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Eco-friendly travel guide to Middle East advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Middle East, Asia.

Taksim Square in Istanbul

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$20- $60
  • Budget per day: US$50- $200

Responsible Travel

The Middle East is a trans-continent region, which means that it covers more than one continent. It includes parts of western Asia, North Africa, and South East of Europe. The total area of the Middle East is 7,207,575 square kilometers. The total population, which was calculated in 2010, was 371,000,000. Different languages are spoken here, and there are a total of 60 other languages. Some of the Middle East's largest cities are Cairo, Tehran, Istanbul, Baghdad, and Riyadh. Different religions followed in the Middle East countries; however, Islam is the largest religion present in the Middle East. Later to Islam, there comes Christianity. As mentioned above, there are 60 different languages. Out of these, five languages are spoken the most. They are Arabic, Persian, Turkish, [[Kurdish, and Hebrew. Out of these, Arabic is the most spoken language, and the second is Persian. Climate change in the Middle East can cause some severe scarcity of water shortly. This issue of climate change is now an international issue by the Middle East and North Africa region. It led to an agreement named the Paris Agreement policy.

Air Quality and Pollution

Many Middle East countries are dealing with the negative impacts of air pollution. Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are the countries that have the highest occurrence of dust storms. Turkey is also a very polluted country. Road transport in cities and coal in Turkish towns is a significant pollutant factor, but the primary factor affecting air pollution levels is vehicle density. Qatar was also named one of the countries with the highest air pollution levels in the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries are very polluted and unsafe in air quality and pollution.

Respect the Culture

The Middle East consists of approximately twenty countries, with many different religions and various ethnic and linguistic groups. Here you will find a multitude of different cultures coexisting in the region. Religion always plays a large part in the rhythm of daily life, not only through prayer and Study but also in determining the workweek's end. Shops in different neighborhoods close down on Fridays because of Muslim holy day, Saturdays for the Jewish, and Sundays because of Christian days of rest. Religious remembrances, like Id al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking, celebrated at the end of Ramadan), or the Jewish Passover holiday, or Easter Sunday as determined by the Roman or the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, are all recognized as national holidays in different countries. The family is the most critical part of the Middle East culture, as is evident in the Arabic honorific names often used in preference to given names.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Bahrain International Circuit, Saker, Bahrain: One of Bahrain's most important attractions is the Sakhir International Circuit, 30 kilometers south of Manama. You will find signs to it everywhere, but public transport does not go here, only taxis. Let us remind you that the Bahrain Grand Prix is one of the Formulae 1 World Championship stages. Here you can take a walk, buy souvenirs and take a ride along the highway, however, by bus, or you can try on a pilot's clothes and rush with a breeze. It is swift and expensive, but you can make great shots.
  • Alphaf, Northern part of Iraq: The majestic Alfaf Mountain is located in the northern part of Iraq. Since ancient times, this mountain has been associated with numerous legends. There is an old monastery at the top of Alphaf, which is repeatedly occupied and captured by representatives of the enemy sides. As a result, the monastery complex was practically destroyed. However, ancient hermitages are still located here. Mount Alfaf attracts rock climbing enthusiasts and people who are ready to try healing on the hermitages.
  • Wall of Tears, Jerusalem, Israel: The Wailing Wall - The western wall of the Jerusalem Temple - is the holiest site for Judaism. The Western Wall was part of Herod's temple's outer fortifications and has remained intact for over two millennia. Millions of people, including Jews worldwide, religious pilgrims, world leaders, and tourists, visit the Western Wall every year. There are few places in the world where one can experience such a deep sense of history, heritage, and culture as the Western Wall. It is open 24/7 throughout the year and is easily accessible by bus from Jerusalem city center, car, or even on foot if you want to walk from the city center to the Old City.
  • Muscat, Oman: Most foreign visitors fly to Muscat, and it is worth spending a few days in this legendary capital before heading to the mountains, desert, or along the coast. Not for Muscat, the high-rise development of neighboring Dubai; this ancient port city is a chaste counterpoint to whitewashed buildings. Even the most modest structure resembles traditional Islamic architecture with an arabesque window or modest dome. Muscat is a modern city where the past is pleasantly in the air, like the smell of smoking incense; It is easy to fantasize about an earlier time, as locals in dishdashas and kumaş go to mosques to answer the call to prayer. The city, which includes the cities of Ruwi, Mutra, and Old Muscat, as well as a curving city, stretches 50 km along the Arabian Sea; if you are pressed for time, it is much easier to see the sights on a tour than to handle heavy traffic on your own. Day Tours Viator and Oman organize a group and private city tours.
  • Pearl Qatar, Qatar: An artificial island were luxury apartments, private villas, and luxury hotels are built. The island can accommodate up to 40,000 thousand people; the total area is four km², the length is 32 km. It a very ambitious project designed to attract funds from local and foreign investors. It helps to popularize and raise the prestige of Qatar.
  • Pergamum, Turkey: Turkey is full of Greek and Roman ruins, but nothing can compare in its position with ancient Pergamum, located near modern Bergama. It once housed the most important library of the ancient world. Today, the ancient temple of Pergamon dominates the surrounding countryside from the top of the hill. It is an incredibly atmospheric place with an acropolis and theater perched on a hillside. From there, by the way, a wonderful panoramic view opens up. The city is well suited for exploring if you want to know more about life during the era of Ancient Rome.
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai: The tallest skyscraper in the world, repeating the shape of a cave stalagmite. Height - more than 800 meters, number of floors - 163. The tower houses offices, a hotel, a system of fountains, and luxurious private apartments. The building has several observation decks offering breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai.
  • Palm Islands, Dubai: An artificial archipelago of three islands (Deira, Jebel Ali, Jumeirah) structured in date palms, creating modern engineering. The islands were created from sand, limestone, and stone quarried from the Persian Gulf coast. It is a large-scale and grandiose project, one of the most interesting sights of Dubai.
  • Ferrari World Theme Park, Abu Dhabi: It is located near the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on the artificial island of Yas. The building's facade follows the shape of the legendary Ferrari GT model, and it is painted red with the brand's logo on the roof. The park presents all the Italian company's achievements, all the latest and famous cars, technologies, interactive installations, and copies of Italy's sights. Also, on the territory, there are halls where the assembly of cars, devices for virtual travel through the Ferrari engine are demonstrated, there are attractions for adults and children. Among them are go-karts for the smallest and ultra-modern simulators, which train pilots of sports teams. You can take memorable photos and book excursions everywhere.
  • Fort Al-Husn, White Fort, Abu Dhabi: An iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi, one of the symbols of the UAE's history and the former residence of the rulers of this Emirate. The building appeared at the end of the 18th century, but most buildings are renovated buildings not older than 30. Sometimes, there are elements of a century and a half ago in the interior, but this is a rarity.
View from Burj Khalifa


The Middle East, considered the center of human history globally, bears ancient civilizations' traces. The Middle Eastern cities with beautiful monuments and trails on every corner are paradises for those who want to discover new places. Exploring Middle Eastern countries will help you know the cities in a much better way. You can travel to the numbers of countries and cities in the Middle East, which has so many unique things.

City Parks

  • King Abdullah Park, Saudi Arabia: One of the cleanest and best-kept parks in Riyadh is several green lawns where you can go for a picnic, walk plenty of paths and bikes, a large playground for children, a hall for events, and artificial water with a night show of sources. Admission only provides a more refined audience.
  • Aspire Park, Qatar: Qatar is blessed with many luxurious gardens that provide a refreshing and refreshing experience for locals and tourists in nature. Aspire Park is located in the Aspire region and is Qatar's best family destinations, spread over 300 acres [88 ha]. Aspire Park Qatar is known as Doha's largest park and is a beautiful place especially, especially in winter, when the weather is suitable for outdoor activities with friends or family. With essential venues such as a children's playground, lounge area, running paths, green, and cafes, this park is an excellent place for a closed day trip.
  • Mediterranean City Park, Turkey: The beach, the climate, and tourism development have natural beauty and rich history. Especially in Antalya, tourism in the league has improved. Antalya, Alaniya, Said, Kas, and Kalkan focus on developing maritime tourism in the region. It represents the Olympic Games' development in the Mediterranean, the ruins of Patara's leading tourist destination as a famous city. Karst covers a wide area, especially Cleopatra, Insyu and Heaven-the hell of nature. Needed at many international conventions and events, it exaggerates national parks' environmental interest and contributes to tourism development.
  • Rustaq Park: The city of Arlestak has created a unique playground for the disabled in Arlestak Public Park.

A statement from the municipality and the Ministry of Water Resources said: "The local government and the director of the water resources in the province of Albertina do Sul, representing the city of Al Rustaq, have created a playground for children with" disabilities in Al Rustaq Park Public, "he said. This project is aimed at children with all kinds of disabilities and children with autism spectrum disorders. Healthy kids can also use these games to establish social participation.

Aspire Park in Doha, Qatar

National Parks

  • Caesarea National Park, Israel: Caesarea National Park is Israel's most impressive archaeological site, if not all. The beautifully restored harbor, built by King Herod, is an engineering masterpiece. The site is a fantastic exploration, and the museum has an excellent multimedia explanation of the port's history. There is also a refurbished theatre in the park, where local and international concerts are held regularly during the summer months. Check out our list of shows in Caesarea. Although available separately, Harbor Beach is located in the park and is unique for its incredible amenities.
  • Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, Egypt: About 20km west of Sharm El Sheikh on the road to Al Thor is Ras Mohammed National Park's capital, which the local fisherman calls the mountain in its male form. The water around the peninsula is considered the crown of the Red Sea. More than 50,000 visitors visit the park each year, with the prospect of enjoying some of the best wildlife attractions in the world, including a variety of coral and marine life. Generally, if not all, of the Red Sea's 1,000 fish species can be found in the park's waters, including pelagic species such as hammerheads, coats, and whale sharks.
  • Sharjah National Park: Sharjah National Park, 4 km from Sharjah International Airport and 27 km from Dubai International Airport, is a public park in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the largest parks in the Emirate and one of Sharjah's best places. Spread over about 156 hectares, Sharjah National Park is the largest park in the city. Originally planned to serve as a typical park for residents and tourists, Sharjah National Park offers more attractive places and opportunities. The whole site was designed and developed to show the homogeneity between traditional Arabic architecture and modern European styles. The park has several facilities, including designated barbecue areas, picnic tables, marked locations, a duck pond, a giant water slide, and a miniature city with Sharjah landmark models. There is a playground full of rope ladders, woods, slides, and more. There are buffets with snacks and quality dishes. The park also has prayer rooms for women and mosques in the park. Also, the park has many running and cycling trails.
  • Al Khor Park, Qatar: One of the country's oldest Al Khor parks was opened with 250 million QR (the US $ 68 million) renovation after being closed in the last six years. The new park has a bird sanctuary, manicured green spaces, waterfall, fountains, mini-golf course, battery train, 36 seats, and a small zoo with Orig, emus, zebras, and exotic birds. Others. There is also a large playground, basketball court, theatre, ice rink, 26 bathrooms, and some cafes. The park is open every day between 08.00-22.00 except Friday morning.
Caesarea National Park


  • Beach Jumeirah Jumeirah beach), UEA: Fine white sand, smooth access to the sea, clean, transparent water, playgrounds, barbecue areas, kilometer-long public space with green grass - this place is rightly called the best in the Emirates. Umbrellas and sunbeds are chargeable to rent, but there is always a place for your towel. Jumeirah is popular with married tourists with children, and locals love the beach.


  • Khor Al Adair, Qatar: This breathtaking spot where the desert meets the sea is home to Qatar's most impressive natural wonder: the Inland Sea. Inland Sea, a small ocean in the middle of dunes, is definitely among the places to see in Qatar. You can include it in your desert safari program, as well as go to Khor Al Adaid to spend an entire day or even camping. Going on a camel safari will be another experience.
  • Ilica Beach: In Ilıca, there are hot springs in the sea, that is, hot springs. The name of the beach comes from here. Resembling a spa pool with its long, wide, white sandy beach and hot thermal waters boiling in the sea, Ilıca is ideal, especially for those who love sand and warm water. Also, the shallow waters of Ilıca beach are very suitable for families with children.
  • Al Jissah, Oman: Al Jissah beach may be a luxurious resort beach on the bay's rocky coast located within Oman's northeast, several minutes away from Muscat. The beach belongs to the Al Jissah Hotel, so those that aren't staying at the hotel got to buy the doorway. You can get to Al Jissah beach by car or taxi. The beach is ideal for couples and whole families.
Jumeirah beach Dubai


  • Cairo, Egypt: Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is among the world's most visited means. According to some, the city, which is described as the Middle East's Paris, should be seen with its museum and cultural values, especially the pyramids. A friendly and beautiful landmark in Egypt, and you must visit the place if you travel to Cairo.
  • Doha, Qatar: Qatar, Doha, is one of the region's rising cities with its magnificent hotels, stunning architecture, cultural centers, and a high level of prosperity. The atmosphere of the town, known as New Dubai, is fantastic. A must-visit city with your family members and friends. You will find the city very attractive and charming, and you will fall in love with the city.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: Bearing the title of the only city in the world built on two continents, Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. The town, which has been the capital of different empires for 16 centuries, bears this rich past's Historical Peninsula traces. Try to visit the city if you travel to Turkey with your family members and friends. A friendly and beautiful place to spend your family vacations.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai, which has become the shining star of the Middle East with the investments made in recent years, is worth trying with its high-rise buildings, luxury shopping malls, and holiday centers preferred by the jet-set. Dubai is the most exciting place to visit during your vacations. You can visit Dubai at any time of the year, such a lovely and charming place to spend your holidays.
View of the Istanbul Skyline


  • Sharjah Art Museum: Sharjah, the most important museum dedicated to arts in the Emirates, has the most diverse art collection in the United Arab Emirates. The museum is well known for works by Arab artists and essential works by European artists who specialize in illustrating the Arab world. There are also temporary exhibition programs throughout the year. The most beautiful museum you will ever see.
  • Adiyaman Museum ,Turkey: Paleolithic hand axes, drillers, and cutters in the museum; Terracotta pots from the Chalcolithic Period, ornaments from the Bronze Age; Ceramic pots the Roman and Islamic Periods are exhibited. Seals from various periods, women's and men's jewelry, human and animal figurines, mosaics, gold, silver, and bronze coins; Ethnographic artifacts of the region are exhibited.
  • Qatar National Museum: The Qatar National Museum (NMoQ), the long-awaited design of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, was opened to the public yesterday. Considered as 'Jean Nouvel's new architectural masterpiece,' aiming to provide a unique experience to its visitors and contain many materials from music to poetry, archaeological objects, artworks, art films, and the museum he is telling. In the 40 thousand square meter museum, which has been under construction for more than ten years, permanent-temporary exhibition areas, auditorium (220 seats), a forum, two cafes, restaurants, museum shops, and research centers, conservation laboratories, collection depots, offices, and public park.
  • Barjeel Art Foundation / UAE: The Barjeel Art Foundation is an independent United Arab Emirates foundation set up to manage, preserve and exhibit the personal art collection of Saud al-Qasimi, the reigning sultan of the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. The foundation's fundamental principle is to promote the intellectual development of art in the Arab region by creating a publicly accessible art collection. The site contains hundreds of exhibits, including 20 exhibitions.
Sharjah Art Museum


In Middle Eastern food, you will see all about fresh ingredients and add plenty of vegetables to the dishes. Fried foods are rare in Middle Eastern cooking, which uses baking, grilling, and raw ingredients. These are just a few couples why this type of cuisine is healthier than the standard American diet. Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the most popular and fastest-growing ethnic cuisines in the US. Here, common ingredients you will see include olives and olive oil, pitas, honey, sesame seeds, dates, sumac, mint, rice, and parsley, and popular dishes kebabs, dolma, falafel, baklava, yogurt, doner kebab, shawarma, and mulukhiyah. Iran, UAE, Turkey, and Lebanon have the most exotic cuisines you will ever get to taste in the Middle East. Iran is the home for caviar, saffron, kebab, rose-water pudding, etc.

Hummus, a Levantine and Egyptian dip made from mashed chickpeas


In Moroccan and Tunisian, etiquette and hospitality begin with mint tea. You will often find people drinking this beverage multiple times a day, and a guest can never leave a host's house without sharing a cup of tea with them. Karkadeh tea is made using the hibiscus flower and is one of Egypt's most famous herbal drinks. Depending on your personal preference, you can take it hot or cold. Saudi champagne' does not actually contain any alcohol; it is a combination of sliced fruits, apple cider, and sparkling water. Its color and bubbly appearance, similar to champagne, have given its name. Another famous and trendy drink is Arabic coffee, serving Arabic coffee in Jordan is a sign of respect, particularly in Bedouin culture. Of course, the tradition is not strictly Jordanian but spans across the Arab world. It is slightly bitter, usually infused with cardamom, which is why it's served in a tiny bowl-like coffee cup or 'finjan,' and some dates.

Traditional Arabic tea with dates


Tap water of Bahrain is not fit for drinking; therefore, you must directly consume this country's tap water. Other than this, you can boil or additionally treat the water before drinking it. However, bottled water is available in each city and almost in all shops as a replacement for tap water. Other than this, if you live in an apartment, it is the responsibility of the apartment authority or the landlord to have a connection of drinking water in that flat other than this; you can deal with the local water agency to get a regular supply of water. Iran has clean water, and you can use it for drinking directly. Other than this, there is bottled water available in this country. The tap water of this country is good, but you cannot drink the water of lakes or rivers directly because there might be bacteria or viruses which can damage your health. Even the tap water of Israel is fit for drinking now without further treatment. But you must note that you should not drink the water of The Dead Sea. However, to some tourists, the water may taste differently because of different types of minerals. The tap water of Oman is safe for drinking, but you must boil it or sterilize it before drinking. Most locals prefer bottled water as it is available in every city of the country. It is stated by the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute that their tap water, as well as bottled water, is safe for drinking purposes. They claimed it after testing around 113 samples of tap water and 62 bottled water samples. The tap water of Saudi Arabia is spotless. The tap water of Turkey is safe as well as fit for drinking. However, locals still prefer bottled water as the water is hard and has different tastes.


Different countries have different activities that you can enjoy because not every Middle East country is similar. They have different climatic conditions and separate geographical existence. Like in Bahrain, you can try Jet Ski at Bahrain Yacht Club for 30 min. Other than this, there are transit tours available within the city where you will get transit and a guide to visit many historical monuments. Other than this, there are a lot of water-related activities. You can also try fishing here. Like in Saudi Arabia, there are hills and mountains where you can trek. You can even try horse riding. The United Arab Emirates is known for its SkyScraper, such as Burj Khalifa, which is in Dubai; therefore, you can visit different skyscrapers. You can take a hot air balloon ride in Turkey so that you can get a magnificent view of the city of Turkey from the right height. There are various tours in the UAE, including water tours such as Cruise and others.


There are a lot of different types of accommodation which is present in each of these countries. This accommodation involves private villas and resorts where you will get spacious rooms and various luxurious features such as private pools and other such luxuries features. Other than this, there are hotels. Hotels are the best option to stay in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Not only three, four, or five-star hotels, but cities like Dubai also have seven-star hotel skyscrapers. Seven-star hotels are the most, and the topmost accommodation options present here. Other than this, other accommodation options are also present, such as cottages, Inns, motels, apartments, guesthouses, hostel rooms, campsite, and other such accommodation options.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from regular hotels and certified with a government's green certificate. These hotels are known to be best in conserving nature and less harmful. These hotels' hotel rooms are different and are less toxic because they are cleaned with non-toxic cleaning agents. These hotels have quit using plastic, which is a non-biodegradable substance. Other than this, the waste that comes through these hotels is significantly less because a significant part is recycled. They generate electricity that these hotels produce, and they do not use electricity caused by electric power plants that run on fossil fuels.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are hostels which are present in almost every city in every country. In these countries, the hostels are backpackers' hostels, which are shared rooms. Even if you are traveling alone, you do not have to worry because you will get good company in a hostel. The reception area has attendants always present, so you can clear it out from them if you have any quarry issue. Other than this, it would help if you were alerted about your belongings all the time because you might not know the nature of your roommate. One important thing is that you should not expect privacy in hostel rooms because the room will be shared by one other person always.


Apartments are flats that are available for rent. It is best for those traveling with their friends or family for a longer time. Apartments are best in giving privacy and security, so you do not have to worry about your family if you are inside the apartment premises. You can meet many other people residing in nearby flats within the premises. Other than this, some apartments are at a greater height and give the best view from the balcony, so if you do not have any plans, you can relax and enjoy the view from your balcony. Different apartments have different facilities such as common swimming pools, GYM areas, and other such facilities.


There is a total of 4312 hosts present in Bahrain, ready to provide shelter to any foreigner. There are 300,348 hosts in Iran that state that this type of accommodation is quite popular. There are a total of 101,806 hosts present in Israel. There is an unlimited number of 72,387 hosts who are present in Oman. There are full 10,862 hosts currently in Qatar. There are the top 265,589 hosts who are present in Saudi Arabia. Five hundred seventy-two thousand two hundred ninety-six hosts are current in Turkey. There are a total of 72,516 hosts who are present in the United Arab Emirates. IF you want to couch surf, you must always have to keep a backup accommodation option ready for yourself.


There is a camping site available in many Middle East countries. Camping is a temporary type of accommodating option because, after a time, you will start feeling bored; therefore, you must have other options. Besides this, camping is a free type of accommodation, but you have to purchase various essential items such as a camping bag and tent, which might cost you a lot. Other than this, you must always check the weather before camping because there will be bugs and insects that can cause infections or rashes in summer.


Egypt is often considered a part of the Middle East, as the Sinai is geologically a part of Asia. Sometimes Azerbaijan is considered a part of the Middle East, as a sort of border region between Europe and Asia. Even the inclusion of Iran is to a degree controversial—it can also be considered to be a Central Asian or South Asian nation.


  • Tehran — a bustling metropolis of 14 million people, it is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants and warm friendly people, also great Iranian food !
  • Amman — experiencing a massive change from a quiet sleepy village to a bustling metropolis
  • Beirut — a true cosmopolitan city, the commercial and financial hub of Lebanon
  • Baghdad — once a favored destination on the 'hippie trail' and packed full of sights, now one of the most dangerous cities on Earth
  • Damascus — credited with being the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world, the old-walled city in particular feels very ancient
  • Dubai — most modern and progressive emirate in the United Arab Emirates, developing at an unbelievable pace
  • Istanbul — the only major city to span two continents and a fascinating melting pot of East and West
  • Jerusalem — containing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City, this city is sacred for Jews, Christians and Muslims.
  • Mecca — forbidden for non-Muslims to enter, this is the holiest city in Islam mostly known for the Hajj

Getting There and Moving Around

There are a lot of ways to reach the countries of this continent. There are a lot of airports through which you can get here. Out of these ways of traveling, the best way to travel long is through flights. These are the best and the most convenient ways to travel. Other than this, there are many options to move around in this country. There are private taxis, trains, bicycles, walking, E- taxis, and many other travel methods. Different travel options charge differently and help you reach your destination. Out of these, walking or bicycling or electric taxis are the best ways to travel as they will help you save a lot of money.


There are two main and international airports present in Bahrain, a Middle East country. There is a total of nine airports present in the United Arab Emirates. There are three main airports present in Oman. There is a total of sixty-four airports present in Iran. There is a total of three airports present in Iran. There are a total of four airports present in Qatar. There is a total of thirty-five airports present in Saudi Arabia. There are a total of thirty-five airports present in Turkey. There are a total of 121 airports present in the Middle East. As mentioned above, every country has at least three airports. Therefore, they have independent flights that can help you reach their homeland. However, flight ticket prices might cost you much, but they are worth it. During peak season, it is advised that you should always book in advance so that it may not create any problem later. Flights are very much comfortable and are the quickest way to travel.

Starbucks at the Dubai International Airport


There are buses present in Bahrain, which acts as a useful means of transport for locals and tourists. There are different types of buses that have different routes. You can travel from one city to another with these buses' help. Iran has a well-established transit system in each of its cities. In major cities of Iran, such as Tehran, it is the best way to travel and avoid traffic because BRT has its lane. These buses run in shifts and work for 24 hours for a whole week. Buses in Israel have two main operators. First is the Egged, the leading bus service provider in Israel and the second-largest globally. It connects Jerusalem and other cities. Second is the Dan, which mostly operates in Tel Aviv and has intercity routes. These buses are very much popular. Among Oman's public, the most preferred means of transportation are the buses widely spread across the country. Mwasalat is the significant and leading bus service provider that the government of Oman owns. It is responsible for helping you in traveling intercity or inter-region. Qatar's buses operate day and night, with front seats reserved for women and children. The buses are modern and are equipped with air conditioners. The charges of it are around QR 4 to QR9. More than 2000 buses in Saudi Arabia have totaled 3 million passengers.

Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv


There are no railways at present in Bahrain. Still, the government plans to build an 87 kilometers long railway connecting its capital with other Saudi Arabian Network. There are railways and trains present in Iran. The first railway was established in 1887. A lot of people prefer it. Therefore, there is a total of 29 million passengers who travel using railways annually. The railway tracks' total length is 12,998 kilometers, with electrified trails covering 146 kilometers. There is a full 69 to 70 railway station present in Israel. Israel's total railway length of heavy rails is 1,384 kilometers, and electrified tracks covering 74 kilometers. There are two types of trains in this country light rail and heavy rail. There are no railways in Oman; however, they might plan in the future. The company responsible for developing railway tracks is Oman rail, a state-owned railway company. In Qatar, there are three types of railways present: the Doha Metro, which has a length of 300 kilometers, Lugsail LRT, a tram-based system with 37 stations, and the last is Qatar Rail Long Distance, which connects Qatar with its neighboring countries. The railway length in Saudi Arabia is 1,380 kilometers and was established in 1966. The Turkish railway has a total distance of 12,532 kilometers and was first operated in 1929.

Cairo-Aswan Train


Hitchhiking is a type of traveling option where you ask a traveler who is going in the same direction to get a lift. This type of traveling does not involve spending money; therefore, you can save a lot of money by hitchhiking. Other than this, there are different roads where you can hitch successfully. You can travel from one city to another, but you cannot travel internationally. For a successful hitchhike, you must always ensure that that particular city's crime rate is low. Other than this, you must be present on national highways that connect one city to another city. It is a possibility that you can get a vehicle to ask for a free lift there. Besides this, hitchhiking cannot be used every time, especially when you are in a hurry or running short of time. It is because it makes you dependent on another person for your traveling. It sometimes happens that you might not get a vehicle to ask for a free ride; therefore, you must have a backup option ready with you.


Different countries have different options to travel directly. Other than this, there are many options to move around in this country. It involves bicycling; in almost every country, you can get a bicycle on rent, or rather, you can purchase a second-hand bike at a low price. Bicycling is a good option for moving around within the city. Other than this, there are walking is another option available to move around the city. Walking can help you to observe the country in detail. Other than this, there are many different ways also available such as taxis, or if you are concerned about nature and want to reduce pollution as much as possible, then there are electric taxis that are also available. These electric taxis do not charge much and have lower pollution rates or no pollution. Electric taxis are better than regular taxis.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for those products which are beneficial for health and does not harm nature or have a less harmful impact on nature. Other than this, there are other benefits of sustainable shopping: these products often cost lesser than the typical products. Sustainable grocery stores are also known as organic grocery stores because they only have organic and fresh fruits and vegetables suitable for health. These can be bought if you are living in an apartment or where you can cook your food. It can help you to save a lot of money. There are second-hand stores present in each of the country that has second-hand products available for sale. Second-hand effects are beneficial for the environment as well as for the seller and the buyer. It is useful for the buyer because it costs lesser than the original product. It creates a source of income for the person selling it after using it. Other than this, there are a lot of benefits for second stores. The mains are mentioned. There are eco-fashion clothes which are available. Eco-fashion dresses are made up of natural fabrics and involve most of the handwork in their production. The dyes which are used to color the products are genuine.


Every country has its recycling plants as well as centers where different types of items are recycled. Recycling helps to save the environment and reduces the need to produce new things. Other than this, there are many other benefits of recycling present, including eliminating the use of raw material required for various purposes. As it reduces the use of raw material, it causes a reduction in heavy types of machinery that run on fossil fuels. It leads to less use of natural resources used to run various machinery.


Waste is something that we cannot use and throws away. There are different types of debris based on the origin, such as chemical waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, e-waste, etc. Based on decomposing, there are two types of garbage known as biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste. There are different methods of decomposing waste, such as landfills and incinerators. Some of the waste is also sent to recycling centers where it is recycled. If kept untreated for a long term, debris can cause a lot of pollution and become toxic. If kept untreated, too much waste can give rise to many dangerous diseases as there will be many microorganisms or insects in landfills.

Work and Study Abroad

In Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, there are many work opportunities present in each country. According to your educational qualifications, you will get an excellent job as there are many industries and organizations present in Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Israel where there are high chances of getting a good job. Other than this, there are private agencies where you can submit your relevant data, such as your personal information, educational information, etc. They can help you get an appointment for an interview. Different countries have different education patterns.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is a program in which a local college student is sent abroad for further studies. Not every college has access to this program; only good foreign relations or partnerships with other colleges have this program. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the central hub of education and have foreign relations with many countries' universities. Other than this, this program has many benefits, which involves that you will become independent with this program's help. You will start feeling a sense of competition as you have to clear the entrance examination with the required grades. Other than this, it can help you to have a fresh start.

Au Pair

It is an excellent option to stay in a particular city for a longer time. While staying with a local family, you can experience their culture and traditions which they follow. There's a difference between au pair and couch surfing. If you are an au pair, you have a particular work of taking care of a child of that family, whereas in couch surfing, you do not need to pay or work for the host family.


Volunteering is a kind of work that you do out of your own will. You cannot charge for what you are volunteering as the vote you do is out of you, Will. Other than this, volunteering helps you in providing in our satisfaction. Volunteering enables you to get rid of stress or depression by distracting yourself from the work you love to do. There are organizations where you can join volunteers. Different organizations have different results. Some of the organizations help the poor or needy people and provide them with food. Some of the organizations help stray animals and provide them with shelter and food.

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