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Eco-friendly travel guide to Dallas advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.75 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.15 / 5
  • Parks: 4.85 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $1,200
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $1,500

Responsible Travel

Entertaining, welcoming, and rewarding everyone who visits, Dallas is a city that offers a warm reception for its visitors and it's appreciated for its award-winning arts scene, Fifth Avenue-worthy shopping, worldly cuisine, and, a variety of outdoor activities. You'll be amazed by all the beautiful things Dallas has in stock if you've never considered it to be a leisure spot and it's gradually becoming a destination in its own right as it's taking its pace to becoming a better thriving metropolitan city. Dallas is one of the most popular stopovers in the United States of America as it keeps attracting people from far and near with its huge range of cultural and historic attractions, excellent shopping opportunities, and dramatic skyline.

Being one of the most appealing tourist destinations for international visitors and Americans, there's never been a better time to book a ticket to the Big D as there are enough activities for visitors young and old, an abundance of luxurious and welcoming hotels, and a sprawling international airport well-capacitated to receive all. With a focus on the arts and entertainment in creating a vibrant city, Dallas blends a modern cosmopolitan feel with a traditional Texan charm and if you'll be visiting this Texas boomtown as an eco-friendly traveler, you could use some few tips to travel responsibly;

  • Use the Public Transportation. The public transportation in the city is a good way to go around in the city conveniently, especially if you'll be up for checking out some of the attractions and landmarks all over the metropolitan area. With the excellent value and the service offered, the DART passes are highly recommended to those who would be exploring the city. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the city's public transit and it has 12,300 stops, 27 bus routes, manages 90 miles of light rail track, and about 200,000 daily passengers. You can even get to explore outside of the city and get to places like Oklahoma City, Chicago, and a host of other attractive destinations with the Amtrak rail service from Dallas. Although a large number of the locals in this city find personal transportation to be "attractive" to them, as a visitor, you can enjoy getting around the city with fare starting at just $1.25 a ride when you use the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).
  • Use the car if you would. A good way to avoid rush hour traffic jams is by exploring Dallas by car which is considered to be quite convenient and practical. Nevertheless, driving in Dallas has its pros and cons and it's important that you're mindful of a couple of things. If you'll be renting a car to go around in Dallas, know that it's possible that you'll incur extra charges from the rental car company who will not hesitate to bill you separately for toll charges because there are a number of toll roads in the Dallas Metroplex. The Central Expressway travels from north Dallas to downtown and for destinations east and west of Dallas, take interstates 20 or 30. The Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway which is as well known to be the Interstate 635 beltway passes through suburban cities in Dallas County, Balch Springs, Addison, and Farmers Branch. I-35E goes to Dallas and I-35W goes toward Forth Worth and all-in-all, take note that the road splits on Interstate 35 and you should be conscious of this if you're traveling north and south on this route. If you don't want to go through the stress of driving yourself around with the car you'd rented, Uber is a popular option for visitors in this city, and there's nothing stopping you from enjoying its convenience.
  • 'Stay informed. If you're in a city like Dallas, information is vital and relevant. And, this is why we recommend that you apprise yourself on construction information and traffic reports through the radio or read the news if you'll be traveling around. If you'll be using the city's public transportation and you want to know if the particular mode you desire is available, it's important that you use DART maps and timetables to ascertain such confirmation. More so, take note that service might be suspended or limited on a holiday or on Sunday, more reason why you should stay abreast of all necessaries. You'll be able to enjoy traveling conveniently in Dallas" and you'll as well get to visit more attractions when you're well-versed with the city's transportation options.
  • Get a City Pass: It's strongly recommended that you buy a City Pass if you intend to explore Dallas on the cheap. Most of the attractions in this city require paid entry, even though are tons of free things to do in the Big D. With a City Pass, you can enjoy entering a massive number of the best spots in town such as the Sixth Floor Museum, Perot Museum, and the Reunion Tower without breaking the bank.

Air Quality and Pollution

'The city of Dallas has had its fair share of impacting the air pollutants and greenhouse gases through the adoption of technology and procedures and it exerts its commitment for improvements with its set standard for best practices in improving air quality for residents. "Over the years, improving the city's air quality and reducing air emissions has remained one of its commitments, which made it establish series of programs such as:

  • Ensuring maintenance of a robust Air Pollution Control Program
  • Planting trees to improve air quality
  • Encouraging City employees to find alternative transit
  • Improving non-vehicle transit accessibility by increasing bicycle trails and lanes through the Dallas Bicycle Program
  • Maintaining a 10-day mowing cycle at City parks
  • Environmental Management System
  • Implementing a City-wide ISO 14001
  • Improving the energy efficiency of existing City buildings
  • Construction of resource-efficient, LEED-certified City buildings
  • Using an Anti-Idling Ordinance and sign program to reduce idling
  • Upgrading the City fleet to electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles

However, despite all these series of programs, Dallas is still handicapped to meet up with the nationally mandated attainment levels for pollution and it remains to be one of the country's most polluted cities in the United States for both PM2.5 and ozone air pollution. The annual air quality index level was rated “moderate” in the year 2019 and this same year, the city got ranked fourth in the state of Texas for PM2.5 pollution by the World Air Quality Report. Whilst ozone is regarded to be one of the dangerous and prevalent air pollutants in Dallas, the transportation and industry emissions are the primary origin of the city's unhealthy air.

Speaking of the climatic condition in Dallas, take note that Dallas is no stranger to extreme weather but you can always avoid the worst of the elements if you plan your trip to Dallas wisely for this city experiences all sorts of climatic patterns and the weather here can be a bit crazy; even by Texan standards. Summers in Dallas can be hotter than the deepest level of hell and with an average high of 97°F (36°C), July is the hottest month here. Temperatures are comfortable and the blooming flowers put on a show during springtime and this is why it's regarded to be the best time to visit. However, you should keep an eye on the local storm watches and be prepared because this is prime tornado season and these can cause massive damage. Nevertheless, Spring is still a great time to travel to Dallas aside from the freak storms, especially if you visit when there's no "bad week." Winters in Dallas are usually mild and during autumn, there are much fewer crowds and no freak weather which make it another nice time to visit. More so, take note that January is the coldest month.

Respect the Culture

Dallas is a lovely place to be and one of the things you'll appreciate about this city is its locals which are usually very kind to newcomers and visitors. Dallas is a good Texas city and even though it's an amalgamation of people from all over the world, it's a city where newbies can enjoy a warm, cordial reception from the locals. As soon as you step into this city, do well to open up your mind to reciprocate this kindness, and this could be a way to show some respect to the city's kind culture.

In Dallas, people walking on sidewalks will say hello and move over when you pass; if you're made to wait for more than five minutes to check-in at the hotel, the hotel receptionists will profusely apologize to you for that; the people at the bars will welcome you with open arms, and you're sure to get into a genuine conversation with the clerk at Trader Joe’s. These kind practices have come to become one of Dallas's prominent culture and you as well should be kind to people around you, don't hesitate to return people's welcoming gestures, and be pleasant with whomever you come across; whether young or old. Visiting Dallas can be one of the kindest travel experiences you’ll have because outsiders do get invited to join in on the fun of the block parties and events that take place all through the year which are organized by virtually all the associations in the neighborhoods with the goal of bringing everyone together.

Top 10 Places to Visit

In this beautiful Texas city of Dallas, there are several nice places to visit, plenty of sightseeing opportunities, and countless fun things to do. Bustling with a wide array of hotels, restaurants, excellent museums, and stunning attractions, the city center is the best place to start a visit, and if you're befuddled by the plenty of fine spots littered in the city and you don't know where to start from, you can check out our list of the top 10 places to visit in Dallas:

  • Dallas World Aquarium: Don't waste all your courage doing nothing; come here to walk through while sharks and rays swim overhead. At this place, you'll discover a massive, 400,000 glass tunnel, crocodiles, rattlesnakes, boa constrictors, and many more. Head to the Mundo Maya exhibit if you're in a more daring mood but the Orinoco rainforest section is a particular highlight. At the Dallas World Aquarium, you'll be able to spot the odd monkey, sloths, otters, penguins, and tropical birds. This attraction is family-friendly and it displays stunning sights from Indo-Pacific fish in every color of the rainbow and anemones to seahorses and coral - all manner of aquatic life.
  • Fair Park: It houses museums, a children’s aquarium, swan boats, and scenic gardens. It's as well home to the largest Ferris wheel in North America and it's famous for hosting musicals, concerts, and festivals. Funnel cake bacon queso burgers and deep-fried bubblegum – mouthwatering, mind-boggling culinary creations; amusements and arcades; a 55-foot-tall animatronic cowboy named Big Tex; petting zoos; concerts; rodeo and livestock events; car shows; and Cotton Bowl football rivalries are some of the highlights the things you'll enjoy here when you visit during the State Fair of Texas which usually holds during late September through late October, and this is a means to experience a real slice of Texas life.
  • Dallas Zoo: You'll be missing out if you're in Dallas and you're not making plans to check out this place. One of the interesting things about Dallas and its friendly neighbor; Fort Worth, is that they've got several kid-friendly attractions, special seasonal events, and interactive exhibits at their sizeable zoos. Here, visitors can feed the giraffes by hand for a small fee, and, giraffes, lions, and elephants are some of the African-inspired savanna exhibits which are also its highlights. The Dallas Zoo dates back to 1888. Gliding past African birds, crocodiles, chimpanzees, and hippos, a monorail provides a safari-style experience at this Dallas attraction, and the T-Rex Express Mini Train helps you get little ones ferried across the 106-acre grounds.
  • Moody Performance Hall: If you desire to enjoy performances from Dallas’ most artistic minds from cultural events and ballet to classical music concerts and musicals, this 750-seat theater is where you should be. It offers a nice cross-section of the disciplines and the Moody Performance Hall is situated in the famous Dallas Arts District which is a hub for performing arts. From theater and orchestras to dance and opera, Dallas has it all and the Moody is a proof.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: You can book a three-course afternoon tea or plan a picnic on the grounds as a part to enjoy the full experience here. You'll find waterfalls, sculptures, fountains, and beautifully manicured lawns at the cherry blossom season here which is a perennial favorite. There are Japanese maples, ferns, perennials, azaleas, magnolias, crepe myrtles, tulips, roses, and every sort of flora and fauna conceivable featured at these 19 enchanting gardens depending on the season. It's one of the popular tourist destinations in Dallas and it has grown to be a popular wedding destination as well. This 66-acre horticultural haven is a great place to spend a sunny day.
  • Reunion Tower: Offering 360-degree panoramic views of the metropolis below, the tower is famed for its observation deck, and it looks like a 561-foot-tall microphone. You'll be quick to identify the Reunion Tower if you’ve seen the Dallas skyline. Wolfgang Puck’s elegant Five Sixty and the casual Cloud Nine Cafe are two revolving restaurants for diners who don’t mind heights as you'll find them higher up this iconic Dallas attraction. Looking at the fact that a rotating view is an expression of romance, Wolfgang has come to be a premier date night destination in Dallas.
  • Six Flags Over Texas: It claims ownership of lazy rivers, wave pools, a water park packed with slides, and the nearby Hurricane Harbor. It's popular for its Looney Tunes characters and family-friendly amusements and its Harley Quinn’s Spinsanity and Superman: Tower of Power which are some of the Warner Bros branded thrill rides. This theme park is roughly 15 miles west of Dallas and the very first one got its start in Arlington as it's now a global amusement park chain.
  • Southfork Ranch: Doubling as an event space and a convention center, this is a very nice place to visit when you're in Dallas and this sprawling property is a place where you can saddle up for a trail ride, get an eyeful of the gun that famously shot J.R., and take guided tours of the Ewing Mansion. It's renowned to be one of the most famous ranches in the world it's about an hour’s drive from Dallas. It's the fictional home of the Ewing family from the iconic TV show Dallas and even though it's not within the city's limits, it's not too far from Dallas and it's worthy to be seen.
  • Deep Ellum: Just as it was in the early 1900s, this neighborhood is lined with theaters, restaurants, music venues, and galleries. Today, it's home to much of the city’s avant-garde culture and it's a historical place where gamblers attend minstrel shows, rabble-rousers danced the night away, and blues musicians cut their teeth for more than 100 years ago. Deep Ellum is the music epicenter of falls and there's no neighborhood in the city that is as captivating and bustling as it is.
  • Cedar Ridge Preserve: It's a great attraction for locals and tourists alike. A lot of people come here to bird-watch year-round and this place offers something for everyone. With its nine miles of trails, ranging from easy to difficult, you can bring your dog over to get in on the challenge with the trails for there's a lot of hiking going on here. It's free to the public, it's maintained by the Dallas Audubon, and it's a place that is dedicated to the land and wildlife.
The beautiful Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden


You've probably heard the expression “Everything is bigger in Texas” and so it is truly when you think of the plenty of attractions and stunning places Dallas boasts of. Maybe you want to get your two-step on, fly fast on thrilling rides, or enjoy the luscious outdoors, keeping both visitors and residents entertained is one of the things that Dallas does well as its attractions are indeed exciting, big, loud, and large. There's a whole lot of things to do and see in this city which evinces that exploring the city can be one of the best decisions you can make. Shall we speak of the opportunities to treat the family to a few thrills at an amusement park, the plenty of aquariums, zoos, gardens, lakes, and area parks that give people an awesome experience to soak up the wonder of the natural world? There's more to Dallas than what meets the eye and do well to have a great, fun time exploring the beautiful city of Dallas.

City Parks

While some of the parks in the city feature concert venues, cultural centers, and museums, others boast grassy areas that are perfect for picnics, benches, footpaths, and a host of other standard amenities. Dallas is a metropolitan area filled with urban parks and here are some of the nice city parks in Dallas you can always visit to have a fun time:

  • Klyde Warren Park: Throughout the year, theater, dance, and musical performances are made available for friends and families to enjoy here for free at its several plazas and pavilions. From a full-service restaurant to a walk-up kiosk, there are food vendors here in the center of the park. Visitors will pass botanical gardens, a children’s play area, water features, an off-leash dog park, a game area, a butterfly garden, and manicured lawns as they take a stroll along the scenic Chase Promenade. It has areas that are well divided for relaxation and recreation and it's an urban oasis in the heart of Dallas.
  • Aston Park: This is a place you can hit up if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas. It's one of the favorite spots of the locals and it's situated in the triangle formed by Harwood Street. It's a serene spot for quiet contemplation and it's engulfed by residential buildings. You can be shielded from the Dallas sun with its abundance of shady spots and it's in the City Center District. This petite park is named after James W. Aston, a prominent local business leader.
  • Belo Garden Park: In its sustainable urban environment, it provides several features for out-of-town guests and residents to enjoy. In this small park in the Main Street District, there are community events hosted here and seasonal light on display. You can sit in the shade of the Shumard Oak Trees that line Fountain Plaza or play in the interactive water features if you want to keep cool in the Dallas heat. This 1.7-acre green space has a wide variety of native species planted to be admired and it's a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts.
  • Burleson Park: Boasting a small picnic area with three tables and a grill, it has recreational facilities and athletic fields. You can contact the Parks and Recreation Department in advance if you want to make a reservation for the athletic facilities for team practices, training sessions, clinics, or camps either as groups or as individuals. It has a playground for children that is safe and ADA compliant, interconnecting paths for joggers, and places for people to play tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball.
Visit the Klyde Warren Park to spend a peaceful day with your friends or family

National Parks

Although there are no national parks within the city limits of Dallas, there are two awesome national parks that share a close proximity to Dallas; Big Bend, and the Guadalupe Mountains.

  • Big Bend National Park: It has numerous campsites and over seventy rooms at the lodge at Chisos Mountains Lodge. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, biking, and horseback riding at this park. Black bears, javelinas, mountain lions, coyotes, and deer are some of the larger mammals you'll see here. Providing habitats for 11 species of amphibians, 56 species of reptiles, 75 species of mammals, and over 450 species of birds, this park boasts vast ecosystems. And, you can hike in the desert, mountains, or along the river for there are over 150 miles of trails available for hikers to enjoy here. Compared to other national parks in the lower 48 states, it has the least light pollution, and stargazing is a popular activity here too. One can as well enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and rafting here due to the Rio Grande River that runs through the park.
  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park: It has primitive camping that's available to its guests that are quick to claim it. This national park makes backpacking and birding to be such an enjoyable activity and from mid-October through mid-November, it's often full of fall colors. You can get to the “Top of Texas”; the Guadalupe Peak when you hike along the Guadalupe Peak trail. This national park is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the most extensive Permian fossil reef in the world and it straddles the Texas-New Mexico line.
The magnificent Big Bend National Park


People love to have a nice, fun beach time and it's a good thing to know that you can still get to experience the atmosphere of some of the best beach areas in Texas if you're willing to indulge in a short drive outside Dallas. While we know that Dallas is not a place for beaches and no-one is really looking forward to a beach time in this city, there are some nice beaches around the city you can always hit up if crave some beach time;

  • Joe Pool Lake Recreation Area: Situated in the close-by city of Arlington, it's a great family beach with picnic tables, a playground, and a concession stand. It has quite a number of amenities within its grasp for guests' use and it's the true definition of summer fun.
  • White Rock Lake Park: While we all know that beaches are one of the last things that people think of when Dallas comes to mind, this is one of the very few places in Dallas that defy the odds. It's regarded to be one of the best water spots in Dallas because it's home to many attractions. At Sunset Bay, in particular, it attracts beautiful waterfowl but a lot of swimmers don't get drawn to its sandy shorelines. It's one of the nicest beaches in Dallas within the city's limits.
  • Pebble Beach Park: It offers great views of the lake and a relaxing atmosphere for its visitors. This wonderful park boasts several covered picnic tables, a very nice swim beach, and it's situated on the eastern shore of Lake Lavon.
  • Burger's Lake: Fort Worth has always been an amiable and inseparable brother to Dallas and this beach might be one of the reasons why you'll be checking it out. It's the perfect place to spend a summer day. Families will love it here and this sandy beach area has a cute, laid-back atmosphere. It's one of the only spring-fed lakes in North Texas and it dates back to the 1930s.


The city of Dallas has a rich history and it's undoubtedly one of the most exciting and interesting cities to visit in the United States of America as it's furnished with an array of architectural wonders, monuments, landmarks, and major historical sights. This city's got lots of landmarks to offer keen sightseers; whether you seek to catch a sight of historical well-preserved, authentic structures that are nostalgic, contemporary buildings, or other inspiring spots.

  • Dallas Museum of Art: Offering convenient underground parking for those who are quick to claim it, children who are below 11 years old can enjoy its free admission. Boasting over 70,000 members, it's one of those to introduce a free museum membership scheme in the city. Works of art by women artists working in Europe dating back as far as the eighteenth and twentieth centuries is what its exhibition focuses on. Boasting over 23,000 plays and covering 5,000 years of history, it's reputable for its groundbreaking educational program and ambitious exhibits and it's renowned to be one of the leading art museums in the nation.
  • Reunion Tower: You can see the LED lighted dome at the top at the height of 560 feet and it has a calendar of events for special family activities, offers a meal at nine cafés in the cloud, and lots more. Come here and enjoy taking several photos as much as you can in front of a green screen that will help you change the backgrounds to some cool skyline pictures. As you stand on 470 feet on the external roof, you can feel the wind in your hair on the outside deck. This place features exclusive entertainment areas, different dining options, an indoor/outdoor observation deck, and it offers 360-degree panoramic views over the skyline of Dallas.
  • Plaza of the Americas: With 10,412,234 square, it boasts over 50,000 square feet of retail space in the city, and there are 64 commercial properties at zip code point. It was built from 1978-1980 by Wynne /Jackson and it's 3.5 million square feet in downtown Dallas. It's one of the most open locations in downtown Dallas and it offers an outstanding working atmosphere. It comprises a car parking infrastructure, a 422-room deluxe hotel, twenty five-story office towers, and it's a fully enclosed entertainment/sales/company building.
Reunion tower next to Hyatt Regency in Dallas


Dallas has always been exerting its influence on the arts, the sciences, and American history, and it's actually not surprising looking at the fact that it has remained one of the largest and most populous cities in the United States of America for years.

  • Old Red Museum: It's a popular venue for special events and it offers many programs for youths and adults. It's fondly referred to as Old Red and it has many items on display such as the handcuffs worn by Lee Harvey Oswald, a wooden water pipe, a mammoth tusk, and many more. It has exhibits from prehistory to the city's present-day and it features a grand staircase, stained-glass windows, a clock tower, terra-cotta serpents on the roof, and lots more on its many exquisite architectural details. This museum houses a massive collection of Dallas’s history and culture.
  • The Perot Museum of Nature and Science: This museum has something for everyone as it offers all from art programs and storytime to birthday-party programs, sleepovers, camps, and let's more. It's a perfect place for a family outing and National Geographic films get exclusively screened at the in-house movie theater here and the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, the Being Human Hall, and the Sports Hall are some of the many permanent exhibits you'll find here. This modern museum explores the history of the world naturally, technologically, and scientifically. It shows where we may be in the future and teaches the history of the world.
  • Nasher Sculpture Center: It offers films, live music, hands-on learning experiences, and many more throughout the year as part of the distinct events and programs it hosts. Serra, Giacometti, Rodin, Picasso, are some of the sculptures created by artists from different parts of the globe it houses and it's home to over 300 sculptures. Inside a peaceful garden, well-lit, spacious, and elegant space, it exhibits beautiful modern and contemporary sculptures.
  • Frontier of Flight Museum: From an array of books to little trinkets, it has a wealth of treasures at its on-site gift shop and it hosts events and other programs throughout the year. Here, you can get to learn about the uniforms of pilots and flight attendants in the past years, significant air operations during various wars, and the history of aviation in our skies and space. This museum as well houses the first successful manned Apollo flight, old and modern aircraft, and missiles. Come over here if you're interested in aviation.
The architectural marvel that is Old Red Museum


While some other things may not be certain,'" it's affirmative that you won't go hungry in this city as there's a plethora of restaurants serving the big appetites of both visitors and residents. Tex-Mex and red meat are what Dallas is known for and feel free to hit up the northeast edge of Dallas' Oak Lawn district", particularly at Al Biernat's, if you're craving a sumptuous cut. The steak is worth the price but it could be a bit pricey. Taco joints are as well plentiful in Dallas and for simple street-style tacos, you can consider Trompo which offers a no-frills experience, but if you want to enjoy this delicacy with special offerings such as tender octopus carnitas with fried leeks, check out Revolver Taco Lounge. However, take note that it's on the upscale but recommended for those who crave an elevated take on tacos.

From Latin American favorites to Mediterranean cuisine, there's a wide variety of food to please your stomach in this city and the multicultural residents in Dallas is reflected by the varied roster of dining styles offered here - all thanks to the massive immigrant population in the city's metro area. The point is, Dallas has you covered if you desire to explore more beyond steak and tacos for you can always enjoy staple dishes like chicken-fried steak and old-fashioned chili at some of the restaurants that are plenty in the city. You may as well choose to sample the casual French fare at Boulevardier or try Yutaka Sushi Bistro in Uptown for fresh sushi.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional local restaurants are plentiful in Dallas and here are some of the nice ones you can check out:

  • Greek Cafe & Bakery
  • Knox Street Pub & Grill
  • Kenny's Italian Kitchen
  • Applebee's Grill + Bar
  • Trompo
  • Fearing's Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

Whether you only seek plant-based dining options or you're a vegan or a vegetarian, we've helped you curated the list of some of the finest restaurants in Dallas that offer the very best veggie dining experiences.

  • Spiral Diner & Bakery: It uses biodegradable takeaway containers and it recycles. It serves fresh juices and smoothies and it offers all from ice cream sundaes for dessert and fresh bakery goods to weekend brunch, breakfast foods, salads, bowls, nachos, burritos, sandwiches, wraps, fries, burgers, and plant-based versions of American comfort foods. It's a vegan diner and bakery.
  • Nuno's Tacos & Vegmex Grill: It's known for offering 8 different veggie proteins, made in house, and its Vegan BBQ Wrap is worth a try. There are delicious chimis, nachos, flautas, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos for you to enjoy here.
  • Tiki Loco: From counter service to presses juice in-house, it boasts an array of gluten-free drinks except for some of its beers. It offers smoothies, juice, beer, coffee, shaved ice desserts, and it serves salad bowls, nachos, and tacos. It has been fully vegan since late 2019 and it's situated in the famous Deep Ellum neighborhood.
  • El Palote Panaderia: It just converted to eating vegan in the year 2016 as fully vegan for it used to be non-vegan then. Here is a place where you can enjoy Mexican sweet loaves of bread and churro and there are as well ceviche, tamales, gorditas, tacos en vaso, flautas, enchiladas, fajitas, bistec encebollado de soya, carne guisada de soya, and a few other veganized Mexican dishes served here.
  • Vegan Food House: It's situated in the Bishop Arts District and it serves mac 'n cheese, shrimp and grits, chicken wings, sandwiches, appetizers, and lots more. It's a vegan fusion restaurant with Southern influence.

Street Food

Dallas is full of sumptuous handmade food sold on street corners. Unlike other neighborhoods in town, South Oak Cliff, Oak Cliff, and Southeast Dallas have a lot more to offer in terms of plentiful street vendors:

  • Southeast Dallas/Oak Cliff
    • Taqueria La Chiquita.
    • Shaved Ice Snow Cones
    • The ice cream popsicles from the G & L Cart
  • Northwest Dallas/North Dallas
    • Tacos To Go
    • The Eggroll House
    • Taqueria Real Express
  • Garland/Richardson
    • Los Campadres
    • Rick’s Shaved Ice
  • Downtown
    • Paul’s Sweet Roasted Corn stand
    • Santiago’s Taco Loco Express

Klyde Warren Park is another hotspot in Dallas where you can enjoy street food as there are often tons of foods trucks around where you can grab a bite.


While there's no particular alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink that Dallas is known for, you could really use some helpful information about the city's law related to beer, wine, and liquor stores. To enjoy drinking at your convenience in your comfort zone in this city, you may have to first pay the price of traveling to some particular suburbs' liquor store because alcohol is only sold in some specific parts of the city and this is why a bit of planning might be required if you seek to fill your cooler or mini-fridge with your drinks and beverages. Most of the stores in the Dallas area tend to be situated inside neighborhoods but you can always use a smartphone app that locates liquor stores to help you out. Stores that sell beer and wine cannot sell from 12 AM to 12 PM on Sunday and liquor stores in the city cannot stay open after 9 PM. However, wine and beer is easily and safely available at grocery stores in the 'wet' areas in the city.


The tap water in Dallas lives up to EPAs requirements and it's safe to drink. However, it's advisable for you to use a water filter for the tap water because it tends to taste bad sometimes and there are a few other issues such as corrosion, old pipes, and microplastics. The Dallas Water Utility (DWU) is charged with treating the water which is obtained from reservoirs like Lake Tawakon, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Grapevine, Lake Lewisville, and Lake Ray Hubbard. DWU uses fluoride to help prevent tooth decay; controls offensive tastes and odors with activated carbon; manages corrosion and removes suspended solids in the water with lime and iron sulfate, uses ozone to disinfect the water, and forms a combination of chloramine with ammonia and chlorine to treat the water. Feel safe to drink tap water from public places, restaurants, and bars because it's quite better compared to ordering bottled water but the only downside is that it might not always taste great.

Organic Cafés

There are tons of good places to enjoy a good-for-you meal in Dallas and though it may be a bit challenging to find healthy food in this city with Tex-Mex and barbecue on every corner, these spots have made healthy food a whole lot easier.

  • Flower Child: It has a specialty menu and a bar and lounge area featured at its location in Rosewood Court. All you have to do here is to sit back and relax and enjoy being served whatever you want with beer and wine available as well. There are no bad choices here as you make your pick from the incredible grain bowl, protein-packed plate, or fresh salad. Your taste buds will be glad to have a blessing of its radiating positively delicious vibes and this feel-good spot in Preston Royal, Addison, and Inwood Village has you covered whether you're a flexitarian, paleo, vegan, or vegetarian.
  • Freshii: After visiting here, it's very likely that you'll keep finding an excuse to stop by more than once in a single day and you won't definitely be blamed for that. It now offers frozen kefir topped with just-chopped fruit, especially for those with a sweet tooth, and you can enjoy everything from smoothies and soups to wraps, and flavor-packed bowls here. Whether you have some time to spare or you’re on the go, drop by at this superfood hot spot which has staked its claim throughout the city as it has tons of locations in the Metroplex.
  • HG SPLY Co.: Your needs can be meet with all the things it has on its menu. You don't have any trouble here whether you're dairy-free or gluten-free – no worries at all. Feel free to order BBQ Pork Tacos or Bison Chili in addition to a Smoky Carrot Hummus because it's all about balance here. HG SPLY Co. is the right place to be if you seek clean food and a friendly atmosphere.


With so many places brewing pale ales, Pilsners, Lagers, and great IPAs, you'll be in accordance that the city has it all from cideries to breweries and Dallas is notable for its stunning beer scene in Texas.

  • Deep Ellum Brewing Company: If you need a summer ale with spices, try out the Deep Summer, and if you're in the mood for a dark brown coffee-infused ale, indulge in the Oak Cliff Coffee Ale. It's always fun trying out the rotating, seasonal beers plus there's a full menu of tacos, sandwiches, wings, sliders, pizzas, and snacks served here as well to help you accompany your pint. It has a venue in Fort Worth as well which is named Deep Ellum Funkytown Fermatorium and this brewery in Dallas was founded on the eleventh of November in 2011 by John Reardon.
  • Four Corners Brewing Company: Free tours take place on Saturdays at 2 pm and this brewery is planning its distribution expansion to Southern California. It has won a number of awards since 2012 and all thanks to the efforts put in by Steve Porcari, Greg Leftwich, and George Esquivel; the three friends who founded this brewery. The El Chingon is a popular IPA here and you can enjoy Local Buzz honey-rye golden ale, the Heart of Texas red ale, and a wide range of brews here. While trying out some beers, you can play ping pong or grab a board game. This brewery is famous to be a fun place to go spend a weekend afternoon in Dallas.


Dallas is easily one of the most exciting places to explore in Texas and it's repleted with several underrated outdoor activities, pocket neighborhoods, art museums, cool urban spaces, and lots more. Visitors in this city should know that Dallas has 284 days of sunshine each year for all to enjoy the outdoors and the mild weather year-round has always been very helpful in encouraging more outdoor activities. With 160 miles in hiking and biking trails, plenty of attractions, and over 350 parks, there are lots of things one can do outdoors in this beautiful city.

  • Experience a rooftop drive-in theater at Dallas’ Rooftop Cinema Club
  • Go mountain biking at top-rated Big Cedar Wilderness DORBA Trail
  • Go bird watching at the Trinity River Audubon Center
  • Stroll through the Dallas Arboretum
  • Get into the Holiday Spirit with a tour
  • Go for a stroll or a run down the Katy Trail
  • Take a hike at Cedar Hill State Park
  • Visit the Dallas Zoo
  • Lead a herd of bronze steers through downtown
  • Admire the Art Deco buildings at Fair Park
  • Snap gorgeous photos of the skyline
  • Cycle the rough 10-mile paved trail around White Rock Lake
  • Honor the State Fair of Texas with a corny dog
  • Rock out from Deep Ellum
  • Grab your pumpkin at the Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch
  • Experience the art of shopping at North Park Center
  • Walk on the top of the trees at the Trinity Forest Adventure Park
  • Jog, walk or cycle along Katy Trail
  • Take a walk along the Nasher Sculpture Center‘s gardens

Yoga and Retreats

Some of the best places for your yoga and retreats in Dallas are:

  • Dallas Yoga Center
  • Blessed Yoga Retreats
  • BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center
  • SimpleVeda: Ayurveda + Yoga
  • Uptown Yoga
  • Gaia Flow Yoga UpTown Dallas
  • Lotus Yoga Dallas
  • Satya Yoga
  • White Rock Yoga
  • Black Swan Yoga


Compared to the likes of California or the Northeast where accommodation can cost one's eye, it's such a huge relief to know that Dallas has some very affordable and comfortable lodging. Those who want to save a buck can always oblige to campgrounds and there are as well hostels around that offer cheap accomplishments options in the city. Airbnb can also help you find a quality accommodation and you can still stay at a decent hotel in Dallas without paying up to $100. Hotels are affordable in Dallas and you should be able to find a suitable one that will fit right for your taste and budget.

Green Hotels

Sustainable and eco-friendly hotels are plentiful in Dallas:

  • Omni Dallas Hotel
  • Magnolia Dallas Downtown
  • Hyatt Place Dallas/Park Central
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas
  • The Highland Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton
  • The Lumen
  • Fairmont Dallas

Hostels and Guest Houses

Staying in a guest house or a hostel can be a whole lot of fun because they're the best deal in town. If you're traveling alone in Dallas, staying in a hostel can be a very good idea because these hostels are of good quality but they're not pretty much around.

If you'll be subscribing to the idea of staying in a hostel, a good one we'll recommend to you is the Deep Ellum Hostel. It doubles as a live-venue itself some nights for it's situated in one of the loudest districts in town as it's close to the party area in the city. Located in the heart of Dallas, it's a good option for those who want to combine fun and party with their accommodation. However, this boisterous character of the hostel doesn't make it a shabby or a filthy noisy hostel. As a matter of fact, if after a long night out in Dallas and you find it difficult to cook for yourself, there's free breakfast, and the hostel has a rustic interior, its absolutely gorgeous, and freshly renovated.

The Wild, Wild West Dallas is another quality alternative for those who may not fancy the Deep Ellum Hostel. You can worry less while staying here because there's free daily continental breakfast available for guests. It's a very peaceful place to lodge as it's far enough from the city center. Promising its guests “exciting experiences,” this low-key, authentic hostel is unabashed, and it's the right option for you if you prefer to stay somewhere a bit outside of town but still within range.


Apartments are not that difficult to find in Dallas and we'll recommend that you choose a Dallas Airbnb option whether you want to spend a little extra for privacy or you are traveling with a larger group. There are tons of affordable and cool apartments you'll find around in Dallas and since Airbnb is everywhere in the city, you can save yourself the stress of going here and there looking for an apartment and opt-in for one.


Couchsurfing, no doubt, offers one the opportunity to visit the hidden part of hidden Dallas and even get to experience a more authentic side of the city. Staying with a local host is a wonderful avenue to have great interactions about Dallas and since you'll be crashing for free, except for some people who may demand a very little fee, it's still a great way to save on cash. Couchsurfing is a good accommodation idea but you should be ready to be rejected if you're up for it because you'll need to impress the hosts which are usually very picky.


Campgrounds have always been a quieter and serene place for one to pass the night and most of the best ones are often located on the outskirts of town. These campsites are usually cheap, safe, sociable, and comfortable. While it's known by many that Urban camping is a growing trend in many cities, Dallas is also not left out of the trend as it promises enjoyable camping at some of these places:

  • Good Luck RV Park
  • Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park
  • Hillview Park
  • Plantation Place
  • Ascend Camp & Retreat Center
  • Cedar Ridge Mobile Home & RV Park

How to Get There

You're likely to take the train or drive in if you'll be visiting Dallas from some of the surrounding cities and suburbs and you'll probably be flying in if you're visiting from far. However, since the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex is home to DFW Airport, most people who come to Dallas arrive by air.


Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) are the two major airports serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

DFW is equally positioned between Dallas and Fort Worth, it's served by 24 domestic and international air carriers, and it's one of the largest airports in the United States.

Love Field is served by Delta Connection to Atlanta and it's a focus for Virgin America. It's quite close to downtown and it's home to Southwest Airlines.

Addison Airport is another option to get in the city by air.

Inside the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport


Using a mainliner bus, you can get to the likes of Mexico, Nashville, Denver, Austin, Houston, and Oklahoma City. Dallas gets connected with both far and near neighboring cities by long-distance buses.


There are two Amtrak routes which serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and San Antonio.


Texas is one of the states in the United States of America that strongly frowns at hitchhikers.


You can arrive in Dallas by car if you're coming from Louisiana, Austin, Houston, and Oklahoma.

Moving Around

Although the public transportation in Dallas is surprisingly decent, Dallas still remains to be a car-happy, suburb-loving city, and the best way to move around the city is by car.


The tourist-centric neighborhoods and the downtown area are very walkable. Even though there's no way you can explore all of Dallas on foot, you'll still feel safe and relaxed exploring some places in the city.


Although Dallas is home to several parks and trails where cyclists can enjoy cycling, this still doesn't make Dallas a cyclist-friendly city.

Electronic Vehicles

There are car rental companies at the airport where you're likely to rent an electronic vehicle.

Public Bus

There's an extensive system of buses operated by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Buses operate daily, from approximately 5 a.m. to midnight, but the downside of these buses is that there can be long wait times and they often require multiple transfers, even though they can get you to most places in the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

DART also operates trains that take people around the city and its train system is consistently expanding as it keeps linking the surrounding suburbs and the downtown area.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping ethically and sustainably has been made easy in Dallas with the presence of stores and shops like these in the city:

  • Fete-ish
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Epiphany Boutique
  • The Toy Store
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • DLM Supply
  • Whole Foods Market

Food Markets

Offering an experience like no other around with the highest quality items from farmers and local vendors they make available to their customers, these food markets are a perfect display of culture, and they add value to the city:

  • Dallas Farmer’s Market
  • White Rock Local Market
  • Central Market
  • Whole Foods Market

Flea Markets

Some of the best flea markets you'll find in Dallas include;

  • Traders Village
  • Garibaldi Bazaar
  • Harry Hines Bazaar

Second Hand Stores

Ross at Peak Thrift Store, Out of the Closet - Dallas, and Genesis Benefit Thrift Store are some of the best thrift stores you'll find in Dallas.


For your eco-fashion in Dallas, you can hit up any of these places;

  • Out of the Closet
  • Crossroads
  • My Secret Closet
  • Salvation Army
  • To Be Continued


Residential recycling is collected once per week in Dallas and the Sanitation Services is in charge of residential garbage and recycling.

Some of the things the city accepts as recyclables include;

  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
  • Mixed paper
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Aluminum, steel, and tin cans
  • Plastics


Waste collection in Dallas is done weekly by the city's Sanitation Services.

Work and Study Abroad

Dallas has always been a popular location for work and study abroad.

Exchange Student

Dallas is home to several prestigious universities and colleges of which most of them offer students exchange program.

Au Pair

If you're an au pair traveling to Dallas and you're looking for opportunities, your best bet is to mingle with locals around you who can possibly help you find connections.


Volunteering helps you make meaningful connections and offer you thousands of opportunities to get involved by actively participating in a vibrant new community. And, there's access to plenty of volunteering opportunities in the city for those interested.

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