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Eco-friendly travel guide to Genoa advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Genoa, Italy.

Aerial view of Genoa

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $125
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $150

Responsible Travel

Genoa is the sixth-largest city in Italy, and it was once the richest city worldwide. Today, it is known for its rich cultural heritage and how it showcases unaltered stories about the country. Thus, it is not surprising for people to desire traveling there.

When in Genoa, using the subway shows that you are a responsible traveler. It is an easy way of moving around the city, and it helps to decongest the road.

You should shop in big supermarkets if you are buying many things, as you can get them at a cheaper rate. Overall, it is best to patronize the business of the locals in the city.

Always wear a warm smile while in the city, as it shows the locals that you are ready to make friends.

Air Quality and Pollution

Although some cites in Italy have a reputation for air pollution, Genoa is not among as its air quality is now conducive and perfect for living.

Typically, you would need to prepare yourself when traveling to a city with high air pollution. Understandably, there is almost no city without any air pollutant. However, some cities are higher than the rest.

If you are going to a place with high air pollution, you need nose masks and inhalers to breathe correctly. You do not need to worry about all these when traveling to Genoa since it does not have many air pollutants.

We know that this comes as a relief to many, so you can start packing your traveling bags if this is giving you cold feet.

Respect the Culture

The locals of Genoa believe in mutual respect, so they would respect you if you respect them. It is not hard to get into their good books, as all that is needed is for you to value their customs and traditions.

One thing you will notice in the city is that they are usually formal. This gives rise to them dressing conservatively, and it would be proper for you to emulate them during your stay so that you do not look odd or disrespectful.

Other customs guiding the city are holding the city, and the locals will not hesitate to share them with you. The idea is to ensure that you what the difference between right and wrong while in the city.

If you act accordingly, you will enjoy your stay in Genoa.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many places of interest in Genoa, and some would have you leaving your mouth wide awake. These places will surpass your imagination, and you will be happy visiting them.

Some of them are:

  • Aquarium of Genoa: Although there are other aquariums in the city, it is the biggest and one of the top famous places. It plays house to many sea animals, and you will be in awe by what you see. Some people call it the mother of all aquariums.
  • Spianata di Castelletto: It is a hilltop terrace in the city where people go to relax their minds. You will not know when you will zone out at this place, and it put a smile on your face.
  • The City of Children and Young: We do not know if you are on the trip with a child or you wish to let out your inner child. Whatever the case might be, the goal is to be happy and that is what people do at this place.
  • Frugone Collection: It contains an array of artworks you will love. They depict life in both the 19th and 20th century, so it is relatable.
  • Villetta Di Negro: It is only fair that a place on the list of famous places would be relaxing and exciting, and this place is encompassing. Its small waterfall draws the attention always, and you will not regret visiting it.
  • Monte Fasce: It is a mountain with hiking trails, so you would be excited while exploring it. It also gives you views of the city that you might have never seen.
  • Bigo: It is a lift in Genoa that also gives you a perfect view of the city. People have fun on the rides, and it is a way of establishing friendships.
  • Golfo Paradiso: How well do you know how to play gold? If you do, you should go to this place to play with the friendly locals while in Genoa as it is a way of passing the time. If you do not know how to play, many people are ready to teach you.
  • Palazzo Spinola National Gallery: It plays home to many Renaissance paintings that put a smile on the faces of people. Tours are open to the public, so you should choose a conducive time to visit it.
  • Passo Del Faiallo: If you are a part of those who like watching the sunset, you should visiting this mountain when in Genoa as the atmosphere makes you relaxed and free of any worries.
Aquarium of Genoa


The idea of exploring is to discover places that would make you happy when in the city. Since it is not your home, you might be lost on places to visit and activities to do. However, no one wants to be bored when in a new location.

Many foreigners make plans to explore a new city through a tour guide. This is not to say that you cannot do it alone, but it is sometimes better to have a tour with someone who understands the terrain better.

While you explore, you will learn more about the city; how it was established, its customs, and traditions. These are always exciting to learn as it helps you gather new knowledge that you would share with others when you leave the city.

City Parks

When people say that they want to explore Genoa, one of the first places that comes to mind is the city parks.

There are many of them, and we do not know if you can explore all of them. However, some of them are:

  • Parchi di Nervi: It is an English garden with a museum, so you will get a double experience when you visit it. There is a playground for children, and adults have can walk around to enjoy and appreciate the views they get. It is beautiful, and you would not regret visiting it.
  • Parco Della Nora: It is a quiet people that people choose to have picnics. Its beauty and cleanliness appeal to many, so you should also explore this place when in Genoa.
Parchi di Nervi

National Parks

In addition to the city parks, you would see at a new place, there are also national parks, adding to the number of available parks to explore.

Some of the national parks in Genoa are:

  • Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini: Some people say that it is the most beautiful garden in Italy. It has many things for you to explore, and there are also hiking trails. People come here to have a fun time and interact with others. The atmosphere is perfect if you have to calm your mind.
  • Bosco Dei Frati: It is commendable that they do not fail to take care of this place, so it gives you a beautiful view always. If you want to get closer to nature, you can visit and see this forest.
Bosco Dei Frati


Almost everyone can agree that hanging out at the beach is a great way to explore a city as you would hear different stories and see how the locals relate with each other.

Some of the beaches in Genoa are:

  • Bagni Paolo detto Lelle: It is a public beach, so you know that you would see many people there. People visit it for many reasons, including sunbathing. It is easy to doze off or meditate while you lay on the sand. People engage in different games on the beach as well, like volleyball. They would welcome you with open arms if you want to join in any competition as they believe in the more, the merrier. Always keep an open mind and be friendly when visiting a beach in Genoa.


Some places are more outstanding than others, and it could be in place of the structure or building design. Such places serve as landmarks as they are usually famous, or you could see them from a distance.

A landmark is an essential guide needed in every city so that you can know your way around. Some of them in Genoa are:

  • Cattedrale di San Lorenzo: It is a gothic Roman Catholic cathedral in the heart of the city, and you can find Italian arts within the building. Many people know this place in the city due to its outstanding features.
  • Lighthouse of Genoa: It is typical for a lighthouse to be a tall building, so it is not out of place that this place is 76m-tall. Thus, you can see it from afar.
Harbour with cranes and Lanterna Lighthouse Genova


If you desire to explore a museum while in Genoa, it is also in line as the city has many exciting museums where you can feed your eyes and gain more knowledge.

Some of them are:

  • Galata Museo Del Mare: It is a maritime museum and the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean area. It gives you a view of the different instruments used in the marine, and your eyes will be well-fed. Although the descriptions are in Italian, there would be someone to interpret.
  • Palazzo Spinola National Gallery: If you are interested in 16th-century art, this is the best place to visit. The exhibited artworks are alluring and would hold your interest while you take a tour. They are beautiful, and it is always worth the visit.
Galata Museo Del Mare


It should not be heard that you visited a city and did not try out their local meals. If such happens, it would be that you did not have a complete stay there.

While in Genoa, you should enjoy their traditional meals, especially as they are delicious and always satisfies the tummy.

You might want to have salt cod when in Genoa. It is usually prepared with pine nuts, taggiasca olives, and potatoes. It is something that your taste buds will enjoy. Almost everyone should have tasted pies before, but there is a special preparation of vegetable pies in Genoa. We would not reveal the preparation process but ensure to buy one and enjoy the deliciousness.

Pansoti with walnut sauce is another meal to try in Genoa. It is pasta and vegetables eaten with a sauce made from cream and walnuts.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some people say that the best way to eat right in any city is to eat from the traditional local restaurants. If you agree with this school of thoughts, here are the restaurants to try in Genoa:

  • Trattoria Delle Grazie: Everything about this place is commendable, starting from the food to the services rendered by the staff. When you step into this restaurant, they aim to make you feel relaxed and have a feel of your home. The foods are adequately prepared to remain tasty and delicious. You will wish to pay a return visit to enjoy more traditional cuisines.
  • I Cuochi: These people have a specialty in using seafood for the preparation of their meals. Thus, this is the place for any seafood lover. The environment is conducive, and they have an array of available options.

Vegetarian and Vegan

When talking about the restaurants in a city, some people desire to know if there are vegetarian options.

If you are traveling to Genoa, be assured that you would see some restaurants that cater to the needs of vegetarians, and one of such is:

  • InFusion: It is a vegan restaurant in the city that does not fail to deliver excellent services always. When you eat any meal at this place, you are assured that you have eaten healthy. There is a warm feel attached to the food items and drinks as they taste like they were home-made. It is a calm environment where people enjoy delicious meals and lose track of time due to the serenity. High commendations are given to the cleanliness of this restaurant as it is not easy to maintain.

Street Food

Street food is another option you have amongst meals to eat in Genoa. Some of these options are tasty, and you cannot resist them.

If you want to buy street food, it is as the name implies since you do not need to go to a restaurant before getting it. You can see people at the roadside who sell these street foods.

Trapizzino is a recent type of street food in Genoa as it was introduced in 2008. The idea here is to turn pizza bread into a sandwich. The preparation process is best known to the locals, but you will enjoy eating it.

Gelato brioche is a street food that would leave you licking your hands due to its deliciousness. It is a top-seller amongst the street food options in Genoa.


You will notice that many people accompany their meals with a drink, so it is only right that we would also highlight the available beverages in Genoa.

Some of these drinks are traditional beverages that are unique to the city or country, while others can be seen in different cities across the world.

Ristretto means restricted in Italy, and it is a type of espresso. However, it differs as it is less bitter. It is a famous drink in the city and has the color of dark chocolate. If you love grapes, we know that the grappa drink would appeal to you. It is gotten from the fermented solid components of leftover grapes after pressing the juice and is tasty.

Cappuccino is another popular beverage in the city, and it has also gained ground worldwide.


We see foreigners asking and inquiring to know if the tap water in Genoa is drinkable. They desire to understand so that they would know the sources of water they can trust in the city ad if they should have a budget for buying water.

We are pleased to share that the water sources in Genoa are drinkable, so you do not need to worry about drinking water directly from the tap. If you wish to drink it or use it for brushing, it would not negatively affect you.

Understandably, drinking water from a non-trusted source can affect your body system and can leave you immobile for the rest of your trip. However, you do not need to worry about such predicaments in Genoa.

Organic Cafés

If you are a lover of organic cafes, there are also available options for you in Genoa.

Some of them are:

  • Tazze Pazze Caffetteria Gourmet: You can get healthy light meals from this place like coffee and sandwich. They have an array of options that would leave you smiling. It is cozy and endearing to the heart. The staff are also professional and ensure to make you comfortable while there.
  • Ristorante Santa Teresa: One of the first things to notice about this place is that it is strategic, making it easy for you to locate. They have a rich menu option, so you will not run out of options. You know that you will eat healthy there, and the atmosphere is also conducive.


A brewery is a place that produces drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. Some people prefer going to these places to purchase the drinks than to get them at other stores as they believe that it is best to go to the manufacturer who is the source.

If you are part of those who desire to visit a brewery, it is understandably. Please do not feel shy about it as you would also see other people there.

People get new networks and establish relationships with others while at the brewery. It is believed that these drinks will put you in a happy mood, and relating with others would be more comfortable.

If you need direction to a brewery in Genoa, do not hesitate to ask a local as many of them love to hang out there, so they would show you the way.


If there are water bodies in a place, you can be sure that the locals would engage in water activities to keep busy and eliminate boredom. This is not to say that the activities are for the locals alone as a tourist can also join in the fun.

If you are wondering about the kind of activities that involve the water bodies, you should think about fishing and kayaking. You will notice that there are agencies specially dedicated to kayaking in Genoa. They aim to ensure that you have an exciting and pleasant kayaking tour when you register with them.

Those who would prefer to go fishing are also not left out. It would help if you discuss this with any of the locals who can take you along on their next fishing trip.

Yoga and Retreats

There is usually a smile that comes on the faces of yoga lovers when they check and see that there are many yoga studios in their destination city. It assures them that they can engage in one of their favorite activities.

The plus to having a yoga studio is that there are many facilities to aid you while practicing yoga, and it also allows you to do it as a group.

Some people wonder about the essence of yoga. Allow us to tell you that those who practice yoga usually enjoy happiness and peace of mind to a great extent as they let go of their worries while practicing yoga. If you wish to learn yoga while in Genoa, you have the opportunity to do so as the yoga studios have instructors.


It is ideal for you to research the various available accommodation options before visiting a city. It could be that you have a specific one in mind but get to the city and see that it is above your budget. You are stranded in such a case, and it will spoil your plans for the holiday.

If you wish to avoid having such disappointments, the proper thing is to check for the different accommodations and compare their prices. You will be able to plan your budget accordingly and know what to expect.

It is not compulsory to make bookings ahead as you can book when you land in the city. However, you can make the ahead booking if you do not wish to encounter any stress.

Green Hotels

On the list of available accommodation spaces in Genoa is a green hotel. It is an eco-friendly hotel that has facilities to ensure you are comfortable.

Some of them are:

  • Hotel Continental Genoa: It is easy to access this hotel from the airport as its location is strategic. Thus, you can also navigate other places if this is your choice hotel. It has provisions to ensure that the hotel is a safe space for lodgers, and they also offer free breakfast. The hotel also has a bar and restaurant. The front desk always works all day and night.
  • Meliá Genova: The simplicity of this hotel is outstanding as the rooms are sleek, and you can get views of different angles of the city from the hotel. There is a spa within the facility, and the hotel also offers free breakfast and Wi-Fi to its customers.

Hostels and Guest Houses

The next option on our list, which you can find available in Genoa, is a hostel or guest house. They are affordable options, and some of them are:

  • Guesthouse Naima 32: There is a no smoking circular within the rooms to ensure that that there is no fire outbreak. Excitingly, there are air conditioners in the room. It makes the customers more relaxed and gives causes to have a repeat visit. They also offer free Wi-Fi as one of its perks.
  • OStellin Genova – Hostel: The cleanliness of this hostel is alluring, and you would fall in love with the rooms. Its location is at one of the accessible points of the city; its front desk officers are always friendly. It is a great place to stay.


It may not seem like it, but the next option on the list of places to stay in Genoa is an apartment. People say that staying in an apartment equates to the feeling you get when staying at home, so the price is usually higher than that of others.

With a higher amount comes higher responsibility, so we can say that apartments have more comfort facilities than other accommodation types. We would not be wrong to say that it is an accommodation option for those who want to live a luxurious lifestyle while in the city. Genoa has many available apartments, and all you need to do is specify your rental duration. Check for the one you prefer, and your accommodation worries will be solved.


Couchsurfing is an idea that people have been embracing to solve their accommodation issues. The idea here is to stay in the house of a local while in the city. Some people may want to argue that this system is not famous yet, but you will be shocked at the number of cities activities involved in Couchsurfing.

Some people are naturally friendly and do not mind if people stay in their house for a while. Such persons sign up on the Couchsurfing website so that foreigners can find them while searching.

The process is usually not a hard one, and you will get along perfectly with them if you can follow the Italian rules of a relationship. It will also help if you understand a bit of their language for proper communication.


The idea of camping is not new to anyone worldwide, and people love to do it when visiting a new place as they believe that it would help them explore better. If you want to camp in a new terrain, you should understand how they do their things so that you would not go out of line. Typically, it is best if you are with a group of locals when going camping.

We cannot say that camping is not allowed in Genoa, but you should know that wild camping is prohibited in different areas in Italy. Thus, they have select areas where camping should hold if necessary. A local of this city or country is always in the best place to guide you through the rules and regulations.

How to Get There

Some people do not like the idea of traveling because it entails a lot of responsibilities. As a perk, you get to learn about new places and cultures. However, there are many things you need to arrange if you want to enjoy your stay at your destination.

One of those things you need to sort out is how to get there. The deal here is to know how you would reach your destination from your current location. The typical question is to know what form of transportation can get you down there.

If there are different means of available transportation, the next thing is to check and review the prices to make a choice. You may also make a choice depending on the speed of the available means of transportation.


You should not have any worries if you desire to reach Genoa by air as there is an international airport in the city, so you know that flights would there. However, the question is to know the flights that can land at Genoa airport. It is an international airport, so we can be sure that it receives airlines from different countries. The issue is that you might not always see a direct flight from your region or continent down there.

If you stay within Europe, there are high chances of getting a direct flight to Genoa. For those in any country outside Europe, you would need to fly to a European country and get a connecting flight to Genoa. Understandably, it might be uncomfortable. But, let the thoughts of the holiday run comfort you.

Cristoforo Colombo Airport, Genoa


It is not out of place to see people who want to use a bus and travel to their destination. When compared to using air, we can agree that it is cheaper to use a bus. Thus, a bus option works perfectly for those who are on a budget.

If you agree that it is a bus you would desire to use and reach Genoa, you need to check if you can find one from your current location down there. We know that you would not experience any difficulty getting a bus if you are within a European country or city as they have bus services that run Genoa.

People in other regions would not enjoy this luxury and need to find a way into Europe first before getting a bus to Genoa.

A local bus in Genoa


Another valid means of transportation that you can use in reaching Genoa is a train. The first thing that should come to mind if you are considering using a train anywhere is to check if there is a railway station at your destination city.

If you are traveling to Genoa and desire to use a train, you are in luck as there are two train stations in the city. Although a train is one of the slowest means of transportation, it is efficient to get people to and fro Genoa.

The train stations in the city that trains that work within and outside the city. However, they have limitations as they cannot go beyond European countries.

Thus, you can only enter Genoa by train if you are already within Europe.

Genoa Brignole Railway Station, Genoa


The concept of hitchhiking entails that you get a free ride to your destination. Of course, this would apply to road transportation, and we can say that it would work the same way the typical road means of transportation works. The idea is to flag down a car and ask for a free ride if they are headed towards Genoa. We cannot say that this would always work, but it is best to give it a try and see.

People stand at the side of the roads trying to stop cars, but we would prefer if you stay at a petrol station and engage the driver when he stops for a refill. It is safer this way, and you are sure to get the attention of the driver, who can easily zoom off if you are standing on the road.


The water bodies in Genoa are not there for fancy as it usually receives ferries regularly. If we are to do an analysis, we would say that at least one ferry docks in the city every day. Thus, it is a sure means of getting into Genoa. The issue with this form of transportation is knowing if there is a ferry that would head towards Genoa from your current location. However, you would not know except you heard towards the docks and inquire.

We know that you can get a ferry from some countries and cities within Europe, especially from those close to Genoa. Also, it would be hard getting these ferries from a place outside the region such as Australia. You should check if this means is suitable before making it your final choice.

Moving Around

You should not think that your responsibilities or work are over if you can navigate and conquer getting to your destination.

You may want to take a breather and relax for a bit, but the next thing to do is find out how people move around in the city. You cannot afford to be nonchalant about this, except you plan on being stagnant while there, and it is not possible. After all, such would defeat the aim of the visit.

Only when you know the different means of moving around in a new city can you get the boldness and assurance to move from one point to the other.

Knowing how to move around in a new terrain adds an extra layer to your safety blanket.


It may seem cliché to mention walking around amongst the options available when it concerns means of moving around in Genoa, but it cannot be ignored.

When people are not used to the different forms of transportation and wish to get to a walk quickly, they would rather walk there with the aid of a map. Some might want to argue that the maps are not efficient, but you should remember that you can ask a city local for directions while walking.

Some people are contented with using their legs to walk around and describe it as going at their pace. They believe that they are not under any pressure once they feel tired, and you can quit walking around whenever you desire.


It is common to see people cycling around in Genoa, so you know that you can rent or buy a bicycle while there. Although you might need time to adjust to the roads and drivers in the city, cycling helps you get to your destination.

There are many bicycle routes in the city, so you do not need to bother as they serve as a guide. Using a bicycle may seem quicker in some instances, especially when there is traffic. Since bicycles are not big, you can find your way through the traffic.

One thing that people neglect while cycling is their safety apparatus. Always ensure that you are with them whenever you decide to climb a bicycle. Remember that it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Electronic Vehicles

The same way you would rent a bicycle in Genoa is the same way you can rent a scooter, which classifies as an electronic vehicle.

We would liken this means of moving around to both walking and using a bicycle. You are the one to set the pace for this movement, and you can retreat at any time you desire. If you are using a scooter, please use your safety apparatus. Some cities do not allow people to use a scooter because it is classified as dangerous. Since it is permitted in Genoa, you have the responsibility of keeping yourself safe.

A scooter also helps you move faster if there is a case of traffic as it would not hold you down; it is a means of transportation to consider in the city.

Public Bus

A public bus is the most popular means of moving around in Genoa. The fare is cheap, so it is no wonder why people always rush to get on a bus.

A reliable organization operates the buses, so you are sure that it is efficient in getting you to your destination and back. One of the downsides is that some of the instructions might be in Italian, and you would need an interpreter. Apart from that, you will not encounter any hitches.

Tram, Train and Subway

Since there are train stations in Genoa, it is only regular that there would be trains working within the city, taking people from one location to another. The idea of having a train working within the city helps to eliminate traffic that would happen if the burden is on public buses alone.

If you are in a hurry to get somewhere, we would not advise you to use a train as they are slow, and you would miss your appointment.

Sustainable Shopping

The idea here is to buy locally made products that contribute to the environment. It would help if you always remember that every foreigner is tasked with engaging in sustainable means while in a city, so you should key into the idea of sustainable shopping.

It is almost impossible not to find a sustainable shop when you walk around the city, so engage yourself by taking a walk and buying things you desire.

Food Markets

If you want to shop at a food market, here are some of your options:

  • Reginella Srl - Banco Prodotti Campani Alimentari: There is almost no type of fresh food products that you cannot find here. They have a variety of sellers who ensure that their food items are of high quality. It is one of the best places to buy food in Genoa.
  • Artigianpasta Snc Di Lagomarsino Marco & Ricci Carlo: Many people describe this place as a delight as it usually meets their needs.

Flea Markets

You want to buy things at a flea market, here are some of your options:

  • I Ricordi Mercatino dell'usato: You should know that this market is always busy, but you can get an array of items from it. You will encounter a language barrier at this market as some of the sellers cannot speak English. Thus, it is best if you take along a local while going there.
  • Used Franchise Market: It is another flea market in the city where you can get anything that you desire.

Second Hand Stores

If you want to shop at second-hand stores, here are some of your options:

  • Papillon Genova: The focus of this place is on clothes, and we know that they have many appealing options. Some people lose track of time here before there is a cloth to choose from, and they cannot get enough of it. It is one of the best stores in the city as the clothes are of high quality even though it is a second-hand store.


Earlier, we mentioned sustainable shopping. If you are confused about what you can purchase as a part of sustainable shopping, you should consider eco-fashion.

It is now in vogue and is a way of infusing sustainability into clothes. The idea is to have fashionable that contribute meaningfully to the environment.

Years ago, many would not have thought that something like this would be possible. However, it is in place now, and all you need to do is patronize the business.


There are many recycling companies in the city, so you should know that they take recycling seriously, seeing it as a means to better their city and environment. As a foreigner, your choice should be to join them and do what they do.

Residents in some city areas are given special bags for their recycling items to sort the stress of digging and searching the thrash bag for things that can be recycled.


Typically, nobody should litter in this city as they are all about environmental protection and wish to keep their city clean always. Understandably, there may be some defaulters, but you will notice that the environment in Genoa is clean to a large extent.

Different companies ensure that they help others out in disposing of their waste in a bid to ensure that the city stays clean always.

If you are confused about throwing away your thrash when in Genoa, you should talk about this with a local.

Work and Study Abroad

There are different available study programs in Italy, which extends to Genoa. One thing you should know is that you can work and study while in this city.

However, you should know that your permitted time for working is not to exceed 20 hours as they wish to strike a balance between your work and school. They aim to see you excel, and this is the only way they can regulate it. Ensure that you do what you can and rest for a bit.

Exchange Student

Those outside Italy have heard many stories about the country and wish to experience it for themselves. It could be that they do not have a reason good enough to initiate their traveling plans, but they can travel there when it comes to schooling.

If you decide to school in Genoa or Italy, you should check if your school partners with any of the schools in that region so that you can do an exchange program.

Au Pair

If you can remember, Couchsurfing involves checking through the website for an available local host. The idea of Au Pair is to link people who need a job with locals who have open services.

The Au Pair option has been helpful to many people.


There is always the opportunity to volunteer in many cities, and some people use it to reach Italy.

However, ensure that you do your bit to improve the city while volunteering.

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