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Eco-friendly travel guide to Honduras advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Honduras, Central America, North America.

Beautiful Guanaja Honduras, one of the bay islands off the north coast in the Caribbean

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3/ 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $450
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $650

Responsible Travel

Honduras is a well-known country in Central America. Officially, it is known as the Republic of Honduras, Spanish Republica de Honduras. Situated between Guatemala and El Salvador to the west and Nicaragua to the south and east. This country is popularly known for its famous tourist attractions including Bay Islands, Copan Ruins Archeological Sites, La Tigra National Park, and many others. The country is blessed with tremendous natural beauty. The active volcanoes, dense rainforests, and exotic animal species are an interior part of the country. White beaches fringed by the second largest barrier reef in the world is an amazing site to enjoy. If you want to enjoy a restful vacation with marvelous views, then you should undoubtedly visit Honduras.

  • To be a responsible tourist you should always go for ways that aid the environment. Consider using trains, buses, or even boats to explore all the major destinations in Honduras.
  • The inner city can be traveled by taxis and bicycles. You can organize your trip suitably so that it can help you to carry out your responsibility as a tourist.
  • Try to visit local markets for food and be housed to contribute to the economy of the country. It’s an effective way to carry out your responsibility as a tourist.
  • There are so many national parks which you can visit while exploring the country. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in a fresh environment.
  • Try to travel via local transport as much as possible to show your support to the locals. Rented cars, taxis, ferries can be some of the best options.
  • Choose eco-friendly hotels for your stay in Honduras. It will help you and the country to stay pollution-free.
  • Try to have your meals in local restaurants. Street foods of Honduras are very famous among the tourists. You must try these local street foods as well.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of the country is moderately unsafe. There are some places that are often called the hot spot of raised pollution. This mostly occurs in the central part of the country or on main roads. Harmful gases emitted from the heaters are very harmful to humans. It has extended up a level where safety measures are a must. Governments have taken several measures since the problem started and they are asking the public to use less fuel-based gadgets, alternately go for public transports or carpools.

The government is continuously trying to understand the concept and taking the necessary steps to control pollution. The government is repeatedly working for the betterment of the country. The country is persistently improving day by day. The government has taken the action to decrease the amount of usage of such devices that causes more pollution. With the help of these, they have managed to control the pollution to a certain level. On the present date, pollution is very much in control. You can plan your trip to Honduras comfortably.

Respect the Culture

La Ceiba, the annual carnival, is a week-long celebration with music, fairs, and special food, known as The Carnival of Friendship. The culture of the country is so lively that you need a moment to cherish it all. There are several celebrations which you can attend. You will be able to probe their culture through these amazing events in the form of carnivals, fairs, and parades.

These popular cultural and artistic events will define the history of Honduras. If you are a nature lover or/and wildlife lover then you should visit these places in Honduras. The musical concert and a Punta (a kind of dance and music) performed here is a must-watch. You can omit all your tensions and enjoy your day with your loved ones.

You can even interact with locals during your tour of these places. This will help you to understand the culture of Honduras better. People here are very helpful and understanding. This city mostly has an international population. The English language is present everywhere here, which makes you communicate with the locals freely. It makes the trip even more engaging.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Everyone knows that Honduras is the best country and people love to visit over there. It is because there you would get some beautiful cities which have the most attractive places for your holiday trip. If you are really interested to know their names then just go through the ones which are mentioned below.

  • Basilica de Nuestra Señora De Suyapa (Tegucigalpa) - This is a church located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa and was built in the period of the 18th century. Here you would get to feel the real presence of Jesus and get to know the best things about him. Never miss this place because this chance might not come on your next trip.
  • St. Peter the Apostle Cathedral (San Pedro Sula) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this church is the heart of San Pedro Sula. People come here and wish for the best thing in their life which can also be a part of their dreams. Just try out this place and you will get to see something very extraordinary.
  • Parque Nacional Pico Bonito (La Ceiba) - You can call it a natural reserve that has coasts and mountains. From here you can have a better view of the city and never ever forget it. Just go for it and you will not want to return back to your normal life.
  • Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción (Comayagua) - People in the city call it a palace but in simple words, it is a huge cathedral. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary and some of her works are still immortal in this place. Visit here and you will get a fair knowledge about the best things of the early ages.
  • Zizima Eco Water Park (La Lima) - This place is fantastic and is beyond any words or thoughts. Here the water slides are amazing and can give you the most extraordinary feeling. You can say that missing it is like missing the best part of your vacation.
  • Maguen David Synagogue (Choloma) - It is a synagogue that was established in the year 1997 and has the best things to offer. Here you would know the contributions of the Jewish community during the time of war. Try not to miss it because this opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Iglesia Catedral (Choluteca) - Without any doubt, we can say that this cathedral is lovely. The architecture is fine and will give you a feeling of doing wow. In other words, a place like this is not there in any other cities of Honduras.
  • St. Rose Cathedral (Santa Rosa de Copán) - You cannot imagine that this place was established in the year 1798 and is famous even today. It is because it is holiest and here if you wish anything from your true heart then it is always fulfilled. As a result, without this place, your trip is incomplete and does not have any proper meaning.
  • Iglesia de Intibucá (La Esperanza) - If you want to know the history behind the city of La Esperanza then this palace is the perfect choice for you. It promotes the cultural heritage of the city and tells you about it in full detail. After visiting here it is guaranteed that you would want to narrate the stories to your beloved persons.
  • King Kong Extreme Zipline (Coxen Hole) - For all those people who want to have a nice adventure in their life this place is fabulous. It gives you a scope for rappelling and river crossing activities. Make a fair attempt of doing it and see the fun which you get.
  • Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa: The Fortaleza de San Fernando (also known as the Castillo de San Fernando de Omoa) is a colonial-era Spanish fortress in Omoa, Honduras. Built between 1756 and 1775 the fortress guarded Spanish interests in the-then Captaincy General of Guatemala before being seized by the Honduran government in 1821. The fortress remains relatively intact, and is a major tourist attraction in Omoa.
Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa


So you have almost known the above ten places where you need to visit. But what will you do if you have to explore the cities of Honduras? It is simple just to visit the other places like some city parks and museums which are mentioned below.

City Parks

  • Recreativo Bella Vista (Gracias) - This park is awesome and here you can come for a picnic with your family. It would be some of the precious moments to remember and you will never forget them. But if you say no to it then no one can help you to have any enjoyment.
  • 'San Juan ParkSiguatepeque) - It is meant for children and they love to come here and play a game of cricket and football. Here you can get a lot of open spaces and it is good for playing any of the outdoor games. Bring your kids over here and give them the best happiness which they can remember throughout their life.
  • Felix M Reyes Park (Catacamas) - The ambiance of this park is calm and you will get a different level of enjoyment over here. If you have this thought that it is a boring place then just erase it off and explore this place. Once you explore it then you will feel like recommending it to the other person.
  • Parque Central de Amapala (Amapala) - There are no such persons who say bad things about this park. Here the atmosphere is friendly and you can also light a fire and try out camping. Make a note of this place and mark it as a very important one in your travel diaries.

National Parks

  • Cacerio Infop (La Paz) - This park justifies the real meaning of nature and gives you a lot of satisfaction. You will love it to the fullest and never have any kind of disappointments with it. But if you think that it is nothing then no one can help you with it.
  • Parque Morazan (Villanueva) - It is situated in the heart of the city Villanueva and has the best features. This means that here you will get some fascinating rides and have a lot of fun. The moment you miss it then you would regret it and gather unnecessary frustrations among yourself.


  • Playa De la Coca Cola (Puerto Cortés) - Do not go by its name because it is a beach which gives you a very different level of thrill. Here the water is normal and you would want to have a bath inside it. In the beginning, you might find it uninteresting but later on, you would understand its relevance.
  • West End Beach (Guanaja) - Though this beach is not for bathing but here you can come for an evening walk. It also offers you some food stalls where some delicious dishes are available. Come here and you would want to get absorbed in its beautiful atmosphere.


Unfortunately, you would not get any famous landmarks in any cities of Honduras. But there is nothing to worry about because museums can give you enough joy.


  • Museo Para La Identidad Nacional (Tegucigalpa) - In this museum, you would get some famous paintings and artworks of the best painters. They are popular all over the world and have a greater significance. Have a tour of this place and see how brilliant it is.
  • Casa de la cultura (El Progreso) - You will notice that this place has a better place all over the internet. The reason behind this thing is that it has some best artifacts and structures of the 18th century. Just go through them and you will have a very nice idea about it.
Casa de la cultura'


Local foods are very famous among tourists. This country is very famous for its beef platters. You will get to taste the finest quality of meats and kinds of beef here. There are plenty of dishes made from kinds of beef and chicken which you can try.

The traditional foods are very much in demand. The traditional Honduran cuisine is something worth trying if you are visiting Honduras. And if you want to acknowledge the culture of this country, you should try these dishes from the local restaurants. These local foods are extremely delicious and will definitely suit your taste buds.

Street foods are available in almost every corner of the country with variations in fast foods. Some highly rated foods by tourists are Carne Asada, Baleadas, Honduran Tacos, Machuca, Pupusa, etc. They are easily available and low costs. They maintain good hygiene while preparing these foods. It’s mouth-watering and very delicious. You can always compare and decide according to your preferences.


One of the best partners of tourists during their visit to different countries is the drinks. It helps them to stay refreshed and gain the energy to explore all the exciting places. Every tourist carries water or energy drinks with them to stay refreshed during the exploration of the country. In Honduras, you will find a wide range of drinks from soft to alcohol.

The first drink that you should try is traditional drinks. There are many traditional drinks available that help to know the culture and traditions of the country better. Pinol is the national drink of Honduras, which is made using ground maize (corn) and other additional flavors.

Apart from that, there are also many different types of alcohols and drinks that are available in the country such as Atol de Elote, Horchata, Jugo de Caña de Azúcar, Licuado, Agua de Ensalada, and various others. The nightlife is vibrant throughout the country and there are several beaches that get decorated pretty well for parties.

You can visit these beaches to enjoy a wide collection of drinks. Some soft drinks and mix juices are quite tasteful and can even be good for health during your trip. Most of the drinks come at a low price and are easily available throughout the cities in Honduras.


Before visiting any country, you need to know the quality of tap water there. It will help you to prepare well and stay healthy during your whole tour. Although in most of the countries, mineral water and packaged water is available at different prices, many countries use tap water as they is very clean and drinkable. When it comes to the tap water of Honduras, it is completely unsafe to drink.

You should choose to use bottled water while exploring the country. So, during your trip to Honduras, you will have to use packaged water for drinking and other purposes. In Honduras, you will find purified water or bottled water in almost all restaurants, food stores, grocery stores, and cafes. It will help you a lot to get drinkable water wherever and whenever you want. Most of them also come at a very reasonable price, which makes it a good option.


One of the most common reasons for traveling to different countries in the activities. Many tourists count for different activities in a country in which they can take part in and gain a new experience. Honduras offers a lot of activities that will not only help you to gain a splendid experience but also makes you familiar with the history of the country very well. As the country is known for its memorable places and monuments of history, you will get a very good traveling experience.

From Copan Ruins to different beaches and wildlife, the country has many activities to offer for tourists. Also, many festivals take place in Honduras that seek the attention of a lot of people from different countries. You can be a part of these festivals to witness and enjoy some of the best programs performed. Apart from the famous attractions and festivals, you will also get to try on many outdoor activities in this country.

As the country has mountains, sea, and forest, all different types of activities are available here. From hiking, trekking, rock climbing, walking, to water sports like rafting, fishing, and so on are available in the country. You can visit different islands and forests in the country to get some unforgettable experiences. However, make sure to book spots for some of the outdoor activities in advance to make sure you have a chance to enjoy without missing any thrill and excitement.


Accommodation is one of the most necessary things for tourists, as they need a place to keep their belongings while exploring the places. Getting a complete and comfortable rest is all you want when you are on a vacation. The accommodation structure of the country is truly engrossing. Whether you choose to live in rural or urban areas, you will find many options here, from expensive to cheap ones. You will find a free internet connection and parking in almost every hotel, motel, or apartment. Mainly, all the hotels are well connected with restaurants and other facilities.

There are a number of tourists who visit Honduras every year. In the past few years, the number of visitors has increased incredibly. However, to keep the city pollution-free and reduce waste, this country offers some green hotels, besides apartments and guest houses. So, you can choose the type of accommodation according to your budget, staying duration, and others. You can take the help of the internet or a daily newspaper to find suitable accommodation for yourself. So, here are some of the accommodation options that you can refer to during your stay in the country.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are one of the best accommodations for eco-friendly tourists. If you are planning to stay in the country for a short time, then green hotels are the best option to stay. It will not only maintain the cleanliness of the country but will also assure the safety of your health. The green hotels are much like the average hotels. But, they use eco-friendly methods and recyclable items to keep the country clean from waste.

From water to light sources, the green hotels use as many green natural sources as possible. Some of the green hotels are available at a low price while others are expensive. All the different types of benefits are available, keeping in mind the health of the visitors. It is best to take the help of online services to book these green hotels. Or else, you might have to wait for a long time to get a room in these hotels.

The green hotels have become very popular in the last few years. So, many tourists choose to stay in these hotels for their best-staying experience. Also, make sure to know the name of green hotels before visiting the country as it will help you to reach the destination easily. Don’t forget to play your part while staying in these hotels to keep them clean and pollution-free.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are planning to stay for more than 3 weeks in this country, then choose hotels that are not very expensive. Hostels and guest houses are the best choices for you as it will provide you a comfortable stay and save your money as well. Though there are some expensive guest houses and hostels available in Honduras, most of them are low-priced and pocket-friendly. In spite of having a very low cost, they do not compromise in their facilities and benefits. You will get almost all the basic benefits along with some extra benefits from them. Options such as sharing rooms are also available to divide the room charges with others. Many hostels and guest houses are available throughout the country. It helps to save a lot of money and at the same time provides a comfortable rest for the customers.

Before staying in these places, it is best to book the rooms online to assure your stay. Many hostels and guest houses are very popular and get filled very quickly. In comparison to hotels, the number of rooms in most of the guesthouses and hostels are very low. So, booking in advance is highly recommended if you are planning to stay in hostels and guest houses.


An apartment is the best choice for you if you are planning to stay for some months in the country. Staying in other accommodation options for months can be very expensive. Renting apartment options are also available, starting at a very low price. This helps you to save a lot of money in the long stays. As Honduras is a very popular destination for tourists, you will get several options while renting an apartment for your stay in almost every city in this country.

Apartments provide many advantages and benefits for tourists to stay comfortable during the tour. There are many cheap to expensive apartments available in different ranges which provide some premium features to the tourists. If you are choosing a medium price or low price apartment to stay in the city, then you will also get the chance to know a lot about the country’s culture. In most of the apartments, you will be surrounded by local people who will help you to know and observe their lifestyle more closely.

From learning the local languages to acquiring knowledge about their lifestyle, you will be able to get ideas about their living. There are some specific places in Honduras, where you might not get apartments to stay in. In such a case, you will have to look for some other options to stay in or near those areas. So, you are referred to take the help of the locals or consider online services to know about the availability of apartments.


Couchsurfing is the best way for tourists to save money and explore the culture more closely in the travel location. You will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about the country and other information by choosing it. This accommodation option is getting popular in the world and is available in almost all countries. Honduras is one of the countries, where Couchsurfing is widely available. It is completely safe and a very good option for your stay in the country as long as you want.

Couchsurfing is a temporary stay in which a group of tourists provides service by helping other tourists by offering them shelter and food while visiting their home town or country. You will find many hosts in the country who are ready to provide shelter and food to other tourists. However, if you are thinking of Couchsurfing, then make sure to look for it from a very early time to get all the things prepared before starting the journey.

It takes a lot of time to find someone as a host and discuss the stay and other things with them. Choosing this way to stay in the country will help you a lot in enjoying some benefits such as knowing the different places in the country, observing the lifestyle of local people closely, know the traditions, taste the local dishes, learn the language, and many more.


Camping is for people who like to stay close to nature while exploring the country. Many tourists are likely to enjoy a more adventurous journey besides opting for the chance to feel the freshness of nature. Camping is one of the best ways to admire the open sky and enjoy the mesmerizing views of different mountains, forests, and lakes. Honduras has a lot of camping spots in different corners of the cities. You will be able to get a good experience while camping in this country.

Most of the camping spots are available in different mountains, forests, lakes, and other suitable places. Also, as Honduras has several islands, you will get some of the best camping spots on those islands. Most of the camping spots have all the basic facilities like toilets, food arrangements, and others. They are available at affordable prices and provide very eye-catching and amazing views that tourists look for.

Tourists all around the globe book these camping spots to experience a unique stay in Honduras. While staying in the camps, you will also be able to take part in many outdoor activities like bonfires, walking on the hills, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and others based on the location. So if you are planning to book one, then do it in advance through the online services.



Getting There and Moving Around

Honduras is well connected to all the transport facilities. If you are traveling from one city to another, you can select various transportation means such as airways, public transports, and private cars. As an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt for bicycles to avoid pollution and travel to cover minimal distances. The fares of all these means of transportation are a lot different. When it comes to exploring the country, you might need to break your journey based on your location. It will be more convenient and comfortable if you are traveling with your loved ones. Taxis, buses, cars, trains are some of the common modes of transport here.


Traveling through airways has always been very comfortable and fast. This will help you to save your time and utilize them on other exciting things to explore. There are 4 International airports that are located in a different region of Honduras country. Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport is the main airport of this country. Regarding the prices of the tickets, it can vary depending on the airline you are boarding on. You are free to always compare and select according to your preferences. Choosing to travel through airways can be expensive but it is worth spending because of its fast service and comfort.

Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport


The transport network of Honduras is very wide and intertwined. Choosing public transport while traveling inside the cities is the best you can do to justify your duty as an eco-friendly tourist. Buses here are well interconnected for long and short distances. The fares are extremely low on some routes, you can buy your ticket in advance, or if getting on at smaller destinations the conductor comes and collects the fares. Traveling by bus can be a bit tiring but it will cost you less as compared to the other means of travel. The buses here are well constructed and highly maintained, it can assure you a safe and comfortable ride. Rapiditos are also available that serve local routes.

Tourists getting on a bus in Honduras


The best thing about traveling by train is that you can see all the beautiful scenes on the road. Traveling by train makes you reach the destination on time as there is no chance of getting delayed because there is no traffic on the railways. When you are traveling inside the country, the train is one of the most comfortable options for tourists. Local people prefer the railway system to travel from one city to another. There are no railways connected to different islands in Honduras. But trains are very frequent in different cities that help to cover the country and see famous attractions in a short time. Make sure to book the tickets online to assure your seats on the train and avoid being on the waiting list.

Train station in Honduras


Hitchhiking is one of the best ways to travel to any destination without spending much money. Although it takes time to reach the country, it provides a good adventurous journey with a view to the destination. Hitchhiking is available for tourists to visit Honduras. . It is a method of taking a lift on the way from people who are heading toward the country. As Honduras is well connected via road to other countries, you will easily be able to hitchhike your way through the country. You will gain some of the best experience on your way to the country as there are plenty of views to admire along the way. Almost all the roads are busy and well connected, you don’t have to wait long on the road as the highways have a good reputation for hitchhiking.


Apart from airways, trains, buses, and hitchhiking, there are several other means of transport available inside the country. Inside the city, you can explore better if you walk through the paths. For other things, you can rent a car or bike. Even a bicycle can be an option. To protect the environment from pollution, it can be the best solution for eco-friendly tourists like you. Riding a bicycle is beneficial for your health too. To cover the longer distance, you can opt for taxis which are easily available in the market. They have ferries and water taxis as well, which help you to reach the islands. These modes of transports help you to save money.

Sustainable Shopping

It does not matter which country you are selecting to travel to, shopping is an important part. It helps you to understand the culture very closely and become more conscious about their tradition. Purchasing some of the unique things such as souvenirs or items for loved ones is a very common activity for tourists. Instead of casual shopping, people around the world are now opting for sustainable shopping that helps to shop lovely things at low costs and decrease the waste of the city. You will be able to see some of the popular markets in the country that offer antique and vintage items.

If you like to add some handicraft items to your collection, then Honduras is the place for you. You will also get pottery items, coconut carvings, a variety of baskets, and some of the other high-quality items at a low cost. Purchasing items from the small shops will support them a lot, as most of them are dependent on tourism. From clothes to accessories, you will find various types of items while exploring these markets. Make sure to visit the markets early, so you can get the best items before they go out. You will be astonished to see some of the historical ceramic items here that are still very much in demand.


In Honduras, recycling is a very important way of living. It provides a source of living for thousands of people, especially the ones who are from villages and mountain regions. The recycling process of Honduras has always been to the mark for a long time. More than 70 percent of municipal waste is used for recycling that keeps the environment clean. These recycled products are used in different production industries to ensure the betterment of the atmosphere.

The government is planning to increase the recycling product percentage to bring change in the country. They have taken various measures in the last few years to recycle as much they can and make the country free from wastes. They are working to take the necessary steps to recycle a lot later to help the urban living style better. Somehow, they had made a lot of progress in a short time.

Honduras is at the top of the list of recycling countries in Central America. They have started it early and have achieved a lot of development in the country to process for filling the gap of recycling. Many local people here contributed to the gathering of the wastes that are found in different regions of the country such as coastal areas, cities, lakes, and others. Measures have been taken to improve the process and use the wastes in different places as recycled. Make sure that you are playing your part as an eco-friendly tourist while staying in this country during your trip, to keep Honduras free from wastes.


Waste production is a very critical issue that is arising in most countries. However, many countries have taken the necessary steps to improve the environment and reduce waste collection. Honduras is not one of the fast runners in this case as they have taken the steps to improve the condition earlier. In comparison to other countries, they have started this process early and the waste products of the country are dumped in open dumps. Solid waste has increased a lot in the country.

In a short time, waste records have increased between 0.5 to 1 kg by each person on each day. In this increase in waste, plastic, paper, and putrescible played a huge role. The Tegucigalpa trash dump, located on the top of a steep hill is unregulated and has been a workplace for men, women, and children. However, there is a famous gang that controls the dump by offering a better price for the recycled materials from the informal workers. Along with the government, many private companies have started to support and provide all the necessary things.

Work and Study Abroad

Honduras is popular in the world for having a lot of historical sites and its history. Many tourists are not familiar with the working and student culture in the county. Education in Honduras is far better than in comparison to many other countries. This land that is remarked on the depth of the ocean also offers attractive courses to foreign students. During your tour of the country, you will be able to see a lot of students from different countries who are staying in the country to complete their education.

Also, there are many universities available in the country which offer benefits like exchange students that help the students to study in the country at a low cost. Apart from this, there are many migrants as well who are working and earning their living pretty well. Plenty of jobs are available in the country that helps workers from different countries to earn a lot. Jobs like Au Pair and volunteering are also available that help you to contribute toward the country to stay safe and help out the local people. The education system has improved a lot from the past times, which is attracting students from different countries. Here are some of the things that will help you to know more about the benefits and facilities that are available for foreign students.

Exchange Student

As mentioned above, exchange students are one of the most effective benefits that help the students to study in other universities at a low price. It is getting popular around the world, and most of the universities in different parts of the world have partnerships to offer this facility to their students. The best thing about this facility is that students can study at foreign universities only with the college fee. Most of the reputed universities have partnerships with other universities in different countries across the world. Many students are living in the country to complete their education successfully with the help of the exchange student.

If you want to take the help of this benefit to study in Honduras, then you have to know if the home university has a partnership with any of the universities in Honduras. To get this benefit, you will have to get nominated by your home university. Only if you are nominated, and your university has a partnership with Honduras’s universities, then you will be able to study there using this exchange student program. You can check which colleges or universities in Honduras have partnerships with your college using online services.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a helpful facility and job sector for foreign students and workers. It is a useful facility, which is popular around the world. Most of the people take the help of this facility in the early stage of their settling down in the country. The benefit of this facility is that it will provide you the convenience to be able to get shelter, food, and even some pocket money.

In exchange for all these, you will have to take care of the house, children, or elderly person. It is available in most of the cities and islands of Honduras. However, you will need to take the help of the online services to find the host easily and quickly. You need to make sure that you are contacting the host earlier, as the procedure takes some time. This will also help you to avoid all the end moment trouble that one might face while reaching the country. Also, you will get the chance to know their way of living better.


Volunteering is known to be one of the best ways to give your contribution to the country and make it a safer and cleaner place for tourists. As an eco-friendly tourist, you can volunteer for different jobs in the country. This volunteering idea starts with keeping the famous attractions of the country clean to teaching English or any other languages to the local people.

This will also help you to gain a lot of knowledge about the local people, their culture, their traditions, and many such other things. You can have a look at the online services to know about the list of available jobs available and consider the options that you can choose to volunteer. You will come across many foreigners who are participating in the volunteering work conducted in the country.

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