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Eco-friendly travel guide to Dongguan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Dongguan, China.

Dongguan city view

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $300

Responsible Travel

If you are visiting the city of Dongguan or any other far-off country, you are highly encouraged to follow your duties and carry out your obligations as responsible tourism. The art of vacationing with friends and family is a way to enjoy and experience life in a different manner, and you must be willing to shift your dynamics a bit to sink in the goodness of a new experience fully. The city of Dongguan in China is a very place and known to be an industrial hub. As a result, there are numerous people in the town, and most of them represent Chinese culture and tradition.

As vacationers, we must look forward to considering the well-being of the place we are visiting and do not be centered on taking it all for ourselves. There are plenty of places to be and far too many experiences to be a part of while being in Dongguan. However, we must follow specific protocols to travel responsibly, no matter what country we visit.

Here are some ways in which you are travel responsibly in Dongguan:

  • Make more use of public transportation services.
  • Prefer walking or riding a bicycle while moving around the city's boundaries.
  • Make sure to contribute to the local businesses and support them as much as possible.
  • Try out the local street food corners as it is a great way to support small businesses while spending quality time on delicious food items.
  • Prefer lodging in green hotels over the traditional ones.
  • Visit the natural parks in the city to appreciate the natural beauty of the place.

Air Quality and Pollution

Dongguan is a city in China that is primarily based on industrial practices, and thus, there numerous factories and industries in this region. China's one of the most famous and renowned industrial hubs, therefore, the atmosphere's pollution levels may get significantly higher at times. Although the city's pollution levels are challenging to be kept under check, the government bodies and concerned authorities have taken numerous steps and sanctioned various laws to limit their natural habitat exploitation. Over the past few years, the pollution levels have gone down significantly, and as of now, the city is not under an immediate threat of air pollution. However, if you are already suffering from a condition or tend to face difficulties while breathing, you are highly recommended to consult your concerned doctor before visiting this city.

The Air Quality Index or AQI of Dongguan is currently at 95, which is moderately safe but above the recommended AQI that the WHO suggests. The primary pollutant in the atmosphere is PM 2.5, and its concentration in the surroundings is 33 µg/m³. However, it does not impose a great deal of threat to the citizens.

Respect the Culture

Traveling responsibly should be the goal for anyone willing to visit a foreign land or a far-off place from their homes. As individuals, we must admit and accept that people from all over the world have different and shared beliefs among themselves, and we should never act in ways that can hurt or affect other people's sentiments. The people of Dongguan have a vibrant cultural heritage and are deeply accustomed to Chinese traditions. So, if you are traveling from a place where the Chinese culture is not majorly portrayed, you must learn and know about the area's essential customary habits. This is to ensure that your actions, whether willingly or unknowingly, do not hurt the sentiments or disrupt the values of the local citizens of Dongguan.

Moreover, respecting the culture of a different region also comes along with various responsibilities. As a foreigner to the country, you are encouraged to be generous and kind to the local citizens. There is a lot to learn from ancient Chinese culture, and being humble and generous will only allow you to have a deeper grasp of their beliefs and ideologies.

Top 10 Places to Visit

These are the top ten places you are highly recommended to visit upon going for a Dongguan vacation.

  • Songshan Lake: Songshan Lake was picked as the site for Dongguan's innovative locale unequivocally because it was pristine, and it would be simpler for organizations to draw inability here. Huawei Technologies purchased in, setting up their Ox Horn R&D grounds, which is amusing to take an excursion around on a train, chugging past European-style structures. The actual lake is additionally perfect, a decent spot for picnics during the cooler months. Bicycles can, without much of a stretch, be leased to a great extent, are many places to get bites and beverages. The Hyatt Regency is a pleasant spot to remain an evening and appreciate first-class cooking. It's not yet super-simple to arrive from Hong Kong because rail line associations areas previously fabricated, yet you can take a train to either Humen or Changping (KTT) and get a taxi from that point.
  • Opium War Museum: The Opium War Museum, otherwise called the Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, is a powerful authentic show lobby and an exhibition base for energetic schooling in China. This was where the celebrated authority, Lin Zexu, made a bold yet destined endeavour to destroy the opium exchange in China in 1840 by accumulating and consuming a gigantic seized reserve of the medication. The exhibition hall recounts an intriguing story of the primary Opium War (1840-42), which occurred in and around here, yet in an exceptionally devoted style. It's not difficult to arrive from Hong Kong, as Humen stops on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou fast rail line, and the gallery is a 15-minute taxi ride from that point.
  • Humen Naval Museum: A 10-minute taxi ride away from the Opium War Museum stands the Naval Battle Museum, another demonstration of this horrible time in China's set of experiences. Situated at the east finish of Humen Bridge, the historical center resembles a warship. Embraced by thick green trees, the primary structure faces two clear-water lakes and, from the square in front, guests can get a proper perspective on the Humen Bridge and the antiquated Weiyuan Emplacement. The British armada utilised "gunboat tact" to drive its way into China and build up extra-regional concessions, first in Guangzhou and afterwards in Hong Kong. It is certainly justified regardless of a visit.
  • Qifeng Park: Getting across to the principle CBD zone of Dongguan, which is available from Humen on the city's Metro Line 2, there are bunches of attractions. Maybe the ideal approach to begin is by getting off at the Qifeng Park station and ascending Huangqi Mountain, which rises simply 180m to its pinnacle. Finished off with a red light, the mountain and its encompassing park are regularly alluded to as Dongguan's "lung" or "winged serpent's vein." local people accept that under this mythical beast vein's favoring, Dongguan has never had calamitous, catastrophic events, or been annihilated by wars. There is a bit historical centre close to the western access to the recreation centre, which merits a look, and not far away is the city's principle CBD zone.
  • Central Square: This is the centre authoritative and social focus of Dongguan, with a combination of libraries, exhibition halls, and government structures. They burned through some energy on it, and around evening time, the streetlamps radiate a tremendous impact. You can meander around the square and visit the close by artistry exhibition hall, youth movement focus, and science and innovation gallery. There are a lot of alternatives here for youngsters.
  • Keyuan Park: Keyuan Garden is one of the area's four most acclaimed gardens set up during the Qing Dynasty. Misleading the West of the downtown area, the three-sided nursery is a structural jewel. Implicit a traditional style, there are many conventional structures spread around structures, pools, and scaffolds. It's a twisted complex, with ways twisting every which way, making it a great spot to relax and absorb the atmosphere. Keyuan has assumed a significant part in the cutting-edge history of Chinese artistic creation and calligraphy.
  • Dongguan Walking Street: Over on the eastern part of town is the Dongguan Walking Street, an exuberant spot, particularly in the nights when every one of the lights is on. Meander around and investigate the great little shops selling beautiful things, attempt some luscious food things at the numerous restaurants and cafés, or maybe let your children enjoy the various fun exercises there.
  • Yinxian Resort: An incredible spot for a family escape, the beautiful Yinxian Resort is about 15km from the CBD yet near the Changping Station (on the off chance you are coming from Hong Kong). Mountains give a beguiling scenery to recorded structures and social destinations identified with Buddhism. Children will cherish the gymnastic and creature exhibitions, and there are grills accommodated to serve dinner purposes.
  • Shuilianshan Forest Park: Shuilianshan is quite possibly the most well-known woodland stop in Dongguan. Families run here at the ends of the week, so it's ideal for showing up for the 7 am opening to appreciate a more peaceful walk to the pinnacle. Enter from the north, past the parking area, and up a wide cleared lane. From that point, you can see the namesake cascade. Redirect to Butterfly Canyon – yet avoid the other creature attractions, as the conditions aren't extraordinary. Keep climbing until the street separates into feeders of winding, slender backwoods ways. The cleared angle is never troublesome as you pass structures and rest stops to the 378-meter top. Look at the redesigned Xishan Temple. Bites and beverages are accessible.
  • Zhangmutou Town: Zhangmutou got its epithet because the rail line station was a stop on the Kowloon-Canton Railway at the beginning of the change and opening period, which made it simple to access for Hong Kongers. Guanyin Mountain is its essential fascination, yet it is anything but a simple move at 488m. It additionally has a miniature zoo. Close to the culmination is the Guanyin sanctuary, the world's most extensive made of rock. For the challenge, a zip line can go on you down a piece of the outing. There is likewise a tiny event congregation with a "Place of Horrors." The shopping regions merit a look loaded with deals. In the midtown region, a Ferris wheel gives stupendous 360-degree sight.
People enjoying at the Songshan Lake


The city of Dongguan has a lot to offer to everyone who visits this place. There plenty of open parks in the city that are pretty amazing to see and spend time with friends and family. There are several National Parks in Dongguan and are very well preserved and protected from any exploitation.

City Parks

These are some of the most amusing city parks in Dongguan, and you are highly recommended to pay a visit to these while being in the city.

  • Dongguan People's Park
  • Shilong City Park
  • Humen Park
  • Sports Park
  • Changping Park
  • Dongguan Daping Peak Forest Park
  • Qifeng Park
  • Shuilian Mountain Forest Park
  • Tongsha Ecological Park
  • Lianhu Park
Dongguan People's Park

National Parks

Mentioned below are the National Parks that are located in the city of Dongguan.

  • Dongguan Botanical Garden
  • Yuanchonghuan Memorial Yuan
  • Songshanhu Scenic Area
  • Dalingshan Park


Here are some of the best beaches in Dongguan that are very highly rated by foreign tourists.

  • Songshanhu Sunny Beach
  • Songshanhu Sunny Beach
  • Nansha Marina Yongchang
  • Zengcheng Artificial Sand Beach
  • Dameisha Beach
  • Yelin Sand Beach
Dameisha Beach


Here are some of the most important landmarks in Dongguan, and tourists are highly recommended to visit these if they are planning to land in this region in the future.

  • Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park: Go through a day investigating the common and verifiable fortunes of volcanic Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park. The old torpid well of lava shaped the environmental factors in the most excellent manners, making hollows, odd bluffs, cascades, and pristine lakes. The recreation center's focal point shows an immense bronze sculpture of the Buddha, arriving at 61 m (200 ft.), and offers vistas spreading across the city. See resplendent pagodas and old towns, at that point visit the public park's feature: the tall sculpture of Goddess Kwan Yin, sitting in a lotus bloom. Otherwise called the mother of leniency, her landmark draws in enthusiasts who come to look for endowments. In spring, peach trees begin to bloom, filling the public park with an appealing aroma.
  • Huizhou West Lake, Huizhou: Loosen up in the Huizhou downtown zone and consider the city in harmony at Huizhou West Lake, a 3.2 sq. km (1.2 sq. mi) park, about a portion of which is canvassed in water. Appreciate forests of willow trees and respect lotus blossoms, unwinding in this famous excursion detect highlighting five associated lakes and six scaffolds. Investigate the seven-story octagonal-based Sizhou Pagoda, the most established Huizhou structure, and appreciate stone sculptures in the recreation center. As you stroll along with the numerous great climbing ways, you will fail to remember that you're in a city. Carry optics to detect a portion of the uncommon cases settling in the recreation center, at that point test one of the numerous cafés nearby.
  • Ruins of St. Paul's: Remember Macau's Christian legacy at Ruins of St. Paul's, one of the locale's milestone attractions. Worked by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century, the congregation was initially one of the most significant Christian places of worship in Asia. A nineteenth-century fire obliterated a substantial part of the first perplexing. However, the lavish southern exterior remains as a token of the structure's previous loftiness. A steel flight of stairs furnishes guests with admittance to the top. Simultaneously, the on-location exhibition hall houses relics giving understanding into the set of experiences and specialty of Christian confidence in the Far East.
  • Historic Centre of Macau: Excursion through the different and dynamic history of the locale in Macau's Historical Centre, an assortment of more than 20 social and recorded destinations. Walk around the principal noteworthy road and visit the various old structures, showing provincial Portuguese and Chinese design styles in shifting differences and mixes. Town squares, places of worship, and sanctuaries offer exhibit courses into Macau's frontier time, with each site offering an abundance of data on boards and signs. There is a scope of authentic visit alternatives accessible. Added to the World Heritage List in 2005, the territory remains as a demonstration of the concurrence and appointment of two particular social, design, tasteful, and mechanical impacts. The site addresses one of the most punctual and best-kept-up instances of China and the West's gathering.
  • A-Ma Temple: Representing over 500 years, A-Ma Temple (Ma Kok Miu) positions among the most established and most critical Taoist sanctuaries in Macau. With its classy enrichments and hordes of dedicated admirers, the very much saved design was underlying 1488 to respect Matsu, the goddess of anglers and sailors. Made of six principal parts, including a door structure, a commemoration curve, and various corridors, the complex has highlighted in antiquated Chinese messages just as compositions portraying Macau. The sanctuary smells firmly of incense, a lovely fragrance for most guests, yet one can get overwhelming for a few.
Huizhou West Lake


Here are some of the most historical museums in the city of Dongguan that are known to preserve this region's rich cultural heritage.

  • The Opium War Museum
  • Dongguan Museum
  • Lingnan Art Gallery
  • Shilong Museum
  • Naval Battle Museum
  • Anhui Museum
Naval Battle Museum


The city of Dongguan is a paradise for all food lovers out there, and there are plenty of eating places that serve delicious and wholesome food to their customers. As mentioned earlier, Dongguan is an industry-based city, and as a result, it is very largely populated. Thus, there are plenty of local street food corners in the town that packs in all the flavors that the city has the offer.

Traditional Local Restaurants

These are some of the best local restaurants in Dongguan that serve delicious traditional food in its region. As a tourist or a foreigner, you can be sure to love the dishes they offer.

  • Traditional Guangzhou Cuisine Restaurant
  • Beijing Traditional Roast Duck Gourmet
  • Traditional Hunan Cuisine Restaurant
  • Traditional Brand Sichuan Food Restaurant
  • Qingya Traditional Guilin Rice Noodles

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you happen to prefer vegetarian food items and vegan substitutes, then several quality restaurants in the city of Dongguan strictly serve vegetarian food dishes. Here are the best and most renowned vegan restaurants in the city of Dongguan that you are highly recommended to visit.

  • Shijie Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Puti Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Songfeng Vegetarian Restaurant Dongcheng Qifeng Shop
  • Jueyuan Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Shuzhiyuan Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Youfushi Health Vegetarian Restaurant

Street Food

Here are some of the most loved street food corners in the city of Dongguan.

  • Taiyuan Street Restaurant
  • Main Street Corner Café
  • What the Food Café


If you like to spend time in bars and have a few drinks while enjoying yourself, the nightlife of Dongguan is sure to mesmerize you. Here are some of the best and highest-rated bars in the city of Dongguan.

  • Office Pub
  • Hollywood Baby Too
  • Cheerine Hotel Dongguan Karaoke
  • Star Bar
  • Dongguan Humen Oriental Sofitel Hotel Pub


The tap water in Dongguan is fit for carrying out daily tasks and chores but is not pure enough to be consumed, and thus, opting for a cleaner alternative for drinking water is highly recommended.

Organic Cafés

The cafes in Dongguan are one of the liveliest places in the city. Here you can spend some quality time with your family and peers while feasting upon the tastiest food items. Here are the best cafes in the city of Dongguan.

  • Blue Coffee
  • Jewel Coffee
  • Caffe Bene
  • Take Organic Life Restaurant
  • Carrefour Food Shop
  • Luen WO Vegetarian Restaurant


Mentioned below are some of the most renowned breweries in the city of Dongguan.

  • Huarun Snowflake Beer (Guangdong) Limited
  • Peko Brewing Co
  • Huarun Snowflake Beer
  • Kingway Beer
  • Kowloon Bay Brewery
  • Thirsty Dog


While being in the city of Dongguan, you can never run out of things to do to enjoy yourself and make your trip a memorable one. The town is filled with rich cultural heritage and commendable monumental masterpieces. You can enroll in various sports and exercises while being in this city and even go hiking or out for camping with your friends.

Yoga and Retreats

The city of Dongguan is very respectful towards the mind-blowing and positive attributes of Yoga. There are several Yoga retreats in the city where you can spend your time recognizing the vitality of being well and healthy. Here are some of the most well-renowned yoga retreats in this city.

  • Stone Yoga Studio
  • Nirvana Yoga Vihara
  • Bodywize Yoga. Fitness
  • Abhyaas - School of Yoga & Wellness
  • Sattra Yoga
  • Isha Yoga Centre


While visiting a new city or country, finding a living space is sometimes the most concerning. Thus, if you plan your trip to a different country, you are highly recommended to get through with all the details of the city's best accommodation places. While it is difficult to find a place that provides you with the same comfort level as your house, it is straightforward to find lavish hotels with excellent services for their customer.

Hotels and guest houses also play a significant role in your vacation as these places provide you with the necessary rest that you would require to travel across the region. As such, having a good night's sleep is crucial for traveling abroad since it fills you up with energy and excitement and ensures that you do not fall sick. So, it is highly recommended to look for and book the best living places while traveling abroad.

Vacationers are also encouraged to be thoughtful and regard the well-being of the place they are about to visit. While traveling abroad, people find it very easy to abuse society's rules and regulations in harmful ways to the environment. However, being responsible tourists, we are meant to look out for society's good and the natural environment that supports them. Thus, booking your stays in green hotels is a very thoughtful idea as it supports a substantial cause that deals with nature and its surroundings. There have been far too many instances where human intervention has led to catastrophic disasters. Thus, choosing to live in a housing facility based on sustainable forms of energy is a step that we should all take to check the damage done.

Green Hotels

The concept of green hotels has recently been discovered, and as of now, this idea has not been fully sustained in society. However, this is a significant step to undo the damage we do daily to exploit our natural habitat.

Most of the green hotels that you will find in the city of Dongguan are based on natural sources of energy such as solar energy. As a result, there is hardly any overconsumption or wastage of natural resources. Moreover, the practice of reusing the available resources is executed very efficiently in these hotels so that there is no last addition to the exploit. Here are some of the best green hotels in Dongguan that you are highly recommended to check out.

  • Ibis Dongguan Dongcheng
  • Sheraton Dongguan Hotel
  • Green Leaf Inn
  • Pullman Dongguan Changan

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are plenty of astonishing and comfortable guest houses in the city of Dongguan. These living places are not as crowded as other city hotels and only accommodate a few customers at a time. As a result, you can spend quality and alone time with your family and peers. Here are the best guest houses in the city of Dongguan.

  • Hongfu Accommodation
  • Qiao'an Apartment
  • My season Hotel
  • Jixiang Apartment
  • Longshan Hotel


If you plan to visit Dongguan for a long time, you should probably look to rent an apartment. Renting an apartment saves up your money and gives you the freedom to live freely around the city. Here are some of the best and cleanest apartments in the city of Dongguan.

  • Dongguan East Hangche Apartment
  • Huakai Square Building D Business Apartment
  • Jinsha Apartment
  • Huali Apartment
  • Jinfu Apartment
  • Dongguan Supply and Marketing Corporations Dormitory


The concept of Couchsurfing has been a severe hit in the city of Dongguan over the past few years. As the city of Dongguan is very busy and based on industrialism, thousands of people from all over the world visit this place for work or business-related issues and thus, this new concept of sharing living space with a local citizen became popular. You can find hundreds of willing local citizens from Dongguan who are interested in letting visitors and foreigners stay with them for reasonable pay. You can check out the website for more information.


Here are the best camping spots in the city of Dongguan.

  • Shuilian Mountain Forest Park
  • Tongsha Ecological Park
  • Sam A Chung Campsite
  • Lau Shui Heung Campsite
  • Hok Tau Campsite

How to Get There

Dongguan is a significant city in China as it is one of the primary sites for industrial development. As a result, it is very well connected with other vital states and towns around the region and the outside world.

As a responsible tourist, you must look forward and plan out your stay to not have a crisis while enjoying your journey. Thus, knowing the best routes and ways to reach a place should be at the top of your checklist. Here you will come across those various ways to get Dongguan and preferable modes of transportation inside the city for your ease and comfort.


The city of Dongguan is trendy in China, and as a result, most of the other industrial and capital hubs of China share their flight routes with this city. Moreover, when it comes to international boarding, Dongguan is also known to share its airport with many important cities worldwide, making it a bustling location for flying to.

If you are looking forward to taking a flight to reach the city of Dongguan, you are highly recommended to book your tickets in advance as this city sees a lot of rush during the on-seasons.


Boarding a bus to travel across the city of Dongguan is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel. The bus service in Dongguan is very efficient, and buses' frequency is also pretty high. Thus, you can expect to board a bus to your preferred destination around every fifteen minutes or so. Moreover, it is an effective way to move around the city without losing track of your whereabouts.


The railway service of Dongguan is very reliable, and most of the working class people use this mode to travel across and to their professional destinations. This is because the train in Dongguan is very punctual. There is hardly any delay in their arrival. Suppose you are looking forward to traveling to far-off locations around the city of Dongguan or even outside the city. In that case, you are highly recommended to opt for this transportation mode to save time and money.


Although hitchhiking is not very common in Dongguan, people who need help are seen to board on with a stranger to reach their destination. If you are traveling solo, you are advised not to travel with a stranger, especially during the night. However, if you are traveling with your associates, then this practice can turn out to be a fun ride if you remain cautious enough.


There are other ways of traveling in Dongguan, including cab rides, personal cars, and vans.

Moving Around

There are innumerable ways to move around the city while complementing the ethnic beauty of Dongguan. Here you will find the best means of transportation to get along the roads of Dongguan so that your journey is not hectic and you can travel comfortably.


Walking is by far the simplest of ways to reach nearby destinations in Dongguan. As the city is home to many people, public transportation and excessive vehicles on roads can sometimes impact counterintuitively. Walking by the sidewalks while experiencing the rich cultural heritage and immense beauty is highly recommended. You can also go for walks at night as the city is known to have routine surveillance on most days.


Using a bicycle to reach your preferred destination is a very sustainable way of traveling. This is not only good for your health but also plays an excellent role in the city's well-being. Given that the city of Dongguan is an industrial hub, the pollution in its environment is quite undesirable at times, and using a clean mode of transport such as a bicycle is highly encouraged.

Electronic Vehicles

The availability of electric vehicles in the city of Dongguan is pretty high. This is a step initiated by the government to check the rising pollution levels of the region. Electric cars are generally eco-friendly and do not constitute pollution in the environment. Moreover, electric vehicles are immaculate as well and do not drain out the essential natural resources. Suppose you are looking forward to traveling responsibly while being in the city of Dongguan. In that case, you can find numerous electric vehicles such as cars and bikes, which are readily available in the city.

Public Bus

The public bus service of Dongguan is very efficient and functional. Their availability of public buses for any desired destination is optimal, and you can be sure to travel across the city without any hassles.

Tram, Train and Subway

The train and tram service of the city of Dongguan is very reliable and still functions on the same foundation that has been laid for several years now. However, there is nothing against their reliability as there are no vital records regarding the railway or tram service's malfunctioning. If you find yourself in a hurry and require to reach your destination in a short time, these modes of transport are probably the best for you.

Sustainable Shopping

While traveling abroad, tourists love to spend their time shopping for items and accessories that are solely restricted to that region. This is a way to acquire something whose availability is limited to a particular place. As a result, people form a deep bond with such shopped items. This is a way to embark on the memories and the memorable times they have spent on their vacation abroad.

Shopping is also an intelligent way to show love and affection to your close one who missed their opportunity to join in on vacation. As such, people tend to buy and shop for items to present to their loved ones. While shopping abroad, vacationers are often encouraged to focus more on the local businesses and shop for the things that hold ethnic value for their visit. This enhances the value of shopping abroad and plays a massive role in the country's economy. Thus, by shopping abroad, tourists and foreigners can effectively help out the economy of the state.

Food Markets

The food markets in the city of Dongguan are some of the best in China. The city has a very delightful and remarkable sense of taste, and thus, the food available in this region is trendy. Most of the tourists and foreigners that visit this city are often astounded by the food habits of Dongguan. The city of Dongguan is also a modern industrial hub in China, and thus, it has a responsibility to feed a large group of people daily. Therefore, plenty of food stores and markets in Dongguan serve quality food items at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the most visited food markets in the city of Dongguan.

  • Dongguan Guancheng Shenzhou Non-Staple Food Wholesale Market
  • Guancheng Jinsheng Non-Staple Food Business Department
  • Xindu Oil and Grain Non-Staple Food Store

Flea Markets

Here are some of the most popular flea markets in Dongguan, which attract many tourists and foreigners.

  • Beijing Flea Market
  • Hongyuan Flea Market
  • Dongguan Zhengxingxin Flea Market
  • Wansheng Flea Market
  • Yida Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

These are some of the most well-renowned second-hand stores in the city of Dongguan.

  • Yongwangxin Second-hand Goods Shop
  • Star Second-hand Goods Shop
  • Hongfaxin Second-hand Goods Business
  • Xin Second-Hand Goods Maimai
  • Jingda Second-Hand Store
  • Xin Second-hand Goods Business


Here are some of the most popular eco-fashion stores in the city of Dongguan.

  • G Star Raw
  • Guess
  • ST&SAT
  • Le Coq, Sportif
  • 迪卡侬


Recycling has always been a significant practice in Dongguan, and most of the accumulated waste products and discarded materials are dumped off efficiently. Moreover, all the recyclable waste products are sorted out and sent out for reuse. This checks the natural equilibrium of the city and ensures that the surroundings are clean and hygienic.

Moreover, as Dongguan is a central hub for industrial practices, recycling plays a significant role in ensuring that all available resources are appropriately utilized, and nothing goes to waste.


Dongguan is a very bust city in China, and it is known as one of the most influential industrial towns in the region. As a result of that, there is a considerably high amount of waste materials that are accumulated every year. However, over the past few years, government bodies and responsible authorities have taken practical steps to counter this waste accumulation phenomenon. All the discarded waste materials are very efficiently transmitted to the nearby streams so that their cause does not impact the surroundings, and the environment remains sustainable.

Work and Study Abroad

Dongguan is a very resourceful city in China, and being a scholar looking for job opportunities in the town can acquire one very quickly. This city is known to be one of the most well-renowned industrial towns in China, and the working conditions of this place are advantageous. If you look forward to graduating from one of the top universities or colleges in Dongguan, you can effortlessly find a well-paying job afterward when you decide to settle.

Exchange Student

The International Student Exchange programs happen every year in Dongguan, and education plays a crucial role in the city's progress. Thus, it is heavily implemented in the students that represent Dongguan. Scholars from different parts of the world visit this city to better understand the societal cultures and the working program of the education system.

Au Pair

The concept of Au Pair lets a foreign citizen accommodate the locals while staying with them. People tend to travel a lot in today's world, and most of it is related to working requirements and as a result, sharing the living space with the local citizens is one of the ways people choose to stay while they are abroad. However, Au Pair's idea is not very widely practiced in Dongguan, and the local people prefer to live by themselves.


These are the most active volunteering camps in Dongguan.

  • Dongguan Guancheng Volunteer Association
  • Dongguan Volunteer Federation
  • Xiegangzhen Caolecun Volunteer Service Station

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