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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cagliari advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.7 / 5
  • Parks: 3.8 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$75 - $350

Responsible Travel

Suppose you plan to visit the city of Cagliari or some other faraway country. In that case, you are profoundly urged to follow your obligations and complete your commitments as mindful of the travel industry. Traveling around the globe with loved ones is an approach to appreciate and encounter life in an alternate way to experience the various perspectives one can accumulate. The city of Cagliari in Italy is a very historical place, which is now known to be a modern center. Therefore, various individuals in the town and the vast majority of them address Italian culture and custom.

As travelers, we should anticipate considering the prosperity of the spot we are visiting and don't be focused on taking everything for ourselves. There are many spots to be and excessively numerous encounters to be a piece of Cagliari. Nonetheless, we should follow explicit conventions to travel capably, regardless of what country we visit.

Here are a few manners which one should abide by to travel responsibly and have a fun experience in Cagliari.

  • Utilize public transportation administrations.
  • Favor strolling or riding a bike while moving around the city's limits.
  • Try to add to the neighborhood organizations and backing them however much as could reasonably be expected.
  • Evaluate the nearby road food corners as it is an excellent method to help private ventures while investing quality energy in scrumptious food things.
  • Incline toward housing in green inns over the customary ones.
  • Visit the regular parks in the city to see the value in the spot's everyday excellence


Air Quality and Pollution

Cagliari is a city in Italy that has a vibrant and authentic history in the past. Also, Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, which is an island in the country. As a result, this place is always filled with foreign visitors, and overall, it is quite a busy city. The city's contamination levels have always been kept under check, and there is no reason for a person to delay their tour to this place. As per the weather details, there is nothing hazardous in the atmosphere and anyone, whether the local citizens or tourists have got nothing to worry about.

The Air Quality Index or AQI of Cagliari is now at 90, decently protected over the suggested AQI that the WHO proposes. The essential contamination in the environment is PM 2.5, and its fixation in the environmental factors is 2.1 µg/m³. Nonetheless, it doesn't force a lot of danger to the residents.

Respect the Culture

To travel responsibly, one must keep a check on various aspects of their voyage. There are numerous do's and don'ts relevant to most trips and tours worldwide, and being respectful and diligent towards foreign customers is one of them. As people, we should concede and acknowledge that individuals worldwide have unique and divided convictions between themselves. We ought to never act in manners that can damage or influence others' opinions. Individuals of Cagliari have an energetic social legacy and are profoundly acclimated to Italian customs. Thus, if you are going from where the Italian culture isn't significantly depicted, you should learn and think about space's fundamental standard propensities. This guarantees that your activities don't hurt or disturb the sentiments of the neighborhood residents of Cagliari.

Additionally, the way of life of an alternate district likewise joins different duties. As an outsider to the country, you are urged to be liberal and kind to the neighborhood residents. This will not only make your trip a peaceful one, but it will also fill the minds of the locals with content.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city of Cagliari has a vibrant and profound cultural heritage. There are plenty of activities and fun experiences to be a part of while visiting this place, and here are the top ten places you should not miss while enjoying your stay.

  • "Castello" neighborhood

The uplifted heart of old and current Cagliari, "Castello," the Italian for a palace, "Casteddu" in Sardinian language, is the city's most seasoned and most happening area. A stroll around Castello is perhaps the best activity in Cagliari, fundamental to dig into the city's ancient history and remnants and appreciate the engineering pearls and strongholds raised during the Pisan rule. Arriving at Castello probably won't be the most loosening up stroll as it's constantly tough. However, it's certainly not difficult to spot. Wear casual shoes and keep going up; when you enter one of the middle age doors, you will realize you arrived at your objective. Very much like in an appropriate braced territory, the central age doors of the stronghold were opened each day toward the beginning of the day to permit laborers and dealers to get in and closed down in the evening for the night with just the occupants inside. Castello contained various structures, be it homes, temples, or government structures, and today some are available to people in general to visit.

  • Bastione di Saint Remy

This Cathedral is situated in Piazza Costituzione, Bastione Saint Remy is viewed as the image of Cagliari and one of its most significant milestones. The fortification, named after the primary Piedmont emissary, was implicit white limestone on top of the middle age guarded obstructions toward the finish of the nineteenth century when Cagliari stopped to be a military fort, and the protection dividers could be pulled down. The sight from Piazza Costituzione is a twofold flight of stairs conquered by a vast, forcing curve. The Bastione has been shut now for quite a long time for remodel work. Presently the works have been finished, and everybody is anticipating that the Bastione should be returned soon. When it's open, you can go up the steps to arrive at the top and have a stroll in the expansive patio to appreciate an excellent view. If you happen to feel tired, you can utilize the lift working all day, every day, and complimentary around 100 meters further up along Viale Regina Elena.

Suppose you and your crew are out on the town. In that case, you genuinely don't have any desire to miss the heartfelt dusk before getting to supper either nearby or in the Marina neighborhood where in summer eateries place their table outside, and the roads are a banquet of shadings, seasons, and inebriating aromas.

  • Santa Maria Cathedral, Cagliari Cathedral

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria or Cagliari Cathedral is unquestionably perhaps the main spots to see in Cagliari. The city's primary Catholic house of God, this old church lies on top of Castello's quarter and neglects a shocking perspective. Named after Santa Maria (the Holy Mary), the holy person supporter of the prayer house is Santa Cecilia, a Roman saint. The Cagliari Cathedral development began in 1254 when Pisa involved Cagliari in the battle against Genoa to prevail upon the control of Sardinia. The principal church was of unassuming appearance and size as Pisans were occupied with battling Genoa, so they didn't have a lot of time to consider their sanctuaries; they required one since they were living there. The accompanying Aragon and Spanish rules achieved further improvement in the development of the church and the expansion of new components, particularly the last mentioned, when the diocese supervisor Francisco Desquivel raised the clergy and facilitated in the underground tomb the relics of no under 159 nearby saints moving them from the necropolis of early-Christian San Saturnino basilica.

Forcing both outside and inside, during your visit, do dedicate some an ideal opportunity to the tomb of Cagliari Cathedral, finely designed with a roof decorated by a shift of jewel and blossom-like stone roses, it additionally safeguards the graves of two individuals from previous Italian regal family the Savoia.

  • Palazzo Viceregio

On the right-hand side, leaving the basilica, lies Cagliari's Palazzo Viceregio, vice-regal castle, which currently is the seat of Cagliari's Prefecture and home of the regent. The castle was the emissary home during the Aragon, Spanish, and Savoia rules. On the primary floor are shown the pictures of every one of the emissaries that occupied it. This is what to see in Cagliari to study a significant piece of its cutting-edge history. As a feature of the structure is the official's private condo, it's feasible to visit just piece of the primary floor with the last ballroom, presently Council Hall, eating and parlors, however now the private rooms of the previous inhabitants.

  • Nostra Signora di Bonaria Basilica

"Our Lady of Bonaria," the basilica, the asylum, and the cloister are based on a slope southeast of the downtown area around a 10-15 minutes stroll from Via Roma. One of the must-see attractions in Cagliari, the asylum, was an implicit Gothic style in the fourteenth century when the Aragon rulers chose to blockade the city. Simultaneously, the basilica traces back to 1700 and is an illustration of neoclassical design. The basilica endured significant harm in 1943 because of the Anglo-American bombings on Cagliari: the frescoes were eradicated, just like an enormous number of different fortunes. After World War II, the basilica was redesigned, and the work was finished in 1998. For the most part, this is why when you enter, you will see it's new. To discover what it looked like when remodeling near the passageway entryway, some writings and photographs report the congregation's historical backdrop.

  • Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria

Heading towards Via Roma from the basilica, on your right-hand side, you will discover the passageway to the Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria and the connecting Park of Bonaria. The burial ground, initiated in 1829, was planned by Damiani and Cima draftsmen on the site of an old cemetery, effectively being used during Carthaginian-Roman and early-Christian occasions. Before that, in Cagliari, individuals used to cover their dead in the holy places or environmental factors, bringing about a few clean issues. Previously during the cholera plague of 1816, they searched for some space out of the city to cover the setbacks. Hence, the requirement for a significant graveyard began being basic. Packed with masterpieces and facilitating neighborhood characters' graves, it's an outdoors historical center worth remembering for your rundown when choosing what to do in Cagliari.

  • Palazzo Civico

The seat of the neighborhood district, Palazzo Civico, is an excellent structure situated in the lower piece of Stampace quarter in Via Roma on the corner with Largo Carlo Felice. The 1943 bombings caused such an excess of harm that it returned numerous years to carry it to its unique magnificence. The royal residence joins a Gothic style in its arcade and Liberty in the exterior, complete with two 38-meter-high pinnacles. The corners are four pillars enhanced with a cutting of the four fields image of the Sardinian banner. As it's currently the Council's seat, it's feasible to visit Palazzo Civico just on Saturday when a guide from a similar Council will show you around. However, suppose you do not intend to be in Cagliari on a Saturday. In that case, you can go to the Tourism Office on the ground floor of a similar Council castle and request an arrangement to visit Palazzo Civico during the week.

  • Mercato di San Benedetto

Among the Cagliari activities, remember to incorporate a fast side trip to Mercato San Benedetto, a huge shrouded fish market in the structure's storm cellar. On the ground floor, there is the meat and veggies area. On the San Benedetto market's cellar, you also track down a new pastry shop that makes a wide range of bread. Being Cagliari, an ocean town, its fish-based food is delicious. When you enter the spot, you will see everything, snails proceeding onward the counter along with the crates, eels, squids, mussels. The dealers remaining behind the counters yell the entire morning practically to call clients. While this was not where we do our everyday shopping, we figured out how to ruin ourselves with some seared fish and warm new bread. If you are willing to stay at Mercato San Benedetto till noon, you might need to attempt the fish they fry on the extreme left corner of the San Benedetto showcase and get yourself a generous portion of bread. To have your lunch, take the M transport towards Via Roma and get off at the port so you can make the most of your treat on a seat while taking a gander at the quiet Mediterranean Sea.

  • Poetto beach

Poetto seashore, 8 km long, is on Cagliari city's doorstep, around 10-15 minutes by transport from focal Via Roma. Notwithstanding the tremendous number of sightseers consistently, this long brilliant sand seashore is pristine and in excellent shape. Strolling and running along this vast long seashore is continually unwinding while at the same time appreciating the perspective on the Mediterranean Sea, Poetto seashore is additionally appropriate for families with youngsters. You discover numerous restaurants, cafés, and bars that can engage you for your day or night along the seashore. Poetto Beach is long, so you won't discover it excessively swarmed besides on summer ends of the week and August. On the off chance that you need to remain nearby to this delightful seashore, you will discover a few lodgings and B&B.

  • Parco Molentargius – Le Saline

Parco di Molentargius – Le Saline, found right close to the beautiful Poetto seashore, is a unique little something to see in Cagliari that you can't in any way, shape, or form skip if you like to appreciate untamed life. The recreation center incorporates two new water bowls and a saltwater bowl. Molentargius Park covers around 1600 hectares and is where numerous types of birds stop, particularly the pink flamingos, the recreation center's image. Le Saline's saltwater bowls were initially utilized for salt extraction, once in the past probably the most extravagant industry in Cagliari. The word 'molentargius' is Sardinian for "jackass overseers," which was given because they utilized jackasses to convey the salt from the bowls. The land and water-capable creatures possessing the lake are the tree frog and the green amphibian, while among the reptiles, you will discover the lake slider, the grass snake, the green whip snake, and the Italian three-toed skink.


The city of Cagliari has a lot to offer to its tourists when it comes to natural beauty and aesthetic work of monumental craftsmanship. These are some of the best places to enjoy an afternoon with your peers and family and have a great time amidst the natural beauty of Cagliari.

City Parks

These are the most popular city parks in Cagliari.

  • Giardini Pubblici.
  • Parco di Monte Urpinu.
  • Parco di Bonaria.
  • Parco Pubblico Bonaria.

National Parks

Here are some of the National Parks located in Cagliari.

  • Parco Naturale Molentargius Saline.
  • Molentargius Pond.


Cagliari has some of the most beautiful beaches known to man. Here are some of them.

  • Poetto Beach.
  • Calamos Beach


If you happen to visit Cagliari shortly, make sure you visit these crucial and monumental landmarks on your vacation.

  • The Marina

Cagliari is situated on the south bank of Sardinia. It is a significant port area, and because of this fact, it has an incredible Marina region that is loaded with shops, cafés, and moving promenades. You can head down the open Largo Carlo Felice road and onto the Via Roma – this is a fabulous promenade fixed with trees and flaunting magnificent perspectives out to the Harbour and ports. On the other hand, if you would like to visit the Calata Sant'Agostino, you can stroll into the port territory and see the colossal journey ships mooring and emptying their sightseers or watch the gigantic holder ships offloading their payload.

  • Bastione San Remy

This vast and fancy design lies in Cagliari's notable old town's focal point and is one of the city's most well-known symbols. Initially utilized as a protective design to sustain Cagliari, the Bastion presently remains a superb survey stage offering stunning perspectives across the city's Mediterranean ocean and port spaces. Built in the nineteenth century, the Bastion comprises an open patio, an elaborate front façade, and a wanton-covered walkway. Visiting this stronghold is one of the main things you ought to do in Cagliari to see a piece of its set of experiences and to see the city spread out underneath you.

  • Torre dell Elefante

Cagliari has an assortment of authentic structures, and the Elephant Tower is quite possibly the most noteworthy and celebrated. You can reach this location by just a short stroll from the Bastione San Remy. The pinnacle looms over the encompassing designs and is not difficult to distinguish. Built-in medieval times in 1307, the pinnacle filled in as a gatekeeper tower inside the city's guarded fortress organization. Even though it is just essential in the plan, it has a few little subtleties like the cut elephant sculptures and the emblems that make it massively intriguing. Moreover, it is feasible to climb to the pinnacle's highest point for unmatched perspectives on Cagliari.

  • Museo Archeologico Nazionale

This incredible complex will give long periods of amusement and schooling and fills in as Cagliari's fundamental wellspring of archaeological discoveries. You can discover this historical center in the North West piece of the old town near the Roman Amphitheater, which sets out the ideal freedom to join the two into a solitary outing. Held inside this historical center is a fantastic assortment of Punic, Greek, and ancient Roman rarities, yet additionally, an enormous abundance of relics gathered from the various areas of Sardinia. Shows incorporate mixtures of coins, gems, ceramics, sculptures, and other old-fashioned finds.

  • Roman Amphitheatre

This city is enriched with very closely related to European history, and thus, Cagliari has a few Roman remnants, and the best saved is undoubtedly the Roman Amphitheatre. Situated in the memorable old town's northern locale, this design traced back to the second century AD and was halfway cut into the sloped rock face. Gladiatorial challenges were held here, along with emotional exhibitions and surprisingly open executions. Today you can mastermind guided voyages through the landmark, and it additionally plays hosts to an assortment of shows and exhibitions.

  • Calamos Beach

At the southern finish of Cagliari past the principal port territory, there is the tiny community of Calamosca – here, you can track down a little however lovely and calm seashore that is the ideal spot to get away unwind. Clear waters lap the shore, and the warm oceans offer the perfect chance to swim or essentially lie on a lido and sunbathe. Encompassing the seashore is an emotional coastline with plenty of rough bluff countenances to investigate, likewise, the excellent Torre di Calamosca and the Torre Del Poetto. This truly is an incredible and disconnected spot to get away from, too, following a bustling day of touring in Cagliari.


Engulfed with rich cultural heritage, the city of Cagliari has several profound museums that uphold and preserve the region's past. Here are some museums that you must visit while enjoying your stay in Cagliari.

  • Museo archeologico nazionale
  • National Pinacotheca of Cagliari.
  • Galleria Comunale d'Arte.
  • Fondazione per l'arte Bartoli Felter.


Cagliari is an integral part of Italy, and thus, the food available in this region is considered very worthwhile. As such, a food lover can find their paradise in Cagliari due to the delicacy offered in food items. If you are a foreign traveler, you will be astonished by the food habits practiced here and amazed just by experiencing the rich taste of authenticity in their recipes.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Cagliari that offer excellent services to their customers. You can dine here with your family and peers.

  • Sa Domu Sarda Cagliari.
  • L'Imperfetto.
  • Ristorante Sa Ide e S'Ollia Cagliari.
  • Antica Cagliari.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you follow a strict vegetarian diet, these will be the primary restaurants where you can find the best food for your money. Ristorante Gintilla Cagliari.

  • Cavò Bistrot.
  • MangioGiusto.
  • Mamopizza.

Street Food

The real taste of Italian delicacy is in the street food corners, and here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Picanhito.
  • Fritto Mania.
  • Le Patate & Co.
  • Caddozzoni.


Here are some of the most happening clubs and pubs in Cagliari. If you like to indulge in drinking, you are surely going to love these places.

  • Avion's Bar Cagliari.
  • American Bar Biffi.
  • Sphera Locura – Cagliari.
  • Old Square.


Tap water is generally exceptionally clean in the city of Cagliari. Still, you recommend drinking and consuming packaged mineral water as the local water from this region might not suit your body.

Organic Cafés

If you look forward to spending an evening with your family and peers and have a great time, here are some of the best cafes in Cagliari that you are recommended to visit.

  • Café Bistrot Cagliari.
  • Rafè Coffee & Shop.
  • Cafè Etnico.
  • Time café.


Here are some of the most authentic breweries in Cagliari. Some of these places have been run for centuries, so be sure that you will love the vibe.

  • Le Springo Tasting Room.
  • Birrificio Gattarancio
  • Birrificio Artigianale Le Springo.
  • Birrificio Alvure.


The city of Cagliari offers tons of variety and fun experiences to its tourists. As such, you can indulge in various sports and refreshing experiences while being in this city. Numerous options are available and active and only require you to sign up to avail the best possible experience.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga has recently been accepted as a very profound practice in Western culture, and since then, it is regarded to be very helpful for both the human mind and body. There are plenty of popular Yoga retreats in the city of Cagliari, and if you would like to visit one, here are the best ones that you are recommended to see.

  • Ashtanga Yoga Cagliari AYC.
  • Ananda Yoga Cagliari.
  • Yogatrekking Sardegna.
  • Postural Pilates Cagliari.


Choosing a decent enough place to reside while being in a new, foreign country is a very genuine concern. While having all the amenities and comforts of your home is not entirely possible while visiting a foreign land, you can always expect the best. Thus, having a comfortable and well-rounded room for resting and admiring the nearby beauty is the least you can ask for. However, without any prior knowledge or recommendation, you can find this job a hefty one. Thus, in this segment, you will come to know about the best hotels, guest houses, and resorts in the city of Cagliari that offer the best services for money.

Green Hotels

The need for the rise of green hotels emerged a few years back. This was due to the ongoing exploitation that was severely disrupting the natural laws of the environment. Thus, green hotels are a way to ensure that good initiatives are taken and implemented to minimize the damage towards nature and other conservative resources. Therefore, in a green hotel, you would not find many ways to waste the available resources and energy as these places are mostly powered by solar panels. Water, which is also an essential resource, is used very diligently and reused more often to solve clean and fresh water. The city of Cagliari has some of the most profound green hotels right in the middle of its mesmerizing scenic beauty. You are recommended to stay in one of the mentioned hotels as expected from a responsible traveler.

  • T Hotel Cagliari.
  • Affittacamere Gran Cagliari.
  • Sardegna Hotel.
  • Hotel Villa Fanny.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here are some of the most renowned and aesthetic guest houses in the city of Cagliari. These living places offer some of the country's best services while engaging their customers with the most exquisite natural beauty view right from their living rooms.

  • Mimì Rooms – Cagliari.
  • Sette Colli Guesthouse.
  • Onda Marina Rooms.
  • Alfieri.


If you are looking forward to staying for an extended period in the city of Cagliari, choosing and renting an apartment should be the best course of action. There are plenty of well-suited flats in the capital city of Cagliari, and you can choose one of them to maximize your comfort as well as freedom while enjoying your stay.

  • Cagliari Holiday Apartments
  • Enry White House Cagliari.
  • Stampace Apartments.
  • Le Palme Apartment.


The people of Cagliari have shown keen interest in the new form of greeting foreigners, allowing foreign visitors and tourists to live with the locals. You can find and contact thousands of interested local citizens of Cagliari who are willing to share their living space with tourists in exchange for money.


The city of Cagliari is also a great place to go out camping with friends and family. Here are some of the best places you can visit in this city to experience this fun adventure.

  • Parco di Monte Urpinu.
  • Camper Cagliari Park.
  • Camping Pini e Mare.
  • Camping le Dune.

How to Get There

The city of Cagliari is a very crucial one in the country of Italy. As a part of Italy and Sardinia's capital city, it is most heavily congested with people worldwide. Thus, there are various ways of reaching this place if you are looking forward to visiting this beautiful city on the island of Sardinia. In this segment, the most viable ways of getting to this country will be mentioned so that you do not have to go through any discomforts while booking your tickets to Cagliari.


The most efficient way of reaching Cagliari by using the airlines. This is also the fastest way of entering this city, no matter what part of the world you live in. As a result, booking your flight tickets as soon as possible is also heavily suggested as Cagliari flights are mostly booked beforehand due to the massive amount of rush this city undergoes.


If you are live anywhere near the city or in any other town around Cagliari, then traveling by land can be a lot easier and more fun. Not only will you experience the beautiful and aesthetic sights on the way, but you can save up a lot on the traveling expenses as well. Buses, for that matter, are an excellent way for traveling short distances and it is a very convenient way of traveling in and out of the city.


Similar to buses are the train services in Cagliari. If you reside nearby, you can book yourself a train ticket and visit the city with absolute ease. The train schedules are very effective, and the overall service is very dependable as well.


Hitchhiking is an ancient and widespread practice in European countries, and thus, Cagliari is also very open-minded when it comes to sharing a ride with strangers. The local people of Cagliari are very kind and generous, and the city is not known for being a violent one as there are not many crimes happening in and around the city. However, if you are traveling alone, especially during the nighttime, you are suggested to be awake and cautious at all times.


There are other means of transportation used to travel in and out of the city, such as personal cars, cabs, and vans.

Moving Around

Once you are in the city of Cagliari, you must find the best and efficient ways to travel so that moving around the city does not concern your state of mind. As a result, you must know which vehicles and public transportations are easily and readily available in the city of Cagliari and which ones are the best for your venture. Here are the best ways you can move around Cagliari, exploring the place's culture and beauty.


Walking is by far the most versatile way of exploring a new location you are visiting. This practice opens up several possibilities while enjoying your stay in a beautiful place such as the city of Cagliari. You can walk along the sidewalks and explore the city of Cagliari on your own. This will give you a deeper insight into the rich cultural heritage associated with the place. On top of that, you get a first-hand experience of the region's mesmerizing beauty as well.


Bicycle is also one of those modes of transport which you can use to travel alone. Although, these means are only to be used for traveling short distances. However, you can go along for a ride in the afternoon and watch the beautiful sunset in Cagliari, or ride during the night time to have a better view of this place's nightlife.

Electronic Vehicles

The rise in the usage of electronic vehicles has been tremendous over the past few years in Cagliari. People have begun to realize the comfort and effectiveness of these new-generation vehicles. So much so that you can find electronic public cars that run for short distances in and around the city for a fair price.

Public Bus

The public bus transportation system in the city of Cagliari is very well-maintained and coordinated. You can expect to catch a bus every fifteen minutes or so that will take you to your desired location. Tourists and vacationers are often recommended to use the public transport system more often as they do not add to traffic jams and pollution.

Tram, Train and Subway

The train and tram service of Cagliari is not only one of the most dependable ones, but also one of the oldest ones around this region. The local citizen of Cagliari is heavily dependent on the train and metro services of the city to reach their workplace and other famous spots. As a result, you can always expect to be on time and never be late if you travel via Cagliari trains.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is an integral part of any foreign trip or vacation. As such, tourists love and long to shop for their desired items from the stores to take away a part of their visiting place. However, this practice also helps the country's economy extensively, as small-scale businesses profit a lot from tourists' foreign ventures. In this segment, you will come across the various shopping sites in Cagliari and the most famous stores in the city, which you are highly recommended to pay a visit to.

Food Markets

These are the most well-renowned food markets in the city of Cagliari.

  • Mercato Civico di Santa Chiara.
  • Food Hall Cagliari.
  • Esse Market Sant'Eulalia.
  • Mercato Civico di San Benedetto.

Flea Markets

Here are some of the most common flea markets in the city of Cagliari.

  • Secondamano Cagliari.
  • Mercatino Franchising Cagliari.
  • CiVieni - Store dell'Usato.
  • Cose Preziose.

Second Hand Stores

If you are looking for a second-hand store in Cagliari, you recommend visiting some of the sites while enjoying your stay in this city.

  • Mercatopoli Cagliari.
  • Mercatino Cagliari.
  • Le Formichine.
  • Libreria A Tutto Volume Cagliari.


These are the best eco fashion sites and shops in Cagliari, and all the foreign tourists and vacationers love to shop for their favorite items in these stores.

  • Eticando.
  • Via Crispi Boutique.
  • Martina Boutique.
  • Io Bio Cagliari.


Recycling has always remained an integral part of this city's waste management policies. All the waste generated in this region is very decisively sorted so that the recyclable stuff is sent back for being reused in other forms. The rest is discarded in the wastelands.


The city of Cagliari has been very active towards the waste management policies and their implementation over the last several years. Being the capital city of a beautiful island in Italy, the city of Cagliari remains bustling throughout the year, and people from all over the world are excited to visit this place. As such, the rise in the number of waste products over the past few decades has been tremendous. However, the state authorities have shown immense contribution and support to undo the impact and ensure that the city remains as clean as possible.

Work and Study Abroad

The capital city of Cagliari, which is a significant city in Italy, has several advantages when it comes to settlement. As a result, each year, many foreigners accept this place as their new home and strive to become a citizen of Italy. Apart from the brilliant scenic beauty, this place's job opportunities are enough for ensuring that settling in this region is a very insightful decision.

Exchange Student

The academic policies of the city of Cagliari are very profound and are talked of all over Europe. There are plenty of International Student Exchange programs that happen every year. This phenomenon helps students from other countries gain deeper insight into this place's cultural and educational practices. All the renowned colleges and universities in Cagliari promote these exchange programs and propose the advantages of studying and living in this city to their International guests.

Au Pair

The concept of AU pair has hit off exceptionally well in the capital city of Cagliari. This is especially good for all the foreign visitors who are willing to visit this place and share a living area with the local citizens. On the other hand, Cagliari people are incredibly welcoming towards this practice and are more than happy to let tourists and other foreign vacationers live in their homes. However, locals who live with foreigners allow this practice to exchange money or other household services that help their cause.


There are some of the most renowned Volunteering campaigns that are active in Cagliari. If you are a tourist or a foreign visitor to this place, you can contribute to this region's social welfare by actively participating in these volunteering campaigns. However, everyone who becomes a part of these social groups to help the people in need must be highly diligent and honest in this work.

  • Cagliari Solidale Associazione Onlus.
  • AEGEE-Cagliari.

See Also