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Eco-friendly travel guide to Hamilton (New Zealand) advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Hamilton from Till's Lookout, from Whitiora to Fairfield Bridge, traffic on SH1, Māori Garden, Hamilton Station, city offices and WINTEC

  • Air quality: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $250

Responsible Travel

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. In some countries like New Zealand, tourism is a major industry that accounts for a major fraction of the country's income. The best travel and heavy tourism countries need to keep their city clean, less polluted, and suitable for habitation. This is achieved by the efforts of both the residents as well as travelers.

One must keep in mind several key points while traveling to a foreign country to keep the city suitable for tourism. Here is the list of some of these points.

  • Choosing Eco-Friendly Accommodation Options: The ideal method to head out mindfully is to live in the local neighborhood area. This way, you can add to the local area's improvement consistently and acquire an appreciation for the country's way of life by getting drenched in it. In the event that no homestays are accessible, you can pick to remain in eco-accommodating convenience. This is one of the initial phases in deciphering your dependable travel skill right into it on the ground. Anyway, can remain in a lodging offer an eco-accommodating encounter? It can; however, you ought to affirm this prior to putting down your store. You can explore the inn to ensure that they offer energy-and water-proficient conveniences and exercises. You ought to likewise have the option to see if the way of life of the nation you're visiting is joined into the lodging in a manner that is exact and moral. One factor for this is when neighborhood individuals structure part of or collaborate with the foundation. Also, inns that offer a moral and harmless to the ecosystem stay can add to your capable travel insight.
  • Reduce Carbon Emission To Its Lowest Possible State: The greenhouse gas from airplanes adds to rising worldwide temperatures, yet there's a ton you can do to lessen your carbon dioxide commitment while you travel. One route is to book non-stop flights and evade moves. In any case, adding to worldwide fossil fuel byproducts while you travel is here and there unavoidable. To counter this, you can give to carbon-alleviation that emphasizes decreasing environmental change and supporting the networks it influences the most.
  • Bargain After Thinking: It very well may be enticing to haggle at a lower cost at neighborhood markets. Despite the fact that dealing is essential for the way of life in certain locales, it's imperative to remember the master plan and inquire as to whether saving that additional piece of money is justified, despite all the trouble? That $1 you got off of the first cost probably won't be a ton to you. However, it could mean less food on the table for the merchant's family the following day. Thus, for those of us who can travel abroad, following through on full cost is one method of expanding on worldwide advancement endeavors any place you are.

Air Quality and Pollution

Hamilton is one of the major cities in New Zealand. The city is filled with people from all fields of life. The city is also one of the most tourist-heavy cities in New Zealand. Due to tourists' high attraction, the city is in dire need to be more hospitable and welcoming. Cities like this need to have a good environment. Air is one such aspect of the environment that needs to be in a perfect state to reduce health-related issues and make the environment more welcoming.

Coming back to Hamilton's city, the city's air quality lies in the range of 10 to 20. This means that the air in this city is one of the finest available. The air pollution level of this city is also in check appropriately, and the people face no issue when traveling to Hamilton in regards to Air.

The humidity of the region is also in the range of 45 to 90. This range is suitable for a country like New Zealand surrounded by waters on all sides.

Respect the Culture

In 2004, Hamilton City Council regarded the previous inhabitant Richard O'Brien with a day-to-day existence size bronze sculpture of him as character Riff Raff, of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in his spacesuit. The sculpture was planned by Weta Workshop, props producers for The Lord of the Rings films. It remains on the previous site of the Embassy Cinema, where O'Brien watched sci-fi twofold features. A few Maori Pa have been partly reestablished at Pukete, Hikuwai, and Miropiko along the Waikato River banks.

The city is host to an enormous number of little exhibitions and the Waikato Museum. The last incorporates Te Winika, outstanding amongst other safeguarded waka taua (Māori war kayak) from the pre-colonization time. It is likewise home to one of the nation's chief exploratory discovery theaters, The Meteor Theater.

Hamilton is host to a few huge scope performances, including the Soundscape performance, one of New Zealand's most significant road parties. The city likewise has the Opus Chamber Orchestra, which draws artists from around the Waikato Region and is the New Zealand Chamber Soloists' home. A progressing old-style show arrangement highlighting elite musicians is held overtime at the Gallagher Concert Chamber, coordinated by the University of Waikato, Conservatorium of Music.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Below are the 10 best places to visit in Hamilton:

  • Hamilton Gardens: The Hamilton Gardens are eminent for their excellent idea. Its attention is on the historical backdrop of nurseries and how various societies have accepted them – like a gallery in that culture and civilizations are given first concern. A portion of its superb attractions incorporates the Victorian Flower Garden, the Chinoiserie Garden, the Italian Renaissance Garden, and the Indian Char Bagh Garden, all of which epitomize the various styles, plant decisions, and design is normal for their subjects and nations.
  • Artspost Galleries: The ArtsPost Galleries are situated in one of Hamilton's best legacy structures. The previous Post and Telegraph Office premises were changed into a center of inventiveness in 1998, in the wake of going through a progression of renovations that aided protect its recognized memorable highlights. Nowadays, ArtsPost is a spot that advances craftsmen and creatives from the Waikato locale and across New Zealand. Three show spaces house a consistently changing craftsmanship assortment, while the display's shop offers a different arrangement of expressions and specialties for guests to bring home.
  • Waikato River: Hamilton demonstrates that enormous stretches of water can encircle even an inland city. The Waikato River is, in reality, New Zealand's longest, covering a strong 425 kilometers (264.1 miles). It ascends through Mount Ruapehu, going through Lake Taupo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Ngaruawahia, and Huntly prior to streaming out into the Tasman Sea at the Port of Waikato. The stream is a mainstream spot for kayaking and fishing, and the Waikato River Trail is a serious hit among experienced cyclists.
  • Hamilton Zoo: Hamilton Zoo is home to in excess of 600 creatures from New Zealand and abroad. It is additionally where you'll locate the biggest free-flight aviary in Australasia – with a stash of local, Antipodean, and fascinating species making their imprint among the neighborhood plants and streams in its environs. Other vital untamed life to pay special mind to incorporate the ancient Tuatara, a variety of imperiled extraordinary creatures, and an uncommon New Zealand land and water proficient known as Hochstetter's frog. Hamilton zoo has near 25 hectares of lavish green and tranquil environmental factors to wander. Additionally, it has 500 local and special creatures on show. An outing to Hamilton Zoo will be an entire day fun experience.
  • Hamilton Lake: The Hamilton Lake Domain is an ideal spot for a relaxed lakeside walk. Its namesake lake, which is otherwise called Lake Rotoroa, extends across 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) and has a generally level walkway shaping it all through. The region is supplemented by verdant parklands that are ideal for an outing, just as a prospering birdlife all through the water. There's additionally a bistro jungle gym on location for families needing a pleasant outdoorsy spot to unwind a lot.
  • Taitua Arboretum: Taitua Arboretum started as a basic tree-planting project in 1973, after Hamilton local people John and Bunny Mortimer chose they needed to plan something to secure the creatures in the region. As their recently discovered long-lasting enthusiasm advanced, the couple kept developing local and outlandish trees and bushes nearby prior to gifting the land to the chamber in 1997. These days, the Taitua Arboretum flaunts 20 hectares (49.4 sections of land) of open field encircled by developing trees, lakes, forest nurseries, and a progression of picturesque strolling trails that carry guests very close to the nearby birdlife and livestock.
  • The Riff Raff Statue: New Zealand has a weakness for particular figures, and Hamilton is the same. At the southern finish of the city's principal Victoria Street, you'll locate a fitting accolade for The Rocky Horror Picture Show: a sculpture of the film's famous Riff Raff character. Richard O'Brien, who composed both the melodic stage show and the film screenplay, really experienced childhood in New Zealand – he lived in Hamilton for an all-inclusive timeframe, working near the area where the Riff Raff sculpture lives.
  • Night Market: This clamoring underground night market is an unmistakable must-visit in case you're stopping by toward the end of the week. Cooking styles, everything being equal, and ethnicities line the food slows down. Neighborhood expressions and specialties are also a condition, such as kids' exercises and live amusement. The Hamilton Night Market works each Saturday from 5 pm-11 pm at the Kmart carpark on Bryce Street. Make a point to bring money, as numerous slows down don't assume praise/check cards.
  • Ye Olde Berry Farm: Ye Olde Berry Farm is an occasional fascination bound to satisfy those meeting in the late spring months. Ye Olde Berry Farm is known for its pick-your-own strawberries as well as raspberries days, handcrafted frozen yogurts, and a shop loaded up with new natural products, veggies, free-roaming eggs, nectar, sticks, and jelly. The homestead is found only a short way from Hamilton and is especially mainstream among visiting families.
  • Waikato Museum: Inside a short stroll of ArtsPost, you'll discover the Waikato Museum. The current structure, which was opened in 1987, was planned by the late Ivan Mercep – a similar engineer who was entrusted with conceptualizing Wellington's Te Papa Museum. A portion of its most popular highlights incorporates the sublime Te Winika waka (a Maori war kayak), Waikato WWI Story show, and various intelligent science displays for youngsters. The Waikato Museum comprises 13 displays that routinely have many occasions yearly – including the National Contemporary Art Award, a customary gallery element since the year 2000.
The beautiful Hamilton gardens


Hamilton is one of the most beautiful and bustling cities present in New Zealand. The city is filled with nature and cultural art locations. The tourist spots in the city are filled throughout the year with people. Here in this section, we will talk about some of the tourist spots.

City Parks

Hamilton has filled with parks all around. People of all ages enjoy these parks. Kids come to these parks to play; elderly people come here to relax and chat with their friends. These parks are a key part of Hamilton's culture.

These Parks Are Far And Many, And Here Is The List Of The Parks:

  • Hamilton City Holiday Park
  • Innes Common
  • Embassy Park
  • Victoria On The River
  • Parana Park
  • Melancholy Hill
  • Jansen Park
  • Wellington Street Beach
  • Galloway Park
  • Claudelands Park
  • Taitua Arboretum
  • Tauhara Park
  • Destination Playground
  • Hamilton Lake Domain
  • Dawson Park
  • Te Anau Park
  • Resthills Park
  • Hamilton Gardens
  • 'Enderley Park
Galloway Forest Park

National Parks

New Zealand as a country has over 13 national parks spread across the small landmass of the country. Hamilton is a small city that lies in New Zealand, and out of all the parks that have been declared as national parks, none of them are residing in Hamilton. Therefore as of now, there are no national parks that are available in Hamilton.


Hamilton is one such city in New Zealand that is void of water bodies. The city is located at about the center of the country and has only a single river passing through it. Therefore, it is an understandable fact that the city is lacking in beaches as well. Due to the scarcity of water bodies, people take enjoyment of sea beaches by enjoying the river only.


  • Waikato Stadium: Waikato Stadium is the critical area for major donning and social occasions in the Waikato Region. The Chiefs Super Rugby Team, and the Waikato Provincial Rugby Team, the arena, are most popular for facilitating Rugby match-ups. The arena has a limit of 25,800 across four stands. The Stadium additionally plays host to many corporate capacities every year. The arena began life as Rugby Park in 1925, where a solitary covered stand was home to the neighborhood rugby crew. The good 'ole days saw sell-out hordes of up to 13,000 and the principal radio station of a rugby coordinate in Hamilton. In the last part of the 1950s, after limit games with up to 31,000 onlookers, the arena went through significant overhauls with another show-off added.
  • Hamilton New Zealand Temple: Arranged on a masterful slope in the rustic edges of Hamilton, the Hamilton New Zealand Temple ignores the 86 sections of land it imparts to the previous Church College of New Zealand—a Church-worked school for understudies ages twelve to eighteen that for all time shut in December 2009 following 51 years of activity. At the base of the slope is a mainstream public guests' middle, encircled by wonderfully manicured gardens. Aides are accessible to respond to questions and direct guests to the various presentations on location, including a wonderful reproduction of the Christus sculpture. At Christmastime, the grounds are loaded up with an amazing exhibition of lights and shows.
  • Hobbiton Film Set: Hobbiton is one of New Zealand's top attractions, drawing Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans from around the planet. Be that as it may, you don't should be an enthusiast of the movies to appreciate a visit around this enchanting film set. The exertion put resources into reproducing a whole small town from the psyche of J.R.R. Tolkien, complete with town motel and unspoiled lake, is hugely noteworthy. Whether or not you have seen or delighted in the movies, the Hobbiton film set gives an interesting understanding of the inconceivable lengths film creation organizations attempts to make the ideal shot.
LDS Hamilton New Zealand Temple


  • Waikato Museum: Waikato Museum incorporates workmanship, history, Tangata Whenua culture, and science from visiting shows and the gallery's assortments. Sited on the Waikato River banks, in the core of Hamilton's social region at the south-finish of the downtown area, Waikato Museum's 13 displays highlight in excess of 25 new shows and 100 public occasions yearly. Through this intelligent program, the gallery plans to connect with and move nearby and worldwide guests. Features include the glorious war waka Te Winika, For Us They Fell, the Waikato WW1 story, Excite and Planet Warriors, the great involved science displays for kids, and the gallery's exhibitions, which show a rich mix of craftsmanships and taonga Maaori.
  • Classic Museum: With excellent driving streets, a solid import market, and a clever "number-eight wire" fix-it-don't-dump its demeanor, it is obvious that New Zealand is home to a considerable lot of the world's generally attractive and characterizing exemplary vehicles. Developed from an individual assortment of vehicles and motoring memorabilia, the Classics Museum in Hamilton praises car history and the soul of the opportunity it brought by reproducing those great beautiful days when vehicles brought freedom. With more than 100 vehicles and a real '50s American Diner serving exemplary food to great current guidelines, the Classic Museum is an absolute necessity to movement in Hamilton for all ages.


The cuisine of a country is what makes a country special and unique. The same goes for New Zealand and, more specifically, Hamilton. The food in Hamilton is world-famous, and tourists from all over the world come to dwell in these beautiful cuisines. Here in this section, we will talk about food and restaurants in Hamilton that are renowned.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Scotts Epicurean: This rich café has gotten a line of top honors each year since kin Jason and Mandy Scott set up it in 2000 of every a legacy expanding on Victoria Street. They have since made Scotts Epicurean into one of Hamilton's most rich bistro cafés. Scott's group is incredible for its great, proficient help, mixed menu including delectable treats, and quality coffee made by the city's best baristas. Attempt the pytti panna, Swedish air pocket and-squeak, or the Aglio olio: Scotts' popular and rather addictive spaghetti with bean stew, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and Italian parmesan. They serve a morning meal, informal breakfast, lunch, and supper menu on the week's workdays and ends.
  • Foundation Bar Kitchen Lounge: For a genuinely fulfilling experience total with Kiwi style and energy, visit Foundation Bar at Te Rapa in the northwest of focal Hamilton. This new expansion to Te Awa at The Base offers tasteful environmental factors in warm solace while staying consistent with its Kiwi establishments with its stylish rural Air. The establishment is the spot to meet individuals, drink and appreciate the freshest cooking that the area has to bring to the table. Here the menu changes from excellent fried fish and French fries to combined pork filet enclosed by bacon. Also, firm pork gut with parsnip puree, stewed red cabbage and apple, and yellow potatoes. Try not to miss the mouth-watering barbecued scotch filet with potato gratin, shriveled spinach, and sauteed shellfish mushrooms. Establishment gladly pours 'Lager Craft of New Zealand' beer.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Two Birds Eatery: Well known for their mouth-watering crude cakes and beautiful buddha bowls, Two Birds Eatery in Hamilton East is a fantastic decision for the wellbeing cognizant veggie lover. There are phenomenal veggie lover alternatives on the menu, and they ordinarily have a decent decision of both sweet and flavorful vegetarian treats in the bureau. Two Birds is open for breakfast and lunch seven days every week at Clyde Street Shopping Center.
  • Vegan Buffet: On the off chance that you were an aficionado of Chinese smorgasbords before you went vegetarian, at that point, you'll cherish the Vegan Buffet! This spot is so acceptable that you will wish to pop in, fill your plate or takeaway bowl, and leave cheerful! The Vegan Buffet is open for workdays for lunch and until 7.30 pm on Fridays at 148 Ward Street.

Street Food

  • Hangi: Hangi is Maori food at its best. This includes meat and vegetables moderately cooked in an underground broiler. Despite the fact that it was a typical cooking strategy for millennia in New Zealand, today, a hangi is put aside for more exceptional events. However, prepare to be overloaded very fulfilled at hangi dinners as a component of Maori social encounters.
  • Crayfish: Another customary New Zealand food is Crayfish! Crawfish, otherwise called lobster, is a Kiwi most loved generally in light of the fact that it something numerous anglers and jumpers pride on getting themselves. Known to cost NZ$80 for a full crawfish, it's not the most moderate food, but rather it's unquestionably worth an attempt whenever the chance presents itself!
  • Hokey Pokey Ice Cream: Kiwis lean toward Hokey Pokey frozen yogurt (that is caramelized honeycomb) over practically anything. In the event that there's just one frozen yogurt flavor you will attempt in New Zealand, make it Hokey Pokey!


New Zealand as a country is well-known for its amazing authentic beer. The drinks and beverage quality in New Zealand and, more specifically, Hamilton is one of the world's finest. Here in this section, we will talk about all drinks and beverages available in Hamilton.


The water is now safe for drinking and ready for distribution around the city after several years of the purification process. The water pollution level has gone down massive, which has aided in this being possible.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are a common sight to be seen when you travel to Hamilton in New Zealand. The streets are filled with organic cafes as people believe and practice healthy and nature-friendly eating.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Best Organic Cafes In Hamilton:

  • Two Birds Eatery
  • The Kirk Cafe
  • Cafe Fresca
  • Vegan Buffet
  • The Sugar Bowl Cafe
  • Nourish POD
  • Blissful Healthy Vegan Takeaway
  • Hayes Common
  • gather foodhouse
  • Cafe Inc
  • The River Kitchen
  • Babaganush Turkish Restaurant and Cafe
  • Coffee Culture Five Cross Roads
  • The Lost Boys Cafe
  • Whole Heart
  • Hamilton Gardens Cafe
  • Cinnamon
  • Hazel Hayes
  • Mavis & Co
  • Cucina Cafe


  • Good George Brewing & Dining Hall
  • Bootleg Brewery Ltd
  • Brewaucracy Brewery & Taproom
  • DB Breweries
  • Pilot Brewery Ltd
  • Three Fat Pigs Brewing.
  • Brewaucracy Brewery & Taproom
  • BrewShop.co.nz
  • Shunters Yard Brewery
  • Hopnotic Brewery
  • Craft Hamilton
  • Brew Your Liquor
  • The Local Taphouse
  • Three Fat Pigs Brewing
  • The Hamilton Beer & Wine Co
  • Home Brew Supplies
  • Pilot Brewery Limited
  • The Cook
  • Speights Ale House
  • The Keg Room

These are some of the best breweries that one can find in Hamilton.


People in New Zealand have a busy life. People's jobs and other responsibilities keep them busy in New Zealand and, more specifically, Hamilton. The very little time people get in their lives, they prefer spending with family and enjoy.

But that does not mean that there is nothing to do in Hamilton. Tourists who visit Hamilton enjoy cycling around the city, walking into the urban streets filled with culture. Yoga and other sports are common to be seen performed by children and people of all ages.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Iyengar Yoga Centre Of Waikato
  • Body Love Yoga
  • Abundance Yoga & Pilates Hamilton
  • Sun Salute Yoga Centre
  • The Narrows Retreat
  • Blue Mat Pilates Hamilton
  • Namaste Yoga NZ
  • Waitetuna Retreat Centre
  • AyuSpa: Ayurveda Beauty & Well being
  • House Of Light
  • F45 Training Rototuna
  • Prema Yoga
  • F45 Training Hamilton Central
  • Gallagher Aquatic Centre
  • Resolution Retreats
  • YWCA Hostel
  • Raglan Yoga Loft
  • Ashram Yoga
  • UnloxU - Eating Psychology Clinic

There are some of the busiest yoga retreats that can be seen in Hamilton, New Zealand.


Hamilton is a tourist-heavy city. This makes the residents and officials think about the accommodations of these tourists. The tourists in Hamilton have a large array of options when it comes to staying for the night. Here in this section, we will talk about all these accommodation options that people have.

Green Hotels

  • Oak Lane Lodge
  • Albert Court Motor Lodge
  • Park View Motor Lodge
  • Bella Vista Motel
  • Ibis Hamilton Tanui
  • Distinction Hamilton Hotel

These are some of the finest green hotels that are available in Hamilton. These are the hotels that keep the environment clean and keep the waste emission to the minimum.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Manor Views
  • 73 Milton
  • Koromatua Homestead
  • Mill Corner
  • Hakarimata Lodge
  • Hamilton Golf Lodge
  • Essene County Lodge

Hostels and guest houses are some of the finest and cheaper options when traveling to Hamilton.


Often residents in New Zealand post ads all over the town looking for a tenant for their apartments. Tourists often take on these ads and act as a tenant for these apartments. As a tenant, they have to pay a rather lower rent than what they might have had to pay at hotels and guest houses.


Couchsurfing is the means by which a tourist can sleep at a person's house for the night. The best way to search for Couchsurfing options in Hamilton is by going to couchsurfing.com/.


Camping is an activity that is performed in Hamilton but not in an excess amount. Most tourists go camping in Hamilton, and therefore there are only a few campgrounds there. The campgrounds are as follows.

  • Narrows Camping
  • Narrows Park Christian Camp
  • Kaniwhaniwha Campsite
  • EquipOutdoors

How to Get There

Traveling to a city like Hamilton in a country like New Zealand is not a serious issue. There are several means of travel that one can take to reach the city of Hamilton.


Hamilton has only one airport, and that is the Hamilton airport. Planes from Wellington and Christchurch come to this airport. To reach Hamilton by Air, they need to take a flight that can take them to Hamilton Airport.

An ariel view of the Hamilton Airport, New Zealand


Intercity buses do operate that can take you to Hamilton. Buses from Auckland, Wellington, and Tauranga can take you to Hamilton.

A local bus on a street in Hamilton


Only one single train or railway line operates in Hamilton. The only train that can take you to Hamilton is the Tranz Alpine Train, and this train starts from [[Auckland[[ and stops at Wellington.

A train at a station in Hamilton, New Zealand


People of Hamilton are known for their hospitality, and they can be seen offering a ride to tourists to reach a certain location within the city. Even on the highway, hitchhiking is a common means tourists can avail themselves for reaching Hamilton's city.


Another means of reaching Hamilton is via road. One can take State Highway 1 in New Zealand to reach Hamilton by car.

Moving Around

Being a major city in New Zealand, Hamilton has several means of transportation that one can take to roam around in the city. Here in this section, we will talk about such means of transportation.


Hamilton is a city that is moderate in size. Therefore, people find that walking is an effective way of traveling in Hamilton. For shopping purposes, walking is the best option when it comes to Hamilton.


There are several places in Hamilton where you can hire bikes and bicycles for you to travel in. These means are best for traveling a slightly longer distance and becoming a cheap and effective travel mode.

Electronic Vehicles

There is no electronic public mode of transportation available for tourists and residents to ride in Hamilton.

Public Bus

There are different types of intra-city bus transportation means available for people to ride in Hamilton. These are some of the fastest means of traveling one can get in Hamilton.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no train or tram lines available within the city to take you to different locations in the town.

Sustainable Shopping

People in Hamilton prefer to buy their country's products and rely less on imported goods. There are several shops and markets available throughout the city that promote self-made goods over imported ones.

Food Markets

  • Hamilton Farmers' Market
  • Frankton Fresh
  • Pukete Food Market
  • Magic Fresh
  • Gourmet in the Gardens
  • Sai baba food market
  • Base Friday Night Market
  • Kiwi Fresh Hamilton
  • Five Cross Roads Foodmarket
  • Glenview Fruit & Vege Market
  • Seafood Bazaar -Te Rapa
  • Peachgrove Road Foodmarket
  • Walmart Asian Supermarket
  • Claudelands Food & Vege Centre
  • Vege King
  • Direct from the Market
  • The Riverbank Lane
  • Buy food
  • SuperValue Parkwood
  • Produce Planet

These are some of the top food markets available in Hamilton.

Flea Markets

There is only one flea market in Hamilton, and that is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Second Hand Stores

  • Waikato Second Hand Centre
  • Op Shop At St Francis Hamilton
  • Hospice Shop Waikato - Claudelands
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Salvation Army Family Store
  • Recycle Boutique Hamilton
  • Fletchers Trade It Department
  • Red Cross Shop
  • Salvation Army Family Store
  • St John Opportunity Shop
  • Salvation Army Family Store
  • Vinnies Chartwell
  • The Salvation Army
  • Hospice Shop Waikato - Va Va Voom Boutique
  • Orphans Aid Opshop Hamilton
  • Red Cross Shop
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore - Glenview
  • HospiceShop - Lake Road Upstairs

These are the most well-known second-hand stores in Hamilton.


  • Recycle Boutique Hamilton
  • Max
  • Shine
  • True.
  • moochi ward
  • KILT Clothing Hamilton
  • Rossellini
  • Harper Inc
  • Shop 9 - Boutique Women's Fashion and Designer Clothing
  • RUBY Hamilton


Hamilton is an environmentally friendly city. The city is always kept clean, and the residents there is a firm believer in recycling their products. Waste generated is kept at a minimum, and people are always enthusiastic about keeping their city clean.


Hamilton's waste is managed properly. People there have created landfills and compost their biodegradable waste. The non-biodegradable waste is recycled instead of just dumping there unmanaged.

Work and Study Abroad

Education is a top priority in Hamilton. Government officials emphasize educating their country's children and providing them a world-class education.

The same can be said about job opportunities. The government has created several new job opportunities for their working-class by working alongside several MNCs and keeping the future of the country in mind.

Exchange Student

  • NZMA Waikato Campus
  • University of Waikato
  • University of Waikato - Hamilton Campus
  • International College Of Auckland Limited
  • Wintec | Waikato Institute of Technology
  • Waikato Pathways College
  • Waikato Institute of Technology, City Campus

These are some of the top schools and universities in Hamilton that take in students abroad and provide them a world-class education.

Au Pair

The government has created several sorts of au pair-related jobs for their working-class population. These jobs are some of the finest available in Hamilton and are brought with several MNCs and national companies.


Several sections of people of Hamilton work for the betterment of the larger population of the country. These people are linked with several NGOs and work for several volunteering groups. Here is the list of some of the top volunteering groups in Hamilton.

  • Volunteering Waikato
  • Open Home Foundation
  • Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust
  • Cancer Society of New Zealand - Waikato/BOP Division
  • Heart Foundation NZ - Hamilton Branch
  • Youth Horizons, Hamilton
  • Life Unlimited Head Office
  • Settlement Centre Waikato
  • Kaivolution
  • Enable New Zealand
  • Deaf Aotearoa Waikato
  • Wise Group
  • NZ Care Group, Hamilton
  • Tzu Chi Foundation NZ Hamilton Branch
  • Ministry of Education
  • Hospice Waikato
  • Hauora Waikato Mental Health Services
  • Hauora Waikato Maori Mental Health Services

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