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Eco-friendly travel guide to Jerusalem advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $150

Responsible Travel

Located between the Mediterranean and the dead sea, Jerusalem is a city that gets a high inflow of people as Christians take it as their holy city.

Jerusalem has a vintage outlook combined with other factors, and this always captivates visitors.

Being a responsible traveler in Jerusalem means that you have to patronize their local businesses. This will not be difficult as many items will get your attention at first glance. You will want to purchase these items and take them back as souvenirs.

It is also important that you distance yourself from political talks while you are in this city as it is a sensitive topic. As a foreigner, you might not have complete details or understanding. Thus, it is best not to talk about politics so that you do not offend anyone.

It is best to make friends with the locals while you are in this city, and you can do that by visiting the local markets. You are sure to get anything you desire, and these locals will help you if you have any challenges.

Air Quality and Pollution

We do not know what you look out for when you are visiting a new place. However, the air quality of that city should be a necessity to consider.

You will encounter challenges if you go to a place that contrasts with what you are used to. It is why you need to find out the air quality and prepare yourself before traveling.

Research shows that the air quality in Jerusalem is not bad, neither is it perfect. Thus, we can say that there is moderate air quality. This means that you will not be exposed to extreme conditions.

If you react badly to bad air conditions, you will not have challenges in Jerusalem since the air quality is moderate. The people do not have many pollutants that affect the air quality. This is one reason why it keeps getting a high inflow of foreigners as people have a sense of safety and calm when it concerns air quality in the city.

Both locals and foreigners can enjoy the air quality in Jerusalem.

Respect the Culture

It is always essential that rules and regulations are guiding a city. This ensures that there is order and decorum. As a foreigner, you are poised to know these regulations when you are in a new town, as it helps you be respectful. If you do not respect the locals and constituted authorities in the city, you will not enjoy your stay.

You need to understand that there are religious rules in this city in terms of dressing. You shouldn’t talk down on these beliefs as it will come off as disrespectful. In Jerusalem, women are not to wear trousers to the temple. You may or may not agree with this law. However, it is best to respect it while you are in the city.

It comes in handy if you have your google translate or lean bits of the Jewish language to ensure a smooth and easier conversation. If you do not understand anything, ask around before you react.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There is almost an unending list of places to visit in Jerusalem. But the top 10 are:

• Western Wall: It is impossible to visit Jerusalem without hearing about this wall. It has been in place since the old Jerusalem, so people refer to it as ancient. Most Jews use this wall as a place of prayer, so it is a top tourist attraction in the city. You will have an incomplete stay in Jerusalem if you do not visit the Western Wall.

• Dome of the Rock: If you are an Islam visiting Jerusalem, there are also holy places to visit, and this is one of them. It is a tourist attraction in the city that also serves as an Islamic shrine. History shows that it is one of the oldest extant works of Islamic architecture. You will be in awe of its architectural features, and it is still captivating to date.

• Yad Vashem: This place stands as both a memorial and history museum in Jerusalem. Visiting it gives you more information about the victims of the Holocaust. It was established in 1953 and has many artifacts that aid in disseminating information to visitors. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

• Shuk Machane Yehuda: If you are looking for a place to buy items in the city, you should visit this bazaar. It has many merchants and allows you to interact with the locals. Due to the many merchants, it will be impossible not to get what you desire, especially if it is food-related.

• Gethsemane: Christians are already familiar with this place from their bible stories, and they are eager to visit it when in Jerusalem. Due to its popularity, this garden stands as one of the top tourist attractions in Jerusalem. It is surrounded by olive trees which gives it a unique sense of warmth and comfort. You will also get an exquisite view of the city from this garden.

• City of David: If you love adventures, you need to take a tour of this village when you are in Jerusalem. Many tunnels characterize it, and you will be fascinated by the amazing stories. It comes in handy that there are knowledgeable tour guides who will always answer any question you might have.

• The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens: You should visit this place if you are an animal lover. It is a biblical-themed zoo, and you will have a pleasant time with the animals. Many people love that the environment is always clean and the animals are well-cared for. The only downside is the high cost of the food at the food courts, so many people bring in their snacks.

• Damascus Gate: You will have heard about this gate if you are familiar with bible stories. It is also one of the top tourist attractions in Jerusalem. Visiting it helps you get a physical image of the stories that you have been reading.

• Cenacle: This is the upper room in biblical stories where the disciples received the outpouring of the holy spirit. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the city as foreigners are always hyped about visiting this place. You should ensure to see it and tick it off your list of places to visit.

• Mount Scopus: You can have personal time on this mount as the pleasant views are relaxing. It is always best to take a camera when visiting as you do not want to miss the opportunity to capture the views. It is something that you will cherish for a long time. This is one of the top and best places to visit in Jerusalem.


No foreigner will go to a new place and not desire to explore. After all, they want stories to tell others when they go back to their home city. It is why people research before visiting a new city.

We notice a high inflow of persons to cities that have many places of tourist attraction, and Jerusalem fits this bill. When you are in Jerusalem, you will never run out of places to visit.

Sometimes, people get tired of exploring and decide to rest without going anywhere when they are in the city.

It comes in handy that you can explore Jerusalem irrespective of your religion. Some people think that only Christians can enjoy their stay in this city, but this notion is wrong. Many fun places in Jerusalem appeal to diverse interests.

You are not making a mistake if you decide to visit Jerusalem. The only mistake you will be making is if you choose to stay cooped up in a place.

City Parks

Some of the city parks in Jerusalem are:

• Park Jerusalem: Exploring this park alone can be a day’s activity as there are many activities to do. It is suitable for both children and adults, especially as there are cafes in the park. Who would not love a good snack or drink? There are playgrounds for children, and you can engage in hiking if you desire. It is a perfect place for relaxation by engaging in picnics.

• Liberty Bell Park: Since this is a public park, you can be sure of seeing many people when you visit the park. However, it is large enough to accommodate everyone. It has a skating area for those who love skating, and you can also ride your bikes. Due to the large number of persons, you will see at this park, it is safe to say that it is an interaction area for foreigners and locals. You are sure to make new friends before leaving this park. It is a top area to explore in Jerusalem.

National Parks

Some of the national parks in Jerusalem are:

• Ein Hemed National Park: This Park is so large that some families use it as a vacation spot. Thus, we can say that it is suitable for camping. The Park has many facilities in place and strives to ensure that they are always clean. It has a conducive environment for both adults and children. It is best always to take along a camera as you would enjoy the sight at the stream.

• Castel National Park: If you are a fan of walking around in places, you will love to explore this park. It has a comfortable ambiance and lets you learn some of Israel’s history as you explore. It is important to note that it is not fee to tour this park. But the tour guides are usually knowledgeable and come in handy. The place is clean at all times, and this also appeals to many people. It would be best if you didn’t miss visiting this park when you are in Jerusalem.


It will not be a complete list if we fail to highlight some of the beaches in Jerusalem for foreigners to explore. After all, the beach is the favorite place of many people.

Some of the beaches in Jerusalem are:

• Jerusalem Beach: We advise that you visit this beach with an open mind as many activities happen here. You are sure to see different people. Thus, there is the option of making new friends. It is a conducive place for both kids and adults. You can engage in activities like volleyball, surfing, and much more. Looking at its clear waters is also a way of relaxing. You will realize that most of the people you will meet at this beach are friendly.

• Kalia Beach: Since there are bars and eateries on this beach, you are sure to have a bubbly environment. It is important to note that this is a public beach. Thus, the idea of having private time might be a far thought. However, you are sure to have a swell time if you ever visit this place.


The idea of having a landmark in an area is to help foreigners when they are trying to navigate from one point to another.

In some cases, the landmarks in a city are popular, and even those who have never been to that city have heard about them before. Such scenarios play out in Jerusalem as it has many popular locations.

When you are familiar with the landmarks in an area, you can find yourself around without a guide.

A landmark can either be a popular place, a statue, or a high building. The idea is to ensure that it always gets attention and people can identify it from afar. It is not a landmark if one can easily miss it.

There are many landmarks in Jerusalem, but we would be highlighting some of them. It is also not out of place if you desire to explore these landmarks while in Jerusalem.

Some foreigners are already on the lookout for these landmarks from their first day in the city.

Some of them are:

• Mount zion

• King Davids tomb


Jerusalem has a lot to offer when we strictly talk about museums. The city has its beautiful history and past, and many precious moments of this past have been captured at different places in the city. If you are an art admirer or an explorer who wants to know the best about the history of Jerusalem, then here is a list of museums you must visit while you are in the city.

There are even many monuments that have museums inside their boundary. The beautiful city knows the value of its history and has tried to preserve it in the best possible way.

  • Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center- It is moreover a remembrance center instead of being a proper museum. Sometimes you don't want people to forget the consequences of their actions, and this spot is one of the places where you will get to see the struggles, the tortures, and the challenging path that people of the city faced. It is a perfect location for people who think that the holocaust was not that brutal as written in books. It is a place that tells the entire story of the pain the people went through to form modern Jerusalem.
  • Israel Museum- The Israel Museum is one of the most delicate pieces of art in Israel. The monument has everything you need to know about the deep history of Jerusalem. The place is not just filled with historical stuff, but it also has many things to cheer up your day. There is a recreational space available for kids also. The museum has many aspects of Judaism preserved for people to see and get closer to the meanings of culture.
  • The Friends of Zion Museum- The place has given new definitions to museums. Out there in the museum, you will get to see the heroic deeds of Christians and stuff related to it. It is like traveling back in the time while visiting The Friends of Zion Museum. It is very close to the city center hence you will find lots of tourists in the place. The place is very amazing with the way it represents the belongings. It basically shows all the great deeds Christians did in the early era.


Eating in Israel has always been a special treat. The city of Jerusalem has many traditional foods and drinks to offer. The place is full of crazy Israeli food. People love to welcome guests, and they are very interested in helping tourists to taste the flavors of Jerusalem. On the other hand, there are some great drinks and beverages that are incomparable to any others throughout the world. If you are food lover and want a treat with food then Jerusalem is an amazing place to visit. It’s good with traditional food and street food. The specialty of the city is the way it mixes up culture even with food.

Traditional Local Restaurants

If you are really interested in tasting the genuine and authentic food of Israel, then Jerusalem is the best place to be. Most people like to set up restaurants that serve traditional dishes to the customer. The local people are very proud of their traditional food, so you can get some of the unique items to taste in Jerusalem. We have tried to list the most famous and best places to have a perfect traditional meal.

  • The Eucalyptus- The restaurant serves food in a smooth system. The interiors are great, and you will find the servings to be very interesting. The restaurant menu is unique, and they like to blend flavors to get a better taste from dishes. You can get some of the modern dishes found in Israel with the touch and mix of the old traditional recipes. The environment is peaceful and great to be in.
  • Machneyuda- The restaurant is named after the famous Mahane Yehuda Market. Some of the best local chefs work in the place, and you can taste the best traditional foods of Jerusalem. There are many dishes out there on the menu that are a combination of Mediterranean with Jewish flavors. The restaurant has an interactive interior with a beautiful open roof style that makes your experience even a better one.
  • Azzahra Restaurant- the place is situated in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The restaurant opened up five years ago, and since then, it has been among the favorite local restaurants for family and friends. The famous "mujjadara" is among the most appreciated dish in the restaurant.
  • Rooftop, Mamilla Hotel- If you are looking for a place to try over some authentic food along with classic Jerusalem wine and alcohol, then Rooftop, Mamilla Hotel Is the best you can visit. As the name suggests, it is a rooftop restaurant. One can enjoy the view from the restaurant as you will be able to see the beauty of the capital city from a very high point.

Vegetarian and Vegan

It is just a stereotype that people think there is no place for vegetarians in the city of Jews. But on the other hand, Jerusalem has developed so beautifully that it has something for everyone. To be frank, the vegetarian dishes are not the best ones, but at least you will get things that can cheer you up. Also, the newest concept of Vegan is very much appreciated in the city. People are very concerned about their health, and they like to take a balanced diet to improve health. Also, you won't get a lot of people who are fans of leaving meat and any animal product for consumption, but indeed the mindset is changing, and the people of Jerusalem are also trying to be Vegan.

Here we have the best places to visit if you want to try out vegetarian foods in Jerusalem.

  • Azzahra Restaurant- A lot of people don't know, but Israel has been famous for some of its vegetarian dishes too. Mostly they are sweet in taste, but these dishes are just amazing to taste. This restaurant is a perfect place to visit if you want a healthy and friendly atmosphere with a Palestinian menu. The restaurant is lo focused on serving Palestinian food, which on the other hand, is a joy ride.
  • Pergamon Restaurant- The restaurant is the best place for vegetarians and vegans in Jerusalem who are looking for a bar with their food. The restaurant serves some of the best cocktails and refreshing drinks. Also, the warm and cozy environment attracts a lot of people, so you can meet up with other people inside the restaurant. The service is average, but the food tastes good. If you are looking for a veg platter in the Jewish city of Jerusalem then this might be the spot you are looking for.
  • Hachapuria- This is a place to be at night. They are very busy throughout the day, so if you don't want to stand in the waiting line, try reserving in advance. Also, the food served here is good and tender to eat. The place remains a lot crowded throughout, and if you are looking for company, then this might be the spot. There is a minibar out there and on the other side where you can get refreshing fruits, nuts and juices. The fresh pulpy exact found out there in this restaurant is a must to taste if you are a fan of fruits.
  • Aricha Sabich- Opposite the Machane Yehuda Market, Aricha Sabich is a popular option for a quick bite. It serves a delicious traditional Iraqi Jewish dish consisting of fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, salad, and tahini sauce inside a pita. Although it was originally favored as a breakfast staple, it is now enjoyed at all hours of the day. Limited seating is available, but customers usually take their meal to go. During the winter months, the menu also includes a range of soups.

Street Food

There are many places in Israel that are still not very good with street foods, but this is not the case with Jerusalem. The site has the craziest fans of street food. Not just is Jerusalem good with street food, but it is a whole new arena of street food out there. People have invented crazy combos that are worth trying. Many local people are entirely dependent on street food for their living. Some of the best places to grab a bite of street food in Jerusalem are-

  • Crave Gourmet Street Food- If you want to call the place a restaurant, then anybody out there will not be surprised because they have an extensive menu with a too much-crowded atmosphere similar to that seen in oversized and famous restaurants. The place serves street food at cheaper rates than you can find anywhere in the world. Dishes like the Crave Fries always are in high demand. You can get so much food at minimal rates that it might become hard for you to believe that such a place does exist.
  • Moshiko Falafel- They are not big outlets but basically are limited to a stall. And as the name suggests, the stall is all about Falafels. There are a lot of falafel dishes with great touch-ups and toppings. The best thing about the booth is obviously the low cost that street food provides. You will get tons of falafel for a limited amount of money.


There is a lot of history with drinks and water out there in Jerusalem. But now, it is a modern Jerusalem where you can drink some of the most amazing cocktails, breweries, and juices. There are even unique places you can find in the city for drinks. People are very fond of traditional drinks and stuff, so you can find breweries and lots of mind-blowing mixes for drinking in Jerusalem.


Tap water is obviously the primary source of water you find in Israel. The city is very much developed as you can rely on tap water for your drinking purpose. For your information, the salt concentration in the tap water can be very different from that of America, and hence people find problems like diarrhea and more sometimes.

This definitely is not because of the poor quality of water, but it is because of your body's adaptation. To be on the safer side, you can use packed mineral waters. But if you want to save money, consuming tap water is not a bad idea. Risking with water can be a terrible decision, so better to know the sensitivity of your body and drink accordingly.

Organic Cafés

There are many Organic cafes serving a number of drinks in Jerusalem. You can have a range of drinks from regular fruit juices mixed with the flavors of Israel. The traditional drinks are also good to try. Even the fresh brewed alcohols of the place have a number of fans. But talking strictly of cafes, you can get drinks as well as snacks out there in most of them. On the other hand, you also can have the option of having a proper lunch in some of the cafes. The best Organic Cafés in Jerusalem are-

  • Cafe Baste- Not a very Big cafe but definitely a great place to be. The customer service is good, and food is the primary specialty. If you are hungry and are looking for some fast foods, Cafe Baste is the place. The place is also decorated great, which provides a positive vibe. Their special includes a dish that has a ton of veggies and chickpeas, and it is a must-try.
  • Cafe Yehoshua- The cafe has a very cozy environment, especially for families. You can find trouble with kids in most of the cafes as the atmosphere is not the one which you might one, but this one has a special section for kids to play in. Also, they offer menu cards for kids, so it's all great to have such a feature. Their food proportions are enormous, so you can trust the amount of food served.
  • Coffee Nadi- Located in a great location, the cafe attracts a good crowd. Now this place is a little bit bigger than other cafes but don't you judge the service based on this fact. The food service is pretty, excellent and tourists love the hospitality the place provides.


Breweries are very common in Jerusalem. The production of alcohol is on a very large scale, and people love to drink homemade drinks. If you are worried that you're not going to find enough booze in the city, then you might have gone completely wrong. The place offers wide varieties of alcohol and beverages with many breweries.

The most liked one is beer. Jerusalem has both the breweries that produce for locals and those who are in business and are exporting alcohol. You can explore the booth. The local breweries can give a taste of traditional drinks and cocktails. Whereas the big names can provide you with the finest alcohol at factory prices, so it is a win-win situation here. Some of the best-known Breweries in Jerusalem are-

  • BeerBazaar Jerusalem
  • Herzl Beer Factory
  • Shapiro Brewery
  • Biratenu - Jerusalem Beer Center


You can do many crazy activities in the capital city of Israel. There are many places where you can swim and climb rocks. There are activities such as trekking and camping in groups. People in the city are very active in participating in different events and activities, so it is moreover a fun place to be in. Also, one can find many recreational centers and special places dedicated to physical activities such as bowling and billiards. Camping is also something that is seen as a frequent activity.

Yoga and Retreats

Israel is a country that has never restricted anything that profits health and fitness. Yoga can benefit our bodies in a number of ways, and the people of Jerusalem are very much into Yoga. These people practice Yoga. You will also find many folks who teach yoga and are professional in the art. Many countries do not accept Yoga as it might have an association with Hinduism, but no such thing is seen in Jerusalem.

There are many centers and retreats where you can learn Yoga comfortably in the city. You can learn from people who have mastered the art. It is great to see people working hard with their bodies to improve their health. The new and modern Jerusalem welcomes everything, and it has even welcomed Yoga with open arms.

Some of the famous places in Jerusalem where you can practice Yoga are-

  • Shmuel Ha'Nagid Yoga Center
  • sivananda yoga centre
  • OR Yoga


As a tourist, one of the main concerns is always related to the accommodation and stays. But when you are talking of Jerusalem, it is not a thing to be worried about. The place shines up with different accommodations available. You can get the most luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly places to live in the city.

The city is a hub for tourists, so there are many big business owners that have settled in Jerusalem. These people have constructed some of the biggest hotels out there in the capital. The hotels we are talking of have unimaginable comfort. On the other hand, Guesthouses and Couchsurfing is also a very famous concept.

Green Hotels

Israel was one of the first nations who realized the fact that it is high time now to protect mother earth. Hence the concept of Green hotels most probably originated from Israel. Green hotels are a system where you stay in such accommodation that is sustainable with nature. In short such hotels don't make the environment dirty and help to keep things green.

People in Jerusalem are very good at promoting such concepts. Most of the people throughout the world are not that happy with Green hotels as it costs more than usual and you don't have the facilities required, but people in Jerusalem are ready to compromise to save mother nature. Some of the best names of Jerusalem regarding green hotels are-

  • The American Colony Hotel
  • King David Hotel
  • David Citadel Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

From the above context, you are already aware of the luxury hotels in Jerusalem that can provide. Many tourists get amazed by the high-tech hotels and the incomparable hospitality that Jerusalem hotels provide. The welcoming nature of the hotel staff and the best-in-class services are just a constant thing you will find with all the hotels, irrespective of their sizes.

Guest Houses were basically an older thing in Jerusalem. It is not that you won't find any guest house now in the city, but most people like to go to hotels as you can get accommodation at the same price and better service. However, for the Guesthouse fans, there are still limited options available in the city.

Some of the best hotels to stay in Jerusalem are-

  • Hashimi Hotel
  • Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
  • Orient Jerusalem


If you are a fan of living at pwn apartments, then don't worry, as you have this option also available in Jerusalem. There are many locals who like to rent their apartments to tourists and other people for a stay. Renting an apartment to stay in can be a good option. Because in such a way you don't have to be dependent on your hotel service all the time. Also, you will get a feeling of home and comfort. And let's agree to the fact that hotels in Jerusalem are a little costly so finding cheap accommodation in an apartment is not a bad idea.

Moreover, the idea is pretty nice, and you can also have room buddies with you. If you are a couple, then an apartment can be the best place for maintaining your privacy. The privacy provides a comfortable space where you and your loved ones can enjoy. The only disadvantage in such apartments is the fact that you will have to be completely self-dependent even for food and such stuff.


Couchsurfing is most probably the cheapest accommodation you can find in the city of Jerusalem. All you need is a group of people who are ready to share a home or a place, and you can easily bunk in for a few bucks. If you are single with limited money to spend, we suggest it is the best way to find accommodation in a place like Jerusalem.

People are of modern thinking, and such concepts are appreciated all over the place. Moreover, these concepts belong to a smart society with open-minded people, and what better to find such folks than in the capital of Israel.


Camping is also another famous activity that is highly appreciated in Jerusalem. The place has a vast number of locations where you can easily camp and have fun. Camping with locals is the best. If you find a group of local people on a camping tour, then you must join them. The city is a mystery, and these people can help you experience the best of the place.

Moreover Camping in the city is not that costly either. You can camp with different agencies with a very limited amount of money. There are hundreds of tourists who remain excited to camp in Jerusalem. You can also enjoy them for having company. Some of the best camping sites of Jerusalem are-

  • Kessem Bahar Cabins
  • Desert Camping Israel

How to Get There

There is no denying that travelling is a tiring experience. While some tourist sites have direct and ample connections to essential places, others do not, making travel a somewhat prolonged and passive procedure.

Additionally, the choice of mode is also linked to the traveller's budget to a great extent. Where flights are considered expensive, they are highly time savvy that can help the traveller reach the destination quickly.

Jerusalem being a vintage city, is more travelled by tourists to explore the culture and history. Being an eco-friendly traveller, make sure to select the directly connected mode as it will reduce the carbon footprints and save time.

So, it is crucial to know about the connectivity and understand the underlying conditions to ensure that the travel time you pursue is surreal, fun and enjoyable.


Though the city of Jerusalem holds a pretty cultural and aesthetic value, unfortunately, there is no airport located in the city. Still, if you are willing to travel to the city by air mode, then the nearest airport is The Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

Located around 35 minutes from the central gateway of the city, various international flights serve here. The airport is located near the town of Lod, half an hour away from Tel Aviv, and is popularly called the Tel Aviv airport.

Depending on the place you are traveling from, one can quickly and easily choose the flight. Following high-security standards, this is a safe landing destination for all travelers. From here, one can quickly get a taxi or a bus to reach the city.

It is advised to book a taxi under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority available at the arrival terminals.


For those who love to explore the beauty of nature while travelling, the road route is the best. The best way to reach through the road is to book a bus service through Jordan and Egypt. Eilat and Jordan are linked via the Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal.

Allenby Border Terminal, located in the Jordan valley, is an hour away from Jerusalem. The Taba Border Terminal between Egypt and Israel is the most frequently used crossing point for all pilgrims travelling to Israel. To get to Eilat, you can use either a private vehicle or a cab. From there, one can book a taxi or the shuttle bus service that operates once a day. Eilat to Jerusalem is the most common road route that takes around 4 hours for the traveller to reach the destination.


The option to travel by train can be challenging as there is no direct train connecting the place. Still, if you are willing to travel by train, you can get the train facility between Central Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Akko, and Beer Sheva. The trains are scheduled every 30 minutes to an hour to Jerusalem.

The best part of traveling by train is that you have the option of experiencing three different varieties of trains. The most common are the red double deck and blue single-deck trains and the Danish-designed trains that travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


With friendly locals, the opportunity to get hitchhiked is perfect. The locals may offer you a lift to your destination. Being a place with warm and friendly people, the chances of being hitchhiked are good. Also, since you are new to the city, be cautious and do not fall prey to the goons.

The chances of getting hitchhiked are high when you are on the national highways or the main road. But while you do so, ensure to be aware of your destination and the path to the same.

With a bit of wave of the hand, you can ask the passerby to offer you a lift. Be cautious of your surroundings and try to interact positively to make the trip fun. Also, being a city with high cultural and religious value, ensure to greet and make sure that they are traveling in the same direction, and the monetary offering, if any, you are willing to make.


Apart from the options mentioned, the other ways to reach Jerusalem include the use of waterways. A common way to travel to Jerusalem is to sail from Europe to Haifa Port. Another option is to take a Mediterranean cruise destined for Israel or features Israel on its itinerary.

Moving Around

The notion of ecotourism is centered on the concept of visiting a tourist destination in such a way that the carbon impact is as little as possible even while enjoying your holiday to the utmost. The concept of taking into account the environment and nature is central to eco-friendly travel.

Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful and amazingly built places to explore. With the perfectly designed pathways and the religious value, traveling around the city is fun and a surreal experience.

Though there are various options to travel around the city, selecting comfortable and leaving the least carbon trail is also important.


The streets of Jerusalem are perfectly crafted to walk around. It takes almost 3-5 hours to explore the trails of the Old city. Filled with warm and welcoming people, the streets are usually busy, making the traveling experience fun and frolic. Just know your destination or connect to various touring groups operating in the city to have an even more enticing and beautiful experience.


If you are looking for a smart tour then bicycle on rent is the best choice in Jerusalem. There are various places where you can get a bicycle and explore the city. Also, there are some bicycle paths that one can select to explore.

One of the most eco-friendly modes of transport, it not only eliminates the carbon trail but is also budget-friendly. With so many attractive streets and trails to explore, riding a bicycle around the historical ruins is the finest alternative.

Electronic Vehicles

A growing concept, there are not many electric cars or vehicles available on the road. Few companies offer electric cars for rent. Also, there are electric bicycles available for rent. Opting for the electric vehicle is an excellent choice as it reduces the carbon trail a lot and provides an eco-friendly and comfortable way of exploring the city. The budget-friendly and eco-friendly option, is amazing.

Public Bus

Public bus transport is one of the most common ways to travel in Jerusalem. The central bus station in Jerusalem, known as Tahana HaMerkazit in Hebrew, is located on the city's northwestern outskirts and primarily serves Egged bus routes.

All inter-city and most intra-city bus services stop at the central station. Egged operates almost 100 bus lines in Jerusalem and its surrounding suburbs. The Rav Kav, Israel's public transportation pass, may be used to pay for your journeys on the light rail, bus, or intercity trains. This card allows the user to preload a balance that one may use for all public transportation trip fares.

Indeed, a user-friendly and low carbon-emitting mode, traveling by public bus is one of the most acceptable options.

Tram, Train and Subway

With the Rav Kav, Israel's public transportation pass, one can have journeyed on the light rail, bus, or intercity trains. Jerusalem is the first city in Israel to have a light rail system. City Pass, Jerusalem's light rail, runs a route through the city's center. Trams run every 10 minutes or such.

This is a quick method to go from the central bus station to the Mahane Yehuda market or the Old City gates. The Jerusalem railway station is located in the city's south, near the Jerusalem Mall. Israel Railways operates it. This station's trains are utilized for intercity travel.

Ensure looking at the time chart before planning to travel via the train or tram.

Sustainable Shopping

Travelling to a new location, experiencing it, and eating its many cuisines is a peculiar and incredible experience. However, while visiting a new location, one cannot disregard the desire to purchase a present or souvenir for family and friends.

While in Jerusalem, try to obtain some locally created items or pieces of jewelry as souvenirs to remind you of the location; purchasing from locals is the most excellent way to elevate and aid the residents of any location. A boost to local art and craft is unquestionably part of eco-friendly tourism.

The marketplaces in Jerusalem are sure not to disappoint, with everything from spices and antique antiquities to handcrafted crafts and some of the freshest fruit. Though there are various places that one can visit for shopping, it is essential to know the unique and best places to offer you the most memorable memento for a lifetime.

Some of the top local marketplaces that will amaze you with their authentic and genuine items are mentioned below.

Food Markets

If you're looking forward to staying at the apartment and making your supper, the necessity to find a local store to purchase the raw materials to create your food is crucial. While supplies may be obtained from supermarkets, it is essential to support the local market. The local food markets to visit in Jerusalem are those that provide fresh and organic foods at a reasonable price are:

  • Machane Yehuda or Shuk
  • Fresh food market in Jerusalem, מרכז חמוצים
  • Jerusalem’s Old City Souk

Flea Markets

Every location's local art and craft are distinct and one-of-a-kind, each with a story to tell. The flea markets are the best places to get local art and craft items at the most affordable prices. Buying from the locals will be a fantastic and wonderful experience, from clothes to jewelry and a variety of other wonderful goods.

The excellent flea markets in Jerusalem are:

  • JLM Bazar
  • Retroshalim
  • Souk Khan El-Zeit (Beit Habad Street Market)
  • Bezalel Arts Fair
  • Arab Souk

Second Hand Stores

Secondhand stores sell items such as books, hardware, electronics, and furniture. People may purchase these products for half the price, which is a great deal for them. If you want to go, there are several excellent stores in the local market. When you need to acquire items for usage at a lesser cost, thrift shopping at such places is a fantastic choice.

Though there are fewer such shops available in the market and are even hard to find, while visiting the local flea market, one can easily see various thrift stores that might open there. Some of them are:

  • TheAttic
  • Boydem Haboydem
  • Avia's Home
  • Hanutka
  • Bigudit WIZO
  • The Yellow Door


Eco-style is one of the fantastic ideas that is based on the notion of recycling and reusing worn clothing and transforming them into attractive and trendy pieces. Eco-style is a concept that uses natural fibres and colours generated from plant-based dyes to save the environment while also surprising you.

Jerusalem can be considered as a place where the concept of eco-fashion is flourishing at a very great pace. The online shopping platform Marrakesh is built to promote the same concept and offer equity to the vendors.


It is critical to follow the three R's of sustainability: reducing, reusing, and recycling to maintain nature and maintain the beauty of the location intact. Following the recycling principle, the goal is to reduce the carbon footprints from the face of the world.

The recycling system in Jerusalem is connected to providing a better and sustainable environment by focusing on the notion of decreasing plastic traces and reusing garbage such as aluminum and others. Though the concern is still at the primary level and not all the items are being recycled, yet there is a growing concern that one can see in the city.

The most common things recycled in Jerusalem are cardboard, paper, metal, and plastic, and Organic material, such as food scraps, accounts. As a responsible and respectful traveler, engage in recycling activities wherever feasible and not pollute the area.


Being one of the tourist cities, the number of people visiting here is relatively high. The locals, industries, government, and businesses' involvement have ensured a better waste management system and recycling facilities.

Garbage is collected in huge community wheelie bins rather than houses or buildings in Jerusalem, and recycling is the same. The waste management plants are limited and located on the outskirts. For cleanliness, there are bins installed in major streets for ease.

So, provide your contribution by way of supporting the locals and government by not littering your surroundings and making others aware of doing the same. Being a responsible traveler, try to utilize the resources most judiciously to reduce waste generation.

Work and Study Abroad

Jerusalem is a place majorly popular for tourism, culture, and religious places. Majority of people visiting the place travels with the aim of exploring the beauty of the city with respect to the amazing trails and cultural spots.

Still, if you are looking to work and study here, there are immense opportunities to offer a great level of education and work experience. Jerusalem is a city where the West meets the East, and people from all over the world come to celebrate its history and lively cultural environment.

Being a place with a welcoming culture and vibrant surroundings one can easily work and learn while staying here.

Exchange Student

Being a tourist place and a religious city, there are just a few colleges here. While you may find the students and solo travelers on their vacations here but still the exchange students concept is not that popular. The colleges that offer their services in Jerusalem are:

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv University
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center

Au Pair

Jerusalem is a welcoming and relaxing destination with a distinct environment and nice people. It will undoubtedly provide the possibility to go for the Au Pair but in exchange for taking on little duties such as child care or light cleaning. There is also the possibility of earning allowances, although this is dependent on the underlying conditions.

Even though the notion is fresh to the locals, there is still a chance to stay as an Au Pair. It is vital to get to know your Au pair before committing to having them live with you. This will ensure that you have a pleasant and healthy stay.

A great chance to know the culture and trend of the place while celebrating the living with the locals, the concept of Au pair is amazing.


Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make your stay more enjoyable. While there are several chances to sell your services, those that benefit the inhabitants and the environment are the best.

Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and volunteer groups operate in the city with varied goals such as protecting nature, educating students, saving animals, and much more. You may contribute and leave a good path by joining one of the dozens of volunteer groups that operate in Jerusalem to clean the beaches, woods, and environment.

Just gather the information to place a request to volunteer, and enjoy your stay in Jerusalem.

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