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Eco-friendly travel guide to Duisburg advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Duisburg, Germany.

Inner Harbour view

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.0 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $250

Responsible Travel

Europe is one of the most populous and well-maintained continents of the world. Germany is one of the most prosperous and highly visited countries in the world. Duisburg is one such state in Germany that is visited by tourists commonly. This city is located adjacent to the Rhine River and lies in Germany's western front. This city is one of the highly populated metropolitan cities in Germany.

Having a tourist in a city like this is beneficial. Still, a tourist should also know some of the boundaries and ethics they have to follow for that destination to prosper long after leaving the city. The following points will shine light upon some of the most basic etiquette and norm a tourist must follow when visiting Duisburg or rather any other country or state in the world.

  • Use public transport: People who come to visit a country often avoid public transport and book their own cars and vehicles. This must not be done. Using public transport is prosperous for the destination and helps to make the roads less clogged. We all know public transport has the capacity to hold ten times the number of passengers than a car.
  • Riding bicycles: This is one of the best ways one can travel to and from one place to another when visiting a destination. In Duisburg, there are ways through which one can hire bicycles. Riding a bicycle helps the city's environment and allows businesses to prosper, and even help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Throwing trash at specified places: People often make mistakes of throwing away their trash at any place they see fit. This is a very bad practice and is one such practice that must be stopped immediately. Several places in cities like Duisburg have been specified to dispose of garbage. People are often requested to dump their trash in these sites to maintain these cities' beauty and sanctity.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality is one of the most crucial factors in the world right now. The rise in air pollution is prominent. The quality of air is also a huge concern in cities like Duisburg. The air quality is a concern for people living in Duisburg and people who are going there as a tourist. High quality of air means people will live peacefully without having health issues and breathing issues.

As of today, studies show that Duisburg air quality is in the 10 to 45 points range. These points mean that the air in Duisburg is satisfactory. The air pollution level is low and possesses minimal risk. The AQI or the Air Quality Index of Duisburg belongs in a range of 10 to 15, and the humidity of this region is in the range of 60 to 90. These numbers indicate that there are no severe issues in the living condition of Duisburg. If the current way of life is followed, the situation might stay the same.

But this does not mean that the situation will not be the same in the future. People need to keep the practices that have been going on till now to maintain this level of satisfactory air quality; otherwise, serious issues might appear.

These numbers shown in this article are accurate and needed for sustainable living in metropolitan cities. Tourists who visit Duisburg have been following the state's laws and regulations for controlling air quality, as are the citizens. The government's rules and regulations have played an essential role in keeping the city’s air quality in good shape.

Respect the Culture

Duisburg is well-known as the host of several cultural events and facilities. Duisburger Akzente is one of the most well-known annual festivals that people from across the globe come to visit. This festival’s focal points are the modern cultural, social, and political issues. Duisburg is also the home of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. This is one of the oldest opera houses in Germany. The Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra is also one of the most famous German orchestra houses that are recognized internationally.

Duisburg also has a large number of historically important sites and locations that are still revered today. These sites are what Duisburg is known for as some say and are some of the most important tourist sites of the state. The places will be discussed in the following section. One must know that these sites are culturally very important, and Duisburg's people respect these sites highly.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Duisburg is one of the most well-visited tourist spots in all of Germany. This city is well equipped with several travel and tourism guides for people to book. They are one of the most significant sources of income for the city. There is also an immense number of places one can visit in Duisburg. Here we have listed some of the top 10 tourist spots that are most visited.

  • Lehmbruck Museum: This museum was built in honor of the gifted artist Lehmbruck, son of Duisburg. The museum is the home of several different famous and well-known sculptures from around the world. It holds sculptures from famous artists like Alberto Giacometti, Alexander Archipenko, Picasso, Käthe Kollwitz, and Christo. This museum also has several priceless pictures from the 19th and 20th centuries from artists like Nolder, August Macke, Max Pechstein, and Bauhaus artists. The museum on weekdays is open from 12 pm to 5 pm, and on weekends it is open from 11 am to 5 pm. It is closed all day on Mondays.
  • Tiger and Turtle: It is a very innovative and cool-looking interactive art installation. This art is a mix of a winding, twisting staircase that is made from galvanized steel. This art is located on top of a human-made hill and is made from the waste left by a former zinc-smelting factory. Rubble from other abandoned factories is also used.
  • Landschaft Park': It is one of Duisburg's new and innovative tourist spots. It was an old abandoned steel factory that has now been renovated into a park. The factory’s sewage canals, conveyor belts, blast furnaces, bunkers, rail tracks, etc., have been renovated and remodeled into walkways, gardens, scuba diving centers, etc. After the sun goes down, the park is covered with a sea of beautifully bright, colorful, and ever-changing lights.
  • Museum Küppersmühle: It is one of the finest modern art museums in Duisburg. It is the home of several fine artworks by reputed artists like Sigmar Polke, Abraham David Christian, Georg Baselitz, and Candida Höfer. The museum is also known for its four annual temporary themed exhibitions.
  • Duisburg Zoo: The Duisburg zoo is one of the biggest zoos in all of Germany. This zoo is the home of several exotic birds, animals, and reptiles. As of today, about 300 species have been accounted for who have been living in the zoo. Duisburg zoo is well known for its top-rated dolphinarium. It is the house of nine bottlenose dolphins who have been trained to do amazing tricks.
  • Sechs-Seen-Platte: Duisburg is the home to a series of beautiful lakes. It is the home of six interconnected lakes that are known as Sechs-Seen-Platte. This is used to be a gravel pit but now has been converted into one of the most beautiful looking spots in the city.
  • Inner Harbor: The inner harbor is a tourist spot in Duisburg known for its vast historical importance. It used to a place filled with industrial buildings and factories during the industrial revolution time period. All these buildings were later abandoned, and the government transformed this location into a mixture of parks, contemporary buildings, shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt: It is one of the oldest museums dedicated to the purpose of German inland navigation. This museum is constructed on an old public bath. This museum is the house of several important and innovative historical pieces like vessels, ships, barges, etc.
  • Salvatorkirche: It is one of the oldest churches situated in the heart of Duisburg. This church was built in the 14th century using the late-Gothic style of architecture. It now has a truncated tower due to bombshells and attacks during the Second World War.
  • Kultur-und Stadthistorisches Museum': It is one of Duisburg's biggest museums in the Inner Harbor region. It is housed in a remodeled grain mill. The museum is known for its vast knowledge of the history, culture, and folklore of Duisburg. It has accomplished this knowledge through exhibits and displays that have been held for 200 years.
Duisburg Inner Harbour


Duisburg is one of the biggest tourist sites in all of Germany. People worldwide come to this city to watch the beauty and historical monuments and the importance this city holds. The city is filled with abandoned factories, art pieces, parks, museums, and much more.

In the following section, we will talk about some of the biggest attractions like parks, museums, and more that the city is home to.

City Parks

Duisburg is a big city and is filled with the beauties of nature. One aspect of natural beauty is the natural city parks, and Duisburg is filled with them. Here are some of the city parks famous in Duisburg.

  • Botanischer Garten Duisburg-Hamborn: It is one of the most beautiful looking botanical gardens. It is located in the north of the city center. The garden has been renovated recently and now hosts a large variety of flowers and plants. It also holds about 11 aquariums.
  • Königstraße: It is one of the main pedestrian artery streets in Duisburg. This street was formerly used as one of the most important city gates. This street holds a major historical value, and people often prefer taking a stroll on these streets. These streets are filled with cultural importance, and people here visit people from all around the globe. The streets are filled with restaurants, shopping centers, and much more. There is also a colorful bird-like figure placed in the middle of the street made by Niki de Saint Phalle and the Swiss kinetic artist Jean Tinguely.
Botanischer Garten Duisburg-Hamborn

National Parks

Duisburg used to be one of the major industrial cities in Germany. The city used to be filled with huge factories and several important industrial buildings. They have since been shut down and abandoned, and the government has made several reforms to include nature more into the place. Today, there has been only one national park installed in the area that is Landschaft Park. Other national parks are in the process of building but not yet completed.

Branitzer Park Landschaft


Duisburg is a city located along the Rhine river. The city does not have any seas linked towards it, but there are a few beaches that people often visit. One of the beaches that we are going to talk about here today is the Freibad Wolfssee beach.

Freibad Wolfssee is one of the biggest beaches in all of Duisburg. It is located in the southeastern part of the state. The area is almost filled with tourists throughout the year and is one of the most soothing places. The place has been renovated so that it attracts more tourists and a lot of additional tourist attractions have been added there.

Branitzer Park Landschaft


Duisburg is one of the most historically important states in Germany. SO consequently, several important historical landmarks are present in Duisburg. One such landmark has already been discussed, i.e., the Inner Harbour. The Inner Harbour is commonly known as Innenhafen.

There are also more important landmarks. Some of which are listed below.

  • Steinhof: It is one of the oldest culturally active centers in Duisburg. It is located in the south of the city. Several attractive and cultural programs have been performed for several years and are being done till now. It is also a civic club that is the home of several different active local clubs.
  • Rheinbrücken: The Rheinbrücken is one of the oldest bridges that is across the Rhine river. It is a covered wooden bridge that links several different municipalities. The bridge was built in 1901 and is about 135 meters in length. It is not the only remaining wooden bridge still holding above the Rhine River. The bridge has been renovated several times and is still in top-notch condition.


Duisburg is well-known for its variety of museums. The museums are home to several historical artifacts and essential documents. The sculptures present in these museums are of high quality. People from all across the globe come to Duisburg to study these museums and engulf them in these artifacts' beauty.

The following are some of the top-rated museums in Duisburg.

  • Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt: This museum is built in a lovely public bath from the 1910s and is about the social and technical history of inland navigation. The museum is located on the banks of the Rhine river. The museum holds several historical ships, the Oscar Huber, and several other important artifacts.
  • Museum DKM: This museum is the home of several different types of art forms from different eras and different parts of the world. The museum holds five levels along with moreover thousand exhibits. There are arts from both the 21st century as well as from the 20th century. It also has arts from over five thousand years old from Pakistan, India, and much more.
  • Aquarium Wassermuseum': This museum used to be a water tower and is close to the Duisburg zoo. This museum holds an observations tower on the top floor from which the whole area can be surveyed. Exhibits are held in this museum regarding water and other water treatment processes.
Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt


Any place that attracts tourists needs to have a variety of food. This is the law that any tourist-heavy location follows. The situation is the same in Duisburg as well. Duisburg owns a plethora of restaurants and food stores that are guaranteed to please the appetites of all people. The food made in Duisburg is exquisite, and people around the world come to eat it.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Duisburg also is the home of several big food chain restaurants. The following are some of these traditional restaurants available in Duisburg.

  • Zur Laterne:' The Zur Laterne is one of Duisburg's biggest traditional restaurants since 1877. The restaurant is well known for traditional homemade Duisburg food and its cozy atmosphere. The menu they provide might be short but is of the finest quality. The restaurant keeps the quality of food as its highest quality.
  • Kulturerbe Gasthaus: The Kulturerbe is another old restaurant built in the 1700s. They provide home-style foods famous in Duisburg at an affordable price. The atmosphere here is decent and soothing. They provide food specifically made for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Every customer that enters the restaurant leaves with a full stomach and a happy heart.
  • Küppersmühle Restaurant: The Küppersmühle Restaurant is the biggest in all of Duisburg. This restaurant is known for its well its fine food and its beautiful scenic locations. The restaurant is located near the banks of the Rhine River. They specialize in seasonal foods. They allow both take-outs as well as sit and dine options. People from all across the globe come to this restaurant to try out this restaurant's world cuisines.
  • Mississippi Innenhafen: Another top-rated restaurant in Duisburg is the Mississippi Innenhafen. This restaurant lies inside Duisburg’s famous Inner Harbour. This restaurant is known for its good mixture of international and Duisburg’s own foods. The menu provided by this restaurant gives people options like none other.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Here is the list of some of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Duisburg.

  • LoLu: It is a famous vegetarian café present in Duisburg. This café is located in the Claubergstr district of Duisburg. The restaurant offers both take-outs as well as delivery services.
  • Mongo’s Restaurant: Mongo’s restaurant is one of the biggest vegan restaurants present in Duisburg. This restaurant offers people the choice of selecting different courses from the large array of dishes they serve. They even have a buffet counter as well as specialized food for people who want gluten-free food.
  • Kartoffel-Kiste: It is one of the major vegan restaurants in all of Duisburg. This restaurant is located in the central part of the city. The restaurant is known for mouth-watering vegan food. The restaurant has held several office and person parties for people. The restaurant does not have a delivery option.

Street Food

Street foods are a thing of beauty for any place in the world. Different places have different types of street food that are all mouth-watering and delicious to eat. The same goes for Duisburg, Germany. Duisburg is the home of several different street food delicacies. A huge number of delicious street foods are a specialty in Duisburg, and people from across the globe come to eat them.

One of the street foods of Duisburg that is world-famous is the Bratkartoffeln. This is a very simple dish that includes potatoes as the main ingredient. The potatoes are served (diced or sliced) with bacon, ham, vegetables, onions, and other varieties of spices and oils. The dish looks fabulous due to the golden color of the crispy potatoes. The dish gives the mouth a soft and tender feeling. The best part of the dish is that it is cheap and is sold almost anywhere in Duisburg.


Germany is known for its high quality of beer and other beverages. In Duisburg, water and beverages are abundant and available in a variety of places. Cafes and breweries are a common sight one can see when taking a stroll on Duisburg's roads.


In several different parts of the world, drinking tap water is advised to be avoided. This is due to the high rate of water pollution and the chemical that is found in them. But this is not the case in Duisburg. Resident and travelers who have visited Duisburg have often said that Duisburg's tap water is drinkable. Though there is no confirmed statement from WHO, still people believe this statement to be true. This statement becomes acceptable as the water pollution level of Duisburg is low. The city's water is mostly clean, and people have been using tap water for drinking for several years.

Therefore, the answer to whether the tap water of Duisburg is drinkable or not is simple. The tap water is drinkable, but one must use other options when possible.

Organic Cafés

Duisburg is a major German city, and several people have taken it upon themselves to provide people with organic alternatives of several different things. There are several different organic stores in Duisburg; some of them are listed below.

  • Pro Biomarkt
  • Denn’s Biomarkt
  • Reformhaus Lebensraum
  • Biohaus
  • Schluters Hofverkauf


Germany is known for its beers. Therefore, breweries are a staple for any German state. In Duisburg, there are a large number of breweries that provide top-rated German drinks. The following are some of the most famous breweries in Duisburg.

  • Webster Brauhaus
  • Frankenhein Brauhaus
  • Moerser Brauhaus
  • Bier-Hovelmann
  • Walsumer Brauhaus Urfels
  • Brauerei August Gleumes
  • Brauereiausschank Weinges
  • Dampfe
  • Brauhaus Mattlerhof


People of Duisburg live a vivacious lifestyle. There is a large number of activities that a person in Duisburg can partake in. People often enjoy and party late nights at clubs, enjoy watching games with friends at bars, and much more. Grounds are often filled with people playing some sport or the other.

People in Duisburg also enjoy the fun activities that the beaches have. The summer is when one can find the breaches filled with people either resting or having fun with friends.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is still a new concept in Duisburg. It is not that people don’t know about yoga in Duisburg, but there are only a few places that offer yogic teachings and practices to Duisburg people. Several people have made many reforms to include yogic practices in people’s lives in Duisburg. As of now, there are only a few yoga retreats present in Duisburg. The following is the list of these yoga retreats.

  • Yoagna Yoga Kurse Und Seminare
  • FreiesInstitut Kaiserberg
  • Firmenyoga
  • Shaanti Ultra Ashtanga Yoga


Since Duisburg is a tourist-heavy city, accommodation is a huge concern there. Any city that attracts a lot of tourists needs to have a large number of hotels and other means of accommodation for people to live in.

Here in this section, we shall discuss some of the common ways of living available in Duisburg for tourists to stay in.

Green Hotels

Duisburg is one of the most prosperous cities in Germany. Many people come throughout the year to visit the city for its rich culture, historically important sites, and world-class drinks. But the city also likes to look after its environment. The government and other parties have installed several green hotels for such tourists to stay in. These hotels are environmentally friendly and have been one reason why the pollution level is so low in Duisburg. Below are some of the top-rated green hotels in Duisburg.

  • Ibis Duisburg Hauptbahnhof: The Ibis Duisburg Hauptbahnhof is one of the most famous green hotels in all of Duisburg. The hotel is located in the center of the city and proximity to the railway station. It is considered to be one of the finest eco-friendly hotels in all of Germany. The hotel follows a towel reuse program to stop wasting and throwing towels. They also take it upon themselves to educate their guest about several green practices and also make sure that their staff also follows these practices.
  • Hotel Rheingarten: The hotel Rheingaten is another top-rated green hotel in Duisburg. It is located near the Rhine river banks, and the hotel is close to nearby cities like Essen Dusseldorf. The hotel is proud of its green practices. The hotel officials make sure that their guest feels no discomfort while staying in the hotel and ensuring that all the waste is not disposed of improperly. The hotel restricts any smoking and also does not allow pets inside.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Hotel Ramor Garni: Hotel Ramor Garni is a huge hotel that is located in close proximity to the Duisburg-Großenbaum Train Station. It is a family hotel with spacious rooms to accommodate several families together. The hotel is a non-smoking zone and allows pets to stay in the hotel. The hotel has several amenities like free wifi, free parking, cable tv, and much more. There are several top tourist destinations close by that people enjoy while living in the hotel.
  • Haus Scheuten Hotel: The HausScheuten Hotel is situated in the Buchholz district off Duisburg. Several metro stations are in close proximity to the hotel. The hotel also is not far enough from the Dusseldorf airport. The rooms in the hotel are spacious enough to accommodate a whole family. Breakfasts are offered every morning to their guests. The hotel also has several amenities like cable TV, free wifi, free parking, and much more. The hotel also allows pets to live inside the hotel. Each room is also equipped with coffee makers. Lastly, the hotel is also a non-smoking zone.
  • Hotel Garni Schilling: Another hotel that is prominent in the Duisburg region is the Hotel Garni Schilling. This hotel is located on the south of Duisburg. The hotel offers bright rooms with free parking. The hotel is a non-smoking zone and provides breakfasts for each guest in their hotel. There are several other amenities like free wifi, cable TV, free parking, and much more.


Nowadays, several people are moving to Duisburg either for work purposes or any other reason that makes them stay in Duisburg for a longer duration of time. In such a scenario, people to rent an apartment to stay in to save the excess cost they have to pay if they stay in hotels and guest houses.

Several residents in Duisburg are willing to provide their apartments and rooms for renting purposes. This renting of an apartment is truly a better alternative. But there are some issues or precautions present that one must take before renting an apartment. These precautions include:

  • Examining the whole apartment before confirming for any case of previous damage.
  • Taking on a contract to prevent any legal disputes.
  • Selecting the apartment of the right size depending upon one's budget and requirements.
  • Making some ground rules when living with other tenants.


Couchsurfing is a new and innovative way of staying at a place you don’t know anything about. This way of accommodation has seen a rise in Duisburg. There are many sites online that offer people the option of Couchsurfing in Duisburg. Not only have that, but the residents of Duisburg also signed in on these sites to provide their homes Couchsurfing purposes.

Sometimes people feel discomfort allowing a stranger to stay at their home. This is why Couchsurfing is an option that people can opt for only if they are comfortable.


Camping is a common practice in Duisburg. There are several lakes and river-sides where people prefer camping. Now and then people prefer spending time with their family in the woods and on such sites. Even though there are no single camping instructor guides present, but there is no restriction in camping on these turfs.

How to Get There

Reaching Duisburg is not an issue. A person can arrive at Duisburg in a number of ways. It is one of Germany's biggest cities; therefore, it is well connected to other parts of the world via air, road and much more. It is the home of several airports, railway stations, and much more.


Duisburg is one of the biggest cities in Germany. Therefore, there are several airports located near and in the city. The biggest airport in eh Duisburg region is the Duisburg Flughafentaxi. This is one of the oldest and biggest airports in the region and has also been one of the busiest ones. Several other airports are listed below.

  • Flughafentransfer Dusseldorf 1 bis 8 Personen
  • Dusseldorf International Airport
  • Flughafen Kaiserswerth
  • Sonderlandplatz
  • Luftrettungszentrum Christoph 9
Dusseldorf International Airport


People often ask this question of are there any buses that can take them to Duisburg. This answer is yes. Some intercity buses will take you to Duisburg. But all these buses tend to follow a particular route, and in that route, Duisburg lies in the middle. Therefore, the travel time that one takes while traveling through a bus is more. This is why people often avoid this mode of reaching Duisburg.

A bus in Duisburg


Duisburg is the home of one of the biggest stations in all of Germany. The Duisburg central station is one of Germany's busiest stations and acts as the main junction of several regional, national and international railway lines. To reach Duisburg via train, a person has three options to choose from. They are:

  • VRR
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Thalys

The VRR refers to the local trains of the region, the Deutsche Bahn refers to the nationwide train that goes in Germany, and the Thalys refers to the international trains that go to and fro from 3 countries – Belgium, France, and Germany. All these three trains will take you to Duisburg as it falls on the route that these trains take.

Bullet Train in Duisburg


Hitchhiking is a risky mode of travel, both for the person asking for a ride and also for the person offering a ride. People are often wary of such people and do not want to offer a ride to such people. Some people do offer rides to such hitchhikers, but even they avoid taking on hitchhikers at night.


There are several other ways through which a person can take on the ride to reach Duisburg. Other than trains, there are modes of travel like S-Bahn, and others for traveling. Duisburg has several autobahns or highways across its region. One the south-west region, there are three routes, and there are two north-south routes as well. Other than these are many more autobahns present that allow people to travel to Duisburg very easily with any hassle.

Moving Around

Duisburg being a modern city that was earlier an industrial town, is way ahead of its time. The city provides a large array of transportation modes for people to move around in the city. The city has several public transport options and allows people to book individual rides for them as well as their families.


Duisburg is spread out in a large area. There are several modes of transportation available, but for short-distance travel, people prefer walking. Forgoing to a nearby park or a shopping market, people are advised to pick walking as an option. Walking is the most environmentally friendly mode of travel that will help maintain the high quality of the present environment in Duisburg.


Duisburg is a city that keeps the environment as its highest priority. That is why they offer people the option of selecting an environmentally friendly travel mode, i.e., renting a bicycle. Several companies are out there that are there to provide bicycles for rent to people.

Electronic Vehicles

Duisburg is also a technologically advanced city. There are several companies out there who give tourists the option of booking electric cars and other vehicles. These vehicles are environment friendly, and these might be slow but are some of the finest options available.

Public Bus

Public buses are the most common form of transport that people prefer in Duisburg. There are a large number of buses that one takes for moving from point A to point B in Duisburg.

Tram, Train and Subway

Along with buses, the next common travel mode that one takes for traveling a considerable amount of distance in Duisburg are the tram, train, and subways. In Duisburg, S-Bahn is the best mode of travel. Just like international trains, local trains are also installed in Duisburg that travels throughout the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Being a commercial town, Duisburg is the home of a lot of markets. These markets are specialised in all supplies like food, clothing and much more. The city has several fashion stores throughout the city.

Food Markets

Duisburg is an advanced metropolitan city where people live a very basic lifestyle. People rather than buying food online, in Duisburg they prefer buying from several food markets that are available. Here are some fo the following list of food markets available in Duisburg.

  • Beirut Market
  • A-Market
  • Kelebek Market
  • Baskent Market
  • Huzur Market
  • Sila Market
  • Rosenwasser Market

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a pretty common thing in Duisburg. The flea markets bring in Duisburg things that are rare and cheap. Sometimes, the flea market has items that might be super costly but are sold at low prices.

There are several flea markets available in Duisburg; some are mentioned below.

  • Zeitreise
  • Ruhrkohle AG
  • Schwarzmarkt
  • Flomarkt am Sportpark
  • TrodelmarktIm Holtkamp

Second Hand Stores

There are several second-hand stores in Duisburg. Some of them are listed below.

  • Secondhand-Shop.de
  • Second Hand Shop Marly
  • Yoused
  • Papelapapp
  • Mode auszweiter Hand


The eco-fashion store is one of the common facilities available in Duisburg. The following are some of the examples of such eco-fashion stores.

  • Espirit Store
  • Orsay
  • Mango
  • Vero Moda
  • WE Fashion Store


Environment control is a top priority in Duisburg. People of Duisburg play their part in environment control to make the pollution in check. Instead of dumping waste everywhere, people and the municipal corporation makes use of the recycling process. Recycling is a key part of environmental pollution control, and this use of recycling in Duisburg has allowed the level of pollution to below there.


Germany has the best waste recycling rate in all around the world. In cities like Duisburg, this is more prominent as almost all of the recyclable products are managed properly. These products, instead of just dumping unmaintained, are used for other purposes. Duisburg takes waste management as its top priority for maintaining the proper ecological balance.

Work and Study Abroad

In Germany, educating students is considered to be one of the greatest priorities. Universities and schools are present in abundance for parents to choose for their child. The education of these students is not only flexible but is also more practical in life.

Duisburg also has one of the highest rates of job offerings in all of Germany. People from all across the globe receive offers of working in Duisburg and those who take the job have been extremely satisfied with the working conditions.

Exchange Student

Educations are a top priority that several officials in Duisburg take high value in. There are several universities in Duisburg that accept several exchange students. Some of the universities are as follows.

  • University of Duisburg
  • Student Council International Duisburg
  • Gebäude ST Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • FOM University Academic Ce
  • Mercator School of Management

All these schools and universities have accepted over a thousand students over the years. Each of these students has been extremely satisfied with the type of study they received, and they have even referred other students to study there as well.

Au Pair

Au pair jobs have seen a rise in Germany in recent times. The concept of Au pair has also reached in Duisburg, and several jobs have been offered in Duisburg, keeping this concept in mind.


The people of Duisburg are known for their hospitality. Duisburg is also the home of several non-profit organizations that specialize in volunteering work and helping others. There are several organizations, some of which are listed below.

  • Kindernothilfe
  • Arbeitsgruppe Dusiburg
  • I.S.A.R. Germany Stiftunggemeinnützige UG
  • DuisburgerInstitutfür Sprach- und Sozialforschung
  • Jugendringd Stadt Duisburg

All these organizations, along with several other works diligently for the betterment of other people. These organizations offer volunteering work for people in dire need and even secure funds to relieve such people.

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