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Eco-friendly travel guide to Haiti advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Haiti, Caribbean, North America.

Citadelle Laferrière, built 1805–22, is the largest fortress in the Americas, and is considered locally to be the eighth wonder of the world

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$29 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $150

Responsible Travel

Haiti is a small country in the Caribbean Sea. It is one-third part of the western island of Hispaniola. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-prince; it is the most popular tourist spot. This country is surrounded by beautiful beaches that attract people from all corners of the world. The crystal blue beaches are the main attraction of this country. Haiti has beautiful mountains; it is often considered the best mountain spot in the Caribbean. It would be a great opportunity for a nature lover to visit such places. Here are some eco-friendly guides for you to explore the city.

  • To be a responsible traveler you should always opt for ways that help the environment. Consider using electric scooters or bicycles to cover the local areas of Haiti
  • Try to visit local places for food and staying purpose to support the economy of the country. It’s a great way to fulfill your duties as a responsible traveler
  • There are so many beaches and mountain spots which you can visit while staying there. You can enjoy the beauty of nature with fresh air
  • Try to travel through local transport as much as possible to show your support for the locals. Local buses, trucks, taxis, etc can be the best options
  • Choose green hotels for your stay in Haiti. It will help you and the city to stay pollution-free
  • Try to have your meals in local restaurants. Street foods of Haiti are very famous among travelers. You can try these local street foods as well

Air Quality and Pollution

In the cities of Haiti, pollution has reached up to a level where precautions are a must for travelers. Harmful gases released from the industries are very dangerous for humans. Harmful gases from power generation, vehicles, waste burning, and diesel generators are the main causes of air pollution here. However, the governments have taken several measures since the problem started and they are appealing to the public for using less fuel-based gadgets and opt for public transports or carpools.

The government is constantly working for the betterment of the cities. The cities are continuously improving day by day. The quality of the air near the mountains and beaches are fine as compared to the inner cities. Yet it is very unpopular amongst the travelers for the poor quality of air and pollution. Recent reports state that Haiti has now fewer pollution problems and it is safe for travelers and the locals as well. It is highly advisable to carry your own safety tools for pollution.

Respect the Culture

Haiti is the first independent black republic country in the whole world. Rara is the most popular ancient festival celebrated by the people of Haiti. This festival has no particular date but it is celebrated during Easter week. People of Haiti celebrate this festival by playing festive music during the street possessions; they sing and dance throughout the processions. You can see the streets full of people, bands, and dancers with colorful glittery costumes.

If you are visiting Haiti during this period of time, you will be able to witness their traditional culture during this festival. You can interact with locals during the festival; this will help you to understand the culture of Haiti. People here are very helpful and understanding. Haitian Creole is the official language of Haiti but people are familiar with the English language as well. This will help you to communicate with the locals easily.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Haiti is the finest country where tourists from different parts of the globe love to visit. The reason behind this thing is that it has some beautiful cities with the best places for your holiday trip. If you are really interested to know about those places then just go through the names which are mentioned below.

  • Fort Jacques (Port-au-Prince) - It is a fortress located in the capital city of Port-au-Prince and is about 200 years old. Here you will get some archeological ruins of the 18th century and have an eagerness to know about them. So try not to miss this place because this chance might not come in the next time.
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Cap-Haïtien) - This church is awesome and it tells you about the history of Notre-Dame in full detail. Here you would get a lovely exposure and discover something very extraordinary. No one misses it because it is something that you might not get anywhere in Haiti.
  • Cathédrale Du Souvenir (Gonaives) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this cathedral is huge and is located in the heart of the city. Visit here and you will get to feel the real presence of Jesus Christ. In other words, you can also call it a place that was beyond the level of your imagination.
  • Place Boyer (Petion-Ville) - You can refer to it as a botanical garden where you would get to see some beautiful flowers and plants. Those who are not a lover of botany also get fond of it after visiting this beautiful place. Just go for it and you will get the best experience of your life.
  • Sans Souci Palace (Milot) - Believe it or not, but it is true that in this palace you would know about the slave dynasty. It is said that here the farmers used to come and were treated as a slave. In order to, get more information about it just visit here as soon as possible.
  • Bassin Bleu (Jacmel) - This is a waterfall which you can experience and get the best adventure of your holiday vacation. People also say that it is a place which was there only in your dreams. Instead of thinking anything just come here and get a very amazing experience.
  • Kounoubois Cave (Les Cayes) - Without any doubt, we can say that this cave is deep and fully dark. In the beginning, you might feel scared about this place but later on, you will be able to fight fear. After coming here it is guaranteed that you would want to give your best ratings and reviews about it.
  • Bicentennial Monument (Delmas) - You will not believe that this monument was built in the year 1778. It is responsible for promoting the cultural heritage of the city. If you want to get a better knowledge about it then do not say no about visiting this place.
  • Kounoubwa Cave (Thiotte) - It is another cave where you will get the old ruins and fossils of the early ages. If you think that this place is uninteresting then just rub off these thoughts. The true fact is that it is enthralling and can make you feel better.
  • Pic Maya Cloud Forest (Fond Verrettes) - This forest is beyond any words and here you will get some of the best wildlife animals. Here you can get absorbed in such a manner that you will never want to return back. Make a note of this place and mark it as a very important one in your travel diaries.
Sans Souci Palace


So you are familiar with all the places which are mentioned in the above section. But now when it comes to exploring the cities of Haiti than what will you do? The answer is simple that you will have to visit some other places like city parks and museums.

City Parks

  • Parc Nelson Petit-Frere (Saint-Louis-du-Nord) - This park is quiet and has a lot of open spaces for playing a game of football. Bring your children over here and get an opportunity to spend a nice time with them. Without this place your holiday trip is incomplete and you would never get any joy.
  • In Martissant (Carrefour) - There is not a single person who says a no to this park. It is awesome and gives you the real meaning of nature. The moment you miss it then you will regret and develop unnecessary frustrations among yourself.

National Parks

  • La Visite (Jacmel) - There is no doubt about this thing that this park signifies real beauty. You can come here for a family picnic and make it your memory. There is no point in missing it because it is more than brilliant.
  • Wyne Farm Ecological reserve (Kenscoff) - It is a farm cum park which has some wonderful trees and plants. This will give you a different kind of thrill and make you explore things in a very brief manner. People call it a dull place but you have to come here and make your own decision about it.


  • Cadras (Labadie) - The water of this beach is pure and you would love to go for a bath inside it. Lounge into it and get to explore a better kind of thrill. Once you do it then you will want to recommend this place to your beloved persons.
  • Gonaives Beaches (Gonaives) - This beach is not for bathing but here you can get a very friendly atmosphere. You can say that it is meant for walking in the evening. Make a fair attempt at coming here and see a very unusual thing.


Unfortunately, you would not get famous landmarks in any cities in Haiti. It is because the museums only fulfill the desires of your holiday.


  • Mc Tech (Miragoane) - People call it a center of technology but in simple words, it is a museum. It displays some of the finest technologies which have a better significance in today's world. Have a tour of this place and you will have an eagerness to know about it more and more.
  • Musée du Panthéon National (Port-au-Prince) - This place is dedicated to all the real heroes who sacrificed their life while giving independence. You would have an eagerness to know more about them and that too briefly. Rather than having any second thoughts just try it out and see how you enjoy it to the fullest.
Musée du Panthéon National


Local foods are very famous among travelers. All the ingredients are basically available throughout the year. Haiti cuisine is a mixture of French cuisine, Arab cuisine, Spanish cuisine, African cuisine, and Taino natives. It is very famous for its traditional Haitian foods made of fried pork, Haitian porridge, spicy stewed, etc. Different dishes made of Tasso and griot are considered the national dishes of Haiti. The country is a mixture of different cultures, so you will be able to find varieties of dishes from vegan to meats. Tomtom ak kalalou, mayi Moulin, etc are some famous local foods in the country and easily available at local shops. These local foods are utterly delicious and will definitely suit your taste buds.

Street foods are available in almost every corner of the country with varieties of fast foods. Some highly rated foods by travelers are lalo legume, kibi, joumou, etc. It is easily available and costs very less. They maintain good hygiene while preparing these foods. It’s mouth-watering and very delicious. You can always compare and decide according to your preferences. There are several restaurants in Haiti that are highly rated by travelers for their excellent food quality and services. Food markets are the places where you will find the local food trends of the city. It is the easiest way to find about the culture of the city. You can easily get traditional foods here. There are so many ethnic shops and restaurants where you can experience the flavors of the country.

All the shops have this brilliant gallery where they display their food items. It is very fascinating and eye-catching. It looks like a festival, any time of the year. Haiti is famous for the mixture of its different cuisines and varieties. They have all the traditional dishes which are modified now as they have an unusual way of making such dishes. The food markets in the country are very massive. You will get here all types of cuisine, from traditional foods to international foods. They offer these items at a very good price as well. And as they have a lot of varieties, it will be good for you to choose according to your preferences. Pork stew, yellow pumpkin soup, spicy stew conch, etc are some other popular local dishes of Haiti, which you will find in any part of the country.


There are varieties of drinks available in Haiti, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It’s a treat for travelers; the drinks are affordable and easily available in local shops. Cremas is the most popular sweat drink in the country made of condensed milk, cream, and spices. It is a staple drink of the country and easily available in local shops and restaurants. Ti’ punch is a cocktail made with rum, lime and cane syrup which is usually served with dinners at restaurants, it is very famous among the locals. Haitian ginger tea, cornflour shake, papaya milkshake, etc are some nonalcoholic drinks that are equally famous.

Haitian flyer cocktails are very cool drinks made with champagne. You will find these cocktails at every bar and restaurant here. The flavors are very exotic and refreshing that it will definitely suit your taste buds. Every city has its own specialty here in terms of beverages. While traveling you should definitely give a try to all of these local drinks. It’s beneficial for eco-friendly travelers because it’s very cheap. Apart from these, local common drinks are also available including coffee, tea juices, etc.


Tap water is not drinkable here. Water quality is not fine here in Haiti. Hence they are not very safe to consume idly. It is highly advisable to carry your own bottles to refill them from the shops and restaurants where purifiers are available. You can buy filtered water as well as the quality of the water is not assured. The sources of the quality water are contaminated here because of human waste deposition. There is a lack of sewage sanitation here. But the country is improving a lot with the help of the development of potable water and sanitation facilities. You need to be careful while drinking water here. All the cities here are well connected with water reservoirs or purifiers.

But in the outer area, you might find it difficult to get purified water. In such cases, you either buy it from the local shops or you can carry your own bottles. You will find refill shops almost everywhere in Haiti. And in case if you run out of all these options then you can use tap water after boiling it for about ten to fifteen minutes. Consuming tap water idly can be harmful but you can use tap water for laundry or bathing purposes. According to the research, it is highly recommendable to avoid consuming tap water in Haiti. As the water accessibility, sanitation and treatments may vary from place to place. You can either buy filtered water or just boil the tap water for about fifteen minutes here.


Haiti is very famous for its culture, mountains, and beaches. There are numbers of beaches and national parks which you should visit while staying in Haiti. Some places like port au prince; Labadie, Tortuga, cap-Haitian, etc. are some of the most visited places by travelers every year. Apart from these places, there are many outdoor and indoor activities, which can be considered as an option. There are so many options available for travelers. You can play outdoor games, can go swimming or fishing.

You can spend some quality time with your friends and family on the beaches here. You can do some fun activities in different mountain sports in the country. You can attain yoga classes or any other learning courses from where you can gather more knowledge about the culture of the city. It will help you to build a great memory and will give you a chance to know more about the culture of the city.


Accommodation is the very first thing a traveler looks for. You need a place to keep your belongings while you are exploring the different places. There are a number of travelers who visit Haiti every year. Keeping that in mind the accommodation structure of the city is very fascinating. Either you want to live in the middle of the city or in a rural area or near the mountains and beaches; you will find a variety of options here. All the towns, cities, and villages are well connected with water, food, and electricity systems. You can take the help of the internet or the daily newspaper of the particular city where you are planning to stay to find suitable accommodation for yourself.

Green Hotels

Instead of regular hotels opt for green hotels. Being an eco-friendly traveler, you should always opt for green hotels. These hotels will provide you all the facilities just like any other hotel. These are an eco-friendly hotel which helps to lessen the collision on the environment. Haiti has many eco-friendly hotels situated in different parts of the city including rural areas. Green hotels will provide you facilities like recycling bins in every room.

The priority of the hotel is to arrange food for their guests from local shops. You will find simple foods here and fewer meat items. The curtains, towels, bathrobes, bedsheets are reusable. They maintain proper hygiene by washing them in machines. These hotels are well constructed and some of them have swimming pools as well. Some of these hotels provide yoga facilities as well, as you are on the constant move, your mind and body need relaxation too. Taking care of your body and skin is very important even if you are traveling.

There are several yoga centers in Haiti that can help you to restore your power. After a few sessions, you will feel more relaxed and strengthened. Most of the yoga centers have this cool ambiance filled with fresh forest air, which will help you calm your senses at once. Opting for green hotels is the best thing you can do to fulfill your duty as an eco-friendly traveler. These hotels allow you to use fewer amounts of recourses. The water facility of the country is not so good and these hotels allow you to use quality water for drinking purposes only. Hence the water used for bathing and laundry is not drinkable.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and Guesthouses are best for longer stays. If you are planning to stay longer than usual then you can go for other options. It will allow you to save your money and some of these guest houses provide food as well, which is chargeable though. If you are fond of home-cooked meals then you can look for guesthouses with a separate kitchen, fridge, and microwave. So a guest house nearest to your desired location will be the best. It will cost you less as compared to the Greenhouse.

Staying in hostels allows you to share your room with the other housemate. This way you can make friends in an unknown city. Sharing your room with another person will decrease the amount of rent by half as well. This will help you to save a lot of money. If you are a student then staying in the hostels or guesthouse is the best option for you.


If you are planning to stay for a really long period of time then you can look for good apartments. If you are a student or a business person and you are planning to stay in Haiti for a really long time then renting an apartment will be the best. It is suitable for travelers who are planning to stay in Haiti for more than a month. You can leave your worries regarding shifting your furniture, utensils, household stuff, etc. You can get fully furnished apartments here in Haiti. Staying in an apartment is like staying at a second home in a different location.

You will get so many facilities here. As living in an apartment means surrounded by the locals of the city. This will help you to understand their culture very well. You will also be able to learn their languages. You can get apartments from higher to lower ranges depending upon the facilities provided by the owners. There is a wide range of options to choose from. You can take the help of the internet to choose the best one for yourself. The cost of living in Haiti is very low. And Haiti is also considered the best country to live in because of its beautiful beaches and mountains


Haiti is very famous for providing its travelers with an opportunity to relax and take a break from city life. You can always relax a bit when your work for the day is done. They have multiple options for outdoor activities. For couch surfing, you might find a few. You can always look up to the internet for the best options available at the moment. It will allow you to explore more local places at once and you can also save money. You will find so many options, you can choose according to your stay in the cities.


Haiti is the best place for camping; people even visit Haiti to get a good camping experience. Haiti has several camping sites; if you are an adventure seeker then you can definitely try these camping sites in Haiti. You can take the help of the internet to know about the best sites for camping prior to your visit. The popularity of the sites depends on the season and weather conditions. These camps have all the basic facilities. Being an eco-friendly traveler, it will be a great opportunity for you to be a part of such camps. If you are staying there for a night then this will be the best experience one can collect from this place. You can search for camping sites online in Haiti to choose the best one for you.



  • Port-au-Prince — Haiti's big, crowded, and chaotic capital city.
  • Cap-Haïtien — the country's second biggest city, on the Atlantic coast near some beautiful beaches and interesting old forts.
  • Gonaïves — here, on 1 January 1804, Jean-Jacques Dessalines signed Haiti's Act of Independence, establishing the world's first black republic.
  • Jacmel — a relaxed town with a beautiful historic center and a claim not easily dismissed to be the country's artistic and cultural capital, albeit in ruins following the earthquake.
  • Jérémie — Haiti's westernmost and profoundly isolated town is a sleepy little charming place.
  • Les Cayes — Southern Haiti's principal port and a popular jumping-off point for Île à Vache.
  • Ouanaminthe —lies along the Massacre River, which forms part of the natural border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • Petionville — a wealthy and much safer suburb of Port-au-Prince, where you will find most of the capital's nightlife, restaurants, wealthy Haitians, and foreigners.
  • Port-de-Paix — the main city in Haiti's drug-smuggling coast, with the opportunity to hail a ferry to Tortuga Island, a virtually undiscovered tropical paradise—albeit well discovered through the centuries by any famous pirate worth his salt and not a few wealthy drug lords.
  • Port-Salut — President Aristide's birthplace, home to miles of gorgeous, empty white-sand beaches.

Getting There and Moving Around

Haiti is well connected to all the transport facilities. If you are traveling from other cities of Haiti, then you can have multiple options, including airways, public transports, and private cars. There are no proper railways services available in Haiti. As an eco-friendly traveler, you should opt for chargeable cars to avoid pollution to cover minimal distances. And if you are someone traveling from other countries then go for the airways as it is the best and fastest way to reach Haiti.

It will be more convenient and comfortable if you are traveling with your loved ones. Buses and cars are well connected with all the cities in Haiti; you can easily travel through these buses from one end of the country to another. Air routes are mostly preferable if you are traveling from another country. Small sailing boats or ferries are available and it allows you to travel from one island to another. You can easily explore the islands.


Haiti is a comparatively small country as compared to the others. There are no regular domestic flights here. Port-au-prince international airport is the major airport in the country for international flights. Traveling through airways is always very comfortable and fast. This will help you save your time and utilize them on other exciting things. Port-au-prince international airport is the nearest airport to the city. Regarding the prices of the tickets, it can differ depending on the airline you are boarding on. You can always compare and choose according to your preferences. Choosing to travel through airways can be expensive but worth spending.

Aéroport Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport, Haiti


Buses and minivans are mostly used for traveling in all the big cities. For the small towns and villages, a motorcycle is used. Opting for public transport while traveling inside the country is the best you can do to justify your duty as an eco-friendly traveler. Buses here are well connected with long or short distances. Traveling by bus can be a bit tiring but it will cost you less as compared to the other modes of travel. The buses here are well constructed and highly maintained, it can assure you a safe and comfortable ride. The prices are very affordable for buses and minivans here. There are few private companies that provide more facilities to their customers in Haiti. Pickup trucks are another mode of transportation here.

A local Tap Tap in Haiti


There are no railway facilities available in Haiti that connect one city to another. There were few tram and railway networks there in the past. The construction work for the railways is still going on. Soon the country will be blessed with the railway facilities as well. Three railway lines have already been constructed so far.


Hitchhiking is a modern way of traveling nowadays. Travelers in Haiti don’t prefer hitchhiking here very much as the rents of the cars are very cheap here but it can be considered as an option. The locals of the country often prefer hitchhiking to save some extra money. Though, it is very helpful for the traveler in saving more money. It will allow you to make memories and let you explore the city in the deepest way possible. It is a very thrilling and lifelong experience one can ever get. You can always look for other options if Hitchhiking is not your thing.


Apart from airways, waterways, buses, and hitchhiking, there are several other modes of traveling available in Haiti. Inside of the city can be explored better by walking. For everything else, you can rent a car or bike. Even a bicycle can be an option. To protect the environment from pollution it can be the best solution for an eco-friendly traveler. Traveling through ferries is quite popular in Haiti as all the islands are connected through water routes. These water routes connect with beautiful scenarios, which can be considered as sight scenes. It will help you to build a great memory with your loved ones.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is a must when you are traveling to a different city. You need to collect things which are popular; this is a must for a traveler. In Haiti, there are plenty of local shops where you can buy stuff. Traveling is not just about exploring new places and eating in fancy restaurants. It’s also about buying certain famous things in the city which you can bring back to your home. It can become a forgetful memory. Haiti is famous for handmade crafts; you should definitely buy one of these while you stay in Haiti. Hats and jewelry made of seeds and wooden are the best things you can collect from here. You can buy kinds of stuff for yourself and for your loved ones from these shops. And if you are looking for any particular stuff then you can go for the online options as well to buy the right thing you desire.

Flea markets in Port-au-prince, the capital city of Haiti are the biggest attraction for tourists. These markets sell second-hand goods at a very reasonable price. Being an eco-friendly traveler you should visit these markets. Travelers are very fond of these flea markets as they can get recycled goods here which helps them to control extra wastage. The flea market is in the open air, somewhat like stalls. It is very famous among the locals, because of that the market lasts for not more than 3-4 hours before they run out of stocks. You can find vintage items here at a very low price. Though the clothes they sell are all second-hand clothes, the conditions of the clothes are very fine. They sell these products every now and then. You can plan your trip accordingly so that you never miss the opportunity to explore these shops. Apart from the capital city, there are few more cities in Haiti where flea market’s worth a visit.

You will find a few second-hand stores in Haiti. The price ranges are also very affordable. Travelers are very fond of these second-hand stores nowadays. When you are traveling, you are spending your money continuously every now and then. It can’t be avoided but can be utilized in such a way where you can save more. Buying essential things from second-hand stores will help you to save that extra money. These stores have all the necessary stuff you need from clothing to handbags to accessories and household items utensils, cleaning tools, etc. These stores not only attract the tourists but also the locals. People are shifting their views regarding second-hand things; there is no hesitation and awkwardness now in buying second-hand goods. These stores are very beneficial at the time of emergency. If you have lost your belongings, you can easily replace them.

Haitian always believed in eco-fashion as the country promotes eco-friendly goods a lot. The concept of eco-fashion is to promote recyclable clothes made from organic products. Recyclable fabrics, plant-based dyes, organic cotton, etc. The crops which are used while making such cloths can be regrown. As these clothes are completely chemical-free it helps to control pollution. There are plenty of eco-fashion shops in Haiti. You can take the help of the locals to find the best shop for you. As an eco-friendly traveler, it will be a great opportunity to promote your love for nature. You can do well and look good at the same time.


The country is preparing itself to upgrade the environmental condition. In order to control pollution or minimize the effect of pollution, it is very important to recycle goods. There are plenty of shops in Haiti, offering such products. You can buy it once and use it multiple times. You can do online research for the best shops in Haiti that are selling recycled goods. These products come at a very good price and can be very useful for your trip. Recycling goods includes all the fashion stuff from clothing to accessories. This helps to reduce the amount of waste produced by the city at a time. Your contribution as an eco-friendly traveler counts. Locals of the country are already very good at using recyclable goods. The art craft of the country which is very famous is also made up of recyclable goods.


The environmental condition of Haiti got mostly affected by the overpopulation of the country and deforestation. Since then they have this chemical pollution. Several measures have been taken to decrease pollution and its effects. We are well aware of the environmental condition of Haiti. The environment is highly polluted because of these chemicals discharged from these giant factories. The government has taken several measures to control pollution. There are several guidelines for the locals of the city to follow in order to get the maximum result. As a responsible traveler, it is your duty to explore the city in such a way that there are no traces left behind.

Just enjoy the beauty of the city and leave it as it is. Previously, the condition of the city was very bad. Now with the help of fellow citizens, the condition is much better. Industrial and chemical waste is the major source of waste here in Haiti. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can help to maintain the balance by using recyclable goods or second-hand goods. These small steps will help the country to control the pollution of your favorite destinations. The major step taken by the government here is the distinction between wet waste and dry waste. This helps to ease the process of dumping them. This also allows keeping reusable things aside.

Work and Study Abroad

Studying in Haiti can be really expensive. The education system of the country is not so good but there is a wide range of choices for higher education universities in Haiti. The literacy rate of the country is very low as the major part of the employment comes from the agriculture sector. But as the cost of living here is very affordable and once you start studying here you will get familiar with the culture and language. This will help you to grow more.

It will be harder for you to get a job here as the unemployment rate here is very high. The salary packages are not very attractive. This is one of the biggest reasons apart from the cheap city life here why people don’t want to work and study in Haiti. The transport cost in Haiti is very inexpensive. One can live here comfortably as the living costs including utility and internet are very affordable. You can search online for the details before you make any plans.

Exchange Student

The exchange student is very common in Haiti now. They offer scholarships to their best students. Haiti welcomes exchange students from all corners of the world. They have many partner universities overseas. If you want to study in Haiti, your home university should nominate your name first. You should be aware of the Haitian language while applying for any courses in Haiti Universities, a basic knowledge of the language is a must. These programs are very beneficial for students who want to pursue their careers at cheap prices. You can use online search options to choose the program you want to study. Students from different corners of the world are using these methods to study at the University of Haiti. The cost of living here is very inexpensive. This is one of the biggest reasons why people want to study in Haiti.

Au Pair

This is the most common and quick way of earning some extra money in any part of the country. From part-timing to full-timing you will easily get au-pair in this country. Au pair is very common in a foreign culture. In the initial stages, people take the help of au pair to survive in the city. In exchange for the household services the owner provides you a room to live in and food to eat and grants you some pocket money for personal use as well. You will find institutes that provide such facilities. They will take the responsibility to hand over you to a suitable family. It is a very good tactic to live in a foreign country where you will be able to earn, live, and roam the city at the same time. This allows you to earn some extra money.

However, getting home to stay in is not that easy. You need to know the background of the family for your own safety. If you are planning for this then you should contact them earlier as the whole process needs a lot of time. By the time you will reach there, they will locate you at the respected house immediately. Whether you are looking for part-time work or full-time work, you need to be extra cautious regarding the family where you will be working. Choosing a trusted site where your information and privacy is secured is the biggest thing you can look forward to. Do a thorough research online before you start working.


Do you want to make your favorite holiday destination to be more cleaned and healthier? Try Volunteering. Volunteering can be the best way to show your love for the city. You can volunteer for cleaning or medical bits of help. This will help you to learn their language and culture. There are a number of options available for volunteering you can teach students, keep the famous tourist spot clean, help out your fellow travelers, volunteer to work in churches, etc. This is going to help you a lot to learn about their culture.

See Also

Haiti regions map.png
Central Haiti
Haiti's population center at the heart of the country—the sprawl surrounding the capital, and lands to the north.
Northern Haiti
Home to the country's most important cities outside the capital, as well as the foreign tourist's favorite beaches near Cap-Haïtien.
Southern Haiti
The Caribbean side of the country is the nation's less hectic region, with the up-and-coming Haitian backpacker destinations of Jacmel, Port-Salut, and Île à Vache.