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Eco-friendly travel guide to Doha advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Doha, Qatar.

City view of Doha

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $500
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $750

Responsible Travel

Doha is the capital city of Qatar, and also the busiest in the country. If you are looking for how to connect with the locals when you are in Qatar, Doha is the city you should stay as more than half of the population of the country lives in or around it.

Typically, every city has rules that foreigners also have to follow if you want to enjoy your stay while there, and Doha is not any different. This city plays home to one of the most sustainable districts globally, so you would see that things differ a bit. Doha is an Islamic city, but it is open for all to visit. However, people, especially women, must stick to the dress code. It is expected that women should wear loose-fitting outfits that cover the shoulder and knees. Anything outside that would be termed as inappropriate.

You should also know that drinking alcohol is prohibited in this country, so it is best for you not to drink, especially publicly, while there.

Air Quality and Pollution

There are high levels of air pollution in Doha, so air quality is low and unsafe. There are different means to ensure that the pollution is curbed and the air quality rises on the bar, but it has not been achieved yet.

In Doha, you will notice that dust storms and fumes from vehicles are amongst the major pollutants of the air. Thus, it is not out of place to wear a face mask while going about your activities in the city.

Typically, people would want to be sure that they are traveling to a safe space. You should know that you stand the risk of coughing, itchy eyes, and other symptoms associated with air pollution when in Doha. Thus, it would help if you adequately prepare yourself.

As a foreigner visiting this city, you should pack your bags with nose masks and sunglasses to protect against risks associated with air pollution.

We are hopeful that something would be one about the air pollution in Doha, but, for now it is best to be safe.

Respect the Culture

Before anyone travels to a new place, they love to enquire about the dos and don’ts so that they would not go out of line. Of course, you need to be respectful if you desire to flow with the foreigners.

There are no many rules to follow when in Doha, but you need to be careful when it concerns women. Typically, most of the public areas in this city have different sections that divide men and women, as there should be minimal interaction between people who are not married. Thus, always look out for these sections. Also, avoid staring too long or too closely at women.

As a woman visiting Doha, you must dress modesty else it would be viewed as disrespect to the customs and traditions in the city.

Understandably, foreigners love to take videos and pictures when in a new place. However, it would be best if you are mindful as some of the locals might view it as disrespectful. When trying to take media memories, ensure that no other person enters.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Different places have exciting places, and it is only right to visit them whenever you are there. Here are some of the famous areas in Doha:

  • Entertainment World Village: As the name implies, this place aims for people to have fun and create memories. It may be long since you were on a ride, or no facilities for such in your home city. However, this place provides rides and more for you to have a fantastic moment.
  • Oriental Carpet Company: Many people visit this place because it showcases the art and craft of the city. If you desire to get a carpet while in Doha, this is the place you should visit and patronize as its items are always unique.
  • Snow Dunes: It is one of the famous sites in the city, and they say that it is the first globally. It usually attracts foreigners, so you should visit it when in Doha.
  • Megapolis: If you are looking for a place to interact with people while enjoying yourself by playing games, you should visit it. It has many arcade games, and the fun never dies out.
  • Anima Gallery: If you wish to explore the art of Doha locals, you should visit this gallery as the different arts are sure to blow your mind. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city.
  • Al Wajbah Fort: It is one of the oldest forts in the city with four watchtowers and a historical story. It was the location of the battle when the army of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani defeated the Ottoman army in 1893.
  • Souq Waqif Art Center: You will see many art exhibitions at this place, but the exciting part is that you would see artists live in action, and you can take classes from them. It is no surprise that it is one of the top places to visit in the city.
  • Doha Corniche: It is a waterside walkway with an fantastic view of the city. Many people come here to relax and unwind from stress, and we encourage you to visit it when in Doha.
  • Katara Cultural Village: One of the best things any foreigner can do is to have a closer touch and feel of the culture of the city, and you can get this by visiting this place. There is a lot to discover, so you should not miss the opportunity.
  • Doha Golf Club: If you are a golf lover or an intending golf player, this is the place for you in Doha.
Al Wajbah Fort


There are many places you can explore as a foreigner in any city. It is not that these places are reserved for only foreigners as you can also find locals there, but it would be of more interest to a tourist as the locals are used to these places.

However, one thing that stands clear is that you have to explore if you want to see and enjoy these places. A tourist who is always in the room deprives themselves of enjoying the city to the fullest.

Doha might not be amongst the top cities worldwide when it concerns places with tourist attractions, but you will have a great time as it has many places for you to feed your eyes.

We can assure you that you cannot use a day to see all the places in Doha. So, get ready for a full-blown experience as you would have stories to tell when you leave the city. A trip to Doha would be worth it always.

City Parks

Here are the city parks you can visit in Doha:

  • Zone 66-New Laqtifia Park: Due to the excellent nature of this park, you will always see people, including families. Thus, you can go there alone or in a group. There are different activities you can do while there, including running, football and basketball. Its facilities are well-structured, and it is one of the best in the city.
  • Aspire Park: There is so much to love about this park, and some people love to s[end long hours here. Sometimes, you may not feel like leaving due to serenity. It is the biggest park in Doha, allowing you to explore and relax your mind.
  • MIA Park: The environment of this place is calm and peaceful, giving you fantastic views. People visit here to unwind, and you would not regret it. As a foreigner, it is also one of the perfect picture-taking spots in the city.
  • Al Rumailah Park: The greenness of the vegetation at this park is always refreshing and brings you closer to nature. It also has jogging paths, and you can use a bike here.

National Parks

There are also national parks in Doha, and here are some of them:

  • MOI Park: There are many facilities to enjoy at this park. People appreciate that it has underground parking to decongest the place and ensure more space for people to explore. It also has bike and jogging paths, and there are charging booths in case your battery runs out. The fun here is always unlimited.
  • Al Bidda Park: The clean state of this park is something that appeals to people always. It is conducive for both children and adults to explore. It is an excellent place for you to relax your mind, staying away from stress factors. This should be on your top list of parks to visit when in Doha.
  • Dahl Al Hamam Park: there is adequate space at this park for everyone, and you do not need to bother about encroaching into the privacy of another person. It has games and activities for people to do while there, and you would never have a dull moment.
Al Bidda Park


Some people do not consider it a proper exploration until they have visited a beach. Thus, we cannot talk further on exploration without highlighting the beaches in Dora. Some of them are:

  • Katara Beach: The management of this beach always ensures that they do not slack when it comes to maintenance. Thus, its cleanliness can almost not be compared to any other beach in the city. Since it is one of the famous beaches in Doha, it is not surprising that there is always a high inflow of persons, but you will have fun. After all, the more, the merrier. You can do so many things while at this beach, including self-reflection.
  • Public Beach: It is a developing beach in Doha, so we cannot say much about it. However, it adds to the options you will see there concerning beaches, and we hope that it would also have adequate facilities. It is not yet ready for proper usage, but it may be by the time you visit there.
Katara Beach


A landmark stands out uniquely, and it can help you with a direction in any city. Typically, a landmark should be something you can see from afar.

Some of the landmarks in Doha are:

  • Old Well: It is one of the historical landmarks in Doha, with pigeons flying about and around it at all times. It is not hard to miss, so it stands out as a landmark.
  • Pigeon Towers: One can say that this building stands out and commands attention. There is no how anyone would pass it without turning back to take another view. The architectural interface of the tower is something that leaves people in awe and would interest people in that field. If you ever miss your way in Doha, find your way to this tower, and you will get directions.
  • Falcon Souq: It is not wrong for us to say that this is a pet market as most traders are training birds. However, it is also one of the landmarks in Doha.


You will notice the people in Doha that they are somewhat particular about their culture. Thus, they strive to preserve it, and this is done via a museum. It puts a smile on the face of any of the locals when people become inquisitive and ask for directions to the museums.

There are many museums in Doha, some of them are:

  • National Museum of Qatar: It is the official museum of the country, and there are many bodies in charge of its regulations. Visiting this place opens you to receiving knowledge on the history of Qatar and much more. You will be in awe at some of the stories, and that is normal for a foreigner. You will not regret visiting this museum if you do.
  • Museum of Illusions Doha: We do not know what you expect from the name of this museum, but be sure that it will surpass your imaginations. It is friendly for both kids and adults and does not operate like a typical museum. Whenever you want to visit this place, ensure to be open-minded and ready for a lot of exciting things. The experience will be worth it.
National Museum of Qatar


When you travel to Doha, you may see meals that you are familiar with, and we know that it makes tourists comfortable. However, you may also see some meals that you are not familiar with, but the best thing is for you to try them.

Everyone should understand that different cities have various local cuisines that are special, and foreigners will enjoy eating them.

You will enjoy the various flavours used in the preparation of Margoog when you taste it in Doha. It is always refreshing and has some people licking their plates, requesting for more.

There is also a special dish in this city called Madrouba. It is a type of rice milk, butter, and much more, while the meat is coated with mashed beans. There is a lot it contains, and we know that your taste buds will be delighted to explore all the combinations.

Balaleet is a type of noodles specially prepared in Doha, but stands out uniquely, and is one of the meals any foreigner should eat before leaving.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The following are places where you can enjoy local cuisines in Doha:

  • Al Jasra Traditional Food: This restaurant is purely focused on traditional meals, and they ensure to put all expertise into it. It is a favorite for many people in Doha due to the deliciousness of the meals, and we can assure that they have a rich menu that entails you can get any traditional meal you desire.
  • Walima: People feel comfortable to eat at places with warmth, and the designs at this place are always welcoming. There is a feeling of home when you eat here, and the local meals are always pleasant with the taste buds. The services rendered are always topnotch and excellent, so it makes the list of one of the best traditional restaurants in Doha.
  • Yousef's Kitchen for Traditional Food: They aim to ensure that people enjoy local delicacies, and they have been doing an excellent job so far. It is not surprising that people usually troop into the restaurant regularly.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Are you a vegetarian? We know that vegans do not eat anyhow, and they are usually skeptical about trying out new things.

There are specific things that vegans eat, and they ensure to only eat from restaurants that consider them. Thus, it may be difficult for a vegan to enjoy traditional meals when in a new city.

However, some restaurants have started taking deliberate action and considering the needs of vegetarians, so there is now a rise in the number of vegan restaurants across various cities. So, vegans do not have to bother or have worries when travelling out of their comfort zones.

If you are a vegetarian travelling to Doha, we understand that you might make provisions to cook your meals personally. However, you might not always have time to do so, so you should visit:

  • Evergreen Organics: There are different meals served at this restaurant that are suitable for vegans. From the name, you will see that they strive to serve only organic meals.

Street Food

Street foods are simple meals you can get from stores without necessarily entering into a restaurant. Similarly with meals, you may find street foods that are common with other cities in Doha like Shawarma. It is one of the most famous street foods in the city, but the preparation method may differ from other places. It is exciting to taste it and compare with what you are used to eating.

Another street food in Doha is magic corn. You may be thinking that corn is common to get worldwide, and that is true. However, each city has different preparation which is the ‘magic’ you need to discover.

Pani Puri is also amongst the street foods you would see in Doha, and it has many ingredients. People love in love with this meal once they eat it, and you may be tempted to eat it every day while you are there. This food is also common amongst Indians.

Khaboos is another street food you would see in Doha, and it is delicious.


If you are curious to know the local meals you can eat in Doha, we know you would also love to know the available drinks in the city.

It may be that we are bursting your bubble, but it is right for you to know that alcoholic drinks are not acceptable in Doha. It is an Islamic city, so it goes against their religious beliefs. Some foreigners might sneak these drinks into the city, but you should not take it in public else you may face dire consequences. We always advise that it is best to be safe than to be sorry, so you should zero your mind from anything alcohol when in Doha.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks you would see the locals taking, as it is an alternative from alcohol. You would also get different variations of tea and juices, including limonana, a drink made with lemon.

As a tourist, you should blend in with the locals by taking these drinks, and we know you would enjoy them.


Water is an essential drink for everyone, so we cannot fail to talk about it. In some cities, you would see people drinking water from fountains when they are thirsty, but you would not have such privilege in Doha.

Qatar generally does not have clean and portable water, and it is not advisable or anyone to drink water from taps. If you want to take water, you should buy bottled water or boil your water before drinking.

Those who drink water directly from taps always have one complaint or the other. We cannot pinpoint any specific reaction as what you would experience when you drink tap water in Doha as it varies with different individuals. However, we want you to know that it is not healthy and would affect something in your body system or cause you discomfort.

It would help if you always remember that health is wealth, so do not compromise it at any time. Foreigners should not see boiling water as a hassle as it is beneficial.

Organic Cafés

If you love eating from organic cafes, here are some for you to patronize in Doha:

  • Ideal Diet: These people properly make their meals to ensure that it is healthy and adds nutrients to the body. Their services are always exceptional, and their meals are of high quality. It attracts high traffic of persons always due to the delicious meals.
  • Origin Café: The staff of this place are always friendly to ensure that customers are comfortable. You have the assurance that anything you purchase here is healthy, and they have numerous options. Some foreigners make this place their regular eating spot when in Doha.
  • W Café: It is located inside a hotel, and their services are exceptional. Their food options are always mouthwatering and leave you wanting more. The atmosphere is also perfect for relaxation and a great place to connect and make friendships. It is a conducive environment for foreigners and should be amongst your list of organic cafes to visit when in Doha.


When people want to enjoy drinks in a city, they may prefer to go to the hub that manufactures it. However, it is best if you understand that this would work in a city where drinking alcohol is acceptable. In Doha, there is a ban against alcoholic drinks as it conflicts with the religious views of the people. So, it would be a hassle to hang out in a brewery or distillery.

We can say that you would not find any brewery or distillery in the city, so there is no need to put your mind to it. The best thing is to stick with the available non-alcoholic drink options. If you are a lover of alcoholic drinks, you should wait until you go back to your home city.

They say that it is best to act like a roman when in Rome, so you should abide by the rules and regulations guiding Doha when visiting the city so that you would not be in bad terms with any of the locals or authorities.


We always keep sounding it to foreigners that the best way to explore a city is when you can engage in activities that the locals do. But, you cannot do this if you distance yourself from them.

We know that there are many activities you can do in various cities, and the same applies to Doha. However, we want to narrow it down to fishing and kayaking. Understandably, you can do these activities in cities or areas with water bodies, and it is available in Doha.

There are some rules and regulations you need to follow if you want to engage in fishing in the city to protect the water bodies, so you need to associate with the locals so that you can know the dos and don’ts.

For people who have never been fishing or kayaking, you will realize that it is an exciting activity once you engage in it.

Ensure that you engage in numerous activities if you want to have a fun and exciting trip when you visit a new place.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an activity that helps to relax the mind, and it is also something you can do when visiting Doha. Understandably, many tourists are usually anxious when in a new city, and yoga can help in soothing your nerves.

Many people worldwide have heard of yoga, and some have engaged in it at one point or the other. However, some will desire to become a yogi, but they need coaching and training.

There are many yoga centers and studios across Doha, so you are assured that it is not a strange activity to them. If you are a yogi, you are sure to connect with many yogis and carry out your activity while in the city.

For newbies in Yoga, you can get trained when you visit any of the yoga studios in Doha. There are trainers on ground who are always ready to teach new people as they like others to also enjoy what they get from yoga.

It is best to always open your mind to new things in a foreign city.


We are sure that you have numerous plans on what you wish to do or accomplish when you visit Doha. But, these plans will not be feasible if you do not have a place to stay while there. Thus, one of the first things you should do while planning to travel is to make plans and sort out your accommodation.

You need to check out the different accommodation options that are available in the city and check the one that goes well with your budget. The ideal thing that any traveller should do is to have an amount set aside for accommodation as that would entail which option you would consider.

Your accommodation choice can also be influenced by the number of people travelling. It could be that you are visiting the city alone or in a group.

There are many factors to consider when trying to sort out accommodation, and you should not overlook them as they are always essential. It is best to settle and finalize plans for accommodation so that you will not be stranded.

Green Hotels

Amongst our list of potential accommodation options you would see in Doha are green hotels. At such a hotel, you will notice that they have facilities in place that are eco-friendly and encourage sustainability. If you would want to lodge in a green hotel, here are some of your options:

  • W Doha: There is almost nothing you want that you would not get at this hotel. It has impressive and excellent features, including the offering of free Wi-Fi to lodgers. There is a no smoking policy at this hotel which is one of its ‘green’ features. Irrespective of the room you stay at this hotel, you will always get fantastic views. It is one of the best in the city.
  • Four Seasons Hotel: Lodgers are always treated like royalty at this hotel, and the services are superb. One of its perks is that it has multilingual staff, so the communication process is always smooth. There are many facilities in place for the convenience of its customers, and you would not regret staying here.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some of the options under this type of accommodation are:

  • Q Hostel: If you are looking for a clean hostel in Doha, this is the perfect option you will get. It has a kitchen which making cooking easier for lodging staying there, and also offer free Wi-Fi. You would get a comfortable feeling when you stay there as the atmosphere is usually soothing, and it is at a strategic position. It is one of the best hostels you can get in Doha.
  • Casper Hostel: It is a place that is friendly to foreigners as the staff are readily available to come to your aid. It has a clean and appealing environment which would make your stay better and more enjoyable. You have proximity to many locations from this place, so it is an excellent place to stay in Doha. They also have facilities to ensure that customers have a stress-free stay, and we are sure that you would not have any complaints while there.


Some people say that it is more comfortable to stay in an apartment when in a new city. Sometimes, an apartment might be more expensive than other accommodation options, but it depends on your choice.

If it is an apartment you desire staying while in Doha, are many available options for foreigners like:

  • La Moda Residence: It has almost everything that anyone would desire to ensure comfort during your stay in Doha. There is a terrace for relaxation where many people spend the evenings, and the rooms are always in perfect condition. There is no smoking policy in the rooms, and we would liken it to being eco-friendly. It is easily accessible from the airport and in a strategic location that has proximity to other important areas in the city.
  • Emerald Suites: There are many facilities at this apartment that makes it conducive, and it also offers free Wi-Fi. There is also 24-hours security to ensure the safety of everyone.


It is always comforting to foreigners when locals welcome them with open arms and are ready to make their stay in the city pleasant. One of the ways this happens is through Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing entails a foreigner residing in the house of a local during their stay in the city. It usually comes in handy, especially to those who would not want to spend money on accommodation while traveling. It could be that you are on a budget, and not having to pay for housing would help you cut down costs.

Understandably, it is not every local who is open to sharing their home with a foreigner. However, the people of Doha are usually welcoming, and a vast majority would not mind the idea of Couchsurfing.

There is a website in Qatar that allows locals to signup if they are open to the idea of Couchsurfing, and foreigners can check through to find a host. If this is an ideal option for you, do not sleep on it.


Camping is an ideal form of accommodation for those who would not stay in the city for a long time. It is typical for those who are doing a weekend visit to subscribe to this idea. If you would stay for a while, we would not advise you to use camping as your permanent accommodation while in Doha.

Through camping, you get to meet and interact with the locals, and it also allows you to explore nature. It is not everyone that is comfortable with the idea of camping as it takes you away from your comfort zone, but the campsites in Doha are striving to ensure that people do not have any complaints while there.

It is best to focus your mind that you would not get perfect comfort while camping, but it would be an exciting experience that you would not forget in a hurry.

If you desire to camp in Doha, there are many campsites, and the locals would be eager to hook you up with a group.

How to Get There

The same way a person needs to make accommodation plans when traveling to a new place is the same way they need to research on how to reach there. Thus, it is not surprising that people ask questions on how they can reach Doha from their different locations.

It would be hard for us to generalize because foreigners visit this city from different places worldwide. The best thing any foreigner can do is check for the available means of transportation within their city to get them to Doha.

Sometimes, it could be that you would get a direct flight from your location there, or you might have to fly to another place and get a connecting flight. It may also be that you can use land or air. What matters is the one that operates closest to you, and if you are comfortable using it.

It would be best if you do not skip researching how to reach the city while making travel plans.


Traveling by air is a common means of transportation, and you can reach almost every major city in a country with a plane. Thus, it is not out of place to have this amongst the options as there is an international airport in Doha, and you can fly there.

However, the question is if there is a direct flight from all cities worldwide to Doha. Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. If you are not within the same region as Doha, you cannot get a direct flight from your location down there.

If, for example, you want to travel to Doha from Africa, you need to fly to another city before getting a flight that would take you to Doha.

So, it would help if you researched the city you can fly to before reaching Doha. People often fly to India and get a connecting flight from there to Doha as it is much easier and saves time.

Flying by air is usually faster than other means of transportation.

Doha Airport


Road transportation is a means of traveling, but it is not feasible when it concerns reaching Doha.

You cannot get a bus from your location in the world to reach Doha, except you are within Qatar. It is unimaginable to think of using a bus as you do not know the number of weeks you would spend on the road. As a foreigner traveling to Doha, you should cancel your thoughts of using a bus to the city.

If, by chance, you are already in Qatar, but in another city except for Doha, you can find a bus that can take you down there. Else, you would need to fly to the city.

Understandably, some people would prefer using a bus as it lets you enjoy and appreciate nature, and it is sometimes therapeutic to some people. The same way a bus has advantages is the same way it also has disadvantages.

One clear fact that stands out is you cannot use a bus to Doha.

Bus in Doha


Another popular means of transportation in some cities is the train. However, many people would agree that it is a slow means of transport; so many people do not consider using it when traveling.

However, some people do not mind that they could spend long hours on the road, and would like to use a train while traveling.

There are no facilities for a train in Doha, so you cannot use a train down there. Irrespective of where you are coming from, you cannot use a train down to Doha. If you think that you can get a train if you are in a nearby city, it is impossible as there are no railways in Doha. Thus, using a train should not be on your mind.

If you desire to use a train, you can research other cities with railways close to Doha and use the opportunity to visit them during your trip to Doha as using a train cannot work in this city.


Another means of travelling to a new city is hitchhiking, which entails joining someone else on the trip. This is feasible if it is not a far distance. It is often used when you are traveling between cities in a country.

If you are in another Qatar city and wish to reach Doha, there are possibilities that hitchhiking would be possible. If you stay on the road, you can try to flag down a vehicle and see if they would stop for you.

There are no assurances that a driver would stop as not everyone would like to carry a stranger due to one reason or the other, but you can try your luck. As a foreigner, we would not advise you to depend on hitchhiking as the cons usually outweigh the pros. It is best to hitchhike when you know your way around, and you can converse in the local language.

So, hitchhiking is not a favorable means for foreigners to use and reach Doha.


Another means of reaching Doha is through the water. Understandably, many people are scared of traveling through water, and we would not encourage you to try it if you are not used to using water bodies.

If you do not have issues with using water to reach Doha, you can try it, but not from every location worldwide. Typically, people use Saudi Arabia as a connection to the port in Doha. So, it would not be a hassle if you are in that country. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties.

Moving Around

Travelling usually entails a lot, which is why we advocate that a tourist needs to be thoroughly prepared before deciding to leave your home city for another place.

If you can figure how to reach Doha, the next step is for you to think about the means of moving around in the city. If you feel that this is not important, you should remember that you need to go to different places while you are there. After all, something took you to that city, and the reason does not involve you staying in one place.

There are different means of moving around, and it usually varies depending on the city. Sometimes, the available means of transportation in your home city is not what you would find in your holiday city.

The best thing is for you to observe and check which methods are best suitable for you as your comfort is paramount while moving about. We are here to help you highlight some of them.


Sometimes, you may be skeptical about the different means of transportation, and decide to use your legs and move around. Other times, it may be that you do not feel like using any artificial means of transport as you want to exercise. Whatever might be your reason, walking around with your legs is a feasible means of movement within Doha.

Many places would feed your eyes as you move around, so you would not be bored. Typically, a foreigner might be with a camera while moving around to capture moments and memories.

It is right for us to remind you not to forget your safety precautions as you move around as you need to be mindful of vehicles. Generally, we can say that it is safe to walk around Doha as it is a peaceful city and crime rates are minimal.

Walking around also allows you to familiarize yourself with the locals, although you should avoid trying to have long conversations with women.


Another means of moving around you can get in some cities is by bicycle. However, it is best to cycle in places that have bike lanes and less traffic.

In Doha, we would not encourage foreigners to use a bicycle and move around because the traffic can be chaotic, and it is harmful when you do not know how to navigate it. If you have been in the city for years or a local of the place, it is safer for you to use a bicycle.

As a tourist who loves cycling, you should rent a bicycle and cycle within the parks in the city. Many of the parks in Doha have designated areas for cycling, and you would see other people doing it also. Thus, it helps in linking up and other activities.

However, if you wish to use it to move around, we are not in support of that idea and advocate that you cancel such thoughts from your mind as it is unsafe and your safety is our concern.

Electronic Vehicles

Doha has not fully advanced to that level to use electronic vehicles to move around the city. If you have them in your city, it is not common in Doha, so your expectations should not be high.

Many things need to be put in place before people can start using electronic vehicles to move around, so, understandably, this has not started in the city. If you can remember, there is always traffic congestion in Doha, and using an electronic like a scooter would not be wise for foreigners as you would need a good knowledge of the road and how the drivers operate to navigate everything.

It may be that scooters would become popular in Doha in the coming years, but that would be when they have found an alternative to stopping the constant traffic so that the safety of all will be assured.

It would be best if you stick to other means of moving around while you are there.

Public Bus

The bus is almost the most typical means of moving around in Doha as you can find it in different locations, and it covers all areas of the city.

As a foreigner who lands at the international airport in Doha, you can get a bus that would take you to the city center and other locations. The city traffic is explainable as there is an extensive number of buses to ensure that people are not left stranded, including private cars and taxis. Thus, the roads are always congested as people are moving from one point to the other.

Since the bus is the most common means of moving around in Doha, you would have no issue getting someone to explain how it works to you, as it is what many of the locals use. However, you should know that the Karwa Smartcard is the only acceptable payment method when using a bus in Doha.

It is not always easy for a tourist to understand how the system works, but it gets better with time.

Tram, Train and Subway

Although you would see trains in some cities worldwide, you would not see such in Doha, so it is not a means of moving around.

There are no railways in this city, so there is no way it can operate. It would be best to stick to other available options while you are there.

Sustainable Shopping

If you love the environment, we know that you would love to be eco-friendly irrespective of whatever city you find yourself. People carry out this act in different ways, and one of such is patronizing businesses that sell eco-friendly items, which is termed sustainable shopping.

By engaging in sustainable shopping, you are ready to buy any organic and eco-friendly item that meets your needs. You would often see these items at stores or the least expected place as you explore this city.

It may be that shopping was not your budget on the day you are moving around and see something you like, which is why you should always have spare cash as it is necessary to engage in sustainable shopping.

Asides from the fact that you are contributing and assisting to protect the environment, you are also giving hope to the locals as you patronize their small business. This act might seem minimal, but it always goes a long way.

Food Markets

Food markets are essential in any city, so here are some of the food markets in Doha:

  • Village Markets - Salwa Branch: We do not know if you have ever been to a village market, but you should know that there are varieties of food items for affordable prices. If you ever want to get food items conveniently in Doha, this is one of the best places to visit as it presents these items to you in a non-stressful manner.
  • Corniche Fish Market: It is a food market strictly for seafood items, and we know that lovers of this option will be delighted. This market is usually open for 24 hours, so you can visit it at any time that is suitable for you. The sellers here are always friendly, and they can help you with everything you need, including the cleaning and cutting. You will get numerous seafood options at this market, so you should not waste time visiting it when in Doha.

Flea Markets

The flea markets in Doha are:

  • Al-Attiyah Market: It is one of the busy markets in Doha, and it is friendly and open to foreigners as you would always see a mix of foreigners and locals there. It is easy for you to get any item you desire as there are always different options, and the locals can help you navigate your way through the market. It is a market that you should visit when in Doha.
  • Villaggio Mall: It is one of the flea markets in Doha, although it is a mall, and you can find anything you are looking for there. You will see many tourists here as the mall also offers options and entertainment and much more. After your shopping, you can find a place to eat or an activity to can engage in to have fun. This mall is a perfect place to mix and mingle with the locals, and we can assure you that you will have a swell time.

Second Hand Stores

There are many second-hand stores in Doha, and it depends on what you need. These stores have various things that they sell, so you need to check for the one that suits your needs. Many of these second-hand stores sell reusable items that people do not need any longer. It could be books or furniture, or even clothes. Typically, these items go for a cheaper amount since they have been used before.

Some people are scared to purchase second-hand items because they do not know if it is in perfect shape and how long it would last. However, the sellers ensure that whatever they display for customers is long-lasting.

You have the opportunity to check the durability of these items before buying so that there would be no complication or need to return them.

It is not wrong to buy from second-hand stores as it is almost impossible not to see something you desire. However, ensure that you check them well as many of these stores would not accept a refund once you leave.


If there is any city that keys into eco-fashion, it is Doha. Typically, Qatar is an eco-friendly country, so nothing less is expected from its capital.

There are eco-friendly malls in the city, so it is also not surprising that they are into the idea of eco-fashion. While in the city, you will see models using these clothes to walk the runway.

If you think that the clothes are not fashionable, you are wrong. Many of these clothes are usually appealing to the eyes, and you will be compelled to purchase some. It is cool that what you wear can help sustain the environment.


There are numerous recycling companies in Doha, and each of them represents different items you can recycle. Some people feel that there are limitations to the things you can recycle, but it would interest you to find out that there are some items you never thought about that could be recycled.

It could be glass or rubber, but many things are there that can be recycled.

If you want to be an eco-friendly tourist while in the city, you should ask questions to know the different recycling companies, so that you would know where to deposit your items. It also earns you points with the locals.


Qatar is a country with deep concerns about effective waste management, which is why there are organizations and bodies that handle this across cities in the country.

Since Doha is the capital city, you are sure that the laws would be stricter, so you should not litter while you are there. Always ensure that you throw your refuse into the right bins so that you will not get a fine.

These organizations are trying to ensure that people comply, and it is best to do so as a foreigner. Even if locals have a way of getting around it, you might not escape the punishment of littering.

Work and Study Abroad

There are options available for students to work while studying in Doha, with it comes with certain guidelines.

If you are on a student visa in this city, you cannot work and study if you are staying off-campus. Thus, you would need to restructure your plan and stay within the school premises if you desire to work.

Typically, a student can get up to 20 hours per week where he or she can work while studying. This is to ensure that your work does not interfere with your studies.

It comes as good news to many students who would love to work while studying.

Exchange Student

Some students usually embark on exchange programs to study in Doha and it is allowed. Universities and colleges in Doha partner with schools in other countries so that international students can do programs with hem for a specific period.

If you wish to experience the culture of Doha, you can do it while on an exchange program in the city. It is a perfect way to explore, ad you would met fellow students who are ready to assist you in knowing your environment better.

It is an initiative that many people welcome, so we advise students to jump on it.

Au Pair

We do not know the type of jobs you expect to get from an Au Pair, but you should not expect it to be lucrative. Au Pair are usually simple lesser jobs like being a nanny. However, it is better than staying without a source of income.

Some people desire to get a job for the duration of their stay in the city, and we know that you cannot take on big offer when you are not staying for long. So, the easiest way to get a job is through au pair, and there are many sites for this available in Doha.


If you wonder why people take on volunteering jobs in cities, it is because they wish to help out and ensure that they are not idle.

People take on volunteering jobs because it is something they desire and get fulfillment from it. If you are a part of such persons, there are available options in Doha.

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