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Eco-friendly travel guide to Entebbe advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Entebbe, Uganda.

Entebbe Aerial View

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $460

Responsible Travel

Sitting in the central part of Uganda, Entebbe is a small city that is present on Lake Victoria. Entebbe is just 23 miles southwest of Kampala, Uganda's capital city. Entebbe is popular because it once served as the seat of Protectorate of Uganda government before the independence in 1962. The city also homes a significant airport, Entebbe International Airport that is the largest commercial and military airport in Uganda. Entebbe covers a small area of 56.2 square kilometres with an elevation of 1,180 meters, and a total population of about 69,958(2014 census). Presently, Entebbe serves as the residence and office of the president of the country.

  • While travelling to such a significant Uganda city, you need to be respectful towards the local environment. You can do this by using organic and eco-friendly products. These are localized products and involve the local community in all aspects. Therefore, using these products will benefit the environment as well as the people.
  • The pollution rates in Entebbe are moderate, but because there are no electronic vehicles present, people prefer motorized vehicles. These motorized vehicles emit harmful substances like smoke, soot, and greenhouse gases that create problems in breathing. You must use public transport, bicycles, or walking to move around the city. By doing so, you will be able to keep your carbon footprint minimal and play the role of a responsible tourist.
  • You can also opt sustainable accommodation options like green hotels, apartments, hostels, guesthouses, camping, and Couchsurfing. It is because these places use specific eco-friendly measures as their corporate social responsibilities. You will find that these places are cheaper than luxury hotels and lodges, and often provide excellent services.

Air Quality and Pollution

This city's air quality is not good because the air of this city is very much polluted. There is no rail network in this city; therefore, most of the public uses public transport like bikes, cars, or buses. Thus, the carbon which is emitted through these vehicles has considerably increased, causing air pollution. Other than this, there are industries inside the city that emit smoke, which raises air pollution. Therefore it is advised that you should understand your responsibility and should use bicycles. Air pollution can cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

Noise Pollution – Any sound which is above 120 decibels is noise. Due to traffic and the use of buses, cars, and motorbikes, there is a lot of noise pollution. Noise pollution can cause various health effects like disturbing your sleep, causing nausea, and low activeness. Along with it, it also increases the stress level, which increases the depression rate.

  • PM2.5 – 53
  • Pollution Level - Moderate

There is also light pollution, but at a moderate level that may cause less sleep, blurred vision, and strain to the eyes.

Respect the Culture

You should respect Entebbe's culture and traditions if you want to get a good experience. People of this city are compassionate regarding their customs and practices; therefore, disrespecting it means you are hurting Entebbe's people's sentiments, which will cause some serious trouble. Respecting other religions helps you to connect with the local people very quickly; they might help you with the best tourist places and other places to visit. Other than this, they can also alert you of the common scams which happen with tourists and some money-saving tips. You can learn from their culture about various inventions, history, artistic features which they created. There are many festivals celebrated in this city. Still, you will mainly see all the Christian festivals because most people are Christian; other than these, there are many festivals, including Hindu and Muslim festivals.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Lake Victoria: It is the most incredible lake in Africa. It supports one of the main fishery sectors of Africa. There are species of many fishes in this lake. Due to fishing, many endemic species are now endangered. Two hydroelectric projects are built on this lake, which provides a perfect tourist destination for families or friends.
  • Sesse Island: These are eighty-four island groups towards the northwestern part of Lake Victoria. Many species inhabit these islands. One of which is primates. These species are not much available in Uganda, which makes this island different. People's main activity in this area is fishing, palm oil processing, livestock farming, logging, and many more. Infrastructural development is a bit slow in this area. But excellent weather and eighty-four islands make this place one of the best tourist spots.
  • Mpanga Central Forest Reserve: It is present in the Mpigi District of Uganda. The forest covers an area of 453 hectares that is 1,120 acres. It is one of the central forest reserves. Many species of rare flora and fauna are present here. Some of them are red-tailed monkeys, cuckoos, grey parrots, owls, etc. There are several tourist activities, including forest exploration and forest walks, bird or primate watching, firest trails, and butterfly identification.
  • Bafrika Creationz: It is an art gallery that started operating in 2017. Lutaaya Micheal established it, and it is present at Entebbe Jua Kali Centrum. Their speciality is mixed media crafts, paintings, and fabric decorations. They help underprivileged artists to get recognition. They also promote artwork that is beyond country borders. It is the best place in Entebbe to visit, entertaining you, and helping the underprivileged ones.
  • Mabamba Bay Swamp: It is an important bird site. It covers a total of 2424 hectares of marshy area and wetlands. Significant flora here is water lilies, papyrus, and others. It is home to about 300 species of birds that includes some endangered and endemic species. This place is famous for Shoebills. Other birds include the African green pigeon, common bulbul, grey crowned crane, pied kingfisher, and many more.
  • Aero Beach: This beach is just one kilometre from Entebbe International Airport. This place in Entebbe is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for the tourist's convenience. It is a decorated beach where two massive aircraft, summer huts, and world leaders' monuments are present. It is a decorated beach, which that every tourist in Entebbe likes to visit.
  • Lido Beach: Lido beach is another tourist-trendy place in Entebbe. The food stands here to offer a variety of food items at a low cost. Moreover, the stalls also provide things you might forget to bring on a beach, like towels, sunscreen, beach balls, etc. It is one of the most loved beaches by kids because there are many shells to collect. Also, sand bars here offer shallow places for kids to play. It is a quiet place for you to enjoy a sunny day with your family.
  • Entebbe Crafts village: The Entebbe Crafts village dates back to 2002. This village is famous for displaying and selling creative and traditional works by the local people of Uganda. Many things shown here include hand-made bags, carvings from woods, soaps, table mats, keyrings, etc. You can also find hand-made jewellery like earrings, bracelets, bangles made using coconut, beads, shells, etc. Clothing items like handwoven sweaters, printed shirts, skirts, kids wear, etc., paintings like acrylic, oil paintings, wash, original batiks, etc., and many antiques are present here. Many resorts, guest houses, and tour operators are available for tourists to stay.
  • Siena Art Gallery: It started working in 2014 with the aim of teaching and providing space for exhibitions. But as time has evolved, it became a place where people from all over Uganda can come and contribute to the collection of this art gallery. The exhibition here includes paintings, ceramics, sculptures, fashion, crafts made by people all over Uganda.
  • Uganda Virus Research Institute: It is a government institute. Very evident from the name, it researches viruses, joint diseases, and provides expert advice. Various branches here are basic research, entomology, bioinformatics, socio-economic research, applied research, and many more. It prevents and controls the spread of diseases. Moreover, it archives specimens also. One of the chief characteristics is that it organizes workshops and seminars where tourists and locals can participate. It is one of the best places if you love to study or understand diseases and their prevention.
Lake Victoria


There are a lot of places in Entebbe which can be explored easily. You can visit museums where you can learn many things, including the ancient people and their dynasties. Other than this, you can learn about many artistic monuments created by older people. Other than this, there are many city parks available for people to perform various exercises or jog. There are national parks where you can observe different animals and learn about their habitats and daily routines by closely watching them. You can also visit beaches which will help you to relax.

City Parks

There are many city parks which are available for public use. You can perform a morning walk or can jog there. Some of the parks have various tracks for acupressure treatment. These parks are free to use, which means you won't need any ticket to enter. In many of the gardens, there is space for people to perform yoga. You can even observe many plants and street animals in the parks. You can also visit this park for a picnic or a vacation with your friends and family. You can interact with many locals who come to this park daily.

  • New Bus Park
  • Extreme Adventure Park Busika
  • Entebbe Botanical Garden
  • Mpanga Central Forest Reserve
  • Park Shoebill
File:Entebbe Botanical Garden
Entebbe Botanical garden

National Parks

National parks in this city have different species of animals and birds. You can closely look at them. Other than this, many national parks offer you a guide at a reasonable price, who can help you to visit this place in depth. They are efficient in speaking English and the local language. They know various animals and their species. You can even book a safari tour in some national parks. These are a good option for anyone who loves to observe nature or want to have some adventure.

  • Lake Mburo National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Griffin Falls Camp
  • Uganda Reptile Village
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Lake Mburo National Park


Beaches are a place that provides relaxation to the body. Entebbe is a peninsula, which means that three forth of this city has water. It is why there are many beaches in this city. There are some stalls for some snacks and beverages to eat throughout the day. You can also play sports like beach volleyball or try various water sports, including discovering multiple marine creatures. Other than this you can even have a walk on the beach and enjoy a sunset. Walking on the beach has many benefits and is better than walking on a concrete track.

  • Speena Beach Entebbe
  • Banga Beach
  • One Love Beach
  • White Sands Beach
  • Waterfront Beach
  • Entebbe Beach
  • Lido Beach
File:Lido Beach, Entebbe 2.jpgX
Black-winged stilt at the Lido Beach


Landmarks are the places which are famous among the people and can be used as an alternative to identify a particular area. There are some landmarks which are present in this city and serve as a tourist spot. These places are very famous among the locals and tourists. There is an education centre for wildlife conservation which will teach you about the importance of conserving wildlife and various animals you can see in this city. There are long golf clubs, and you can enjoy playing golf with your friends there. There is a famous reptile village in this city where there are more than 50 reptiles for exhibitions.

  • Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre
  • Reptile Village in Entebbe
  • Wild Frontiers Uganda Safaris
  • Entebbe Golf Club


Museums are the best place if you love to explore and learn. Museums are the place where you can learn about ancient Uganda people and their inventions. There are different museums for different types of exhibitions. The museums required some small amount as an entry fee. There are many benefits of museums as this will help you get knowledge about the place you are visiting. It will help you to understand the culture and tradition of that city. You will be able to socialize with the locals easily. You can learn about various things from ancient times. In some museums, there are presentations on the large screen showing inventions.

  • Geological
  • The Equator at Entebbe
  • Uganda Museum
  • Social Innovation Museum
Uganda Society Library At Uganda Museum


There are many restaurants, cafes, eateries, and food stalls where you can eat various food items. Some of the restaurants offer you traditional dishes to try. Some local food stalls make food in front of your eyes, which provides you with quality satisfaction. You must try the local food items to explore the food culture. It gives a sense of taste preference of the residents. The restaurants do not charge too much for their dishes. Some restaurants and cafes offer you various cuisines, so even if you miss your favourite snacks, you can find it here. There are vegan and vegetarian restaurants also available which provide quality food items. There is a lot of variety, even in vegetarian restaurants, so that you can choose any one of your preference and budget. Vegan people can also enjoy comfortably here while enjoying organic and animal cruelty-free dishes. Vegan food is a type of food free from any animal products; it consists of plant-based food items as a whole. The milk which is used is either coconut milk or plant milk. Vegan dishes can be very health benefits for you as they are rich in nutrients than regular food items. Other advantages of vegan dishes include lowering the cholesterol level and risk of heart disease. Vegan dishes are best for kidney; it can also boost your mood and help you keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Cafe Java's - Victoria Mall
  • Faze 3
  • 4 Points Bar and Restaurant Ltd
  • Precious Restaurant
  • Local Restaurant
  • Mars Restaurant Kiboga

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Carpe Diem
  • The Rolex Guy Entebbe
  • Muti Garden Café & Restaurant
  • Goretti's Pizzeria And Bar
  • Anna's Corner
  • Betty Ethiopian Restaurant and Inn

Street Food

  • Matoke: It is a traditional dish in Uganda. The main ingredient is peeled-banana. After peeling the bananas, it is then wrapped with its leaf and put in a cooking pot. After this, the cooking pot sits on burning wood or coal. Then, it is then mashed while still wrapped in the leaf. Traditionally it goes with beef, meat, and sauce made from peanuts or vegetables.
  • Katogo: The main ingredient of this dish is matoke, a banana food item. It is a traditional dish which is eaten for breakfast. This dish's main component is a traditionally made sauce from ghee, offal, beans, beef, and

matoke. It would be best if you try Katogo while exploring Entebbe's food culture.

  • Mandazi: They are doughnuts that are less sweet and served without frosting. The addition of various ingredients is also prevalent. The dough is deep-fried and consists of water, flour, sugar, milk, and yeast. However, to enhance the taste, they add coconut milk, while almonds and peanuts are optional.
  • Posho: It is a porridge made from maize flour. Traditionally, to cook the flour, the locals put it in boiling water until it reaches a stiff consistency like a dough. To enhance the taste, they add millet flour, while milk is optional. You will find it a trendy dish in all restaurants, cafes, and food stalls in Entebbe.
  • Rolex: It is an egg roll where they roll egg and veggies inside a chapati. It is both cost-effective and easy to make. There are two more versions of it, namely titanic, where they roll the omelette and kikomando in two chapattis. After this, they cut the chapati into slices and mix it with beans.


  • Waragi: It is an alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content; therefore, it is a stiff or strong drink. It traditionally consists of bananas, millets, sugarcane, or cassava. Although some people use just one ingredient to make this dish, depending on the region. You must-try this beverage at least once in Uganda.
  • Tonto: It is a beverage made with bananas. It is mildly alcoholic with an alcohol content of 7% to 11%. To make this, they first put ripe bananas in a pit. After putting it for several days, they take it out, filter it, and add water before adding roasted sorghum. If you don't like drinking alcoholic drinks, then Tonto is the one for you.
  • Ajon: It is an alcoholic beverage traditionally made from millets. It is famous all over Uganda. The locals usually consume the drink after ceremonies like the birth of a child, naming of a child, and field harvesting. You can find it in local bars, restaurants, and eateries at very reasonable prices.
  • Obushera: It is a traditional drink for the people of southwestern Uganda. During the preparation, they soak dry sorghum seeds in water for 12 hours before mixing them with wood ash. After this, they cover it in banana leaves, which helps them to germinate. After sprouting, they ground the seeds and mix with boiling water for 30 minutes. When the mixture cools down, the beverage becomes ready to drink.
  • Kwete: It is an alcoholic beverage made locally in Uganda. The main ingredients used while making this is maize, malt, boiled water, sorghum, and yeast. To enhance the taste, they sometimes use millet instead of maize. It is a light brown drink that has a sweet and sour taste along with a thick consistency.


The tap water of this city is not fit for drinking because it is very much polluted. This city's tap water contains various pollutants like bacteria and other such micro-organisms, making it unfit for drinking. The water also has a high amount of chlorine, causing digestive problems like diarrhoea, indigestion, etc. The primary water source of Entebbe is Lake Victoria with four treatment plants. These water plants are Ggaba I, II, III, and Katosi water plants, built-in Mukono District. You will find that the Ggaba water plant is present on Lake Victoria's north shore and covers a large area. You can use the tap water supply for other purposes like using it in the daily chores. You can buy plastic bottles available at a small cost, but that will increase your plastic consumption. You can use a standard bottle, which can be refilled for further use.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are cafes that serve organic food items. Organic dishes are food made up of localized ingredients from nearby farms. These dishes cost slightly higher than the regular ones, but not so much that one can't afford them. Organic cafes have several health benefits as they are free from chemicals and pesticides, which may damage the immune and digestive system and make it weak. The dishes cost slightly higher because they either have to maintain their farms or contact a regular supply dealer.

  • Carpe Diem
  • Gately Inn Entebbe
  • Makan Foods Entebbe
  • Organic Cafe
  • Organic health cafe
  • Tina Gardens


The brewery is a spot where beers are made and sold either among the locals or for global. These breweries offer many beers, which may cost a little lower if purchased outside this city. These companies have their outlets established here that sells beer to local people without any cost of distribution cost and other such taxes. There are two types of breweries: one that produces beer for commercial use and distributes them globally, earning many profits. Another one is the brewery that manufactures beers only for locals and distributes only in the country. There are many benefits of drinking beer as it helps provide nutrition to the body and reduces heart problems.

  • Banage Brewing Company
  • Via Via Entebbe
  • Nile Breweries Mbarara. Ruharo
  • Nile Breweries Depot


Entebbe is a small city; therefore, there are limited activities to do. However, these activities are enough for you to create memories. Some of the activities involve visiting museums and learning many things. Visiting the beach can be very relaxing if you are going through a tiring trip. There are many extensive golf grounds which are present in the city. Many tutors are available to teach golf, but you can come here and enjoy it if you know how to play. This place has many boxing tutors, which will inspire you to learn boxing. There are many training camps where you can quickly learn boxing. One of the most adventurous activities is to have a jeep safari tour where you get a jeep along with a driver who knows this place very well. You can also hire a guide which is available at reasonable prices.

  • Visit Museums
  • Visit Beaches
  • Play Golf
  • Learn boxing
  • Safari Tour

Yoga and Retreats

A yoga studio is a studio that is best for people who want to find their inner peace—some of the yoga studios offers subscription on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. So if you are here for a more extended period, you can buy a membership that will allow you to perform yoga with other yoga learners. The studio here has many active and expert trainers who will help you to correct your methods. However, if you know how to perform yoga, you can do it in any public park. Yoga will not only provide you with flexibility, but it will also help you to remain active and healthy throughout the day.

  • Yoga Studio Entebbe
  • Yoga Miracle
  • Urban Yogi Wellness
  • Busoga Boxing Club


There are many accommodation options which are available due to the increase in tourism in this city. Therefore, there are many accommodation options which entirely depends on the luxury and the facility you want. There are four types of accommodation options where you can stay and get different facilities and services. You must prefer an option that is best for you, your budget, and the local environment.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are the hotels that get a certificate of sustainability from the state government. These types of hotels use many eco-friendly measures, which makes them different from regular hotels. They use self-generated electricity that comes from solar, hydro, or wind plant, or pannels. The bedsheet and towels in every room are of organic and natural fabrics without chemical dyes. Even the cosmetics provided, such as shampoo, soap, body wash, and hand wash, are organic compounds. These hotels generally cost lower than ordinary hotels as they use localized items.

  • K Hotels Entebbe
  • Best Western Premier Garden Hotel Entebbe
  • Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe
  • Comfort Hotel Entebbe
  • Imperial Resort Beach Hotel
  • Lake Victoria Hotel
  • Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guesthouse are best if you are travelling alone or with a group of people. Hostel rooms are semi-furnished with shared rooms and different common areas where you can interact with other travellers. It will help you learn about other travellers' experiences in Entebbe and use their advice while travelling by yourself. Guesthouses, on the other hand, are great for tourists that are travelling with their friends, family, or partner and want some private place.

  • New Green Valley Guest House
  • WEMOFA Pad
  • Palm Vistas
  • Mission Backpackers - Entebbe
  • Blue monkey Guest House
  • Anna's Place Entebbe
  • Elementis Entebbe Guesthouse
  • Pineapple Guest House Entebbe
  • Serene Guest House
  • Anna's Place Entebbe


Entebbe has different rental apartments present in its regions. These apartments are semi-furnished and have a modular kitchen. You will find that majority of the apartments offer two bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. Flats are the best for those looking for complete privacy and will help you become independent.

  • Wemofa Pad Self-Cater
  • Panorama Apartments
  • Hidden Treasure Apartments
  • Shaga Apartments
  • Super8 apartments
  • Kwesiga Apartments Lugonjo
  • Crystal Apartments
  • Corinya Serviced Apartments


Couchsurfing is possible in this city, but you must stay cautious because the crime rates are relatively high. Couchsurfing is a concept where you live in a local's house for free. Some Couchsurfing hosts offer free services, but some ask for small charges. While Couchsurfing, you can help the host in his or her household chores. By doing so, you can show them your gratitude and be a good guest.


Camping can be done if you want some adventurous experience. You can enjoy a clear night sky while camping in the campgrounds. You must notice that most people will advise you not to camp in bad weather as it can cause you some injury. Apart from the monsoons, all other seasons are great for camping. If you are camping in Entebbe during the winter season, you must keep proper heating devices, clothes, and other supplies as the cold can cause many severe injuries and sometimes even death.

  • Alison & Dave's
  • Ngamba Island Tented Camp
  • Camp Entebbe
  • Life Camp Bwerenga
  • Banana Village Camping
  • Roots Retreat & Camping Resort

How to Get There

As a small city, there are not many ways to reach Entebbe. All the ways to get here are mostly indirect because the airport serving the city connects to only specific cities of the world. Therefore, other options like waterways, roadways, and railways are great to reach the town. You must be present in Uganda or the specific cities the airport serves to get to Entebbe.


Entebbe International Airport is a public and military-type airport. This airport's elevation is 3,782 feet and is under the Civil Avian Authority of Uganda's governance. This airport is an ancient building airport created during British time. It is the only international airport in Uganda. In 2016, it got a budget of US$11.14 million to increase the area of arrival and departure area. There are many facilities which this airport provides, including parking, terminal building, expanded waiting area, snacks, and beverages corner. A significant incident took place in 1976 when a highjacked flight landed in Entebbe.


There is a service known as pineapple bus services that provides intercity buses between Entebbe and other cities in Uganda. Buses are air-conditioned with charging sockets. Other than this, the buses are very good with fewer number seats for passenger's comfort. There are many buses of this service present in Entebbe that are efficient in reaching different areas inside and outside the city.


There are railway services available in the city, but they are not popular amongst locals and tourists. Entebbe is a small city with a total area of 56 square kilometres. Also, there is not much of the population to support the rail network. It is the reason why the locals use other means of transports like buses.


Hitchhiking is very much popular in this city, and you simply have to be present on the highway is a recent addition to Entebbe's landscape. Hitchhiking is not a tough job here as many locals and tourists practice this travelling method free of cost. You need to present in the right spot for the driver to identify and stop for you. Also, you need to be careful as a lot of accidents and crimes occur on the highway.


Another way of reaching Entebbe is by getting a rental car service. You will find that these services are very cheap, but they cause a lot of pollution by emitting harmful gases. They are not eco-friendly because they run on fossil fuels like petroleum, diesel, natural gas, etc. You can choose a service that uses electronic cars as they are environment friendly. You can also use the waterways to reach here as there are many ferries and boat rides available from neighbouring cities.

Moving Around

Moving around in the city is not much of a challenge. Since Entebbe is a small city, it can be covered by walking or cycling alone. However other means of transport are available if you are not a fan of walking or cycling, or have a limited time in the city. While moving around Entebbe, ensure that you don't harm the local environment and behave responsibly.


Walking is an excellent option to move around Entebbe. It will also benefit your health as walking helps a person to remain fit and provides exercise to your body. You can also perform walking as a daily morning exercise in the garden or pathways. While walking on the roads, you must be cautious about the traffic, which usually happens.


There are bicycles available for rent in Entebbe. You can purchase one from a second-hand store at reasonable prices. Also, if you are planning to stay for a long time in Entebbe, these bicycles will help you reach different areas of Entebbe with ease. You can also opt for renting a bike from a local shop or agency to save on the cost.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are not popular in Entebbe. However, this city badly needs them due to its low air quality. Electronic cars not only reduce air pollution but also limit noise pollution. There is less population in this city; therefore, the technology has not yet reached this city.

Public Bus

There are many public buses which run from morning 5 am till midnight. These buses cover the entire city, especially the tourist spots; therefore, you can quickly move around different areas. The fare of these buses depends on the distance you want to travel. Also, try to keep change with you because sometimes the conductors cannot return you the remaining amount as they don't have change.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is some railway service present in Entebbe, but the locals do not find it useful as the different areas are just a few walking distances away. You will find that other transport modes like rental cars, buses, bicycles, and electronic cars are more prevalent in Entebbe. You can use the railway service to travel to other cities in Uganda, but it would be best to walk or cycle around Entebbe to explore it.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is an excellent way to not only protect the environment but also support the local communities. You will find that the various food and flea markets, eco-fashion shops, and second-hand stores will provide you with quality products at reasonable prices. You can find many local products in these places. These places are usually run by local fishers, gardeners, farmers, producers, bakers, and business people, which enable them to generate income by themselves, and not by depending on someone else.

Food Markets

  • Central Market
  • Fish Market

Flea Markets

  • Saturday Market
  • Kitooto Market Entebbe

Second Hand Stores

  • Think Twice
  • Tamale and Sons Business Solutions
  • Be Forward Dealers


  • Girlie Boutique
  • Payway POS
  • Entebbe Crafts Village


Recycling is becoming an essential practice in Entebbe because the municipality and the government have put forth various prohibitions regarding waste. The best way to not violate these prohibitions is to reuse, recycle, and reduce waste. It is the reason why recycled products are becoming trendy in Entebbe. You will find many recycling outlets and agencies present in different areas of the city.


There are strict laws regarding littering and disposal of garbage in Entebbe. It is to control the increasing pollution and make the city a better place. There is a waste management system where the waste requires to go through sorting to separate recyclables, reusables, and harmful substances. There are strict laws regarding the disposal of paint, radioactive waste, plastic, and other non-degradable items. Any tourist or local who indulges in violating such prohibitions will face civil or criminal penalties.

Work and Study Abroad

If you are pursuing science, or to be specific, a career in biology, then Entebbe is the best place in Africa. You will find that it homes the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) as well as several international laboratories, and institutes. You can find excellent career and education opportunities in Entebbe, but you will need to fulfil all the requirements to become eligible. It is because these institutes are world-class, and people worldwide come here to study and become a part of their research.

Exchange Student

Student exchange is possible in Entebbe as it homes some world-class institutes. These institutes often have a partnership with other institutes in neighbouring countries or cities. You can apply for their program, and if you are eligible, you can study at some of the best educational institutes in the world. You can also apply for the worldwide student exchange program, but that requires a long process, and there is no surety of getting an opportunity in the city or country you want.

Au Pair

Mostly the people who reside in Uganda are not very rich. Many low-income families are unable to meet their daily needs. It is the reason why au pairing is hard to find in Entebbe. You can still try looking for families on the website or by asking some locals, but the chances are very meagre.


There are many volunteering organizations present in Entebbe that are always trying to help the local communities make the city a better place to live. These organizations are either under private or public ownership. You can participate in the activities of these organizations and help out the locals. By participating, you can play your significant role as a responsible tourist and also pay your respect to the local community for their hospitality and helpfulness.

  • Ecotrust Uganda
  • Hope For Restoration Initiative
  • The Aids Support Organization
  • Safe Hands Mission
  • Go Green Uganda
  • Conservation Through Public Health

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