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Eco-friendly travel guide to Central America advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Central America, North America.

  • Air quality: 1 - 2.5/ 5
  • Bus connections: 4 - 5/ 5
  • Train connections: 0 - 1 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 1 - 2 / 5
  • National parks: 4 - 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 - 5/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 - 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3..5 - 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $90
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $120

Responsible Travel

The countries that make up the Central American region are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

These countries are famous for different things, including their active volcanoes. Thus, we can say that it attracts or gets a high inflow of foreigners.

It could be that you are traveling to Central America for your next holiday. The best way to be a responsible traveler in this region is to engage in recycling. All the countries in this region have bottled water, so you will be exposed to many plastics. Engaging in recycling is the best way to deal with these plastics and help their society.

These people are also protective of their wildlife and animals in general. Thus, it would be best if you did not buy anything made from animals. It is illegal to purchase anything made from fur, feathers, or seashells.

Air Quality and Pollution

It is also wise to check the environmental issues of a place before visiting. However, that should not be a reason not to visit the area as there are ways to minimize its effects on the body system.

When talking about environmental issues in Central America, one of the problems is air pollution. It is safe to say that all the countries in this air have low air quality. Thus, it would help if you are well-prepared when visiting this region.

We cannot state or generalize the reason for air pollution in this region. We can say that more work needs to be done on curbing activities that lead to air pollution.

As a foreigner, you should also not partake in any activity that leads to air pollution.

Respect the Culture

Foreigners are always eager to visit a new place. However, there are some rules you have to follow. It is always important to show respect towards the locals as that is the only way to enjoy your stay in the region.

It is not out of place to see foreigners with cameras wanting to capture moments. However, you should know that Central America’s locals do not fancy when people take their pictures without permission. Thus, the right thing to do is to ask before snapping.

If you love to engage in a public display of affection, you should tone it down when you visit Central America as they see it as disrespectful.

The use of basic manners should also not be forgotten when you are in Central America.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Here are some of the top places to visit in Central America:

• Lamanai Archaeological Reserve (Belize): It is one of the places of interest in Belize. It is important to note that you will pass through a river before getting to this place. However, the boat ride is usually fun. People say that they learn new things when they visit this place, and it holds high significance to the locals. It is always best to have a tour guide who will give you a complete historical download of the place. For those who are adventurous and love to explore, you can climb to the top of any of the temples to have a breathtaking view.

• Irazú Volcano (Costa Rica): Since the Central American region is known for its active volcanos, it is not out of place to visit this place. It is conducive for both couples and individuals. After all, Costa Rica is a country of interest for couples. This place is not only famous for its active volcano but also its hiking trails. However, it would help if you have a local with you while hiking at this place.

• Selvatura Adventure Park (Costa Rica): If you are a lover of butterflies, you will have a swell time at this place. There are many fun activities to do at this place, including going on a canopy walk. It is impossible not to have a pleasant experience when you visit this park. The available tour guides are also friendly and helpful to ensure that you enjoy your visit.

• Plan de la Laguna Botanical Garden (El Salvador): Imagine a garden built in a volcanic crater. There would be no need for imagination when you visit this place. We do not know what you expect, but we are sure that you will admire this place’s beauty. It is a comfortable ambiance that makes people happy whenever they visit it. It has various ponds and plant species. We are sure that you will learn something new concerning plants. You can also feed the fishes and turtles at this place.

• Xetulul Theme Park (Guatemala): The ability to have fun should not be dependent on your home city. This park comes in handy when you want to have fun and let go of worries. After all, who does not enjoy visiting an amusement park and letting out their inner child? It is a great way to meet new people, and you will be happy. There are many rides in this park.

• Little French Key (Honduras): It is a private island that comes in handy for people who desire to engage in water activities. Different marine sports happen on this island. It is also perfect for those who want a break from the city’s usual hustle and bustle. Snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking are activities that you should not miss doing when you visit this island.

• Pulhapanzak Waterfalls (Honduras): If you have never been to a waterfall, this is your opportunity. It is a fantastic place to explore and makes a beautiful background. Thus, it is not surprising that people want to take pictures at this place. If you are looking for a relaxing environment, this is the best place to visit.

• Islets of Granada (Nicaragua): Visiting an island is usually fun. Now, imagine that you get to visit about 365 islands. This is what you get when you visit this place as it is a chain of 365 volcanic islands. It helps you see Central America from different angles, and you get to see some of its plants and animals. Taking a boat ride tour of these islands is usually some people’s holiday highlight.

• Iglesia Xalteva (Nicaragua): The architectural prowess of this place has made it one of the top sights to visit in Central America. If you love to explore buildings and look out for their details, this is a great place to visit.

• Volcán Barú (Panama): As the tallest mountain in Panama, you are sure to get eye-catchy and pleasant views when you climb to the top. Some people engage in hiking when they visit this place, and it gets more fun when you go in a group. It is essential to know that the area has an active volcano.


Exploration is one of the bases of a complete holiday. It does not make sense that a person visits a new place without checking out all the areas of interest. Thus, we are sure that any foreigner will want to explore when they visit any Central American country.

The best part is that there are many exciting places in this region for a person to explore. It makes the holiday more fun, and you will take away many memories.

Some foreigners may say that they are not the social type. However, it is necessary to move around and explore. Else, you will not enjoy your stay or holiday.

The various tourist attractions in Central America are awaiting your visitation. It is best not to remain in a spot.

City Parks

We have noticed that some foreigners love to visit city parks in any place they are visiting. This means that the city parks are amongst the places foreigners love to explore.

This is not surprising as these places are beautiful and perfect for anyone who wants to relax. It is also a great place to meet new people and make friends sometimes.

City parks are usually pleasant to explore, and the ones in Central America are not any different. We know that you will be happy to visit any of them. They also make the perfect locations for picture taking.

If you love to do documentation of your holiday with pictures, you should explore the city parks. Some of them in Central America are:

• Digi Park (Belize) • Mule Park (Belize) • Parque La Sabana (Costa Rica)

• Mario Cañas Ruiz Park (Costa Rica)

National Parks

A foreigner also gets to explore national parks when they visit a new region. These places also have a conducive environment, and you can do a lot at such places.

Some people engage in hiking when they go to a national park. Others use the opportunity to learn about new plants or flowers.

Some national parks are conservational centers for animals. Thus, increasing the array of events you get to do when you visit.

There is almost no country that does not have a national park. Thus, you will see many national parks in Central America. These places are well-kept and will always appeal to the eyes. Most of them will have a tour guide that allows you to get an in-depth experience.

Some of the national parks in Central America are:

• Metapan (El Salvador)

• Cerro Verde National Park (El Salvador) • Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo National Park (Guatemala)

• Natural Monument Semuc Champey (Guatemala)


The idea of hanging out on a beach appeals to many people, and it has been in existence for a long time. People say that they make friends when they hang out on beaches.

When foreigners get to a new place, they are usually hyper and excited to visit different beaches. It could be the cool breeze that people get when they go to a beach or the various water activities they can engage in. whatever the case may be, we know that visiting the beach is something that many foreigners love to do.

There are beaches in Central American countries, and we know that you will find one in whatever country you visit. Thus, we know that you will get to explore your dreams.

Some of the beaches in Central America are:

• Chepes Beach (Honduras)

• West Bay Beach (Honduras) • Playa Maderas (Nicaragua)

• Playa Hermosa (Nicaragua)


Another way to enjoy your time in a new place is to explore its various landmarks. No country will not have a landmark as it is essential for foreigners.

For those who do not understand, allow us to break it down. When there are landmarks in an area, the chances of getting missing while exploring are low. Typically, foreigners will use a landmark when describing a place to you.

These landmarks could be tall buildings or remarkable statues. The idea is that you cannot miss them or that people will turn to have a second look when they see them.

It is also not out of place that these landmarks have stories that surround them. Thus, it is always intriguing to foreigners.

Some landmarks in Central America are:

• Panamá Viejo (Panama)

• Ancon Hill (Panama)

• Baron Bliss lighthouse (Belize) • The Swing Bridge (Belize)


What are your views about visiting a museum? It should be one of the top things on your list of places to explore when you are in a new place.

If you are the type with a curious mind, visiting a museum will solve your curiosity. A museum usually has answers to questions on the history of a place. It is where stories are preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Museums usually have a tour guide. Whenever you visit a museum, always ask the tour guide any question that may be bothering your mind. They are knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions.

No country will not have a museum, so you do not need to panic or worry when visiting Central America.

Some museums in Central America are:

• National Museum of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

• Museo del Jade (Costa Rica)

• Museum of Art of El Salvador (El Salvador)

• Railway Museum and Theme Park (El Salvador)


Will it be possible to visit a new place without eating any of their traditional meals? We chuckle at people who think that it is possible. What do you plan to eat?

When you get to Central America, you will see different delicious cuisines. These meals usually make foreigners appreciate the area more.

Corn is a favorite meal in almost all Central American countries. We know that corn lovers will be happy with this information.

We do not know if you have ever eaten squashes. It is something that the locals of Central America usually incorporate into most of their meals. It is essential to understand that the locals of Central America are rice lovers.

Chicken and beef are also standard in this region, and plantain is not an exception.

We know that some people are already salivating at the thought of all the fantastic meals they can get in Central America. However, people pause and ask questions about where they can get these meals when they get to this region.

Getting traditional foods can never be a problem as there are many traditional local restaurants in each Central American country. All you need to do is pick a place of preference.

All the local restaurants are clean and prepare top-notch meals. The locals are in the best place to recommend the best. We would say that it is easier to eat at the ones closest to you as they are all excellent.

We can assure you that these restaurants will make you enjoy all the local options.

We cannot fail to give an honorable mention to those who have a slightly different taste preference from others when it concerns food. These are the vegans. They have a separate preparation process for their meals and are usually curious to know if vegetarian restaurants are in the region they are visiting.

Any vegan visiting Central America will not have an issue in getting a place where they prepare vegetarian meals. This is because there are numerous vegan restaurants as they understand that not everyone has the same eating preferences.

It comes in handy that it is not difficult to find such vegan restaurants and the meals are also of high quality. We know that this will put a smile on the faces of all intending vegan foreigners to Central America.

You could not say that you visited Central America if you did not have a taste of any of their street foods. These are simpler meals that you can get by the roadside. They are equally as delicious as the main meals.

One of such street food options is Riguas. Some people say that it looks like a thicker version of potato pancake. You can find it in various Central American countries, especially El Salvador.

Vigorón is another street food in Central America, common to those in Nicaragua. They usually serve it in banana leaves. One cannot deny that this meal is tasty and they end up getting more.

It is essential to know that mangoes are available street food in Central America. It can be seasoned in different ways, and we know that you will enjoy it.


Some people say that it is impossible to eat without having a drink. We are not saying that we agree with this logic. However, we cannot help but mention the various traditional beverages you can get in Central America.

Allow us to tell you that you can get varieties of drinks in Central America. They could be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. What matters is that you will enjoy drinking them.

Chicheme is one of the typical drinks in this region. It is made from dried corn kernels. It looks creamy, and you will mostly see it in Costa Rica. It is a favorite of some people.

Macuá comes as a cocktail as it is a combination of rum and fruit juices. You can also get Guaro which is a gin from sugarcane juice.

You can never run out of drink options in Central America.


Some people also ask if it is safe to drink tap water when visiting Central America. It will be wrong for us to generalize an answer as it depends on the country you are visiting.

Some countries in Central America have portable tap water, while others are not safe to drink.

In a country like Guatemala, drinking tap water is unsafe. Usually, a person is advised to buy bottled water or boil the tap water before drinking. This is to avoid some health issues like diarrhea.

However, if you visit a place like El Salvador or Costa Rica, you are clear to drink the tap water. In these countries, the water is treated and portable.

The next time you want to visit Central America, check for the state of tap water in the country that you are visiting.


It is safe for us to say that you cannot have a dull time visiting Central America. This is because there are many activities that one can do when you visit any of its cities.

Amongst the numerous activities that you can do are water activities like fishing and kayaking. Some people may argue that these activities are only feasible in places that have water bodies. This is not wrong. However, there are water bodies in Central America, so these activities are possible.

People feel happy whenever they go fishing or kayaking, and we urge that you join in any of these activities when you are in this region.

Some people may say that they have never engaged in these activities before. However, you can learn on the job as the locals are willing to teach you.

Drifting away from water activities, another activity that you can do in Central America is yoga. Understandably, this activity is not common everywhere. However, it is one of the top things that you can do in this region.

There is a yoga studio in almost all Central American countries. Apart from the studios, you can also go on yoga retreats.

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you should add this to your budget, as yoga retreats are always fun. We cannot say the amount you should budget as it will be wrong to generalize. However, some of them are budget-friendly.

It could be that you have never gone on a yoga retreat before. This will be your chance to go on one. We can assure you that you will not regret it.


As a foreigner, you cannot escape having accommodation plans when traveling to a new place.

The difference between those who experience comfort and others who have difficulty travelling is accommodation plans.

Some people start making plans for their accommodation once they hatch plans on traveling. Others delay and might want to make such plans when they get into the region. It is always best to do it early to ensure that there are no mistakes or challenges.

You should know that it is vital to have an accommodation budget when traveling. However, you cannot have this budget if you do not research and understand the different available accommodation options and prices in Central America.

Thus, once you decide to travel to Central America, start checking for accommodation.

Green Hotels

We do not know if you are familiar with the concept of staying in a green hotel. Another name for green hotels is eco-friendly hotels. As the name implies, these places do not compromise the environment. Instead, they have facilities that help to protect the environment.

After many interactions with foreigners, we have seen that this option is a favorite of many people. Thus, we get questions from those traveling to Central America asking if they can find green hotels in Central America.

We cannot say that you will find a green hotel in all Central American countries. However, you can find some in this region.

Thus, if this is your preference, you do not need to worry. All you need to do is check for the prices and compare as we cannot generalize.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Another accommodation option in Central America is hostels and guesthouses. You can find these options across the different countries in the region.

Some people describe hostels and guesthouses as budget-friendly accommodation options. This is because they allow you to share some facilities with others. Some people may not be comfortable with this arrangement. It is why we say that you should travel in a group if you wish to stay in a hostel or guesthouse.

Even though some of their facilities are not exclusive, these places are comfortable. They are a great place to stay at any time, so you should not have any doubt about their efficiency.

Thus, always keep in mind that hostels and guesthouses are feasible options in Central America.


As a developed region, it is impossible not to see an apartment in Central America. Some people already have it in mind that they wish to stay in apartments whenever they travel.

However, this depends on if the region has apartments. It would be best if you do not have any worries about Central America as there are many apartments.

These places are usually beautiful and comfortable. One gets exquisite views whenever they stay in apartments. If you desire exclusivity when it concerns facilities in places of accommodation, staying in an apartment is a perfect option.

It comes in handy that the apartments in Central America are always clean, appealing to people. We can assure you that you will not regret staying in an apartment in Central America.


In some cases, people cannot afford the amounts for accommodation in the region they are visiting. It is usually discouraging as it holds them back from traveling. However, you can still travel to a place as you can have a free accommodation option with Couchsurfing.

We know that many people are not familiar with the concept of Couchsurfing. The idea here is that you get to stay with a willing local during your stay in the region. It is not common everywhere, but it happens in Central America.

All you need to do is check the website as it connects the locals with foreigners. If you want to have a comfortable stay with a local, you should be willing to compromise on some situations. It is essential always to remember that the locals have different traditions and beliefs from you.


Camping is one of the reasons why some people also got o a region. Is this the reason why you want to visit Central America? If yes, you are in luck as there are many conducive areas for camping within the region.

Some people say that going camping is a bonding way, and we cannot help but agree with this ideology. It could be a way of bonding with fellow foreigners or with the locals.

You will always have fun when you go camping. There are many activities to do, and you also get to connect with your environment. We can say that camping helps to relax the mind so you should always jump on any opportunity that you see.

You can also learn more about the environment when you go camping.



Getting There and Moving Around

We do not know if you have ever been to Central America. For some people, they have never been to this place before. Thus, it is crucial to understand how to get there before leaving your home city.

The idea here is to ensure that you do not use the wrong means of transportation when traveling. We can all agree that it gets more stressful and complicated when you use improper means of transport to travel.

If you are going to Central America, you need to ask questions and know the best way to move from your present location.

We will highlight some general ways that a person can use to get into Central America. However, it would help if you research more to know what applies to your present location.

Another essential factor to consider is knowing how to move around when you get to Central America.

It is already established that foreigners love to explore and have a curious mind. Thus, we would not think that a person would remain in one place when they get to Central America.

We will help to highlight some of the ways that people move around in this region. We usually tell foreigners to have an open mind as the available means of moving around that applies in their home city might not be the same that is available in Central America.

What matters is knowing how the transportation means work so that you will not be confused. The locals are usually helpful in making foreigners understand how these means of transport operate.

One way of moving around in Central America is to walk. We are not saying that the countries are small. However, it could be that where you are going is not far from where you are staying. Thus, walking becomes a feasible idea.

People usually ask if it is dangerous to visit Central America. Our answer is no. we can say that it is a safe region, but you should avoid isolated areas. There should be no fear when walking around.

Research shows that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in this region. When walking around, do not forget to be polite to the locals and anyone you encounter.

If you wish to take pictures, always remember to ask the locals if they will appear in the image.

When you visit Central America, you will agree that it is one of the perfect regions to use a bicycle. The ambiance is usually relaxing as you cycle around, and you can use cycling lanes and tracks.

People do not waste time renting a bicycle once they get to this region, and they use it as a means of moving around. If you ask anyone about their cycling experience in Central America, you are sure to get a positive response.

The rental stores in Central America are always available to rent a bicycle. Since you will see cycling tracks, you do not have many worries.

Sometimes, there may be cycling tournaments, and there is no harm in joining one as it helps you to have fun.

Another way of moving around in Central America is to use a scooter. It is not the safest means of moving around, so we usually urge people to be careful.

The same way you will rent a bicycle is the same way that you can rent a scooter when you are in this region.

Using a scooter usually entails expertise. Thus, if you do not know how to ride, you should stick to other means of moving around. It is important to note that you need to obey all the safety laws when deciding to move around with a scooter.

It helps to ensure not only your safety but the safety of others. Always ensure that you do not comprise this when you are riding a scooter.


Since there are various international airports in Central America, one can say that you can use air to get into this region. It is common to get regular flights that can take you to where you desire in Central America.

It is easy to get a flight from the United States to Central America. We see that people from other areas find how to get to the United States and connect to any Central American country.

This helps to eliminate stress and ensure that you get to your destination without a hassle. If you already reside within the United States, this will come in handy. If not, try getting to the United States. Once you are there, getting a flight to Central America is not an issue.

Some people also ask if it is possible to use air and move around when in Central America. It could be that you are visiting Belize and wish to also go to Panama during your holiday.

We will not say that this is impossible. However, the feasibility is low as it is expensive. It comes in handy for those who have a high budget when visiting the region and do not mind spending any amount.

Traveling from one place to the other with air in Central America is expensive. Thus, we do not recommend it for foreigners who are on a budget. You will realize that many people do not use his option to move around.

It is best not to worry as there are other means of moving around.


There is also the option of using a bus when traveling to Central America. However, this is dependent on if there is a road connection from your present location to Central America.

It will not be wrong to say that using a bus almost works the same way as air. This is because it is easy to get a bus from the United States to Central America. There are road connections from the United States to different Central American countries.

Using a bus usually takes time as it can sometimes be a full-day journey. But we know that this is the preference of some people. If you desire to use a bus to Central America, you need to find your way to the United States first.

You can also use a bus to move around in Central America. It will not be wrong to say that this is the primary means of moving around within the region. When you get to Central America, you will realize that there are different types of buses. It depends on the areas and destinations that they cover. A local is in the best place to give you such explanations.

Some buses travel from one country to another within the region. These are usually long-distance buses.

Some buses operate within cities. Whatever the case might be, what matters is that you can use a bus to move around. It comes in handy that the bus option is cheaper. It is what almost everyone uses.


In some places, it is possible to use a train and get in. People are usually curious to know if they can use a train to get to Central America.

There are various ways of reaching Central America, but it is not possible to use a train. This is because there is no railway connection between this region and other places.

It would be best if you stuck to using other means of transport in getting into Central America.

When it comes to moving around within the region, people are also curious to know if one can use a train.

The answer to this is that it is not possible. One can only use a train when there is a railway connection, and you will not find it in Central America.

Using a bus is the primary way of moving around, and there are many buses in this region.


There is also the option of hitchhiking when it concerns moving around in Central America. Typically, we would say that it depends on the country you are visiting in the region.

However, research and analysis show that using a bus is cheap in this region. Thus, people do not see the need to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking entails standing in a strategic place to get a free ride. It comes in handy for those who do not want to spend much money on transportation. However, it is not common in Central America.


Some people also ask us if it is possible to travel through waterbodies when going to Central America.

It is not always a feasible idea, but it can work when you are visiting a place like Panama. We would not encourage you to always rely on this idea, but it is possible.

Since the region has waterbodies, you can sometimes see ferries that will take you there. It is always a fun ride.

Sustainable Shopping

The idea of sustainable shopping comes to play when you buy things from the locals. We would say that it any foreigner’s responsibility as it shows that you appreciate what the locals are selling.

There is no limitation to what a local can sell. Thus, you are sure to see cute things, and we know that you will want to buy them. Nothing should stop or hinder you from purchasing these items as they are perfect for taking back home as souvenirs.

Some people do not know where to start from when they want to engage in sustainable shopping. We would say that you can start by visiting the food markets in the region.

After all, people usually fall in love with the traditional local meals in Central America. So, buying the ingredients that can help you prepare these meals is a way of engaging in sustainable shopping.

The food markets in Central America usually have a warm ambiance.

You can also engage in sustainable shopping by buying from second-hand stores. Some people are usually skeptical about this option since the things you are purchasing are not new. However, it should not be an issue as the sellers ensure that they are in perfect quality before putting it up for sale.

There is an array of things you can get from second-hand stores. It could be clothes, electronics, and much more.

We can also not fail to mention eco-fashion when talking about ways to engage in sustainable shopping. Eco-fashion is a new approach to sustainability. You will see that people now infuse eco-friendly items into the making of clothes.

These clothing items do not differ from regular clothes, so we can say that they are fashionable. When you buy any of them, you are engaging in sustainable shopping. After all, it shows that you appreciate the craft of the locals.


We cannot say that recycling does not occur in Central America. However, the percentage of waste that is recycled out of its total waste is minimal.

Thus, we can say that the locals of these areas should put more effort into recycling. We also cannot state why the rate of recycling is not yet high in the region.

What we tell foreigners is that they should also play a role in recycling when in the region.


Even though the region is not doing well in recycling, they are trying when it concerns waste management.

They strive to ensure that they have a clean and tidy environment. One of the ideas here is that it will appeal to foreigners and bring more people into the region. Thus, boosting their tourism and other sectors.

High commendations are given to what they do in terms of waste management. We also see that they do not tolerate littering from anyone. If you do not want to have problems with the local authorities, avoid littering.

Work and Study Abroad

Since there is no guarantee that studying in Central America brings a job, students are usually eager to find something to do.

It could be their way of getting financial support or for other reasons. However, we get questions asking if students can work while studying in Central America.

The answer is yes. It is possible to work while studying in this region. Thus, it is best not to overthink such issues.

Exchange Student

The educational institutions in Central America usually collaborate with other regions to ensure student exchange programs. Thus, it is not surprising to see international students in this region.

There are many reasons why a person will want to do an exchange program in Central America. If you share such thoughts, check if your present school collaborates with any in Central America.

You will be in luck that it is possible as many schools partake in such collaborations.

Au Pair

Au pair has become a popular system worldwide, and Central America is not an exception. The Au Pair concept is prevalent in all countries in this region.

This concept helps those who need jobs. All you need to do is check the website as it connects employees with their potential employers.

These jobs are usually not lucrative, but they help foreigners’ bond with the locals as they are domesticated jobs.


You can be a volunteer in various sectors in each Central American country. What matters is that you are good at what you are doing.

As an aspiring volunteer, you should check for the available sectors in any country you desire. Then, you follow the process and apply to be a volunteer.

It would be best if you do not give up once you get to the country as there are usually high expectations of a volunteer. Ensure that you surpass their imaginations.

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