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Eco-friendly travel guide to Port-au-Prince advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Aerial view of Port au Prince

  • Air quality: 3.6 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.8 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$700 - $XX900
  • Budget per day: US$500 - $600

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Port-au-Prince advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince is located on the Gulf of Gonave. The bay on which the city lies acts as a natural harbor that has sustained economic activities since the Arawaks civilization. Being the largest city, it is also a commercial center and a chief port of the Republic of Haiti. This capital city is known to exports its most widely consumed production of sugar and coffee. Besides, it also exports other goods such as shoes and baseballs. The city has various food processing plants along with textile, cement, and soap factories. The Musée du Panthéon National Haitien is a great honor to the nation’s history and founding fathers. The immense Norte Dame de I’Assomption Cathedral is a great sight to visit. It is reduced to a ruin by the earthquake that hit the land in 2010. The colorful gingerbread-style houses from the past centuries are great ones to dot in the city. the city huge tourism industry as there are Various sights to scout including natural wonders, parks, museums, forts, restos, and many more.

  • Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt to stay in the green hotels that are available across the different regions in the city. Its positivity to use recyclable goods helps reduce the waste and maintain the pollution rate to a limit.
  • By positively implying the ways to maintain the freshness of the environment, you should always try to take the responsibilities of an eco-friendly tourist.
  • To explore the short-distance localities inside the city. Use eco-friendly modes of transportation such as walking or bicycles. It can assist you to perform the duty of an eco-friendly tourist, besides, ensuring you organize your trip suitably.
  • You should visit the national parks to experience the wildlife that is reserved, apart from exploring the major attractions of the city. Also, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the widely spread environment of flora.
  • To contribute positively to the economy of the locals, make sure to visit the local markets for food and lodging. Besides, you must also taste the street foods served in the city lanes.
  • To explore all the attractive destinations you should consider using cars and buses that are available in the city.
  • Using local transport to explore the city will provide support to the transportation system in the city. Therefore, rented cars and taxis are some of the best options.
  • As an eco-friendly tourist, you should follow some of the positive steps to effectively contribute your role to the environment of the city, in addition to providing support to the locals.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of the city is moderately safe. But there are some regions in the city, where the pollution level keeps fluctuating. Hence, necessary measures are required to control them. So, the government has taken important steps to emit the harmful gases that come out from the various machines extensively used in the city. These gases are not only harmful to humans but also negatively affect the flora and fauna of the city. Further, these authorities have asked the public to use low fuel-based gadgets for regular use. Also, the same is has been considered for the public transports. The government is effectively working on the procedure to fulfill the target of controlling the pollution rate in the city. They are also working to keep the air quality level at a proper rate so that the city air remains pollution-free. Thus, various actions have been taken to decrease the amount of usage of such devices that causes more pollution. These authorities are repeatedly working to provide a better life in the city. They have managed to reduce pollution to a certain level, with the help of these measures. At the present date, the air quality, and pollution are very much in control. Therefore, you can plan a comfortable trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Respect the Culture

The culture of the city is highly portrayed in the center around the National Palace and its surrounding areas. The National Museum, which is located on the grounds of the palace, was one of the early structures of the city. Another popular destination in the capital is the Hotel Oloffson, is a gingerbread mansion from the 19th century, which was once the private home of two former Haitian presidents. It has become one of the popular hubs for tourist activity in the central city. The Cathédrale de Port-au-Prince is a famous site of cultural interest and attracts foreign visitors to its Neo-Romantic architectural style. The Musée d'Art Haïtien du Collège Saint-Pierre contains the work of most of the talented artists, from some of the countries across the world. The Musée National is a museum that features historical artifacts such as King Henri Christophe's actual suicide pistol and a rusty anchor, which the museum operators claim was salvaged from Christopher Columbus's ship, the Santa María. Other notable cultural sites include the Archives Nationales, the Expressions Art Gallery, and the Bibliothèque Nationale, which is a National Library. The city is also the birthplace of internationally known naive artist Gesner Abelard, who was associated with the Center d'Art. Another wonderful that depicts the culture of the city is the celebration of Bawon Samdi and Gran Brigi called Fet Gede. It takes place from the Day of the Dead on 1st November through the third day of the month. This occurs in the national cemetery of Haiti. During the celebration, people wear Vodou, white cotton clothing, and purple headscarves. The cemetery becomes packed with people, during the celebration. Those who celebrate this make sacrifices of food for the spirits known as mange lwa and pour liquor on the gravestones among the other festivities.

Top 10 Places to Visit

As known that Port-au-Prince is one of the best cities for tourist attractions. It holds several sites of attractions and people love to visit the place. It is because there you will get some beautiful spots that have the most attractive views for your holiday trip. So, continue to read to check some of the interesting names that are worth visiting, during your tour to the city.

  • Fort Jacques – This is one of Haiti's few national parks located outside of Port-au-Prince, up the mountain in the village of Fermathe. With cool weather and the spectacular site, you will get a great view down to the city from a preserved pine forest. The history of this fort is self-evident, this place is an amazing escape from the heat.
  • The National Palace – This Palace famously collapsed during the earthquake and is known for offering one of Port-au-Prince's most startling reminders of the quake's power. One of Port-au-Prince's many tent cities was located across the street from the site of the palace. The tent encampment has been cleared and the site is again home to one of the largest parks in Haiti, the Champs-de-Mar.
  • The Musée du Panthéon National Haitien – Each period is divided into a muraled section containing paragon items of that time, when the anchor of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus's flagship, is the centerpiece of the exploration age section. Make sure to get an individual guided tour through the chronology of Haitian history.
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption – Port-au-Prince's largest cathedral is way down the road from the palace and is likewise a shell of its former glory. Locals continue to pray outside its broken husk, and funerals are frequently held in a plaza, located behind the main building.
  • Saint Anne Church – This church is located in Saintard, Arcahaie, at a distance from the Port-Au-Prince capital of the Island country, Haiti. The parish of St. Anne has 7 boroughs, – Matheux, Mahotte, Carries, Guiton, Saintard, Pond Saintard, Willianson, and Luly.
  • The Bureau of Ethnology – This museum is dedicated to Vodou in Haiti. It is one of the top things to do in Port-au-Prince. Near Champ de Mars at the corner of Rue Magny and Rue Oswald Durand, this museum helps you to get familiar with Vodou and its place in Haitian society.
  • Atis rezistans – Located at a distance from Port-au-Prince in Creole, Haiti, this place is known for the artist resistance. It has an extensive Haitian collective that up-cycles debris into Vodou-infused cyberpunk sculpture. At the epicenter of the Rezistans in downtown Port-au-Prince in Grand Rue. The studio of André Eugène, which is a workshop, gallery, and museum, is situated here and is worth a visit.
  • Plaine de Cul de Sac – This is a fertile lowland on the island of Hispaniola. It extends from south-eastern Haiti into the south-western Dominican Republic. This valley has saltwater that was trapped in the lowest points of depression resulting in two grand lakes. The lakes include the Etang Saumâtre in Haiti and Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic, along with a small freshwater pond called Trou Caïman, which is located in Haiti too.
  • Etang Saumâtre – This is the largest lake in Haiti, situated outside the city center along with the Dominican Republic. It is also known as Lake Azuéi. Also, the lake supports extensive species of waterfowl, American crocodiles, flamingos, and much other fauna, which is found nowhere else in Haiti. The color of the lake is an intense shade of blue, and it is skirted by brush and cacti, especially Melocactus lemairei.
  • Le Marron Inconnu – Also known as Le Nègre Marron or Nèg Mawon, this is standing in the center of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is a bronze statue of a runaway slave, which is better known as a maroon. Also, this statue is regarded as a symbol of black liberation and is considered as the nation's most iconic representation of the struggles for freedom.
Inside the The Musée du Panthéon National Haitien


Above are the mentioned top ten tourist attractions, which you can opt to pay a visit while traveling to Port-au-Prince In addition, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider checking out during your tour in the city. Here is a list of such places that you can explore.

City Parks

  • Parc de Martissant – This Park provides a public oasis where people can relax, share skills and culture. Its aim is to preserve Haiti’s beautiful native flora. The garden here, bursts with tropical sights and smells that include pink and yellow frangipani, the exotic lobster-claws flower, red ginger or ginger lily, hibiscus, spider lily, and dozens of others. Around the park, there is an extensive garden of medicinal plants as well.

National Parks

  • La Visite National Park – This is one of the two largest national parks of the Republic of Haiti. Locate in the Massif de la Selle mountain range, this national park is at distance from the capital city, Port-au-Prince. It mainly consists of pine forests, grasslands, and some montane broadleaf forests. The Hispaniolan Pine is the most widespread tree in the park.
La Visite National Park


  • Ils-a-Rat Beach – This Island is named by Columbus when he came across it on a voyage. It is a center that is filled with rich vegetation, and its border brimming with impossibly beautiful tropical beaches. There are colorful coral reefs, which are visible from the coastline, and provides a splendid spectacle serving as a great location for snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides, the stunning ocean from the golden sand gives a fascinating view.
  • Koyoke Beach – Kokoye exudes both Haitian culture and classic Caribbean beauty. With a bit off the beaten track, it is well worth the tropical atmosphere, which seems to be an untouched location. The surroundings of palm trees and flat sand provide a deep view into the depths of the Caribbean landscape.


Champ de Mars
  • Champ de Mars – This is the biggest public park in the downtown area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It consists of a series of public squares divided by large boulevards. The Musée du Panthéon National Haitien features the Haitian history, art, and culture is located at Champ de Mars. There is a lot to do down here starting from food, music, and lots of cultural things.


  • Museum Ogier Fombrun – This museum is located on the premises of the Moulin Sur Mer Beach Resort. It is known for greeting with stories dating from the pre-Colombian Indian era to colonial times. The property is a former colonial sugar cane plantation, built by the French colonist Guillaume Ogier. Haiti's long and tumultuous history goes into it, besides, a sobering and thoughtful exhibition on its slavery past. The collections of this museum include weapons from the revolutionary-era.
  • El-Saieh Gallery – Located in the heart of the city, this art gallery exhibits a varied collection of traditional Haitian art. The venue is packed with paintings that portray the styles and features incorporating impressionist portraits and surrealist settings, which can surely satisfy anyone looking for a classic representation of Haitian art. It also displays the past of a big band that played a mixture of Haitian, jazz, and Afro-Cuban music, and cut a number of records on Issa’s own label, named La Belle Créole.
The beautiful Museum Ogier Fombrun


Bowl of soup Joumou and bread

This capital city of Haiti is known for serving the best of Haitian cuisine. This cuisine is known for holding on to the unique flavor that makes it taste different as compared to the other islands nearby. The average Haitian diet is largely based on starchy staples such as rice that is locally grown, yams, corn, beans, and millet. Besides the city also serve dishes made of meats, usually pork and goat, spiced shrimp, lobster, and duck. Several dishes that are specifically native to Haiti include rice djon-djon. It is made using Haitian black mushrooms, which are locally grown fungi. The stems of the mushrooms are used to color the rice black and the mushroom caps with lima beans are used as a tasty topping. Calalou is another famous dish consisting of crabmeat, onion, salted pork, okra, spinach, peppers. Soup jomou is a pumpkin soup, which is traditionally served for lunch on Sundays. Also, Haitian food is often lumped together with other Caribbean islands as Caribbean cuisine. Hence, the city also has tremendous Caribbean dishes that are popular across the country. The country has a tropical Caribbean climate that allows for tropical fruits such as pineapples, guava, avocados, coconuts, and mangoes to grow in abundance. The city serves a variety of sweet desserts such as French-influenced mousse and pastries.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Les Jardins du Mupanah – Situated in Rue Oswald Durand Rue de la Republique, this restaurant is known for serving Caribbean and fusion dishes. The delicious traditional and fusion menu along with fresh quality servings attracts loads of customers. The ambiance is quite calm with decent décor. With the great presentation of food, this place also provides great services. The price is reasonable and this place is quite famous among the locals as well as tourists.
  • Papaye Restaurant – Known for serving French and Caribbean dishes, this restaurant is located in Impasse Metelus. With a sophisticated atmosphere and quality food and services, this restaurant is highly recommended by the visitors. The menu offers a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner. It is a beautiful and presentable space along the enjoyment of music makes it all time crowded. They offer lip-smacking delicacies at affordable prices. You can visit this place with your friends and family.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Magdoos – This vegetarian-friendly restaurant is located in Rue Oge, Petionville. They serve a great menu that has Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes. The ambiance is decent and it serves vegan options that are known for the taste and quality. Besides, they also offer a wide choice of cocktails that can enhance the flavors of the starters served here. With great portions of servings at an affordable price makes this place worth visiting.
  • Nh Haiti El Rancho – This beautiful restaurant is situated in Rue Jose Marti and is popular for serving great European dishes with vegan and vegetarian options. With the poolside view, this restaurant provides quite amazing surroundings along with both inside and outside sitting arrangements. . You can prefer this place for enjoying the meals with your family and friends, as the food served here is full of flavors. The staffs are of jolly nature and work attentively. You will great options to choose from.

Street Food

The street corners of Port-au-Prince are filled with various food stalls that are popular for serving a variety of street foods in the city. Macaroni au Gratin is baked macaroni and cheese, which is a favorite dish on the tables of the Haitians. It is a freshly-baked delicacy and is perfect for all cheese lovers. It is made with delicious ingredients such as ham, peppers, mayonnaise, milk, and parmesan cheese, with a cooking style that presents the Haitian version of this dish. Another famous dish of the city is the Poulet Aux Noix. It is the main dish of Haitian that serves as a traditional fare in the northern part of the island. Cooked or served with a condiment called pikliz, this saucy chicken dish has the authentic flavors of Haitian cuisine. The slow cooking method used to prepare this dish enhances the spiciness and rich taste. Griyo is also a famous dish available across the city. This is basically fried pork, which has a balanced flavor of herbs and spices. In combination with fried green plantain, this dish is perfect with rice or with a bottle of cold beer. Other savory dishes served in the city include Lambi (stewed conch), Mayi Moulen ak Zepina (cornmeal with spinach), Lalo Legume (jute leaves), Labouyi Ble (bulgur wheat porridge), Bannann Peze (fried green plantains), and many more. The city also serves a variety of sweet dishes and desserts, among which Pain de Mais is a famous dessert of Haiti cuisine. It is a sweet cornbread that looks like a cake and is usually eaten after a meal. Baked to the desired level of sweetness, it is prepared by a mixture of butter, sugar, cornmeal, coconut milk, nutmeg, mashed banana, vanilla extract, and Haitian rum. This dense and delicious delicacy is definitely not an average cornbread. The pain patate which is a sweetened potato, fig, and banana pudding is a known native dish to Haiti. It is made with two main ingredients including Batata, which is a Caribbean sweet potato, and fresh coconut. Other delicacies such as milk, sugar, coconut milk, raisins, cinnamon, and nutmeg are also mixed to boost the flavor.


Apart from serving a great variety of food, Port-au-Prince is also known for offerings various drinks. These drinks are rich in taste and give you a unique flavor of the city as well as the country. Akasan is a popular traditional drink of the Haitian. It is made from cornflour and spices that are popularly available in Haiti. This traditional drink has the consistency of a thick milkshake. This sweetened drink is very popular among the locals of Haiti. There are various recipes to prepare this famous drink. Prestige beer is relatively an American-style lager and is the ubiquitous Haitian beer of choice. It is said that trip to Haiti is incomplete without drinking a cold Prestige on the beach. Another famous drink of Haiti is Kleren, which is an unrefined spirit similar to white beer. It is distilled from sugar cane and is available in different colorful flavors. The city also served several types of rum that are distilled in Barbancourt Rum Distillery. This popular distillery is located north of the airport and is tucked among the sugarcane fields. It welcomes visitors on Fridays from November to May. Tours are offered for the factory where the famous rum of the city is manufactured. This place serves some fine-quality rum across the country.

Haitian hot chocolate, popularly known as Chokola Peyi is another famous drink available extensively across the country. It is made by shaving a ball of pure chocolate with a Haitian grater. Then it is fused with some spices and sweetening products along with extra flavorful ingredients. Its unique taste makes it a must-try drink when in Haiti. Coffee is another drink served by the city. Haitian coffee is quite good in terms of flavors. The Arabica beans are very famous across the country. Besides, the best local beans available at Fondation Seguin are grown in the hills above Port-au-Prince. Further, the city also serves a variety of fruit juices that are made from fresh tropical fruits such as pineapples, avocados, guava, mangoes, and coconuts that are grown in abundance. Other popular beverages include shaved ice topped with fruity syrup, a locally produced orange squash drink called Juna, and even sugarcane.


The tap water in Port-au-Prince is unsafe to drink. Hence, you are suggested to use bottled or mineral water that is easily available across the city at a reasonable price. Drinking bottled water will help you to stay away from diseases that can occur while traveling and drinking tap water.

Organic Cafés

  • Banbile Avenue Café & Plus – This café is situated in Rue Lambert, Petion Ville in Port-au-Prince. It is quite popular to serves authentic coffee made from the best quality beans. With creative space and outdoor seating, this place is a hidden gem in the city. You will get good options in the food menu that serves breakfast and lunch. The staffs are quite friendly and seem to love their job. The price is reasonable too. Hence, you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family at this amazing café.
  • VOL Café Bistro – Known for serving Caribbean dishes along with a great variety of pizzas, this café is located on Avenue Gerard Teodart. With a decent and pleasant atmosphere, this place remains crowded. Many locals, as well as tourists, visit this place to sip the amazing coffee served here. Also, the quality of food offered by this café makes your get double. They have great staffs who actively do their work and provides quick services. You can enjoy the variations in the eateries that are served here.


Prestige is a lager, which is brewed by Brasserie Nationale d'Haïti, popularly known as BRANA, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is widely consumed and is the best-selling beer in Haiti. Further, it is the only native beer brand available across Haiti. This beer brand is also available in some parts of the United States and other countries. Its fine taste makes it stand out. Hence, it is highly recommended to try this beer, if you are a beer lover. Another famous brewery is the Barbancourt Rum Distillery, which is known to serve the best quality rum in the town. This place is worth visiting.


Besides offering a breathtaking natural view and presenting a rich historical culture, the city also offers various indoor activities. These include exploring the beaches, museums, eating flavorful delicacies, and many more. In addition, the city also offers a number of outdoor activities. One of the popular outdoor activities involves witnessing a thrilling car race. It serves great outing for friends and family as it provides an intensive adrenaline rush. The main race course is filled with lots of twists and turns that are quite challenging for the racers. Further, you can also enjoy other tracks such as drag course, motocross course, kart track, and lots more. Besides, you will also enjoy spectating for your favorite driver as he goes around the track. Another amazing destination that offers various activities is the Plaza Hugo Chavez. You can enjoy an exciting fun time with your family and friends here. Its offers you the opportunity to get indulged in various sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis ball, and many more. This vibrant place also provides lots of spectators and vendors who offer beverages and snacks.

Yoga and Retreats

Port-au-Prince has some popular yoga retreats in Haiti. They are quite famous and can assist you to keep your mind relaxed. Also, they provide services that can help you to restore the energy that you lost after great exploration around the city. The centers include Prana Healing Arts Studio, Makeda’s Art & Yoga Shala, Project Zen Yoga Studio, and others. These centers hold regular yoga sessions, in addition to other healing retreats. Therefore, you can consider taking part in some of them to feel more calm and energetic. Besides, your mind and body will feel composed, after the constant scouting duration in the city. Also, you can opt to practice meditation to get a peaceful mind as you traveled through the city. Hence, you can consider being a part of the relaxing sessions and opt to select the best yoga center available in the city according to your preferences.


When you plan to travel to other cities across the world, the first thing that comes to your mind is the place where you can stay. Hence, accommodation is the most vital requirement. Various options of accommodation are offered by the city, which includes green hotels, apartments, hostels, and guest houses. These lodging facilities are highly maintained and ensure to give you all necessities. Further, accommodation assists you with a place for your stay and helps you to get relief from your tiredness, which is very important. As the city remains crowded with tourists, you will find wide options of accommodations ranging from reasonable to expensive ones. Therefore, you can choose according to your needs and budget.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels are widely available in the city and are known to provide all the basic facilities that any individual gets in an average hotel. Besides, they play a positive role in the betterment of the city’s atmosphere. Hence, they are very much in demand, especially among eco-friendly tourists. The cost of these hotels is usually low or similar to the normal hotels. Other additional charges may depend on the premium amenities that you want to add during your stay in the hotel. Some of the top known green hotels available in the city are:

  • Marriot Port-au-Prince Hotel
  • Bel Fle Missions Hotel
  • Allamanda Hotel
  • Le Plaza Hotel
  • NH Haiti El Rancho
  • Best Western Premier Petion-Ville
  • Karibe Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

The hostels and guest houses available in the city are quite affordable, besides, it provides nearly every facility that you would get in an average hotel. These lodging systems are highly suitable for the ones, who are planning to stay in the city for several weeks. Therefore, you can check various options as per your preference on the online platforms before making any reservations. Here is a list of some of the top lodging options that you can consider for your safe stay in the city.

  • Estinfil Guest Houses
  • Star house
  • Hibiscus Guest House
  • PC Enterprise Guest House
  • Park Hostel
  • Haiti Communitere


The city offers rental apartments that range from low to high cost depending on the location. You can freely stay in the city for business purposes or for study as these lodging options are considered to be the best if your lodging duration is of more than a month. Therefore, you should consider booking an apartment beforehand to avoid last moment troubles. There are some rental apartments available in the city. They include:

  • The White House
  • Kiki’s Corner/La Note Bleu
  • Auberge du Parc (AP Vacations Rentals)


Couchsurfing highly preferred in the city as well as in different regions of the country. It offers a temporary stay with a group of locals, who are ready to assist with the services of providing you the facilities of shelter and food during the visit to their home town. Besides being low in cost, you will be provided nearly all the facilities that are required. Hence, it is the best option to get accommodation for the one who doesn’t want to spend much on lodging as it aids you to save money and explore the culture more attentively. Further, it will help you to learn the local language of the city and scout some of the untouched but amazing features of the city. It will also be very beneficial for you as it will grant you the chance to interact with the locals and know a brief account of the living of the locals.


Haiti offers amazing campgrounds that are located at a distance from the capital city, Port-au-Prince. One of the most popular is the Habitation Breman, which is designed with cabin options. They provide the best hospitality and amenities that can ensure your stay be pleasant and relaxing as highly possible. Each cabin is equipped with an air-conditioned bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, a living room, and a kitchenette. They also offer bar services that provide refreshments and breakfast to you. Besides, they completely pay attention to serve the detail shines during every moment of your stay. This place has beautifully landscaped grounds and exotic birds around. They offer a relaxing tropical environment and a rare collection of antiques from ancient times that are truly admired by the visitors.

How to Get There

The transportation facility available widely in Port-au-Prince are well connected and highly maintained with comfortable facilities. Airways is the most suitable and fastest way to get in the city as compared to others. Further, if you are traveling from the nearby cities you can prefer buses that widely cover various regions within Haiti. Besides, the city also has a great extension of roadways that are interlinked with several other routes leading to the lanes and streets of the city. You can also prefer to travel by taxi and shuttles to cover the distance inside the city. The options of rental cars, small trucks, and motorcycles are also available in the city.


Port-au-Prince airport (PAP) is served by several major airlines, which mainly includes JetBlue Airways, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. The facility of as smaller flights is also available in the city. They serve from Cuba, Dominican Republic, and other spots in the Caribbean. Being the fastest mode of traveling, airways provides worldwide services and are highly considered by a great population. They assist you to save time and adds on some hours in your scouting durations.

Toussaint Louverture International Airport


From Santo Domingo, the Caribe Tours, Capitol Coach Line and Terra Bus each run modern buses to Port-au-Prince every day. Caribe runs to Pétionville, which is located in the hills above Port-au-Prince. They are highly maintained and provide comfortable de at a reasonable rate. Another, less expensive option includes taking a guagua, which is a Dominican minibus that runs from Santo Domingo departing 4 blocks NW of Parque Enriquillo.

A bus in Port au Prince


There are no train facilities in the city.


The method of taking a lift to reach other locations while being on your way has become very common in different cities located across the world. This is called hitchhiking. It is an effective means of traveling which provides the facility of taking a lift from the passer-by who is heading towards the same locations as yours. You can easily reach the nearby locations free of cost or sometimes, at a minimal cost. Also, you can cover the nearby distance with a comfortable ride and in a short time duration. Besides, traveling through this mode of transport will assist you to gain a fascinating experience and help you to meet new people too.


The city offers the options of rental cars to anyone who is looking for a more comfortable and personal way to go around town. Avis, Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, and Honk are some of the companies that provide the service of rental cars including cabs. Commonly called Camionettes by the Haitians, these small trucks serve as the popular line of transportation by the average Haitian folk. The fare is cheap and the seating area is rocking with Kompa. Taxis are easily available outside the airport and also provide the services to reach the bus stands in the city.

Moving Around

The city provides you several options to visit the interior of the city. Therefore, getting an idea about the various types of transportation will help you get familiar with transport services available in Port-au-Prince. Being a tourist, you should always opt to go with the transportation options that will help you to spend less money and get the chance to explore more. Hence, you can opt for transport services like bicycles, cars, motorcycles, etc.


Walking is not only the best eco-friendly mode of transportation but also the most common way to get around the city and check out the interiors. Also, it is one of the best ways of traveling when you want to explore the nearby market areas without missing anything. Walking down the lanes and streets will also help you to understand the culture of the city. Further, you will get the chance to meet the locals as you come across the localities while shopping through the paths of the market.


Bikes or bicycles are widely used across the city. They are considered the most effective way to go around the town. Besides, they are comparatively cheap and fast.

Electronic Vehicles

To date, there are no electric car services in the city. But, the city is planning to introduce electric cars in the coming years. They are also working to establish charging stations in various regions for the smooth functioning of these cars.

Public Bus

Caribe Tours and Terra Bus is specialized in taking passengers back and forth to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. These bus services provide a great trip on the way. Another such public bus is the minibusses (tap-taps), which are cheerfully-painted minibusses that follow a predetermined route, connecting suburb to suburb and taking you out to towns around the country.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city has no tram or train routes in the city. But the city offers the facility subways. The Port-au-Prince Subway is a proposed transportation network designed to service the Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area. The Port-au-Prince Metro is a service expansion plan that builds on the existing bus network and identifies opportunities to add new routes and improve the span of existing service. The Port-au-Prince Metro, in its full phase, has 83 stations, among which 75 stations are connected by transfers that are counted as single stations. Stations are located throughout the communes of Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Pétion-Ville, Croix-des-Bouquets, Cité Soleil, and Carrefour.

Sustainable Shopping

You will get several stores and shops that sell various unique items. The variety of sustainable products available in the markets can be considered for buying as a memory of the city. The facility of sustainable shopping is highly offered by the city. Hence, you will get numerous other gift items as well.

Food Markets

The food market of the city is spread widely. You will also get a wide range of seasonal produce including an excellent variety of fruits and vegetables. Besides, the food market also serves a variety of eateries that are highly recommended by the visitors. The city also holds meat and fish markets, where you will get a variety of meats and fishes.

Flea Markets

The city, Port-au-Prince has several flea markets, which are quite popular in the neighborhood regions too. The Galerie Marassa is an amazing center that offers artisanal craftwork that has a slight touch of native Haitian history or a distinguishable contemporary style. Comité Artisanat Haitien is another artisanal market that seeks to boost Haitian artwork, crafts, and trinkets. It also aims to promote fair wages for its artists and artisans and to help the craftspeople sell their products in Port-au-Prince. Marche de Fer is one of the most famous markets in the city. It is known to sell a wide range of fabrics, trinkets, and memorabilia. Being an exceptionally huge market, it serves you to buy very creative items such as dolls, clothes, food, art, and artifacts.

Second Hand Stores

There are few thrift stores located in Haiti, where you can get a big collection of used books, souvenirs such as handicrafts, paintings, and many more. So, try to visit these markets to supports the locals of the city. These stores often provide charitable support to the city locals.


Eco-fashion clothes are very much in demand, across the city. Hence, there are some stores and shops that sell eco-fashion clothes. These clothes are manufactured by using raw materials that are obtained from organic plants. Also, the extensive use of natural dyes is considered to be a part of these sustainable clothes. These clothes positively affect the environment and help to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere. Therefore, many fashion brands are opting for this eco-fashion business.


Port-au-Prince is effectively working on several measures that can help to recycle waste products. FdS offers the most extensively recycling services in the city. They are committed to dramatically reduce post-consumer waste in Haiti. Through all of its numerous recycling endeavors starting from the clean-burning briquettes to its Styrofoam, and palm frond heat-retention cookers, to its waste motor oil recuperation. Therefore, the facilities provided by FdS have the ability to sort and recycle things like PET plastic, organic material, cardboard, HDPE plastic, steel drums, and many others. Further, FdS works with Haiti Recycles to make sure that any material that cannot be reuse by FdS is sorted and shipped to the sites where it can be efficiently recycled.


The Municipality of Port-au-Prince is effectively working to reduce the sewage and wastes in the city. They work to collect the wastes from the different regions of the city and then send them for treatment. This helps in the waste management program. The collection of this waste helps to keep the city clean and free from impurities.

Work and Study Abroad

The city provides both work and study abroad opportunities to the people who are willing to build their future in Port-au-Prince. Hence, you will get a good scope of conducting work in the city and the nearby locations. The facility of various educational programs is also available for the local as well the foreign students.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is highly served by the colleges and universities of the city. They assist to provide an effective way of education to foreign students from across different countries. This program offers various education options that can be conducted under the college fees. Further, they also aid to provide beneficial methods for foreign students to boost their skills. Apart from getting a better education, the scope of learning something new such as the culture and language of the city is also granted.

Au Pair

The options of au pair in the city are quite helpful for the people who came to earn a living in Port-au-Prince. It provides a good source of income for outsiders. Any person can get this facility under which he/she has to work for a host family in the city to get money in return. Sometimes, the host family offers a place to the worker for their stay.


Volunteering is highly conducted across the city. Many people love to participate in the social events organized under volunteering. Working weekly or monthly as a helping hand for the betterment of society is really admirable. Volunteering program such as teaching, animal caring, organizing foods for the poor, etc. are held that contributes towards the noble cause.

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