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Eco-friendly travel guide to Uganda advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Uganda, Africa.

Rwenzori mountains in Uganda

  • Air quality: 1.5/ 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 2.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 5/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $140
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $200

Responsible Travel

Studies say that Uganda is one of the poorest countries worldwide. Still, that does not hinder it from being a place to enjoy the African culture.

Everyone who visits this East African country agrees that they feel special thanks to its cultural heritage.

This country is also known for its wildlife and environment. As a foreigner in Uganda, you must not engage in any activity that will endanger its wildlife.

If you want to be a responsible traveler, you can contribute in ways that help to sustain the wildlife in the country. Often, it is in monetary form.

  • Choose green hotels over other accommodation options and if you cannot find a green hotel of your choice then opt for an apartment or hostel. This is because most of the five star hotels and resorts create tonnes of waste every day including 79,000 tonnes of food waste (9% total food waste from the sector) and they do not adhere to sustainable business practices. If you choose to stay in an apartment you can work on your carbon footprint and decide on things like using no plastic, minimum waste etc. This will not only help with reducing your carbon footprint but massively help help with improving the environment.
  • Eat Local food and buy the food from street food stalls or small restaurants. This is because most of the big restaurant chains or fast food conglomerates are guilty of producing so much waste and directly contributing the problem of pollution and climate change due to their harmful business models. Not only do the small business owners need the help of tourists to run their business and provide for their family but they also have ethical practices for example most of them do not use plastic.
  • Use local transportation or electronic vehicles to keep the city pollution-free and save a lot of money at the same time.
  • Shop local. In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality varies from city to city but what is noteworthy is that Kampala has the second worst Air quality in Africa. That is obviously worrying not only for the locals but for potential tourists as well. The poor state of living in Uganda contributes to its poor air quality. The people engage in activities that contaminate the air, and it does not seem like they are stopping anytime soon. It is not that they are not aware of the dangers of their activities. Yet, some of their lives are dependent on some of these activities.

There needs to be more effort put into combating air pollution in Uganda. While all of this may sound worrying and might put you off from visiting the country altogether, you can have a great stay if you take some precautions and are conscious of your own carbon footprint. If every person will play their part then things will get better. Wearing a mask, carrying anti allergy medication and generally being a responsible tourist will help you have a smooth stay.

Respect the Culture

As a foreigner in Uganda, you must be respectful to everyone. You will be able to see some of the best historical places along with different stories. You can ask them questions about their unique and enriching culture but do not be disrespectful and do not look down upon their traditions and beliefs. If you do not engage in any harmful activity, you will not have any issue with the locals. All they ask from foreigners is mutual respect.

One way of showing respect in this country is to stay away from showing public displays of affection. The locals are conservative. Thus, they see actions like kissing in public as disrespectful. The typical way of greeting is with a handshake or wave.

It would also be best if you ask for permission before taking a picture of anyone in Uganda. It shows that you respect their privacy.

Wearing a warm smile will go a long way when in this country. It allows the locals to get closer to you. You will realize that making friends with the locals makes your stay more fun.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Most of the tourist attractions in Uganda promote the environment or wildlife somehow.

Here are some of the top places to visit:

  • Lake Bunyonyi: It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Uganda located between Kisoro and Kabale. It has beautiful scenery that will instantly relax you. One can also go for canoe tours on the lake. There are also hiking trails at this place waiting for people to explore. If you are also a fan of travel photography then this should be on top of the list for you.
  • Kibale National Park: There are various birds and animals at this park, and they are always a sight to behold. For many, it could be that they have never seen these animals up-close before. Thus, this place presents the opportunity. It is not free to visit this park, but the experience will always be worth it.
  • Sipi Falls: Located close to the Mount Elgon National Park, Sipi Falls are a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda. Visiting this place allows one to experience nature and appreciate the environment. Hiking is also one of the activities that you can engage in while visiting this place. Instead of imagining the fun, ensure to visit it.
  • Kazinga Channel: If you have ever seen an elephant swimming before. You can experience the delight of seeing one when you visit the Kazinga Channel. It is also interesting that you can take a boat ride on this lake. There should be no cause for alarm as the locals are used to the lake and know how to navigate properly. You can also see people fishing here as well.
  • Kasubi Royal Tombs (Kampala): It is the burial site of the Buganda royal family. If you want to learn more about the history of the Buganda people, you should visit it as it also serves as a museum. Something about this place usually piques curiosity and holds the interest of visitors.
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: Remember how we said that the Ugandans are protective of their wildlife. Thus, it should not be surprising that the country has a Rhino sanctuary. You get to see these animals up close and personal, which is an opportunity you cannot allow to waste. Typically, there is usually a tour guide at this place.
  • Muhavura Volcano: This place lies at the border of Rwanda and Uganda. It is a volcano on a lake. There are mountain ranges near it, but this is the third-highest. We see some foreigners challenging themselves to climb to its peak. Thus, we can say that mountain climbing is one of the fun activities to do at this place. We would also not fail to mention hiking. Some people also use this place as a campsite. It is helpful to know that the hiking trails here are not easy.
  • Kibale Forest: Before visiting this country, we are sure that you have heard scary stories about forests in Africa. However, allow us to debunk such and let you know that exploring forests is one of the top activities to do in Uganda. There should be no cause for alarm as there would be a tour guide which comes in handy. It is helpful to know that this forest is home to the highest diversity and concentration of primates found on the entire African continent.
  • Kyambura Game Reserve: We are sure that you have heard of game reserves, or it could be that you have some in your home city. Thus, you know what to expect when you visit this place. It is always best to keep an open mind as we are sure that this place will leave you in awe.
  • Kabaka's Palace (Kampala): It is the palace of the Buganda king. Interestingly, it is open for tours to the public. Thus, you get to see royal artifacts and know the stories that surround them. It also has lovely gardens surrounding it where people go to relax. It has a conducive environment that makes people lose track of time while relaxing. These guided tours are usually informative. So, we can say that you will have an encompassing experience when you visit this place.
The only lake in Uganda formed by lava damming and is believed to be the deepest lake in Uganda


Uganda has so much to offer to its tourists. You can see a tourist asking the locals about things they do for fun or activities that keep them busy. Asides from exploring and having fun, it also helps them to establish a bond with the locals.

The wildlife and the landscape is just breathtaking and definitely worth exploring. Uganda is home to so many mountain ranges including the Rwenzoris which is the tallest mountain range in Africa, to lakes and rivers. For all the nature lovers Uganda is a must visit.

City Parks

Each city has a set of its own parks in Uganda but you will see that there are not many in numbers and there is generally a lack of open and green spaces. The accessibility, greenery and environment will vary from place to place but some of the city parks that are worth visiting are:

National Parks

Due to its beautiful landscape, rich eco system and wildlife, Uganda has plenty of National Parks. All of these are well protected and the views are just breathtaking. Scattered across the country, these national parks are not only worth visiting but they are also worth preserving so when you are there, make sure you are extremely careful about not littering, not using any substance or product that might be harmful towards the environment.

Some of these national parks are:

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park (Rubirizi): You will experience the safari in a unique way when you visit this National Park located in Southern Uganda. There are countless species of mammals which also includes a tree climbing lion. Other things that you will witness while at the park are some of the most beautiful and rare species of birds, volcanic cones, boat launches etc. Overall, the experience of visiting the Queen Elizabeth National Park will be unforgettable.
  • Murchison Falls National Park: This majestic Murchison Falls National Park park is the largest national park of Uganda that is located close to Lake Albert. It is a little slice of heaven on earth boasting majestic views and is home to several different wildlife species.
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Come with your cameras and observe over 200 different species of trees, 120 species of mammals, 27 species of frogs, geckos and chameleons, 220 species of butterflies, 348 species of birds and other endangered species in their natural habitat.
  • Kibale National Park: This tropical rainforest has a gorgeous landscape and despite being a wet rainforest it is home to many different species. Take your raincoat along and get ready to have some fun.
Crater lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Even though Uganda is a landlocked country, there are several beaches especially in Entebbe, this is because of several lakes in the country especially Lake Victoria. Some of the beaches that are worth visiting include:

  • Lido Beach
  • Lutembe Beach
  • Aero Beach
  • One love beach
Lido beach in Entebbe


Independence Monument in Kampala

Every country must have landmarks as it helps people to know their way as they are navigating. Foreigners usually use these landmarks to ensure that they do not get missing in a new place.

If there is a tall building or statue, it automatically classifies it as a landmark. Sometimes, these structures do not need to be high. However, they need to be unique and outstanding to make them noticeable.

Some of the landmarks in Uganda are:

  • Independence Monument (Kampala): It comes in handy that this monument is by the roadside. Thus, everyone can see it. Since it is a tall structure, you are also sure to see it from afar. It was built in celebration of Uganda’s independence.
  • Jinja Nile Bridge (Jinja): It is easy for the locals to describe a place using this bridge as a landmark. It is outstanding and easily noticeable. The bridge is also a tourist attraction as it gets attention from people always.


Some of the museums in Uganda are:

  • Uganda Museum (Kampala): It is the biggest and most popular museum in Uganda, located within its capital city. It gives a clearer picture of the traditional life that births the cultural heritage of Ugandans. This museum covers different aspects of life as a Ugandan. Surely, you will leave this place with adequate information. This knowledge helps you to settle better in the country.
  • Reptile Village (Entebbe): If animals and other things can have their museums, why not reptiles? The goal of this museum is to showcase reptiles and help people learn more about them. It is usually a guided tour around this museum, but you can touch the reptiles if you desire. You will have lots of fun at this place.
A monument inside the Uganda Musuem


Uganda has a very interesting and unique cuisine. The flavours are so unique and the ingredients plus combinations are so out of the box especially if you have not tried Ugandan cuisine before. Matoke which is a dish made of cooked bananas is a great example of the traditional local cuisine. It is typically served with a sauce. Another local meal in this country is called Rolex. It is not a wristwatch. Instead, it is a combination of eggs wrapped in a chapati.

They key is to have an open pallet and an open mind when trying different dishes. You will definitely love the food and all the different flavours. The locals are warm and friendly people so asking them questions regarding the food and taking their advice will prove to be extremely helpful. You should visit their traditional local restaurants. Foreigners usually get a warm welcome at these restaurants, and the staff are at your beck and call. They help to explain the menu so that you can understand the different options.

All kinds of food options are available and there are many restaurants that cater to purely vegans and vegetarians so you will not have to survive on packaged food that you bring back from home in order to cater to your dietary requirements. There are many plant based dishes in the local cuisine as well so you will not have to hunt around too much looking for an exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurant especially if you are in a small town or a remote location in the country.

The Ugandan street food scene is pretty great as well. So many different options which are very unique and packed with flavour like the Rolex wrap. Another interesting street food offering is Irish with egg which is a boiled potato with an egg inside. There is also Mandazi which is Uganda's version of a doughnut.

Street food vendors selling the Rolex wrap in Uganda


As with most African countries, there is no restriction on what one can drink in Uganda. Thus, you can choose either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. What matters is that you take what you will enjoy.

We do not know if you have ever taken a drink from finger millet. It is known as Ajon in Uganda and one of its most famous drinks. You can also get soda drinks in this country. To some people, it is their way of getting non-alcoholic drinks.

There are many options when it concerns local alcoholic beverages in Uganda. Malwa is one of the options. There is also tonto from banana and kweete from maize and millet.

These drinks are locally brewed, so it is impossible to say that there is a shortage of beverages. Thus, all you need to do is to drink and be merry.


Water is also a drink, and it will not be wrong to say that it is the most important drink. Thus, we have to state the best sources of water in Uganda.

Commonly, one would assume that tap water will be the option to get water. However, this is not the case in Uganda.

Tap water in the country is not portable and unsafe, so people are usually advised to drink bottled water. Getting bottled water in this country is not hard as it is readily available in all stores.

The state of tap water in Uganda is terrible, and people are advised not to even use it for brushing. The idea is to ensure that you do not swallow it in any way so that you do not have any health crisis.


If anyone says that Uganda is boring, you are within rights to argue with them as the country is far from that.

You get the opportunity to engage in different activities in the country, including water activities. This should not be surprising as the country has adequate water bodies.

Some of these water activities are fishing and kayaking. You will notice that the locals are usually enthusiastic while partaking in these activities, and it will rub off on you.

There is no how you will get involved in any of them without having a smile on your face. If you do not know how to fish, keep in mind that the locals are willing teachers.

Thus, you will be a pro at fishing before leaving Uganda if you keep an open mind.

Although not a water activity, yoga is another activity that keeps people busy in Uganda.

We do not know the popularity level of yoga in your home country, but it is high in Uganda. Since the locals are usually involved in one activity or the other, they use yoga to relax.

If you are in doubt, you will notice the various yoga studios in the country when you visit Uganda. Understandably, some people be interested in yoga but need a guide on how to go about it.

If this is your case, you do not have an issue. All you need to do is go into any of the yoga studios and converse with a trainer. If you are consistent with your training before leaving, you will become a professional yogi.


It is only normal for a person with a travel plan to make adequate preparations when it concerns accommodation.

There is always a difference between a person who makes such preparations and one who does not.

It could be that you want to stay in a hostel when you travel to a new place. It seems like the logical idea in your head because your home city budget is how you planned your accommodation budget. But what if there are no hostels in your destination?

It will be wrong to assume that your destination has the same accommodation options as your home city. Thus, you need to research and ask questions. Also, ensure to ask about the prices to have a proper accommodation budget.

Green Hotels

We see that some foreigners prefer to stay in a green hotel. This is most common with environmentalists as green hotels have facilities that protect the environment.

Some people say that a green hotel environment is perfect and conducive, making your stay comfortable and stress-free. We agree that staying at a green hotel is one of the ideal options, and there are green hotels in Uganda.

Although it is not in all Ugandan cities, you will see a green hotel in its top cities. These hotels are usually attractive and beautiful. The management of these places is concerned about their customers’ comfort and makes sure that things are in place.

We know that you will have no regrets when you lodge in a green hotel in Uganda.

Hostels and Guest Houses

It is usually delightful that you can get either of these options in Uganda. Some countries would have only one of these options.

We do not know if you have ever stayed in a hostel or guesthouse. However, it would be best if you prepare to have a wholesome experience. Typically, these accommodation options are smaller than hotels. Still, it allows people to live like they are family.

The management of these places is readily available to answer any of your questions. They also render extra help to foreigners so that you can fully enjoy the country.

If you are confused about anything, you should not hesitate to ask them questions. Most times, they are your go-to storytellers. If you stay at either of these options, there will be no cause for alarm.


An apartment is also another accommodation option in Uganda. Staying in one usually has a luxurious feeling as it is big and provides essentials to make your stay comfortable.

It is only normal that such a place will be more expensive than other accommodation options. Thus, you should have a high accommodation budget if you desire to stay in an apartment in Uganda.

We have not gotten any negative reviews from people when it concerns staying at an apartment. Thus, if this is your choice, you should go for it.

Getting an apartment in Uganda might not be easy if it is not in any of its top cities. In that case, you will have to pick another accommodation option.

However, we hope that will not be the case.


If you feel that having an accommodation budget will drain all your funds, we know that you will hope to find free accommodation. Thus, we will advise that you try the Couchsurfing community.

It is a website where you check for hosts in your destination country who are willing to house foreigners.

There is no guarantee that you will always get a host. After all, you are not the only person traveling to Uganda who is also checking the Couchsurfing community.

If you find a host, you should be willing to compromise and play by their rules. After all, it is their home.

Ugandans are pleasant people if you show them respect. Thus, we are sure that you will not have issues when you stay with a local.


It will not be wrong to describe Uganda as a home for campers as many of its encourage camping.

You can either travel to this country for camping or indulge in camping for some days when you are already in the country.

It should not be surprising that this country is conducive to camping. After all, it is known for its environmental attractions.

Most of the national parks in Uganda are conducive for camping, and there are also some campsites. Thus, you will not run out of options.

It is right to go along with locals if you want to camp in this country since it is foreign terrain. Thus, it will be best if you do not fail to indicate interest when you see locals planning a camping trip.



Getting There and Moving Around

If you are sure of your accommodation option, you are a step closer to finalizing your traveling plans. However, you also need to know how to get there.

For many people who desire to visit Uganda, we are sure that it will be your first trip to the country. For others, it will be the first time they are visiting Africa. Thus, it will be best if you are sure of the right directions in getting there.

By getting directions to this country, you are also getting information on transportation means to use. Understandably, people have different preferences when it concerns traveling. However, it could be that your desired option does not get to your destination from your current location.

Instead of assuming and later getting disappointed, it is best to research and have early information.

Another factor that cannot be overlooked is knowing how to move around when you arrive at your destination. We know that you might already be hyped and have places in mind to visit when you get to Uganda.

However, it will not be possible if you do not know the various ways of moving around. Again, we have seen people assume that what applies in their home city will also apply at their holiday destination. This is a wrong mindset and assumption.

It is always right to know this information before you arrive in the country. Understandably, you might not get all the needed information before arriving. However, it is right to know some of it so that you will not be ignorant.

You can get the remaining information from the locals when you arrive in Uganda.

Some people say that the best way to experience a city or country is to walk around. They believe that walking around helps you to know places better and gives a perfect sense of direction. Thus, walking becomes a means of moving around when in Uganda. Irrespective of the city you are staying in, you can walk around. We would not fault their logic as Uganda is a small country. Since the cities are not big, we are sure that you will not cover stressful distances.

Some people will always have a camera when walking around so that they can capture things of interest. However, always remember that it is proper to ask for permission before snapping any of the locals.

We know that you will have an enjoyable time walking around in Uganda.

Another means of moving around in Uganda is to use a bicycle. You do not keep a strange face at this option as you will not be the only one doing it. Cycling is common amongst the Ugandan locals.

If you can remember, we highlighted some tourist attractions that have cycling trails. Thus, it usually comes in handy to have a bicycle in this country.

If you decide to cycle around, you are doing it at your pace. You do not have to wait for anyone to pick or drop you. It is right to be used to the terrain before cycling to avoid accidents. Since cycling is common in the country, it is not hard to get a bicycle.

You can get a bicycle from any of the rental stores.

You can also use a scooter as a means of moving around in Uganda. Many people say that it is similar to using a bicycle. We agree and also disagree with this claim.

A scooter might look like a bicycle, but it also has its uniqueness that makes it different. We always advise that you should have adequate experience before using a scooter.

It is easy to have accidents with a scooter if you are not used to riding it, especially in foreign terrain. Thus, it will be best to study the Ugandan roads and be used to them before riding a scooter. It also comes in handy if you are riding with a helmet as it amplifies your safety.

Scooter adds to the various means of moving around in Uganda.


One way of getting into Uganda is to use a flight. Using air is the fastest means of transportation and a top preference for many people.

Entebbe is a Ugandan city that receives international flights. If you are already in Africa, you can be sure of getting a direct flight to this place from most African cities.

Now, you may be wondering what will happen to those who wish to get into this city from other continents. The ideal thing will be to use connecting flights. It means that you will need more than one flight before arriving in Uganda.

It will be best to check your country schedule and fly to a country connecting to Uganda. Those coming from Europe or Asia can fly to Dubai and get a connecting flight to Uganda.

You can also use air to move around in Uganda. This should not be surprising as we are sure that the idea of domestic flights is not strange to anyone.

Although Entebbe is the city that receives international flights, this does not mean that there are no airports in other Ugandan cities. Thus, you can fly between cities.

It comes in handy for people who are not staying long in the country but desire to visit different places. If you are using a flight to move around, we know that you will cover different tourist attractions.

It is also no brainer that you will need a high budget when visiting Uganda if you desire using air to move around as flights are more expensive than other means of transportation.


Some people also ask if it is possible to get into Uganda with a bus. The idea is feasible, but it is dependent on your location. If you are within East Africa, we are sure that you will find a bus that will take you to Uganda. However, we are not sure that you will get a bus from other locations.

A typical bus journey to Uganda can take hours, especially as you have to be cleared at the borders. Thus, it is not feasible to think that you can get a bus to the country if you are not within its region.

If you are trying to get into Uganda from other African countries or other continents and wish to use a bus, travel to an East African country first.

The feasibility of getting a bus within Uganda is not as hard as getting a bus that gets you into the country.

It is helpful to know that this country has an efficient public bus system, so you can use it as a means to move around. You can use a bus within the city and also use it to travel between cities.

There are two types of buses. The minibuses run within the city while the bigger buses cover longer routes.

You may sometimes need to reach the bus terminal before getting a bus. Other times, you can get one along the roadside. It depends on where you are going, so you need the locals for proper guidance on how to get a bus.


People also ask about using a train to get into Uganda. This is not a surprising question as there is a railway within the country, so it is only normal for one to think in that direction.

We would say that you can use a train into Uganda since its trains operate international destinations. However, it is only one international location that the train operates.

If you are looking forward to using a train into Uganda, you should reach Kenya first. The train from Kenya is the only one that gets into Uganda.

Kenya is also an East African country, but not all countries in that region have trains that operate to Uganda. If you are not entering Uganda from Kenya, it is impossible to use a train.

It might be surprising, but there is no railway network between the cities in Uganda. Some people will feel that one can use a train to move around since you can use it to get into the country. However, this is not possible.

We have already highlighted some other means of moving around in Uganda, and it is best to stick to them.

There are hopes that something will change about the railway system within Uganda. For now, it is not functional.


Hitchhiking is a common culture in many countries but takes a different turn in Uganda.

We would be wrong to say that hitchhiking does not happen in Uganda. However, it will be best if you do not think that you will get a completely free ride.

The concept of hitchhiking in Uganda involves paying part of the fare. Thus, you would be wrong to expect a free ride.

It could be that you do not have the full amount to pay. In such a case, you can flag down the vehicle and negotiate with the driver.


In some rare cases, you can see ferries that will get you into Uganda. It is not always a feasible means, but you can try it out.

Those who love traveling by water are usually excited by this option.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is the need of the hour. Uganda deals with the problem of pollution and the greatest contributors are the manufacturing industries which includes textiles as well. Lots of young people are working hard to change that and the global trend towards sustainable shopping is also changing things locally. However, there is still a long way to go. When it comes to sustainable shopping, Uganda does have an upper hand in terms of farmers markets, thrift stores, locally sourced material etc which makes it easier for sustainable shoppers to make a conscious decision and buy green.

You can also patronize people who operate second-hand stores in the country. In some places, it is called thrifting. Some people feel that second-hand stores are limited to clothes alone, but that is not the case. You can also see electronics and other items in a second-hand store as well.

Eco-fashion is also another means of engaging in sustainable shopping. It is the process of using recyclable items to make clothing items. Many young designers are more conscious of making clothes that are eco friendly and sustainable so you will find some great peaces worth adding to your collection that are eco friendly and made in Uganda.


We see that recycling is an important aspect of waste management, and it happens in Uganda.

Aside from the fact that people engage in it to keep the country clean, we see that recycling has provided many people jobs. After all, the recycling companies will also need employees.

Through recycling, plastic wastes are converted into something useful, and it always comes in handy.

When you are in this country, you should also join the locals in pushing recycling. If you have plastic waste, ask people where you can deposit it.


Although we can say that Uganda is doing an excellent job when it concerns recycling, we cannot say the same when it concerns general waste management.

When you visit this country, you will notice that Uganda faces environmental issues due to a lack of proper waste management.

Sometimes, people volunteer to assist in waste management in this country. It could be that the locals are not cooperative or other reasons. However, environmental pollution is one of the major issues in this country, and a solution is needed.

Work and Study Abroad

If you are looking for a country to work while studying, Uganda fits the description.

They do not have any laws that restrict students from working while studying. It may be hard for you to fit into the country’s system, especially if you are not from Africa. However, we are sure that you will have a pleasant experience as you will get used to it after a while.

Schooling in Uganda can be fun, especially with its vibrant culture that makes people not want to leave the country.

Exchange Student

Uganda is not a popular choice for foreign students to spend their exchange year abroad. Students usually opt for more developed countries with better resources. However, Uganda does have some good universities and does offer an enriching experience culture wise to foreign students so it can overall be a great learning experience for you to spend some time in Uganda as an exchange students.

Au Pair

The concept of an Au Pair living with local families has not gained popularity in this place for now. Since locals heavily rely on tourism industry themselves, it is not feasible for them to start paying tourists to stay with them to help with house hold chores. Even if it is done the money will not be a big amount especially if you come from Europe, America etc.


Uganda needs volunteers more than ever. There are so many people who are underprivileged and living below the poverty line so very little bit helps. There are quite a few NGO's and organisations in Uganda that are working to help these people and several are working for the preservation of environment and to promote sustainability. You can get in touch with any of them and work with them as a volunteer.

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