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Eco-friendly travel guide to Islamabad advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Islamabad, Pakistan.

View of Islamabad from Margalla Hills

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.0 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $80

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist heading all the way to Islamabad, also known as the “city of Islam,” as a responsible traveler? If your answer is yes, then being a person eager to know more about the city, you will be heading from Karachi to Islamabad in a local hand-made jeep at first. Generally, you will travel along with other two or three companions so that the total expense jots down to a minimum. The ninth-largest city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is known for the high standard of living, greenery, and safety. The famous Margalla Hills national park located in the city is known for its greenery and variety of flora and fauna. Faisal mosque, which is the largest mosque in the city as well as in South Asia, is a very famous landmark and also the fourth largest in the world. Few other landmarks include Democracy square and Pakistan national Monument. Islamabad is a world-famous tourist attraction, and making is the top post urbanized and cosmopolitan among other Pakistani states.

  • Islamabad experiences a subtropical humid climate with five different seasons. If you want to enjoy different places of the city along with classic and non-disturbing weather, then you should travel during winters (October-January). The wettest month of all in July, so avoid traveling by that time, or you will find yourself stuck somewhere all the time you head out to travel.
  • If you want to know about the different laws and orders of the city, then you should head to the ICT Administration, which is the main agency for law and order as well as the civil administration of the Federal capital. The city is divided into eight different zones.

(The architectures of Islamabad are a mixture of old Islamic, regional tradition, and modernity. It is highly recommended to visit the Saudi-Park, a fine example of modern architecture having traditional styles. It is also one of the tallest buildings in Islamabad. Few other attractive structures of the city names are the secretariat complex, which is established over a Mughal architecture.

While exploring different places and the general idea of tourism is great, it is also harmful for the environment because of the way tourists travel today. It is of utmost importance to be a responsible traveller especially when we are at the verge of a climate disaster.

  • Choosing the right transport method: A major part of your travel experience includes discovering every nook and cranny of the city. While you will have transport options like private cars and taxis at your disposal you need to know that not only do they contribute to more congestion and traffic pollution but also emit harmful gases into the environment. So, choose options like walking, cycling, electronic and public transportation in general.
  • Trying local food: A huge part of the local culture is the traditional food that is offered at the local traditional restaurants and by street food vendors. Instead of just sticking to international fast food franchises that contribute to so much waste being produced in the world, you should try the local options. Not only will it help the local economy but also will directly help the families whose sole source of earning are these small food businesses.
  • Do not throw waste: As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to promote sustainable living as much as possible in the city to motivate not only fellow tourists but local people. When you visit any tourists attractions especially city parks, make sure you do not throw any food wrapper and do not just stop at that but if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. It might look like a very small thing to do but has a huge impact on people watching especially the children present in the park since they learn and mimic the behaviour of other people around them.
  • Choose a green hotel: Plenty of accommodations are available in the city that provide you with a top-notch experience but instead of choosing them, you can pick green hotels for your stay. They use eco-friendly measures to reduce the pollution and waste of the city. This is one of the great ways to contribute towards the city to keep it safe and clean.
  • Shop local: In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

The current air quality scale in Islamabad ranges from 20-49, which is meant to be fair, as it is generally inhalable by individuals. Somehow a group of sensitive people might feel uncomfortable if exposed to the climate for the long term. The particles present in the air range from 2.5 micrometers to 10 micrometers at max. The particles greater than 2.5 micrometers might cause eyes and throat irritation as it gets deposited in the air easily. Long term exposure to the air may also cause difficulty in breathing or coughing.

Respect the Culture

The Pakistani culture is diversified in many groups such as historical, ethnic, and geographical. There are more than 15 significant groups of culture, differing in physical features, customs, dresses, historical bloodlines, food, and most importantly, music. Pakistan’s famous city Islamabad has shaped itself well spiritually. More than 73 different languages are spoken in Pakistan. The language used in Islamabad is mostly Indo-Iranian, including Urdu as a major language. The people of Islamabad are friendly and helpful but, on the other hand, are also very conservative and insecure about gender segregation. Couples are usually not seen kissing or hugging in public. The society in terms of an interaction between men and women is strict.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Preserving the cultural heritage as well as creating beauty is the thing which Islamabad has done legitimately. The city of Islamabad has many cultural heritage sights to brag about. The cityscape charms itself with the extravagant pyramidal mosque, filled with small and beautiful eco-friendly parks, along with several youthful markets for the growing teenager crowd. Here is a list of a few of the must visit places in Islamabad.

  • The Pakistan monument - The erect and massive Pakistan monument covered with flower petals, situated in the Shakarparian forest covered with hills with granite blocks arching towards the sky, which is the same as the sports player increase the will power of each other before the game begins. It is one of the favorite tourist attraction spots for travelers because the massive structure allows a tall, handsome bird-like view of the capital from a great distance.
  • Lok Virsa Museum - Over a distance of 200m from the Pakistan monument is located the foundation made up of marble known as the Lok Virsa Museum, which means “place of people’s heritage.” The museum depicts the unique culture of Pakistani heritage. The place is well maintained and super hygienic as it is working in alliance with UNESCO.
  • Faisal Mosque - It is recognized as one of the most stunning monumental structures of Islamabad. Tourist from all over the world comes along for photography and to know about the divine culture and history of Islam.
  • Saidpur Village - If you are fed-up with the shimmering and glitzy malls in the city, then come up to the rusty side of the city. Saidpur is a great place to experience the authenticity of the village. Located in the ravine of the Margalla Hills, the village of Saidpur consists of a Hindu temple and also a Gurdwara.
  • Daman-e-Koh Park - The foothills or the Daman-e-Koh of the Margalla hills allows a spectacular view from the top of the whole city of Islamabad. The Faisal mosque also comes on the horizon. Walking to the foothills, you may also experience a handful of wildlife such as the Macaque monkey and the paradise flycatcher.
  • Rawal Lake - After enjoying the Panoramic view from the top of the Margalla hills, tourists usually descend from the hill and experience the Korang river flowing into the Rawal lake. The surface of the lake consists of a small picnic spot for family and loved ones under the shady groves of the tree. There are pathways for a good walk with your loved ones. The Rawal lake comes with an opportunity for taking paddle boats and motorboats over the lake for friends and families.
  • Monal Restaurant - The number one cuisine in the city of Islamabad, according to TripAdvisor, is the Monal restaurant. The hotel is of high quality, and the prices are affordable too. Few specialized dishes that the restaurant provide are mainly concentrated over the chicken and rice recipe. Ranging from Biryani to kebabs.
  • Islamabad Club - After so much sight-seeing and wandering, if you are deciding to rest in Islamabad for few days, then head to the Islamabad club, which allows you to enjoy leisure activities including swimming, reading books, and playing tennis.
  • Jinnah Supermarket - A very trendy hotspot for fashion designers and the youth, this circle-shaped supermarket allows several amusements to its guests such as world dishes, cafes, music stores, libraries, and a handful of eateries.
  • Itwar Bazaar - last but not least is the Itwar bazaar, which is considered a very famous city. People of the nation and tourists visiting the city never forget to stop at the main shopping hub of the city. This place consists of a handful of cheap second-hand goods sold at a lesser price attract a great amount of audience. The market remains open, especially on Sundays and also on Tuesdays and Fridays.
The beautiful Faisal Mosque


When planning a trip to Pakistan, there is likely a chance that you will pass through the capital city of the country, Islamabad. It is a place situated in the north of the country where adventure awaits. This city might not be as exciting and glamorous as compared to the other cities in the country, but you will surely enjoy every second spent there ultimately. Islamabad is a blueprint or a model of what exactly the other Pakistani cities should look like.

City Parks

When it comes to Islamabad, we think of it as the best scenic place in this city. With abundant greenery, this place also offers hiking and another adventurous journey that people can enjoy in their free time. The natural beauty of this place is marvelously exciting and heartwarming. Here are several places with a great amount of nature’s beauty and greenery which you will regret if you don’t go:

  • Margalla Hills
  • Rawal Lake
  • Trail 5
  • Lake View Park
  • Bird Aviary
  • Trail 3
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Shakarpariyan Hills
  • Simly Dam
  • Shah Allah Ditta caves
Rawal Dam Lake

National Parks

  • Margalla Hills national park - It is a national park located in Islamabad. The name Margalla hills national park is derived because the place is situated over the foothills of Margalla. The park was established in the 1980s, making it the third-largest national park in the world. It consists of a variety of both wildlife and flora. Tourist or family both can enjoy their time over this place and make it a memorable one.
  • Shakarparian national park - It is a national amusement park located nearby the zero point interchange in the city of Islamabad. The Pakistan Monument and the museum are also located in this park; therefore, people worldwide come along to this beautiful place once in a while either for hiking individually or with the family to enjoy themselves and give away family time happily.
View of the beautiful Margalla Hills


  • Rawal Lake - The name of this lake cum beach comes from the city Rawalpindi as it provides water to Rawalpindi along with other cities such as Islamabad and many more. This is an artificial or, more commonly, a human-made lake that streams down the water coming from the Korang river and other smaller streams. Jet boats and streamers are the main attraction of the place. Pathways filled with greenery are also constructed for a calm and soothing walk.


Mentioned below are the lists of some places you can use to locate or make a landmark for avoiding confusion over the city:

  • Margalla Hills
  • Faisal Mosque
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Pakistan Monument
  • Saidpur Village
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Golrah Shrine
  • Bari Imam Shrine
  • Shahdara Valley
You will be able to see the entire city from Daman e Koh


Here are some of the museums located in Islamabad, which shows the proper culture of the city and the respect that it pays towards its citizen. A few of the best museums you will want to visit while staying in the city are:

  • Pakistan Monument Museum
  • Lok Virsa Museum
  • Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History
  • Pakistan National Council of the Arts
  • Gallery 6
  • Tanzara Art Gallery
  • Islamabad Museum
Pakistan Monument Museum


Diplomats, foreign workers, and government officials have a second home in Islamabad due to its respectful culture. Islamabad is known for celebrating food festivals of different regions such as the food festival 2011, the Food festival of Swiss 2013, and the food festival of Austria. The state of Islamabad is known for its versatile food options such as nihari, halwa puri, chapli kebab, and daal, along with several foreign franchises such as KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, and China grill.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Quishmisch Grill
  • Khyber Dubai
  • Chak 51 Restaurant
  • Chachajee
  • Lok Virsa

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Wild Rice Restaurant
  • The Monal Islamabad
  • Khoka Khola
  • Ali Baba Foods

Street Food

  • Street Food
  • Food Street Rawalpindi
  • Street Restaurant
  • Street 1 Café
  • Street Cuisine


The water of Islamabad is drinkable. The water is probably clean, and the main supply comes from tube wells and mountain water. If you are a traveler and have hired a cheap hotel in the suburbs, then it is recommended to buy packed bottles of water instead of using the water supplied by the hotel itself, because they reuse the old plastic bottle and fill general tap water to save money.


Most locals of the city avoid drinking water directly from taps located over roadways. They recommend buying water from government installed pipes. The tap water normally is boiled, and if you are a traveler, it becomes important to carry your own boiled water to every place you go so that you avoid the tap water.

Organic Cafés

  • Café Organic Islamabad
  • Chaaye Khana
  • Pure Wild Natural Raw Organic Honey Islamabad Pakistan
  • Burn Out Restaurant and Café
  • Khoka Khola


  • Murree Brewery
  • Islamabad Marriot Hotel
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel
  • Weather Lord


Amidst the buildings that Surround the Pakistani City, Islamabad is one of the models of how an idle city should look. It is one of the greenest cities in the country. The people out there are highly conscious about the environment and pollution, so they support green travel. Many things you can do Around The Town, like admiring the monuments, visiting the museums, having quality cuisine, checking out the viewpoints of the city, dining in, mosques and various other Resorts that the place has to grab your attention.

Yoga and Retreats

As the consciousness about physical health and mental health in the world has been increasing, yoga centers and Retreat centers are increasing in numbers almost everywhere, including the beautiful city of Islamabad. With many mosques and peaceful locations that the place has, you would also find various yoga centers if you are searching for peace, healing, alignment, or leisure. Below is the list of various yoga and Retreat centers that you can always visit to have your health and Wellness aligned most sustainably.

  • Yoga Classes in Islamabad - Pakistan with Yogi BAQER is famous for having a traditional Indian ashtanga yoga teacher who is the weight loss expert and would customize your natural diet plan accordingly to your personal goals of fitness. You will also have a consultant in Ayurvedic Company for having your diet Regime and medications personalized according to your requirements
  • Yoga Islamabad is also one of the highly recommended yoga centers in the City. You would find professional tutors who are experts in their art of yoga and nutrition inspired by Ayurveda and would completely cater to your comfort and convenience.
  • Islamabad Yoga yet another place for the full experience of yoga, rest, play, and restoration. They claim to provide new life-changing experiences, power, positivity, and good health that would last a lifetime if thoroughly practiced.
  • The ladies yoga studio is another yoga studio in Islamabad exclusively for women with highly qualified instructors and experience in both exercise and healing sessions, which is highly recommended for women.
  • Yoga with Meena. G is an all-inclusive yoga center in Islamabad that aims at the holistic development of the mind and body with love and compassion. It mainly focuses on breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation, self-care, mindfulness, and the Holistic Wellness of the benefactor.


Being the capital of Pakistan and a well-visited city in the country, Islamabad has numerous accommodation options for you according to your budget ranging from the most basic facilities to the ones with the most luxury services you can ever think of having. It has all the options of hotels, hostels, apartments, and guest houses at really affordable prices for every range of budget.

Green Hotels

Among the few main hotels that are eco-friendly. The list below presents before you some Green hotels that you would surely want to give a try when thinking of eco-friendly tourism.

  • Hotel Avanti in Rawalpindi is a good option when looking for a Green Hotel with affordable prices and an amazing overview.
  • Hotel Green City, located in Islamabad capital territory, also offers a good choice in Ecotravel. It has good reviews of the tourists that have visited there with the prime attractions being the food and overall services that they provide you for an amazing experience.
  • Greenline motel is located in a prime location with spacious rooms and thoroughly cleaned areas. It has got good customer reviews and has overall facilities up to the mark that would give you all the comfort that you are looking for in the City. It is 31 kilometers away from Lakeview Park, 5 km away from Golra Sharif Railway Museum, and 27 kilometers away from Islamabad International Airport.
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel is a luxurious hotel at the foot of Margalla Hills that lies 3 kilometers away from Lal Masjid Mosque, 4 kilometers away from Rawal Lake, and 6 km away from Lok Virsa museum. The prime attractions of the place are the pool, free parking, and free breakfast.
  • Green Residence is a green hotel located in Islamabad capital territory full stop. It is located 1.6 kilometers away from the Cultural Center of the Philippines and 2.5 kilometers from the World Trade Centre Metro Manila. It is 4.1 kilometers away from San Augustine Church and is nearest to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is 8 kilometers away.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Islamabad has luxurious and comfortable guest houses for a memorable stay. As the city is the capital of Pakistan it holds beautiful accommodation options in the form of hostels and guest houses. Given below is the list of some of the places that you can look forward to if you want to have a stay out there.

  • Zam Zam Residence is a Grand guest house located in the Rawalpindi, Islamabad capital territory region, and is 9 km from Nawaz Sharif Park and 18 km from Ayub National Park. This guest house is also 30 kilometres from Islamabad International Airport which is a prime location in the City. Is at 30 minutes’ drive from the Pakistan army museum which is another location for you to have a visit if you are staying at the place.
  • Walk in Residence is 30 kilometres away from lake view Park and gives you luxury services of air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. It is located at a distance of 6 km from the Golra Sharif Railway Museum and 7 kilometres from Fatima Jinnah Park. The nearest airport Islamabad International Airport is 28 km away from the guest house and Shah Faisal Mosque is 9 km from it. It is in the vicinity of 7 km from the Centaurus Mall and 10 km away from the Pakistan monument which makes it even more suitable for a Traveller like you who wants to explore the city.
  • Royal Motel guest house is a beautiful guest house located 1.6 kilometres from Shah Faisal mosque. It has an open private parking space, a garden, and a terrace that would give you the best views of the place. There is a facility of Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, a shared kitchen, and currency exchange for the guests. A children's playground and the popular hiking and biking experience can be availed at the royal Motel guest house.
  • Executive Residency is an air-conditioned house located 7 km from Shah Faisal Mosque 27 km from lake view park and 5 kilometres from Golra Sharif Railway Museum. It also features free-of-cost private parking space and provides its guests with taxi services for them to explore Islamabad. It is 7 km away from Fatima Jinnah Park and 9 km away from Centaurus Mall. The nearest airport is Islamabad International Airport which is 29 km from the Executive Residency.
  • Khyber Lodge 2 has various services like air-conditioned accommodation, terrace, shared lodge, flat-screen TV, balcony rooms with Garden view, private bathroom, free toiletries, and wardrobe. It is 19 kilometres away from Centaurus Mall, 6.5 kilometres away from Rawalpindi railway station, 19 km from Islamabad International Airport, and 3 kilometres from the Daewoo bus terminal. You can also find a motorway at a distance of 1 km from the place.
  • Riviera is 3.2 kilometres away from Shah Faisal mosque and provides a shared lodge free private parking Garden and terrace. It has a facility of free private parking Wi-Fi throughout the property. They also provide you with 24 hour reception-based services for your room as well as exchange in currency for the paying guests. There is also a facility of onsite ATMs at the venue. Being a central location, it is 20 kilometres away from lake view Park 36 kilometres away from Taxila museum, and 32 km away from Islamabad International Airport and also offers a paid airport shuttle service


Table beautiful and affordable Apartments that you can find in Islamabad. In the list given below, you can find some top Apartments that you can look for when planning to stay in the city.

  • Midway has located 39 km from Shah Faisal Mosque, 33 kilometers from lake view Park and 65 kilometers from Islamabad International Airport.
  • Apartment F 11 Markaz Located 9 km from Shah Faisal Mosque 27 km from lake view Park offers 2 bedrooms and other household facilities.
  • The UM Service Apartment is 25 kilometers away from lake view Park and 31 kilometers away from the Taxila Museum. The nearest airport is Islamabad International Airport, 29 kilometers from the accommodation.
  • Centaurus Hotel apartments Are 17 kilometers away from lake view Park, 37 km away from the Taxila museum, and 33 kilometers away from Islamabad International Airport.
  • The Den has located 7 km from Shah Faisal Mosque and 15 kilometers from lake view Park. The Taxila Museum is 5 km away, and Islamabad International Airport is 21 km from the place.


According to the people that review Islamabad in the context of Couchsurfing, dude, people out there are friendly and helpful, but you would find it difficult to interact with them. There is a lack of ATMs or money exchangers at the Islamabad International airport. The residents, as well as the service providers in the city, are beneficial and would give you every comfort and convenience that you are asking for. You would have a warm welcome place.


Camping is not in fashion in Pakistan, and the trend is growing day by day, and people have started to like it and go about it. There are beautiful places in Pakistan for camping. The list of some of the camping sites of choice if you are trying to camp in the vicinity of Islamabad.

  • Pir Chanasi has located 30 km from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.
  • Keran is 57 km from Muzaffar Abad Azad Kashmir.
  • Upper Neelum is 5 kilometers from Keran.
  • Ratti Gali Lake is 18 kilometers from Dowarian, 106 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, and 22 kilometers from Athmuqam.
  • Sharda is located 136 kilometres from Muzaffarabad
  • Arang Kel is located at 19 km from Sharda, Kel, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir.
  • Taobut has located 200 km from Muzaffarabad and 39 kilometers from Kel.
  • Leepa Valley is located 105 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.

How to Get There

Being the capital of Pakistan and a prime location in the country, Islamabad has various travel options. You can get air travel, bus, train, and various other modes to reach the city.


The Islamabad International Airport, recently named Benazir Bhutto airport after late Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto is the third-largest and one of the busiest airports in Pakistan that serves Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This airport is laced with Prime facilities and hosts V-VIP, VIP in foreign delegates, business communities, and other special people on several occasions. Systematically scheduled websites would land you in a very comfortable position whenever you are trying to travel by air in and out of Islamabad and other locations near it. It serves both domestic and international air services. It provides services to Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, and other major cities in the world.

The Islamabad International Airport


How the local bus facilities are not well developed in the City, the growing transportation needs of Islamabad and the rest of the Metropolitan cities in Pakistan have led the government to establish improvements in the bus facility. The proposal for Electric buses has been expected to reduce the cities carbon footprint greatly. It would lead to developing a green city that is very much intended by eco-friendly travelers and inhabitants. Wrong with the environment-friendly nature of these electronic buses, they would also have a lower maintenance cost and would result in saving large 30000 barrels of fuel in at least a year.

Red Metro Bus


Though the railway facility had been shut for 29 years in Pakistan's Margala region, it resumed it from the Margalla railway station in the capital. The growth in Islamabad population has led the government to take this important decision to avoid any Hustle and bustle during the travel to the city of Rawalpindi and Lahore. Islamabad and Lahore are also connected by a 367-kilometer M-2 motorway. I have also been proposals for expanding the railway facility by the Pakistani government, and you would still find many options to travel by train.


Though hitchhiking may be the only option when you are stuck somewhere where and have no clue of taxis or buses around, the experts won against hitchhiking because of the potential of being scammed or pickpocketed. Also, the inhabitants of that place do not encourage unknown people into their vehicles and may often take you as a scammer if you insist on a lift or some help for transportation.


Among the other transportation options, yellow taxis are available, which are the easiest way to explore the twin cities of Islamabad, which are Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can always bargain your way and decide the fare before starting the journey. The local bus facility is not well organized; there are small vans and small cars that run around the city. You can easily find, and you have no trouble in finding a suitable taxi with a genuine fare.

Moving Around

Islamabad has a variety of places for you to visit and also has a high population, which makes it easier to get various options to move around. You can use public transport and private taxis, but walking and cycling remain the best options.


Walking around the city is always an amazing option for eco-friendly travel like you. Also, if you want to explore the local lifestyle and the lives of people in a more intricate way, you can always walk through the streets of Islamabad, meeting friendly people and knowing more about their culture as a tourist.


If you are health and environment-conscious, you can always use a bicycle as a welcome move in traveling around the city. Cycling is encouraged both by the Taurus as well as the local inhabitants of the city. Not only for health and the environment, but it also helps you curb the problem of traffic and jams that is most prevalent in a densely populated and less managed city like Islamabad.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles have not acquired the Pakistani market so well. Still, due to the increasing concerns about the environment and sustainable development, the Government of Pakistan started focusing on the use of electric vehicles in the city and the country. There is a huge scope for Electric buses in the City. Several proposals have also been passed. There is hope in the inhabitants of the city to gain access to electric vehicles anytime soon so that the on-road pollution can be minimized and Islamabad breathes cleaner air for times to come.

Public Bus

Though the public bus has not been well managed, the people get acceptable public bus facilities in the City. Though it is tough to get a public bus in the City, if you manage to board one, you can easily get through the place with acceptable fare and service in time. With the proposal of Electric buses coming into the picture, the scope of the public bus facility has widened many folds, and thus the bus service would be even better in a few years. There is a good system for Metro Bus system in Islamabad that comprises of 8 Metro buses with clean wide roads which facilitate the major traffic in the City full stop it has been a great help on the road because it helps to curb the problem of traffic jams that is most prevalent in a densely populated metropolitan city like Islamabad.

Tram, Train and Subway

There have been rumors in the air regarding the proposed from and Subway projects in the city. Islamabad currently does not hold any Tram or Subway facility.

Sustainable Shopping

Being a developing country, Pakistan has always encouraged sustainable shopping where minimum harm is done to the environment. The love for shopping is prevalent in the city, and you can find various options to shop from in almost every market that you come across in Islamabad. The local people, as well as the visitor, have a great experience shopping in the City.

Food Markets

Islamabad has numerous food markets, food courts, and food centers to find various restaurants and cafes to try. It is always a good option to hang out in a restaurant or Cafe with friends and family. Listed below are some of the food markets that you can choose to visit.

  • Gol market is probably the best food market in Islamabad, which offers regional, Thai, Continental, Italian, and American dishes. This market has a collection of various small restaurants and cafes.
  • The hot spot Cafe
  • The Golden Dragon
  • Howdy
  • Sattar Buksh
  • BLT, F-7
  • Gloria jeans
  • Cafe Adelanto

Kohsar Market is also a reputed market recognized for its fine foods and late-night settings for you to enjoy the night. The major attractions of the cafe that are present here are Thai, Chinese, and western food.

  • Tuscany Courtyard
  • Street Cafe 1
  • Porterhouse F-6
  • Table talk

Times Square is also a beautiful market which is however new as compared to the above-mentioned ones. You can enjoy a fine evening in the various restaurants and cafes that are present in the market.

  • KFC Markaz Time Square
  • Ranchers
  • Pizza Hut
  • Gloria Jeans Coffee

Flea Markets

All the people in Islamabad are fond of shopping at sustainable rates as well as acceptable quality. There are a large number of flea markets in the city which would not only offer all the good quality products but also have the most reasonable prices. Given below is a list of some flea markets that you can always look up to if you are in search of reasonable price goods

  • Itwara Bazar
  • Aabpara market
  • Power market
  • Weekly Bazaar
  • Power market
  • SuperMarket
  • Khadda market
  • Alico antiques
  • Pak Turk Enterprises
  • Sheraz market
  • Jinnah supermarket
  • Maqbool market
  • Kosher market
  • Flower market
  • Emporium Islamabad
  • Safa gold Mall
  • Giga Mall

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores a good choice for responsible Shoppers like you who not only understand the value of money but also appreciate the full use of every article that is being produced in the market so that it causes minimum harm to the environment. Among the various second-hand stores, some of the most well known and trusted stores have been listed below for your reference.

  • Second-hand clothing center
  • RA27 Welfare Trust
  • Pasha Auction Islamabad
  • Brand bazaar
  • Old Book Centre
  • Zahid engineering
  • JinWheels Pakistan
  • Malik Motors


Understanding the fact that Global textile production has contributed to pollution and carbon dioxide production, there is an urgent need to address Eco-fashion. People have to move towards a slow and sustainable fashion to impact environmental betterment positively. Though fast fashion and artificial textile are tough to give up, there is an urgent need for sustainable fashion. Some firms in Pakistan support Eco-fashion and may cater to your requirements for the same.

  • Behbud
  • Pink Tree Company
  • Koel


Amidst the rising concerns of environmental degradation, the Government of Pakistan and the local people have pushed towards thinking about increasing the recycling industry in the country. One can easily spot a huge heap of garbage that is waiting to be disposed of properly. The unsustainable waste disposal practices that the country has been stuck into is a matter of concern and has started to call for action and has been a major agenda for various elections that the country holds.


According to experts, the municipal corporation of Pakistan manages only half of the waste produced by the people. There is improper and hazardous disposal with a release of a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases, making the land more expensive and deteriorated. 95% of paper and 60% of plastic waste is collected by scavengers, which poses the problem of child labor. Top the factories or workers dealing in recyclables are not formal. Therefore the system does not guarantee proper waste disposal, which has posed a major threat to the environment. A Lahore company called Green Earth recycling has taken on the responsibility for proper waste disposal from the cities and households, which is a welcome move in managing pollution.

Work and Study Abroad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan so, it holds the best universities that you could find in the land of Pakistan with tremendous opportunities to work and study abroad. The Institutions provide quality education as well as Holistic development for students in these times of increasing competition and unemployability. You can find various opportunities for admission as well as work if you are a foreigner.

Exchange Student

Despite the small size of the city, there are various options in education politics and other activities according to the interests of students. Islamabad has one of the best universities that you can find in Pakistan for quality education. Some of these universities are listed below for your reference.

  • International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Bahria University
  • National University of modern languages
  • Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
  • COMSATS University, Islamabad
  • National University of computer and engineering science
  • Riphah International University
  • Air University
  • National Defence University
  • National University of Science and Technology
  • The Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science, and Technology, Islamabad
  • Institute of Space Technology
  • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Foundation University
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
  • University College of Islamabad
  • My University

Au Pair

There are various online portals where you can find suitable jobs in Islamabad. There are options available according to your choices like full-time, part-time, baby care, and other specialized helper services that you wish to apply for. You can apply for and look for caregivers like nannies, tutors, housekeepers, pet sitters, babysitters, and personal assistants.


There are various organizations in Islamabad where you can volunteer for a noble cause. So some of these organizations are listed below for your reference among many in the place.

  • Adam Foundation
  • National Volunteer Movement
  • Sahil
  • Rozan Ghar
  • Trust for voluntary organizations (TVO)
  • Education Health Development Foundation
  • Pakistan Red Crescent society

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