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Eco-friendly travel guide to Pakistan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Pakistan, Asia.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$180 - $300

Responsible Travel

Pakistan is one with a long back history of the Mughals. A part of the Punjab province of Punjab, the city is one perfect example of natural beauty. Vast fields of wheat and other crops stretched at the extended end to create the stereotypical Punjabi landscapes; there are plenty of massive Mughal relics and nature tinged with green to keep travelers busy. With the eye-catch architecture and beautiful parks, and outdoor spaces, the city offers every traveler a unique experience and welcomes all with open arms.

As an eco-friendly traveler, you must try and enjoy the local food as far as possible; not only will you get a taste of authentic Islamic cuisine, but you shall also help the local food industry thrive. The big fast-food corporations are bad for the environment and do not do enough to help the economy or the poor people in general.

The country is home to countless Dhabas and food outlets, giving your taste buds a wonderful experience. These local food places are crowded 24*7 and are famous for their cheap, lip-smacking food. It is recommended that tourists visit these Dhabas to gorge on traditional “desi” cuisines.

Riding bicycles is also a great way to move around in this city. Though traffic is a concern, there are bicycle lanes in many areas and they could be used. There are many shops and small outlets that offer bicycles on hire, and you should use them.

Make more use of public transport instead of hiring cars and other such private modes of transport. We should bear in mind that a public service bus will accommodate 10 times more passengers than 25 to 30 odd individual cars. The public transport system is a win-win situation both for the city and also for tourists. It is a safer way of transport and is less polluting than taxis and private cars. It also leads to lesser traffic on the roads. There is no doubt that Pakistan has one of the most developed, efficient, and cheap road transport services, and you must make use of the same. It also will mean that you are walking the talk as a responsible traveler.

Air Quality and Pollution

As a tourist, you must keep this in mind when visiting the country and taking precautionary steps accordingly. The monsoon season is also relentless and could contribute to increased pollution levels because the suspended particles tend to hang on to the heavy atmosphere. The air quality in Pakistan is moderately unsafe. People love to make inquiries before they visit any city in Pakistan as they would not want to compromise their health despite wanting to have fun during the holiday. While traveling, you will have to follow various measures to save your body from pollution. If you have any health issues relating to respiration, you will need to follow extra caution to avoid getting sick during your trip. Make sure to pack your medicines and their prescription letter to take with you to the country.

Respect the Culture

The Pakistani culture is diversified in many groups such as historical, ethnic, and geographical. More than 15 significant groups of culture differ in physical features, customs, dresses, historical bloodlines, food, and, most importantly, music. Pakistan has shaped itself well spiritually. More than 73 different languages are spoken in Pakistan. The language used is mostly Indo-Iranian, including Urdu as a major language. The people of Pakistan are friendly and helpful, but, on the other hand, are also very conservative and insecure about gender segregation. Couples are usually not seen kissing or hugging in public. The society in terms of an interaction between men and women is strict.

Top 10 Places to Visit


Badshahi Mosque is a prominent 17th-century domed mosque. It is located in the Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The mosque is located at the west of the Lahore Fort with the outskirts of the Walled City of Lahore. Aurangzeb founded it. It was established in the year 1673.


Sheesh, Mahal – Palace of Mirrors is a pavilion with stone inlay and mirrors. It is located in the Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was constructed under the region of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1631-1632. It is a historical landmark in the city of Lahore.


Frere Hall is a 19th-century landmark with a lush garden. It is one of the famous buildings in the city of Karachi. It is located in Fatima Jinnah Rd, Saddar Civil Lines, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in the year of 1865.


The erect and massive Pakistan monument covered with flower petals, situated in the Shakarparian forest covered with hills with granite blocks arching towards the sky, which is the same as the sports player increase the will power of each other game begins. It is one of the favorite tourist attraction spots for travelers because the massive structure allows a tall, handsome bird-like view of the capital from a great distance.


The 70-meter tall minar used to call Manto Park stands in the middle of the park garden. Known as the modern ‘Eiffel Tower,’ is located on the opposite side of the Badshahi Mosque. With the dancing fountains and stairs to climb up, the minar offers a panoramic view of the city to enjoy.


If you love all things sea, then Churna Island, which is only a two-hour drive away from central Karachi, is a must-visit. Here is where you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive around the island’s reef and gaze at a multitude of sea creatures, from fish to snakes and turtles that inhabit its warm waters.


After so much sight-seeing and wandering, if you are deciding to rest in Islamabad for few days, then head to the Islamabad club, which allows you to enjoy leisure activities including swimming, reading books, and playing tennis.


Often known as the ‘Berlin Wall Of Asia,’ the place will allow you to feel the intensity and the patriotism that floats in the air. The retreat ceremony of ‘lowering of the flags’ will offer much fanfare and an incredible display of the military's strength and patriotism on both parts: the Indian Border Security Force and the Pakistan Rangers.


Last but not least is the Itwar bazaar, which is considered a very famous city. People of the nation and tourists visiting the city never forget to stop at the city's main shopping hub. This place consists of a handful of cheap second-hand goods sold at a lesser price attracting a great audience. The market remains open, especially on Sundays and also on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Jahangir's son and wife built the tomb in a building made with red Sikri stone and white marble, a perfect example of Lahori architecture. The design is intricate outside, but it is filled with frescos and tile mosaics inside. Explore the place to get mesmerized with the art.


The country of Pakistan has some fascinating and interesting places to visit, and as seen in the section above, some of these places have been listed out. However, these are just a few of the magnificent destinations for you to explore. The country of Pakistan has many things to offer apart from the many historical and culturally renowned places packed with tourists. The various parks, beaches, museums, and landmarks will help you get deep insights into the local culture and its beauty—the biggest reason being the tourist attractions of Pakistan’s Mosques. With a good blend of culturally rich and historically significant attractions along with serene and calming parks, you truly can enjoy the best of both worlds.

City Parks

With abundant greenery, this place also offers hiking and another adventurous journey that people can enjoy in their free time. The natural beauty of this place is marvelously exciting and heartwarming. Here are several places with a great amount of nature’s beauty and greenery which you will regret if you don’t go:

  • MARGALLA HILLS (City park in Islamabad)
  • HILAL PARK (City park in Karachi)
  • MODEL TOWN PARK (City park in Lahore)
  • MAJOR KHALID SHAHEED PARK (City park in Karachi)
  • GULSHAN IQBAL PARK (City park in Lahore)

National Parks

The country has a fantastic collection of natural parks. While most of them are spread across the country's length and breadth, many are also located in Pakistan. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in and around the country but are not very far away from the country.

  • KARACHI SAFARI PARK (National park in Karachi)
  • SHALIMAR BAGH (National park in Lahore)
  • WOODLAND WILDLIFE PARK (National park in Lahore)


The country of Pakistan is famous for its beaches worldwide. The white sand beaches of this country are the gorgeous thing one can see around. It is blessed by one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Here are some of the best beaches in the country:

  • ORMARA TURTLE BEACHES (Beach in Ormara)
  • GWADAR BEACH (Beach in Gwadar)
  • GADANI BEACH (Beach in Gadani)


You must try and visit as many as you possibly can. While the list is quite long, we are mentioning a few of them for our readers' benefit. Here are some of the famous landmarks in the country of Pakistan:

  • FAISAL MOSQUE (Landmark in Islamabad)
  • TOMB OF MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH (Landmark in Karachi)
  • WAZIR KHAN MOSQUE (Landmark in Lahore)
  • DERAWAR FORT (Landmark in Derawar)


Here are some of the museums located in Pakistan, which shows the country's proper culture and the respect that it pays towards its citizen. A few of the best museums you will want to visit while staying in the country are:

  • THE MOHATTA PALACE MUSEUM (Museum in Karachi)
  • LAHORE MUSEUM (Museum in Lahore)
  • TANZARA ART GALLERY (Museum in Islamabad)
  • STATE BANK MUSEUM (Museum in Karachi)


Exploring a country is incomplete without tasting the delicacies of the place. Likewise, Pakistan is a place offering a fantastic combination of spices, and with the traditional preparation, the delicacies offered here are mouth-watering. A perfect metropolitan, the cuisine of Pakistan is vibrant and delicious. In contrast, the influence of Central Asian, North Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine in Pakistani food is ubiquitous. So, if you are looking to have your meal and tickle your taste bud, then the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian dishes offered at the restaurants and on the streets will amaze you. With the perfect preparation and presentation, the food in Pakistan is aromatic. It is a multicultural cuisine due to various ethnic groups from different parts of Pakistan.


There are many Pakistani alcoholics and non-alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in Pakistan. There is no doubt that Pakistani people love to drink regularly, especially on special occasions with friends and family. With the mouth-watering delicacies and the historical monuments, the country of Pakistan is rich in culture. The country is also rich in some of the most exotic traditional drinks and alcohol. The streets offering the drinks to taste will help to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated. Undoubtedly, a magical country has a lot of drinks to offer. Pakistan’s Lahore is famous for traditional Lassi, decades-old tea stalls, and now the lemon soda and slushes. Additionally, the city also provides stalls of juices, mainly sugarcane, which is perfect to kill summers' heat. Also, with the local shops and stalls serving the water at reasonable prices and the water stalls offering services to travelers, the problem of drinking water will not be faced while you travel and explore the country.


There are many shops available in Pakistan that have a huge collection of bottled water, both local and international. Like many other western cities, tap water in the country is not safe for travelers to drink. It is better to drink water from the packed bottles instead of the local ones. In places where you cannot get the bottled water, make sure to boil the tap water from the nearest places that carry one boiled tap water bottle with you as it is safe to drink once boiled. Apart from drinking, use the boiled water to brush teeth or wash your mouth. Many locals might suggest filtering the tap water before drinking it to get the bad properties out and make it clear to drink. They are not so cheap, but you have to use them if you are worried about your health. But it is better to avoid the tap-water as you might still get sick after drinking the filtered water as a traveler. There are many shops available in Pakistan that have a huge collection of bottled water, both local and international. They are not so cheap, but you have to use them if you are worried about your health.


The people out there are highly conscious about the environment and pollution, so they support green travel. You can do many things around The Country, like admiring the monuments, visiting the museums, having quality cuisine, checking out the city's viewpoints, dining in mosques, and various other Resorts that the place has to grab your attention. The museums and art exhibitions are always there for you to explore, making you appreciate art. Even if you are not a lover of artwork, something in you will be compelled when you see them. These activities will help you understand the local communities, the people, and their livelihood. Some of these activities will also help you create a memorable time.

The country is best known for its art and culture in tourism, and it has many places to explore. However, this is not the case for people who wish to visit the country as there is always something to do. Foreigners hate getting bored when in a new city, so you would see those seeking locals' recommendations.


Hotels are often the number one choice for tourists as they are usually cheaper and convenient, but tourists visiting the country for a longer time should always prefer renting out an apartment. There are many affordable apartment options for tourists. A lot of these places are located near the prime locations and are the best ones to rent. Before renting out an apartment, inspect the site properly and get reviews from the other residents. We would not say that accommodation in Pakistan's country is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world.

You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the country or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you. One factor that a foreigner cannot fail to consider when traveling to a new place is accommodation, as you would need a place to lodge during your stay. It is not about finding a place to sleep, but a comfort zone as you want your stay in the country to be memorable. The country of Pakistan has many options when it comes to accommodation, so foreigners are not stranded. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.

Green Hotels

Hotels are the most highly preferred accommodations. Tourists mostly prefer to stay here throughout their trip. Hotels are incredibly comfortable and have so many facilities for visitors. They can be booked online. They have their details on the site, and from there, tourists can book a room and make the payment. They have all the necessary facilities for every visitor. They give three meals a day, which contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tourists can decide the menu themselves and ask them to send the dish they want to eat. They have cuisines in almost every country. They also have swimming pools where tourists can sit and relax. They have small gardens where tourists can go on a walk. They also have a play area where kids can play.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and paying guests are quite cheap than hotels. They provide all the facilities. It is best for the students and the tourists coming from different cities and countries as well. If you plan to stay for weeks in this country and want to save some money, you can choose hostels and guest houses. There are plenty of guesthouses and hostels in the country that you can choose from. There are plenty of hostels available in the country that you can get in different price ranges. They offer some of the common benefits of hotels, along with all the basic benefits. There are some cities in Pakistan where you might not find a lot of guesthouses. It is easier to take the help of online services to find them and book them. Sharable options are available in some of the hostels that further reduces the fare of the room.


The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the country or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you. One factor that a foreigner cannot fail to consider when traveling to a new place is accommodation, as you would need a place to lodge during your stay. It is not about finding a place to sleep, but a place of comfort as you want your stay in the city to be memorable. The country of Pakistan has many options when it comes to accommodation, so foreigners are not stranded. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.


It is a regular thing to see people indicate interest in Couchsurfing in Pakistan's country, and there is a website that assists in getting localhost. Willing locals sign up on it, while foreigners check through and follow steps and instructions on how to get paired. Couchsurfing is a system that pairs you with a local willing host during the duration of your holiday. If you do not have the means to pay for accommodation and you desire to travel, you can check if they do Couchsurfing in the desired country. The comfort you will feel during Couchsurfing might not be compared to what you can get from your house, but you should remember that it is only for some time, and it is better than being stranded. It is easier to discover the hosts before going to the country, and it will help you save time. You will be able to enjoy the country and its culture like the local people. To find the hosts in Pakistan, you can take the help of different services. Travelers like to find Couch surfing in different cities, which helps them stay in the country for a long time and save a lot of money.


Some people do not understand why anyone will leave the luxury of their homes and decide to camp. However, those who have ever had a camping experience can explain that the feeling is different and fulfilling. By camping, you are leaving your immediate environment's comfort and going to a place that is in tune with nature. These places often do not have the luxury of beds, and campers end up sleeping in tents. Although camping is not an actual form of accommodation as it cannot serve long-term, it still falls under accommodation as it helps for days that anyone would engage in it. People share jokes and stories while camping, and it is a way of establishing new friendships.

The stories will always keep you company, and some of them may be based on historical facts concerning the city. Camping is an activity that is common amongst the locals of the country of Pakistan so that you can join them on it. It is one of the best accommodations that you can choose in Pakistan to stay near nature and save a lot of money.




Getting There and Moving Around

As a foreigner, you should make it a habit of asking the locals questions when you are in a new country. As we earlier mentioned, the country's people are friendly even if it does not show in their facial expressions. People will always be moving from one place to another, and tourists would always be curious as it is a new area. The idea is to help them tailor their movement as they would not want to get lost or do something out of line because they do not have adequate information. As a way to calm your mind, let us tell you that the country is considered a safe country, so you should not have fears if you desire to move around, and there are many available transportation means.

One of the things you need to keep in mind while planning a trip to the country is the transportation mode to choose. Based on your location or country, you will need to choose the mode of transportation. From most of the countries, the air is the most convenient way to travel to Pakistan. You will be able to get many other transportations to travel to the country and railway, water, road, and others. Upon reaching the country, there are plenty of local transportations that are available to move around. From fueled cars to eco-friendly ways, you can choose any of them in the different price ranges. However, try to use eco-friendly transportation as much as you can to keep the country safe from pollution.


As mentioned above, the air is the most common way travelers from different countries reach Pakistan. You will be able to find flights for this country from most of the other countries, and it will also help you reach faster than others. This country has numerous international airports, and the largest one among them is the Jinnah International Airport. If you do not have much time on your hand, then the flight is the best way to move around different countries. In addition to this, the country is well connected to the airport via trains, buses, taxis. Many people would agree that using air is the fastest means of transportation to anywhere, so we know that this would be the top option on the mind of some people when they want to visit the country.


Many public and private buses vary according to the distance that you want to travel. The long-distance buses are usually private buses and ideal for getting from one city to another city. Traveling through the country's buses is very easy as there is a convenient online portal where you can buy the tickets for your travel. The Pakistani intercity bus system is truly massive, and as a tourist, you can make the most of this and reach Pakistan's country from almost any city in the country.

Many public buses and airport shuttle buses run inside the country areas to help the locals and the tourists get to different locations with ease. The bus journey from different countries might be too hectic for the travelers as they have to change many buses on their way to the country. It is best to avoid the option of a bus if you are traveling from different countries. The bus is always an excellent option to travel to different cities and also it comes with a cheap fare that helps to save a lot of money. If you travel from the other cities in the country, you will get many options to reach the cities as it is very well connected with other countries. Make sure to book the bus tickets online before your tour date to confirm your seat on the bus.


This public mode of transport is quite popular amongst the locals as a cheap and convenient mode. The railway station also includes a train line used daily by locals and tourists to reach different country areas. Some people love using buses because it views the landscape while traveling, and they find it exciting. However, others would not like to use a bus because it takes long hours, and there is no adequate space. When this occurs, people tend to get cranky, affecting their mood when they get to their destination. You should know that some bus companies have made great improvements to ensure that people are always comfortable whenever they use them. Thus, it is not every time that you would face inconveniences when you use a bus.


Hitchhiking is a common practice in Asian cities among travelers that are low on cash and budget. Most drivers are naturally wary of picking up strangers, fearing carrying robbers and carjackers. While there are exceptional cases of drivers who would be okay with offering one a lift, most of them would not, especially when driving at night. If you want to hitchhike to reach Pakistan's country, you will not face much trouble as the locals are always very eager to help out a foreign tourist. The familiar thumbs-up gesture to ask for left on the highways and roads can be used in Pakistan. It is an environmentally friendly practice to ask for a lift to a nearby town.

This is known to be one of the best hitchhiking places for travelers. But the place is not too easy to reach for people, so many people avoid it. If you want to get to the country by hitchhiking, you will get many different options like the big toll gate in the south of the country. It is one of the best hitchhiking among all the other ones to help you get to the country. They might have to take a lot of walking to reach their starting from crossing the rail tracks to covering the bridge, which is a very long walk.


There is another way to travel or move around in the Country of Pakistan, and those are a taxi or motorcycle ride. These transportation types are advised only in case of emergency because Pakistan is dealing with a lot of traffic, air pollution, and noise pollution; therefore, you must not contribute to it. Only in case of urgency or when the time is less you can use these types of transportation. You must be aware of the taxi scams while using a rental car service.

Sustainable Shopping

The eco-friendly way of fashion is to buy products that won’t harm the environment at any cost. It is also a responsibility for you to protect the environment and not pollute it in any way. A relatively uncharted area in the country, eco-fashion is slowly gaining ground as an ethical way to engage in fashion in an eco-friendly way. You will find that eco-fashion is a viral trend among Pakistani people. Many models and brands serve such clothing items, which is why it is gaining a lot of popularity. While looking for eco-fashion stores, prefer local businesses as they sell products sourced from the local environment. The Pakistani garment business is worth over a trillion USD, but it takes a major toll on the environment, and brands provide sustainable fashion options for you to explore. Eco-fashion is the use of sustainable materials that protect the environment to make clothes. These shops promote zero waste and recycling that helps to keep the environment safe.


Many parts of the country, especially the low and middle-income areas, don't even have waste collection systems in place. In high-income areas, private waste collection companies are booming. While many local people understand the long-term ramifications of improper solid waste management to the environment, recycling has not caught on, particularly in middle and high-income areas where recycled products generate income proportionately too minimal to consider pursuing seriously. Residents pay handsomely without really knowing where the waste will end up. The government has also provided multiple incentives to people following various recycling waste measures and saving natural resources.

Pakistan's country has a marvelous recycling method with everything, from cans to bottles to even batteries and toys being systematically recycled. There are categories for every kind of waste, and efficiency is quite good. You will find many recycling stores in various districts where you can take your recyclable waste and get it appropriately recycled. These stores offer various monetary or store voucher services that you can use for buying other recyclable items and services. The government has also provided multiple incentives to people following various recycling waste measures and saving natural resources.


The waste segregation method employed here is based on the above-mentioned category system. While exploring and traveling, make sure to use these containers and vehicles to dispose of the waste properly, or you can get into trouble for violating the laws and environment. Additionally, people on the move are given free tickets at subway platforms for recycling plastic bottles and cans. You shall find cleanliness in common places to be marvelous, and trash cans are found everywhere. Pollution is a severe problem in Pakistan's country, and there are many measures that the government has put into action to control it. You will find dumpsters and garbage disposal trucks in every street of the districts in Pakistan. In the past free years, the locals are also trying to cope with the changes and adopt recycled products.

As the pollution index is inferior in some cities, improving the environment is very important. They understand that it is their responsibility to keep their environment clean, and whatever they do can either make or mar their atmosphere. These people strive to have a country conducive to living and know that it is impossible without an adequate waste management organization. According to the different reports, the waste accretion of the country is tons per year. But the country is trying to lower the waste produced by different things. They are trying to promote recycling products, and many shops offer mind condition recycled essentials. Most travelers like to buy those recycled products to keep the waste low.

Work and Study Abroad

The education system is one of the best, and you will learn a lot about Islamic culture, history, heritage, and people. As the financial hub, you will find that the educational and career opportunities in the country of Pakistan are the best in Asia. All you need to do to get admission is apply to the various institutions and meet their requirements. The country of Pakistan is a trendy country where people worldwide come to study and work at some of the most reputed institutes and firms.

The country is very well known around the world in different countries. Taking the help of online job finders also helps very much to find the best available jobs easily. The country is quite developed from different sectors, which include work and study too. Apart from that, these students also have a permit to work in Pakistan while studying to earn some pocket money and fess. These universities and colleges offer good courses to students, and they have different offers for international students that attract students from all over the world. There are many available jobs in the country that these students can take and earn a good amount of money. The number of international students is very high in the country as some of the best universities and colleges here. When it comes to international students, you will find plenty of them here as the country's education system offers higher education at an affordable price.

Exchange Student

The student exchange program is a worldwide program that enables students from different countries to study in another country and learn about local culture and traditions. The exchange programs in Pakistan's country have with many neighboring countries in the Asian region are robust. You shall find plenty of students learning at universities in the country of Pakistan via intercontinental grants and scholarships. You will find that many institutions in Pakistan are part of the program and offer various scholarships to such students. However, most exchange students that come to Pakistan are from neighboring countries.

But some students who take part in other faraway countries. Exchange student study is getting more and more popular in Pakistan as many students are deciding to go for higher study. Many other countries do not have this opportunity and study options like this one. Shortly, the exchange student concept is set to grow more and positively impact the educational system. There are many exchange student opportunities that are there in the country for students to choose from. There is a specific semester in Pakistan that is getting famous and inviting students from other countries.

Au Pair

Au pairing is a relatively new concept in Asian countries where a foreign couple helps out a family in meeting their responsibilities and managing a household. You will hardly find an Au Pair or a family participating in such activities as they are accustomed to managing by themselves or with the help of their close relatives or neighbors. The couple helps the family members in education and career to help them build a better life with lots of potentials. You will get a luxurious home to live in as the concept is only popular amongst the rich who have room to spare in this densely packed country.

Working as an Au Pair in foreign makes you feel at home with all the hustle around you. In Pakistan, you can search for houses that need an Au Pair online and stay with them. The best chance to stay with some is if they like your company as a foreigner and let you in. It is straightforward to find jobs as an Au Pair, as it is accepted worldwide now. The country of Pakistan is yet to accept the concept of the au pair. Most of the country prefer getting their house help from their villages or a younger relative.


In Pakistan, volunteer work can be life-changing, whether you are a professional or just seeking to explore the world and other cultures. Many NGOs and charities in the country are understaffed and need qualified help. Still, a volunteer isn't valuable to an organization unless he/she has the right mix of passion, time, and utility. There are plenty of homes, etc., in the country of Pakistan that would probably welcome the help and which would probably not ask questions about your immigration status, especially for unpaid work. Still, it is important to be aware of the legal aspects.

Obviously, in a country of this size, there are plenty of issues to tackle. You can do your bit for society by volunteering for various endeavors, especially by NGOs and service groups. Many volunteering organizations in Pakistan are fighting to resolve various cultural, environmental, and social problems such as violence against women and children, child labor, animal protection, environmental protection, humanitarian rights, etc. By participating in these organizations' activities, you can play your vital role as a responsible tourist and help out someone who needs your help.

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