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Eco-friendly travel guide to Georgetown advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Georgetown, Guyana.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

  • Air quality: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.8 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.9 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$190 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $170

Responsible Travel

Besides being the capital city of Guyana, Georgetown is also the largest urban center of the country. Known as the Garden City of the Caribbean, this city is located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Demerara River. Geographically, it is surrounded by a blanket of cane fields along with marshy swamps, and savannah lands on its east and south. It serves as the retail and administrative center along with being the financial services center. Situated on Borsselen Island, this city is known for its British Colonial architecture. All the executive departments of Guyana such as the Parliament Building (Guyana's Legislative Building) and the Court of Appeals (Guyana's highest judicial court) are located in this city. The city holds several attractive destinations that are worth visiting. The Georgetown Cenotaph is a war memorial that is located at the main junction of the Main and Church Streets. St. George's Anglican Cathedral and Stabroek Market are two of the most famous spots of this city. Besides, Greater Georgetown contains some of the most expensive and luxurious metropolitan neighbors. Georgetown is also known for hosting the top international basketball tournament known as the Caribe Basket for countries in the Caribbean. The city also has two towns that are designated by Sister Cities International. To play your role as a responsible tourist, you should try to visit the local shops and restaurants of the city. This will help you to support the economy of the locals. You should prefer to grab the street food offered by the city. This will help you to understand the taste of the city besides fulfilling your duty as a responsible tourist. To enjoy the beauty of nature in the charming environment you should ensure to visit the parks located in the city. The city shares space with various parks. You should consider scouting non-popular areas to make them familiar among the other visitors. This will help you to highlight the unknown places. Further, it supports the hidden shops of these areas and helps to earn. Being responsible tourists, you should opt to use the eco-friendly transportation facilities served in the city. This will help you to explore the tremendous sights of the city. Try to ensure your stay in eco-friendly hotels, during your visit to the city. It will help you to positively contribute your role to keep the city free from pollution.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Georgetown is moderately safe. Though there are some areas, where at times the pollution rate becomes higher. The tiny particles present in the air decrease visibility and make the air quality seemingly hazy. This happens when the pollution level increases. The rise in pollution mainly takes place in the central zone of the city or on the main roads. Further, it has increased to a level where taking necessary precautions has become very vital. For this, the government has taken certain measures ever since the issues began. They have been encouraging the public to contribute their inputs by awaking them about the hazards that occur due to the usage of high fuel-based machines. They are asking the public to use the alternative to such harmful gadgets. Further, the same has been applied for the modes of public transports too. The administration is constantly trying to become conscious about the concept and is working on adapting the required methods to control pollution. These groups of authorities are efficiently working to bring improvement in the weather condition of the city. They have also taken the necessary steps to minimize the number of such harmful running appliances that are responsible for increasing the pollution rate. With the help of these possibilities, they have dealt with the situation to control pollution at a level. Therefore, the city is improving day by day. Till today’s date, pollution has been managed to a certain level. So, you can freely plan your trip to Georgetown.

Respect the Culture

This capital city of Guyana is known for its architectural monuments that are being preserved by the city. This land is also known for showcasing the culture in a unique way that includes both ancient and modern styles. The city’s theatre scene is primarily concentrated on the stages of the National Cultural Centre. This has the oldest theatrical performance facility in Guyana. The center of the building is decorated with a chandelier which is made of local woods over the main staircase and a mural. The Independence Square, the Promenade Gardens, the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, the National Library, Company Path Garden, the National Museum of Guyana and State House, and St. George's Anglican Cathedral are all listed as historical parts of the city and depicts the high culture and heritage of the city. The city's outlying district is also home to the Museum of African Heritage located in Bel Air Park. The Guyana Carnival celebrated in the month of May, is a privately-owned festival in Georgetown. Being a part of this festival will help you to understand the culture of the city better. At this festival, the street is filled with people dressed amazingly in costumes in the fete-like atmosphere. Further, this is an annual event that promises fun and frolic. Other festivals are Mashrami, which is held every year in the month of February. This festival features the top Caribbean soca stars, beautiful costumes, parties, and other exciting things. The city also celebrates the festival of color called Phagwah. This festival is similar to the Indian festival Holi and is hold in the month of March or April.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Georgetown has several tourist destinations that should love to visit. The architecture and preservation will surely make you mesmerize with the thought of admiring its beauty. Here is a list of the top 10 places that are worth visiting during your tour to Georgetown.

  • St. George’s Cathedral – This is considered one of the most prestigious built wonders of Guyana. Located along a roundabout on North Road in Lacytown, this wooden church is an Anglican cathedral in the city. With a height of 143 ft., this church is designated as the National Monument. It is said to be the tallest free-standing building in the world.
  • Stabroek Market – Located in the center of the city, this market is housed in an iron and steel structure with a prominent clock tower. It is the largest market in Georgetown and the busiest area in the city. This market offers a wide variety of items for sale. Make sure to visit the market to check out the wide range of jewelry and clothing.
  • Demerara Harbour Bridge – It is a long floating toll bridge, commissioned to be a major transportation link between the main city of Georgetown and West Bank Demerara. With a starching structure of 1.8 km across the Demerara River, this is one of the longest floating bridges in the world.
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – Also known as Brickdam Cathedral, this church is the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Georgetown. It is constructed in a Romanesque architectural style designed and is the leading Catholic church of the country. The height of the church is 200 ft. long and 1000 ft. wide. It is the most beautiful Catholic Cathedral in Guyana.
  • Guyana Botanical Garden – Located next to the Guyana Zoo and Castellani House, this is a tropical botanical garden in Georgetown. It includes seven ponds that are known as the places of Heroes and is the burial site of Governor General David Rose, President Desmond Hoyte, President Arthur Chung, and poet Martin Carter, and in a separate nearby mausoleum of Prime Minister Forbes Burnham.
  • Kissing Bridge – Located in Georgetown's botanical gardens, this bridge is a white, wooden arched bridge. It is said to be a beloved spot for both tourists and local newlyweds. The locals believe that the couples who kiss on this bridge and then walk over it are ensured to continue good luck.
  • Kanuku Mountains – Located in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region, this is a group of mountains in Guyana. It is known for its rich diversity of wildlife that is found here. Some distinguished species like the Harpy eagle, the Arapaima, and Giant otter.
  • Kaieteur National Park – Located in the Potaro-Siparuni Region of Guyana, this national park was formed to preserve the natural scenery and the flora and fauna of the region. It was defined under the Kaieteur National Park Act and is administered by the Kaieteur National Park Commission.
  • Orinduik Falls – Passing through the rocks, this waterfall falls from the Pakaraima Mountains in the western reaches of Guyana, on the border with Venezuela. Visitors who like adventure can opt for this place for hiking the ridges around the sites. In addition, you can enjoy swimming in the plunge pools.
  • Kamarang – Located in the depths of western Guyana, this place was once an Amerindian tribal settlement on the edge of the wild Pacaraima Mountains. It is known to be the home of some of Guyana’s richest mineral and golden veins.
Guyana Botanical Garden


You have already known about the top ten tourist attractions where you can opt to pay a visit. Apart from these, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider visiting. Here is a list of such places that you can consider exploring.

City Parks

  • Promenade Gardens – Located to the south of Independence Park, this garden is the site of the public execution of slaves who participated in the uprising of 1823. The gardens consist of well laid out plantings of flowers, shrubs, and a number of trees of botanical interest. There are interlaced walkways and a number of benches, where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The gardens also feature a Victorian-style bandstand, which is located in the middle where the police force band provides music.
Promenade Gardens

National Parks

  • Guyana Zoological Park – Located on the Regent & Vlissengen Roads, this zoological park has spacious grounds. There are a variety of species such as leopards, crocodiles, jaguar, ocelots, caiman, and others that you can consider seeing. It is the best place for the children to enjoy themselves and even learn about these species.
  • Guyana National Park – This Park is located on Thomas Road, near the Guyana Defence Forces Headquarters. This park has a variety of flora and faunas that one can opt to visit. You will get to see the wetlands with flowers and birds. The park consists of several species that are preserved in nature.


  • Saxacalli Beach – This is a river beach on the Essequibo River. With a distance of 50 miles from the capital city of Guyana, this beach is considered one of the prettiest inland beaches in the city. It is the highlight of the Saxacalli Rainforest Centre, where one can possibly organize canoe rides or hikes up the river.
  • Shell Beach – Located on the coastline in northwest Guyana, this Shell beach is known as the country’s best and most beautiful beach. It is a swimming beach that is surrounded by the mangrove forest. Besides, it has a diverse ecosystem that includes a variety of birds and other species.
Shell Beach


  • St. Andrew’s Kirk – This church is located on the Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown, opposite the parliament building. It is known for holding an interesting history of being the first one to allow the slaves to worship in it. Its wooden structure looks quite impressive from the outside and has a beautiful and simple interior.
  • Georgetown Lighthouse – This is a popular landmark in the city. As you move around you will come across this lighthouse, located on Water Street in Georgetown. You can opt to get inside the lighthouse and enjoy the wonderful view of the city.
  • Radha Krishna Mandir – Located in Quamina Street, this temple is another popular landmark of the city. Not only the tourists but also the locals go to the temple regularly to listen to the teachings of the Hindu scriptures. The ambiance is calm and pleasing. Hence, you can visit this place to regain peace of your mind.


  • Guyana National Museum – This museum is located on the North Road and Hincks Street. Popular for displaying the rich culture of Guyana, this place is a perfect combination of ethnic culture and nature. The main aim to construct this museum was to house the local minerals, gums, soils, dyes and drugs, timbers, fruits, resins, seeds, as well as the flora and fauna of the country.
  • Guyana Heritage Museum Demerara – With a beautiful authentic surrounding, this museum is located Meter-Meer-Zorg in Georgetown. This museum holds a number of incredible antiques that will help you to gain knowledge of the history of the city as well as the country.
Guyana National Museum


Being the capital city of Guyana, Georgetown is popular for its Guyanese cuisine. The city serves a variety of dishes made from chicken, meat, and fish. Besides, the food of the country is incredibly diverse as it considers elements from African, European, Creole, Amerindian, East India, and Chinese cuisines. The staple root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and cassava are part of the country’s diet. Guyanese Pepperpot is the national food of the country. It is cooked with a combination of a variety of meat along with various spices. Because of its flavourful taste, this dish is quite popular among tourists. Another famous eatery is the traditional Guyanese Portuguese food called Garlic Pork. Made with spices and herbs in addition to a lot of garlic, this lip-smacking dish is considered to be a great choice for festive days. There are other popular foods that will give your tongue a tasteful break. Bara, which is an Indo-Guyanese Vegetarian food made with lentil and various other spices. It is basically a type of fritters. Chana is a healthy snack item served with Rotis and rice and is cooked with chickpea and various spices. Also, being a vegan dish, it is served during the Diwali parties celebrated in the city. The city also serves dishes like Guyanese Chowmein cooked in Chinese style, an Indo-Guyanese food called Pholourie, Metagee made from mixed meat, salted fish and dumplings stuffed with various eateries, a traditional crispy cookie named as the Lime Cookies that have a fresh and tangy flavor of lime, and the milk-based dessert Guyanese Fudge. These classic dishes are worth trying.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Maharaja Palace – This restaurant is located in Sheriff Street in Georgetown and is known for serving Indian and Asian dishes. The ambiance of this restaurant is excellent with friendly and attentive staff. The food served here is inspired by Indian cuisine and makes this place the best one for eating authentic Indian food. Further, they also serve a menu consisting of Italian, Chinese, and fusion dishes, which you can opt to try. It is worth paying for the delicacies served by them.
  • The Original Palm Court – This restaurant is famous for serving a mix of traditional and western food that can surely satisfy the palate of food. Located in the Main Street South Cummingsburg in the city, this restaurant serves an excellent choice of menu options. The ambiance is quite pleasing and the staffs are keen to serve fresh and hot food within minutes. The place offers flavourful dishes at an affordable price.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • New Thriving – Situated on the Main and Hopes Street, this vegan restaurant serves quality food. The menu offered a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner. The ambiance includes a calm and cozy atmosphere with pleasant décor. With authentic flavors and fast service, this restaurant invites a huge crowd of foodies. The option of takeaway is also offered here. Also, the price is reasonable.
  • Shanta’s – This restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian meals. Located in Camp Street & New Market Street, this restaurant serves an Indian and Continental menu. They also serve a variety of local dishes, juices, and pastries. With the pocket-friendly price, cozy atmosphere, and full of flavor food, this place attracts loads of customers. The staffs are friendly and know their job very well.

Street Food

The street food of the city combines the Caribbean, Asian, and South American flavors that are merged together to serve a diverse menu of food and snacks. One of the most famous street snacks is the split pea fritters called Pholourie. This is widely available across markets of the country. Known for its Indian Flavours fused with the Guyanese, makes it a perfect snack item. Other such popular options of street foods include Indian-inspired bara, Chinese-style noodles, egg balls Guyanese fudge, sugar cake made from local cane sugar and coconut, and plantain chips. These are a perfect snack when strolling in the market or hoping for shopping.


Opting to taste the popular drinks offered by the city or country is what every traveler opts for. The capital city of Guyana, Georgetown serves the famous drink called the Demerara rum. The quality of this rum is exceptional and is used to prepare a fantastic drink named rum punch. Hence, there are several rum distilleries that are located in and near Georgetown. You can easily visit the place on a guided tour and taste the rums. Another popular drink is the Bank Beer, which is famous across the country locally. It is not only the best choice of Guyana’s beer but also the national beer of the country. Hence, it is available in a lager or a stout. The way to enjoy this beer is use grab an icy cold one along with the delicious local snacks. The smooth texture and quality of these famous alcohols are very popular among the locals. The local drink of Guyana is called Mauby. It is made from the bark of a local tree which is boiled, strained, and then sweetened. Make sure to try this drink to get a taste of unusual flavor. Further, the city also offers a great choice of juices including icy cold coconut water, lime juice, watermelon juice, mixed juice, and various other varieties. You will also get beverages like tea and coffee.


The tap water of Shenyang is safe for drinking. The Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners operate and maintain the sewerage and waterworks of Central Georgetown. Hence, necessary measures have been followed to maintain the purity of the water. As the water leaves the sewage treatment plant, there is a chance that it might pick the pollutants on the way to the tap. Therefore, you are suggested to ask the locals about the quality of the tap water before opting to use it. Thus, you are suggested to use bottled water that is cheaply available across the city.

Organic Cafés

  • Café Bellvana – With a decent ambiance, this café is located in the Middle Street Corner Main Street. The café serves amazing coffee and snack. The seating arrangements are done for both inside and outside space. They also provide a lunch menu. So, you can consider visiting this place in the afternoon and spent the pleasant daytime in the café till the evening. The prices are quite reasonable and the quality of food served here is also good.
  • The Coffee Bean Café & Eatery – Located on Church Street South Cummingsburg, this café is quite popular among the locals. Apart from holding a simple and comfortable environment, this cafe serves one of the best coffees in the town. They offer a great choice of food menu for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. You will get a variety of shakes and pastries at pocket-friendly prices.


There are no such specific breweries in the city. Instead, there are several restaurants, pubs, and clubs where you can enjoy the taste of beer in the city. Some popular pubs and bars are Upscale Guyana Restaurant & Sports Bar, 704, Altitude Cocktail Bar & Lounge, Buddy’s Night Club, and others. Visiting these places will help you to enjoy the alcohol and be a part of the nightlife of the city.


The city of George is also known as the Garden City of the Caribbean because of its lush and greens. The city offers several activities that can opt for being a part of. You can consider paying a visit to the rum distillery on the guided tour and acquire the chance to taste the variety they serve. Next, you can opt to visit the Pandama Retreat & Winery. This retreat grants the visitors a chance to relax in nature and enjoy the wonderful selection of exotic fruit wines that are manufactured on the premises. Besides, the Pandama activities include wine tasting, exploring the nature trail, relaxing in a hammock, and swimming in the natural blackwater creek. This retreat also offers overnight accommodations which are available in the form of treeline lofts and cabins. Further, you can enjoy spending time on the cruise on the Essequibo River and grab the chance to visit its island, which is home to animals like sloths, salamanders, and pet capybaras. Also, you can scout the remains of Fort Kyk-Over-Al located on a small island at the confluence of the Essequibo, Mazaruni, and Cuyuni Rivers. You can also choose to spend a day on the luxurious Baganara Island Resort and enjoy swimming and kayaking. Towards the left bank of Essequibo River, there is a small town called Bartica, which is considered the Gateway to the Interior. You can visit this place and experience a bit of rural Guyana.

Yoga and Retreats

Travelling makes to exhaust and affects the peace of your mind. It also makes you restless and tired. Hence, you need to take care of your body and restore the freshness your mind requires. Therefore, the city offers several yoga retreats, where you can book your spot and carry out attending some yoga sessions to revitalize your strength. The Yoga House Guyana located near the Guyana National Park provides daily yoga practices that can help you to rest your mind and body from the tiredness of exploring the city. You can also consider doing meditations here. Besides, you can also prefer to attend the yoga classes held in the Indian Culture Centre in Georgetown.


As the city remains crowded with tourists or visitors, the accommodation facility is highly maintained and built with all essential necessities. Accommodation is the most basic requirement when you are opting to travel to other locations in the world. The assist to serve you with a place where you can stay and get relief from your tiredness during your exploration of the destination. Therefore, the city offers various accommodation options ranging from expensive to reasonable ones. These options of accommodation include green hotels, apartments, hostels, and guest houses. So, you can choose according to your preference and budget.

Green Hotels

Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt to stay in green hotels that are available in the city. These hotels are very much in demand as they play a positive role in the betterment of the atmosphere. Further, you will get all the basic necessities that are offered by any average hotel. In addition, the cost of these hotels can be comparatively low or similar to the normal hotels available in the city. Others depend on the premium amenities that are provided by the management of the hotels.

Hostels and Guest Houses

You should consider selecting the options of hostels and guest houses if you are planning to stay in the city for several weeks. These lodging systems are quite affordable and provide nearly all the facilities that you would get in an average hotel. Hence, you can freely check various options available on the website and then make reservations online, after comparing. Here is a list of such high-rated lodging that can provide a comfortable stay.

  • Brandsville Hotel
  • Julian Guest House
  • The New Tropicana Hotel
  • Armoury Hostel
  • Apartment 145


If you are planning to stay in the city for studying or business purposes, then staying in the apartments is highly recommended. As the lodging duration is for more than a month, the rental apartments will be more suitable and reasonable. Therefore, booking an apartment beforehand would be more beneficial. These apartments are available in the city and range from low to high cost. Further, you will get all the required facilities here. Here is a list of some rental apartments which you can take into consideration for your stay.

  • M’s Ville Apartments
  • Hampton Garden Apartments
  • Century Palm Home
  • Stefaina’s place
  • Kozy Little Cottage


Couchsurfing is a temporary stay with a group of locals, it provides service for the tourists by offering them shelter and food while visiting their home town or country. Besides, it is the best way to get accommodation if you want to spend less or if you are worried about your low budget traveling. Further, it will help you to explore the culture of the city more closely. Though it is cheap in price but provides a great lodging experience to live in the city at a low cost. As an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt for this beneficial staying option. In addition, you will get to interact with the locals and understand their way of living. It will also help you to learn the local language of the city. And, with almost all facilities, this system of lodging will help you to observe some unknown features of the city.


Camping is a perfect way to experience the adventurous thrill as you travel in the city. The camping grounds offered by the city will assist you to acquire a memorable trip and have fun, besides, admiring the beauty of nature. There is only one such place in the town where you can cherish your stay by spending nights in the cabins, which are no less than a tree house or camping grounds. The place is named Pandama Retreat and Winery.

How to Get There

The capital city of Guyana, Georgetown is well connected and highly maintained with the facilities of different modes of transportation. The most suitable way to get in the city is through the airways. And, if are you are coming from any nearby cities you can opt for railway routes as well. You can opt for water transport like ferries and cruise ships to get in and around the city. Other means of transport that are widely used in the city are buses and cars.


The Cheddi Jagan International Airport, formerly known as the Timehri Airport serves as the major air transportation hub for the city. It is located on the right bank of the Demerara River, towards the south of the city, Georgetown. The city serves some direct international flights along with connecting services that are flown from New York City, Panama City, Miami, Toronto, Panama, Bridgetown, Toronto, Curaçao, Port of Spain, Aruba, and Paramaribo. All scheduled passenger jet services for Georgetown are operated through this international airport. Nearer to the city, the Ogle Airport also serves Georgetown. Further, helicopters also use this airport for support of offshore oil and gas exploration activities.

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport


The bus is one of the most convenient modes to get in the city if you are traveling from nearby cities within the country. The city of Georgetown also provides this facility of transportation through buses that operate in connection with other cities. You can opt for this mode as it costs less as compared to the airways journey.


The capital city of Guyana has an extensive bus network. There is a regular coach that provides service between Georgetown and Boa Vista in Brazil. Also, there are once-daily connections to Paramaribo, Suriname through a ferry crossing on the Corentyne River. The main crossing point is the Demerara Harbour Bridge. Further, the Berbice Bridge that is located to the east near New Amsterdam, Guyana is also a transfer point to get to Georgetown or other locations.


This is an effective method of transportation that will assist you to reach the nearby locations within the city. You can easily take a lift from any person who is on the same route as you want to go. Though hitchhiking is free of cost, but some might ask you to pay a certain fare to drop you at a particular location.


Apart from using airways, railways or bus facilities, you can opt to get in the city by cars, boats, and public transport. Besides, the facility of taxis is also available to travel to Georgetown. Being located on the coastline, the city also provides the transport facility of ferries. Recently, a number of highways have been constructed and the government is working on the rehabilitation of all the roads in the country.

Moving Around

It is very important to get familiar with the various modes of travel available in the city if you are planning to stay in Georgetown for a long period of time. This will help you to save your time and invest it wisely. Being a tourist you have a very less amount of time in your hand and a lot more to explore, hence, you need to use your mind cleverly. Opt to use bicycles, cars, trains, buses, etc. to scout around the city’s attractions.


Getting familiar with the lanes and street routes will help you to easily scout the interior of the city. Hence, walking down the paths will help you better to recognize the ways. Besides, this traveling mode will help you to keep the city clean and pollution-free. It will also help you to scout the nearby localities and the markets of the cities easily, without letting you miss out on anything. Therefore, walking down the roadways will make you get aware of the directions. Further, it will help you to closely observe the local city life.


Being an eco-friendly tourist you can prefer bicycling tours to explore some of the destinations in the city. Besides, it will help you to cover the nearby short distances. This is another effective way to keep the environment clean and free from pollution. Also, this means of transport will help you to explore the nearby localities a bit faster as compared to walking. You can also consider riding the bicycle for your own fun. At the same time, it will assist you to burn out the calories that you have gained after enjoying the delicious eateries offered by the restaurants and street foods of the city.

Electronic Vehicles

The Nissan Leaf is the only completely electric vehicle that can be seen on the streets of Georgetown. This electric vehicle helps to keep the city free from pollution and is in the urge of getting increased in number to move across the city and the country.

Public Bus

You will even come across public buses in the city. You can opt for them if you do not want to spend huge on transportation.

Tram, Train and Subway

The facility of trains and trams are available in the country. They provide services that connect several cities including the capital city of Guyana.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is getting popular worldwide. The importance of buying a token from the city for loved ones is highly considered. This marks as a gift with quality products or items, which will help you to remember the journey to the city.

Food Markets

The Stabroek Market is the most popular market in the city. It serves on a daily basis to facilitate the commerce of a wide variety of products ranging from locally produced greens, fruits, and vegetables to imported cosmetics and electronics. There is also a fish and meat section available in the market.

Flea Markets

Being the largest market in the city, the Stabroek Market also provides space for flea and street markets. Therefore you will find a wide variety of antiques, jewelry, and clothes. You will also get a variety of cravings and goods.

Second Hand Stores

The city of Georgetown has few second-hand stores, which are popular for selling second-hand items at pocket-friendly prices. Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should consider buying some items from these stores. Further, these thrift stores are often run for charitable purposes.


Many fashion brands are opting for eco-fashion nowadays. They are considering selling sustainable clothes that are manufactured by using the raw materials extracted from organic plants, and natural dyes, etc. These clothes keep the environment eco-friendly and are being very much in demand.


Controlling the pollution rate to a certain level helps to keep the city free from wastes. It will also assist to keep the atmosphere free from pollution. Therefore the country as a whole is working on solid waste management and greening the whole region of Guyana. Hence the management is taking all the necessary measures to monitor the waste and recycle it to produce new products.


Waste Management is very important to keep the city green. Therefore, the authority of the city is essentially working on gathering the wastes. Further, the recyclable waste is separated and send for the monitoring process. The remaining wastes are used for landfills in the country. Doing this assists to keep provide a healthy life to the people of the country as a whole. Besides, it also helps to keep the environment clean.

Work and Study Abroad

The city provides several educational programs to the local students as well as the foreign students. Therefore, many students from all across the world come to this city to acquire career degree courses. Further, the city also gives great job opportunities that are suitable after conducting the course. Therefore, many people visit this place for work or business.

Exchange Student

This program has become quite popular in the world. Therefore, the universities and colleges in the country are also providing the facility of this program at the college fees. The students from foreign countries can utilize this scheme and study their dream program. Also, this program will help the students to learn new cultures and develop their skills.

Au Pair

The facility of au pair available in the city will be very beneficial for the ones who are new in the city. It is also a good alternative source of earning an income before getting properly settled. The host family will give will monetary allowances in return for this service.


There are various volunteering programs that are required in the city. Being an eco-friendly tourist you should join this program and serve as a helping hand for the betterment of the city.

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