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Eco-friendly travel guide to Corfu advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Corfu, Greece.

Corfu old town

  • Air quality: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.0 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $250

Responsible Travel

When you are visiting Corfu or anywhere else in this world, then automatically specific responsibilities come to you as a tourist. We can also say the same for Corfu.

This fantastic island is located on the coasts of Greece and Albania and surrounded by the Ionian Sea. With breathe taking mountainous scenery and beautiful golden beaches, make it a perfect summer holiday destination; lots of people come here and return home with a bag full of colorful memories and the satisfaction of a perfect trip.

Therefore as a tourist, you must show respect towards such an amazing place and travel responsibly. Indeed, there are ways to contribute to the subject of responsible travel in Corfu.

  • Preparation: Each and every place has a history. If you want to connect to a place when visiting, you have to do your homework and make yourself familiar with the place. For example, learn their native language; at least basic words like hello, thanks, etc., know what the base of their culture is.
  • Sustainable Journey: Try to ride on a train or bus instead of the plane. And while traveling inside a city, ride bicycles instead of taxis.
  • Environment: As a tourist, you must keep the place clean along with praising the beauty. Don't let your garbage jeopardize that beauty.
  • Save water: When you are at home, you must always be aware of using more than enough water. Then why wasting water of someone else's house? No matter you are in the hotel room or somewhere in the streets, always close the tap.
  • Try to help: Volunteerism is not as demanding as it sounds. As a traveler, it is one of your duties to help other communities. Participate in certain programs and try to help.
  • Respect: Always respect a place's traditions, culture, and certain rules and regulations. There must be some reason behind every rule of a place. Try to understand them.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air Quality and Pollution of a place plays an essential role for a traveler. Because it's not easy for everyone to adjust themselves to a new place's atmosphere, so whether you are living in Corfu for a long time or planning to visit the site as a tourist, it will be useful for you if you are familiar with the Air quality and pollution.

The Air Quality of Corfu is considerably good. The AQI of Corfu is 42, as some of the last reports. The warmest days at Corfu remains around 25°c and the warmest nights around 14°c. However, the best time to visit Corfu is either between April and May or September or November. To be very precise, you cannot point out bad seasons to visit Corfu, but in the wintertime, the weather gets too chilly to swim at the beaches.

As mentioned before, the air quality here is quite good, and the pollution level is satisfactorily lesser. However, you have to keep in mind that Corfu is one of the most visited places in Greece. So you may found some crowded places uncomfortable and annoyingly hot like markets. Other than that, you should take all the precautions while visiting a city.

Respect the Culture

Corfu is the cultural hub of Greece. It has a rich and fascinating history. The main reason behind this rich culture is the influence of Byzantine and Venetian civilization and the absence of Turkish domination.

The different dominations here gave birth to the unique art in Corfu, and it became complete by the touches of some brilliant artists. The Corinthian ceramics inspired Corfu; it gave Corfu the geometric style. Though later it started changing with Corfiot style. During the Byzantine time, Corfu got its religious paintings and arts. During the 16th Century, Corfu became the home of many artists as many talented people took shelter here to escape the Turkish invasion. The literature of Corfu is filled with the past painters, artists, poets, used to live here.

The architectural growth of Corfu became visible from the time of Corinthians. There was a time when Corfu was top in Art and Literature.

However, the residents here are called Greek, and sometimes Corfiot and Greek is their language. People here are proud people; proud of their country, origin, past and they all are very lovable; they love visitors.

But one of the weaker parts of Corfu is Politics. Though people in Corfu are quite interested in Politics as a foreigner, you should steer clear of any political discussions.

Corfiot people like to take things too slow in their life, in their language, Siga Siga (slowly slowly). They want to take their time in a conversation or while moving or doing anything. Their favorite time is when they sit on a terrace with Greek coffee and cigarette in hand. Even here, a typical day starts with Greek Coffee and cigarettes.

One of their ways to embrace their happiness is dancing. They dance in their authentic Greek style and celebrates their life. So next time when you are visiting Corfu, say giásas (hello) and shake hands with such interesting people.

Top 10 Places to Visit

This second largest Ionian Island witnessed several dominations like Byzantine, French, Venetians, and British for the last 1000 years. Though at some point they all made Corfu an unbearable place to live today, if you focus, you will see all the cultures affected Corfu in a good way.

Today this place is filled with art and mesmerizing architecture and many other things that you have never seen before. Corfu is the fascinating Island from all the other little islands of Greece. The beaches here are truly breathtaking. Especially the centre of the Island; It's the best place to stay in Corfu. But mostly Corfu is known for its traditional cuisine, the cradle of culture and science.

So, be a free spirit and see as much as wonderful things as possible in Corfu.

  • Corfu Town: This city looks like a beautiful painting on its own. The Venetian and Neoclassical houses along the streets are all standing in yellow and orange color. There are wonders at every corner of the city, from the Archaeological Museum, located inside a quickry building, new and old fortresses at the east and west, the St. George church, built in a temple-like architecture. The architecture, choice of colors, quickry arts on buildings, everything is impressive about Corfu Town.
  • St. Spyridon Church: This church was made in 1580. The most significant part about this church is its bell tower. It is the highest in the Ionian Islands. The host is the relics of St. Spyridon. It was brought here during the 15th Century. If you talk about the architecture, the marble iconostasis attracts eyes the most due to its classical lines along with the borders of Corinthian paintings and a pediment. The entrance to the crypt is at the side of iconostasis; here you will see a double sarcophagus with the saint's which is plated with silver leaf. If you look up, your sight will surely be stuck at the ceiling! There are several paintings composed by Panagiotis Doxaras during the 18th Century. And the stuccowork around the paintings gives it a stunning look.
  • The Liston and Esplanade: On the east side of the city, between the old fortress and old town of Corfu, Esplanade is located. It is a long green square, created during the 17th Century, inspired by the Venetian fortifications. When Corfu was under French domination, in the 19th Century, Esplanade was redecorated with trees. There is also a Maitland Monument, built at that time, surrounded by 20 iconic columns and in the middle, there is a rotunda, showing respect to the Lord High Commissioner, Thomas Maitland. The Liston is located at the western boundary of Esplanade. It’s an elegant arcade. It is also a piece of art from the French period, inspired by the Rue de Rivoli style in Paris.
  • Achilleion: It is located in the south of Corfu city. Elisabeth of Bavaria, the Empress of Australia took the initiative and built a summer residence, a formal sitting, spread around 10km. This palace was built based on a neoclassical design by an Italian architect Raffaele Caritto along with the hero Archives. The art examples of the Achilleion is not only limited in that, the German sculptor Ernst Herter, built the statutes here and took inspiration from Greek mythology for the grounds. Here you can wander around the gardens, and witness the fountains, colonnade, balustrades, and stunning statutes, a large variety of trees. The inside of the Achilleion is a museum related to Elisabeth of Bavaria, Franz Joseph II, and the next occupant Kaiser Wilhelm II. When you go upstairs you will see a huge painting Achilles. Here you will see the Archives dragging Hector's body from a chariot. The painting is just a piece of an example of artist Franz Matsch's art. Another stunning part of this palace is the huge dining hall, decorated with stucco on the blue walls.
  • Paleokastritsa Beach: Beaches are one of the most happening parts of Corfu. The soft golden sands, combined with unique greenery, the calm water will make you wonder how nature is the most amazing creator. On the east side of the Paleokastritsa monastery, Paleokastritsa Beach is located. On some maps, you will also find it as Agios Spyridon Beach. This beach starts from the ending part of a long inlet which is surrounded by walls of rocks. The beach is just the right destination for families with small children.
  • Pontikonisi or Mouse Island: Catch a boat for just 2.5 Euro and pay a visit to this small Island, where a 12th Century Byzantine monastery is located and crowded with cypress and pine trees. If you peek at the Greek legends, you will see a mention of this Island as the Ulysses' ship which is later turned into stone by Poseidon. The Island is protected. Climb up and visit the Monastery and have a cup of coffee at the café located inside. There is also a souvenir shop.
  • Canal d'Amour Beach: It is more like a party resort. But the uniqueness of this place will even jump over any resort in Greece. There are long, rectangular creek and sand-colored, layered walls. The sea weathers the rock here. At the entrance of the creek, there is a tunnel. The native people say that if a couple swims together here, will always stay married. The sea cannot be calmer than here during most of the summer days, and you can swim through the tunnel. But the water is a little deeper here.
  • Kassiopi: At the North-East part of Corfu, this traditional fishing village is located. Today this village is a low-key resort! The area was built-up manually on a small peninsula, surrounded by little pebble caves. The significant part of Kassiopi is the charming fishing harbor on the east side. At the central point of the peninsula, there is the Kassiopi castle which was originated during Byzantine domination, and maybe it is at least 6th Centuries old. It carries the history of Corfu during Venetian times. In the 14th Century, it helped Corfu a lot to defend itself along with the other two strongholds of Corfu. Just like a rich story of history, the Castle is also carrying proof as part of it was ruined. But still, it shows us a strong presence. The Castle is surrounded by more than one kilometers of rectangular walks and 19 towers.
  • Old Perithia: It is an almost-abandoned upland village in the northeast of Corfu. The old Perithia was the home of around 12000 people during the 1300s. The village is spread over 650 meters. Most of the houses in this village are standing in disrepair due to specific reasons. This is precisely the place for you if you want to walk through early Corfu's authentic stone paths and witness an example of an old village. There are also eight churches and vines and cypress trees.
  • Vlacherna Monastery: This Monastery shows one of Corfu's signature images. It is located at the end of a narrow jetty off the southernmost end of the Kanoni Peninsula. It was built on an islet. At the Monastery, there is a chapel beneath a Campanile. It is a typical Campanile built during 1685. The tomb monuments here show us the architecture of the 18th Century. The mouse island is not very far from the Monastery. So you can easily plan a combined trip to the Monastery and a boat trip to the Island.
Paleokastritsa Beach


Being the largest island in Greece, Corfu has plenty of places to offer you. Mostly, the city is enriched with its history. In past, many respectable persons came here to stay and fall in love with this place and donated something. Today it is one of the busiest tourist places in the world! Take a look at the following list and know how you can explore Corfu.

City Parks

  • Aqualand Water Park: It is one of the fascinating water parks in the country—different water adventures with water slides and various secret paths that lead to hidden treasures. Different games with water slides, lots of family activities like deep pool Jacuzzi, an artificial river called Lazy river, wave pool where you can have real wave-like experience with artificial waves, rafting, a mysterious black hole, giant slides, and many more activities are waiting here just for you.
  • Spianáda: It is a huge square city park in Corfu. It is the largest square in entire Greece. Spianáda is located just in front of the old fortress in Corfu. The word Spianáda is a Venetian name which means an open flat area. During the four centuries when Corfu was under Venetian domination, Spianáda was created. But it was finished during the French period. At the square, a large area is covered by the "Cricket Court". It was built from the love of citizens for Cricket which started growing from British origin.
  • Mon Repos: It is a villa and park located on the island of Corfu. It was initially built as a summer residence for the British Lord High Commissioner of the US of the Ionian Islands, Fredrik Adam. Later, when the commissioner was transferred, the villa was used by several British governors. In 1833, it was redecorated as a school of Fine Arts, and from 1834, the park was opened to the public.

This is the place where the Empress Elisabeth of Australia stayed for a while and started loving the island and later built the Achilleion. In this Vila, several royal births took place.


National Parks

You may find several national parks in Greece, but there are not many particularly in Corfu. But still, the remaining ones are enough to provide you with quality time and rich, fascinating history. Here are a few of the national parks around Corfu.

  • Butrint National Park: This is originally located in south Albania, at the east of the Strait of Corfu; not very far away from Spianáda. The park is spread over around 9,424 hectares hilly area, consisting of freshwater lakes, salt marshes, wetlands, reed beds, open plains, etc. The park conserves over 1200 different animals and plants. The archaeological heritage of this place is something that a traveler would never want to miss. There are different archaeological structures and artifacts, which originated during the period between the Iron Age and Middle Age. Several monuments, Roman theatre, castles, a great basilica, a late-antique baptistery, etc. can be found here. However, the combination of the natural environment and cultural monuments is what makes this a unique place.
  • Corfu Donkey Rescue: A team of people in Corfu took the initiative to rescue as many donkeys as possible in 2004. You can spend hours among the greenery of the Donkey sanctuary. Volunteers take care of donkeys, and you can also spend some time with them. The bonus point of visiting this park is, it's effortless to find, and during the drive, you will see some of the beautiful landmarks of Corfu.
  • Mount Olympus National Park: Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Greek. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is mentioned as the home of the Greek gods. Mount Olympus has been the first national park in Greece. This place is also often noted for its exceptional biodiversity and rich flora. The shape of Olympus Mountain was created by rain, and it forms a border between Thessaly and Macedon.
Butrint National Park


The green water and lush greenery, beaches are what attract maximum visitors to Corfu. Corfu becomes most crowded during the summer; Why? Most of the tourists come to Corfu to spend time on the spectacular beaches here. Paleokastritsa is the most famous beach resort in Corfu but other than that there are plenty of other beaches you can be found in Corfu, Greece.

  • Agios Gordios Beach: You can say that this beach is the most popular one in Corfu after Paleokastritsa. The soft and golden sandy beach is surrounded here with beautiful rock formations.
  • Rovinia Beach: This is just another name for beautiful beaches. It is located in Paleokastritsa. If you want to visit the beach, the only way is a boat. But you can also plan a hiking trip to here from Liapades.
  • Arillas Beach: Arillas is located on the North West side of Corfu. This is a long sandy beach with tourists all the time. One interesting fact about the place is, it is located just in the middle of two small peninsulas, and it protects the beach from winds.
  • Pelekas Beach: On the west side of Corfu, the beach is located. Massive and green cliffs surround it. Like any other Corfu beaches, the water here is also very clear, refreshing, and crystal-like.
  • Kalami Beach: The Kalami Beach is very wide and covered with smooth flat stones. You can soothe your eyes with the wife greenery here. You will also find delicious fish taverns on the coast.
  • Sidari Canal d'Amour Beach: We have already talked about this beach. The resort here is the perfect place for a beachside party. Apart from being a hangout beach, it is also a significant Landmark of Corfu because of its amazingness.
  • Ermones Beach: It is a beautiful tourist resort in the west of Corfu Island. This is one of the most beautiful looking beaches of this IsIslandIt is almost surrounded by beautiful greenery, hillsides, and steep.
Agios Gordios Beach


Corfu is the perfect place to see the contrast of greenery, beaches, and historical landmarks. Corfu's tragic past has left this place with several valuable landmarks and filled this place with exciting memories and enriched stories, which is why you will never feel the lack of landmarks in Corfu.

  • Old Fortress: This is one of the most famous landmarks of Corfu. This place is mentioned as Palaio Frourio by the native people. The inside is still in an excellent state, and after a few repairs, in this place are now often some of the leading events of Corfu. There is a tall obelisk structure at the center part of the fortress, and at the top, it has its observation area.
  • New Fortress: Tourist often refers to this place as New Citadel, and its local name is Neo Frourio. This place is located along the northeast coastline of Corfu. Walls surround the New Fortress, and it is standing at the waterfront. This place is always open for visitors. You can take a guided tour of this fortress and learn about its past.
  • Kaiser's bridge: GR Kaiser Wilhelm II has been a great fan of Corfu Island. Following his fondness for the Achilleion Palace, he redecorated the palace's botanical gardens and the surrounding area. To reach the beach without crossing the road or without any hassles, Kaiser Wilhelm took the initiative to build a stone bridge and connected the Achilleion Palace and the nearest beachfront. Today this bridge commemorates Kaiser's self-importance and wealth. But later, Germany removed the center part of the bridge during World War II so that the vehicles can easily pass through the road.
  • Liston: This square is located just next to the busy Liston pedestrian street. It consists of several cafes and French architectural buildings. Napoleon's Imperial French started building Liston with the purpose of the house in the French army. The construction began in 1807 and ended in 1814. The building has the touch of authentic Greek architecture as a French architect, Lesseps provided its design, and the design was implemented with the hands of Greek engineer Loannis Parmesan. This complex is located in the western part of Spianáda. The ground floor is dedicated to galleries, and it is open to all. Today this landmark is one of the prime spots for meetings. Many people gather here every day. There are many cafes, catering shops, restaurants, etc.


You can easily see the entire town of Corfu as a living museum. The journey that is provided by the city throughout its history is truly priceless. Additionally, culture brings the finishing touch. Corfu is the home of several museums.

  • Palace of St. Michael and St. Georges or Museum of Asian Art: The overall appearance of this palace is more like a stately home than a Greek palace. But still, the palace's neoclassical architecture is undoubtedly a fantastic piece of art. It also features an impressive Maltese Marble facade. The palace of St. Michael and St. Georges is located in the North of Spianáda. For so many years, this palace carried loads of Greek histories, and today, this palace has been turned into a museum of Asian art and the Municipal art gallery.
  • Byzantine Museum: The museum was created inside the Antivouniotissa Chruch, one of the oldest churches in Corfu. In the museum, you can see paintings of Byzantine and post Byzantine relics and icons. They represent more than five centuries.
  • Archaeological Museum: This museum can be found in Vraila Street. It houses the Gorgon pediment of the temple of Artemis. The temple was found someplace in Paleopolis. According to researches, the pediment represents 580 BC, and therefore it can be the oldest one in Greece.
  • Municipal Art Gallery
  • Sea Shell Museum
  • Acharavi Folklore Museum
  • Museum of Music
  • Sinarades Folklore Museum
  • Banknote Museum

The above are the names of some other fascinating museums, stand in different streets of Corfu. From different seashells to various musical instruments, banknotes of different periods, which originated in Corfu city, are stored in museums.

Main hall of the Byzantine Museum


Like many a rich history and amazing beaches, Corfu is also famous for its traditional cuisine. The Venetian domination strongly inspired the flavors of Corfu for over four centuries. Later, the verity of flavors got combined with the touch of talented chiefs and gave birth to the modern cuisine of Corfu. The Mediterranean nature and Venetian influence create some of the most delicious Corfiot dishes that might be entirely new for you! The perfect mixture of different spices, olive oil, and fresh vegetables— Corfiot cuisine has the power to take the traditional Greek foods to some other level!

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some of the best Traditional restaurants in Corfu:

  • Old Fortress Restaurant: From the name, you must have understood that this restaurant is the closest one to the Venetian Old Fortress. Yes, you are right! The restaurant was built around the sixth century. Here, not only you can taste traditional Greek dishes, but also you will get the authentic Corfiot dishes. You can enjoy your eating by sitting at the veranda. From there, you can see the great Venetian fortress while eating.
  • Etrusco: The Italian-Corfiot Botrini family, who runs the restaurant, are quite passionate about their food. The showcases how Italian and Greek cuisine can be a dangerous combo! Even this restaurant has been awarded several times as the best restaurant in Greece. One of the many excellent parts of this restaurant is, the source of most of the raw vegetables of the restaurant is their own leafy garden. On the other hand, they are highly inspired by the Mediterranean. Such authentic flavor gets completed when it is combined with the amazing dining place, the antique country yard.
  • Akrotiri Café: The café is standing at the northwest ending of Corfu. It has a beautiful view, surrounded by sandy beaches and bays, which makes it the perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenario. From the top, you can see the highest point of the climb between Arillas and San Stefanos. Their breakfast and brunch menu has selected dishes to make you feel fresh. Even the cocktails, draft beers, ice cream, and cakes are worth trying.
  • Pyramid Restaurant: This restaurant is entirely based on a modern theme, with Marble and stone. It is a beachside restaurant which provides you with the best foods in Mediterranean style, cooked with the finest Greek products and olive oil; even the source of most of their ingredient is the restaurants own garden. It is just a short walk away from the natural lagoon and you can enjoy your eatery with your partner on the sea faced sits. The wine list here is quite impressive, and in the evening there is an entertainment arrangement with various musical acts that also welcomes you to participate. Another notable part about this place is, you can find it open, even late at night.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Not only non-veg restaurants here are available to provide you with authentic Greek flavors, the veg restaurants listed below, and see how the Corfiot chiefs can even bring diversity in the veg foods.

  • Bizou Café: It offers you fair trade in organic foods. You can have your breakfast, brunch, and lunch here. They also have an impressive collection of bio-organic wines, coffee, vegan cheese player, different types of teas, sweets, and savory snacks.
  • Alonaki Bay: Along with veg specialists, you can also find a few meat dishes here. They offer you traditional fried vegetable and bean dishes. The ambiance is quite cozy and may remind you of your home dining place.
  • To Diporto: The restaurant is one of the favorites among locals. If you want to eat traditional veg Greek food, then this is a good choice. The dishes here are very delicious, and the ambiance is beautiful as well. Ask them to show you vegan dishes and let them recommend you.
  • Captain George Family Tavern: The restaurant is not very far from Monastery Panagias Kassopitras, located at Nafsikas Street. They offer seafood, Mediterranean, Greek, and also European foods. The restaurant is entirely vegetarian friendly, and also you will find some gluten-free options. Most of all, people who have visited this place talked mostly about their hospitality. According to them, it's a friendly place; the George daughters sometimes serve their customers; overall, delicious food, polite behavior, beautiful ambiance, and fantastic view make this place a must-visit.
  • Oi Praises Benitses
  • Mesogeios
  • Pontikonisi Restaurant
  • Argo Poolside Restaurant

The above are the names of some other excellent vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Street Food

The street food of Corfu also has mix international flavors. You will find some exciting and new dishes here, even among the street foods that you may have never tasted before. Here are some places which you can visit and have a bellyful of street foods.

  • Pane e Souvlaki: They serve delightful meals for every customer. Sit at the balcony and enjoy the sunny weather with a plateful of happiness. You can have a fantastic view of the old "Dimarheio" square from the balcony!
  • Pane E Souvlaki: Upgraded street food with a unique Corfiot twist is what makes this place loved by locals. The restaurant is located at Town Hall Square of the Corfu city. If you are searching for delicious appetites at a lower price, then it is the place for you.
  • Rock and Roll Corfu Subs: You may not get a huge list of foods here, but people love the taste, service, atmosphere of this place.
  • Papagalos Fast Food: The clean environment and modern look provide an excellent first impression. You can have a variety of fast foods here and within a reasonable price. And the best part is the quantity, which is considerably higher.
  • Red Hot Chili Burger: If you are craving a big fat, juicy burger, it is the place for you. You find a large variety of burgers here. The interior is cozy and decorated in a creative, more like in a boho style. You will find this place hidden in the narrow streets of Kerkyra.
  • Boiler CREPE: There is significant diversity in the list of their street food. You will find American, European, Greek, Central European foods here. Fast serving, welcoming service, delicious food, beautiful ambiance, etc. are just some of this eatery features.


When you are visiting somewhere to spend your holidays, obviously it's the right decision to learn about the local drinks in advance. Here are some famous local drinks from Corfu.

  • Metaxa Brandy: In Greece, no meal can be finished without good old Greek brandy. Though Metaxa is referred to as brandy, there is a twist! The base is grape juice! Usually, the grapes Sultanabad, Savatiano, and Black Corinth are extracted, distilled twice, and then mixed with aged Muscat wine and then blended with a specific botanical mix and then aged. When you are visiting Corfu, this is something you have to try!
  • Beer: Mythos, Heineken, and Amstel are the local favorite beers.
  • Local Wine: In Greece, most of the restaurant serves wine. This is why you can not set any standards for its quality. It differs noticeably.
  • Ouzo: Ouzo is a social drink in Greece. Mostly it is served with a small Meze. The Ouzo Meze usually has local sausage, feta cheese, a few olives, and sometimes grilled octopus. These nibbles help to keep the effect of alcohol on a standard level, and you can sit and drink it for hours with your family.


According to some WHO data, you can safely drink tap water in Greece. If you talk about the tap water ratings from the tourists and residents, it is 100 percent considered a safe drink.

Organic Cafés

There are several organic cafes can be found in Corfu, some of them are listed below:

  • Bizou Vegan Café
  • Aubergine Café
  • Da Giovanni Agilo e Olio
  • Avli Restaurant Corfu


Greece is one of the few countries where beers had been producing for many years now. So if you don't try Greek beers, next time when you visit Corfu, then you will miss a lot. Here are some breweries you have to visit and try their authentic beer.

  • Corfu Beer
  • Seven Island Brewery
  • Corfiot Microbrewery
  • Zeos Brewery
  • Septem Microbrewery
  • Kirki Microbrewery
  • Piraïki Microbrewery


Corfu is a very vibrant city, and it is full of wonders. Yes, the beaches here are amazing, but there is no meaning to spend your entire trip soaking in the sun on a beach. There is a lot to do here.

Corfu is an island, and it's evident for it to have several water activities like Boat Tours, Water Sports, Speed Boating, Boat Rentals, Scuba and Snorkeling, Submarine Tours, etc. Parasailing and paragliding, Horse Trekking, Cycling, Hiking and camping, bike rides, etc. are also included among the outdoor activities in Corfu. But even amongst them, we have picked up the most amazing ones, just for you, have a look.

  • Double Paragliding at Sidari Beach
  • Quad Safari Tour at Pink Palace, Agios Gordios
  • Hiring Motor Boat
  • Countryside Hiking Tour

See Corfu by bike, ride through forests, villages, countryside, etc.

Yoga and Retreats

After spending a crazy day in Corfu and learning all about its heavy histories, a yoga retreat can be a fantastic prize. Why do people need holidays? They need it to escape their reality for at least a few days and relax. And what else can be a better relaxation than a yoga holiday! In the following list, we have gathered a few places to practice yoga in Corfu.

  • Arillas Beach
  • Agios Stefano
  • Magoulades
  • Mandala Yoga B&B
  • Corfu Buddha Hall
  • Ouranos Club
  • Gayatri Mandir
  • Agape Zoe


Corfu is a city like a painting. So no matter where you plan to stay on your holiday, it will indeed have a fantastic view!

Green Hotels

There are plenty of hotels in Corfu. Here are some of them, offering the best green staying:

  • Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel
  • Pyrros Hotel
  • Antia Hotel
  • Rodostamo Hotel and Spa
  • Aeolos Beach Resort
  • Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa

Hostels and Guest Houses

Apart from expensive green hotels, Corfu also offers good staying at an affordable price in the guesthouses and hostels. Have a look and chose one!

  • Villa Kapella Guest House
  • Local Hostel and Suites.
  • Corfu Backpackers
  • The Olive Press at Stavros
  • Villa Eleni


Have you fallen in love with Corfu, like many other historical figures? Well, it's not impossible! In that case, you must be planning to stay in Corfu for an extensive period. But in that case, don't you think that hotel rooms would be costly? Well, in that case, renting an apartment is a better option. You will find plenty of apartments in different streets of Corfu within a considerable price range.

However, all the sea-facing apartments may not fit in your budget or your overall requirements, but which place in Corfu is not beautiful enough! So, without any hesitation, choose any sized apartment depending on your needs and budget.


You will find an online community named on the internet. If you join their community, you can find numerous couch surfing companions around Corfu. The concept is new, but like everything else, Corfu is adapting it quite swiftly.


Corfu is a retreat in itself, and the camping experience of Corfu is something that should not be missed at all. All the campsites around Corfu are well maintained and have all the general hygiene facilities. Though the garbage problem of Corfu sometimes interferes in the toilet and bathroom times of camping, usually, everything remains under control.

Here are the top five campsites of Corfu:

  • Paleokastritsa Camping
  • Karda beach
  • Dolphin Camping
  • Dionysus
  • Roda Beach

How to Get There

There are several options to reach Corfu. Flights, trains, busses, boats, etc. Corfu is connected to several other islands and cities. On the other hand, if you reach Greece, coming to Corfu would be just a drive away. Have a look and learn how to get to Corfu in detail.


Corfu's nearest airport is called Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport, which is 9km away from the city center. Islands like Preveza, Zakinthos, Kefalonia, etc. are connected to Corfu with direct flights.

You may not always be able to catch an International flight as they are only available during high seasons, but to Athens, you will have flights all year round.

Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport


You can catch bus number 15 to reach your preferred destination in Corfu, from the airport.

Corfu bus


You can surely reach Greece by train, but it will be a very long journey. One way is to take a morning Eurostar from London and reach Paris. Then in the afternoon, get Paris to Milan. Stay there overnight and take a train from the Adriatic coast to Bari, South Italy. Now take a Ferry from Bari to Patras, Greece. You will also find Train routes to Athens.


It is a sustainable but risky way to reach Corfu. Sustainable because hitchhiking will cut your travel cost in half and dangerous because you have to trust the drivers. Other than that, there are several hitchhiking opportunities when you are coming to Corfu.


Corfu is connected to Venice, Bari, Ancona, Brindisi, Saranda, Himara, Albania, and a few other places through boats or ferries. You will be reached to the Corfu New Port, after that you can enter the city with taxies, busses, rental cars, etc.

Moving Around

The best way to move around Corfu is by bus or foot. In case of relaxing on the beach and soaking in the sun or staying at the central point of Corfu town, your own feet is better than any transportation. But Corfu is a large city. Maybe renting a car would give you more flexibility if you want to explore.


When visiting crowded places, or markets, walking is the only option. Other than that, Corfu is a beautiful city with beautiful and safe roads. You can enjoy a walk on the streets with your companion, whenever you want.


You can rent bicycles from different providers inside Corfu; EasyBike Brainbox is quite popular among them.

Electronic Vehicles

Corfu has grown quite much in itself during the past few years. You will see various electric-powered vehicles here and there on the roads. The numbers may not be much, but surely you can find one to reach your destination.

Public Bus

Blue busses move around within the town, and Green buses help reach you to the rest of the IsIslandThe terminal for Green Buses is near the Corfu New Port, and in the case of blue busses, the terminal is the San Rocco Square. You have to note down that tickets are inclusive for only single journeys, and you can buy tickets from either the vending machine or from the bus driver.

Tram, Train and Subway

In Corfu, you will see a tourist train that starts its journey from Spianáda square. It goes through the route around the Old Corfu Town. It also follows the path along the bay of Gartisa to Kanoni.

Corfu also has efficient MRT system which can take you to any landmarks of Corfu as it connects several parts of the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Here are some few places for sustainable shopping in Corfu:

  • Patounis Soap Factory
  • Corfu Sandals
  • Sweet 'N Spicy Bahar Shop
  • The Land of Corfu Natural Products
  • Icon Gallery
  • Workshop by Tom

Food Markets

Here are some famous food markets of Corfu:

  • Corfu Central Market
  • Ionian Super Market
  • Express Market San Stefano’s
  • Corfu Fishmonger
  • Super Market Nicolas

Flea Markets

There are several flea markets located in Corfu, here are some of them:

  • Antique World & Flea Market
  • Clarence Hollow Antique Mall & Bonadio Country Store
  • The Bazar of Corfu Old Town
  • Monastiraki Flea Market
  • Central Market

Second Hand Stores

  • Second-Hand Stock
  • Automax
  • Corfu Vintage Shop


Nowadays, many people in Corfu is taking the initiative to make eco-fashion a big deal Corfu. Many famous stores support green, organic fashion, and from there, you can find various eco-friendly products.

  • Blue Clothes & Accessories
  • Silk & Cocoon
  • Mezzo Mezzo
  • Velvet


Being an Island, the biggest problem is it dispose of its own waste. This is a big deal because there is only one landfill on islands, and it fills up very quickly.

But today, steps have been taken towards recycling in Corfu. There are blue dustbins placed around Corfu city where all the packaging materials are collected, and therefore they are taken and separated for recycling.

Corfu has taken over another process of recycling, and that is the recycling of metal. Any metal waste placed near the garbage containers is taken and brought to the recycling plant of Corfu. And in the case of clothes and objects, people can exchange them, give them away or sell them during car boot sales.


Sometimes piles of trash and garbage are seen lining the streets. The waste garbage crisis is badly affecting the town of Corfu. But today, possible measures are being taken by local people, and they are trying hard to solve this.

Work and Study Abroad

From Corfu, you can attend some of the amazing Greek Universities. It will be an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge on a different level. The affordable lifestyle here and various possibilities of learning, not only from books but also from surroundings, is precisely something that a student searches for. Also, there are many job opportunities available here for foreigners.

Exchange Student

There are several exchange programs organized by the educational institutions of Corfu, Greece. The Ionian University participates actively in the student exchange programs. Live with a host family and study here. Overall, being an exchange student in such an interesting city is truly a great opportunity.

Au Pair

Corfiot people do not broadly know the Au pair's concept, but it is not completely unheard. You will find several agencies in Corfu offering you au pair opportunities. Just dig a little deeper, and you will be able to find your pair.


Whether you live in Corfu or want to spend some time in Corfu, you can volunteer in the different programs and donate your time to something good.

Corfu Donkey Rescue and The Ark are two organizations in Corfu who work hard to save animals in Corfu. If you are interested, you can easily participate with them.

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