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Eco-friendly travel guide to Freetown advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Aerial view of Freetown, Sierra Leone, a helicopter expedition to Lungii airport, over the Freetown Harbour

  • Air quality: 2.3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.1 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2,7 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.9 / 5
  • Parks: 3.2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.6 / 5
  • Locals' English level:.3,9 / 5
  • Safety: 3.4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$26 - $85
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $140

Responsible Travel

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. The infrastructure here continues to grow. You will be doing this city and everyone in it a favor by traveling within the city and beyond in a responsible and environment-friendly manner. You can do this by using public transport more often, disposing off the waste in the right place and supporting the local economy.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Freetown has continued to improve over the years. Pollution has always been a problem in Freetown to the extent that even beaches are littered with waste. The current waste management authority is full of corruption. Measures are underway to rehabilitate this authority, with the government and other stakeholders stepping in to resolve this problem.

Respect the Culture

Population in Freetown is one of the most diverse in the whole continent. The city is believed to host a majority of the entire population of Sierra Leone. Krio language is believed to be the most popular language spoken in the whole of Freetown. This city is believed to have been founded in 1792 by John Clarkson, who was a lieutenant at this time. It became home to many Africans and Caribbean who were freed from slavery. It is believed to be the pioneer capital founded in Africa by African Americans. It has distinct Creole architecture, which is a result of American and Caribbean influences.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Leicester Peak: Here, you can be guaranteed to enjoy the cool breezes brushing past you while you are on this peak. You will also enjoy scenic views of the entire Freetown as this point is considered one of the highest in Freetown. You can be assured of driving on a tarmac road to this place. You will find seats where you will get to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
  • The Banana Islands: These islands are found along the coast of Yawri Bay. It is constituted by a total of three islands, namely Mes-Meheux, Ricketts, and Dublin. Mes-Meheux Island is believed to be uninhabited, while Ricketts Island is most famous for its forests. Dublin Island is known for its beaches. These islands can only be accessed using a ferry, helicopter, and small boats. Tourism and fishing are the two industries that are operational on this island.
  • Sierra Leone National Museum: This museum is situated where Siaka Stevens Street and Pademba Road meet. It is believed to have existed even before Sierra Leone gained its independence.
  • St. John's Maroon Church: This is a Methodist church which is situated in Maroon Town. It is one of the oldest churches found in the country. The Maroons had Jamaican origin and included men, women, and children. They are those who surrendered upon completion of the Second World War that hit Jamaica. The colonial authorities had decided to deport them back here in 1796 and were shipped to the capital four years later. They eventually settled in the capital and made this area to be known as the Marion town.
  • St Georges Cathedral: This unique church is affiliated with the Anglican mission church of Sierra Leone. It is one of the most majestic churches found here in Freetown. Its construction began in 1817 and was completed and commissioned to the public in 1828.
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary: The staff interacts with clients in a friendly and professional manner. The tour guides here have a lot of experience and explain everything you need to know about the chimpanzees here.
  • Freetown Central Mosque: It is among the biggest mosques in Sierra Leone. Several Islamic festivals are usually carried out here. The presidents of this country have made it custom to visit this mosque and even attend the Muslim prayers that are typically held here.
  • Man of War Bay: When you visit this attraction site, be assured of breathtaking views of the coast near the Atlantic Ocean. You get to enjoy the amazing breeze and the beautiful sunset when you visit this place.
  • Old Fourah Bay College:This public university is located near the Mount Aureol neighborhood in the capital. It was established on 18 February 1827 and is believed to be the oldest university in West Africa. From 1876 to 1967, it was affiliated with Durham University.
  • Bastion des Fort Thornton: This is one of the most prestigious monuments found here in the capital. This point of interest attracts tourists every year, where they appreciate the place and even take a few photos. It is best suited for children.
The old building of Fourah Bay College. Cline Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone


You can be assured to have a fantastic time while you are here in Freetown when you get a chance to visit and appreciate the various attraction sites this capital has to offer. From the excellent museums to the historical landmarks that you will see while you are here in the capital 2ill blow your mind. Coupled up with the fantastic restaurants where you will get to enjoy some of the most amazing delicacies, including cuisines of local and even international origin.

City Parks

  • Victoria Park: Children below three years have it all at this park as they get to enter free of charge. It also has a swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant. Ample parking is available here.

National Parks

  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary: The staff interacts with clients in a friendly and professional manner. The tour guides here have a lot of experience and explain everything you need to know about the chimpanzees here. You can access the sanctuary by foot or by a four-wheel vehicle.


  • Lumley Beach. This beach is dotted with various economical and luxurious restaurants and offers multiple delicacies such as seafood, Filipino, European, Chinese and local cuisines, and bars close to the sea. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset. At the landing beach, you will be able to purchase fresh fish brought in from the ocean. The beach is occasionally clean as there are episodes where tidal waves litter the beach with seaweeds. It is one of the best places to relax and have lots of fun with family and friends. You can find free parking at specific points. The majority of the facilities here have free Wi-Fi, including the several restaurants nearby.
  • Lakka Beach. This is one of the most amazing places where you can find light sand. This beach is dotted with palm trees and bars where you can catch your favorite drink while taking lunch. The staff interacts with clients in a friendly and professional manner. You will get to enjoy the warm and clean ocean water here. Safety here is guaranteed as security has been beefed up. Various lodges are dotted along the beach, and you will also get a chance to interact with people from different nationalities such as America, Europe, and Africa. Delicacies that you get to enjoy here include French fries, spiny lobsters, rice, grilled chicken, and fresh fish.
Lumley Beach of Freetown in Sierra Leone


  • Bunce Island: This historic island is located in Freetown harbor in the Sierra Leone River. It is believed to measure 502.9 meters by 106.7 meters and hosts one of the most iconic castles in Sierra Leone, which was constructed by the Royal Africa Company in 1670. It is believed to be when many Africans were picked from to be shipped to North America as slaves. In 1992, General Colin Powell, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, paid a visit to this island in an official capacity. The first episode of the castle's history was phased out in 1728 when José Lopez da Moura, who was a Luso-African slave trader in the region, raided the island. It was then abandoned until the mid-1740s.In 1748, Oswald & Company, a firm based in Britain, took over the island's management. It was not until 1785 when Bunce Island, together with other islands in the country, was handed over to John and Alexander Anderson.
  • Cotton Tree: This tree is believed to be the oldest cotton tree in the capital. It is even considered one of the national symbols. It is situated adjacent to the law Court building and the National Museum. It is located at the junction of four main streets within the city: Walpole Street, State avenue drive, Siaka Steven Street, and Pademba Road. The highest currency in the country has this tree as its symbol.
Bunce Island fortress wall


  • National Railway Museum: Here, you will get a chance to see some of the most preserved train engines and carriages that operated here in the country some years back. The staff usually interact with people in a professional and friendly manner. The experience they have s unmatched as some of them have been employed here from 2004. The small guest shop present is a plus.
  • Sierra Leone National Museum: This museum is situated where Siaka Stevens Street and Pademba Road meet. It is believed to have existed even before Sierra Leone gained its independence. The Monuments and Relics Commission, chaired by retired Creole doctor M. C. F. Easmon, was set up by a 1946 ordinance set to preserve the country's historical and natural monuments. Other preserved artifacts include relics, objects of archaeological, ethnographical, and scientific interest.
  • Sierra Leone Peace Museum: It was commissioned after the civil war witnessed in the country for ten years. It was built to promote peace in the country. It is lined with paintings and documents which relay how events unfolded during the civil war, which lasted for over a decade, which resulted in the massive loss of lives. Inside the museum, the Special Court of Sierra Leone is located. The guides here are very knowledgeable and explain the exhibitions to people in a professional way.


The various restaurants here offer delicacies that are of both local and international origin. You will get to enjoy Lebanese, Indian and Italian cuisines. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are also available here in Freetown.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Tessa's Restaurant: This restaurant is located along Wilkinson Road in the capital. It is usually open from Monday to Saturday between 11:30 am to 10 pm. It is closed on Sundays. This restaurant is more convenient for children and groups. A bar is also present here.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Mamba Point Lagoonda Restaurant: Here, you will get to enjoy local and Italian delicacies, including sushi. This restaurant is immaculate and safe, and you are guaranteed a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Drinks are not left out of the picture as you get a chance to enjoy chilly star beer or warm red wine on offer. The staff is fantastic as they know how to relate to customers professionally.
  • Toma: The staff is friendly and very professional when they interact with customers. This property is tidy, with the ambiance being generated here completing your fantastic experience here in this restaurant. You will get to enjoy excellent food with both local and imported drinks here being a plus. You will also get a chance to purchase the fantastic artifacts on sale.
  • Crown Xpress: This restaurant is located along Wilkinson Road. Here, you will get a chance to enjoy fantastic chicken pizza, sandwiches, pasta, among other delicacies. It is one of the best places where you chill and relax with your friends and family. This restaurant has ample parking, air conditioning, and background music.
  • Bliss: The staff here interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner. You will get a chance to enjoy the fantastic Indian cuisine being offered here. The washrooms are usually cleaned on a regular basis. The beautiful garden will blow your mind, with the excellent background music being a plus.
  • Oasis: This restaurant is situated near the Murray Town junction. Unique delicacies you will enjoy at this restaurant include avocado wrap, Vietnamese chicken sandwiches, and French fries. It is conveniently in one of the most peaceful and serene locations in Freetown. Together with organic ingredients being offered here at affordable prices, the fantastic smoothies are quite a plus.
  • Swan Restaurant & Grill: This restaurant is fitted with air conditioning in the available rooms. Various delicious options are available here. Star beer is also sold here to complete the feeling of relaxation while you are at this joint. The wireless mode of payment is accepted here.
  • Gigibontà: This restaurant is situated in Lumley beach; the beautiful garden here will blow your mind with the fantastic breezes from the ocean and complete its excellent ambiance. You will get to enjoy Italian delicacies, and it is believed to be the only place where you can buy gelato in the entire Freetown. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff are a plus.

Street Food

  • Fry fry: It refers to several foods that are mostly fried then finally served with bread. A full meal usually includes fried plantains, akara (fried black-eyed-bean fritters), gari (shredded cassava) cake, bongo (smoked herring, served whole), French fries, and spaghetti.
  • Roasted corn: Most street vendors will prepare roasted corn that has been freshly sourced from the farm. They usually use locally made barbeques to prepare these roasted corns.
  • Canya: It is usually prepared using gari or rice. It is then mixed with some amount of groundnuts and several spoonfuls of sugar.
  • Groundnuts: They are usually sourced from local farms while it is still fresh. Locals have learned to call it parch granat due to the process involved in preparing it.


Freetown has several bars dotted within its streets. The most common drink is the local star beer, beloved by many. These bars include:

  • Roof Garden Bar & Restaurant
*FA Jox Bar & Restaurant
  • Eddies Bar and Grill


You are advised to use tap water here in the capital for bathing purposes but not for consumption. You are encouraged to drink bottled water or treated water. Do avoid drinking water sold on sachets as they are believed to be contaminated, as the way these bags are handled violates health codes.

Organic Cafés

  • Roy Hotel & Restaurant: This café has exquisite reception, with the tasty delicacies being offered here being a plus. The atmosphere created here is very relaxing and welcoming. You are assured of scenic views of the beach. Grilled chicken and chicken wings are the most typical delicacies being sold here.
  • Crown Bakery: This café has terrific interiors and brings that relaxing atmosphere. It is considered one of the pioneer restaurants in Freetown. It has maintained its unique taste and presentation of food. Alcohol is not sold at these premises. Free internet connection is a plus.


  • Sierra Leone Brewery: This local brewery is famous for producing the country's most popular beer, the Star beer. This company has contributed significantly to the country's economy. It is considered one of the giant companies in the country. It has attracted both investors and tourists.


Freetown is usually bustling with activities every day. Various attraction sites are dotted around the city, which also brags about being near the ocean. This will enable you to enjoy the fantastic sandy beaches. You can visit the various museums present in the city. You can also enjoy the tremendous delicacies being offered here at the local restaurants.

Yoga and Retreats

There is usually a great yoga class in the sanctuary, and the meditation that you will get here will relax your mind. You will get a chance to attend this class from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. You will also be able to enjoy a tour of the sanctuary. You will be part of the hiking team to the beautiful waterfalls, where you will get to enjoy bird watching and even see the chimpanzees. The staff is amicable, with the eco-lodges being a plus.


  • Stafford Lodge: The staff interacts with clients in a friendly and professional manner. The tasty delicacies that you will get to enjoy here are quite impressive. The rooms are relatively large, and they come fitted with a free internet connection, a fridge, air conditioning, security, Netflix installed on the TV, and a hot shower.
  • The Family Kingdom Resort: From management to the rest of the staff, they are quite friendly and helpful when interacting with clients. You get to enjoy amenities that include a free internet connection, a swimming pool with tidy changing rooms, and a bar. The cleaning staff is usually on standby as they will come and clean the room when necessary.

Green Hotels

  • Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown: This hotel sets a relaxed mood for anyone who walks in a while in Freetown. The rooms are relatively large and very tidy. Security has been beefed up here with the presence of CCTV cameras and security guards on the property. Scenic landscapes surround the property; thus, you are assured of amazing views. Amenities that you get to enjoy here include a gym, swimming pools, a basketball court, among other sporting facilities. The hotel also has event and conference facilities. The staff is friendly and professional in their interaction with clients. It also has a fantastic restaurant where you will be guaranteed a delicious breakfast buffet.
  • Home Suites Boutique Hotel: This hotel brags about having relatively large rooms that are tidy. The front desk staff are quite reliable and interact with clients professionally. Amenities that you get to enjoy, such as air conditioning, excellent water pressure, bar, and restaurant, are fully stocked.
  • The Country Lodge Hotel: This fantastic hotel is located on top of a hill; thus, you are assured of scenic views of the entire Freetown and the Atlantic Ocean from this hotel. Management and all other workers are friendly and professional in their interaction with guests. The hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.
  • Atlantic Lumley Hotel: This superb hotel is located near the shore of Lumley beach. It is a few kilometers from the ferry base. The staff interacts with clients in a friendly and professional manner. The place is not noisy; thus, you can be assured of peace and relaxation. The rooms are relatively large and spotless. Various restaurants and beach bars are within the vicinity.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Green Bamboo Lodge & Guest House: It is located in one of the most convenient locations in the city. The breakfast buffet offered here is a plus. Amenities that you get to enjoy here include air conditioning, ample parking, and a free internet connection. Various methods of payment are available here.
  • Lungi Airport Lodge: It is a five-minute drive to the airport. The staff here interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner. Security has been beefed up at the entire premises; thus, safety is guaranteed. The rooms are relatively large, and local delicacies offered here at reasonable prices are a plus.
  • JC Guest House: This fantastic guest house is usually clean, with the rooms being reasonably large. Those who work here know how to relate with guests; thus, be rest assured that you will be attended to. However, be prepared to eat at nearby restaurants as this guest does not have a working kitchen.
  • Holiday Lodge: The staff here interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner as they will virtually attend to you. The rooms are relatively large and are furnished to suit your needs. All rooms are air-conditioned, and higher floors have balconies where you can catch the landscape's scenic view.
  • Oasis Juice Bar & Guesthouse: It is believed to be among the fantastic places to spend your afternoon chilling out. The healthy foods being offered here are quite diverse, with options being many. Vegetarians are also catered for as various vegetarian diets are also available. Smoothies, avocado sandwiches, and brownies are some of the unique delicacies that you will get to enjoy here. The free internet connection available is a plus.


  • Belvoir Estate and Serviced Apartments: This property features one-bedroom apartments where each apartment can host up to a maximum of two people. The apartments are fitted with a single comfortable double bed, a garden view, private entrance, private bathroom, a balcony where you get to see the scenic view of the surrounding, free internet connection, and cleaning products. Charges for one night are USD 99 where the breakfast will be included in the price.
  • Mansholl Luxurious Apartment: This property can house two people per each apartment. The rooms are fitted with one double bed, flat-screen TV, microwave, refrigerator, balcony, private entrance, patio, and air conditioning. The price for one night is believed to be USD 70.
  • Young and Nicol Beach house: This property features one-bedroom apartments. It can host up to a maximum of two people. The rooms are fitted with a double bed, garden view, en-suite bathroom, private entrance, cleaning products, and a balcony, which guarantees you a scenic view of the landscape. The price for one night is believed to be USD 61.


Couch surfing is embraced here in Freetown. Several hosts are willing to welcome visitors into their homes. You are encouraged to visit the couch surfing website for Freetown and connect with the host you blend with.


  • Tasso Island: Each camp at this campsite has the capacity to host up to a maximum of four people. You will be provided with four futon beds at each camp. You get to enjoy amenities that include a barbeque, private entrance, garden view, and a shared bathroom. Charges for one night is believed to be 5 USD dollars.
  • Treetop cottage: It is located in one of the prestigious forests in the national park in Freetown and can accommodate two people. It is a two-story rental structure fitted with a cozy double-sized bed and a balcony, which avails you a scenic view of the surrounding rainforest. The bathroom is equipped with a sink, a shower, and a toilet. The management will provide you with towels and linens you will need. The ground floor is fitted with a walkout patio fashioned with several seats. You get to enjoy other amenities, such as complimentary breakfast every day, ample parking, and private tours of the chimpanzee sanctuary on which this property is situated.

How to Get There

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. There are many modes of transport available that you can use to get into the capital from within the country and even international countries. You can fly into the capital via aircraft to the Lungi International Airport. You can also use road transport and even by boat on the Atlantic Ocean.


Freetown is served by two civilian airports, which are the Lungi International Airport and Hastings Airport. Domestic and international flights land and take off from Lungi International Airport as it is the country's main airport. The Sierra Leone Airports Authority controls this airport. On the other hand, Hastings Airport usually handles smaller aircraft as it has a short runway.

Lungi International Airport


The infrastructure here in Freetown is underdeveloped as right roads are quite a few; thus, affecting the transport sector. The Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) is in charge of all the country roads and is heavily influenced by corruption. This has contributed significantly to the terrible road conditions witnessed in the country. Several buses ply the available routes, with the most common one being the Waterloo-Freetown highway, which is several kilometers long. Various trunk roads within the city have been improved over time.

A bus in Freetown


There isn't any functioning railway line in Freetown. The initially existing railway line was shut down after the International Bank stepped in and advised the government on this course of action in 1974. Locals and rebels later looted the remaining railway lines.


There are usually few vehicles plying routes outside the city. In the CBD is where you will encounter traffic jams, which are usually hectic. Suppose you are heading to a particular destination, and you happen to meet motorists heading in that direction. In that case, you are advised to motion with hand signals, and a kind driver will pull over and happily take you to your destination. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to interact with locals at a personal level.


Sierra Leone brags about having the largest natural harbor in the whole of Africa. This, in turn, attracts large cruise ships that dock here at Queen Elizabeth II Quay, Freetown. Passenger, cargo, and private boats use a Government Wharf located next to the capital's central region.

Moving Around

Freetown has various modes of transport where you get to choose the one you are comfortable with, and you get to travel within the city with ease. From rental cars and taxis to hovercrafts and even helicopters, you have a wide variety to choose from. The ferry is believed to be the most affordable option. However, ferries and hovercrafts have been suspended on occasions as a result of overloading and safety concerns.


Walking is the most eco-friendly way to travel. Here in Freetown, walking along the beach is one of the fantastic experiences you will get to enjoy while here in Freetown. Taking a walk in the evening is breathtaking as you will be able to enjoy the sunset and even engage in playing football with the youth who usually play on the beach.


Sierra Leone is usually frequented by heavy rainfall, which causes floods that damage the roads; thus, cycling is not fully embraced here. This does not mean that cycling is wholly lost here in the country. There are months when the rains are not there, mostly between January to March. During these months, the rain is usually minimal; thus, you can cycle with ease here in the capital. You are encouraged to cycle using a mountain bike as you may come across terrains that are quite tough.

Electronic Vehicles

The idea of electric vehicles hasn't taken root in the country though hints of huge companies and investors planning to enter the country to pursue this venture soon continue to grow. Bad road conditions heavily discourage transport by road, limiting the exploitation and integration of electric vehicles into the country's transportation sector.

Public Bus

Minibusses (locally known as poda-poda) are commonly used to travel within the city and even to other towns in the country. Prices are quite reasonable, and you are advised to take the bus headed for your destination. The spaces in these minibusses are quite a few; thus, people scrambling to get into the bus are common.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no active railway line in Freetown; thus, transport by train is non-existent.

Sustainable Shopping

Freetown is one of the emerging cities in Africa. Many merchants are trying to set up stores that do not have an adverse effect on the environment. It is quite a hustle as the available resources are quite a few; thus, the competition to achieve this is quite stiff. Many vendors are forced to go the extra mile to try and achieve this goal. Overall, progress is still growing, and we may see sustainable shopping being embraced more in the capital in the future.

Food Markets

  • Upgun Market: Here, you will get a chance to purchase various delicacies being prepared and sold by local chefs. You can also buy local ingredients that you can use to prepare local delicacies. Cutlery is also sold at this market. It is usually open from Monday to Saturday from 5:30 am to 6:45 pm, closed on Sundays.
  • Bonthe Fresh Market: This is an open-air market where you get to purchase African produce. It is located along King Street in the capital. Vegetables and fruits make the majority of the produce sold at this market concerning the season. You can be lucky enough to find fresh fish caught from the ocean and at very affordable prices.

Flea Markets

There are various flea markets found in Freetown. They include:

  • Brookfield Marketplace
  • Wilberforce Market
  • Congo Market

Second Hand Stores

  • CICA Motors: Its official business name is believed to be Reelin. They are believed to be the authorized agents for Toyota vehicles in Sierra Leone.
  • INSONS: This is an electrical supply store located in the capital. An added advantage is the online option where you get to order for their website.
  • MOTORCARE Sierra Leone: This is a motor vehicle dealer in Freetown.
  • Boyce Enterprise: Here, you will be able to purchase various household items.
  • Raju's Electricals: This is a electrical store in Freetown.


Sustainable fashion has slowly been taking shape in the country over the years, with experienced and upcoming designers embracing this trend. One of the most re-known designers in the country is Euphemia-Ann Sydney-Davies. Her most popular design is a three-piece suit, which she tailored using Ghanaian cloth. Various international organizations have come in to boost such designers to the next level by giving them a platform to showcase their talents. International brands partnering with designers in the country include Karen Walker from New Zealand, Burberry, and Stella McCartney from Britain.


Solid waste has always been a problem in many African cities, Freetown being one of them. International organizations are kicking in to try and salvage the waste management sector in the country. They are improving existing technologies and even bringing in new ones to improve the current state of waste in the city and country.


Waste has been a menace in many African cities, and Freetown has not been spared of this scourge. From medical waste to dead animals, vast dumps of solid waste can be spotted at various city points. To deal with this problem, resources are required. That is why the national government is working together with local governments and other stakeholders to harness the available resources to solve this menace. In the past, barriers such as inadequate resources, inefficient technologies, poor public attitudes, high costs, and substandard labor productivity heavily discouraged the efforts to deal with this issue. To make matters worse, the civil war that broke out in the country wreaked havoc on the few available infrastructures dedicated to eliminating waste in the city. Various disease outbreaks have taken over the city, with the most common ones being tetanus, diarrhea, cholera, and malaria due to waste that has littered the town.

Work and Study Abroad

Freetown is among the emerging cities in Africa, and its potentiality continues to increase over the years, thus attracting both local and international partners, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Various corporate offices are found here as they include:

  • World Food Programme Country Office
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO) Head Office

Exchange Student

Education in Freetown has continued to grow over time as both local and international stakeholders continue to chip in to improve the country's education status. The education curriculum in Sierra Leone takes the 6-3-3-4 education system where a child will spend six years in primary school (from class 1 to class 6), then another six years in the secondary level. The secondary system is divided into junior level, from form 1 to form 3, and senior-level, from form 4 to form 6. One would finally enroll in a university for four years after completing secondary school. Both local and international students are welcome to pursue their studies at an esteemed university here in the capital, the Fourah Bay College, which was commissioned in 1827 and is believed to be the oldest university in West Africa.

Au Pair

Many women from Freetown are more than ready to offer nanny services to those who require them in European countries. Within the country itself, people living in the capital prefer younger relatives that they have back in the rural areas to come and do the domestic chores for them. Foreigners may also apply for these jobs, and they may get lucky and find willing employers.


  • Advocacy Initiative for Development: Volunteers are usually more than welcome to chip in and contribute what they can to boost this organization's ambitions. You will be able to work with the youth and women in the capital and the country. You are encouraged to apply here with any level of experience and skill you have. Be ready to learn, put in the hard work, and be part of the team. You need to be prepared to commit at least one month to this course.
  • Child Help Sierra Leone: This organization aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Freetown and its environs. They come to their aid and their families by enabling them to access necessities and medical care, and education.
  • EducAid: This organization puts in the effort to ensure that children get a chance to learn, and the teachers get the necessary training they require. They have done this by establishing several schools that offer teaching and training for free.
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary: More than 100 chimpanzees get to call this sanctuary home as this organization has devoted its time and resources to rehabilitate the chimpanzees in the region. They have also pioneered several conservation programs and also educated the local communities about these fantastic animals.
  • We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF): This organization runs two schools in the capital where more than 1000 children undertake their learning at the primary level. Volunteers are encouraged to come and partner with this organization in the quest to brighten the futures of these children. You can engage in teaching and even working with these children at an individual level. The available posts are not just limited to learning roles, as you can help in office work and formulation of proposals. People from all nationalities are encouraged to apply and work with this organization for as long as possible.

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