Coming to the most interesting part of the city which is street food. Kolkata is very well known all around the world for having a very wide range of street foods in the city. Travelers from different countries shower with compliments when they are talking about street foods in the city.

From Jhal muri to Fuchka and Egg roll to Aloo Chop, there are some of the things in this city that you will not find in any corners of the world. The spice blending in the mouth with awesome taste will help you to get very nice experience.

Some of the dishes that you need to try in Kolkata include Kati Roll, Momos, Chop, Channar Jilipi, Fish Cutlet, Ghugni Chaat, Dimer Devil, Keemar Doi Bora, Doodh Kola, and last but the most important Rasagulla. You will get street food stalls in every step in the city and they come at a very reasonable price so you do not have to spend much to try these delicacies.


Drinking is a necessity in between traveling to different places in your trip as it helps you to keep refreshed and hydrated. But drinking water all the time can be boring for many travelers, so what are the other options available in the city? Well, you have plenty of available options that you can choose to get the best refreshment along with getting your energy back.

From local drinks to international, all different types of drinks are available in the city. You will come across many fruit juices on your way to the city from watermelon to lemon, some of the most selling drinks that travelers drink a lot are coconut water and lassi.

But you can not afford to miss the chance of trying tea in Kolkata, the city is floating with tea stalls and most of the tea stalls offer delicious milk tea, which is one of the cultural signs of Kolkata.


No, the tap water of Kolkata is not drinkable in most parts of the city. There are some places where you can get safe to drink tap water but it will be hard for you to pinpoint the exact locations throughout the city. It is best to stick with the packaged water that comes both local and branded.

Many people filter and boil the water very well before drinking it but it is not recommended for travelers as you might get sick if you are not accustomed to the water. Try to carry a packaged drinking water bottle with you to every place you go to.

Although you will get shops that sell packaged water in every turn of the city, carrying one will help you to get it in an emergency. You can use boiled or filtered tap water to brush your teeth and wash your mouth, along with showering. There are no reports of getting harmful effects of showering with this water yet.

Organic Cafés

If you are health conscious and want to eat organic dishes in the city, then you have come to the right place. You will be able to see raw food farming and getting shopped from the field in many parts of the city. They do not use pesticides to make organic foods 100% genuine.

You will come across many health-conscious local people in the city that prefer eating organic foods. This has helped the city to adopt organic foods very well, and you will be able to find organic vegetables in the normal markets.

They might be a bit expensive but perfect choices for health. Here are some places that you can stop by to have a very good organic meal in the city.

  • Mystic Yoga Cafe - One of the very well known organic cafes that offer plenty of organic dishes to customers. The place has a nice atmosphere with Buddhist chants that helps to feel very nice. From cakes to muffins and other healthy foods, the variety of items in this place will help you to stay healthy in Kolkata.
  • The Yellow Straw - This one is quite an old restaurant that has been offering organic and healthy foods to the customer for a long time. But the special thing about this restaurant is the different types of juices.


Kolkata is not very far behind when it comes to some local brews. There are some local brews that can help you to get the best experience of traveling to this city. However, if you want to get any international drinks that are also available in this city. As the place is well connected with almost all the places in the world, you will find almost everything here.

The best option to taste the best breweries in this city is to try the nightlife. The nightlife in this city is very vibrant and comes in different colors and drinks. The whole city changes and becomes fun with plenty of bars and pubs scattered in the city.

You can visit some of the popular places like The GRID, Beer Republic, Country Roads, RoadHouzz, Raize The Bar, and other places to get the best taste of both local and imported beers in this city. Make sure to book a seat in advance to avoid waiting in the line to get in these places.


If you are traveling to Kolkata for the first time, then you should know that this city is very well known for having different activities from outdoor to indoor. The city has some of the best temples in India along with beautiful places. You will need more than one week to visit all the beautiful and popular places in the city.

When you are finished visiting popular places, there are plenty of activities that will be waiting for you that include horse carriage riding on the busy roads. Yes, this is one of the best experiences that you can get by riding a horse carriage around the famous Victoria Memorial hall.

Also, you can catch a boat to float through the famous Ganga while watching the view of the Howrah bridge. Other activities like fishing, trekking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, yachting, and many others are available in the city that you can participate in to get the best experience.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is known to be a very popular method that helps you to relax and calm your mind from all the different things. Many travelers like to engage in this activity to calm their mind and take off the pressure. After a busy day of roaming around this crowded city, you can visit the yoga centers in the city to do yoga and chill.

As many people in the city are very concerned about their health, there are many yoga centers where locals go daily to train and get all their energy back to do daily activities. These yoga centers are scattered throughout the city in every corner.

Here are some of the places that you need to visit to do the best yoga. You can also participate in online yoga classes that will help you to stay in your home and do yoga.

  • JUSTYOG (online Yoga Classes)
  • Poorna Prem Yoga
  • Sattva Meditation and Yoga Centre


Accommodation is very important in a huge city like Kolkata, choosing a palace that is connected with all the different corners is very important. The city is filled with many 5 star hotels, 3-star hotels, hostels, apartments, guest houses, and many other accommodation options.

You can choose any of them to stay in the city based on your staying time and choices. You will also get plenty of green hotels in the city that can help you to stay in the city while contributing to the environment. Being a famous travel destination, the hotels and other accommodation options are always booked.

So, it is better to book your room early before the starting date of the journey to ensure the availability of rooms. Here are some of the details given below about different accommodation options that will help you to choose one.

Green Hotels

As mentioned above, green hotels are the best option for you to contribute to the city as an eco-friendly traveler. You will be able to stay with all the different benefits but without increasing pollution in the city. These hotels use different methods that help to save energy and resources along with reducing pollution.

There are plenty of green hotels available in Kolkata that you can book using online service and offline. Here are some of the popular ones that you can visit to get the best stay in Kolkata.

  • Floatel Kolkata - This is an excellent accommodation choice for you as it is the first floating hotel in India and whole South Asia. This hotel is completely eco-friendly and comes with different benefits to make sure that your stay is comfortable. You will be able to book the rooms online by visiting their online website or other services.
  • Green Inn Banquet & Rooms - Another reputed hotel in Kolkata that is very well known for all the eco-friendly methods that they use. You will be able to experience a very nice stay in this city. You can also book rooms in this city using online services easily to ensure availability.

Hostels and Guest Houses

As the hotels can be expensive for a long stay, you can book hostels and guest houses that can help you to stay at low prices in the city. You can find many guest houses and hostels in the city that you can book for a long stay at low fare. Some of the hostels and guest houses offer different benefits like free wi-fi, free food, and others.

You will be able to book hostels and guest houses in this city using online services easily. Staying in guesthouses and hostels will help you to explore the local lifestyle and people of the city. Here are some of the hostels and guest houses in the city that can offer you a nice stay in the city.

  • Backpackers Park
  • Sterling Guest House
  • Shankar Guest House


You can rent apartments in this city to enjoy your stay as long as you want like a local. This is the best option for accommodation to stay in the city for as long as you want at a moderate price. Plenty of choices are available for rent and there are different price ranges that can help you to get various features.

It is best to book the rooms as soon as possible using online services to avoid any type of hassle. You will be able to get very close to the daily lifestyle of local people in Kolkata. You can also go to their website to book rooms and know the details about these apartments.

You will come across many other tourists who are rented for months and enjoying the city. Here are some of the best apartments that you need to check for your stay.

  • Sukalyani Apartment
  • Circular Apartment
  • Raintree Apartment


Couchsurfing has been a popular way of accommodation that helps travelers to stay in the city comfortably without spending any money. The group or community of travelers help out all the members from different places to offer stay when they are traveling to their locality.

It helps the host to help out the traveler by giving him shelter, food, and information about the place. You can live with great comfort and living with a local helps you to understand the culture well along with knowing the best places to visit in the city. However, the idea of Couchsurfing is not very familiar in India.

This type of accommodation has not been established very well in the city. You might be able to get a host in the city using online services that allow search. You might get lucky and find a host who is offering Couchsurfing to travelers.


For all adventure enthusiasts out there, the best and most natural mode of accommodation is camping. It helps you to feel nature along with having a great adventure sleeping under the sky. This is a heavenly experience for nature lovers as they will be able to stay under the sky, surrounded by green, on hills, near a river, and many other places.

It is a unique experience that you do not want to miss on your trip. There are plenty of places available in Kolkata where people like to camp and enjoy the adventure. You will be able to get different places for your stay along with various charges. You can see the details online and book them to get the best experience in the city.

There are some places that you can visit in the city for the best camping experience. Make sure to check the details and reviews of these camping places to know details about them.

How to Get There

Before planning your trip, you need to know what are the best ways to reach this city from different countries. There are many different ways available to reach the city but the most popular ones are by air and railway. Flights are the best way of traveling to the city as it helps you to reach the city very fast.

However, the fares for flights are far more expensive compared to other modes of travel. Which mode of transportation is suited for you to reach Kolkata depends on your home city. If you are traveling from a city in India, then you will get many other options to travel to the city.

The city is very well connected with all the different cities or countries. While some of them help you to travel faster to your destination, others help to enjoy the beautiful places along the way and take the experience of the journey. Here are some of the best transportation modes that you can choose to reach the city.


As mentioned earlier, the air is no doubt the fastest way to reach Kolkata from different countries. You will be able to get frequent flights from different countries to travel to Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport. Although you might need to break the journey from some countries, the airport is well connected with most of the countries directly.

While air is the fastest way to reach Kolkata, the fare of flights is also very high compared to other transportation modes. You can book the tickets online using many different services to ensure your setas. If you want to get the tickets at a bit low cost, then make sure to book them earlier than your journey date.

If you are traveling from a city inside India, then you will be able to easily catch local flights like Air India, Spicejet, IndiGo, and others. The flights are very frequent and you will have one of the best travel experiences in them.


A bus is not really an option when you are traveling from various countries around the world. The city is very well connected with roads with other cities and even countries but it is a time taking and the hectic journey that most people tend to avoid. You can use a bus to do a break journey and reach the city but a direct journey by bus is not a common one from other countries. However, when it comes to traveling to Kolkata from another city in India, then you can use a bus.

There are regular buses from different places in India and the city contains some of the big bus terminals along with bus stations. From AC luxury buses to normal ones, take the help of online services to book them easily. The journey might take a bit long but you will be able to see beautiful places along the way.


If you are looking for an alternative option of flight to travel to Kolkata, then you can choose trains. Trains are known to be another very well known and favorite mode of transportation by tourists. Although the city is not directly connected with all the countries, you can use other ways to reach India and catch a train to Kolkata to get the best experience.

The fare is a lot less compared to flight but it offers a unique experience for a lifetime. If you are looking for trains to reach Kolkata from a city in India, then you will be able to get many trains as the railway is well connected with different cities.

Just like others, make sure to book the tickets early to avoid getting your name on the waiting list. Some of the tickets are only available from platforms that you can book offline.


Hitchhiking is a very pocket-friendly way of reaching any city. Using this way, you can take the help of local cars that drive inside the city to get in. However, the process of hitchhiking needs some skills and experience to pull out. You need to know the perfect location and busiest highway to stand for a lift.

If you are in the right spot at the right time, then you will be able to reach the destination faster. There are many busy roads that will help you to hitchhike your way to the city of joy.

It is best to look for big trucks or motorbikes for lift, they are mostly very helpful to the travelers to help them reach the city. Make sure to carry a road map with you before going out for a hitchhike adventure to know the right way to the city.


Do not want to choose any of the above options for your travel? Well, there are many other ways available that you can use to get in the city and make your journey a memorable one. Although they are not usually picked by travelers, there are other ways available for people to get in the city such as by road.

Motorbike, cars, and other vehicles can help you to travel through cities in India and reach Kolkata. If you are traveling from other countries then you can reach India by flight and take a car to have a beautiful road trip to your destination. These methods take a lot of time to reach as the road is a long way, make sure to carry necessary things with you to travel with safety.

Moving Around

To get the full amazement of the city of joy, you have to travel each and every corner of the city. You will be surprised during exploring this city with the number of old buildings, vintage cars, antiques, attractive places, culture, the lifestyle of the local people. People choose different ways to move around the city and enjoy exploring it based on their time on the journey.

Some local transportations are here that helps you to reach your destination faster but it will prevent you from getting the full exploration of the city. On the other hand, if you choose a slower mode of transportation to cover the lifestyle and culture of the city, then you will need a lot of time in the city.

So, here are some of the modes of transportation given below that can help you to find the balance and utilize your time while traveling.


This might be the best option for you to explore the city and witness every bit. If you are staying in the city for at least some weeks, then you will be able to get the best experience by walking through the old lanes and vintage buildings. The local people and their lifestyle will amaze you and it will make you learn more about their culture or traditions.

The traditions of this city are very different from other cities in India but you will find similarities of Kolkata culture in Bangladesh. All the places are very well connected with each other so that you can cover all of them in a short time. Make sure to carry an umbrella and water bottle with you along with a map to learn all the shortcuts of the city. There are many places where only pedestrians are allowed.


If you think walking is the only healthy way for you but it might be too much to walk the whole city, then you can choose another healthy way of moving around that does not involve walking a lot. You will be able to get a bicycle on rent easily from different services in the city. There are also some hotels that offer free bicycle service to their customers for the stay.

Cycling is one of the best eco-friendly ways of traveling and exploring the city. In most of the places, you will find separate lanes for cyclists. But you might need to ride on the main road in many places. However, it is completely safe to ride a cycle on the roads and explore the city.

Electronic Vehicles

Want to move faster to all the different famous attractions in Kolkata? Well, you need to try the electric cars for your exploration in the city of joy. As an eco-friendly traveler, electronic vehicles are the best option for you that produces less pollution and include features like AC, music, and others just like fake cars.

You can rent these cars for the time you are staying in the city or book one using online services. While it helps to reach your destination fast, you will have to wait at the big traffics. So, be prepared and patient while traveling in cars in the city. However, vehicles are the best option to travel fast on highways.

Public Bus

You will witness plenty of buses in this city from government buses to private ones. This is the cheapest way of traveling in the city in different places. The best thing about these buses is they are very well connected with each corner of the city. No matter where you want to go, you will be able to get a bus very frequently. The local people like to travel by bus and they are packed with people most of the time.

The number of AC local buses is lower compared to others. But if you wait at the bus stops, you will get plenty of buses. Take some time on your hand if you are planning to travel on a bus because the traffic can make the journey slow.

Tram, Train and Subway

This is one of the best options to witness Kolkata with an amazing experience. The tram of Kolkata is very well known around the world and this is one of the major cities that still have trams running in the heart of the city. You can get the unique experience of traveling by tram in Kolkata but the route is not well connected to all places, rather it is limited to some areas.

But those areas cover a lot of famous tourist attractions. Apart from the tram, the train is known to be the best mode of transportation in the city. You will be able to get local trains frequently from all the different stations. Unlike trams, trains are very well connected with all different stations and famous attractions.

You will be able to get a very good journey experience by exploring Kolkata by train. Subways are there in many places in the city but they are not very well connected, which makes it not a very good way of transportation.

Sustainable Shopping

As an eco-friendly traveler, doing sustainable shopping will help you a lot to get the best shopping experience in Kolkata. The culture and tradition of Kolkata are considered to be one of the best and authentic. Doing some vintage and antique shopping from popular markets will help you to increase your collection.

From second-hand markets to flea markets, everything is available in this city that you can explore. Purchasing from local shops will help people to keep providing good things to travelers.

Being new to the city might puzzle you a bit as there are many markets that you can visit to do sustainable shopping. Don't worry, here are some of the best places given below that will help you to know which is the best shopping destination for you.

Food Markets

Starting with the food markets, which is known to be a paradise for travelers. Plenty of food markets are available in Kolkata, where you can visit to get some of the local vegetables and delicacies. The food markets are surrounded by food stalls that offer Indian, Chinese, Mughal, and western street foods to the customers.

The wide range of spices will take your breath away and increase your knowledge about them. Most of the food markets always stay crowded with customers because Bengalis are known to be food lovers. However, if you want to visit some of the best markets, then you need to have a look at these ones.

  • Terreti Market - This market is a prime destination for people who want to taste some Chinese dishes cooked with Kolkata spices. The place is also known as Chinatown as many Chinese immigrants used to stay here. You will find many Asian and Chinese dishes such as pork dumplings, fried momos, noodles, and others.
  • Burrabazar - This is known to be one of the busiest and largest markets in India. You might not be able to explore the market in one day as it contains a very large amount of small to big sops. The market is divided into many sections and you can get some of the best ground species and rich taste of foods in this market.

Flea Markets

Kolkata is home to many memorial places along with a very rich history. You will be able to get some of the best collections in the city from antiques to collectibles. The vibrant markets will help you to get some of the best colorful and local goods along with the feeling of living in the past.

If you love history, then you need to visit the popular flea markets in the city that holds some of the best collections. You will be able to get some souvenirs for your loved ones and get an unforgettable memory in here.

This is the best way to witness the culture and understand the lifestyle of the local people. You need to choose some of the best markets in the city to start your flea market shopping, here are some of the best ones given below.

  • College Street - If you are a book lover, then you can visit the college street in the heart of Kolkata to enjoy a wide range of books. You will be able to find some of the oldest books in the shops on this street.
  • Gariahat Market - From bags to textiles, you will be able to get many different ranges of goods available in this market that will help you to get the best experience of shopping in the city.

Second Hand Stores

The trend of wearing second-hand clothes are not new, but the people in Kolkata are starting to adopt the thinking to reduce waste produced each year. Plenty of brands have come forward to provide second-hand clothes and items. As an eco-friendly traveler, you will be able to help the city by choosing the second-hand products as it helps to reduce pollution.

You will be able to get plenty of stores around the city that offer high-quality second-hand goods to customers. Here are some detailed guides about those stores that will help you to get the best goods.

  • Esplanade Market - You will get plenty of second-hand stores in this place and it is one of the busiest markets in the city. This market is very well known for selling clothes and other goods at cheap prices. From new goods to second hands, you will get plenty of options in this big market.
  • Wallington Market - Not far from the Esplanade market, another small but perfect second-hand destination for purchasing second-hand goods and clothes at a very reasonable price.


Eco-fashion is a very nice step towards the environment and nature to reduce the waste and pollution of the city. You can get stores around the city that offer eco-fashion and some of them are branded. From western to Indian, you will be able to get some of the cultural fashions in this city that will help you to get the best experience of shopping.

Many tailors use old techniques and boutiques have adopted eco-friendly methods to keep the city free from waste. Here are some of the best places in the city, where you can visit to get the best eco-fashion.

  • Green Fashion Tailor
  • Kolkata Fashion Expo
  • AND Store


The recycling system has changed very much in this city for the last few years. Now, the city has taken many different initiatives that will help to keep the city clean from pollution. In the last few years, the city has managed to reduce the overall pollution very much with the help of government and local organizations. You will be able to see dustbins all around the city that you can use to dump your leftover foods or other wastes.

Many recycling companies have started to grow in Kolkata that is helping to make the city clean and clear for travelers and local people. The recycling system is expected to be better in the next few years and more initiatives will be introduced. Make sure to keep the city clean while traveling to different attractions.


Some of the waste management systems have started in Kolkata and many companies are standing up to reduce the waste of the city. Most of the wastes of the city were used to be dumped in landfills or fields, but now companies like vital waste have started their service to keep the city clean.

They run waste management by purchasing garbage like paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, e-waste, and others. These wastes are recycled to make different materials and goods that you can use and promote zero waste.

Work and Study Abroad

Kolkata is well known for providing high-class education, some of the best universities like Kolkata Universities are available in this city. You will be able to get the best education from this city and come across many other people who have traveled from other countries to have some of the best degrees and courses at a reasonable price.

Some benefits like exchange students and others are available in the city, which you can use to study at some of the oldest universities with a very low charge. You might be able to get some part-time jobs in the city but getting a full-time job is not very easy because of low vacancies.

Exchange Student

As mentioned above, you will be able to get many options in the city that offers an exchange student program. You need to talk with your home institution to know if they have a partnership with any universities in Kolkata. The exchange student is one of the best ways to complete pursue higher education at best foreign universities.

You will come across some of the students from different countries in this city who are studying for some years using the exchange student system. However, more universities are trying to introduce this system to invite foreign students to study in the city in the future.

Au Pair

There are some available Au Pair jobs in this city that you can get but compared to other countries, the numbers are very low. You will have to take the help of online services to find Au Pair services in this city that offer a good salary and match with your requirements.

This is one of the best choices for people who are visiting the city for work, they will be able to get some money in the initial stage when they can look out for other jobs.


If you want to see the city of joy flourish more in the future and contribute to it, then the best way for it is volunteering. You can take part in planting trees to keep the city green and offer fresh air to people.

There are many temples in the city that you can volunteer to keep clean. This way, you will be able to get along with the local people very well and brush up your language skill by learning the local language from them.

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