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Eco-friendly travel guide to Germany advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Germany, Europe.

Aerial View of Berlin, Germany

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4/ 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 4/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5/ 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$350 - $700
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $260

Responsible Travel

Germany is an extremely beautiful and one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole world. Every year, so many tourists pay a visit to this country to experience it's beautiful culture and heritage. Germany is a country present in Europe which covers the western and the central part of Europe. It is one of the most developed countries in the whole world, and as the years are passing it is getting more and more advanced. Germany has the largest economy in Europe, and in the world, it is ranked on number five. Being a tourist in today's world comes with its own set of responsibilities and obligations. The change climate of the planet urges us to be more responsible and take accountability for our actions and also study the impact we have on the environment. One must travel in an eco friendly way and ensure that the local citizens or the natural surroundings are not affected. These are some of the most crucial tips that vacationers must follow to travel responsibly.

  • Use an eco friendly transport method: It is very important to opt for an eco friendly transport method that will be the least harmful for the environment and will also decrease your carbon footprint. For example travelling by a bus or train will be more ideal than travelling by a plane or car. If you are from nearby European countries then instead of catching a flight you should consider taking the train as it will release significantly less amount of Co2. Using public transport instead of taxis and private vehicles also helps massively. It is also a lot cheaper and budget friendly.
  • Check your carbon offset: Plenty of online resources, apps and websites are available that you can look into in order to track your carbon footprint and look for alternatives to activities that can increase your carbon footprint.
  • Bring your own reusable cutlery: 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away everyday in Germany that are not recycled. Same goes for plastic straws, cups, cutlery and water bottles. Always have your own water bottle and metal straws. It might not look like a significant step but it can make a huge difference.
  • Travel lighter: If you are travelling by car then make sure you take away the extra stuff and travel lighter. This will ensure that your car is not using too much fuel. Travelling light if you are flying in also really helps.
  • Try to support the local communities and shops: Do not just go to the same hughstreet chains and brands that you find everywhere in the world. n order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

While the Quality in Germany is not as good as the air quality in its neighbouring countries of Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, it is still pretty good. The figures are nowhere near being alarming so you will not have to worry about it too much. Another promising part is that Germany has done wonders to reduce the pollution level and improve its air quality. The government and the locals have played an equally important role in doing so. This just illustrates that they take this issue seriously and so should you. When you are visiting the country make sure that you practice all the tips provided in the aforementioned section. If you belong to sensitive groups, if you suffer from asthma, or any allergies, it is recommended that you carry your medication with you just to be safe. It is unlikely that anything will trigger it but just be safe.

Respect the Culture

Local People of Germany are very conscious when it comes to respecting their culture and beliefs. There are so many rules and regulations made by the government of Germany regarding respecting the culture. People of Germany are known for their punctuality, and they are always on time to do any of their work. Christianity is the religion that is followed by the local people of Germany, and for them, respect for religion is extremely important. So many Festivals in Germany are celebrated, and in them, their traditional music is being played on which the people dance and enjoy. They eat traditional food on special occasions and are very fond of drinking beer at any of their festivals. Germany has a very ancient and rich heritage of culture, and the past of this country is full of pride and devotion. The people who lived in Germany in the early days were very hardworking and devoted. They worked day and night to raise the economy of this country and contribute towards the development of the country.

It is very important for tourists to respect the culture of Germany as everyone should respect every culture. The best thing Tourists can do is get involved in the festivals and cultural programs to get to know this country's culture properly. This will help the tourists know all the rules and regulations regarding the culture, and they will get all the information about the culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Germany has a very large surface area, and it has so many beautiful and fascinating places to visit. This country is full of tourist attraction spots, and the tourists need almost 2-3 weeks to visit the best attraction places in Germany. Some of the places which every tourist must visit are mentioned below.

  • PickBerlin's Brandenburg Gate- This beautiful gate is an ancient gate that is present in the country of Germany. This gate was constructed in the year 1791 and was built for the great King Frederick William II. Tourists who want to visit this place can find it in the city of Berlin in the acropolis. This gate was the neoclassical structure of this city and is still really nicely maintained. It has in total of 6 columns that join and make five beautiful pathways on the road. Out of these five passages, four passages are used for the regular traffic of the city, and the remaining gate is used for taking tolls and tax.
  • Cologne cathedral - This church is one of the most visited and famous cathedrals in the country of Germany. This is one of the most iconic and beautifully constructed cathedrals. It is a cathedral for St Peter and St Mary and Is of great importance for the country. It is also named as one of the largest cathedrals in the whole of Europe. It was built in the year 1248, and now also it is in very good shape and maintained very nicely. Tourists should definitely visit this cathedral as it is the must-visit place in the country of Germany.
  • The Black Forest - This beautiful forest is spread over more than 160 kilometers and is situated in the high Rhine south. If any tourist is a hiker, then he/she should visit this place as it is also known by the name hiker's heaven. It is one of the most visited highlands in the whole of Europe, and people love to visit this place. It is named dark as it is covered densely with hills, and due to the thick cover of the hills, sunlight cannot reach here.
  • The Berlin wall - On this wall, there are so many paintings related to world war II, and this wall is still in very good shape. This wall was made in the year 1961 by the thought of the cold war from Germany. But in the year 1990, it got broken, and the country started the renovation of this wall. This beautiful wall is present in the capital city of Germany, which is named Berlin. The wall's length kept on increasing as the years passed, and the maintenance of this wall is also really good. This place is a must-visit tourist place, and they should definitely pay a visit over this place.
  • Insel mainau - This Island is full of beautiful flowers and has a very thick cover of wide varieties of flowers. It is very fascinating for anyone to visit here as flowers of so many colors together look very beautiful and attract the attention of doing many people. This beautiful Island can be seen near the Constance lake of Germany and every day so many people can be deen visiting here. This Island is spread over more than 110 acres of surface area and is a very good spot for photography.
  • Sanssouci Park and Palace - This beautiful park and palace was built between the years 1744-1756 and is a very famous tourist spot. This place has a flower garden where so many beautiful flowers can be seen, and they smell really lovely. This place has more than 3000 trees of different types of fruits, and all of them are taken care of very nicely in this place. This is a lovely place for relaxation and stressing out as one can come here and enjoy the peaceful environment of this place.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber - This city is a very ancient city of Germany and one of the most visited and famous places in this country. It remained in very good shape during the thirty years of the world war and still is in very good condition. The routes of this place are excellent, and tourists who like to go on long drives should definitely visit this place. Many couples can be seen on these routes enjoying the environment and spending some quality time with each other. This city is very peaceful and very clean, and one who loves a peaceful environment will definitely love this place.
  • The Island of Rügen - This Island is a bit separated from Germany, but it is a part of Germany, and this Island is extremely beautiful. This Island is considered the first choice place to visit for the tourists, and every day, so many people arrive at this Island to explore it. This Island has so many ancient and historical landmarks which were constructed many years ago and show the heritage of the country of Germany. This Island also has so many beaches where people can relax and have a thick cover of forests and hills, enhancing the beauty of this Island.
  • Zugspitze Massif - This place is a part of the Wetter Stein mountain range, which is present between Germany and Austria. Tourists can easily visit here either with road transportation or another option which is through cable cars. This place is situated at the height of more than 2900 meters, and from the top, the whole city can be seen, which looks very beautiful. This place also has a very long Tunnel, which is 800 meters long, where the tourists and visitors can walk and enjoy. Tourists who are visiting Germany on vacations should definitely visit this place also as it has so many places which one can visit.
  • Berlin's Museum Island - This Island of Germany is one of the most important and also the most visited and famous islands of Europe. This Island has so many museums, and every museum is fascinating and lets the visitors know all the things that happened in the past. All these museums are in great shape and very nicely maintained as they are very important. These museums have all the information regarding the culture and the events that happened in the past so that people can gain information.
Panorama of Cologne, including the Kranhäuser and Cologne Cathedral, as seen from the Rhine.


Germany has a very large surface area, and it has so many beautiful and fascinating places to visit. This country is full of tourist attraction spots, and the tourists need almost 2-3 weeks to visit the best attraction places in Germany. Some of the places which every tourist must visit are mentioned below.

City Parks

There are so many city parks in this country, and every one of it has its own significance and specialty. These parks are present in every locality. Visit here to enjoy and relax on the off days. Some of the most popular city parks present in this country are mentioned below.

  • City Park Freudenberg - A very beautiful park where so many people visit daily, it is present in Freudenberg Germany. This is a very nicely maintained place, and it has so many chairs to sit and relax. It has so many trees and plants, which lowers the temperature of the environment by its cool Breeze. The environment is very peaceful, and the chirping of birds in the peaceful environment is very soothing for anyone. It has walking tracks where the visitors can enjoy hiking, and the pathways also have signs and direction boards so that the visitors can easily fetch the right way.
  • Stadtgarten Freiburg - The flower gardens are the most beautiful thing which the visitors will get to see here. This city park is situated at a height so views from this park are really beautiful and one can see the whole city after reaching the top. Park is very beautifully maintained, and they ask their visitors not to throw any garbage in the park, dustbins are there to put the garbage inside them. So many families can be seen here spending time with their loved ones and kids.
  • Eilenriede City Park - This city park is a perfect place where visitors can get really nice pictures of themselves and also of nature. People who are very fond of photography and one who is professional photographers can visit this place for such beautiful clicks of nature. This park is present in Hanover, Germany and local people visit this park every day in the evening time to do some exercise. This city park also has joggers track where people can jog or walk, and the track is covered with trees.
Stadtgarten Freiburg

National Parks

Germany has so many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which have so many animals and plant species. In these parks, all the flora and fauna species are taken care of and kept safe so that interaction of humans from these species can not occur. Some of the national parks situated in Germany are mentioned below.

  • Jasmund National Park - It is one of the most beautiful national parks present in the country of Germany, and it is a very popular national park among the local people. Here people can see so many aquatic species, mainly Turtles and tortoises. It has a very big track for cycling and driving where people can use their own transportation to explore this beautiful park. This park also contains a beach forest with a very thick cover of the forest, and the view is fantastic. Tourists should visit this place as it is very beautiful and they will definitely enjoy their time here.
  • Harz National Park - This national park provides the most ideal and natural environment to its visitors as it is very peaceful and worth exploring. So many deers can be seen here hopping and grazing from one place to another. And they are very harmless to humans if appropriately treated. This national park has so many thousands of plant species and a very good place for botanists as they can research the plant species of this National park. This National park also has over 1800 species of Alpine plants, which are found in the whole world.
  • Bavarian Forest Park - This national park is home to so many animal species, and all these animals are kept here in a secure environment. You will be able to see some rare and unique species that are indigenous to the country and will not find anywhere else. This national park has many brown bears, which are very dangerous when poked by anyone. It also home to lynx and wolves of so many different species and varieties. This park has the best scenic views and is a really good place for taking photographs.
View of the magnificent Jasmund National Park


Beaches are favorites among the families, and on weekends so many families can be seen visiting their nearby beaches and enjoying. Every state and city of Germany has beaches, and some of the popular beaches in Germany are mentioned below.

  • Langeoog Beach - This beach is situated on the Islands of langeoog, an island where cars are not allowed and strictly prohibited. Visitors and local people can use cable cars, public transport or bicycles for rent are also available. This is a very big beach and has an extensive surface area where so many people can enjoy without it getting too crowded. This beach is immaculate, and visitors are asked to keep the beach and waterbody clean, and they should not throw any waste around the beach.
  • Lubmin Beach - This beach is considered the best nudist beach in Germany and is also a very popular beach in the country. It is a gorgeous beach with pine trees surrounding it. The best part about it is that there are many activities like fishing, horseback riding, diving etc that you can take part in while on your trip to the Lubmin beach. Definitely one of the top 5 beach beaches in Germany.
  • Wannsee Beach - If anyone wants to have adventurous activities, this beach is perfect for them. This beach is present in the capital city of Germany, Berlin, and is a very famous beach in this country. Adventurous activities like sailing and surfing can be done here by the people who are outdoorsy and hands on. The water body is very clean and maintained very nicely, and people are also requested to keep it clean. On warm days this place is the best and people can visit here as the environment of this beach is a bit cooler than the usual.
Langeoog is one of most serene beaches in Germany and a must visit


So many ancient and historical landmarks can be seen in Germany, and all these landmarks have their own significance. These landmarks just describe the history of this country and every year, so many tourists visit the important landmarks which are present in this country. Some of the famous and important landmarks of this country are mentioned below.

  • Sanssouci Palace - Located in the beautiful city of Potsdam, this incredible palace was constructed in the 18th century and regular restoration work has allowed it to maintain its beauty and charm. The display of grandeur and opulence will transport you to another era when you visit this magnificent palace. The artwork, the gardens, exquisite ballrooms and fountains are definitely worth exploring.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle - This beautiful castle was constructed in the 19th century and was one of the most expensive castles in Germany. It is also one of the most recognised and popular castles in Europe. You will find the location to be idyllic, built atop a rock ledge over the Pöllat Gorge in the Bavarian Alps by order of Bavaria’s King Louis II (“Mad King Ludwig”) this one cannot be missed.
  • Reichstag - This historical landmark was renovated in the 20th century in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. This landmark signifies about this country's politics, and this is the place where the parliament of Germany meets. Usually, this place was constructed in the 19 century, and in 1999 it went through so many renovations and glasswork. This place is open to the local people, and all the people have the right to explore this place. The glass dome of this place is very nicely and finely made, and it attracts so many people towards this place.
Neuschwanstein Castle


Museums really give you an opportunity to learn more about the history of the country, have an in-depth insight into it's past. Not only that but it also helps you learn about people, the culture, traditions and customs of the country. There are plenty of museums that are worth visiting in Germany. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Germanisches National museum - Germanisches National museum is named as one of the largest and the most prominent museums in the country. It prides itself as being one of the most important museums that talk about the cultural history of the country and has multiple exhibitions to educate people about the prehistoric and the current culture of Germany. It's committed to conducting several different research projects as well. Fascinating exhibitions include a display of different weapons used in the world war.
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum - Located in Stuttgart, the mercedes benz museum traces the history of automobiles especially the ones invented by Carl Benz and the ones by the Mercedes Benz brand or the ones associated with it. With over 16o different vehicles at display, this museum is a dream come true for not only automobile lovers but historians, tech geeks and children as well because of the fascinating way the exhibitions tell a story.
  • Deutsches Museum- This museum shows the history and evolution of dinosaurs and how all the dinosaurs got extinct from the Earth. This museum focuses mainly on science, technology, and astronomy, so many workshops are also being carried out in this museum. It is a very nicely maintained museum, and the staff members are very professional and have knowledge regarding things this museum has.
Inside the Germanisches National museum, an exhibition display titled Art of the Weimar Republic


Food is a very important and basic entity in each, and every one's life and local people of Germany are also very concerned about what they are eating. And there are so many different kinds of traditional foods which are being consumed by the local people and are very delicious. Tourists can also consume these dishes in any of the restaurants which are present in Germany. There are so many good restaurants in Germany, and they provide excellent food for their visitors. They have cuisines of various countries, and the visitor can choose any one of that cuisine on their own. The rates of all the restaurants are different, and it depends upon the popularity of the restaurant and also the quality of food provided by the restaurant. People can choose any restaurant of their choice and select the cuisine and eat the food they want. If tourists are interested in eating German food, then they can select German cuisine in any of the restaurants and try the traditional and local food of Germany. German cuisine is a very big of so many different kinds of dishes, whether it be veg, non-veg, sweet, spicy, and many more. Some of the traditional and most popular dishes which are being consumed in Germany are Maultaschen, doner kebab, sausages, currywurst, and many more dishes.


Drinks are usually consumed with meals or breakfast in the morning, and the local people of Germany are very fond of consuming drinks, whether it be an alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic beverages are more commonly consumed in this country as there is an age restriction, and after the age of 16, only anyone can drink alcohol. Age restriction on smoking is also there in Germany, and people can only smoke cigarettes after the age of 18. Coffee is the most consumed drink in the whole, but in Germany, coffee is the most consumed by the local people. People of this country prefer to start their day by consuming coffee as they keep them energized throughout the day. There are more than 1000 flavors of coffee available for the people to drink in Germany, and every flavor has a very unique and different taste. Fruit juices are also very common amongst people who are concerned about their fitness. Juices are really healthy for the human body, and daily consumption of fruit juices gives so many health benefits. Tea and milk are also consumed by the local people of Germany very often, and tea is more often consumed during ceremonies and festivals.


The quality of tap water is different in all the countries, but in almost all the countries, tap water is not good to drink. But in the land of Germany, the tap water is relatively safe to drink, especially in the prime States and cities of Germany like Munich and Berlin. In these places, tap water consumption is very common, and the water coming from the tap I'd safe to drink. So many people prefer tap water over mineral water in Germany as in doing many research tap water was proved better than the mineral water. Although tap water contains nitrates and chlorine in some states and cities, it makes it unfit for consumption. Nitrate levels in the tap water of some localities were found to be really high, and consuming this water can cause health problems. Many people are using water purifiers to filter these harmful chemicals from the tap water and then consume them in their daily activities. The people of Germany are also using packaged water bottles, but its consumption is significantly less as the water quality in most of the localities is good.


Germany is a vast country, and there are so many things to explore and visit here. Football is the national sport of this country and people are very fond of playing this sport whenever they are free. There are so many football stadiums in Germany, and people can go and watch the matches of their favorite teams and clubs there as a tourist one has so many places to visit although in one trip all those places cannot be visited and it requires so much time to visit them all. People can do so many adventurous activities in Germany like snorkeling, jungle safari, hiking and many more so this place is a really good option for adventure lovers. To relax and reduce the stress people can visit city parks or beaches and many local people visit these places very frequently. There are so many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in this country where nature lovers can go and see the wide varieties of animals and plants. Many landmarks and museums are also present in this country, which signifies about the culture and rich heritage of this country.


By the word accommodation, one can understand the place where they can live and reside. Choice of the accommodation is done mainly by tourists who are planning a trip to anywhere they want. If any tourist is planning a trip to Germany, then he/she has so many modes of accommodation where they can reside throughout their trip. Choice of the accommodation should be made very wisely and as per the requirement of the individual. Some modes of accommodation are a bit expensive and have so many facilities for their visitors so that they can never get bored while residing here. Some modes of accommodation are quite cheap, and they do not contain any such activities where people can enjoy and spend their time. Hotels are the most used and chosen accommodation in the whole world by the tourists as they have full of other activities for their tourists so that they can never get bored. Hostels and guest houses are also the mode of accommodation which are used less when compared to the hotels. Another mode of accommodation used mostly by the local people but sometimes by certain tourists is apartments.

Green Hotels

Green hotels, also referred to as environmentally friendly hotels, have contributed so much towards the welfare of the environment. A normal hotel causes so much pollution and harm to the environment, and this approach has totally changed the trend of hotels. Companies and authorities are now opting to make an eco-friendly hotel and are suitable for the environment. Like other countries, Germany also has so many green hotels, which shows that the people of this country are very concerned towards the environment. Some hotels in Germany are using electricity generated by the use of waste materials, which is really helpful for the environment. Generating electricity by waste products gives so many benefits as the waste products are getting used in the correct way rather than degrading the environment. Soaps and shampoos available in these hotels for the use of visitors are organic and are made from natural components, which also contribute to the environment. Beds present here will not be of wood. It would be of some other material as cutting of wood is harmful to the environment. There are many green hotels in Germany. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Bio familienhotel gut nisdorf
  • Biohotel Sturm
  • Mawell resort
  • Refugium lindenwirt

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are suitable for female tourists and visitors if considered about the safety measures. Hostels are a very comfortable and absolutely safe mode of accommodation. Females can book any hostel of their choice from online sites where the tourists can easily book any hostel as per their requirement and the number of people they are. Germany has so many hostels, and they have all the necessary facilities which the tourists want. They provide three meals in a day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the hostel staff will decide the menu.

Guesthouses are another mode of accommodation in which people can choose to reside or Live. Germany has lots of guest houses for visitors and outsiders, and they can book these guest houses online very easily and conveniently. They have fewer facilities than hotels, but still people who do not require any of those activities choose this mode of accommodation. Guesthouses provide three meals in a day, which starts with breakfast and ends with dinner. People can request the staff of the guest house for the change of the menu, and the staff is good enough to change it.


This mode of accommodation is mainly used by the locals of the country who don't have enough money to construct their own house. Apartments are a brilliant option for the middle-class people of Germany as they can easily afford this accommodation and do not have to pay so much money to reside here. Apartments are way more cheaper than purchasing a house although the facilities are somewhat similar. Germany is a country where there are so many apartments, and the buildings are very massive. One apartment has approximately 18-20 floors, and it can also be more than that. The rates of the apartment may vary on the basis of the locality and the number of bedrooms. 3BHK apartments are the most expensive apartments in Germany. It has three bedrooms, whereas 1BHK is the cheapest apartment one can get as it has only one bedroom and two people can live very easily over here. Some tourists who are on a long office trip can also rent apartments to prove cheaper than living in the hotels. Renting an apartment is very easy. One just needs to contact the agencies, and they will help the visitors to get the apartment.


Local people of Germany, are humble enough when it comes to giving hospitality to their friends and relatives. Any tourist who has a relative or a friend in Germany will get so many benefits as the relative can help in so many ways. Couch surfing is a very common practice done by the local people of Germany, and they don't mind providing hospitality to their near ones. Tourists will get so many benefits when they live in their relative's place. These tourists will not need to get worried about the accommodation as they already have a place to live. Locals will help their visitors in suggesting the best places in Germany which they should definitely visit. Local relatives will also be aware of all the traditional foods, and they will even know how to make it. So the visitors will not need to go to any restaurant as they will get to eat traditional food here only. Couch surfing is very budget-friendly as the visitors don't need to book any accommodation, and also they don't need to go to the restaurants to eat food, they already have facilities to live and eat.


Camping is an adventurous activity that many people do, and in Germany, there are some places that help people fulfill their urge to Camping. There are so many places in Germany which are covered by forest and steep valleys, and these are places where Camping can be done. Camping is a challenging activity that is usually practiced by a group of people. Camping needs precision and experience, and if anyone is practicing it for the first time, then he/she should take any expert's advice first. There are many organizations and agencies which provide space to the people who want to practice Camping. They give the visitors tents and rest they have to do it on their own. They charge money only for the space they provide, and the tent is optional. If anyone wants to take tents, then additional charges will be charged by the organizations. Tourists can also opt for this mode of accommodation, but they need to be very careful and need to follow all the rules and regulations which are required to do Camping. One should also know how to cook and make their food at Camping.



Getting There and Moving Around

Reaching Germany is very easy and so many modes of transportation are available in this country through which traveling becomes really easy. Tourists only have one option to reach here, which is air transportation as other modes of transportation will take many days to reach Germany. Air transportation is a very rapid and convenient way of traveling when anyone wants to cover a longer distance in a significantly less amount of time. Direct flights are available for this country and flights from every country land and take off from the international airports of Germany.

Local people have so many ways to travel inside this country, and mainly public transportation is used the most as it is very cheap and convenient. People can hire taxis if they want to reach their destination in very little time. Cable cars are also available in Germany, which runs on electricity, and it is a very cheap mode of transportation in Germany. For outsiders, a taxi is the best mode of transportation if they want to travel to any of their desired destinations. Buses are also available for

transportation in Germany and it is one of the most used transportation in this country.


Air transportation in Germany is very well developed, and this country is very nicely connected to all the other countries due to this mode of transportation. Traveling through this mode is very costly, and the charges are very high, but if anyone who has to cover a very long distance should opt for this mode of transportation only. Airplanes are very convenient, and traveling in them is very comfortable. Germany has many international airports on which flights from all over the world land and departures. Many domestic airports are also present in this country where only flights that run inside the country arrive. Some airports provide free bus facilities that take passengers out of the airport and drop at their desired location. This facility is mainly started for people who came from another country and are unaware of public transportation. Every airplane has different classes, and every class has a different fare. The economy class is the cheapest class of the airplane, and the business class is a bit costlier than the economy class. Name of some international airports in Germany is mentioned below.

  • Frankfurt Airport
  • Munich International Airport
  • Münster Osnabrück International Airport
  • Dusseldorf Airport Ground Handling GmbH
Frankfurt Airport


Road transportation in Germany is very well connected and developed and is one of the most used transportation by the people of Germany. There are so many buses running inside this country which connect the States and cities of the whole country. There are both government buses and private buses which are run by some private agencies and authorities. Buses are one of the cheapest modes of transportation and are mostly used by middle-class people as they cannot afford a taxi every day to travel. Buses are very convenient and traveling through buses is also very comfortable. The buses in Germany are always on time and are incredibly punctual. Every city and state of Germany has many bus stations, and so many buses are running on one route only as the population of this country is very high. Buses are a very good option for tourists also as they are unaware of the routes and the bus will drop them wherever they want to go. Every locality and city has so many bus stations, and from every station, passengers can travel in their respective buses. Some of the bus stations which are present in Germany are mentioned below.

  • Jena central bus station
  • Isselburg
  • Bad Hersfeld bus station


Germany has a very nicely connected railway system, and they are used mainly by the people who want to travel to another state. The ticket price of trains is less when compared to buses so if anyone wants to cover a longer distance in less time and less money then traveling on a train is a very good option. Deutsche Bahn operates the Railway system in the country of Germany, this agency looks after all the activities of trains and looks after them. There are some trains in Germany which connect one city to another city and cover a very short distance compared to other trains. Another train is, which connects two or more than 2 States and covers a considerable distance. High-speed trains are also available in Germany, which covers a very large distance in a very short period of time. Ticket prices of high speed trains are costly when compared with the other trains. Trains that have to cover more distance have more facilities than the trains that cover short distances.


Hitchhiking is a very common practice in the country of Germany, and so many people can be seen practicing it. There is an emergency lane on every road of this country where anyone can stand and ask for hitchhiking if they are in any sort of help. However, some people are afraid of practicing it as there is always a risk of the wrong person. In recent times there were so many people who asked for hitchhiking and then robbed that person. So this practice is only being practiced now in any medical or any other emergency. If people are good, then hitchhiking is a really good practice as it helps in making new friends. Tourists can opt for this practice as they are unaware of the public transportation system. On the way, tourists can ask them about transportation in Germany. They can also ask them about the places they can visit in this country, which will help them have a good trip. This practice can help the people reach their destination very quickly as the roads of this country are very well developed and the people are also very aware of the routes.


Other methods are available in Germany, through which people can travel from one place to another. Taxi is one such method of transportation which is mostly used by the people who are unaware of any other modes of transportation to travel in this country. There are so many taxi renting companies and agencies which provide people with taxis. People can hire them with the driver or without the driver. People who are aware of the routes do not opt for drivers while the tourists opt for drivers as they do not know anything about the routes of this country. People can easily hire taxis through online websites and also by directly contacting the agencies. Another mode to travel in the land of Germany is by cable cars, these cable cars run on electricity and are very well connected to all the cities and states of this country. These cars run over the tracks, and the tracks are still very nicely maintained in this country. Both of these modes of transportation are widely used by the local people of Germany and are very convenient. These modes of transportation are very reliable and very punctual.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a perfect way to protect the environment and contribute to its safety. By sustainable shopping, one can understand purchasing commodities made up of organic or eco-friendly materials and methods. In the country of Germany, there are so many eco stores from where one can easily purchase such products and contribute towards the environment. In the manufacture of these products, enhanced technologies and expertise is required. These products are very cheap and safe for the use of human beings as they are not made up of any chemicals which are harmful to the human body. Clothes are available nowadays which are made up of substances which are eco-friendly and later they can get degraded easily. Organic foodstuffs are also available in this country, which is absolutely free from any chemical harmful to the human body. These kinds of foods stuffs are perfect for kids as nowadays every food stuff has so many chemicals in it, which creates so many health issues in the kids. People of Germany have now started using eco-friendly products as they contribute towards the environment and are also safe for the use of humans. There are so many eco stores in Germany of them are mentioned below

  • LANA organic eco-fashion store kaiserswerth
  • Amazingly
  • Eco erneuerbare energien


Recycling of products has now become extremely important to save our environment as there are so many materials that are degrading the environment. Recycling of non-biodegradable waste is very important as this waste causes amount of environmental degradation. People of Germany have made so many machines and have so many reliable methods through which these kinds of waste can be recycled very easily. When it comes to technology, Germany's country is significantly ahead and has so many techniques and methods through which they can easily recycle any kind of material. By recycling the non-biodegradable waste, they are saving the environment from degradation. Some German authorities are trying to make something useful from this waste, and at some, they have got success also. There are some hotels which are using electricity which is generated by certain kinds of waste products. Some companies also got successful as they managed to make clothes out of this waste and these clothes are eco-friendly. Local people of Germany are also getting involved in this recycling campaign and helping the authorities.


Management of waste is an extremely important factor so as to protect the environment from degradation. The government of Germany is trying very hard and started opting for measures for the proper management of any kind of waste in this country. There are so many agencies and companies which contribute to the waste management of the land of Germany. And as the years are progressing, the number of these agencies and companies are increasing. These companies are aware of all the ideal methods for the disposal of any kind of waste without causing any harm to the environment. These companies have all the enhanced techniques and methods through which they can dispose of any kind of waste material, whether it be electronic items or plastic substances. All these companies are awaring the local people about the basic techniques they can follow for their waste disposal.

Work and Study Abroad

Germany has a very big population, and the opportunity of getting a job in this country is comparatively relatively less. Local people need to work really to get a decent job to earn money and make their living. But in comparison to other countries, the percentage of getting a job to the individual is high, and the government is also trying very high to increase job opportunities. Germany has so many renowned universities that provide their students with opportunities to help them settle abroad. Although if any student wants to settle overseas, it needs so much money to settle there. A middle-class kid cannot afford all these expenses, so the option left is showcasing the talent, and then they might get selected by the University for this program. However, German universities provide very quality education to their students, so one can quickly succeed in this country if he/she has talent and capabilities.

Exchange Student

Germany is a very good country when considered its Universities and education system. Every year so many universities of Germany carry exchange programs and give chances to the students of other countries to study in their universities. The education system of this country is one of the best education systems in the entire world, and students from all over the world come and study in this country. Mainly students who are living in a country whose quality of education is not as per their requirement enroll themselves in the German universities to get the perfect education for them. Education in Germany is costly, and one needs a good amount of money for enrollment in the best universities in Germany. Scholarship programs are also being carried out in this country so that students who are not financially stable can also get equal opportunity and get a quality education. Students can enroll themselves in the exchange programs on the online sites of the German universities. Some of the well known German universities are mentioned below.

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Free University of Berlin
  • Technical University of Berlin

Au Pair

Au pairing companies have provided jobs to so many unemployed and help them earn their living. These companies have increased the job opportunities in this country and helped so many people who were not getting jobs. Anyone who wants to get jobs from au pairing companies needs to enroll in these companies. One can easily enroll themselves on their online sites, and they just need to put some personal information and the kind of jobs they can do. Jobs provided by these companies in Germany are not permanent, and the wages provided to the people are also quite low. In these low wages making a living is very difficult, so the people also need to do some other work so as to earn more money. Work provided by these companies are Nany's, they can help in taking care of infants. The caretaker can do any kind of household work, whether it be cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of kids, and many more.


This method is mostly opted by the students who have just passed their University exams and want to do a job. Getting a job through volunteering is not so easy as the competition in this practice is really high, and one should be very confident and talented so as to get a decent job. Volunteering can be done in any of the renowned companies to showcase their capabilities so as to get a permanent place in that company. Volunteering is a very tough thing to do as one has to work for 10-12 hours a day without getting paid. Every year, many freshers get an excellent job after doing this practice and earn a decent amount of money. Volunteers have to follow all the rules and regulations of the place they are working in and have to be very strict with themselves so that they cannot commit any mistake. There is no room for mistakes in volunteering as one mistake can take away their opportunity to get a job.

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