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Eco-friendly travel guide to Chile advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Chile, South America.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.7 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.8 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.9 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$190 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$110 - $150

Responsible Travel

Sustainable traveling has become a necessity these days. The reason behind this is most countries these days are looking for different opportunities to preserve their environment, traditions and culture. Chile is one of the most popular countries in South America. It stretches from the South American belly and reaches till the driest desert to huge southern glacial fields. With diverse landscapes stretched over 4300 km, fertile valleys. Ancient forests, and huge glaciers, it is one of the best places for vacation. Most travel enthusiasts find the entire Chile country to be extremely mind-blowing. You will find mind-blowing wonders in every corner and the symphonic scale, which you will find in nature is undoubtedly amazing.

The extensive territory along with wide horizons will no doubt make you feel happy and alive. Besides, you will come close to nature as well as beautiful pristine lands, which is no doubt one of the most exciting parts of traveling. If you want to enjoy the real test of senses, then make sure to include Chile in your travel bucket list. A completely new experience and a new country where whales can fly and long deserts, you will no doubt enjoy your vacation in the country for sure. Overall, it is a country where things can be made possible. You will come across multiple cities and towns in the country featuring exclusive tourist attractions and destinations. Make sure to visit them if you want to make your vacation memorable.

Air Quality and Pollution

Although the country features a vast land filled with beautiful landscapes and sceneries, the pollution levels in the country are quite high. Thus, if you want to enjoy a hassle-free vacation, then it is best if you stay protected. The influx of tourists in the country is quite high due to the beautiful tourist attraction places as well as the culture. The pollution level is high and as a result, the air quality is quite poor. The government has come up with various steps and programs to keep the pollution levels under control. Airborne pollution levels are quite high. If you have disorders like chronic bronchitis, heart disease, then make sure to wear masks every time you are going out.

Climate change is something that leads to a severe rise in pollution levels. Although the government came up with innovative environmental initiatives, still Chile has to come up with definitive plans so that it can reduce the air pollution levels in the cities. If you have breathing issues or other health troubles, then it might not be a good idea to plan for a vacation in Chile. It is better to carry masks or other protections every time you are going out of your hotel.

Respect the Culture

Apart from deserts, valleys, mountains, and forests, you will get wide cultural diversity as well. It will never fail to surprise you every time you visit. Approximately Chile is half of the European descent and half of the Native American descent. Apart from that, Chileans are both genetically as well as culturally are not that indigenous compared to the Andean nations. Besides, over the years, Chileans successfully gained huge economic prosperity than other counties. Coming to the religion, Chileans are mostly Roman Catholics and fifteen percent are Cristian Protestant. Thus, you can understand that the people in Chile believe in religion largely. Once you visit Chile, you will see that various religious festivals take place in the cities throughout the year.

Most of these festivals are derived from the beliefs of the patron saints. Locals here are quite friendly and they have a splendid sense of humor. As Chile is full of some outstanding tourist locations as well as attractions, you will get the opportunity to know more about the country. When it comes to the language, people in Chile mostly speak Spanish. It is also the official language of the country. Also, unlike the other South American nations, the culture, as well as the ethnicities of Chile, is undoubtedly homogenous. If you want to explore more in detail about the Chilean culture, then it is better if you do some research before coming to the country.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Being a marvelous country in South America; Chile is an undeniably beautiful country that stretches to the western edge of the continent. Tourists consider Chile as the country of poets and you will get to see glimpses of its vibrant culture in every corner. Apart from that, there are mind-blowing tourist attractions that you would love to explore. Since Chile is located beside the Pacific Ocean, you will be mesmerized by the views as well as the culture and heritage of the country. There are many tourists attractions that are worth visiting The country is filled with some outstanding tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Within a few years, Chile turned out to be one of the most visited holiday destinations. Let us check out some of the most popular places that you must include in your bucket list.

  • Torres Del Paine National Park - Considered as one of the most popular natural areas of Chile, Torres Del Paine stretches almost above 100km towards Puerto Natales in south Patagonia. This national park is unbelievably beautiful as it consists of uncountable mountains, glaciers, rivers, etc. Among the other popular areas of the park, Cordillera del Paine is famous among the tourists. Torres Del Paine is also famous for hiking as well as other activities like trekking. The surrounding nature and the gush of fresh air will no doubt help you feel relaxed.
  • Easter Island and Rapa Nui National Park - Situated at almost 3500 km from the mainland, Easter Island is considered as one of the finest places where you can travel while you are in Chile. The beautiful stone sculptures are something that attracts thousands of tourists. All sculptures known as Moai were made by Rapa Nui. Due to this reason, the name has been given after Rapa Nui. Next, Ahu Tongariki is yet another popular attraction that you will come across on the island. The land is comprised of fifteen statues.
  • The Chilean Lake Desert - Situated almost 330 km from Temuco to Puerto Montt, it looks similar to that of Europe’s Alpine region. The Chilean Lake Desert is no doubt one of the spots worth exploring. You will find many snow-capped volcanoes covered by thick forest belts, which enhance the beauty of the place. If you seek adventure everywhere, this place can be the best option for you.
  • Valparaiso - It is the third-largest city in the country and is situated between the sea as well as the coastal mountain range. Situated at a distance of 112km from Santiago city in the northwest direction. If you are planning for a whole day outing, then a trip to Valparaiso from Santiago City will definitely be worth it. The old convex streets, as well as harbors in the city, are no doubt the ideal place for enjoying some fun activities. Other tourist attractions in the city include Lord Cochrane’s Museums, Naval, as well as Maritime Museums.
  • Lauca National Park - Situated in the north of Chilean state, at a distance of almost 140km from the African city, Lauca National Park covers almost a distance of 1300 square kilometers. From a large number of mountain ranges to volcanoes along with eye-soothing beauty it is something that attracts thousands of people from around the world. You will also come across various beautiful archeological sites inside the park that denotes the existence of European settlers.
  • Pumalin Park - One of the most visited locations in Chile; Pumalin Park is a beautiful tourist site that definitely warrants a visit. Back in 2005, it was established as one of the popular tourist locations. Besides, it is considered as the popular conservative areas in Chile. Spread around 9880000 acres from the Andes to the Pacific. Humans did not touch Pumalin Park; thus, it still looks beautiful.
  • Los Pinguinos Natural Monument- It is yet another popular location that you can visit in Chile. As one of the major spots where you will able to see conservation as well as its efforts made in the Chilean states. Located on the Southern tip of the island and incorporates the marvelous Magdalena and Marta Islands. Also, it is one of the largest penguin colonies, which contains almost 6000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins. Apart from that, the island is the home to the huge colonies of seals and sea lions.
  • The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works - Declared as the UNESCO world site heritage in 2005, it is located in the remote Pampa desert. It is a beautiful and fascinating place and once many communities used to stay here. If you are planning to visit Chile, then make sure that you are traveling to Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works.
  • Santiago - Also known as the cultural capital of Chile, Santiago is one of the most popular financial and business capital. It even serves as the entertainment center of the country. Here you can involve in various fun-filled activities. Apart from that, you will come across many museums, galleries. Even you can go shopping and try out some of the delicious foods in the hotels. Since the city is located in the center of the country, it is considered the hub of transportation.
  • The Wine Valleys - You will come across many vineyards as well as valleys where wine is manufactured. The countryside of Santiago is filled with blossoming vines. From here, various delicious wines are manufactured. Thus, make sure that you are including Wine Valleys in your bucket list.
The beautiful Torres Del Paine National Park


Chile has so much to offer and so much to see that time will run out but your itinerary won't be finished. The most unique part about Chile is the natural attractions. The natural beauty Chile has to offer is just unimaginable. Other than that there are so many museums, beaches, landmarks and eateries for you to visit. Some of those are mentioned in the sections below.

City Parks

  • Parque Bicentenario - A well-manicured park in the Vitacura neighborhood, it is one of the most popular places you can visit for relaxing and for just being close to nature. You will find the Andes Mountains in the background, which makes the surroundings even beautiful. Apart from that, you will also come across well-designed pathways, ponds, and beautiful sculptures.
  • Parque Quinta Normal - Parque Quinta Normal is one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks situated in Santiago. The shady trees, flowers, and paddling boats is something that makes the park even beautiful. You will also come across various museums as well as historic buildings inside the park.
  • Parque Araucano - This Park is often compared to the New York City Central Park due to its beautiful rose garden, Skate Park as well as other sports facilities. Located in Santiago, Araucano features a paid attraction ‘Selva Viva’ where you can view some of the most exotic plants as well as animals.
Parque Bicentenario

National Parks

  • Lauca National Park - Situated far north of the country, it is a majestic place, filled with natural beauty. The beautiful snow-capped volcanoes, breathtaking scenery, as well as peaceful surroundings, are something that attracts thousands of tourists.
  • Juan Fernandez National Park - Consisting of three scenic islands situated far off in the Pacific Ocean, Juan Fernandez National Park is yet another renowned national park in Chile. The green mountains, secluded islands along with exotic flora and fauna is something that makes Juan Fernandez one of the most popular National Parks in the country.
The mesmerising Lauca National Park


  • Playa Anakena- Although most of the coastlines near Easter Island are rocky, Playa Anakena is something, which is filled with white coral sands. The calm water of the Playa makes it an ideal option for swimming. The crystal water and peaceful surroundings make it one of the most-visited beaches in the country.
  • Bahia Inglesa - Covered by the dry and desolate Atacama Desert, Bahia Ingles is one of the stunning beaches in Chile. The beach has been named after the 17th century British pirates, who took shelter here. The huge stretch of white sand and warm waters is something that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.
The very beautiful Bahía Inglesa


  • Monumento a Los Heroes de Iquique (Valparaíso) - This monument is dedicated to all the real heroes who sacrificed their lives during the war period. It is considered one of the most popular landmarks in the country and most locals as well as tourists are well-aware of the landmark.
Monumento a Los Heroes de Iquique


You will come across many museums in the city where old artifacts are stores. Besides, museums are the best place to know about the history of Chile. Let us check out some of the most popular museums that you will find in the country.

  • Museo Historia Nacional - Out of the three museums, Museo Historia Nacional boasts a national status. Other museums include Fine Arts as well as Natural history. If you want to know more about the locals, country’s history and heritage, this museum is no doubt one of the best places. It is situated in the Plaza de Armas and was opened in 1982.
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - Also known as The National Museum of Fine Arts, it is a central place for art history in Chile’s capital. In 1976 was named the Historic Monument 1976 and it boasts almost 3000 pieces of Chilean sculpture as well as national paintings. Apart from that, you will also find some pieces that were famous during the colonial period.
  • La Chascona - It is known as one of the homes to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, La Chascona is situated in the beautiful Bellavista barrio in Santiago. If you are someone, who takes a great interest in literature or relics of famous people, then this museum will offer some mind-blowing artifacts.
Museo Historia Nacional


If you want to get the most out of your Chile vacation, then the best thing you can do is to try out some of the best foods as well as the cuisines. Along with that, do not forget to try out the local dishes as well as the drinks. Although the local foods that you will get in the cities are quite simplified; however, you will get a wide variety of seafood, beef, vegetables as well as fruit. The delicious cuisine stems feature a combination of outstanding Spanish cuisine, Chilean indigenous as well as local ingredients. The unique geography, as well as the versatile climate, resulted in the variety of fruits, exotic agricultural products, delicious vegetables, etc.

Once you are in the country, you will notice a wide variety of seafood that is found on the coastline. From razor clams, spider crabs, conger eels, salmon swordfish, tuna to abalones and mussels, you will get everything. Hence, if you have a fetish for seafood, then the country is no doubt the best place for you. Apart from that, you will get a wide range of meats, including beef, which now has become quite common than IIama meat. Some other popular foods that you will get are corn, potatoes, beans, delicious tropical fruits, stews, empanadas, etc.

If you are a real foodie, then you will no doubt have the best time in Chile. The wide range of mouth-watering dishes is no doubt tempting. From vegan to non-vegan dishes, you will get a wide range of options. Let us check out some of the most popular dishes that you must not miss trying out. Coming first in the list is Completo or Chilean Hot Dog, which is one of the most loved dishes among the locals. You will get this dish in both restaurants as well as the street food corners. Similar to normal hotdogs, these Chilean hot dogs come with little changes. Yes, along with normal hot dogs, you will get add-ons like avocado, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Next comes Pebre or Chilean Salsa. It is one such popular dish, which is mostly served in the respectable restaurant tables. The dish almost looks like salsa and you will only get them mostly at the Mexican restaurants in the US. Pebre is mainly a seasoning prepared with tomatoes in the base and topped with chopped chili, garlic, vinegar, and coriander. The spicy bite will no doubt blow your mind. The sauce tastes divine and is mostly served with a delicious warm bread known as pan amasado. The best part is, you will get a wide number of varieties when it comes to Pebre.

Chilean Empanadas is yet another addition to the list of traditional foods of Chile. Even though it is more like a favorite snack, you can still try it as the main course. It is mainly baked pies, which come with a stuffing known as Pino. This stuffing consists of minced meat, raisins, hard-boiled eggs, and black olives. Typically, empanadas are cooked or baked in a wood-burning oven, and you can take either the deep-fried one or the baked ones.

Patagonian Asado al Palo, a simple meat dish, which is insanely delicious. Chileans love enjoying meat and often choose to barbeque meat for consumption. However, this dish is mostly prepared for the festivals like birthdays or even holidays. When it comes to Patagonia, people used lamb either for farming or for the wool boom. Later on, the trend changed and lambs are used for eating as well. Asado began like a simple meal where the lamb is kept over the fire for the barbeque.

Ceviche is yet another one of the popular seafood that you must try if you are traveling to Chile. It is one of the best dishes of the Chilean cuisine, and rest assured, it is always served fresh. Peru claims that Ceviche is their national dish and it is widely eaten throughout the pacific coast of South America. Patagonian toothfish are commonly used for making the dish. It is marinated with some cilantro, garlic, red chili, and topped with lemon.


When it comes to Chile, you will get a never-ending list of drinks. From traditional drinks to quality wines, you will get everything here. Apart from that, Chile comes with a wide range of seasonal fruits with which cocktails are made. The rich culinary heritage is something that will no doubt give a lift to your taste buds. Let us check out some of the popular drinks to try in the country.

Pisco Sour is the first one that tops the list, as it is a popular cocktail. Although there is a huge debate on whether Pisco Sour is a Peruvian drink or a Chilean drink, you will find a huge difference in both countries’ drinks. Pisco is mainly a grape brandy produced in the Elqui Valley region. When it comes to the cocktail, Chilean Pisco Sour is mainly a blend of lemon juice, powdered sugar as well as ice. If you are visiting Chile for the first time, then do not forget to try out the Pisco Sour.

Next comes the Terremoto, which is yet another popular cocktail that you must try if you are in Chile. The base of the drink is mainly pipeno, which is a sweet and fortified wine having a light brown color. In it, some dollops of pineapple ice cream are added along with some aromatic Fernet. You will get this popular drink in almost every bar and pub in Chile.

Cole de Mono is another cocktail that you must try if you are in Chile. Also known as Chilean Baileys, Cole de Mono looks like Irish Cream. It is a milky cocktail and you will mostly get this during Christmas or New Year. Christmas in Chile falls during mid-summer; thus, you can understand that you will be able to enjoy this delicacy. Aguradiente spirit is blended with coffee, cloves, sugar, and milk. If you want, you can add other flavors like orange zest, cinnamon. Locals mostly prefer mixing condensed milk instead of sugar as it gives a creamy texture.

Carmenere is mainly the emblematic wine of Chile and is similar to that of Malbec in Argentina. You can try the delicious Carmenere in the wine regions of Maule Valley as well as the Maipo Valley. The wine has a classic red color and the floral aroma, berry taste, and smoky tobacco taste is something that will blow your mind. Carmenere is the most delicious drink that you will come across in Chilean cities.

If you want, you can also visit the breweries in the countries if you have a fetish for craft beer. You will come across some of the best quality crafted beer. Besides, locals here are quite into enjoying both alcoholic drinks like beer, wines, etc. Make sure that you are visiting the bars and pubs for trying out the drinks. You will get some delicious appetizers that taste perfect with the drinks.

Navegado is a Chilean mixed drink, which is quite popular in the country, especially during winter. There are various recipes for Navegado; however, it is made with wine, orange juice, spices like cinnamon, cloves, and sugar. Ingredients are simmered in wine for hours and then is served hot in the teacups or garnished mugs with oranges. Locals are of the view, that the drink tastes delish when it is made at home using local wines. No matter what you are planning to try out when it comes to the drinks, make sure that you are trying out the local drinks, especially the ones that are homemade using local wines and other drinks.

You will also come across multiple organic cafeterias that serve the best quality coffee as well as other breakfast options. As already mentioned, Chileans love enjoying alcoholic drinks, you might not get many options in the drinks especially if you are searching for non-alcoholic drinks. However, you get a wide variety of coffee in the organic cafeterias and if you are no interested in alcoholic drinks, you can always opt for them.


Tap water is also available in plenty throughout the country. However, it is better if you do not consume it. The reason behind this is the pollution levels are quite high in the country. You will come across multiple small stores selling packaged drinking water as well as fruit juices. In case you feel thirsty, you can drink them instead of tap water. Fruit drinks and soft drinks are comparatively the safer options considering the fact; you are staying in an unknown country.


Just like a wide variety of foods and drinks, you will come across multiple activities to try in the country that will no doubt make your vacation memorable. Having the most diverse landscapes on the planet, Chile is gradually becoming one of the most popular travel destinations amongst travel enthusiasts. On top of that, if you are both nature and adventure lover, then you will no doubt have the best time in the country. A narrow nation on the west coast of South America, you will find a wide range of stunning sightseeing opportunities starting from tall peaks, beautiful beaches, lush forests, as well as ancient volcanoes.

Apart from that, you will come across multiple national parks as well as conservation areas. If you want, you can go on hiking or trekking. Alternatively, you can go river rafting, mountain biking, or just horseback riding. If you think that Chile does not offer any cultural attractions, then you are probably mistaking. Cities like Santiago offers outstanding fine museums as well as art galleries. Art is a matter of public interest for almost everyone. Let us check out some of the popular activities that you must try in Chile.

  • Visit Torres Del Paine National Park - It is one of the best and the most stunning natural areas that you must visit if you are traveling to Chile. The spectacular Torres Del Paine National Park is located almost a hundred kilometers north in Puerto Natales, South Patagonia. Torres Del Paine is covered with mountains, glaciers, as well as uncountable rivers and lakes. One of the most important parts of the country is filled with Cordillera del Paine. Out of all the other notable tourist attractions, the one that will draw your attention is the 2850-meter huge granite peaks of the Paine Massif. If you want, you can go out hiking. You will come across many overnight shelters where you can stay to enjoy the early morning views or simply go out for bicycle rides.
  • Explore the Valle de la Luna as well as the Atacama Desert - Also known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’, it is yet another one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile. It is located almost thirteen kilometers west of San Pedro de Atacama. You can access it through well-marked bike trails, tour buses, and even rented cars. Although the Valle de la Luna has a rugged and inhospitable landscape, the surrounding beauty of the location is no doubt mind-blowing. Among all the other features, the notable ones are the dry lakebeds, which is one of the driest places on Earth. Apart, from that, you will also find various notable features in the Atacama Desert. From caverns to evidence containing pictographs made by early man.
  • Spend a day at Easter Island and Rapa Nui National Park - The place was first visited by the Europeans in 1722 and is a magnificent and remote Easter Island. For years, Polynesians have been visiting Easter Island. Although it is almost 35oo kilometers away from Chile, many tourists come here to explore this fascinating island. You will come across many remarkable stone sculptures. Besides, at Rapa Nu, you will come across some phenomenal beaches. Anakena is one of them and it is a small yet beautiful short beach. It comes with white coral sand, which is just the right for unwinding.
  • Visit Santiago - As you might know, Santiago is the cultural capital of Chile apart from being the financial and business capital. Apart from that, the city is the home to some endless fun things. For example, you can visit museums as well as galleries. If you are interested in shopping or dining, then this can be the best place for you. Santiago is also the country’s primary transportation hub. From this city, tourists begin Chilean travels before traveling to the Andes or other surrounding areas to explore its beauty. It is one of the best and the hospitable cities and you can meet some warm-hearted people. While you are at Santiago, make sure to visit Santiago Metropolitan Park, a huge urban green area that comes with a huge botanical garden.
  • Explore the Lauca National Park - Situated far away from Chile, almost 140 kilometers to the east of Arica City, Lauca National Park. It covers an area of almost 1300 square kilometers. Besides, once you visit here, you will get high plains as well as mountain ranges. When it comes to the highlights of the national park, you will get many activities to try out. If you are someone who loves hiking, then you will come across multiple mountain lakes, notably Chungara, Cotacotani, etc. Apart from that, you will also find various archeological sites that will give you an insight into the Europeans, who left their mark in the region’s old colonial churches as well as buildings. It is also no doubt the best place for bird watchers too.


Good accommodation plays a significant role when it comes to traveling. If you are planning to travel to Chile, make sure that you are looking for some good accommodation options that will make your vacation comfortable and fun-filled. Make sure that you check out some of the best-rated accommodations. While checking online, you will come across multiple accommodation options that come with outstanding amenities. Be it hotels, hostels, guesthouses, or even apartments, you will get everything. Even if you are planning a getaway, then it is best if you book five-star hotels. Alternatively, if you want to save money on accommodation, then it is best if you choose to stay in hostels or guesthouses.

Since the country experiences a huge tourist influx, many hotels, hostels, and guesthouses are found here. Many travel enthusiasts, as well as tourists, come here to enjoy, unwind, and get away from stress. Different from the North American countries, Chile features some old and historic memories. By exploring them, you will be able to get a clear idea of Latin America. Besides, the beautiful beaches and national parks, you will come across a wide range of marvelous attractions that will blow your mind. The only thing that you will have to face is high hotel rates. However, keeping everything in mind if you want to enjoy some of the best vacation memories, then it is best if you book comfortable hotels.

Green Hotels

The trend of green hotels is quite high since people these days people are becoming concerned about the environment. Although you might not find many green hotels in the country, you will find a few where you can enjoy a sustainable stay.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guesthouses are no doubt one of the best options. However, the only thing that you must keep in mind that you might not get enough amenities like the hostels. Besides, you will get to meet fellow travelers if you want to know more about the country. You can stay with the locals if you want to more about the locals.


As the locals, here are quite warm-hearted, you can stay with the locals in the apartments. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is the rules. However, if you want to stay with freedom, then it is best if you book apartments through Airbnb. Here you will get exclusive benefits. Besides, if you have coupons, then you can get additional discounts.


Exploring any new country comes with undoubtedly many enjoyments as well as threats. If you are a travel enthusiast and you love enjoying solo traveling, then it is best if you join Couchsurfing communities. It is one of the best and trending concepts these days. If you do not know about Couchsurfing, then it is completely different from normal traveling. If you look online, you will come across many Couchsurfing communities. All you have to do is send them a request if you want to be a part of the Couchsurfing communities. Once they accept your request.

You can stay with them in Chile and meet fellow travelers who will give a better insight on traveling in Chile. However, the one thing that you have to keep in mind is to check the reviews before sending a request. With not so popular communities, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation in the country. Your complete traveling experience will depend completely on the community you are choosing. Besides, if you are a solo traveler, then it is better if you join Couchsurfers. With knowledgeable people, you can no doubt have the best time in Chile. You will be able to explore every nooks and corner of the country.


Camping is yet another one of the activities you can enjoy when you visit Chile. Besides, if you are someone who loves adventure, then nothing can be better than going on camping. The picturesque beauty, uncountable tourist attraction places, as well as high and low valleys, then nothing can be better than going camping. If you are especially traveling with your friends, then make sure to find out some of the most popular camping sites throughout the country. While booking hotels you can look for the camping grounds, or you can search for them online to get a clear idea.

Imagine how it would feel to wake up amidst the mountains and greenery. If you want to make things interesting, you can arrange for a bonfire and barbeque. Make sure that you are planning to stay for at least three to four days. Otherwise, you will not be able to have enough fun. Some of the popular camping spots that you can find in the country are Valdivia and Corral, Destinos destacados de Chile, etc. Many hotels are there that take bookings for the camping grounds.


Map of Chile with regions colour coded
Northern Chile
Central Chile (Valparaíso, Santiago)
The heart of the country, you can visit the main cities, famous vineyards and some of the best ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere.
Southern Chile
Extreme South
Easter Island (Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua)
A lonely island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is home of one of the most mysterious civilizations in the world.


  • Santiago, the capital and largest city of the country.
  • Concepción, Chile's second largest city.
  • Iquique, touristic center in Northern Chile.
  • La Serena, a charming city, with many things to do in and around it.
  • Valparaíso, main Chilean port and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Vina del Mar, the principal touristic attraction: beaches, casino and an iconic music festival.
  • Valdivia, the "City of Rivers", rebuilt after the strongest earthquake on history.
  • Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities of the world.

Getting There and Moving Around

If you are planning for a vacation to Chile, then you have to find out all the other ways by which you can reach Chile. Out of all the best ways, traveling by road is one of the best options, especially if you are traveling by neighboring states. However. If you are traveling from other states, then make sure to opt for the flight route. Make sure to search about all the transportation options available to reach Chile. Since Chile is filled with some outstanding tourist attractions and places, every year thousands of tourists come here to visit. From flights, buses, and trains, you will get every option. Besides, you must carry all the necessary documents while you are traveling.


The flight route is considered as one of the best ways if you are traveling from other different states. Almost every country has either direct flights or connecting flights to Chile. The airports that you will get in Chile are Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. You will get flights from Sydney, Auckland, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Papeete. Make sure that you are checking out the various offers that you can get on the flight tickets.

Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport


You can get direct buses from Argentina that travel daily from Mendoza. Apart from that, you will get buses from Buenos Aires weekly. You will also get buses from Peru as well as Arequipa. The bus route is one of the best ways to reach Chile if you are traveling from nearby states or cities. Make sure that you are checking out all the bus depots along with the discounts on the tickets.

A bus in Chile


The train route is yet another one of the best options only if you are traveling to Chile. The train routes are quite versatile and you will never find them overcrowded. However, make sure that you are checking out the tickets as well as the schedule.


The concept of hitchhiking is one of the popular concepts these days. Countries that are lagging behind the concept of hitchhiking are already getting accustomed to it. Before coming to Chile, make sure to find out some of the popular hitchhiking spots in the country. Since the locals here are quite warm-hearted, they will get ready to give a lift. It is important to understand that vehicles do not stop at every location. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is your luggage.


Apart from the buses, flights or the train route, there are other options as well. From e-vehicles to e-buses, you will get everything. If you are planning to explore every nooks and corner of the country, then it is better if you take the help of the vehicles. In case you do not want to spend more on traveling, then it is better to opt for the public buses and cabs. However, if you want to avoid the crowd, then it is best to opt for rented cabs. Bicycles are yet another one of the best options if sustainable traveling is your priority. You will come across various bicycle stores throughout the cities where you can get bicycles for rent. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the best things if you are in Chile since you will get a lot of beautiful souvenirs. To keep the pollution levels under control, the government came up with various anti-pollution measures to keep the pollution levels under control.

Sustainable Shopping

The demand for sustainable shopping is rising in demand since people these days are becoming concerned about the environment. You will come across multiple things to buy from the country. When it comes to sustainable shopping, you will come across multiple sustainable items to buy from the country. Made with organic and eco-friendly materials, these are quite affordable, and investing in them will no doubt help you to move one-step towards sustainable shopping. From clothes, home decoration items to food items, you will get everything. All you can do is instead of investing in pricey items; you can do some sustainable traveling by investing in eco-friendly items.


Since the pollution levels in Chile are quite high, the country came up with various recycling procedures. Due to this reason, locals here believe in it for lowering the pollution levels. Locals are quite responsible and believe in recycling. After using things, they throw out things for recycling. Besides, many hotels have come up with various recycling measures. Being a responsible traveler; it is best if you adopt recycling methods. Make sure that you are adopting the recycling methods.


Since the travel influx is quite high in the country, it is quite natural that the waste generation amount will be high as well. However, to manage the waste generation rate. The government introduced various programs that helped in keeping waste generation under control. Besides, the locals have also equally shown interest. Due to this reason, once you visit the cities of Chile, you will notice that they are quite clean and hygienic.

Work and Study Abroad

Chile features some of the best colleges and universities as well as multinational companies. Thousands of eligible students, as well as candidates, come here to enroll themselves in prestigious universities as well as MNCs. People who are looking for jobs overseas come here to enroll themselves here. Besides, the government here gives opportunities to the outside candidates who are eager to work with foreign companies.

Exchange Student

Students from around the world come here to take admission in some of the reputed colleges as well universities. Besides, they even offer various scholarship programs to the star students who look for opportunities to continue with their further studies.

Au Pair

The demand for the au pair service is not too high or low in the country. Since women here take interest in becoming independent and love working, they opt for this service. Women having small kids in their families opt for this service for taking proper care of their babies and loved ones.


Chile features marvelous tourist attractions and spots, which need to be preserved. Due to this reason, many non-profit organizations have come forward to take care of everything. The tourist attractions are responsible for upholding the culture and traditions of Chileans. Thus, these organizations do everything to preserve them.

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