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Eco-friendly travel guide to Dalian advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Dalian, China.

Aerial view of the city

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $200

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel implies going in a maintainable and responsible manner that benefits the country you are visiting. Tourism that assesses its current and future monetary, social and natural effects, tending to guests' requirements, the business, the climate, and host networks, is the true definition of responsible tourism.

Opportunities for the economic and eco-friendly travel industry aren't only an extraordinary path for sightseers to travel. They likewise offer individuals who live in the location the opportunity to engage in the travel industry area such that will profit them, presently and later on.

Here are some ways to travel responsibly.

  • Starting at home: Planning for your responsible travel insight at home is a smart thought. This is because it permits you to get on what dependable travel exercises are and work on fitting them into your everyday life before you leave. Thus, when you get to your objective abroad, you'll slip into being a capable traveler significantly more without any problem. Here are some "dependable living" rehearses that can help you in bringing down your natural effect while you're still at home:
  • Switch off and unplug apparatuses when you're not utilizing them.
  • Just turn on your fountain an hour or so before you need to utilize boiling water.
  • Suspend your paper conveyance and pick perusing on the web.
  • Begin treating the soil your natural waist and reusing your glass, paper, and plastic.
*Change to web-based billings.
  • Choose eco-friendly accommodations: The ideal method to go capably is to live in the nearby local area. This way, you can add the local area's improvement area consistently and acquire an appreciation for the country's way of life by getting drenched in it. If no homestays are accessible, you can pick to remain at eco-accommodating convenience. This is one of the initial phases in deciphering your dependable travel expertise right into it on the ground. All in all, can remain in an inn offer an eco-accommodating encounter? Indeed, it can; however, you ought to affirm this prior to putting down your store. You can investigate the inn to ensure that they offer energy-and water-productive conveniences, and exercises.
  • Buy locally: When voyaging, it tends to be enticing to search out shops or eateries that help you remember home. While there's nothing amiss with this, advise yourself that you didn't choose to travel so you could feel like you were directly once again at home. Travel is about new places and encounters. So get out there and do exactly that!

Backing nearby trinket shops eat where local individuals proceed to consider attempting another nearby dish each day. This isn't just an incredible method to add to the economy of the region you're in; it's likewise probably the ideal approach to find out about the way of life, customs, and even the language of the nation you're visiting.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air in Dalian is one of the most unhealthy air presents in the world. The city belongs to one of the highly polluted regions of the world. The AQI or the city's air quality index shows numbers around 220 to 280 for Dalian.

The major pollutants are PM 2.5 and PM 10. The humidity also lies within the 20 to 100 range. It is unwise to travel to Dalian without taking precautions for your health. Wearing a mask at all times is a must. People with severe breathing and respiratory problems must avoid travelling to such cities.

Respect the Culture

Standard Mandarin is typically spoken in Dalian since it is a city with individuals from different areas. However, Dalian locals use Dalian vernacular, which has a place with the Jiaoliao Mandarin subgroup spoken in Shandong and Liaoning regions. The greater part of the Dalian inhabitants were ranchers and anglers from Shandong Province in a huge populace move, the Chuang Guandong. During that period, the Japanese involved Dalian as the Kwantung Leased Territory. The Dalian tongue fuses a couple of Japanese and Russian loanwords (extremely uncommon in Chinese), mirroring the unfamiliar occupation's historical backdrop. Dalian lingo is generally discernable from Standard Mandarin dependent on a low-falling Yinping 阴平, and it is regularly alluded to as "shellfish seasoned" (海蛎子味) by the locals.

Sports assume a major part of the local culture. Dalian's previous affiliation football club, Dalian Shide (once referred to as Dalian Wanda as the club was initially supported by the Dalian Wanda Group), accomplished an aggregate of eight titles from China's top-level football association, the Chinese Jia-A League, and the later rebranded Chinese Super League, and was broadly viewed as quite possibly the best clubs in Chinese football history. In the Asian Football Confederation, the club arrived at the 1997–98 Asian Club Championship and 2000–01 Asian Cup Winners' Cup finals. A few of China's most noteworthy players, including Sun Jihai, Hao Haidong, and Li Ming, made their names with Dalian Shide. Dalian additionally delivered many top Chinese football players because of its childhood preparing framework and grassroots football culture. As of the 2014 period of the Chinese Super League, out of the 448 enrolled Chinese players, 71 players are from Dalian. Therefore, Dalian acquired its epithet of China's "Football City," A goliath football sculpture was put in the Labor Park close to downtown Dalian in its honour. Current football clubs in the city are Dalian Pro playing in the Chinese Super League and Dalian Pro W.F.C. playing in the Chinese Women's Football League. Both of their home arenas are Dalian Sports Center Stadium.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Xinghai Square: Xinghai Square, which is the biggest square for public use in Dalian, is situated toward Xinghai Bay. It was raised in 1997 to honour the arrival of Dalian. Xinghai Square covers an absolute region of 45,000 square meters. Its middle resembles a star, with two White Marble Cloud Pillars and nine goliath dings. As dusks, lights on the stone columns ease up the central avenue. The lights, every 20 meters each, are looking like the route light. For ten days in late July early August, Xinghai Square holds the yearly International Beer Festival.
  • Laohutan Ocean Park: Laohutan Ocean Park is arranged in the focal piece of the southern coastline of Dalian City. With an all-out territory of 1,180,000 square meters and a coastline of more than 4,000 meters, Laohutan Ocean Park is the greatest lido in China. Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is a brilliant spot of interest in Bincheng, with a yearly vacationer measure of more than 200 million. Laohutan Ocean Park is a modern sea point park showing the seashore town landscape yet in addition for diversion, science, shopping, and culture.
  • Bangchuidao Scenic Area: Bangchuidao Scenic Area is situated in the east of the Binhai Road. Around 9 kilometres from the focal point of Dalian City. The territory is formed like a bangchui, thus its name. Bangchuidao Scenic Area appreciates a mild environment; accordingly, it is an ideal summer resort. Bangchuidao Scenic Area offers a different scope of attractions, both common and artificial, including islets, picturesque slopes, bluffs, a seashore resort, Bangchuidao Island and Bangchuidao Guesthouse.
  • Dalian Discovery Kingdom: The Dalian Discovery Kingdom, likewise alluded to as Dalian Discoveryland or Kingdom of Discovery, is an entertainment mecca situated in the Jinzhou District in the city of Dalian. As one of China's greatest amusement parks, Dalian Discovery Kingdom brags a territory around 470,000 square meters with an enormous assortment of rides and diversion programs. There are six primary regions, including Discovery Square, Magic Forest, and The Mysterious Desert. Likewise, there are different exercises in the recreation centre, with numerous Chinese stars welcome to come and join.
  • Xinghai Park: Arranged in the Beach Road's western piece, close to the Malan River area, Xinghai Park is one of Dalian Xinghai Park's well-known parks. It also includes a 150,000 square meter verdant nursery that contains yards of trees, blossoms, and wellsprings. The recreation centre is bragging about a 0.15 million-square-meter garden and a man-made seashore. During the end of the week and different celebrations, the recreation centre is jam-staffed; individuals come here to shower, swim, walk, plunge, camp, boat, and fish.
  • Sunasia Ocean World: Opened in 1994, Sun Asia Ocean World is the main current carnival of its sort in China, situated in Dalian. Stretching more than 118 meters long, Sun Asia Ocean World will be an awesome encounter in the midst of the marine animals. Being inside the tunnel, one would feel like a sea-going creature himself while noticing various kinds of fish, ocean turtles and sharks zooming past them. Likewise, you can go for a guided submerged visit through the amphibian climate by dishing out some additional bucks.
  • Russian Street: Harking back to the 1890s, Russians made their little realm in Dalian and left behind a couple of structural miracles that will definitely stunningness you. They make certain to confuse you and make you keep thinking about whether you've been transported to Russia, and that is one approach to deceive your companions on the web! Everything from the city's products, the slanted, tiled rooftops, the windows, and the towers shout Russia. The great city squares and even the structures' shades have been kept up to keep it as Russian as could be expected. And keeping in mind that you're there, check whether you can tell the old structures from the recently raised ones.
  • Longwangtan Cherry Blossom Park: Being a port city, the sea air and the mugginess may be excessively a lot! I concur you'll need simply a cool beverage and flower fragrances to encompass your faculties. Head to the Longwangtan Cherry Blossom Park to encounter eccentricity and feel like you're strolling through the pages of your youth storybook. Even though sakura trees are generally mainstream in Japan and Korea, the Japanese occupation planted a couple of trees across the Dalian path back in 1921. That simply attempts for Dalian's potential benefit in being a diverse city.
  • Dalian Forest Zoo: Here is one and the best explanation behind visiting the Dalian Forest Zoo, The Panada Pavillion. A portion of the viral charming, fun-loving panda recordings on the web are shot here, and I envision watching these fuzzy minimal, highly contrasting cuddly animals play and be wicked the entire day! Aside from the pandas, the lions, bears, zebras, tigers, and the assortment of birds at the zoo houses make certain to keep you involved for the entire day! Implicit 1997 covering a zone of 7.2 square kilometres, Dalian woodland Zoo is an incredibly broad set of all animals. It is notable for its excellent choice of species and wild raising.
  • Binhai Road: For your required excursion photograph, you should pass through Binhai Road. You may wind up clicking more than one photograph since this extended length offers different beautiful perspectives, changing each kilometre you travel. The vast ocean, wonderful caverns, bountiful foliage, totally cleared streets, and antiquated windmills with the ocean in the foundation are some acceptable spots for a tick. In the event that you can lease a vehicle, pass through the whole stretch, pack a couple of tidbits and stop at each highlight, watch Dalian unwind its excellence as you accelerate. Dalian Binhai Road, which was first underlying 1970s as a battle street, turned into Dalian's chief vacation spot in the 1980s. Binhai Road's uniqueness lies in how it brags of the uncommon mix of mountains and the ocean. Binhai Road covers 35 km lining Xing Hai Square in the west and Dong Hai Park in the east. There are 12 significant attractions along Beihai Road. While going through the street, you can likewise appreciate the unmistakable and natural air coming from the ocean. The Binhai street has effectively become a heaven for nature sweethearts and an unquestionable requirement watch fascination for every one of the travellers visiting the Dalian.
Dalian Xinghai Square


Dalian is one of the biggest cities in China. The city is highly populated and has been seeing a large number of tourists from all over the world. There are different sights to be seen when you travel and explore the city of Dalian. Here in this section, we shall see this in detail.

City Parks

  • Haizhiyun Park
  • Dalian Shoushan Park
  • Xinghai Park
  • Zhongshan Park
  • Laodong Park
  • Dalian Jinlong Temple Forest Park
  • Paotaishan Park

This is the list of some of the top city parks available in Dalian.

Zhongshan Park

National Parks

Dalian Jinshitan National Marine Park is the only single national park available in Dalian, China. Dalian Coastal National Geopark is one of the fourth bunch of public parks endorsed in August 2005. Jinshitan Park is situated in the southeast of a well-known traveller city, Dalian Liaoning area in China. This territory is a piece of the Dalian Jinshitan National Tourist and Holiday Zone. It is an ideal shoreline resort in northern China that adjoins against the mountain and ocean. It is known as the little Jiangnan in the upper east of China because of four particular seasons and the warm, calm, semi-sticky environment, being cool in summer and warm in winter. Chiefly made out of the blue ocean, seashore, and reef, Dalian Jinshitan National Tourist and Holiday Zone is a global occasion resort for diversion, sports, recreation, and excursion.

It's a public vacation destination and was appraised as one of China's 40 most lovely spots. The recreation centre, bordering the city with amazing food and housing, shopping and amusement, clinical consideration, and different offices, is ideal for logical exploration, famous science instruction, touring, and relaxing vacation. The heritages that are alluring to sightseers have been named geographical scenes by the travel industry geologists. The geographical scene is an exceptional piece of the topographical relics, which alludes to the morphology of topographical relics that are uncovered on the outside of the earth (counting the "cavern") establish the scenes of various sizes and shapes, is to give the scene decorative and touring esteem, a typical the travel industry asset, and the main material base of the geopark.


  • Jinshitan: Situated in the Jinshitan Scenic Area, Dalian Jinshitan Beach is around a 50-minute drive from the downtown area. As the biggest bathing place in northern China, the coastline of Jinshitan extends for 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles). With a brilliant, delicate, and level seashore, just as great water quality, Jinshitan seashore is incorporated among the 15 sound bathing places in China. Here you can appreciate ocean bathing, hold a coastline grill, go to a seashore huge fire party, play seashore volleyball and appreciate other shoreline stimulations. You can likewise go fishing aboard a boat if you are intrigued. Furthermore, other celebrated spots you can't miss in the Jinshitan Scenic Area, like the House of Wax and the Discoveryland Theme Park.
  • Bangchuidao Beach: Around 5 kilometres (3miles) from the focal point of Dalian, the Bangchuidao Beach situated in Bangchuidao Scenic Area flaunts the clearest water and cleanest Dalian seashore the metropolitan territory. The seashore faces the east and the lovely seashore in the red gleam of the morning sun is a top choice of numerous picture takers. It is an incredible spot to have a walk or get shells and stones. You can likewise value the mountains, green pines and cypresses, rugged rocks, and beautiful blossoms on Bangchuidao Island.
  • Xinghai Park Bathing Place: Situated in Xinghai Park in midtown, Xinghai Bathing Place is one of the four biggest bathing seashores in Dalian. The coastline is in excess of 800 meters (875 yards) in length, and the all-out territory of the seashore is 41,000 square meters (around ten sections of land). At the seashore's two finishes, a landmass reaches out into the ocean to frame a sound. Inside, the seashore is level, and the waves are moderate. Each mid-year, an unending stream of sightseers live it up on the seashore. Here, guests can move up to the Sea Pavilion to watch the expansive ocean and view the Xinghai Stone, Sun Stone, and Moon Stone. Likewise, vacationers can investigate the Sun Asia Ocean World's special nature and the solitary ancient historical centre in China, including fossils of life from countless years prior.
  • Xianyuwan Bathing Beach: In Xianyuwan town, 125 km (80 miles) away from the Dalian downtown area, it is a well-known bathing seashore on the Bohai Seashore. With clean water and delicate sand, the bow moulded bathing seashore is separated into two sections. The shallow water region is ideal for youngsters and the old, while the profound water territory is reasonable for grown-ups. There is a Lover's Island in the ocean close to the bathing place, two or three hundred meters away, remaining in the fierce waves throughout the entire year. They are near the point that guests can stroll from an engineered overpass to Lover's Island. What's more, guests can appreciate the agreeable spa and go on a boat outing. Sampan, swimming, radio games, and different rivalries held once in a while will likewise give guests a ton of enjoyment.


  • Japan-Russian Prison: Japan-Russia Prison Site of Port Arthur gives a bleak gander at the mostly secret clash that was suffered here and into the existences of those detained in the jail. Initially worked by Russia in 1902, at that point reached out by the Japanese, the jail was, in the end, fit for holding up to 2,000 detainees and was furnished with 15 workshops, scaffolds, and wards. All through the jail, you'll have the chance to see colorful, disheartening, and strange antiques, from dungeons and gear to steam-fueled vehicles from the 1940s.

Other than this major historically famous landmark, there are several more that one can visit while traveling to Dailan. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Manchuria Railway Building
  • Lvshoun Kou Area
  • Hengshan Temple
Manchuria Railway Building


  • Dalian Natural History Museum: Established in 1907, The Dalian Natural History Museum shows uncommon fossils, stones, plants, and creatures. The gallery is situated in Heisijiao seashore and is 5.100 square meters, of which 2,470 are for show lobbies. It positions number one in China for its uncommon examples, particularly the marine life and is likewise granted the first prize for the development of science and innovation. The historical centre spotlights on nature and human yet, in addition, shows the relations between creature, man, and climate, uncovering the expansion.
  • Lvshun Museum: Lvshun Museum, established in 1917, is situated at Lvshunkou District of Dalian City, toward the Northeast side of China. The show lobby is separated into two sections; the initial segment is an extraordinary presentation that showcases Bronze-crafted works. The subsequent part is the Exhibition of the neighbourhood recorded relics of Dalian. The tablets and engraving on stones show the History of when it was made.
  • Dalian Marine Science Museum: Dalian Marine Science Museum is situated in Heisijiao seashore and positions number one in China for its uncommon examples of marine life. The gallery centres around nature and humans yet, in addition, shows the relations between creature, man, and climate, uncovering the enhancement.
Dalian Natural History Museum


Each country has its own unique twist to the food that is made locally. Different country’s residents have different food preferences. Here we shall talk about some of the key food-related details one needs to know while traveling to Dalian.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • South Korean Traditional Restaurant
  • Wanbao Seafood Fang
  • Traditional Stretched Noodles
  • Dongri Liange South Korean Traditional Restaurant
  • Traditional Zhuanghe Daguji
  • Traditional Brand Delicatessen
  • Traditional Henan Stewed Noodles

These were some of the most famous Dalian restaurants that provide some of the best traditional Chinese food.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Guanzizai Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 观自在素食馆
  • Family Curry
  • 天缘素食店
  • Gnome
  • 清和缘素食
  • Keshia
  • Lenbach
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Shihao Lucky Wonton

These are some of the top vegetarian restaurants that are present in all of Dalian.

Street Food

  • Men Zi: The conventional and most well-known street food of Dalian is Men Zi. It is a dish with a seasoning of crushed garlic, sesame, and sauces. Protein-rich and coagulated from a concentrate of Pachyrhizus is what this dish is.
  • Salted Fish and Corn pancake: This is another famous Dalian snack. This dish is present almost all over the city and is enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike.


China is a country that believes in authenticity and promotes all its domestic and homebrew drinks and beverages. Here in this section, we will shine light upon domestic drinks and beverages that one can get in Dalian, China.


The pollution level in Dalian and as a whole in China is very high. This includes the water pollution level as well. Due to this, the water present in Dalian in any form from nature is practically unsafe to drink. Tap water that comes to each house is one to be avoided in regards to drinking. Even though you may see residents practising drinking tap water, you as a tourist must avoid doing so as your body will not be accustomed to that level of pollution.

Organic Cafés

  • Pacific Coffee
  • Tobl Coffee Club
  • Illy Coffee
  • Eagle Cafe
  • Lavazza Coffee
  • Din Tai Fung
  • 面包新语大连安盛店
  • 面包新语
  • 哈根达斯百年城店
  • Bread Xinyu
  • Caffé Bene
  • 太平洋咖啡
  • Carrefour

These are some of the top organic café shops in all of Dalian, China.


  • Huarun Snowflake Beer
  • CRC Snowflake Beer
  • Mr.Beer
  • ABB
  • China Resources Snow Breweries
  • NBeer Pub 牛啤堂
  • 우포의아침(주)

These are some of the finest breweries that one can enjoy while travelling to Dalian, China.


The local individuals of the city of Dalian are known to lead tedious lives, and they incline toward appreciating a few exercises throughout the end of the week; as a tourist, you can likewise enjoy these exercises at your recreation, and they will absolutely help you experience the city in another light. You could attempt Bungee Jumping, or you could appreciate paragliding, or test your abilities acquiring parkour, and if none of these interest you, head to the closest slope and appreciate some trekking or travelling.

Yoga and Retreats

There are no yoga retreats that one can go and do yoga in Dalian, China. One can practice yoga in their homes or parks, but doing it in a yoga studio is impossible.


China as a country is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, it is pretty clear to understand that Dalian's city also sees its fair share of tourists throughout the year. To accommodate this high number of tourists, the government and other private organizations have established several homestays and other accommodation means. Here in this section, we will talk about these various means of accommodation.

Green Hotels

Green City Hotel is the only major hotel chain in China that has been recognized as a green hotel. This hotel franchise even has a Dalian hotel and is one of the finest green hotels you can get in China. The hotel has a very low quantity of waste generation and is extremely protective of the city's dying climate.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Dalian UniLoft Hostel: The Uniloft has an extremely present-day, smooth, and modern feel. Situated in the city's core, close to open transportation choices, the University, the train station, and a lot of shops and eateries, this inn has a great deal to bring to the table. Private rooms and quarters are offered at moderate costs. Restrooms, similar to the remainder of the structure, are super-current and kept clean. The residence bunks resemble a sci-fi film arrangement, and each has a little storage, power source attachment, and understanding of light. A lot of normal space is accessible, as the foyers are wide with couches and tables. The on-location eatery, bar, and bistro is additionally a pleasant spot to meet different explorers. A common public kitchen is additionally accessible for visitors to set up their own dinners.
  • Dalian Tian Tian International Youth Hostel: This midway found lodging has pleasant conveniences and a cordial vibe. The regular region feels like a home-style eatery with a pool table and agreeable seats. Private rooms and dormitories are accessible, all in different sizes. Rooms both with and without ensuite restrooms are accessible. An all-female dormitory is likewise offered, and more modest 2-man bunk rooms are advertised. The washrooms are western style for ensuite, squat style for sharing, yet all are perfect all-around kept up. This lodging gets pretty high evaluations from previous guests, the majority of whom guarantee that the spot is kept exceptionally perfect and the beds are agreeable. The rooms are supposed to be a little, yet the staff is well disposed and accommodating. The security around evening time is generally excellent, as well.
  • Dalian Buzzlight Year Hostel: Opposite a recreation center and almost a morning market, the strangely named Buzzlight Year has a ton to bring to the table. Private rooms and residences are offered, and dormitories can be blended, all-female, or all-male. All rooms have ensuite restrooms aside from a portion of the dormitories. Dormitories additionally have outlets, storage spaces (for rucksacks), and understanding lights. The basic territories are agreeable and unwinding. The common kitchen is an incredible spot to blend also, and the staff suggests that you get some new neighbourhood fish at the close by morning business sector and concoct it for lunch at the inn. They likewise plan numerous exercises to keep the visitors mingling and having a good time.


You will likewise have the alternative option of getting an apartment for lease while visiting the city of Dalian, and individuals say that it is probably the best option you will get within the city.

The price may seem costly, but without a doubt, it is the safest, secure, and private means of accommodation you can get. It is difficult to provide you with a fixed cost on these apartments' expenses in Dalian as it changes.

These apartments centre around outsiders as their intended interest group and consistently guarantee that it is in a spotless and safe state. The satisfaction you will get from remaining at this spot is unrivalled, and the majority of the offices are excellent.


Couchsurfing is another option available for people who do not want to live in some hotels. One can easily avail the option of Couchsurfing simply by logging on to couchsurfing website and find the housing providing Couchsurfing facility near your destination.


There are no designated spots for camping available in Dalian. But people are allowed to go camping in any public place they feel like. It is quite often to see people go camping near beaches and parks.

How to Get There

As said many a time earlier, that Dalian is one of the biggest cities in China. So, reaching there is not an issue at all. There are several means through which one can travel to Dalian. Here we will talk about all such ways.


  • Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
  • Dalian International Airport
  • 大连周水子国际机场国际出发

These are the three major airports that are present in the city of Dalian. Flights from all over the world come to these airports and takeoff from these airports. These are some of the busiest airports in all of China.

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport


Some buses start from different parts of China and are present to take you to Dalian. These long-distance buses are a comfortable means of travelling to Dalian and are also very cheap for their price range.

Bus in Dalian


  • Dalian Central Train Station
  • Dalian North Train Station

These two train stations are the only ones that are present in Dalian. These two stations are the city's busiest locales and see people, both residents and tourists alike. Trains run 24/7 in these two stations, and almost from all parts of the country, trains come to these stations.

Dalian Central Train Station


Hitchhiking refers to getting a free lift from the driver who is going a comparative and same way in the most widely recognised terms. While one can rapidly get a ride in Dalian as a large portion of the city's residents owns their vehicle, the fundamental condition is to search for the one going on the course you are selecting to travel. Being on the main streets and public thruways can assist you with getting a lift and since Dalian is generally protected, hitchhiking isn't hazardous.


To reach the city of Dalian, one can also take the ferry. The ferry is a cheap and affordable means of travelling. The only downfall to ferry is that they tend to take a lot of time than any other means.

Moving Around

Dalian is a major city in the country of China. The city is filled with different transportation mediums for residents and tourists to ride on and travel the city. Here is the list of some of these means.


Dalian is a compact city. People can easily break their rides in buses and trains by opting for walking instead. By walking, people can immerse more deeply in the deep-rooted culture of the city.


Several companies present in Dalian allow residents and tourists to rent bicycles for easy travelling around the city. These bicycles are cheap to rent and are also eco-friendly.

Electronic Vehicles

There is a public transportation system called the light rail that is present in Dalian. This is an electronic vehicle that can take you to different parts of the city. The ride is not present in the downtown area of the city but is present in other locales.

Public Bus

Buses are the most common form of transportation in Dalian. People take buses most frequently to travel to different parts of the city. These buses are cheap and are available 24/7.

Tram, Train and Subway

Dalian has a couple of cable cars and trolleybuses, which add character to the city as well as being a down-to-earth method for transportation. There are two primary cable car courses: #201 generally runs west-east from Xinggong Street close to the Shahekou Railway Station to the Haizhiyun Park on the coast. #202 runs from the High Tech Zone to the Jinhui shopping region where the #201 beginnings.

Sustainable Shopping

Dalian is a major urban city. Therefore, when it comes to shopping, there is plenty of option that one can avail. Let's shine light upon such options in the below sections.

Food Markets

  • Dalian Cold Drink Food Wholesale Market
  • Dalian Yide Fresh Food Convenience Store
  • Dalian Zhongshan Xianfeng Food Store
  • Dalian Shengda Food Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Passenger Transport Non-Staple Food Store
  • Dalian Fulian Store
  • Dalian Rongsheng Shengxian Market
  • Nanyue Condiment Food
  • Dalian Jianping Marine Products Supermarket
  • Shahekou Lvluqing Non-Staple Food Comprehensive Vegetable Market
  • Dalian Aquatic Product Transaction Market
  • Dalian Yuanyang Marine Products Shopping Mall
  • Dalian Hangyu Non-Staple Food Store
  • Xinmin Grocery Store
  • Junhe Store
  • Lele Convenience Store
  • Haige Grocery Store
  • Jiahui Store
  • Liansheng Grocery Store

These are some of the most famous food markets in Dalian.

Flea Markets

  • Dalian Flea Market
  • Dalian Materials Recycle General Company Flea Market
  • Jiangwa Flea Market
  • Dalian Qianguan Rongmao Market
  • 大连小商品批发市场

Second Hand Stores

  • Dalian Jinzhou Shenghuafei Old Materials Sales Center
  • Second-hand Goods Exchange Center
  • Daweixin Old Goods Trade
  • Dalian Wanjia Pawn House
  • Second-Hand Air-Conditioner Trade
  • Xinjiu Commodity Trade
  • Dalian Senye Wooden Industry Limited Company Jiuwu Market
  • MANGO Second-hand vehicle Store
  • Dalian Toulong Used Car Dealer Market Co., Ltd.
  • Shengxin Second-hand vehicle Store
  • Dalian Hech Pawn Co., Ltd.
  • Wafangdian Dongfang Old Goods Development Market
  • Dalian Jinxin Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Dongfeng Nissan Second-Hand Car Aotong Franchise Store
  • Dafa Automobile Store

These are some of the top second-hand stores in Dalian.


  • 真维斯
  • Jeanswest

These are the eco-fashion stores in Dalian.


Reusing is an amazing method to control your effect on nature. In the current time, we are confronting serious climatic and ecological issues. Dalian individuals have appropriate reusing spots to take their recyclable things consistently to get them reused. As a traveller, you should follow such obligations and take a wide range of recyclables to these shops. It would help if you decreased the utilization of plastic and spotlight on utilizing natural and degradable things. These shops are spread all over Dalian and are a great method to make the most amazing aspect squander; however, these shops likewise require a few assets to change these losses into reused things.


The Dalian government is rigid with regards to squander the executives. You will track down that the contamination levels are not unreasonably incredible, which has driven the public authority to force such severe arrangements and disallowances. There is a prohibition on utilizing plastic, even the cafés, take-out places, fabricating units, and others use bundling affirmed by the Dalian government. To help individuals understand their missteps while discarding waste, chipping in associations hold ordinary ecological mindfulness exercises at the end of the week. You will track down that local people consider it their duty to keep their current circumstances perfect and excellent. Not at all like different urban communities metropolitan zones that solitary comprises tall high rises and the metropolitan locales, the scene of Dalian has more than equivalent circulation for woodlands, public parks, safe-havens, and a lot more green spaces.

Work and Study Abroad

The education and career openings in Dalian are superior to some other metropolitan city in China. You can discover both world-perceived educational establishments and organizations in Dalian. These organizations are the top worldwide organizations internationally. A large portion of their base camp is in Dalian. The schooling establishments offer courses and global projects that are available to all students. These foundations give a different scope of courses. You can profit from these changes by visiting or reaching the foundation. You should satisfy the prerequisites of the program to get qualified for examining them. Then again, the organizations keep an appropriate proportion between the kinds of representatives.

Exchange Student

Here is the list of some of the top-rated universities in Dalian that take in exchange students.

  • INTO Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE)
  • Dalian University of Technology (DUT)
  • Dalian Maritime University
  • Dalian University
  • Dalian Polytechnic University
  • Liaoning Normal University
  • Dalian University of Foreign Languages
  • University College London UCL
  • INTO Drew University
  • Chongqing Technology & Business University

Au Pair

Au Pair is the type of job that has yet to reach the city of Dalian. As of now, there are no such au pair jobs that one can take in Dalian.


  • Dalian Friendship Hospital Health Management Center
  • 大连青少年宫
  • Dalian Public Utilities Joint Fee Collection
  • Silk Community Aixin Recovery Activity Station
  • Liaohua Dalian Nursing Home
  • Disabled Recovery Center of Pingan Community
  • Ganjingzi Airport Community Jujia Social Endowment Center

These are some of the most famous volunteering groups present in Dalian.

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