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Eco-friendly travel guide to Boracay advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Boracay, Philippines.

A beach at the Boracay Island

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $110

Responsible Travel

The untouched beauty of nature, a small island in the Philippines, just 7 km long and 1 km wide, is a perfect place for holidays. The virgin beauty of the green forests, the crystal clear shining water, the caves waiting to amaze you, and the white sand beaches will fill your hearts with joy and pleasure. An unmatched travel destination close to nature is one that demands care as well.

The island is wild at heart and with the scenes so distinguished and fun-loving, it has been an attractive place for solo travelers, backpackers, couples, nature lovers, and those who seek moments of peace in the lap of nature. An energetic area that is ready to offer you a new thrill every moment is right named “the island that never sleeps.”

To ensure the responsibility of an eco-friendly tourist, the things that can be done are:

  • Due to the worsening of the environment, the island was kept closed in 2018 for restoration. With the infrastructure process still in progress, the island was reopened in Oct 2018. This itself is enough to explain the importance and the concern of environmental conservation. Do remember to reduce the carbon footprints and ensure to keep the environment clean.
  • The island is a habitat for a small group, so remember to enjoy the regional delicacies of the place.
  • The people are friendly. Make sure to dress well and appropriately while meeting or going out. Also, respect the culture and traditions of the place.
  • Shop from local artisans, craftsmen, and designers while you plan to buy any cloth, jewelry, or any piece of art.
  • Refrain from bargaining, as the handicraft demands practice, and accuracy to turn a piece into art.
  • While going for outdoor sports, do not harm wildlife rather preserve it.
  • Make sure to book your stay in an eco-friendly hotel with all the amenities you need.
  • Reduce the use of plastic and try using reusable articles or bottles to reduce carbon footprints.
  • The island offers electronic vehicles so opt for booking one for your travel and contribute towards reducing pollution.
  • Remember not to litter the city as well as advise your fellow travelers to avoid the same to maintain the beauty of the Island and reduce the carbon footprints.

Air Quality and Pollution

Boracay, the crowned jewel of the Philippines, is one of the best places with the white sand beaches and the tall palm trees stretched on the coast creating the lush green forest and beautiful landscape to mesmerize the tourists. The postcard-perfect scenic beauty of the place makes it one of the most amazing places to visit and spend the vacations.

With the increased tourism, the pollution is also rising due to which the island was kept closed in 2018 for rehabilitation. The increased commercialization is one of the significant factors contributing to the pollution and deterioration of the landscape. Still, another problem that has led to an increase in air pollution is the dumping of waste by tourists.

Although the government is taking measures to control the pollution levels, still a lot more needs to be done. The current statistics from the World Health Organization for air pollution in Boracay are:

  • PM10 - 30
  • PM2.5 - 17.6
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Extremely Low
  • Pollution Index: 25.26
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 41.42

With a pollution level of 25.00, the city has an Air Quality Index of 75.00, which is relatively very high.

As a traveler, visiting this island, it is essential to show some kindness, consideration, and awareness towards nature and ensure to reduce the littering of the island. Also, one should be aware of the pollution causing agents and should attempt to adopt eco-friendly ways while in the city. Reduce the carbon trails, use of the pollution causing materials like plastic, and make your stay memorable, should be the aim while exploring the island.

Respect the Culture

The island of peace and beauty, Boracay is one of the must place to visit. A land so beautiful and untouched is inhabited by people quite warm and friendly. With their welcoming nature and the exquisite natural beauty all around, the place is not only soothing but also captivating.

As far as the culture is considered, the people are laid back and friendly. Being a small island, the place is mostly crowded with tourists. The majority of the land is occupied by the resorts and hotels to offer the tourists a comfy and happy stay, the waiters here are welcoming and will thrive on feeling at home. The expectation here is quite simple; they wish to have friendly people who respect their work and place.

Alongside the beach, one will find a few local artists selling locally made artifacts and small souvenirs. Apart there will be a few jugglers and performing artists on the beach to entertain the tourists. It is expected to respect the local art forms and praise the artists that you meet on the way.

Honestly, Boracay is a place that is one to welcome and soothe the tourists. As culture is considered, it is very straightforward and simple. The people here believe in respecting and appreciating art and nature. They believe in keeping spirit live and the environment as neat as possible.

The culture of Boracay is more linked to nature and eco-tourism. To respect the culture of the island focus on the points like:

  • Keep the surroundings clean as nature and the environment is of prime importance to the people of Boracay.
  • Praise the local art forms and artists and appreciate them for their beautiful work.
  • They believe in conserving nature, so do not litter the place.
  • Being warm and friendly, they are welcoming. Use polite language and gestures to make your stay exceptional.
  • While visiting any church, be sure to respect the culture at most.
  • If you get a chance, attend the Dragon Boat race, which is a part of the tradition of Boracay and held annually.

Top 10 Places to Visit

With the overwhelming landscapes and beautiful surroundings, visiting Boracay will be one of the most acceptable vacation plans. With the lush green environment, the crystal clear water of the sea, the palm trees fluttering high in the sky, the opportunity to swim with fishes, and the lip-smacking food, Boracay island is an uncanny place to explore.

While the places to explore are unlimited, the best places to chart down to explore are:

  • Ariel’s Point: A perfect place for the day trip, this is located on the southwest side of the Boracay island and can be reached in just 40 minutes with the help of the speedboat. Situated in the middle of the lush green environment, this is an eco-friendly record that offers the opportunity to participate in activities like cliff diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.
  • Crystal Cove Island: Also known as Lauren Island, this is a private islet just 10 minutes away from Boracay island. The splendid coral reefs beneath the crystal clear waters of the island make it one of the most popular places for exploring and diving.
  • Mount Luho: The highest peak point of Boracay island, Mount Luho is located at an altitude of 112 meters from the sea level. While this place is the topmost point, it is also the home for some of the unique species of animals like monkeys, and especially the Filipino version of the Tasmanian Devil. With the panoramic view of beaches and the ease of reaching the top with the help of cemented decks, this place is uncanny.
  • Crocodile Island: Its name itself most appropriately describes the island. A marvel of nature, this island is on the south coast of Boracay island and is just 500 meters away. Replicating the shape of the crocodile, that floats in the crystal clear waters, this island is one of the most amazing things to see. With the wonderful underwater life around this island, the diving will be blissful.
  • Boracay Bat Cave: Located on the north end of the Boracay island, this place is one for the adventure. With a short walk from the lush green forest, one reaches this cave. With the bats filled in the cave, the place will allow you to meet various kinds of the cave but still be cautious as the inside of the cave smells pungent and is a bit slippery.
  • Willy’s Rock: A popular spot for the local catholic people, this place is formed out of volcanic rocks. With the idol of the Virgin Mary sitting on the top, this place carries religious and cultural importance. The staircase to reach the top will help to offer your prayers and receive blessings from the almighty.
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church: A pure example of the most relaxing environment located near the white sand beach, this place is one that belongs to the Diocese of Kalibo. A secular place to seek the calmness of the soul and a lovely place to explore; this is one of the most amazing places to visit.
  • Boracay Oceanarium: The place for the aquatic life lovers, this is located in the basement of the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. It is the longest underwater tunnel in the Philippines and one of the world's largest pearls. The aquatic life swimming above your head while you are in the tunnel creates one of the most amazing scenic beauties.
  • Slides N’ Splash Water Park Boracay: The world of adventure for people of all age groups, this is an extreme place for all the fun and recreation activities. So, if you are looking for some adventure apart from exploring the beauty of the Island, then this is the best place to visit.
  • Magic Island: The most popular place for cliff diving, this is one of the finest and beautiful places to visit. With cliffs ranging in different heights like 3, 5, 8, 9, and 10 meters respectively, located just above the Visayan Sea, this place is nothing less than natural beauty.
Crystal Cove, one of the island-hopping destinations in Boracay


A small petite island located in the Philippines, in the lap of nature, surrounded by the crystal clear waters, and the unmatched beauty of the forests, Boracay Island is one place that is welcoming the tourists with open arms.

With numerous islands, beaches, and cliffs, this place is perfect for water sports. Apart from nature and the man-made points of interest that cover this place, the island is the best place to visit round the clock. The major attraction of the island is its beautiful sandy beaches and the islands. With the crystal clear water, the place is perfect for water sports and even more perfect for diving in to meet the aquatic life.

The best places to explore from the parks to beaches, and museums to landmarks, are listed down for you to have the best experience.

City Parks

The city parks that add beauty to Boracay and offer peace and calmness are:

  • Mangrove Nursery: A beautiful mangrove swamp with a walkway in the middle and the groves on either side is a perfect place to stroll.
  • Dead Forest: Located near Bolabog Beach, this place is a still-water pool filled with dead tree trunks that creates an eerie and supernatural scene.

National Parks

The national parks to visit in Boracay are:

  • Boracay Wetland Conservation Park: One of the places dedicated to the conservation of the native tree species, this is one focused on keeping the island lush green and healthy.
  • Boracay Butterfly Garden: Place that will introduce you to the beautiful butterflies and some of the bats, this park is home to the beautiful flying creatures.


No doubt, the beaches at Boracay island are uncanny and unmatched. The amazing beaches to explore here are:

  • Balinghai Beach: With the tropical trees and the large stones, this beach is located on the southern coast of Boracay island.
  • Puka Shell Beach: Located on the northernmost coast of Boracay island, this beach is flooded with the thick jungle to offer shade and a relaxed environment.
  • White Beach: With the strips of white sand, and the stunning view of the sea, this beach is one of the finest white sand beaches to explore.
  • Tambisaan Beach: The best beach for snorkeling, this beach is one that is located near the crocodile island and is perfect to meet some new aquatic life.
  • Diniwid Beach: The most calming and tranquil beach as compared to the rest listed, this is one to enjoy swimming between the rocks.
Diniwid Beach during sunset


The landmarks which make Boracay unique in all ways are:

  • Panay Island: the largest island of Boracay with the two major airports Kalibo and Caticlan, is famous for the day-trip and is one of the visitor's points for kayaking and cliff diving.
  • Magic Island: A landmark based on the cliffs made at different heights allowing the tourist to jump down the cliff and enjoy the cold splashing water.
  • Carabao Island: Located to the north of Boracay island, this is a pleasant gateway with the two most amazing beaches, namely, Lanas to the west and San Jose to the east.
  • Gateway Arch: The largest Arc offers an iconic and spectacular view of the island and is located on the southeastern tip.
  • Boracay Rock: The sea completely undercuts the fascinating place, and the top overhangs the recessed base.
  • Live Coral Beds: With so many beaches and opportunities to explore the waterline, the coral beds are one of the most beautiful things to explore and visit.
The mesmerising Boracay Rock


A place as beautiful as Boracay is one that has a story of its own and the best place to get yourself immersed is to visit the museums like

  • KAR-TIR Seashell Museum: The village of Ilig-Iligan, is the house to this museum that features an amazing collection of seashells, woodcarvings, pottery, hand-woven articles, and traditional costumes from all over the Philippines.
  • Motag Living Museum: The only museum to give you first-hand experience of the cultural heritage of the Philippines as a whole in Boracay. Ranging from traditional farming and craft weaving, native cooking methods, and introducing the Malayanon folk songs, this museum is one of its kind.


The local delicacies of the place and the aromatic taste of the food are the uncanny part of visiting and exploring. While you explore the untouched beauty of Boracay island, the lip-smacking food offered here is one of the finest.

With the delicacies in the seafood to the mouth-watering vegan food and some of the best drinks offered, the place is a perfect way to tickle your taste buds. Even better is the beauty of the sea, the warmth of the sand, the cool breeze, and the lush green forest that will embrace you while you enjoy your meal.

So, if you are looking for the same places to grab a meal and enjoy, then the best places to explore in Boracay are listed down for you.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Merly’s BBQ: The pioneer and the base for the original chori burger, the food offered at this restaurant are most satisfactory. Operating since 1988, this is the oldest and finest restaurant to visit.
  • Smoke Resto: The fantastic food served with the refreshing iced tea, this place is famous for the local delicacies like Sizzling Bulalo, Khao Pad, and Spicy Squid.
  • Boracay HaloMango/ Halowich: This is a place apart as it is the one that serves the famous dessert of the Boracay. The best delicacies to try here include the soft mango serve, and the considerable signature Korean shaved ice desserts.
  • I Love Backyard BBQ: Located on one of the most bustling streets, this place is famous for its preparation of baby back ribs and other sizzling platters.
  • Dos Mestizos Boracay: Offering the blend of the sizzling Spanish dishes and the Filipino taste, this place is one of the most lively, offering the best food and taste experience.
  • Los Indios Bravos: Well known for its fusion cuisine and the menu filled with enticing dishes right from the nachos and seafood platters to famous Rockefeller and risotto, this is the perfect destination for finest dining.
  • BarLo Restaurant: Quite famous for its Four Cheese Pizza and Sizzling Oyster Sisig, this is a beachfront restaurant offering amazing taste and view.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Nonie’s: Serving healthy, sustainable, and delicious international food, this place is perfect to taste vegan and vegetarian food.
  • Coco Mama: A place to tickle your taste buds with the lactose-free, vegan-friendly coconut ice cream with a low glycemic index blended with the right amount of sugar, this place is perfect.
  • Kasbah Boracay: Again, a beachfront restaurant offering healthy and tasty food which is vegan and mouth-watering.
  • Falafel vegan house Boracay: The restaurant offering a variety of delicacies which are freshly cooked and amazingly presented, this place is perfect.

Street Food

  • Adobo: The unique blend of the chicken or pork marinated in a mixture of soya sauce and vinegar, is the perfect dish to tickle your taste buds.
  • Kare-Kare: The tasty stewed meat served with lots of vegetables, this is perfect and a healthy dish to try.
  • Tapsilog: The perfect breakfast consisting of cured beef, fried rice, and a fried egg, will make your day beautiful.
  • Corn on the cob: Well not something new, but the corn on sticks with butter and salt is a perfect snack on the side of the sea.
  • Balut: If you are looking for some unique food, then this duck embryo in an egg is one to try for.
  • Taho: The sweet food of streets made from fresh soft tofu and sago pearl is one to amaze you.
  • Halo-Halo: A sweet dish to make you feel calm and blissful, includes kidney beans, sugar palm, coconut, ice cream, purple yam, and evaporated milk.
Pork Adobo: made with vinegar, soy sauce, peppers, garlic, onions, and black pepper.


An island with so much to explore and visit is blissful. The natural beauty of Boracay island will leave you mesmerized and amazed. With the scenic beauty of the beaches and the lush green forests, this place is one of the best tourist locations.

The mouth-watering delicacies of the Boracay ranging from seafood to desserts, the place has a lot to offer. The restaurants with the local delicacies and the vegan foods provided, the Boracay is one to give some of the uncanny and fantastic drinks as well.

From places like Real Coffee & Tea Cafe to Jonah’s Fruit shake & Snack Bar, the variety of drinks, shakes, and coffees offered are excellent. Apart, from these, the best places to explore and have a sip of the oldest taste are presented for you.


To beat the scorching heat of the sun and the place of the water to quench the thirst are unmatched. While water is the only drink that is available free of cost, an essential concern is to know about the quality of the water while you travel to any new place.

Boracay is one of the places that is least affected by pollution. The government and the local authorities manage the water supply in Boracay. As per Numbeo, the Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility in Boracay is very high at 90.

Hence, if you are in Boracay, going for tap water is fine but still, to have peaceful vacations, it is better to go for the bottled water as compared to tap water.

Organic Cafés

Boracay is an island offering a wide variety of delicacies, and with some restaurants focused on providing delicacies prepared from organic ingredients and naturally grown spices. The organic cafes in Boracay offer lip-smacking treats and are on the budget.

Some of the best Organic cafes to explore and tickle your taste bud with the organically made dishes and maybe a drink, in the Boracay are:

  • Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant
  • Sunny Side Café
  • Cafe Maruja
  • Cafe del Sol Boracay
  • Gusto y Gustos
  • Tom n Toms Coffee
  • Laguna Cafe
  • Cafe Vinchi


The white sand beaches offer the scenic beauty of the sea, and the lush green forest makes Boracay the best place to explore. An island so beautiful and rich is one with a fantastic blend of organic cafes and breweries. Whether you are looking for an age-old beer or some of the unusual combinations of cocktail, the best breweries to explore are:

  • Los Indios Bravos
  • Pelican Sky Bar
  • Joe’s Brew


Boracay is a real paradise with palm trees, water bodies, beaches, and the forest. So, if you are looking to get yourself immersed in some of the activities that will offer you an adrenaline rush, then Boracay is the one that is ready with a list to provide you with.

So, once you are done with exploring the beaches, and tasting its delicacies, you can indeed get involved in the adrenaline rush activities like the ones listed down for you:

  • Island Hopping in Boracay
  • Snorkeling in Bulong and Illig-Iligan Beach
  • Scuba diving near Crocodile Island
  • Visit an Indoor Shooting Range
  • Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and SUP
  • Zipline on Mount Luho
  • Kayaking and Paraw sailing
  • Cliff diving at Magic Island
  • Join a Sunset Yacht Cruise
  • Mermaid Swimming, a must-try

So, if you are looking forward to having a fun day, they prefer to join some group or the locals to enjoy it to the fullest. A fun day with the group will make you relaxed and calm and will allow you to feel lighthearted.

Yoga and Retreats

The year-old practice of Yoga is linked to focusing on the overall development and relaxation of the mind and soul by rejuvenating and uplifting the mood. The method is quite popular around the globe and if you are looking forward to searching for peace and relaxation, then spending some time at yoga and retreats is the best idea.

Some of the yoga centers that you can visit to feel the power of Yoga and meditation in Boracay are:

  • Isla Yoga Boracay with Riza
  • Green Earth Wellness Retreats - Yoga and Meditation in Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island
  • The Beach Meditation

So spend some time having the aromatic and ayurvedic spa and massage and add the magic of meditation and yoga to it. The peace and calmness that you will get will be uncanny and unmatched; the relaxation and refreshing feeling will lift your mood and make your mind calm and free from all anxiety and tension.


A hotel that offers all the amenities and is budget-friendly as well is what the travelers are looking for while they visit new places. Boracay is a place filled with warm and friendly people, and the hospitality offered here is superiors and classy.

With the hotels ranging from the basic to advanced, resorts to retreats, beachside rooms to eco-friendly centers, the place has everything to offer. With the rejuvenating experience and the clean stay facilities, Boracay is sure to amaze and enchant you.

No matter if you are traveling alone or are here for a family trip, the hotels in Boracay have something to offer every traveler. So explore the hotels listed down for the best stay opportunity filled with joy and warmth.

Green Hotels

The eco-friendly concept of stay is comparatively a new concept for various cities and tourist spots around the world, but for Boracay, it is the way they prefer. Based on the concern of nature and the environment, the island was closed for tourists in 2018 for renovation. Since then, the locals and authorities have been trying their best to keep the island beautiful and eco-friendly.

With the concept of staying at eco-friendly hotels that put their focus on offering the best amenities and adapting to the 3R’s which are reuse, recycle, and reduce, the hotels in Boracay are budget-friendly and economical as well.

Some of the excellent and most fascinating green hotels to book your stay in Boracay are:

  • Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay
  • Discovery Shores Boracay
  • Tonglen Eco Resort
  • Eco Hotel Boracay
  • Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel
  • Nami Resort
  • The District Boracay
  • Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa
  • Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center
  • Fairways & Bluewater Boracay

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are a solo traveler or one who is looking for a longer duration of stay, then booking a hostel or guesthouse is better than a hotel. Also, if you are fond of staying at the comfort of self, then the best hostels and guest houses to book your stay are:

  • The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast
  • Boracay Backpackers
  • Frendz Resort & Hostel Boracay
  • Chill Out Hostel Boracay
  • The A Hostel


If you are visiting Boracay for some work or are just one of those who prefer to cook your own all the time, then staying in the apartments is better. With the kitchen, Wi-Fi, parking space, washing area, a comfy sleeping space, and a soothing place to relax, the apartments are the best match.

The serviced apartments are indeed a budget-friendly option and also one that offers you full autonomy and liberty if you are to stay for quite an extended period. The best services apartments in Boracay are:

  • Wendy's Apartelle
  • Ellen's Apartelle
  • Boracay SandCastles The Apartments
  • Karuna Boracay Island Suites
  • Cohiba Villas Boracay


Couchsurfing is a concept that is gaining wide-scale popularity these days. The idea of staying with the locals in their homes, sharing their culture, experiencing the local lifestyle, and blending with the local culture, couch-surfers get to experience a lot.

While many sites offer to book as the couch surfer, it is advisable to know about the host and the way they live. Knowing everything first hand will ensure a smooth and fun stay as compared to a lousy and laid back one.

So, before you think and plan your stay as the couch surfer, make sure to understand your host well. Also, while you stay, try to mix and blend with the culture and daily lifestyle to enjoy the stay to the fullest without any ups and downs.


Looking at the stars and staying near nature, feeling the cool breeze flowing, and listening to the music of nature, camping is a fun activity. Away from the hectic life and with nature camping uplifts the mood as well. So, if you are one of the nature lovers, then these are the resorts and places that will offer you a camping feel in Boracay:

  • Fridays Boracay
  • Monkey House
  • Calypso Beach & Dive Resort
  • Bamboo Beach Resort

Well, these beachside resorts are amazing to stroll on the beachside at night and gaze at the unlimited stars shining in the dark, clear sky.

How to Get There

There is no doubt about the fact that traveling is a tiring process. While some of the tourist destinations offer the direct and most adequate connectivity to prime locations, others do lack the facility making traveling a bit lengthy and passive process.

Boracay being an island surrounded by water is one that needs a boat to reach. With the scenic beauty, traveling to Boracay would be fun and enthralling.

So, it is quite crucial to know about the connectivity and understand the underlying conditions to ensure that the travel time you pursue is of surreal fun and enjoyment.


The two nearest airports to the Boracay island are Caticlan Airport which offers limited connectivity and Kalibo International Airport which provides a more extensive connection with various international flights.

From there one can easily hire minivans, vans, or coasters to the Caticlan jetty port to book a boat or ferry to reach the Boracay island.

File:Caticlan Airport.jpg
Caticlan Airport


While road transport is comparatively less, but still if you are looking for one, then you can easily reach Boracay by road from Manila, which takes about 12 hours.


While the option to travel by train is challenging but still if you are looking for one, then you need to reach Manila by train, and from there you can book a bus or flight to reach Boracay.


With friendly locals, the opportunity to get hitchhiked is perfect. The locals may offer you a lift to your destination. Being a small island, there is nothing to worry as the places are quite near. Being a place with warm and friendly people, the chances of being hitchhiked are good. Also, since you are new to the city, be cautious and do not fall prey to the goons.

With a little wave of the hand, you can ask the passerby to offer you a lift. Be cautious of your surroundings and try to interact positively to make the trip fun.


Apart from the options mentioned, the other ways to reach Boracay include the use of boats from the Caticlan, also called Tabon Jetty.

Moving Around

The concept of ecotourism is based on the idea of exploring a tourist place in a way that the carbon footprints of your stay are reduced to the least, and you also enjoy your vacations to the fullest. The idea of taking into consideration the environment and nature is the key concept behind eco-friendly travel.

Boracay is a place that minutely focuses on the concept, so while you are here prefer to explore the island in the best possible manner.


Being a small and beautiful island surrounded by nature, the Boracay is a perfect place to explore on foot. The land is walkable and amazing.


Bicycles are available for rent all around the Island, and you can quickly get one to drive around. There are even tricycles available for rent but make sure to book on time to have the best view of the surroundings.

Electronic Vehicles

This is a concept quite popular in Boracay. You will find scooter/motorbikes rental shops on the island to rent an electronic vehicle and help you round the Island.

Public Bus

This option is not available in Boracay. Being such a small Island and the rest of the neighboring Island connected by the waterway, the choice available is a tourist boat instead of the public bus.

Tram, Train and Subway

The concept of trams, trains, and subways is not available for the tourists in Boracay. Only tricycles, bicycles, motorcycles, and electric vehicles are available.

Sustainable Shopping

Traveling to a new place, exploring it, and tasting the various delicacies is an uncanny and unbelievable experience. But while you visit any new place, the idea of getting a gift or a souvenir for your family and friends cannot be denied.

While you are in Boracay tray to get some of the locally made articles or pieces of jewelry as souvenirs to make you remember the place always, buying from the locals is the best way to uplift and help the locals of any place. A boost to the local art and craft is undoubtedly a part of the eco-friendly travel.

Some of the best local markets that will offer you authentic and genuine products and will surprise you are listed down for you.

Food Markets

If you are looking forward to staying at the apartment and cooking your meal, then they need to search for the local market to get the raw ingredients to prepare your meal is uncanny. While one can get materials from supermarkets as well, supporting the local market is the best idea.

Offering the fresh and organic ingredients at the budgeted price, the local food market to explore in Boracay are:

  • Tindahan It Boracay
  • Island Mall Talipapa
  • D*talipapa
  • Terry & Paulo Store

Flea Markets

The local art and craft of every place are different and unique with a story attached to it. The flea markets are the place that offers the local art and craft articles at the most reasonable prices. From the clothes to jewelry, and numerous beautiful items, purchasing from the locals will be a marvelous and unforgettable experience.

The excellent flea markets in Boracay are:

  • Island Mall Talipapa Wet Market and Souvenirs
  • Crafts of Boracay Supermarket Department Store
  • AT IZ Boracay Co.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are the ones that sell books, hardware, electronics, furniture, and so forth. People get these items at half price, which is extra cheap for them. So there are some amazing stores in the local market if you wish to go. Thrift shopping at such stores is a good idea when you need to buy articles for use at a lower price.


Eco-style is one of the amazing ideas that is based on the concept of recycling and reusing the used garments and turning them into pieces of beautiful and stylish selections. With the use of natural fibers, without harming the environment, and the colors extracted from the plant-based dyes, eco-style is a concept with a purpose to save the environment and amaze you.

Nevertheless, you will find a lot of emporia, especially in the D’mall like the Paulo Collection Boracay selling locally made garments that are reasonable and eco-friendly as well.


To preserve nature and to keep the beauty of the place intact, it is crucial to follow the three Rs of sustainability which include reduce, reuse, and recycle. Following the concept of recycling, the aim is to reduce the carbon footprints from the face of the earth.

Focusing on the idea of reducing the plastic traces and reusing the waste like aluminum and others, the recycling system in Boracay is linked to offering a better and sustainable environment.

Being a concerned and considerate tourist participate in the recycling activity whenever possible and do not litter the place.


Being one of the tourist cities, the number of people visiting here is relatively high. This was one of the most central reasons the Island was locked down in between for a certain period for rehabilitation and offering a better environment.

The involvement of the locals, industries, government, and businesses, has ensured a better waste management system and recycling facilities. With the reliable waste disposal system, as well as a sewage treatment plant which began operation in 2003, the island is one offering the best waste management system.

So, provide your contribution by way of supporting the locals and government by not littering your surroundings and making others aware of doing the same.

Work and Study Abroad

Boracay is a place majorly popular for tourism. The small island with natural scenic beauty and fantastic beaches is a perfect place to enjoy the vacations. While this place offers the opportunity to join the hospitality industry as a prospect, the same is not with other sectors.

Combining all the options and possibilities, if you are looking forward to the hospitality industry as your future, then this place has better alternatives to offer you.

Exchange Student

Being a tourist place and a small island, there are just a few colleges here. While you may find the students and solo travelers on their vacations here but still the exchange students' concept is not that popular. The colleges that offer their services in Boracay are:

  • Northwestern Visayan Colleges
  • M.I.S University
  • Aklan State University

Au Pair

Boracay is a warm and soothing island with a unique environment and friendly people. It is sure to offer the opportunity to go for the Au Pair but in return for taking up small jobs like taking care of the children or doing some little housework. There is an opportunity to earn some allowances as well, but it depends on the underlying conditions.

Although the concept is new to the majority of the locals, still there are a good number of chances of getting the opportunity to stay as Au Pair. It is best to be familiar with your Au pair before agreeing to move in. This will ensure a happy and healthy stay.


Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to blend with the people and make your stay worthwhile. While there are various opportunities to offer your services, the best are ones to help the locals and nature. With dozens of volunteering groups running in Boracay to clean the beaches, forests, and nature, you can participate and leave a positive trail behind. Just gather the information and put your request to volunteer, and enjoy your stay at Boracay.

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