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Eco-friendly travel guide to Famagusta advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

View of the walled city in Famagusta

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $1200
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $1500

Responsible Travel

This city is also known as Gazimagusa - Gazi means warrior in Turkish, ultimately from Arabic, which means one who fights in a holy war. Famagusta lies on the east coast of Cyprus. It is located east of Nicosia and possesses the deepest harbor on the island. The city is known for its preserved 15th and 16the century Venetian walls that are surrounded by a now waterless moat. There are sweeping views from the top of the moat. The old walled city and parts of the modern city are currently controlled by the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as part of its Gazimagusa District. The Porta Del Mare gate has an iron door and a statue of a winged lion. Famagusta was the island's most important port city and a gateway to trade with the ports of the Levant, from where the Silk Road merchants carried their goods to Western Europe. The huge, honey-colored Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque was a Gothic cathedral and dates from the 14th century. The old town is nicknamed as the city of 365 churches as it owes to a legend that at its peak, Famagusta boasted one church for each day of the year.

  • You should take necessary precautions to keep the city clean and free from impurities. While visiting popular places, opt for public transports available within the city. 


  • As a responsible tourist, you preserve the culture and beauty of the city. Try not to misuse the conserved resource. 
  • To contribute your role as a responsible tourist, try to visit the local shops and restaurants. This will provide support to the local economy.
  • Use other means of transport such as bus and taxis to cover long distances and enjoy your tour.
  • Make sure you do not cause any destruction to the historical monuments. Keep them well maintained by not scribbling on the walls.


  • Go for the green hotels that do not cause harm to the environment, during your stay in Famagusta. It will help you to conduct your tourist duty, at the time will make the city to remain pollution-free.
  • Try to visit non-popular areas, as there might be some more interesting that other visitors are unaware of. Somehow, this will reduce the over-tourism and will give you the chance to discover a new hidden gem of the city. 


  • Try to stop by the local markets for food and be housed to contribute to the economy of the country. It is one of the most suitable ways to fulfill your duty as a tourist.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of the country is moderately safe. There are some places that are often called the hot spot of raised pollution. Harmful gases emitted from the heaters are very harmful to humans. This mostly occurs in the central part of the city or on main roads. Governments have taken several measures since the problem started and they are asking the public to omit high fuel-based gadgets. It has extended up a level where safety measures are a must.

The city is persistently improving day by day. With the help of these, they have managed to control pollution to a certain level. On the present date, pollution is very much in control. Hence, you can plan a comfortable trip to Famagusta. The government is continuously trying to understand the concept and taking the necessary steps to control pollution. They are repeatedly working for the betterment of the city. Therefore, the government has taken the action to decrease the amount of usage of such devices that causes more pollution. 

Respect the Culture

Famagusta is an important commercial hub of Northern Cyprus. The main economic activities in the city are tourism, education, construction, and industrial production. The walled city of Famagusta contains many unique buildings and has a walled city popular with tourists. Every year, the International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival is organized in the city. Concerts, dance shows, and theater plays take place during the festival. Famagusta's Othello Castle is the setting for William Shakespeare's play Othello. The city is also the setting for Victoria Hislop's 2015 novel The Sunrise, and Michael Paraskos's 2016 novel In Search of Sixpence. The city is the birthplace of the eponymous hero of the Renaissance proto-novel Fortunatus.

A growth in tourism and the city's university has fueled the development of Famagusta's vibrant nightlife. Nightlife in the city is especially active on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights and in the hotter months of the year, starting from April. Larger hotels in the city have casinos that cater to their customers. Salamis Road is an area of Famagusta where bars frequented by students and locals are concentrated and are very vibrant, especially in the summer.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Famagusta is one of the best cities that can be considered to spend relaxing vacations. There are several sites of attractions that are admired by the people who visit the place. It is because the place holds some beautiful spots that have a fascinating attractive view for your holiday trip. It is a historic city center that is surrounded by the fortifications of Famagusta, which have a roughly rectangular shape, built mainly by the Venetians. Some important landmarks and visitor attractions in the old city includes:

  • The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque – Originally known as the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and later as the Saint Sophia Mosque of Magusa, this is the largest medieval building in Famagusta, Cyprus. The cathedral was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman Empire captured Famagusta. The building has taken its name from Lala Mustafa Pasha, who was the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire from Sokolovici in Bosnia, who served Murat III and led Ottoman forces against the Venetians in Cyprus.
  • The Othello Castle – This castle is also known as Othello's Tower and was built by the Lusignans in the 14th century, and was later modified by the Venetians. It was also used as the main entrance to Famagusta. The castle has four circular towers. It contains a refectory and a dormitory, which were constructed during the Lusignan period. The castle's yard contains cannonballs left behind by the Spaniards and Ottomans, relics of its turbulent history.
  • St. Francis’ Church – This church was originally part of a Franciscan monastery and was alongside the Royal Palace. It consists of a three-sided apse with a small chapel off the south side. Buttressing supported the external walls. It was built in the early years of the 14th century with funding supplied by Henry II, King of Cyprus.
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque – This is an Ottoman mosque in the city of Prizren, Kosovo. It was built in 1615 by Sofi Sinan Pasha, bey of Budim. This mosque was declared as a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance by the Republic of Serbia. The mosque overlooks the main street of Prizren and is a dominant feature in the town's skyline. The walls and dome inside Sinan Pasha Mosque were painted mostly of floral patterns and Qur’an verses. The minbar is painted with floral motives. Both the large dome and the half-dome of the mosque are covered with lead. The stone flooring of the mosque and the carpentry are original.
  • Nestorian Church (of St George the Exiler) – Originally built as a church belonging to the Church of the East, an ancient Nestorian branch of Eastern Christianity, this church is a church in the old town of Famagusta, Cyprus. It was converted to a Greek Orthodox Church in the British era after centuries of use as a stable for camels in the Ottoman era. It is one of the legendary 365 churches of Famagusta.
  • Twin Churches – The larger of the two churches built in the 14th century belonged to the Knights Templars. When the last grandmaster and their other leaders were burned as heretics, the order came to an end and the church was left over to the Knights Hospitallers who owned the adjoining building. The buildings have been restored and are now being used by the Cyprus Art Society.
  • Namik Kemal Dungeon – This historical building in Famagusta, Cyprus, is known for being the abode of influential Turkish writer Namik Kemal. The site of the building was originally part of the Venetian Palace, but the building as it currently stands was built during the Ottoman era. It has two floors, with its lower floor carrying displaying pre-Ottoman architecture and its upper floor being distinctly Ottoman in style. The building is in an L-shape and whilst the lower floor is made of ashlar, the upper floor was built using the Baghdadi technique.
  • Akkule Masjid – Made from hewn stone, this mosque is situated between the old and new doors on the city side of the walls. The mosque is of an irregular shape because of the requirement to build it into the existing Venetian walls. There are windows on the north-east and north-west outer walls with their upper and lower parts plastered with plaster of Paris. The lower rectangular windows have pointed stone arches above them. The upper windows which are smaller in size are arched in shape. Inside the mosque, there is an original stone chancel, and the windows are decorated with raised diamond shapes and have double wooden wings. The flat roof of the mosque is supported by an arch running from west to east.
  • Ganchvor Monastery – This is the Armenian Apostolic church in Famagusta, Cyprus. It is a fortress-like building built in a typical Armenian fashion but with Cypriot masonry by Armenian refugees from Cilicia. It was a part of an important monastic and cultural center.
  • The Victory Monument – This Monument in Polatpasa Boulevard, Famagusta depicts the struggle of the Turkish-Cypriots of Famagusta through the years and remaining victorious in the end.
Othello Castle


The following are some more interesting locations you can go to when visiting the city of Famagusta. So, plan your trip schedule accordingly.

City Parks

  • Cyclops Cave – This cave is one of Cape Greco’s great secrets. Superbly created and weathered by Mother Nature herself Cyclops is yet another Natural Wonder. The setting is beautiful, overlooking the sea, and the sunsets are lovely here.
Cave of Cyclops, Irakleia

National Parks

  • Dipkarpaz Milli Parki – Rizokarpaso is a town on the Karpas Peninsula in the north-eastern part of Cyprus. The town's surroundings are famous as the wildest and one of the most unspoiled parts of the island. The municipality's territory features the Karpaz National Park, home to the Karpas donkey and some of the finest beaches of the island.


  • Nissi Beach – This is a famous sandy beach in the province of Ayia Napa Cyprus which belongs to the Famagusta district. The beach took its name from the small islet near the beach which in Greek means Island from the Greek word νησί. The waters are crystal clear and shallow, which means the water will never go past your waist.
  • Konnos Beach – Located on the eastern part of Cape Cavo Greco, this beach is surrounded by steep slopes, which result in a rocky bay. The bay is surrounded by pine trees, hiding the golden sandy beach with the shallow turquoise waters. The name of the beach comes from the homonymous rock in the region. It is considered one of the most idyllic beaches on the island. 
Nissi Beach


  • Church of St. George of the Latins – It is the remains of one of the earliest churches in Famagusta. It can be found in the northern part of the old city, close to Othello's tower. It is said to be built at a time when the Lusignans had not yet completed the city walls. The design of this church was supposedly inspired by St Chapelle church in Paris. Further, the church was built in the last quarter of the 13th century, using material removed from the Salamis ruins.
  • Palazzo del Provveditore – This is a Venetian palace of the governor, built on the site of the former Lusignan royal palace. The central sections of the palace have been completely destroyed, with only its grand facade and back courtyard walls being left. The palace is a rare example of Renaissance architecture in Cyprus. The surviving parts are the front façade, with its three arches and a coat of arms on the middle arch, an arm attached to this to the southeast, a chapel, and an L-shaped wall at the very back of the courtyard. The arch at the front was made from material from Salamis, both the columns and the stones originate from there.
Palazzo del Provveditore


  • Canbulat Museum – This museum is where the tomb of Canbulat lies. Canbulat was a commander in the Ottoman siege of Famagusta in the 16th century and an important reason for the successful conquest of the city. The museum also tells the story of the Ottoman conquest along with interesting items from that time period. This devotion to the Ottoman cause motivated and inspired the continued conquest and led to the Ottoman victory in Famagusta. This is the second most important tomb in Cyprus and a commonplace of pilgrimage for many Turks.
  • Namik Kemal Dungeon and Museums – At the beginning of 1993, the Department of Antiquities of Northern Cyprus started work on the restoration of the dungeon and appropriate arrangements to allow its use as a museum. In six months, the work was complete and the dungeon was opened as a museum. The museum contains many belongings of Namik Kemal and documents relating to him.
Canbulat Museum


Famagusta is a part of Cyprus, hence the Cyprus cuisines are very popularly available in the city. The Cypriot is probably one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. As olive trees have been part of Cyprus’s history since the Neolithic period, the city’s main ingredient is Olive oil. They also use a lot of fresh seasonal vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, parsley, and coriander. Halloumi is said to be the king of the grilled cheese. Besides, it is also the source of the national pride of the country, which is usually packed in brine. It is a white, salty, semi-hard cheese with no distinct flavor and can be consumed fresh, in a salad, sandwich, or even pasta. Further, it is also commonly used as a stuffing in various dishes and even in soups. Koupepia is one of the most famous traditional Cyprus dishes. It is usually made of grape leaves that are stuffed with rice, minced pork or beef, fresh herbs, and other seasoning and then cooked in a tomato sauce. They are usually served warm and can be served as a part of a meze platter or even as a main dish.

Souvla is a Cypriot-style barbeque, which is especially served during the most important celebrations in Cyprus. It is basically big chunks of pork or lamb meat that are slowly cooked on a long skewer over charcoal. Besides, it is an integral part of the Cypriot culture. Makaronia tou fournou, commonly known as the oven-baked macaroni, is the Cypriot version of the more famous Greek dish known as pastitsio. It is basically a layered pasta that contains seasoned ground pork and some cheese sauce. In Cyprus, trachanas soup is considered the most popular soup, which we normally serve during the few cold months of the year. It is typically made with goat milk, some salt, and wheat, which is then turned into dry chunks. Later, hot water is poured over these dry chunks and let soak the water.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Ifalos Taverna – This restaurant is located in Perneras, Protaras, in Famagusta. It is known to offer a great variety of lip-smacking Mediterranean and Greek cuisines. They also serve the best homemade wine that to in a traditional way. This place has beautiful décor and is one of the best in offering menu for children, which makes it a children-friendly place too. As reviewed by the visitors, this place provides menu options at reasonable prices and the food is truly worth trying. The restaurant also has friendly staff along with a lovely atmosphere that is noticeable immediately. 
  • Aspava Restaurant – Located in Liman Yolu Sokak, this restaurant is a great choice for those who are kebab fans. This restaurant is one of the best in the city for outdoor dining. They are known for serving various cuisine options including Barbecue, Turkish, and Middle Eastern with the option of meals for Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night. With an amazing atmosphere, quick service, and attentive staff, this place not only attracts the tourist but also the crowd of the locals are gathered here. The quality of food served at an affordable price makes it a must-try place of food.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Salamis Chinese Restaurant – Located in Salamis Bay Conti Resort & Casino Hotel Yeni Bogazici Mahallesi, this vegan restaurant serves one of the best Chinese, Sushi, and Asian cuisine in the town. With a decent atmosphere, this place attracts numerous customers. With organized sitting arrangements with a pleasant atmosphere, you can ensure to spend quality time here. The staffs are welcoming and keen towards their work. The price is affordable and the food quality is lip-smacking.
  • The Palm House – Known for serving a great variety of Mediterranean, European, and Turkish cuisines, this restaurant is located in Deniz Yildizi apartmanlari, E blok, Laguna, Palm Beach in Famagusta. With amazing views and nice decoration, this place attracts a big number of customers. The sitting arrangement near the sea will help you to admire the sunset, which is quite relaxing. The staff is fast at their service and friendly too. The prices are pocket-friendly. Hence, this place is highly recommended by the visitors.

Street Food

The sheer depth and breadth of food culture in Cyprus is astonishing. Hence, the cuisine of North Cyprus is very similar to that of the south. Traditional Cypriot foods include souvlakia (grilled meat kebabs), pitta bread, afella (pork marinated in coriander), fried halloumi cheese, shaftalia (grilled sausage), olives, artichokes, lamb, kolokasi (root vegetables), chickpeas, and rabbit stews (stifado). The traditional dips include tzatziki, which is made from yogurt with peppermint and cucumber, and taramosalata, which is pink and is made by combining lemon, cod roe, onions, potato puree, and oil.

You can also opt for the widely-available street food called tiropittes, which are flaky pastry pies filled with cheese, or the similar spanakopittes, which are the same but filled with spinach. Other traditional street food options include corn on the cob or grilled meat souvlakia wrapped in pitta bread. For those who love sweets, the city offers the familiar baklava, which is a puff pastry filled with nuts and soaked in syrup; loukoumi, which is more commonly known as Turkish delight around the world; and a ring-shaped cookie called koulourakia. Most of the desserts available in the city contain nuts and dried fruits. Besides, cake and ice cream are also very popular for which people often head out late to a gelato café for something sweet.


Drinks help you to stay refreshed and gain the energy to explore all the exciting places. Therefore, every tourist carries water or energy drinks with them to stay refreshed during the exploration of the country. The first drink that you should try is traditional drinks. The national drink of the country is a popular cocktail called Brandy Sour, which consists of lemon squash, Cypriot brandy, Angostura Bitters, and Soda water. This popular dish is widely available across the cities of Cyprus. KEO is the traditional beer of Cyprus and it is liked by the people because of the unique taste and superior production quality. Carlsberg is also available in the city. This is another beer besides, KEO that is brewed in the country.

The city also offers local wine known as table wine, which is similar to the Vin de Table in France. The city also serves Cypriot Coffee, which is made by adding coffee beans to cold water before being boiled to produce a creamy foam at the top. Further, there are other varieties of coffee. You can ask for the Sketo, which is a plain coffee with no sugar, strong and bitter. One who likes to drink sweet coffee can go for the Metrio that contains only one sugar added or Glyko that usually comes with two sugars added. Zivania is another traditional Cypriot alcoholic beverage is produced from Pomace.


The quality of tap water in Famagusta is not safe for drinking. As the water is treated in and around the city, it is heavily chlorinated during the supply. This makes the water taste very bad. Hence, you are also suggested not to have drinks with ice, as ordinary tap water is used for the latter. At times like this, the best would be to look for mineral bottled water, which you can purchase from any shop in the city. Therefore, you should use the bottled water that is easily available across the city and does not cost much. Even the locals of the city highly use and depend on the bottled water.

Organic Cafés

  • Tatll Hayat Coffee and Cake – Located in Magusa Kaleici Ana Giris Kapisi in Famagusta, this place not only serves as a café but also provides a good food menu for European cuisine. With decent and simple décor, this café serves a great coffee that would help you to release your tiredness. You will also get a variety of desserts. This is one of the perfect places to spend your time with your friends and family. The price is reasonable too and the staff is welcoming.
  • Coffeemania Famagusta – This café is situated in Salamis Yolu and is known for serving a variety of options such as Steakhouse, Pizza, Fast Food, Mediterranean, Turkish, and Café.  The place is very pretty and nicely decorated. You can opt to visit this café for Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner. With fresh food and a wide variety of drinks, this place perfectly suits any meal of the day. Its friendly staff and good seating areas are all at a price which is great value for money and makes this place worth a visit. 


There is no brewery in the city, but there are some breweries in different regions of the country. Further, there are restaurants, clubs, and pubs that serve quality beer that has its own unique taste.  


The city has various tourist attractions that visitors from various regions prefer to visit this city and enjoy the views in the city. There are some activities that can be carried on during your stay in the city. Golden Beach is the most famous and the most beautiful beach in Cyprus. This remote idyllic beach is at the tip of the peninsula. This beach provides many opportunities to sunbathe and recharge. There are a few restaurants nearby, offering simple but delicious meals. The crystal-clear water and the golden brown sand make this place beautiful and worth visiting. Bafra is another destination to enjoy your day. Kaplica is also a must-visit place with a beautiful beach that provides spectacular views of the sunset.

Further, the city offers water sports such as jet skiing that are available in Bafra and Kaplica. You can also opt to be a part of the Mehmetcik Grape Festival, which takes place every year at the end of July and the beginning of August in Mehmetcik. Local bands give concerts, a beauty concert is held, traditional folk dance shows take place and several other activities occur. Also, you can consider visiting the city during the eco-day, which is the expanded version of the Sunday market in Buyukkonuk and is held yearly in May or June with local bands giving concerts and traditional folk dance shows. The city also offers activities near Escape Beach including pedal boating, canoeing, and volleyball. Also, you can rent a banana boat with some friends. The crystal-clear seawater of Silver Beach is a great pick for visitors who wish to go snorkeling.

Yoga and Retreats

The best solution to get relief from the tiredness after a whole day’s journey in exploring the city is to take part in the yoga retreats offered by the city. The city, Famagusta offers several yoga centers that you can opt for according to your preference. You can check the details online and in just a few minutes of investing the time, you will get the desired result of relaxation and regain the energy. These yoga centers will assist you to feel more calm and energetic. Hence, you can consider being a part of the relaxing sessions. It will help you to restore your peaceful mind besides providing you relief from getting restless. You can also meditate after the yoga session.


As the city of Famagusta remains crowded with tourists throughout the year, the accommodation facility here is highly maintained. This facility helps you to get a place where you can stay while you visit a city or country. It is a place where you can spend your peace and get relief from your tiredness.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels are widely available in the city and are very much in demand, especially among eco-friendly tourists. They play a positive role in the betterment of the city’s atmosphere. Hence, they are known to provide all the basic facilities that any individual gets in an average hotel. The cost of these hotels is usually low or similar to the normal hotels. Some of the well-known green hotels available in the city are:

  • Merit Cyprus Garden
  • Hotel Chapel
  • Grand Sapphire City Hotel
  • Long Beach Holiday Resort
  • Altun Tabya Vintage

Hostels and Guest Houses

The hostels and guest houses available in the city are quite affordable. These lodging systems are highly suitable for the ones, who are planning to stay in the city for several weeks. Options such as sharing rooms are also available to divide the room charges with others. You will get almost all the basic benefits along with some extra benefits from them. Here is a list of some of the popular lodging options that you can consider for your stay in the city.

  • Fania Bliss
  • House of Nissus
  • The Venetian Queen
  • Golden Palms Guest House & Café
  • Vessels Town
  • Karpaz Farm Guest House
  • Oasis at Ayfilon


These lodging options are considered to be the best if your lodging duration is of more than a month. Besides, you can freely stay in the city for business purposes or for study. The city offers rental apartments that range from low to high cost depending on the location. Apartments provide many advantages and benefits for tourists to stay comfortable during the tour. In most of the apartments, you will be surrounded by local people who will help you to know and observe their lifestyle more closely. There are some rental apartments available in the city.

  • Alp Apartment
  • Tatli Apartment
  • Malia Holiday Let
  • Aylin Apartment
  • Famagusta’s Best Kept Secret on the Sea


It is the best option to get accommodation for the one who doesn’t want to spend much on lodging. Besides being low in cost, you will be provided nearly all the facilities that are required. Therefore, Couchsurfing is highly preferred in and around the city and offers a temporary stay with a group of locals, who are ready to assist with the services of providing you the facilities of shelter and food during the visit to their home town. Further, it will help you to learn the local language of the city and scout some of the untouched but amazing features of the city. It will also be very beneficial for you as it will grant you the chance to interact with the locals and know a brief account of the living of the locals.


Famagusta offers amazing campgrounds that are located in and around the city. Some of the known camping grounds include Big Sand Beach Restaurant & Bungalows, Naturland Cyprus, and others. These places have beautifully landscaped grounds. Further, the campsites provide the best hospitality and amenities that can ensure your stay be pleasant and relaxing as highly possible. Besides, they completely pay attention to serve the detail shines during every moment of your stay.

How to Get There

The transportation services available widely in Famagusta are well-connected and highly-maintained. Airways is the most suitable and fastest way to get in the city as compared to others. Furthermore, if you are traveling from nearby locations, then you can prefer buses that widely cover various regions in and around the city. The options of rental cars, taxis and, shuttle to cover the distance inside the city.


The closest airport to Famagusta is Lefkoniko Airport (GEC). The distance from Lefkoniko Airport to Famagusta is about 14.5 miles. Other airports that serve the city are Larnaca International Airport (39.6 kilometers), Ercan International Airport (40.2 kilometers), and RAF Akrotiri (105.0 kilometers).

Larnaca International Airport'


There are daily buses that mostly depart twice a day to big villages such as Mehmetcik, Yenierenkoy, and Dipkarpaz from Nicosia, Kyrenia, and especially Famagusta. From Famagusta, there is a regular bus connection to Yenierenkoy, including Saturday and Sunday. From Yenierenkoy, there is one bus per day to Dipkarpaz.


Currently, the railway service in the city is not in service. But in early times, there was the [[Cyprus Government Railway that served Famagusta, Prastio Mesaoria, Angastina, Trachoni, Nicosia, Kokkinotrimithia, Morphou, Kalo Chorio, and Evrychou. 


Hitchhiking is the method of taking a lift to reach other locations while being on your way has become very common in different cities located across the world. Also, you can cover the nearby distance with a comfortable ride and in a short time duration. Famagusta city also provides this facility. You can easily reach the nearby locations free of cost or sometimes, at a minimal cost. Besides, traveling through this mode of transport will assist you to gain a fascinating experience and help you to meet new people too.


Another option to get to the top of the peninsula is to hike from Dipkarpaz or even Yenierenkoy. There is a marked hiking trail that goes from Yenierenkoy marked with the letter B. The route is pleasant but demanding and takes a few days. Coastal restaurants on the southern side are a good way of supplying food and water.

Moving Around

The city provides you several options to visit the interior of the city. Being a tourist, you should always opt to go with the transportation options that will help you to spend less money and get the chance to explore more. Therefore, getting an idea about the various types of transportation will help you get familiar with transport services available in Famagusta. Hence, you can opt for transport services like bicycles, cars, etc.


Walking is not only the best eco-friendly mode of transportation but also the most common way to get around the city and check out the interiors. Walking down the lanes and streets will also help you to understand the culture of the city. Also, it is one of the best ways of traveling when you want to explore the nearby market areas without missing anything.


Bicycle rentals are not available in the city.

Electronic Vehicles

To date, there are no electric car services in the city. But, the city is planning to introduce electric cars in the coming years. They are also working to establish charging stations in various regions for the smooth functioning of these cars.

Public Bus

The main form of public transport is a bus. There are some bus services between the villages, but these are highly unreliable. By far the most comfortable and reliable means of transport, especially if you want to go to Dipkarpaz the Cape and the Golden Beach, and other places off-the-beaten-path is renting a car. There is only one rent-a-car service in the area, Zag Rent-a-car in İskele. Alternatively, there are taxi services that operate in the area. Self-drive is the most common way of visiting Famagusta, whether in your own vehicle or a rental car. 

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no service of trams, trains, and subways in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Purchasing some of the unique things such as souvenirs or items for loved ones is a very common activity for tourists. Further, shopping helps you to understand the culture very closely and become more conscious about their tradition. You will get several stores and shops that sell various unique items. The facility of sustainable shopping is highly offered by the city.

Food Markets

Similar to the rest of Cyprus, there are supermarkets and grocery shops that sell fresh vegetables and fruits. In the city center, there are two supermarket chains that offer a wider selection of products to shoppers. The food market of the city is always crowded by the locals as well tourists. The city also holds meat and fish markets, where you will get a variety of meats and fishes.

Flea Markets

Famagusta offers a variety of shops from clothing and gifts to home stores. Most of the shops can be found along Salamis Road. Alternatively, the Old Town has a number of specialized souvenir shops for those looking for handcrafted items or Cypriot lacework to give away as gifts. Although bargaining is not common, shoppers can get away with trying their luck with counter offers at the smaller souvenir shops. Shoppers should also remember that there are no fixed prices at markets and in private retail stores. So, you are free to bargain with the seller.

Second Hand Stores

The thrift stores located in the city are known to provide a big collection of used books, souvenirs such as paintings, handicrafts, and many more. Further, these stores are often run for charitable purposes to support the city locals. Hence, you are recommended to visit these stores to supports the locals of the city.


Many fashion brands are opting for this eco-fashion business. The city holds some of the stores and shops that sell eco-fashion clothes. These clothes are manufactured by using raw materials that are obtained from organic plants. In addition, the extensive use of natural dyes is considered to be a part of these sustainable clothes. These clothes positively affect the environment and help to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere.


Recycling is an effective way to preserve nature. Also, recycling helps to reduce the toxins that harm the environment. Therefore, the city is effectively working on several measures that can help to recycle waste products. They are committed to dramatically reduce post-consumer waste in the city. Further, these recycled products are turned into new items that are usable.


The collection of this waste has assisted to keep the city clean and free from impurities. Hence, many countries across the world have taken the necessary steps to improve the environment and reduce waste collection. They work to collect the wastes from the different regions of the city and then send them for treatment. This helps in the waste management program.

Work and Study Abroad

Plenty of jobs are available in the country that helps workers from different countries to earn a lot. Therefore, there are many migrants as well who are working and earning their living pretty well. Besides, there are many colleges available in the city which offer benefits like exchange students that help the students to study in the country at a low cost.

Exchange Student

The best thing about this facility is that students can study at foreign universities only with the college fee. Therefore, an exchange student program is highly served by the colleges and universities of the city. They also aid to provide beneficial methods for foreign students to boost their skills. They assist to provide an effective way of education to foreign students from across different countries.

Au Pair

The options of au pair in the city are quite helpful for the people who came to earn a living in the city. It provides a good source of income for outsiders. Any person can get this facility under which the person has to work for a host family in the city to get money in return.


Volunteering is highly conducted across the city. Many people love to participate in the social events organized under volunteering. Working weekly or monthly as a helping hand for the betterment of society is really admirable and contributes towards the noble cause.

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