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Eco-friendly travel guide to Eilat advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Eilat, Israel.

North Beach, Eilat

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $180
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $140

Responsible Travel

Eilat is among the most peaceful and famous places in Israel. Every year a large number of tourists visit this place to enjoy their vacations and for recreation. Located at the southernmost tip of the nation, the city gives us spectacular views of the Gulf of Aqaba. Eilat is considered an important tourist destination primarily due to its long coastline along the Red Sea and the beautiful Negev desert. The city holds important cultural and religious sentiments and hosts a large number of European tourists and the local Israeli population. Everything in the town is worth exploring, from sandy beaches to the coral reefs and the breathtaking sightseeing.

When traveling to Eilat, it is important to act as a responsible tourist and know your position as a visitor to a place.

  • First of all, you should aim at eco-friendly tourism and promote the concept of sustainable travel and life. You should promote biodegradable goods and do not carry materials that may harm the environment and surroundings.
  • Whenever you are visiting a place, it is essential to mingle with the locals and develop a positive attitude towards their culture, thoughts, and history. Make sure that your words don’t sound disrespectful or insulting.
  • You should try to promote their local culture and shops. Visit the small street-side shops, eat the local food, go shopping and learn more about the local culture and interests.
  • Try your level best to environmentally friendly during your travel. You should encourage the use of public transports over private vehicles since they significantly reduce traffic, noise, and air pollution. Also, it becomes more convenient to visit the place using public transportation since you spend less money and enjoy the people around.
  • Before visiting Eilat, you should draw a complete layout of the place, list the necessities required, type of clothing, important tourist destinations, bus routes, etc.

Air Quality and Pollution

The rapid change in climatic conditions and vigorous human activities have lead to increased pollution levels in the environment. The quality of air in which you breathe determines a lot about your health and respiratory strength. Air Quality Index in Eilat remains at a moderate to average level between the range of 60-90. Air pollutants contaminate the air in Eilat like PM 2.5, PM 10, and other suspended particles. Although these contaminants remain at a generally moderate level, it is still better to take some precautions.

It would be best if you kept your doors and windows closed to avoid inhaling the polluted air in the city and try to stay away from the crowded and industrial areas as much as possible. It is better to use an air purifier in your accommodation and do not go out without a mask. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid outdoor activities if you are sensitive to pollens, dust, and are prone to allergies.

Respect the Culture

Whenever visiting any foreign nation, you must respect the difference in culture and traditions between various communities. Being a responsible tourist involves appreciating other cultures and values. You should try to respect the culture and regional integrity of the locals and try to be more interactive and respectful.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Underwater Observatory Marine Park: One of the most beautiful places in Eilat, Israel. This underwater park is much like an observatory where you are surrounded by water and marine life all around. Marine life is just a glass away from you. It is more like a complete oceanarium where you can find giant turtles, shark tanks, and other special sea animals. Overall it is an excellent place for kids and adults.
  • Red Canyon: Experience the desert, mountains, and hills altogether. This narrow and gorgeous canyon will awe you completely. You can also go hiking and trekking in the area and take beautiful pictures of the view and yourself.
  • Eilat Marina: Eilat Marina is amongst the most famous tourist spots in Eilat. The place is highly popular among tourists, passengers, and locals. The place is surrounded by sand, water, boats, and bridges. You can have food at the various cafes around this area and enjoy the beautiful view. The place is a complete package of recreation. You can spend your whole day without doing anything.
  • Musical Fountain: Talking about nightlife in Eilat. It is amazing. You can find many open street squares, fountains, and bars for your enjoyment. Still, Musical Fountain remains one of the most striking attractions of the night. The water fountain is composed of different water jets and colored sprays to make the whole scene look like a dream. Musical fountain drives you to the beautiful fairy world with couples enjoying each other, kids moving around, and much more.
  • Mount Yoash Observation Point: Mount Yoash is a beautiful and peaceful place in Eilat. It is located on Highway 12 and enjoys proximity to the red canyon and Eilat Bay. There are beautiful peaks around with valleys and a lot of avian life to watch for. Black Stone Mountains are one of the best attractions of the Mount Yoash Observation Point.
  • Top 94: Top 94 is a fantastic amusement park for your recreation. It is a must-visit place for kids and family members. There are a number of adventurous activities like rock climbing, bow, and arrow, etc. Besides that, Bunjee Jumping and Paint Ball are the most popular activities in the Top 94 Park.
  • Ice Space: Step into the freezing world of the Arctic. Ice Space is amongst the famous tourist spots in Eilat. With a freezing temperature below -7 degree celsius, Ice Space is undoubtedly worth a visit.
  • Hidden Lake: Located just 20 minutes away from the capital, the hidden lake is a sight to behold. The sight draws a beautiful contrast between the Turquoise shaded lake along with the red cliffs. Although the water is saline, do not try to swallow it and try not to swim in the lake if you have some fresh and open wounds.
  • Ice Park and Mall Eilat: The grandest arcade shopping mall in Eilat. The mall is an excellent place for shopping and adventures. There is also a giant skating rink in the Mall Eilat. They offer VAT-free prices. You can purchase handcrafted jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc. from the mall while your kids can play around.
  • Hai Bar: Hai Bar is also regarded as a zoo cum biosphere reserve. The main aim of this location is to train the wild animals to live in wild conditions back again. The Arabian Oryx and the Ostrich are mostly spotted animals in the region.
Eilat Marina


There is a lot to explore in Eilat. From museums, parks, theatres, shopping malls, to beaches and the marina, there is something for everyone. You will have an amazing time exploring the city and getting to know more about its rich culture.

City Parks

In Eilat parks, you can keep close to nature's heart and break clear away, once in a while, and wash your spirit to hear the melancholy spirit of the wilderness.

  • Eilat ornithological park - This is a really fantastic place to learn about bird migration through Israel and why it happens. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and it is undoubtedly worth taking their guided tour. They will only allow guided tours with the Ornithologists who work there, so it will always be great.

There are many different things to see and hear about, so make sure to leave yourself a bit of time.

  • Timna park - Excellently organized park with numerous trails for hiking and biking and accessible by car for those who want to visit the main sites. The place is perfect for climbing and composed of many big mountain hills. You can place the colored bottles of sand along the oasis and have a fun day.
  • Alhafayer Park - Public place where you can sit and enjoy the sea view and public cafes. Not lovely to swim or snorkel, but suitable for family and children to sit and drink tea, coffee, or juice, not expensive at reasonable prices. Close to historical areas like Aqaba Castle and shopping area and city center.
  • Aqaba park - Very nice park, although made as a dividing strip. On the one hand is the Revolution Square, on the other - the area with a fountain and water cascades. There is a cafe in the park, many shops in the shade and a huge fountain.
  • Princess Salma Park - City's central park, mostly visited by local families and residents of some remote villages, come over in the early morning to shop and hang at the park.
  • Gan Binyamin Park Eilat - It's nice seeing something akin to South beach in this part of the world. Very lovely! Many locals come here—stunning water feature, with water "dancing" to the sounds of music. Gam Binyamin Park is within walking distance, and the real entertainment begins within 15 minutes.
Mushroom and a half, result of wind erosion, in Timna Park

National Parks

  • Eilat Coral Reef Natural Reserve - Eilat's Coral Reef Nature Reserve and Conservation Area is a nature reserve and national park in the Red Sea, near the city Eilat in Israel. Coral Reef natural reserve is the northernmost coral reef in Eilat and expands up to 1.2 kilometers of the shore.
  • Avdat National Park - Avdat National Park is a site of the ruined Nabatean city in Negev Desert. This national park has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You must pay a visit to this park on your Eilat tour to enjoy the historical sites.
  • Dolphin reserve - An amazing place! It is a must-see if you are in Eilat. Enjoy the whole day there. Lovely to sit and watch the dolphins, sunbathe, swim, and get something to eat or drink. The entire area is amazing. You can also go snorkeling and diving with instructors. The Dolphin Reef will make you happy for sure.
  • The botanical garden - Exquisite landscaping with a variety of flowers and plants. There is a lovely nursery inside. Amazing to see such flora and fauna in the desert. You can spot an army look out post amongst the dense rainforests.
  • Eilat mountain reserve - The lookout is great. Amazing place. Looks like Arizona. The size of the mountain is immense, and you will enjoy it here if you are an adventurous person.
The botanical garden is a wonderful place to hangout in Eilat


Beaches in Eilat are a perfect escape from your monotonous life. The sun kissing the shore, beautiful weather, relaxing on a white sandy slice of paradise sounds impressive.

  • The EAPC beach – Earlier, EAPC used to own this entire area, and they kept it closed to the public for 50 years.
  • Dan Hotel – It is right in front of Dan Hotel. It is well organized and very clean, it has chairs, food, a snack bar and obviously – a lifeguard on duty.
  • Moriah – This beach is close to the Lorenzo Plaza hotel. It gives you a free umbrella and also rents chairs for sitting and recreation. You can order food and drink from the hotel, and the prices are very affordable.
  • Bar Beach – Looking for a beachfront restaurant to find the exact place. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the best adventurous activities to do owing to the grand and beautiful reef. The restaurant is just excellent as it helps you to do adventurous things if you like adventures.
  • Mosh's Beach – Mosh's beach Eilat, located on the southern coastal strip, is a beautiful ecological beach which gives you a chill-out vibe. It's the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the sun and the view. This beach has a vegetarian menu with unique home style dishes, in addition to a large selection of fresh juices and alcoholic drinks.
  • Golden Beach – Very close to the first beach on this list, has the same amenities. Adds nice showers.
  • Hshkhafim (The Seagulls) – Also called the northernmost beach, clean and quiet. Beach is composed of fine and soft sand. Many hotels and restaurants are located near the Seagulls that provide delicious food and recipes.
  • 9 Beach – This beach is a bit crowded and designed like a lounge. The beach is surrounded by teenagers most of the time, and it is usually noisy up there. Other than that, you get free food and chairs for your comfort and entertainment.
  • Kisuski – On this beach, you will see people doing less kicking back and relaxing and more for water sports and snorkeling. The beach does not have any lifeguards and needs proper attention and care.
  • Dolphin Reef – While definitely not free, this is probably the most beautiful beach in Eilat. You can swim along with the dolphins and feed them yourself.
  • Electric Company Beach – A big beach with pebbles instead of sand. Many water sports equipment is available for rent; you can go scuba diving and snorkeling here. There is no lifeguard.
  • Dekel (Palm) – Free to enter and has an excellent restaurant on site. Many locals and tourists do not miss the opportunity for a Friday DJ Night, which is absolutely free.
  • Coral Beach Reserve – A very popular site, this long natural reserve is absolutely stunning. Visiting the Coral Beach Reserves demands affordable admission fees along with rental swimming equipment.
  • Club Med – You don't have to be a guest to enjoy the many benefits of this beach: Shaded grounds, tennis courts, snorkeling, and even windsurfing (for a price).
  • Isrotel Princess – A well kept beach owned by The Princess hotel. The underwater coral reef of Isotrel Princess is worth exploring. You can witness the magnificent aquatic forms on your travel to this beach.
Dolphin reef is perfect for a family day out in Eilat


  • Um rush rush: Former British guard station where a flag was flown in 1949 to establish Israel's southern border. After Israel was attacked in 1948 after declaring independence, the war raged for an extended period. This location marks the last liberated spot in Israel- resembling the end of the war. Both the Golani brigade and Palmach army raced here; the Palmach won by a margin of a few hours.

They didn't have a flag, so they improvised one, thus the name "The Ink Flag."

  • Red sea view lookout: It has a fantastic view of the Red Sea and the city of Eilat. This is surely a monthly meeting for someone interested in performing overnight parking and night observation amateur astronomers who perform overnight parking and night observations.
  • Eilat stone center: here you can find the famous Eilat stone: a beautiful green bluestone known by the name King Solomon stone.

*The tabernacle replica inside of Timna park: Here you can find the real dimension replica of the Tabernacle. It tells you about how the great Tabernacle was back then known for its importance in Christian culture.

  • Dolphin square: Dolphin square is a beautiful roundabout designed with a big Anker and dolphin, which says 'Welcome.' It's the Eilat entrance from the mountain road.
Red Sea Star in Eilat


The treasure house of antiques -the Museums. Museums in Eilat tell a tale of its rich heritage, culture, history, peoples, and places. Stories embodied in diormas, antiques, and artworks. Some astonishing museums in Eilat are-

  • City Eilat museum: It's the exhibition of the history of Eilat. It will draw your attention first by the beautiful sculptures of colorful fishes behind the main museum.
  • Aqab Museum: Sharif Hussein Bin Palace is now used as Aqab Museum and holds a comprehensive collection of bronze age artifacts and many coins from Farimides and Kingdom of Segelmasa in Morocco.


The capital city, Eilat, is known for its delicious Irish Cuisine. The traditional Irish dishes are a combination of Jewish recipes. At Eilat, you can enjoy the exotic mix of Mizrahi, Sephardic, Ashkenazi styles. The base of Israeli foods has always been dairy products, fishes, oranges, avocados, and vegetables. The most popular dishes in Israel are:

  • Hummuschipsalat
  • Falafel
  • Kibbutzim
  • Tabbouleh
  • Sabbich

Falafel remains the most popular addition to the menu of locals and tourists alike. It comprises fried balls of seasoned chickpea, which are beyond delicious.

A traditional dinner which includes falafel, hummus, and pita bread

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional Israeli foods are an excellent taste addition to your food memorandum. Israeli dishes provide a large variety in terms of both vegan and non-vegan options. The dishes are a unique blend of eggplant, chickpeas, vine leaves, meat, fish, etc. If you are visiting traditional local restaurants in Israel, you must order Aubergine, Shakshuka, Tahini, Kannafeh, etc. The list of restaurants that offer delicious Israeli cuisines is as follows:

  • Branja RestaurantOmer's
  • Nine Beach Eilat
  • Pedro
  • Achla-Platinum Grill

These restaurants offer delicious Israeli Salads and dishes like Tabbouleh, Sabbich, Kibbutzim, etc. The staff is highly friendly and respectful. Traditional Local Restaurants provide you high quality, fresh, and properly cooled traditional food. The place has a beautiful aroma and ambiance.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Eilat not only serves meat or fish but is quite proficient in the high quality vegan dishes. You can taste eggplant salad, potato balls, tacos, Sahlab, Malabi, etc. One of the best vegan dishes in Israel includes Kibbutzim, Moussaka, and Labneh. So, if you prefer vegetarian dishes over animal fats, you can visit these restaurants and order your favorite dishes.

  • Pastory
  • Israelit
  • Barbis Eilat
  • Ginger Asian Kitchen

Do you want delicious vegan dishes at affordable rates? Then you must pay a visit to one of these restaurants. Visit the place with your families and kids and taste one of the best cuisines on your travel trip.

Street Food

Street Foods are the best foods to activate your taste buds. Most of the locals and tourists prefer street foods over the restaurants more frequently. Some of the famous street food dishes in Israel include Sabikh, Shawarma, Jerusalem Mixed Grill, Jerusalem Bagles, Shakshauka, and Falafel. There are a variety of Kiosks and stalls located in the market and streets that offer the best fast food recipes. Sabikh is a mouth-watering traditional sandwich filled with hard-boiled eggs, eggplant, pickle, etc. Other than that, Shakshouka is amongst the most simple and tasty recipes that involve blending if fried eggs into the tangiest tomato sauce. The best places for having street food in Eilat are:

  • Falafel Avshi
  • Torta
  • Fast Habesha Restaurant
  • Johnny Crispy Eilat
  • Yusuf's Tent

The street food popularity is at its peak in Eilat. There are a number of standing stalls and vendors offering street food, whereas some of the fast-food junctions also provide chairs and tables for sitting to increase convenience.


Locals and tourists have developed a great taste for Israeli Wine and drinks. Other than Israeli Wine, coffee culture is highly developed in Israel. The coffee drinking population is quite prominent in Eilat. Be it Latte, Espresso, Iced Tea, and Turkish Coffee, and all these beverages are extremely in demand. Limonana, Tea, Tel Aviv, Sahlab are the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in Eilat. You must taste exotic Israeli drinks like Malt Beer, Maccabi, and Arak on your Eilat vacation. The alcoholic beverage Arak is made up of distilled alcohol and are anise flavored.


Tap Water in Eilat, Israel, has a good water quality index. Tap water in Israel is safe to drink and consume. You can use the local water supply for cleaning, washing, bathing, brushing, etc. Tap Water in Eilat has a rich concentration of minerals, which can cause flatulence and causes little uneasiness. Still, it is better to use and drink bottled water since it is a more safer approach. Tap Water can also be collected in a vessel and boiled before using it.

Organic Cafés

Cafes are quite a popular culture in urban areas in Israel. Eilat has a big chain of cafes in and around it. The cafes are located around the street corners, in public parks, and near famous tourist spots. You can order your favorite tea or coffee, along with some delicious snacks like pastries, french fries, tacos, etc. Organic Cafes specialize in baked goods and beverages. Many tourists and locals prefer to eat in the cafes during the break from their regular work or while moving around the city. The best organic cafes in the area include:

  • Café Optimi Eilat
  • Aroma
  • Café Café
  • Crema Express
  • Café Briocha
  • Café Greg

The food offered is delicious and nutritious. The staff members are very supportive, and the grandeur of the café is great.


Israeli Wine is widely consumed among the locals and the people living in Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean areas. The leading wineries in Israel include Caramel Winery, Golan Heights Winery, Tishbi Winery. Kosher Wines are the most famous wines in Eilat while the wines are made from fruits like Carob, Date, Cherry, Pomegranate, etc. The nightlife and drinking style in Eilat is terrific. You can always spot locals enjoying their time in the bars and roaming around the street squares. Top brewing companies in Eilat are:

  • The Brewery
  • Soof
  • Eilat Wines
  • Mike's Place Eilat


Eilat is home to beautiful landmarks and an enthralling adventure spirit. The capital city is full of thrilling activities you could perform and enjoy. Whether you are looking for a relaxation routine or an adventure-filled day, Eilat is the best spot in Israel. It plunges you deeper into your vacation hangover. You can perform many activities in Eilat like:

  • Scuba Diving is amongst the most popular and adventurous activity you could do in Eilat when visiting Princess Beach
  • Hiking and sightseeing at Red Canyon remain personal favorites of locals and tourists
  • The close proximity of Eilat to the desert allows you to have fun at camel safaris and desert adventures
  • Swimming along the dolphin is all the more realistic in Eilat. Dolphin Reef is all about you getting along with dolphins, playing with them, feeding them, and swimming with them
  • You can go biking in Timna Park and enjoy your solitude

Yoga and Retreats

Have you ever been on a Yoga Holiday? It's important to stay in the proper peace of mind whenever you are on a vacation or working. Many yoga classes will teach you some excellent yoga asanas, and you can even enjoy a yoga holiday trip to a canyon or some beach.

  • Eilat Studio
  • TRX Eilat
  • Mitspe Shalom
  • Sea and Desert Adventure


There are plenty of accommodation options available in the city. You can choose according to your budget, personal preference and of course keeping the environmental impact in mind.

Green Hotels

Hotels in Eilat offer many amenities like free wifi, free parking, a private swimming pool, luxury suites, and much more. Apart from that, Eilat Hotels have many non-smoking rooms which are aimed at eco-friendly stay. You can have a glimpse of sustainable living along with the elements of modern technology. Also, power consumption is significantly low, and you can enjoy the amazing service of the hotel staff. Some of the top Hotels for a stay in Eilat are:

  • Club Hotel Eilat
  • Red sea hotel
  • Astral Village hotel
  • Astral marris hotel
  • Pegasus hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses prove to be more freedom friendly and budget-friendly option for a stay in Eilat. Many hostels are located around the main city and in its central places. The hostels charge you less money, offer great food, and you can even rent several electronical and mechanical devices during your stay. The ideal hostels and guest house that will support your long term stay at affordable rates include:

  • Little Prince hostel
  • Hostel in Eilat
  • HI-Eilat hostel
  • Exodus hostel
  • Arava hostel


If you visit Eilat for a business outing or going for an extended family vacation, renting apartments for your stay is a viable option. Apartment buildings in Eilat are highly popular for stay due to their close proximity to the city center as well as airports. They are also widely chosen due to their inbuilt supermarkets and ice cream parlors in some of the buildings. Your stay can prove to be highly satisfying and comfortable when renting apartments from here:

  • Wow Deluxe ApartmentsCity Apartments
  • Amdar Residency Luxury Apartments
  • Beit Isrotel
  • Ayla Golf Apartments


Crashing at a local's home is also a good idea only if they are friendly enough to greet you. Couchsurfing proves useful in increasing your interactivity during the trip. It allows you to learn about their culture and traditions closely and develop an understanding with them. Still, you should behave more sensibly since Eilat is a secluded city, which leads to mixed reactions of the locals towards the tourist influx. Some might be highly cordial and super-excited to have you, while others may keep a little reserved or hostile nature.


Eilat is quite famous for its beautiful camping sites. Almost all the regions of Eilat are rich in historic ruins, rocky terrains, beautiful deserts, and a lot of natural reserves and beaches. You can go camping anywhere with your friends or family. Enjoy yourself at the Grand Canyon, or take a camping trip to Timna Park. The most Famous Camp Ground around Eilat are:

  • Soloman River Campground
  • Neot Midbar Eilat
  • Sunset Caravans
  • Aqaba Trails

How to Get There

Eilat is one of the most popular sites in Israel. It is situated on the southern side of Israel, located a few hundred kilometers from the center. Since it is a popular site, it is mandatory to have a good transportation system for the convenience of the visitors, and Eilat has very vast transportation which attracts the tourist.


In Eilat, a new airport has started to improve the air services, it is situated in the Timna region near Eilat. Its name is Ramon airport, an international airport Here, departure and arrival of domestic and international flights are carried out. This airport is just 18 kilometers away from Eilat, and by car, it takes only 15 minutes to reach here as roads are very nicely maintained here. This airport has the facilities of shuttle service, which are given free to all the passengers. This service is available every 15 minutes for the convenience of the passengers.

Eilat's airport


Second option to reach Eilat is via bus though it is very time-consuming but less costly. Two buses run every day in Eilat, one in the afternoon and one in the nighttime; you can catch these buses from various main cities like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem. These buses are just so comfortable for any kind of passenger they provide excellent service. These buses have built-in wifi so that no passenger can get bored. Using a bus gives you a sort of mental peace because it has some beautiful scenic environment that will fascinate every passenger.

Buses at a stop in Eilat


Currently, railway services are not there in Eilat, but there is a lot of discussion going on providing a high-speed railway service to help the passengers connect all the big and important cities of Israel to Eilat.


Hitchhiking is the most common thing in Israel, which shows that people over here are just so humble and friendly. People never mind any of the passengers to drop them they are very kind, this is a very good gesture but the people living here as we don't see this very often, so it will help anyone of us to make new friends here immediately.


Other ways to travel to Eilat are hiring a private taxi and beginning your journey to Eilat. These services are widely present in Eilat and very effective also they are a bit costly. Still, you have all the conveniences you can give your instructions to the driver, and they have to follow that, you can take a taxi from the down south region and quickly enter Eilat.

Moving Around

Eilat is just so fascinating for any tourist, there are so many things to do here and so many things to explore any tourists can enjoy themselves over here as they have so many historical landmarks which tell you about the History of Eilat, there are adventure parks for the tourists which prefer to do adventurous things and there various city parks for kids where they can go and enjoy. You can quickly get here through public transport or private taxi or also by hitchhiking.


Buses, taxis are fast running, and they do give a chance that how beautiful this place is for that who can go on a walk and explore what things are there near you, you will enjoy walking here as there are so many places here where you can feel that closeness to the environment. You can also roam and see the nearby streets and parks.


People who are health conscious can also cycling as an option to explore and go to there respective destinations, which are only a few kilometers away from them; cycling is very good for your health as it reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol present in your body, it manages to keep your heart healthy and acts as an excellent cardio exercise, it also reduces mental stress and converts the negative energy into a positive one. It is also suitable for the environment as it does not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Electronic Vehicles

Some electronic trolleys are running in Eilat helping the people there to reach their destinations, but they are not present on every route as nowadays everyone is giving preference to petrol and diesel vehicles, and that's why the usage of electric vehicles has drastically increased, Using of petrol and diesel is highly harmful as it is destroying the ozone layer, By 2030 Eilat is looking forward to starting electronic vehicles like taxis, cars and many more to reduce the increasing pollution in the area. Electronic vehicles are a blessing as they are harmless to the environment. They also reduce noise pollution as they make significantly less noise, shortly we will see all every vehicle running from electricity only as it has more benefits than these petrol and diesel vehicles.

Public Bus

Only public transportation bus company Eilat is Egged; Egged has a very vast network in transportation, providing various intercity lines all over the country. It has a direct line named Line 397, which is to Beer Sheva, and another bar, Line 394, to Tel-Aviv. Egged Eilat's bus station contains three kinds of cashiers, they also have the facility of public telephones, ATM's are also there so that you can make money from there, they also have a cafeteria so that if you are hungry, you can eat and drink the stuff out there, there is also a sitting area to wait for your respective buses with excellent facilities inside, and most bathrooms. Egged transportation company was established in 1933, and it is one of the oldest and also the largest of Israel's transportation systems. Egged pays very special attention to road safety and the service they provide to their fellow customers. They have very professional drivers; buses are always very clean. Egged has its official site where you can get all the necessary details about the schedule and routes or one another convenient way by text messaging you can get all the details. The number is 2580.

Tram, Train and Subway

In Eilat, train transportation is under development. There is a definite need for trains in Eilat as the population over here is increasing rapidly, so there is a need to build a rail network here. The government has given them permission to run a high-speed train connecting all the important cities of Israel, work on the subway lines in Eilat is also going on at a rapid speed, Eilat has become a positively developing region, and the addition of the railway lines will make it more developed and more connected to various more progressive cities and nearby areas.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping in Eilat is VAT( Value Added Tax) free that is shopping here is 17 % cheaper than any other place. Eliat is a free trade zone. You can buy from a massive range of dead sea products such as dead sea salt scrubs to local produce and the luxury lifestyle products. The best shopping destination is the King Solomon Promenade – its sea facing view makes it no less than heaven you can shop and dine here with a beautiful night view. Everything you buy should be based upon an eco-friendly and sustainable concept, be it organic dis, recycled fiber, etc.

  • HC Makolet sheli
  • Bereshit Natural and Organic Products
  • Timberland

Food Markets

What's a place without its own food culture served with its rich heritage. The first and foremost thing that comes to a traveler's mind is to taste the fascinating food of Eliat. Eliat is known for its fish markets where they serve the fresh fish from the Red sea, the Mediterranean, and Egypt's Nile Delta and the most special beef from the Golan's. If you love bears and dairy, then My Grocery Northern Coast Makolet is the place where your search ends.

Both open and closed food markets are quite famous among the locals and tourists alike:

  • Bonbon
  • Gorme
  • Daniel's Deli Delicates
  • Razin Center

Flea Markets

Flea Markets are very much popular among the locals and tourists. Any person can observes and view the food and products on the spot and choose the one they want. You can buy anything like handcrafted jewelry, paintings, earrings, clothes, crockery, and much more.

  • Jaffa Flea Market
  • Carmel Market
  • Tel Aviv Port

Second Hand Stores

Purchasing second hand goods is a more affordable and convenient option for the locals and middle class population. In Eilat, mostly lower or median income people like to buy second hand automobiles, second hand electronics, and other mechanical devices. This reduces the cost of the products and does not drain financially. Ordinary second hand stores in Eilat are:

  • Eilat Vintage
  • Wizo
  • Second Hand Store Eilat Near Welfare


Style, combined with health, is the most dynamic feature of the fashion world. Try to promote environmentally friendly products. The best approach towards eco-fashion is following a three Rs system, using organic products, promoting biodegradable goods, etc. Eco-shops in Eilat aim at combining environmental health with fashion shopping.

  • Bereshit Eilat Health Store
  • Ella Nature Shop
  • Mayula Eco life


Recycling in Eilat has not gained a lot of attention or effort due to some technological constraints. In Israel, only 20% of the waste generated is recycled. Recyclable plastic waste includes plastic bottles, recyclable containers, newspapers, and many others.

  • Alon Group
  • Averda Wate Management
  • World Associates LTD


Israeli Government is taking several initiatives over waste management and recycling. Eilat and other neighboring cities are focusing on harnessing renewable energy, reducing public dumps, and increased recycling techniques. There are many waste treatment plants around the region.

Work and Study Abroad

Working and studying in Eilat, Israel, is a desirable option. All you need is a valid work permit and visa to apply for a job in Eilat, Israel. Israel holds an important position in terms of employment and education statistics.

Exchange Student

Eilat excellent international Education Index. The opportunities for studying abroad in Eilat are entirely satisfactory and beneficial. Many Israeli Universities provide internships, volunteer programs, exchange programs, and other intensive language programs. You can apply for various education courses in Eilat universities and enjoy international exposure. Here are the best universities in Eilat that offer amazing study opportunities to international students.

  • Ben Gurion University
  • Intercity University of Marine Sciences
  • Reidman College

Au Pair

AU Pair is a part of cultural exchange programs that are most common these days. You can work as a nanny, house caretaker, kitchen service, etc. You can opt for AU Pair if any local family is willing to take care of your monetary funds in return for your services.


You can Volunteer for many cultural programs or social welfare schemes in Eilat. There are many universities which offer many volunteer programs for international students. You can volunteer for different campaigns, tourism, educational upliftment, and much more.

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