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Eco-friendly travel guide to Australia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Australia, Oceania.

Melbourne Skyline

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 2.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $500

Responsible Travel

Australia is one of the most famous countries in the world that is known to be a major tourist destination. This is the largest country in the Oceania region and comes at 6th spot for being the largest country in the world. The population of the country is more than 25 million and increasing. The natural wonders, deserts, beaches, and mega cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and others are the reason behind Australia being a popular tourist destination.

In every corner of Australia you’ll find unique experiences and landscapes bursting with colour, culture and natural beauty. Australia has so much to offer from adventure and sports to events and festivals, you will have a true insight of the Aboriginal culture. There are plenty of beaches, national parks, and islands to discover in this land of Koalas.

Being a tourist in today's world comes with its own set of responsibilities and obligations. The change climate of the planet urges us to be more responsible and take accountability for our actions and also study the impact we have on the environment. One must travel in an eco friendly way and ensure that the local citizens or the natural surroundings are not affected. These are some of the most crucial tips that vacationers must follow to travel responsibly.

  • Choose Public Transport: For exploring the different parts of the country, you will have the option to choose from different transport options. Make sure to choose the transportation that does not affect the environment of the country. This will include public buses, trams, trains, metros, electronic vehicles and bicycles. This will minimise your carbon footprint and also help in reducing air and noise pollution in the country.
  • Trying local food: A huge part of the local culture is the traditional food that is offered at the local traditional restaurants and by street food vendors. Instead of just sticking to international fast food franchises that contribute to so much waste being produced in the world, you should try the local options. Not only will it help the local economy but also will directly help the families whose sole source of earning are these small food businesses.
  • Do not throw waste: As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to promote sustainable living as much as possible in the country to motivate not only fellow tourists but local people. When you visit any tourists attractions especially city parks, make sure you do not throw any food wrapper and do not just stop at that but if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. It might look like a very small thing to do but has a huge impact on people watching especially the children present in the park since they learn and mimic the behaviour of other people around them.
  • Choose a green hotel: Plenty of accommodations are available in the country that provide you with a top-notch experience but instead of choosing them, you can pick green hotels for your stay. They use eco-friendly measures to reduce the pollution and waste of the city. This is one of the great ways to contribute towards the country to keep it safe and clean.
  • Shop local: In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every corner of the different cities. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the country, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

Many things you need to keep in mind while visiting another country. One of them is the air quality that can help you to stay safe and keep healthy during the trip. On the other hand, if the air quality is bad, then you will need to take a lot of precautions before visiting the country. The air quality and pollution are very bad all over the world and it is changing rapidly every year. You do not need to worry much while visiting Australia as it is known to be one of the cleanest countries in the world. As the country is separated by the sea from the rest of the world, the environment and air quality are still better than other countries.

This country ranked 10 among all the 98 countries around the world based on air quality. So, it is very clear that the air quality of the country is very safe and does not require any precautions. However, you can carry some masks and medicines with you if you have breathing problems and are particularly sensitive. You can take the help of online services to know what is the live air quality index of the specific city you are visiting. As pollution is very low, you will find some fresh air during your trip.

Respect the Culture

Australian culture is very unique and a lot of different characteristics of this beautiful culture set it apart from other cultures. Generally speaking Australians are very friendly, honest and open minded people. They also have a great sense of humour but for someone who’s visiting the country for the first time, it might be challenging to understand their jokes. So the general tip will be to not take anything seriously and to go with the flow. Another important aspect of Australian culture is their love for sports, be it football, AFL, cricket, rugby or any sport for that matter, Australians are very competitive in sports and Australian fans take the task of supporting their home team pretty seriously. It is best to not get in any sports related debates but general discussions are more than welcomed. Australians are tolerant towards different people whether or race or religion. They are friendly to all. That is a beautiful thing about Australian culture. However, they expect you to respect their way of life and culture as well as much as they respect yours. Another important thing to remember is that the absence of tipping culture in Australia. The minimum wage is 19 dollar an hour so there is no need for tipping but if your waiter or waitress has provided you with an exceptional service then it’ll be nice to tip them anyway.

Make sure to respect the culture very well during your trip to Australia. If you manage to visit the country at the time of different festivals, then you will be able to get an unforgettable and rich cultural experience. Some of the most popular Australian festivals including the Adelaide Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Melbourne International Arts Festival, and others. There are many travelers who visit the country to just explore the culture and traditions. The local people of the country are very friendly and they do not mind getting along with travelers. In different cities of Australia, you will be able to see a lot of different traditions. With every city in this country, you will be able to have a new cultural experience.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Everyone knows that Australia is a very beautiful country where you can visit for your holiday trips. The reason behind this thing is that it has some wonderful cities which are up to the mark. And the best thing about those cities is that they have these fabulous places which are more than lovely.

  • Sea Life Sydney aquarium Sydney - If you are in the city of Sydney then start your journey with this place. It is a live aquarium where you will be able to see a wide variety of fish and sea creatures. At Darling Harbour, a stroll from Town Hall Station in the city centre, the aquarium has two of only five dugongs on display in the world. You’ll see sting rays in the Tropical Bay of Rays. Enjoy the ocean tunnel walk, Shark Valley and Shark Walk, among some of the themed areas. Marvel at turtles, jellyfish, platypus, penguins and thousands of tropical fish.
  • National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne - Discover art, classic and contemporary, local and international at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). The NGV's two impressive galleries are right in the city centre and just a short stroll from one another. Visit major international touring exhibitions and wander collections of European, Asian, Oceanic and American art at NGV International, the iconic St Kilda Road gallery with its famous waterall and

Great Hall.

  • Adelaide Zoo Adelaide - Not only is Adelaide zoo home to 2500 animals and 250 species of exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles and fish, it is also working towards connecting people with nature and saving species from extinction.
  • Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium Brisbane - The Planetarium is home to the Cosmic Skydome - a 12.5-metre-diameter projection dome. Visit the Planetarium to enjoy a show (including a tour of Brisbane's night sky), and tour the Display Zone. The Planetarium also includes an observatory, Galaxy Gift Shop and Sundial Courtyard.
  • Fremantle Prison Perth - Fremantle Prison is one of Western Australia's premier cultural heritage sites and tourist attractions. It is the state's only world heritage-listed building and the only world heritage-listed site in the Perth metropolitan region. Built by convicts in the 1850's, Fremantle Prison was used as a place of incarceration for 136 years before being decommissioned as an operating maximum security gaol in 1991. Visitors can "step inside and do time" with Fremantle Prison's experienced guides on a range of fascinating tours. "Convict Prison", "Behind Bars" and "True Crime" tours highlight convict and prison life, daring escapes and colourful characters in tales laced with prison humour
  • Australian War Memorial Canberra - Now comes the world-famous destination of Canberra city which is beyond words. This war memorial is dedicated to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the war.
  • Mount Wellington Hobart - A natural reserve situated right on the doorstep of Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart. There is so much to do, from discovering the historic walking tracks to traversing Wellington Range on horses and mountain bikes.
  • Warner Bros. Movie World Gold Coast - If you are a fan of Warner Bros. movies then this place is a must-visit for you. Become lost in a world of fantasy and fun during your visit as you meet some of your favourite stars. You’ll get the chance to meet and greet with the Looney Tunes, DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, Tom and Jerry and more!
  • Islamic Society of Darwin Darwin - The Islamic Society of Darwin (ISD) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to the Darwin Muslim community. They are doing some amazing work to help the people of Darwin as well as the Islamic community on the grass root levels so definitely a place worth visiting.
  • Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle - If you are a fan of interesting architecture then this is the place to visit. It is a massive cathedral in Newcastle. The Cathedral also enjoys an excellent musical tradition with a first class choir and one of the finest pipe organs in Australia.
View from Mount Wellington


A major part of your traveling experience depends on exploring the destination properly. You need to explore different areas and cities to understand the local culture, traditions, food, art, and many other things. Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, which means you will have to spend considerable time exploring it. So, make sure to have a lot of time on your hand to explore the different nooks and crannies very well. There are plenty of places that you need to visit in this country including mountains, jungles, parks, beaches, deserts, and others to have the best experience.

However, there are many other places available that will help you to know the history of the country and dig deeper into different stories. If you have an interest in history, then make sure to visit the museums of the country as well to witness relics and artifacts.

City Parks

  • Fogarty Park (Cairns) - This beautiful lush green park is perfect to stroll around, have a picnic and large scale community events. It is also a great place to interact with locals and to just get some fresh air.
  • Lang Park (Wollongong) - This park hosts a lot of festivals and exhibitions like food and wine festivals and carnivals. You will have a grand time visiting this family friendly park located on the City Beach foreshore.
  • Riverbend (Launceston) - Riverbend Park is divided into four zones: The River Play area, Gorge Play area, Wild Core area, and Urban Plaza.

Each zone contains a range of play equipment and experiences, including swings, diggers, sand pits, a wheelchair carousel, a water play area, musical instruments, outdoor table tennis, see-saws and a full size sports court. The park's largest attractions are undoubtedly the Sky Walk and the 'confluence net', two of the largest pieces of play equipment in Australia.

A music festival at the Riverbend Park in Launceston

National Parks

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – are coastal. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. Australia is home to some of the best national parks in the world. The views, the scenery is all worth visiting. Some of the National Parks that you should visit on your trip to Australia include:

  • Port Campbell National Park: The Port Campbell National Park is a national park in the south-western district of Victoria, Australia. The park is located adjacent to the Great Otway National Park and the Bay of Islands Coastal Park. This is a slice of heaven with its scenic views and pristine ocean view.
  • Numbing National Park: Apart from the amazing Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park is also known for its beautiful beaches at Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay, coastal dune systems and low heathland rich in flowering plants.
  • Daintree National park: It so beautiful that its ancient ferns, emerald green vines and lush canopy provided inspiration for the movie Avatar. Here, you can trek through jungle and discover plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. Fly through the trees on a zip-line for a bird’s-eye view
  • Great Sandy National Park: Massive dunes, towering cliffs of coloured sands and wide ocean beaches have been etched by wind and water. Tall forests, fragrant wildflower heaths and paperbark swamps decorate the sands. Water features abound, including surf, freshwater lakes and the undisturbed upper Noosa River.
  • Freycinet National Park: Freycinet has global appeal – it is iconic, memorable and breathtaking. The park is best known for the stunning beauty of Wineglass Bay - its crystal-clear waters and curvaceous white beach is one of Tasmania’s most celebrated views.
  • Kakadu National Park: Covering nearly 20,000 square kilometres, Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage listing renowned for both its cultural and natural values. See breathtaking horizons from the top of a Kakadu escarpment. Cruise on the stunning Yellow Water Billabong to spot crocodiles and wildlife in their natural habitat, including millions of migratory birds who in-part call the park’s wetlands home.
View of the majestic Port Campbell National Park


Australia has a selection of beautiful beaches with golden sand and pristine waters. You will have an amazing time at the beaches of Australia. Some of the beaches that warrant a visit include:

  • Bondi Beach
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Hyams Beach
  • Twilight Beach
  • Cable Beach
  • Wineglass Bay
  • Turquoise Bay
  • Whitehaven beach
The very popular Bondi Beach in Sydney


  • Sydney Opera House Sydne) - Here you can see some world-famous opera and performances. It is also one of the most recognised buildings in the world and its unique architecture fascinates many.
  • The Great Barrier Reef: This is almost synonymous with Australia. Stretches 2300 km along the Queensland coast and has a remarkable assortment of marine life. From whales, dugongs, dolphins and sharks to millions of fish, coral and turtles call this national treasure home.
  • Port Arthur: It houses Australia's most intact convict settlement, including restored buildings and homes, ruins, a harbour, a coalmine, a factory and even an Isle of the Dead. With a museum, interactive experiences and a bistro serving fresh Tasmanian produce, a trip to the Port Arthur Historic site is one trip you will remember.
  • Shark Bay: Spectacular Shark Bay is one of Australia's most famous wildlife areas. From several thousand year old Stromatolites to friendly Dolphins, Whales, Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles and Dugongs and much more, this is one famous landmark not to miss if your heading Down Under with a love of nature.
The iconic Sydney Opera House at night


  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation Bundaberg - This museum is dedicated to Bert Hinkler who was Australia's pioneer solo aviator. Set in the lush Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, the Hinkler Hall of Aviation also has a beautiful and grand aircraft wing made in glass and steel.
  • Spark Lab Brisbane - This is an interactive science museum that offers an immersive experience for everyone. Think creatively as you design in the Maker Space, get up close to experiments in the Science Bar and experience the wonder of our changing world with Science on a Sphere.


The different cultures and history has influenced Australian cuisine. Before this the Aboriginal diet used to consist of different flora and fauna, meats of the animals they hunted including kangaroos and crocodiles (crock meat is still common). By the end of the 20th century Lebanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Italian, Indian etc all have become a staple in Australian restaurants. Fruit and vegetables are grown throughout Australia and wheat is also a staple component in the diet of Australians. You will find a lot of unique and different dishes and whether you like to have vegan, vegetarian or organic food, there will be something for everyone. Some of the famous street food items that you need to try while in Australia include:

  • Barbecued Snags: Probably the most famous street food item and a staple snack are these sausages made of different kinds of meat, dipped in garlic butter and then barbecued. You will see plenty of street food vendors selling Barbecued Snags.
  • Pigs in a blanket: This might sound odd to many but these are ting sausages tucked in bread and are a staple delicacy that is devoured by the locals on many occasions.
  • Chiko roll: Part of the Australian culture of food, Chiko Rolls are like spring rolls, with a variety of vegetables and beef as the stuffing. This stuffing often varies from shop to shop!
  • Grilled Kangaroo: Having grilled pieces of the country’s national animal may seem daunting, but this is a treat the locals know and love. It’s also a healthy snack for kids and adults alike.
Lygon St in Melbourne, a dining strip famous for its restaurants and cafés established post-WWII by Italian immigrants


Another thing that you will need in every step of your exploration is the drinks. As the country is very well known for containing a wide range of attractions, you will need to get back your energy after each day’s exploration, and drinks are best for it. From traditional drinks to alcohol, plenty of options are available for you to choose from. However, you need to taste the traditional drinks first. Here are some of the traditional drinks that you need to try during your trips such as

  • Goon
  • Ginger beer
  • Taborine mountain
  • 666 vodka
  • Archie rose

Apart from traditional dinks, make sure to try the Australian wine that is popular throughout the world. Soft drinks, wine, beer, coffee, and many other types of drinks are available in almost all the major cities at a very reasonable price.


One of the most important things is to keep yourself healthy throughout the tour. To take care of that, you have to know the tap water of the country is completely safe to drink and comes without any pollution. Most of the restaurants and cafes of this country serve tap-water as primary drinking water. So, you need to know if it is safe for consumption or not. Well, the tap-water of Australia is fine to drink without any health risk in most of the areas. There are some exceptions, where you might need to take the help of packaged drinking water to stay healthy.

Packaged drinking water bottles are available in almost all corners of the country. However, tap-water is completely safe to drink in most places. For more safety, you can boil and filter the water very well before drinking. You will come across many local people who use tap water for all purposes from brushing teeth to drinking and no reports of getting ill. Sometimes, you might feel some difference in the taste of water which happens because of the use of supplements and artesian bores, and others. Make sure to carry a water bottle during your exploration to easily get hydrated and refreshed.


One of the things you can always assure while traveling to Australia is that you will never fall short of activities. From famous attractions to others, you will be able to take part in a lot of activities available here. Being one of the largest countries and very popular, you will need a lot of time to participate in almost all the activities. If you want to explore the culture and country very well, then you can attend some festivals, visit museums, theatres and the opera. Apart from that, you can also take part in many outdoor activities. This is one of the countries where you will find beaches, mountains, and jungles that will ignite the adventurous spirit in you.

From wildlife exploring, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, to snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, and many others. You can also enjoy the nightlife and explore the other side of this country for the best party experience. There are also many other major cities available in Australia that you can visit to have a lifetime experience such as Melbourne, Sydney, and others. Make sure to have a lot of time available on your hand to explore all the different locations of this huge country. For quiet time and relaxation, you can visit the yoga centers, city parks, deserts, and many other locations.


As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from when it comes to accommodation. However, you need to choose the accommodation very carefully based on budget, staying time, and other requirements. Being a very popular tourist destination, you will be able to find a lot of different options available from very cheap to expensive and luxurious. You will need to choose the accommodation very carefully as a major part of the traveling experience depends on the accommodation. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can choose to stay in green hotels that both help you and the country to stay safe.

Most of the accommodations offer you all the basic benefits. When choosing the mode of accommodation, try to book it as early as possible to both ensure your room and include any type of last-minute hassle. Also, try to book the rooms in the middle of cities that help you to get connected well to a different part of the cities very well. It is best to take the help of online services to book the accommodations at low prices. Some of the available accommodation that is mostly chosen by travelers are given below in detail.

Green Hotels

Green hotels have managed to become very popular in the last few years. All the eco-friendly travelers and other people around the world are choosing green hotels for their stay. Being a popular tourist destination, you will be able to find a lot of green hotels available in Australia. In almost all the major cities, you will be able to find these green hotels at various price ranges from expensive to cheap ones. The green hotels help you to stay healthy and keep the environment of the city very well. They use green methods such as recycled water, goods, clothes, and others to save resources and reduce waste production.

Also, the use of solar power, and others to save energy consumption is there. You can choose to stay in these hotels to improve the environment of the country. It is best to book the rooms earlier as it tends to get booked very fast. You can take the help of online services to book easily without any hassle. There are some regions, where you might not be able to get one of these. Green hotels are perfect for you if you are looking to stay in the city for a short time.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses are a very common choice among travelers, this is because they can be more budget friendly and also more eco friendly. If you think that Green hotels are not in your budget but you still want to be conscious of the environmental impact your accommodation option will have then go for hostels or guest houses. Hostels and guest houses are even available in the areas where green hotels are low in numbers. You can lower your budget by choosing to stay in the hostel as staying with another traveler will help you to pay half of your room price.

On the other hand, you can get some of the luxurious hostels and guest houses with high-end facilities. Just like green hotels, you need to book the rooms earlier for hostels and guest houses as they tend to get booked by travelers and customers very early. You can use online websites or the official websites of the guest houses to book them earlier and ensure your room. Some guest houses are exclusively available at great places such as mountains, beaches, and others.


Renting in Australia is fairly straightforward with less red tape than in many countries. For instance, you don’t need a guarantor—but beware, you’ll be promptly evicted if you miss a payment. Note that rent is quoted weekly in the ads, because it’s usually paid weekly or biweekly (except in Victoria where it tends to be paid monthly). By law, in a few states, you can’t be asked for more than two weeks’ rent in advance, unless there’s a written agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Rent can be paid cash (make sure you get a receipt) or by direct debit (which is easier to track). Renting an apartment will also be a more eco friendly option as opposed to staying in a hotel and it will also allow you to interact with the locals in a more personal capacity. However, if you are staying for a short amount of time or if you will move around the country frequently then it is better to book an Airbnb which is a site that offers home rentals like apartments, house etc for a short period of time. That will be more feasible then entering into a rental agreement yourself for a short amount of time. You will be able to scour through options depending on your budget, location and the city you want to stay in.


Compared to all the others, this is the only one that will help you save a lot of money while giving you a lifetime of experience. Couchsurfing is a very famous and adventurous way of accommodation that helps you to stay like a local in a different country. There are plenty of different things that you need to keep in mind while finding a host for Couchsurfing. You will have no problem finding hosts for Couchsurfing, but make sure to know the requirements before choosing them.

Staying like a local with a local family will help you to learn about the food, clothes, language, culture, and many other things about the country. They might also help you and guide you to different places that are more of a hidden gem and not popular. It will help you to save a lot of money rather than staying in hotels or hostels.


Australia is one of the world’s premier camping destinations. With native wildlife for company, lush rainforests, pristine coastlines, starry skies to sleep beneath and stunning campgrounds surrounded by natural wonders, it’s an adventure worthy of the top spot on your bucket list.

Tasmania and the alpine regions of Victoria and New South Wales are cold, snowy and blizzardy in winter, while the tropical regions in the northern third of the country experience heavy rainfall, cyclones and electrical storms in summer. While coming face to face with the raw forces of nature can be an invigorating experience and a great way to avoid crowds and peak season prices, the most practical advice we can offer is to stay south for the summer and head north for the winter.

From cheap to very expensive, there are all kinds of camping spots and equipments available. As the country has a lot of beaches, mountains, and forests, you will be able to have an unforgettable time camping. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can be a part of such as trekking, rock climbing, snorkelling etc. Make sure to book these camping spots earlier on in the trip and rent the right kind of equipment.


Australia regions
New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) (NSW) & (ACT)
New South Wales is Australia's most populous state. The Harbour City of Sydney is Australia's largest city. The coast of New South Wales is lined with beach side communities, each one offering experiences for the traveller. A little inland are the mountain ranges of the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains, as well as the purpose built capital city of Canberra, excised from New South Wales. Further inland still expect sweeping plains, turning from agriculture to desert the further inland you venture.
Northern Territory (NT)
From the red deserts surrounding Uluru and Alice Springs up to the tropics of Darwin and Kakadu National Park, the Northern Territory is stunningly beautiful, and easier to access than you might think.
Queensland (QLD)
Famous for its sunny warm weather, Queensland offers coastal exploration from the vibe of the Gold Coast to the tropics of the Great Barrier Reef to the bustling city of Brisbane. It is also home to tropical rainforests of the Daintree National Park, and the island resorts of the Whitsundays. Inland lies the ranges of the hinterland, and further on the vast expanses and beauty of outback Australia.
South Australia (SA)
Renowned for the fine wines of the Barossa Valley, the beauty of the Flinders Ranges and the outback, and the beaches and events and culture of the City of Churches, Adelaide.
Tasmania (TAS)
Separated from the mainland by Bass Strait, Tasmania has rugged beauty of Cradle Mountain and the west, the beaches of the east, and the complete wilderness of the south. Hobart was the site of the second European settlement in Australia, and many historic sites are well preserved. The island has well developed facilities for travellers.
Victoria (VIC)
Small, vibrant and with something for everyone, Victoria has dramatic surf beaches along the southwest and central coast, green rolling farmland and photogenic national parks. The diversity of rural Victoria is very easy to access due in part to its size and well maintained roads. Australia and Victoria's sporting, shopping, fashion and food capital is Melbourne.
Western Australia (WA)
A vast state. The south-west contains the state capital and major city of Perth closely surrounded by the wildflower, wine growing and scenic destinations of Margaret River and Albany. In the far north are the tropics and the beach side destination of Broome. Small townships, roadhouses, mining communities and national parks scattered around the long distances between.


  • Adelaide — the wine capitol of the world, a relaxed South Australian alternative to the big eastern cities.
  • Brisbane — capital of sun-drenched Queensland and gateway to beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Cairns — gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Daintree National Park, and many beautiful beaches and resorts; a great place for people to getaway to and relax.
  • Canberra — the purpose-built national capital of Australia.
  • Darwin — Australia's tropical northern capital, at the top end of the Northern Territory.
  • Gold Coast — is a coastal city in the southeast corner of the state of Queensland.
  • Hobart — picturesque and quiet capital of Tasmania, the site of the second convict settlement in Australia.
  • Mackay — Australia's small city, near Hay Point an important coal terminal.
  • Melbourne — Australia's second largest city, Melbourne is a large sporting, shopping and cultural capital; it is regarded as Australia's most European city in style.
  • Perth — the most remote continental capital city on Earth, on the south-western edge of Western Australia.
  • Sydney — Australia's oldest and largest city, famous for its picturesque harbour.

Getting There and Moving Around

Before coming to Australia, there are two things you need to consider, how to get there and how to move around. The transport method you will use in order to get to the country will depend on your location. For example you can go all the way from the UK to Australia or New Zealand by sea, either a leisurely direct voyage by infrequent round-the-world cruise, or by one of the few remaining passenger-carrying freighters, sometimes with the need to switch ships in either the USA or SE Asia. Expect Europe to Australia by sea to take at least 32-40 days and cost at least £4,000+ one-way by freighter including cabin & meals, much more if you use a cruise. However the main method of going to Australia is via air and while it is not the most eco finely option it is the only option in most cases. Moving around is a different scenario and there are a bunch of different options available from Air to sea to land. You can choose to travel by air through domestic flights but it is best to not do that. It will only increase your carbon footprint. Then there are buses, trains, taxis and ferries you can take. You can choose to rent a bicycle or walk around as well. Prioritise the most ecologically sustainable and congestion-free option.


The most prominent airport in the entire country is Sydney Airport. While Melbourne Airport, Perth Airport, Brisbane Airport, and Adelaide Airport together handle most of the international loads for the country. There are 305 airports in the country with paved runways. While it is possible to find fantastic flash sales to Australia, if you have certain dates and airlines in mind, it’s worth booking as soon as possible. Leave it too late and you might end up having to pay almost double the price of when the flights were first available, especially if you’re looking to fly during popular times like December. Even if you’re just visiting Australia for a shorter holiday, you will need to prearrange a visa for your visit. You can do this electronically (referred to as an ETA) via the Australian Government website, or your Travel Consultant can arrange this for you after you have booked your flights.

Sydney Airport


It is not possible to get to Australia via bus so bus are only used for intercity transport and for travelling within the city. The country has an excellent bus network that provides last-mile transportation to most cities and towns in Australia. On the other hand, to assist the buses are trams and light rails in the biggest cities in Australia. Most of these services can be easily operated from a reusable smart card system, but in some regional towns and cities, you can purchase tickets from the bus drivers directly. Depending on the destination, you can also choose long-distance coach travel. This is another inexpensive option than train travel. Travel by coach is comfortable as most of the vehicles have onboard entertainment and restrooms. Some of the newer coaches even have Wifi and USB charger points.

Bus in Sydney


Trains are the most chosen transportation for traveling to Australia after flights. Compared to all the other modes of transportation, you will be able to get a completely different experience when traveling by train. From the nearby countries, you will not be able to get direct trains available to reach

Subways and trains system in Australia connects to every part of the country. The large rail network in Australia comprises of more than 33,919 km of tracks. It is one of the easiest and convenient modes of transport in the country. The best way to appreciate its vastness is to cross it at ground level by train, in comfort. The famous Indian Pacific links Sydney, Adelaide & Perth in 3 days, crossing the great Nullarbor Plain in the process. Don't miss out on a visit to the 'red centre' of Australia around Alice Springs, and there's no better way to reach Alice Springs or Darwin than by the equally famous Ghan from Adelaide. In the East, comfortable XPT trains link Sydney with Melbourne & Brisbane at affordable prices, and Queensland Railways links Brisbane with Townsville & Cairns.

The Ghan is known for travelling through remarkable scenery on its transcontinental journey


Hitchhiking has managed to get widely popular in the world for offering adventurous traveling options to the tourist. You will also be able to save a lot of money on other transportations and get an unforgettable moment during the journey. Using hitchhike, you can travel to the destination with the help of other people who are going the same way. From most of the countries, you will be able to hitchhike your way, but it takes even more time than buses and others. If you are traveling from a country that is located very far, then you will need to have a lot of time on your hand before going out. Choose the busiest road that is used by cars to travel to the country for getting lifts easily. You will need to take the help of different things such as a map, compass, and others.

Try to look for lifts at places like tolls and restaurants where the cars slow down. You will not have much problem getting lifts on your way to the country. Also, you will be able to use hitchhiking to reach different corners of the country after reaching. Moving around by hitchhiking will help you to explore the country very well and see some great views. Try to carry some essential things like bottled water, dry foods, and others that will assist you throughout the journey. The people in the country are very helpful and do not mind giving lifts to travelers. You will be able to get a lot of people who are ready to help you travel to another city without any problem. While moving around the city, you will be able to explore the country very well.


If you think that these are the only ways to reach Australia, then you are wrong. There are plenty of other ways that you can choose to reach the country but they are not commonly chosen by travelers. Most of them are hectic and contain a long time journey that is not liked by most travelers. However, there are travelers that you will come across who visited the country using different modes of transportations. Some of the common ones are traveling the country by road using motorcycles and cars. You will need a lot more time to reach the country and take halts in the way. Apart from that, the best way to reach from all the nearby countries and some far countries that are located near the sea is by water.

Being an island country, you can take the help of ferries, ships, boats, and others to travel to this country. You will not be able to see anything except the water, and the price of tickets also ranges from cheap to high. However, if you are looking for a way to reach the country easily without breaking the journey, then these are the best options for you. If you do not have much time on your hands, then it is best to avoid these ways of transportation. You can also use both water and road to move around the country and different parts of it. You can take the help of online n services to book the tickets of ships and travel easily from many major cities. It will take a lot more time to reach compared to flight but you will be able to save a lot of money and get a very good traveling experience.

Sustainable Shopping

All around the world, the climate or the environment is changing rapidly. People all around the country are getting aware of and using recycled products or sustainable goods as much as possible. There are many travelers who do not choose any other ways of getting goods other than sustainable shopping. As an eco-friendly traveler, it is also your responsibility to choose sustainable shopping to get different things. However, there are some countries where sustainable shopping is still not well adopted by local people. That is not the case with Australia, this is one of the places where sustainable shopping is commonly used by locals. You can also choose to get the best quality items at a very low cost from clothes to accessories. Plenty of flea markets are available in Australia that you can visit to get some antique and vintage collections.

Apart from that, you will find second-hand shops and markets available that are high quality and open to customers. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money but it will help you to motivate the local people of the country as well. To get all the things available in these shops, you will need to visit them much earlier or they will get sold because of the high number of tourists. If you like to know more about the history, culture, choices of this country, then make sure to visit the food markets, flea markets, second-hand shops, and markets very well. This is one of the major ways to reduce the waste production of the country and help the small sellers as they are dependent on tourism.


Recycling is one of the most important things for all countries around the world. The environment is changing rapidly throughout the different corners of the world. All the countries have taken a lot of precautions and started their recycling sectors to take care of the environment. Australia is one of the countries that have taken multiple measures to improve the recycling process. From the government to local companies, you will be able to see different initiatives are taken by all of them. From recycle bins to house collection of wastes, everything is available in this country. During your trip to the country, you will see a lot of recycling plants, and dustbins are installed in the cities.

These help to recycle the wastes very well and get a very clean and better environment. In the last few years, the government of Australia is also trying to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. Paper wastes are being recycled every year and used to make different things. You will find a lot of recycled shops available in the country that sell second hand and recycled items to the customers at a low price. As an eco-friendly traveler, you will need to both help the country to stay safe and help out the sellers as well.

So, try to purchase the recycled items from the small shops and help out the locals as much you can in the recycling process. The recovery rates are still not meeting the expectations of recycling rates, which means valuable resources are getting wasted every year. More than 193 facilities are available in Australia for material recovery and most of them are hand sorted.


Waste is one of the things that ruin the environment of the country and makes the air polluted. All the countries around the world have started multiple initiatives to improve the waste management system. Australia is one of those countries, where you will be able to see a lot of waste management initiatives taking place during your trip. The total waste production in Australia is more than 48 million tons. Among them, only 52% is recycled which is very low looking at the waste recycling sector of this country. They have the capacity to recycle more waste and reduce them from going to landfill. Not only landfill, but a waste of the country also goes in many other different dumps. The local people are aware of the situation and try to keep the country free of waste as much as possible.

Separate bins and collection of waste from the household system is available that helps to collect waste easily. So, they need to take the help of different things to improve the total management system. They have many projects waiting for the near future that will hopefully help a lot to keep the country free of waste. Make sure to play your part very well to keep the waste of the country in check and reduce it. You can both inspire the local people or other travelers by using their system of waste collection. You can also join the campaigns to clean the beaches and mountains to keep them free from waste.

Work and Study Abroad

If you think only travelers from different countries only visit the country, then you are very wrong. Australia is also home to many foreign people who are here to study and work for better opportunities. There are plenty of people available who are living in Australia for their studies. Some world-famous universities and colleges are available in the country that attracts students from different corners of the world. You will meet a lot of students who are from different countries during your trip. The attractive lifestyle along with a high standard of study makes it a prime target for the students. If you want to study in Australia, then there are plenty of options available for you.

Benefits like the exchange student, Au Pair, and others help the students a lot to study comfortably in the country. Not only students but the available jobs in the country also attract a lot of foreign workers in the country. In almost all the different sectors of this country, you will be able to find a lot of foreign workers. With the right qualification, you will be able to get plenty of jobs available in the country. If you are planning to stay in the country and complete your education or look for a job, then it is best to look at these different sections.

Exchange Student

This is one of the most helpful ways of studying in a different country and world-class university. Around the world, all students are taking the help of this facility to pursue higher education and improve their overall careers. Although it is not available in all the countries in the world. But most of the universities, colleges, and schools of Australia have partnerships with other universities all around the world for offering this facility. You need to check your home university first if you are planning to study in Australia if they have partnerships with any university or college. You will only be able to study at another university using this facility if they have a partnership with your home college.

Also, you will need to be nominated by the home university to get this facility. Once you get this, you will be able to study at a university in Australia of your choice with only the tuition fees. The best thing about the exchange student facility is that it helps to back the financial condition of students. You can take the help of an online website to know which colleges offer this facility to students. You will meet a lot of students who are currently staying in Australia to finish their higher studies with the help of the exchange student program.

Au Pair

It becomes very hard for travelers, workers, and students from other countries to have some financial and other support in the initial stage. Although many foreign travelers, students, and workers just travel to destinations prepared, There are many others who do not travel with full preparation. If you are also planning to stay in Australia for a long time, then you will have the options to choose Au Pair that helps to get shelter, food, and some pocket money as well in exchange for taking care of the household, elder people, and children of the house. There are many local people available in Australia who look for an Au Pair to take care of different things when they are busy at their jobs and others.

Both students and workers from different countries choose the Au Pair service in their initial stage to stay comfortably in Australia. You will come across many travelers as well who are staying in the country with the help of Au Pair service. You will need to search for the Au Pair service earlier to get a lot of options available. It is best to take the help of online services to find the best Au Pair jobs for you. It will also help you to know the host better and get all the formalities done in advance.


If you want to do something for the country during your trip as an eco-friendly traveler, then volunteering is the best way to do it. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available that you can choose such as planting trees, collecting waste, helping other travellers, helping around soup kitchen, feeding the homeless etc. It will not only help the city to improve the environment but also help you a lot to get close to the local people of the country. Make sure to have some time on your hand before participating in all these works.

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