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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ecuador advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ecuador, South America.

Part of the town of Azogues, Ecuador

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 4.5/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$100- $300
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $120

Responsible Travel

Ecuador is an extremely beautiful and one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole world. Every year so many tourists pay a visit to the country Ecuador and experience the culture and heritage of this beautiful country. Ecuador is a country present in South America which covers the western coast which is present at an elevation of about 2880. Ecuador is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the whole world and as the years are passing it is getting more and more developed. Ecuador contributes a very large proportion of the economy in South America and is very economically important.

Tourists visiting the country of Ecuador should be aware of all the guidelines they should follow here as a tourist. It is very necessary to follow all the tourists guidelines in Ecuador as they have very strict rules and regulations and the tourists get a strict punishment if they break any laws. Tourists should throw garbage and waste into the dustbin and not on the roads or any public area in Ecuador as this is against the law. People should not disrespect the culture of the country Ecuador in any way and they should give the same amount of respect they give to their own religion. Drinking and smoking in public places of Ecuador should also be avoided by the tourists as all this is not at all in this country.

Air Quality and Pollution

Ecuador is a very developed country and as the passing years it is getting more developed and because of this the air pollution and the air quality of this country is not up to the par. The air quality of the country Ecuador ranges between good to moderate which is quite good as compared to other countries. Earlier the country Ecuador also had a very bad air quality and people started surfing from respiratory diseases. So the people opted measures to make the air quality good and reduce the pollution of the country Ecuador. Air quality is very important for the local people of Ecuador as if it is not good then they can get diagnosed with diseases like lung infection and even cancer. Some people who are sensitive to air pollutants have started using air purifiers in their home to keep them safe in Ecuador. And many started using pollution masks whenever they went out for their work in Ecuador.

Ecuador is a highly polluted country and the pollution rates are increasing day by day as the country is getting more developed. There are so many reasons for the high rate of pollution in Ecuador, one is the pollution caused by vehicles. Vehicles cause the most amount of pollution to the environment and their usage has increased the pollution rates in Ecuador. Another major reason which causes pollution in this country is industries in Ecuador, the fumes coming out of the industries are also very harmful for the environment. It is very important to opt ways so that the pollution of the country Ecuador could be reduced.

Respect the Culture

Local People of Ecuador are very conscious when it comes to respecting their culture and beliefs. There are so many rules and regulations made by the government of Ecuador regarding respecting the culture. People of Ecuador are known for their punctuality and they are always on time to do any of their work. Christianity is the religion which is followed by the local people of Ecuador and for them the respect of religion is extremely important. So many Festivals in Ecuador are celebrated and in them their traditional music is being played on which the people dance and enjoy. They eat traditional food on special occasions in Ecuador and are very fond of drinking beer in any of their festivals. Ecuador has a very ancient and rich heritage of culture and the past of this country is full of pride and devotion. The people who lived in Ecuador in the early days were very hardworking and devoted, they worked day and night to raise the economy of this country and also contribute towards the development of the country Ecuador.

It is very important for the tourists to respect the culture of Ecuador as everyone should respect every culture. The best thing tourists can do is they can get involved into the festivals and cultural programs to get to know the culture of Ecuador properly. This will help the tourists in knowing all the rules and regulations regarding the culture and they will get all the information about the culture of Ecuador also.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Quito: This famous capital of Ecuador is known to have a beautiful colonial architecture and is regarded amongst the top places to visit in Ecuador. Other than that, Quito has also been declared as a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. You will come across beautiful public squares, old churches and grand museums. This place has become one of the best tourists resorts for the suckers of history.
  • Cuenca: This official city is popularly known as Santa Ana De Los Cuatro rios de Cuenca. Regarded as the most beautiful city in Ecuador, there are a lot of places to visit here with strong historical background. You will be surprised by the magnificent architecture of the place. With a unique mix of Indian and Spanish elements, architecture in Cuenca is severely grandeuring. Here you can visit old Cathedral of Cuenca, the Church of San Sebastián and beautiful Plaza San Blas Square. If you pay a visit to Ecuador, do not forget to schedule your itinery to enjoy a day or two here.
  • Mindo: Mundo is a small village in Ecuador which provides a unique recreational, serene and adventurous trip to traveller’s around. The village is absolutely stunning with close proximity to the nature. You can perform various activities like mountain biking, rafting, horse riding and hiking. One of the most intriguing things to do here is learning the process of chocolate making at El Quetzal Del Mindo. Further more, you can also bird watching at the higher latitudes and go camping with your friends or family near the Andes mountains.
  • Banos: Banos is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ecuador. This small town is an abode of hot springs. The town lies along the foot hills of the active volcano namely Tungurahua. This place is an outstanding opportunity to go sight seeing and enjoy adventurous activities like hiking and trekking. It is also known for its candy popualry known as Melcocha. The candy is available at almost every local store here and has an exotic taste and feel. You could also get a chance to watch colorful balsa parrots in the market.
  • Guamote: If you want a break from your regular city life, Guamote might your best es travel expedition. It is located in the Chimborazo province of Ecuador and is an excellent cultural getaway. The city is known for its ardent culture, agricultural influence and provides amongst the most authentic markets in the region. The markets are enriched in variety of goods and items of both indigenous value as well as international market. Therefore, it greatly encourages tourists interests and engaged them in knowing the value and artistic history behind various products in the market along with the local community of Guamote.
  • Montanita: Incase you love being sea side or going on a beach vacation, Montanita is the best pick for you. This seas side town is great for surfing and is always filled with the sea loving locals and the tourists groups on a vacation. This vacation will definitely provide you relief from your hectic schedule and fast paced lifestyle. Montanita is favorite destination for backpackers and adventure surfer. Also, it’s close proximity to the sea accounts for a weather many tourists crave for themselves. The locals are highly friendly and mostly in joyous mode. You can always find them enjoying food, music and dance.
  • Otavala: Any vacation is incomplete without a shopping spree and market expedition. Otavala is located just a few minutes away from the capital city Quito and is famous for shopping among the tourists. Tourists can buy beautiful antiques, exotic clothes, handmade jewellery and much more from these markets.
  • Puerto Lopez: Another seaside town in Ecuador. This location is ideal for the people from all age groups and is quite peaceful and adventurous visit. Apart from. That the city is amongst the best places to spot whales shooting up the sky. Visiting it in the months of June and September is best way to enjoy full of this town.
  • Tena: Tena remains an evergreen tourists destination in Ecuador. The town is known for its outstanding living conditions, happy and cooperative locals, fun adventure activities and a wonderful environment. If you wish to go for white water rafting, this might be your chance to have a little adventure and fun on your vacation.
  • Cotacachi: Cotacachi is located in close proximity with the market of Otavala. It is also named as the City of Peace by UNESCO and is a popular place for a shopping in Ecuador. Many people visit Cotacachi as a part of their one day trip and explore the city


Ecuador is a beautiful country and offers enticing touring opportunities. You can taste the exotic dishes, visit the famous tourist places here and enjoy yourselves during your stay here. You will come across the magnificent architecture, beautiful art and craft, exciting local culture and the grand museums.

City Parks

  • San Blas Park: San Blas Park is a beautiful park in Ecuador. The park is located near the San Blas Church which has beautiful architecture and build. There are many cafes and shops located near the San Blas Park like the Sab Blas Café and other several shops. These shops offer delicious breakfast and lunch services.
  • Calderon Park: The park is lined with attractive benches for the propel around to sit and watch. The trees planted provide excellent shade to the people and create a cool and calming atmosphere. The place is also occupied with several fruit vendors. The park is a best place to rest after a long day of work, walk around the park and play with friends.
Calderon Park

National Parks

  • Llanganates National Park: This park is divided into two zones namely Western Zone and Eastern Zone. The desert landscapes comprises of mountains, hills and peaks. The national park has a rich diversity of plants and animals and is excellent place for recreation. You can enjoy sightseeing and discover about different species of plants and animals.
  • Sangay National Park: Also registered as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1983, this national park is spread over vast hectares of land. Best reason to visit this park is if you want to explore the rare and exotic species of fauna in Ecuador. Here you can spot rare species of Andes, Mountain Tapir, Cougars, etc. It has also been recognized as the Important Bird Area hosting more than 300 species of the birds.
Llanganates National Park


  • Salinas: It is a popular beach resort in Ecuador located in Santa Elena Ecuador. This beach is quite famous for hosting Isa World Junior Surfing Games and has many restaurants, marina and sand beaches. There are many yatch clubs around the Salinas.
  • Ayangae: Ayangae beaches are perfect spot for sun bathing and relaxing after the hectic life people are experiencing. Once you are at this beach you must try the exotic sea food and the serene environment here. The beach is remotely located from the urban areas and is perfect getaway from busy life.


  • Ingapirca Ruins: Located in Canar Province, these are the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador. These ruins are beautiful blend of two different styles of architecture. While Canari stones use mortar and their stones are more smooth. Whereas, Inca storms are more rougher and do not use any mortar.
  • Muro de Las Lagrimas: Also known as the wall of tears, it was built between. 1945 and 1959. The wall was built by the old penal colony established by Jose Maria. The 25 m tall made of lava rock and beautiful stones. One can always hear the wailing sounds which are mainly due to the moving of wind. The place holds an important historical reference and symbolizes the misery, strength and efforts of prisoners.
Ingapirca Ruins


● Interpretation Center: The tour to Galapagos Islands can become further more interesting after you visit the Interpretation Center. The interpretation center aims at educating locals and tourists on the Isles species, history and plant life. You can come across much important information regarding locals life, species life and much more.

● Intina Museum: Intina Museum gives the detailed history and background of indigenous people of Ecuador. The museum also explains various philosophies of indigenous people worshipping the sun and various scientific reasons associated with equator.


The country of Ecuador has a very vast diversity of cuisine and each and every dish has its own taste and flavour and most of the dishes of this country tastes really good. One can easily find all kinds of Ecuador dishes over the local restaurants and cafes of this country. One will find that the locals of Ecuador prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food as they are very concerned when it comes to their health, they try to include green vegetables and soups in their diet. Tourists will find that vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes both are quite popular in the country of Ecuador and people will not find much difficulty in getting the food of their choice. Apart from the traditional and modern cuisines of the country Ecuador, the local street food is a must try when anyone is on a trip to Ecuador as this is the one that will leave your mouth dripping. Apart from learning how to prepare the traditional food of Ecuador the chefs of this country have also been able to invent new dishes by intermixing the taste of two or more dishes. Names of restaurants where the tourists can visit and consume the local traditional food of the country Ecuador are mentioned below

  • La choza
  • Mea culpa
  • Al Portico Trattoria
  • Magic Bean


There is no second thought that the local people of Ecuador love to take drinks regularly and especially on special or auspicious occasions. There are so many local alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in the country of Ecuador. The traditional drinks of Ecuador will help the tourists understand the significance and taste of the drinks which locals prefer to consume. There are so many bars which are present in the country of Ecuador where the tourists can ho and consume the drinks of this country. Tourists can enjoy almost all types of drinks in Ecuador that they can get in any good restaurants and bars of this country. Like any other country the local people of Ecuador also are very fond of drinking alcohol and there is an age limit of around 18-19 for drinking alcohol. Names of some of the traditional local drinks of the country Ecuador in mentioned below

  • Canelazo
  • Colada Morada
  • Chicha de Piña

Names of some of the bars which are present in the country of Ecuador are mentioned below

  • Finn McCool's
  • Leprechuan Bar
  • Beto's Beach Bar


The tap water of the country Ecuador is very safe for consumption but this country has little bit of water pollution but it also has various government and private water plants where water is filtered which is ensuring that the water that comes out of the tap is clean and safe for drinking. The water treatment plants which are present in the country Ecuador of have all the modern techniques through which they can treat the tap water very easily. The water coming out from the tap in Ecuador is so clean that it is even better than the water which is available in bottles. Tourists can easily find the water taps which are constructed by the government of Ecuador so that people don't face any difficulty in finding drinking water. It is extremely important for the tourists who are on a trip to the country of Ecuador that they should be aware of all the water drinking facilities which are available in this country.


The country of Ecuador is well known for its beautiful and fascinating destinations and it has many places to explore for the tourists. Tourists hate getting bored when they are on a trip to any place so one can gain information regarding the place that they can visit in Ecuador. The country of Ecuador has so many endless activities to do for the tourists and also to explore the city's beauty, culture, and history. By indulging in such activities tourists can enhance the experience and get the most out of there trip to the country Ecuador. The museums and art exhibitions are always there for the tourists to explore in the country of Ecuador.


Staying and spending days of the trip in the country of Ecuador depends a lot on the hotels and guest houses of this country. Staying in a hotel is more preferred as it provides different services which helps to get the best time in the country of Ecuador and have a great experience. Tourists will find so many accommodation options in the country of Ecuador from different regions but it is best to book a hotel as it has so many facilities to offer for the visitors. No wonder what type of accommodation one is searching for in the country of Ecuador they will get a lot of options to opt. As a nature lover one will also get the option of green hotels to make them stay healthy and well throughout their trip to Ecuador.

Green Hotels

The number of Green hotels is increasing rapidly in the country of Ecuador as they are contributing so much towards the environment. In the country of Ecuador there are some really good green hotels and their numbers are increasing very fast in this country. Many hotels of the country Ecuador are switching their hotels to green hotels so that they can contribute towards the betterment of the Environment. The usual meaning of green hotel is, all the products being used in such kinds of hotels are environment friendly and extremely safe for the environment. The vegetables, fruits and all the commodities which are used in making food are made up of organic substances in the green hotels of Ecuador which are not only good for the environment but also extremely safe for the human body to consume. Names of some of the green hotels which are present in the country of Ecuador are mentioned below

  • Mindo Green House
  • Hotel Aldea Real Eco Friendly

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are the first choice accommodation for the students who are studying in the universities of the country Ecuador. Here the students get all the necessary facilities which they require in their day to day lifestyle and prices are also quite affordable in Ecuador. The whole menu of the hostel of Ecuador is decided by the staff and students do not have the facility of changing the menu themselves. Hostels of Ecuador provide 3-4 meals in a day which starts with breakfast in the morning and ends with dinner in the night. Names of some really good hostels present in the country of Ecuador are mentioned below

  • The Mudhouse Hostel
  • Masaya

Guest houses are another really good mode of accommodation which is mostly opted by tourists or the people who are visiting Ecuador for an office trip. This mode of accommodation is really affordable and is extremely convenient to stay when anyone is in Ecuador, the staff members of guest houses are also very kind enough to interact. Names of some of the guest houses present in the country of Ecuador are mentioned below

  • Gecko Guest House
  • Manso Boutique Guest House


Apartment is a mode of accommodation which is mostly opted by the local people of the country Ecuador mainly middle class people who have low budgets. The prices of apartments present in the country of Ecuador are extremely affordable and the facilities present in these apartments are quite similar to houses. There are so many agencies and companies present in the country of Ecuador which help people to get a room on rent in the apartments. The number of bedrooms can increase as per the family members present in the family, 2 people can live very easily in 1BHK apartment and the rate will also be very affordable in Ecuador. A family containing 3-4 people should opt for a 2BHK apartment as they will get one extra room where all of them can stay comfortably in the apartments of Ecuador. There are some really good apartments present in the country of Ecuador, names of some of them are mentioned below

  • The Royalty Inn
  • Casa Blanca


Couch surfing is another term which also comes under the category of accommodation, in couch surfing people who are visiting Ecuador stay in their relative or friend's accommodation. Couch surfing is one of the best practices in Ecuador through which visitors can save a lot of money and it is extremely budget friendly. Local people of Ecuador are kind enough to welcome their visitors in their accommodation and provide them with the best possible hospitality during their trip to Ecuador. Visitors also don't need to roam into the restaurants present in the country Ecuador for food as the local relatives will make them eat all the local and traditional food consumed in this country. Local residents of Ecuador will help their visitors in suggesting them places that they should definitely visit during their trip and will help them to plan their trip accordingly. It is really good if anyone has a local relative in the country Ecuador as it is extremely beneficial for the visitor.


Camping is an adventurous activity which people like to practice in forests present in Ecuador so as to make their trip adventurous and exciting. This adventurous activity should be practiced very carefully and one needs to have a good experience while practicing this activity in Ecuador. Local people of the country Ecuador are very fond of camping and they love to practice it during their vacations and off days as it is full of excitement and joy. This activity should be practiced under a trained professional if anyone is practicing this activity for the first time during their life and especially in Ecuador this activity is a bit challenging to do. There are many camping sites which are present in the country of Ecuador where people can go and practice camping without any fear. The camping sites of Ecuador provide their visitors with a tent and some basic commodities which they will require during camping. Here people have to make their own food so one has to know how to cook if they want to practice camping in Ecuador.


Ecuador regions map.png
Amazon Rainforest
Andean Highlands
Coastal Lowlands
Galapagos Islands
Isolated archipelago that is world-renowned for its unique wildlife and Darwin's evolution research.


  • Quito - Second highest capital of the world with a well preserved colonial center. Its weather is very unpredictable.
Museum of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito, Historic Center of Quito,
  • Ambato - The central city of Ecuador. Special celebrations during Carnival time.
  • Baños- The adventure capital of Ecuador at the foot of an active volcano having small eruptions of ash and lava. Volcano Tungurahua. There are also many hot spring mineral baths as its name would imply.
Swing at the End of the World, Baños, Ecuador
  • Cuenca - The third largest city in Ecuador and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site.
View of Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Guayaquil - Largest city in the country and largest port city.
The Guayaquil Ecuador Temple is the 58th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Loja - The oldest colonial city.
Technical Particular University of Loja
  • Otavalo - Small town only two hours north of the capital famous for its Saturday market of indigenous crafts and livestock.
Puertolago Restaurant, Otavalo
  • Ibarra - Town of 100,000 inhabitants halfway between Quito and the northern border.

[[File:Iglesia_la_Catedral,_San_Antonio_de_Ibarra,_Ecuador,_2015-07-21,_DD_20.JPG|center|900px|thumb|Church of the Cathedral, San Antonio de Ibarra]

  • Riobamba - Starting point of the famous train ride down the Nariz del Diablo and gateway to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest peak.
  • Coca - Launch point on Rio Napo, in the east of Ecuador.
A beach in Esmeraldas
Skyline of the beach line in Tonsupa, Atacames

Getting There and Moving Around

Getting to the country of Ecuador is very easy and one and very easily reached to this country through air transportation as this transportation is very rapid. There are so many direct flights available from every part of this world to the country of Ecuador and tourists can reach this country very conveniently and also in less time duration. Moving around in the country of Ecuador is very easy if one has all the knowledge regarding the public transportation of this country. People have the option of bus transportation in the country Ecuador if they have to cover a less distance, ticket prices of buses are very affordable and traveling in buses is very convenient. People can also travel through trains if they want to travel to another city of the country Ecuador and these trains are very rapid and are very punctual. Taxi is another mode of transportation which people can opt in Ecuador but this mode of transportation is costly.


Air transportation is one of the most preferred modes of transportation by the people of the country Ecuador and people use this mode of transportation if they have to travel to another country. The country of Ecuador has various international airports where flights from all over the globe land and take off. This mode of transportation is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation in Ecuador as it has so many basic necessities for the passengers. The country of Ecuador also has so many domestic airports where various domestic flights are available for the passengers who want to travel within Ecuador. Passengers can very easily book the tickets of their respective flights online in Ecuador and they can choose the seat of their choice. Names of some of the international airports which are present in the country of Ecuador are mentioned below

  • Cotopaxi International Airport
  • Eloy Alfaro International Airport
  • Teniente Coronel Luis A. Mantilla International Airport


The country of Ecuador has a very well connected road network which makes the bus transportation a really good option for the local people and also for the tourists visiting this country. There are so many bus agencies and companies which are present in the country of Ecuador which run their buses across the regions of this country. The government of Ecuador is also running buses for the convenience of the local people so that they don't find any difficulty in reaching their destinations. The ticket prices of buses in Ecuador are quite affordable and these buses follow a very strict time table and they are always on time. People can do advance booking of their seats online in Ecuador for convenience and all the necessary details of the buses are available on the sites. There are so many bus stations present in the country of Ecuador, names of some of them are mentioned below

  • Rio Coca
  • Quitumbe
The traffic situation in Ecuador


Train transportation is another very developed mode of transportation present in the country of Ecuador, this country has a really well connected railway network connecting most of the regions of Ecuador. There are some agencies which are running trains in the country of Ecuador and helping the people reach their respective destination on time. Trains of the country Ecuador have different coaches like AC, chair car, sleeper coach, people can purchase tickets for any of these coaches as per their needs, requirements and duration of travel. The price of the chair car is the cheapest while the price of the AC coach is quite costly in Ecuador. People have the facilities of advance booking of the seats in Ecuador so that they do not face any problems in getting seats of their choice. The country of Ecuador has many railway stations, names of some of the railway stations of this country are mentioned below

  • Quito railway station


Hitchhiking is one of the most common practices which is done in most of the countries although the number of people opting for hitchhiking in the country of Ecuador is decreasing day by day. Nowadays people only opt for itbin Ecuador when there is a medical emergency and local people of this country are humble enough to help people around if they are in any sort of problem. People who are giving a lift to another person in Ecuador should be very careful and should pick people very carefully as there is a high risk of getting robbed also. Hitchhiking is a really good option in the country of Ecuador as the roads of this country are in very good condition and people don't face any difficulties while driving in this country. Tourists are mostly seen practicing hitchhiking as they are unaware about the routes of the country Ecuador, on the way they can take information about the various public transportation available in Ecuador.


Other ways are also available in the country of Ecuador through which people move around in this country. Taxi is one such mode of transportation available in the country of Ecuador which people can opt if they are not aware of other transportation available in this country. There are so many taxi hiring companies and agencies which are present in the country Ecuador, they rent their taxis to the passengers at very affordable rates. Although hiring a taxi is very costly and is of the most costly mode of transportation available in Ecuador. People also have the option of renting a bike in Ecuador and renting a bike is cheaper than renting a taxi. People can contact the bike hiring agencies present in Ecuador by simply visiting their website and going through all the details and terms and conditions of hiring the bike.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a very good way to protect the environment and contribute towards its safety and the people of Ecuador have started using sustainable products. By sustainable shopping one can understand, purchasing of commodities which are made up of organic or eco-friendly materials and methods and the people of Ecuador are well aware of it. In the country of Ecuador there are so many eco stores from where one can easily purchase such products and contribute towards the environment. In the manufacture of these products enhanced technologies and expertise is required which the country of Ecuador has. These products are very cheap and safe for the use of human beings as they are not made up of any chemicals which are harmful for the human body and the use of these products is increasing in Ecuador. Clothes are available nowadays which are made up of substances which are eco-friendly and later it can get degraded easily and use of such clothes is also increasing in Ecuador. Organic food stuffs are also available in the country Ecuador which are absolutely free from any chemical which is harmful for the human body. These kinds of food commodities are very good for kids as nowadays every food product has so many chemicals and other harmful substances in it which creates so many health issues in the kids. People of Ecuador have now started using products which are eco-friendly as they contribute towards the environment and are also safe for the use of humans. There are so many eco stores in Ecuador of them are mentioned below

  • Suspiro
  • Remu apparel


Recycling of products has now become extremely important to save our environment as there are so many materials which are degrading the environment and the country of Ecuador is doing good in the field of recycling. Recycling of non biodegradable waste is very important as this waste causes the amount of environmental degradation in not only Ecuador but in the whole world. People of Ecuador have made so many machines and have so many reliable methods through which these kinds of waste can be recycled very easily. When it comes to technology, the country of Ecuador is very ahead and has so many techniques and methods through which they can easily recycle any kind of material. By recycling the non biodegradable waste the agencies of Ecuador are saving the environment from degradation. Some authorities of Ecuador are trying to make something useful from this waste and at some they have got success also. There are some hotels which are present in the country Ecuador which are using electricity which is generated by certain kinds of waste products. Some companies of Ecuador also got successful as they managed to make clothes out of this waste and these clothes are eco-friendly. Local people of Ecuador are also getting involved in this recycling campaign and helping the authorities.


Management of waste is an extremely important factor so as to protect the environment from degradation and in the country of Ecuador also the government is paying extra attention on waste management. The Government of Ecuador is trying very hard and started opting measures for the proper management of any kind of waste in this country. There are so many agencies and companies which contribute to the waste management of the country of Ecuador. And as the years are progressing the number of these agencies and companies are increasing. The companies of Ecuador are aware of all the ideal methods for the disposal of any kind of waste without causing any harm to the environment. The companies of Ecuador have all the enhanced techniques and methods through which they can dispose any kind of waste material whether it be electronic items or plastic substances. All these companies are awaring the local people of Ecuador about the basic techniques they can follow for their waste disposal.

Work and Study Abroad

Getting a decent job in the country of Ecuador is quite easier compared to other countries of the world. As the population of the country Ecuadoris not so high, so every resident of this country is getting equal opportunities to get a job. Job opportunities are increasing at a very rapid rate in the country Ecuador and because of this the poverty rate is decreasing in this country. The local people of Ecuador are very hardworking and everyone is very dedicated towards their jobs.

Universities present in the country Ecuador provide opportunities to many of their capable students to work and help them settle abroad. So many of the students of Ecuador have successfully settled abroad and started earning wages much higher than offered in this country. Although anyone who wants to settle abroad must be financially stable as it requires a lot of money to study and settle abroad when one is from Ecuador.

Exchange Student

The Universities of Ecuador provide opportunities to the students from other countries and help them study in this country. Education in the country Ecuador is quite cheaper than other countries so the students who are finding it difficult to study in their own country due to financial issues can study in this country very conveniently. The universities of Ecuador have all the necessary facilities for such students, they have hostels where students can live, they have mess where they can consume food and medical facilities are also available in case of emergency. The country of Ecuador has some really good universities where students get quality education, names of some of the universities present in Ecuador are mentioned below

  • Universidad Central del Ecuador
  • Politecnica Salesiana University
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica

Au Pair

Au pair agencies and companies present in the country of Ecuador have provided employment to so many local people who were in definite need of money so as to make their living. Au pair agencies are contributing so much in decreasing the rates of poverty in the country Ecuador. Wages of jobs provided by au pair agencies of Ecuador are comparatively low but people can make their living very easily by doing these jobs. People can search for the websites of the agencies of Ecuador on the internet and get themselves enrolled so that they can inform the candidate if they got a job for him/her. Jobs like housekeeping, nannies or babysitters, cooking etc are available under au pair and an illiterate can also get a job in the agencies of Ecuador.


Volunteering is quite a common practice which local people do in the country of Ecuador, people can do volunteering in any of the fields as per their interests in Ecuador. This practice is mostly done by freshers in Ecuador who have just completed their respective courses and now are in search of a decent job. Students don't get paid for practicing it but here they have to show their capabilities and talent and have to work extremely hard so that they can get their position fixed in that place in the country Ecuador. The companies of Ecuador are inviting freshers for volunteering so that they can choose the best employees for their companies and bring out the best from them.

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