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Eco-friendly travel guide to China advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in China, Asia.

  • Air quality: 5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 4.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $500
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $500

Responsible Travel

China is a famous country that gets people talking for diverse reasons, especially in recent times, and it is well-known for its contributions to innovations and technology. Some people believe that the best way to advance their businesses is by traveling to China. Thus, the country gets a high inflow of foreigners, and it is expected that these tourists will indulge in responsible travel.

In traveling to China, you should do business or patronize the local sellers as it will be beneficial to them and the country’s economic growth. You cannot expect to gain without giving back to the country.

You should also ensure to keep an environment the same way or neater than you met in, and you should not engage in activities that will endanger any animal. It is best for you to always think before acting on any thought as you should analyze if you would be okay with the activity you want to do if the roles were reversed.

Once all these and some more are in place, you are practicing responsible travel in China.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air pollution is not peculiar to any specific city or country as many deals with it, but some are lucky not to have such an issue. However, you can be sure that countries with high pollution will suffer from air pollution, affecting air quality.

We are sure that you are already thinking in the same direction as we are, as China is a country with a high population, so air pollution is inevitable. Some pollutants can be human-made, such as littering, while other come from technological means such as exhaust fumes, or during the production process of a company.

Understandably, it is not easy to put laws in place and have everyone follow them where there is a large population, and this is what the China government faces. However, they appeal to individuals to always try and ensure that air pollution is minimized. If you have air challenges relating to breathing, ensure that you are well-protected when visiting China as the air quality is low.

Respect the Culture

People always say that respect is reciprocal, and we have to agree with such claims. We try to calm foreigners down when they start overthinking about the reception they will get when visiting a place for the first time.

One clear fact is that the locals will welcome you if you are respectful, so you know you have a role to play. The best way of being respectful in China is not to criticize their culture, religion, or beliefs.

We are sure that you also have customs and traditions in your home city, so it will not make sense to think that the same will apply to China, and you will be out of line if you start making demeaning comparisons.

If you are not respectful, the locals will be on the defense, and they will not open up to you. Thus, it will be as if you are walking on egg shells as you go around the city, and we know that such a feeling is uncomfortable.

Top 10 Places to Visit

If you are looking for places to visit in China, here are some of them:

• Great Wall of China (Huairou District): It is one of the first places that comes to mind when it concerns places to visit in China, especially as it is one of the world’s seven wonders. The design and architecture stand as an impressive framework, and there are available cable cars to help in transportation, taking you closer to the walls. It is a place that is worth visiting.

• Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum (Lintong District): You will see many statues at this place since it is a place for keeping ancient and imposing statues. There are available tall guides at the museum who ensure to give necessary information when due.

• Summer Palace (Haidian District): It was once a retreat site reserved for royalty but is now a place where people go to enjoy summer like royalty. It is an ensemble of lakes and gardens, and people can get a boat ride to the city center. Visiting this place is soothing and calm for anyone.

• Yu Garden (Shanghai): It is a Chinese garden in the city center with beautiful flowers that will put a smile on your face. You will also notice that it is almost like a local food market, and you can get any meal you desire from the different food stalls available.

• West Lake (Hangzhou): Not only does this place serve as a lake, but it also has numerous temples, so you should be careful and act accordingly while there. People can do different things, like biking, hiking, and boat riding. Indeed, you will have fun there.

• Mount Hua (Shaanxi Province): It is one of the mountains in the country with available cable cars that are sometimes helpful. However, people say that it is better to explore this area when you are bare-footed. It may not seem easy, but you will later realize that it is not, and it leads to people losing track of time whenever they visit it.

• Ming Dynasty Tombs (Changping District): If you do not mind tombs and exploring them, you should visit this place when in China. You will see different things that will keep you intrigued.

• Huanglong (Sichuan): People are usually curious and skeptical about this place, which can be traced to its colorful pools. It would help if you take a camera along when visiting this place to capture memories. The view is always excellent; those who wish to hike can also do it here.

• Canton Tower (Guangzhou): It is one of the tall buildings in the country, so it will surely get the many people’s attention. Going to this building at night is the best thing that could happen, as you get to appreciate the tower in all of its glory.

• National Stadium (Beijing): It is one of the top places for anyone to visit in China and the architectural feature is superb, you should see it before leaving China.


One topic that usually comes up when a person plans to travel somewhere for the first time is to know activities and things to do that will keep them busy as it will not make sense to visit a new place and be indoors all day.

Typically, humans are curious, and they love to explore. It also makes sense why people are more attracted to places that have higher tourist attractions than others. The urge to explore is common to all foreigners, and those visiting China are not an exception.

Some people may want to argue that not everyone gets the urge to explore, especially if you are in a country for business transactions. However, we have not seen anyone who will not love to make time from their busy schedule to go sight-seeing.

It is only when you explore a place that one can say you had a full experience of the country, so nothing should hold you back from exploring and having fun.

City Parks

Exploring the city parks in China constitutes activities to do while there. Here are some of the city parks you should check out:

Jingshan Park (Beijing): One of the first thoughts people have about a park is the view it will present, and this park does not fall short of expectations. If you get to the peak of the mountain, you can see the forbidden city. Entrance into this park is not free, but it is affordable. Some people also visit it to watch the sunrise and sunset. It is a great place to explore.

• Beihai Park (Beijing): The beauty of this park cannot be overemphasized, so it is not surprising to see people turning it into a picture-taking spot. One of its highlights is that you get to watch art exhibitions, and the view it presents is relaxing. It is one of the best in the country.

• Gucheng Park (Shanghai): This park is smaller than most parks in China, but it is a beautiful place to relax and have a quiet time. You should ensure to visit it and explore all that it has to offer before leaving the country.

National Parks

Asides from exploring the national parks, you can also see national parks in China. Some of them are:

• Potatso National Park (Yunnan): It is a place with beautiful and lush vegetation that connects you with nature, allowing you to see wildlife and learn more about them. Typically, there is a no-smoking policy at this park, and smokers are to surrender their lighters at the gate so that there will be no mishap. It was the first national park in China and still stands strong to date.

• Jiuzhai Valley National Park (Sichuan): People are always in awe when they visit this place as you get to see different lakes with various hues. It is always a beautiful sight and has a relaxing feel that it gives. There is also a waterfall and a lot to explore, and people say that you cannot use only a day to explore this place. By visiting this park, you will add to your memory bank of China.

• Lushan Quaternary Glaciation National Geopark (Jiujiang): The view from this park is everything you need to have a soothing experience in the country.


One cannot deny the soothing feeling that comes with exploring a beach, as looking at the waves alone puts a smile on the face. Here are some of the beaches to see in China:

• Dameisha Beach (Shenzhen): Since there is a resort on this beach, you can comfortably spend days there without any issue. It is a lovely place with a beautiful environment and has different activities you can do. The fun here is usually top-notch as you get to meet other people who also want to have a swell time. Ensure that you visit it and make the most out of the experience.

• Golden Sandy Beach (Qingdao): You should expect to see many people on this beach since it is big, but that does not mean that you cannot have a relaxing time there. One of the activities you can do there is riding a bike, and you also get to make great connections. If you visit it when there is a festival, you will thoroughly have fun as the people know how to party and give foreigners the best experience.


Landmarks are those points in a city or country that are easily identifiable and serve as guides when new people are trying to move from one end to another. These landmarks are usually famous as anyone in the area can direct you to it. Typically, people ensure to put different landmarks in their minds to find their way around a place.

A landmark could be a place that is outstanding because of its architectural work or the building’s height. It could also be a statue or any other thing. The goal is for it to stick to your memory easily or should be seen from a distance.

Some of the landmarks in China are:

• Chang'an Tower: Since it is a tower, you know that it can be seen from a distance, and also has the popularity feature. Sometimes, there are colorful lights on this tower, making it more identifiable. Thus, it is one of the landmarks in the country.

• The Bund: It is one of the China’s landmarks as it is a high building as well, and many people know about it.


Exploring a museum might be one of the first thoughts that come to a foreigner’s mind as it helps to answer hidden questions about a country. We doubt that there is any country without a museum, so visiting this place is not a bad idea.

There are different museums spread across China, and we are sure that you would get one in the city you visit or close to it.

Some of the China museums are:

• National Museum of China (Beijing): Some people might say that it is the most prominent museum in the country. It aims to educate people about the arts and history of China, and it is one of the largest worldwide. Research also shows that it is the second most visited museum in the world. You will see sculptures that tell the story you desire, and we know that you will be satisfied.

• Shanghai Museum (Shanghai): It takes on a modern way of telling stories about Chinese history, and we know that you will not regret visiting it as you will get much knowledge.


If you are not eating the local meals when visiting a new country, you are wrong. These meals constitute a significant part of your holiday, and it is only right that you enjoy them.

In China, ma pa tofu is one of the top traditional meals, and everyone who eats it testifies that it is tasty and delicious. You should also know that pork constitutes most of their meals, so pork lovers would have a variety of what to eat. However, if you do not like to eat pork, we are sure that you will find another suitable option.

Hotpot is another Chinese meal that leaves people craving for more, and we see people worldwide trying to learn how to make this meal. Those who visit China usually have higher chances of learning as a local gets to teach you personally, instead of depending on technological means.

We are sure that some people must have heard of dumplings, a variety of minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped together in a thick dough. It is common in North China and a meal you should try before leaving the country.

Typically, anyone would want to eat at a traditional local restaurant in any country if you are going to try the local meals, as you are assured that such restaurants know how to prepare these meals thoroughly.

Having such a mentality is not wrong, so you need to be on the lookout for these restaurants when visiting a new place. However, there is no need for us to list the different restaurants in China as a majority of them have Chinese meals on their menu, so it is safe to say that they are all traditional local restaurants, and you will enjoy any meal you eat there.

These people know that their meals are a top favorite of people worldwide, as some restaurants in other countries try to imitate their recipes. Thus, they strive to show foreigners an absolute uniqueness in the meals, and you will not regret eating at any of the restaurants.

When people visit a restaurant in China, they get carried away by the deliciousness of the meals and tend to purchase different varieties. We see people with different tastes and preferences daily, and it also applies to their meal choice. Thus, some people are vegans and expect to find restaurants that focus on such preferences when visiting any country.

It may be that seeing vegan restaurants are a common sight in your country, but it is not so in China. Remember, pork is a common factor in most Chinese meals, and they do not joke with their proteins.

It is rare to see a Chinese vegan, so the idea of having vegetarian restaurants is not as common in China as it is in some other countries. Typically, vegan foreigners find another alternative to their meals when visiting this country.

In recent times, the idea of being a vegetarian has become more common, and we are hopeful that there will be more vegan restaurants now. However, it will help if you do not go to China with the idea of seeing local vegetarian restaurants as you will be disappointed. It is almost impossible to have a vegan alternative to Chinese meals.

Street food has become a preference of some people, and the same way you will want to try out the local meals in a country is the same way they will love to taste the different available street foods.

People say that variety is the spice of life, and it adds to why people love to eat street food in another country as what is available in their home city is not the same available option in the new country.

You have many available street food options when in China, and you should try most of them as they are enjoyable.

Deep-Fried Dough Sticks is one of China’s available street food options, and people see it as a breakfast meal. However, some people eat it at any time of the day. Typically, they take it with soy milk.

Since tofu is one of the country’s primary proteins, there is also the Stinky Tofu street food option. As the name implies, it has a repulsive smell during the preparation process. However, if you can get past the smell and eat it, it becomes tasty to the taste buds.


There are many available drink options in China, making it fulfilling for anyone who travels to the country. Irrespective of your preference, we are sure that you will see something suitable, leaving everyone happy.

You should know that there are no restrictions on the available drinks in the country, so you can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and have a swell time.

We do not know if you have ever taken electrolyte water before, but you can try it in China by getting C10. It is rich in vitamins and beneficial to health. Soybean milk is another common drink in this country, and you will see many of the locals taking it with their meals. Asides from this milk, there is also coconut milk, which is believed to have numerous health benefits.

You should know that there are many beer options in China, so you should try them out and choose your preference. There are also carbonated drinks in the country, with Coca-Cola being one of them. Another option in this category is salt soda water. It will be wrong to think that China people do not drink wine as you will see available wine options in different varieties. One will not be wrong to say that China is a country overflowing with drinks, so you will enjoy a lot when there.

You should know that the people are friendly, and can help with beverage selection whenever you are confused. However, we usually tell foreigners to have an open mind and try all the drinks before deciding their favorite. It will also not be wrong if you have more than one favorite drink when in China. Due to the high number of available quality drinks, people tend to have different favorites.

Visiting bars is a way of relaxing in this country, and there are different bars span across the various cities. The atmosphere is always light due to the happiness coming from enjoying the drinking, and the locals will happily welcome you to their midst. People say that one of the best ways to bond with anyone in China and by sharing a drink, and we hope that you are opening to trying this theory.


We can see that there are various types of refined water in China, but that does not take away the fact that proper drinkable water is needed, so foreigners are usually curious to know that state of the tap water in China.

It is not safe or healthy to drink tap water in China as it is not clean, so it is best not to try it else you will battle from related diseases. Some people may ask if it is right to use the water for brushing, but we also advise against such an act as you do not know when you w2ill mistakenly consume it.

Tap water in China and be used for washing and bathing, but it is unsafe to drink. Before anyone drinks the tap water, they ensure to boil it as a means of purification.

If you know that boiling water will be much for a hassle for you while in China, you have the option of buying bottled water which you can easily get from any of the stores.


Understandably, foreigners tend to have a high energy bar and would want to engage in numerous activities while in a new country. It becomes disheartening when they realize that there is not much they can do.

Because we do not want to see the look of disappointment on the face of a tourist, we went the extra mile to research on more activities one can do while in China, and some of the activities are kayaking and fishing.

These activities are dependent on available water bodies, so you know that you can only do them in select cities in China. If you are lucky to be in a place with a water body, then you do not have any issue.

Since going on boat rides is a way of having fun in the country, you know that kayaking is also feasible. Typically, some people are scared as they might have never fished or gone kayaking before. However, being in these cities allows you to learn, and you will be an expert in no time.

Another activity we discovered that people do in China is Yoga. We are sure that you must have heard about this activity before, but you will realize that it is prevalent in China. We do not know its level of popularity in your home city, but you will see many yogis in this country.

Since yoga was introduced in China since the late 1970s, it is not surprising that many of them are experts, and some people leave their cities and countries to come and learn from the Chinese people.

If you are already a yogi, you can perfect your art while in this country as you will learn new skills and techniques. If you do not know how to do yoga, but you are interested in learning, you will also get the opportunity in China.

The Chinese people see engaging in yoga as a safe space, and they are always ready to teach foreigners, so be on the lookout for any yoga studio or classes around you.


We are advocates for proper planning, which is why we always urge travellers to make necessary plans for accommodation before leaving their homes. We do not know what you expect to happen when you do not know the types of accommodation options available in the country you desire to visit as you will be nothing but disappointed.

However, it can be avoided when you research and do proper planning. By researching, you get to see all the available options, get an idea of their price range and make a choice.

It could be that you do not have a budget for accommodation yet, but doing research will help you know how much you need to keep aside. Some people may also want to make bookings ahead as you do not want a case of your preferred accommodation choice being filled by the time you arrive in the country.

If you do not know the different available accommodation options before arriving in the country, you will look lost and may pick the wrong choice in haste.

Green Hotels

If you do not know, a green hotel is a sustainable one, has facilities in place that promote comfort and is eco-friendly. Yes, such hotels exist, and they are called green hotels.

We have different green hotels in China, and you need to research to know if there is any in the city you are staying. If you want to be an eco-friendly traveller, it will be the right accommodation choice.

Because of the high-grade facilities that these hotels have, their prices tend to be higher than other accommodation options, so you should ensure that it goes with your budget.

You will notice that the environment of such hotels are always clean, and they promote safe practices. Typically, they have a no-smoking policy, and you will see waste bags that discourage littering. There would also be an active customer service desk to ensure that your complaints are resolved swiftly as they are concerned about your comfort.

You will enjoy your stay in China if you lodge in a green hotel.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Another option you will get when it concerns accommodation in China is to stay in a hostel or guest house. Yes, staying in a hostel is as the name implies, and the idea you have about hostels in schools is what comes to play.

However, you should know that the hostel for lodging is better and kept in perfect condition. In some of them, you may have to share a room, while you can get a private dorm in others. Some of them would also have a shared kitchen.

People say that staying in a hostel while in a new place feels like staying with family as it gives room for interaction with other people. It is also a cheaper option, so you can look for hostels nearby if you like this option.

Staying in a guest house is also not out of the picture, and the difference between a guest house and a typical hotel is the size. The rooms of a guest house are usually smaller, but you will still be comfortable.


You will also have the option of getting an apartment for rent while in China, and people say that it is one of the best comforts you will get when in regards to accommodation. As the name implies, it is almost like getting a regular house, but it is only for the period of your stay.

You do not need anyone to tell you that this is a more expensive option, so you should not consider it if you have a low budget for accommodation while travelling. However, some people do not mind the pricing as there are many amenities to enjoy.

We cannot generalize and give a fixed price on the cost of apartments in China as it varies, but most of them are not less than $300.

These apartments focus on foreigners as their target audience, and always ensure that it is in a clean and safe state. The happiness you will get from staying at this place is unmatched, and most of the facilities are of high-quality.


Another available accommodation option in China is Couchsurfing, and it has gained popularity as it helps people to save money since you do not have to pay. The idea here is that a local open their home for a tourist to stay.

If you are wondering the benefits a local stands to gain, allow us to explain it to you. You should know that since China is a business hub, making connections and networks always comes in handy. When a local plays host to a foreigner, they build a friendship that could last a lifetime. Most times, they prefer long term benefits than looking for money which will be short-term.

For the tourist, you stay a free place to stay, interacting and learning more about the customs and traditions of the country. It is always a win-win situation for both parties, so you can consider this option when travelling to China.

To make it easier, there is a Couchsurfing website to check for willing hosts in China.


Camping can also be classified as a means of accommodation as we see that some people prefer to pitch tents when in a new country. However, you also need to take the rules and regulations of that country into consideration before going ahead with camping plans. If camping is your preferred means when travelling, you should research before taking a final decision.

In some countries, you can either pitch a tent or stay at an official campground. However, there is no luxury of staying on a campground in China as none of its cities has such establishments.

We cannot say that there are rules against camping in this country, but it is not acceptable in some of its cities. Some towns are more rigid, and they think it is out of place for foreigners to pitch tents around. Thus, camping in China is dependent on your location.

You should research on your destination city within China and check if camping is feasible there so that you can know your next line of action.



Getting There and Moving Around

If you think that solving accommodation issue is the only thing you need to do before travelling, you would be in for a shock as other details need a proper arrangement, and one of such is knowing how to get there.

It is one thing to know that you are travelling to China for one reason or the other, but it is another thing to know how you would reach there especially if you have never been there before. The ideal thing is to ask around, preferably look for people or someone who has been to China, so that they can say how they reached the country.

You can get details on the means of transportation that took them from your current city to China or the fare amount. It is always right to know such information so that you will not be stranded. We know that your mind might have a preferred means of transportation, but you might be shocked that it doesn’t’ get to China.

Once you have gotten information on how to get to China, you also need to know how people move around in the country. After all, you do not plan on staying at one point forever.

There is always the need to move around, so you need to know the means of transportation that operates within the country. By understanding the different means, you already know what to expect so that nothing comes as a shock to you, and you know which of them you would be using.

You should always know that it will be wrong to assume that what works within your present city is what will work in China. For example, it could be that using a train is the best way of moving around in your current city and it makes you comfortable. It will be sad for you to carry the mentality and expectations of using a train in China if the country does not have trains that operate within. To avoid such disappointments, you always need to research.

There is a robust transportation system in China that helps foreigners in moving around, and we know that it will not be a hassle in finding your way from one point to the other. However, you should know that walking is also a means of moving around in this country.

It could be that you are going to a restaurant or any tourist site and it is not far from your location. Instead of paying for any transportation means or stressing yourself and getting stuck in traffic, it will be best to walk down there.

Walking helps to exercise the bones, and you also get to have moments of reflection. We cannot say that locals of China are against taking pictures since they are used to having foreigners around. So, it is not wrong for you to have a camera to capture moments as you move around. We are sure that you will see something that will make you happy.

Asides from walking, you can also use a bicycle to move around, and it is an efficient and fast means of moving around. Understandably, we would not expect that you would travel to China with a bicycle, except you stay close to the country. However, there are rental shops where you can rent a bicycle as they know that it is a preferred means of movement by some foreigners.

People are always in a rush when it concerns moving around, and no one likes to be stuck at a particular place. Thus, the demand for bicycles is usually high as it eliminates the idea of being stuck in traffic or being cramped with other people when it concerns other means of movement. When on a bicycle, you are alone and feel free. However, you should also be conscious as you are a foreigner, and you might not entirely understand how the drivers drive. Thus, you should always be alert. It is also right for you to know that bicycle theft is rampant in China, so you should be conscious and careful when you park your bikes.

Some people ask if they can use a scooter in China, and we reply that it is dependent on your city. Using a scooter is almost similar to using a bicycle as it helps in navigating traffic as well, but some cities have a ban on it, so it is not feasible. Thus, when travelling to China, you check if it is possible to use a scooter in the city you are staying.

In cities where using a scooter is allowed, there is no need for a driver’s license. This may come as a shock to some people as some countries usually demand that riders have a driver’s license before they can use a scooter. China is more relaxed when it concerns having a permit for a scooter.

You can rent a scooter from any of the rental shops, but you should know how to ride one to prevent any mishap. It is also not out of place to have safety gears while riding so that you will be well-protected.


You should know that many cities in China have an international airport, so there are high chances of getting a flight to your destination. People love to use air because it is faster and less stressful.

The deal about using a plane comes in getting a direct flight. However, since China is a famous country and one of the global business hubs, it is much easier to get a direct flight from different locations worldwide.

You will notice that different airlines are flying into China daily, showing the high inflow of visitors it gets. Irrespective of your continent, we are sure that you will get a direct flight from somewhere if you do adequate research.

Interestingly, you can also use a plane to move around in China. After all, what else do you expect from a prominent and developed country? Since there are airports in most of its cities, you can get a domestic flight from one point to another. It usually comes in handy for many foreigners as it eliminates stress, especially when they do not know the direction.


You can use a bus to get into China, and also use it as a means of moving around.

There are public buses in the country that help take people from one point to another, and they are usually comfortable. However, we know that the definition of comfort varies, as some people may be uncomfortable being in a confined space with many people.

Interestingly, China has something called sleeper buses. Instead of having the regular chairs, it is designed with beds. These are buses that go to long distances, usually from one city to the other. Using a bus is usually an efficient means of moving around, and the locals will explain the system better to you.

Since China shares land borders with many countries such as India, Russia, Pakistan, and others, you should know that it is feasible to use to a bus from these countries to China. After all, it has an efficient road transport system.

However, it only applies to countries that are close to China. If your home country or present location does not share a border with China, it will be impossible to use a bus down there. Thus, do not think about this means of transportation if you are on another continent.


You should know that there is an efficient railway system in China, allowing trains to come into the country from neighbouring countries, and also acting as a means of moving around the country.

Note that you have to be in a neighbouring country before considering using a train to china. If you are in doubt, North Korea, Hong Kong, Russia and Europe, Vietnam, and Hong Kong are places where you can get a train that will directly take you to China.

Since trains are usually slow, you cannot expect to use a train from Africa or Australia to China.

One of the best ways to get around in China is to use a train, and you will discover that there are different classes. Typically, you will need to buy a train ticket before you can use a train, and the prices are dependent on the various classes. You will understand it better at the train station, and you can ask the locals for more clarification when in doubt of anything.

There is also the tram and subway system that are feasible when it concerns moving around in China.


The system of hitchhiking usually comes to play when trying to get a free ride, and you can either use it within the country or as a means of reaching the country. It is common in many places, but we cannot say that it is a famous practice in China.

Typically, people stay on the road to wave down vehicles, hoping that a driver will stop to give them a free ride. You should know that drivers are usually rushing from one point to another, trying to navigate and beat traffic in China. Thus, the chances of them understanding your hand gestures and stopping for you are low.

It might help if you have a handwritten sign that indicates where you are going so that if any driver is going that direction, they can stop. However, it will be best if your handwritten sign is in Chinese to aid proper understanding and interpretation.

It is also best if you are not dependent on hitchhiking while in China.


Another means of reaching China is by taking a boat. It is not a common means in some other countries as they do not have enabling water bodies. However, since there are waterbodies in China, it is feasible.

It may be that you have never travelled on a boat before, so this will be your opportunity, and you should not allow it to pass. It is usually fun to use a ship, but we also know that some people may be scared of travelling through water, so it is not their preference.

If you would love to use a boat to China, you should ensure that you are in a country or city close to it. We usually see foreigners who go to these places because they want to get the opportunity to use a boat down to China.

We cannot state the price for the fare as it varies depending on the country and city you are coming from. However, we know that you will enjoy the experience.

Sustainable Shopping

The issue of sustainable has been an ongoing topic worldwide, but not many countries have been able to incorporate it into their activities. However, we see that China is different as they strive to be at the top of innovations and developments, so there ensure that most of their items are sustainable.

By having sustainable items for purchase, they also play a role in protecting their environment and ensuring that the country stays eco-friendly. When you purchase these items as a foreigner, you are being an eco-friendly tourist and showing support to their economic system.

Typically, the local sellers are encouraged when people buy these items, and they put in more effort into further production. It may seem like a simple act of buying, but it goes further than that.

Every foreigner is encouraged to support sustainable shopping when in a new country if the country supports sustainable. Since China supports sustainability, there is no reason why you should not indulge in sustainable shopping.

By sustainable shopping, you are promising that you will visit the food markets and buy the local ingredients in China. If you do not know, china is into food production, which is why it has its peculiar meals. After all, you cannot deny that Chinese meals have not gained popularity worldwide, and most of the ingredients for preparation can only be gotten from China.

The locals are always happy when foreigners come to inquire and purchase these ingredients as it is a way they showcase their cultural heritage. You should not be scared of visiting the food markets as the sellers are friendly, and the prices are not exorbitant. If you are confused about what to pouches, you can describe the meal you desire preparing for any of the sellers, and they will help you out.

It is always an experience to visit the food markets in China irrespective of the city, as it adds to your memory bank of the country, and you will have stories to tell for years after leaving the city. Some of these markets may not be arranged, but it is always worth the experience.

You will also see flea markets in China, and patronize them is a part of sustainable shopping. At these markets, you get items that may not be new, but they are also of high quality, and you can purchase them for a lower price. One thing that stands out at such markets is that the prices are not fixed. So, your bargaining power comes to play.

It should not be surprising if someone gets the same item cheaper than you got yours, as it means that they have a higher skill at bargaining.

You will also see second-hand stores in the country, helping you purchasing an array of item. What you can get from a second-hand store is not limited, so we encourage foreigners also to try shopping at such stores.

We do not know if you have ever heard of eco-fashion, but it also comes to play in China. It is a way of using sustainable materials to make clothing, and most of these cloths are used in walking the runaway.

Sustainable shopping is high-ranking in China.


Since there is a high population in China, you should know that the level of waste will also be much. However, one way of combating waste while ensuring that the eco-system is protected is by recycling.

It is a method of sorting through trash for reusable items and making sustainable things. It has become a proven eco-method worldwide, and it is only expected that China practices it as well.

Recycling happens in China, and there was a time when China used to get items for recycling from other countries and help them in the recycling process. However, that does not happen any longer as China is only focusing on its country.

It is not surprising why people describe China as an innovative country as they use recycling in getting items that you may have never imagined.

As a foreigner in any of its cities, you should ask of where to dispose of your recyclable items as it is a way of contributing meaningfully to the progress of the country.


The challenge of pollution is something that many countries battle, and it becomes worse if you do not have an efficient waste management system. Thus, it is commendable when we see countries putting effort to ensure that wastes are correctly disposed of, and China is one of these countries.

It has rules and regulations in place that mandates its cities always to be tidy, and have facilities that help in waste management. We cannot say that littering is not an issue in this country, especially as there is a high population. However, efforts are put in place by the government, and it is left to the people also to follow instructions.

If you are in China, it is best for you to do the right thing and only dispose of your trash in the appropriate places. You never can tell when the authorities will get you if you do it wrong, and you may pay large fines that you did not budget. As a responsible tourist, you must play a role in waste management.

Work and Study Abroad

It is not out of place that people would want to study in china, and one of the reasons we get is because it allows its students to work while studying. Not many countries allow students to work while studying, and this has proven to be a challenge over time.

Interestingly, there was a period when China did not allow its students to work while studying. However, they saw that there was a decline in the number of international students they get, and it made them revise the law. Since it is a different terrain for international students, they need a means of making money for survival. If they do not work, it will be hard. Thus, these people remain in their countries instead of going to a place that would not allow them to work while studying.

China changed the laws in 2013 and now allows students to work while studying. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the number of international students the country gets.

Exchange Student

Allow us tell to you that there are many reasons why a student will want to study in China except for the fact that they can work while studying.

Sometimes, a student may want a change of environment, and curiosity would make them want to experience China. In such cases, it is not that they want to have a full schooling duration in this country; it is only that they want to experience it for some time. This is where the idea of exchange programs and having exchange students come to play.

Schools usually have affiliations with universities and colleges in China so that a student can apply for an exchange program. Typically, the student spends either a school year or one-semester schooling in China before returning to their regular school.

Within that period, the student satisfies their curiosity as he or she gets to experience the country in terms of culture, food, and much more. If you would wish to try this as well, you should check if your present school runs an exchange program with any university in China.

Au Pair

If you wish to work in China, you can do so through the au pair system. Typically, the jobs under this option are house jobs, as you will be attached to a family, getting you free accommodation in return. It could be that you are to be a babysitter or teach someone in the family English. Whatever the case might be, au pair jobs in China last for only one year. You will need to reapply after a year if you wish to continue.

Since you will be staying with a host family, you need to have an open mind and be ready for the unexpected. It will be a shift in your regular life, but you will be happy to have such an experience.

You should know that you must be duly registered and be a legal foreigner to qualify for an au pair job in China. You should also be ready to make compromises and meet the host family halfway. Being conversational will help to establish a bond with them.


It is not out of place to see people add volunteering in different countries on their bucket list, and it is usually commendable as it takes great courage to leave your home and comfort, going to render free services in another country. Although some volunteers get paid, it is not always, and they do not venture into volunteering with the mindset of making money.

Most volunteers are usually passionate about creating change in a particular sector, and it fuels their motive. You will see people checking for volunteering opportunities in different countries, including China.

You should know that the available volunteering opportunities vary depending on the city and country, so you should know and pick one that aligns with your goals. The goal is to have fun while creating the change you desire, and not to feel like you were forced into doing it.

While engaging in volunteering services, it also opens the way to higher opportunities, and you never can tell what might come your way. The next time you feel the urge to volunteer towards a course in a country, ensure that you go for it!

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