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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ko Phi Phi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.

Panorama of Koh Phi Phi

  • Air quality: 2.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $150

Responsible Travel

Have you seen the movie "The Beach," starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Yes, the set is located on Phi Phi Island. Ko Phi Phi is the combination of Six islands at the West Coast of Thailand, Andaman Sea, and this stunning Limestone Island is the second largest of Islands.

Being an amazing tourist destination, not to mention, a very popular one , this place suffers from over-tourism, especially during high season. The island becomes overwhelmed because of an influx of so many visitors; several boats and ferries arrive and fill most of the accommodation is booked to maximum capacity. While this helps the local economy and provides employment opportunities for the local people, it also exposes the island to a lot of pollution. One must travel in an eco friendly way and ensure that the local citizens or the natural surroundings are not affected. These are some of the most crucial tips that vacationers must follow to travel responsibly.

  • Travel in a more sustainable manner: This means adopting eco friendly habits like using metal straws and reusable cutlery, terminating the use of plastic be it shopping bags, cups, bottles etc. While this may come off as a very insignificant step but it makes a huge impact not only in reducing your carbon footprint but also helping the environment and specially the sea life. They are the ones that suffer the most from the use of plastic and it disrupts the entire eco system.
  • Keep the beaches clean: Picking up after yourself on the beach should go without saying, but just take a look around the sand the next time you're by the shore—obviously someone didn't get the memo. Stray bottles, cans, bags, and napkins can be ubiquitous along waterways, and even just one piece of litter can pose a problem. This garbage can be picked up by the wind, get stuck around the necks of birds and other animals, and carried back out to sea by the tides. Keep anyone in your party accountable for their messes, and if you encounter some trash that isn't yours, pick it up anyway and throw it away.
  • Try to ride bicycles more than rented cars: This will not only help in reducing noise and air pollution but it will also help keeping you fit and healthy. Rented cars and private vehicles only add to the problem of pollution but at the same time they also deprive you from truly experiencing the place and discovering the little nook and crannies.
  • Support the local economy: Shop local and eat local food. It will help the local people who usually have a very sustainable business model and organic things to sell and it will also help you in learning about the local culture.

Air Quality and Pollution

According to daily air quality index reports, the air quality in Thailand is moderately unsafe. As per reports until 2019, it is the world's seventh most polluted country, and one of the biggest problems in Ko Phi Phi is of pollution. Especially on the beaches of Phi Phi Don, there are piles of trash. The leading element of that trash is mostly plastic. It happens because of irresponsible tourist behavior. Other than that, the crisis of fresh water is also a big problem in Phi Phi Island. But on the bright side, this has not gone unnoticed by Thai authorities and the local people. Different actions are being taken to improve the situation every day, and thanks to some eco-conscious tourists, the situation seems to be improving.

Phi Phi is affected significantly by two seasons, Dry season and Green Season. The dry season is referred to as November to April/May and Green Season is June to October. The weather remains stable during the dry season with a gentle breeze, blue skies, and bright sunshine. On the other hand, the green season is much colder. If we talk about rain, the island receives much less rain than the mainland.

Respect the Culture

The residents of Phi Phi Island are only living here for the past 60 years! It’s a wonder that such an amazing island's settlement history is not even a century old!

The first inhabitants of Phi Phi Island were mainly three groups of people, Koh Hai, Krabi, and Koh Lanta people, which is why the culture of Ko Phi Phi is a nice blend of different traditions and customs. It was home to most of the Muslim fishermen so even today the island’s Thai population is primarily Muslim. Laborers and migrant workers from Thailand’s northeast and Myanmar, as well as Chinese-Thai and sea gypsies, contribute to the diverse cultural make-up of the islands.

People of this island make their living by tourism and fishing. They live their life the simplest way possible. Perhaps, the local people's warmth is one of the reasons people love to spend their holidays here.

December 5th is a big day, not only in Ko Phi Phi but also in Thailand. They celebrate this day as the King's Birthday; it is the birthday of their respected ruler Bhumibol Adulyadej. He ruled Thailand Since 9th June 1946 and helped the country to become what it is today, in many ways. Some of their other National holidays are Chulalongkorn Day, 23rd October, Phi Phi Island New Year, April 14th.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are six islands included in Ko Phi Phi: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, Ko Bida Nok, Ko Phai, Ko Bida Bai, and Ko Young, the largest among them is Ko Phi Phi Don.

Ko Phi Phi is one of the most stunning and popular island globally and is recognized as one of Southern Thailand's top tourist attractions. Here are the top 10 sites you have to visit in Ko Phi Phi.

  • Phi Phi Leh: It is the second-largest Island among the six. The famous tourist spot, Maya Bay, is located here. This is where every tourist of Phi Phi Island comes to click a picture, as Leonardo DiCaprio filmed his movie The Beach here! Have you seen a postcard with an image of "A perfect beach" with white powder-like sand, perfect natural tropical vegetation? With the picture-perfect appearance and international fame, Maya Bay attracts thousands of visitors every day, but the charm does not get old. There is a small terrace at the back of the beach which provides a fantastic view of Log Sama. Viking Cave which has a lot of ancient paintings is another place you have to visit while you're in Phi Phi Leh.
  • Phi Phi Don: Phi Phi Don is often referred to as the hub of activities. At daytime, you will see longtail boats coming to the island, and at night the Island turns into a party venue with loud music and a very hip atmosphere. Some of the must-visit places in Phi Phi Don are Phi Phi Viewpoint, Monkey Beach, Tonsai Beach, etc. Tonsai Beach is located in the South and the Phi Phi Viewpoint in the east. If you see this island from a drone shot, it will look like an H; at that bar's horizontal bar, there is a village, and mountains and jungles create the two vertical bars.
  • Bamboo Island: Ko Phai is the Thai name of Bamboo Island. It is located approximately 5km northeast of Ko Phi Don. It is perhaps the most beautiful tropical island you would come across. The Island is 600m wide and 700m long, surrounded by a white-sand strip. At the center of the island, you will see lush greenery consisting mostly of bamboo trees. Now you know why the Island is called Bamboo Island. It is the perfect spot for your day trip.
  • Mosquito Island: Also referred to as Ko Young, this Island is famous for its watersports. It is also called the hotspot for lovers. But from the name, you must have guessed that Mosquito Island is also the hotspot for mosquitoes apart from the lovers. That is the reason why this island is a less crowded place amongst the Phi Phi Islands. After the sun sets, scours of mosquitoes take over the place and make it impossible for visitors to enjoy further.
  • Phak Nam Bay: Also known as Relax Beach. Here people come to enjoy the calm and soothing beaches. Phak Nam Bay is spread across a considerable part of Phi Phi Don's coastline. The reason behind its calming ambiance is, mostly, the remoteness, but the bay has plenty of natural beauty to offer. People love to spend their time lounging at the beach bungalows here.
  • Loh Dalum: You can say that it's a tropical paradise. At the North of Phi Phi Don's coast, this beach is located. Just at the opposite of Loh Dalum or Dalum Bay, there is Tonsai Bay. The spot at one km length of Loh Dalum beach is perfect for sunbathing. Loh Dalum is also famous for sea kayaking. The day is pretty quiet here, but the discotheque environment offer the opposite yet perfect vibe at night.
  • Loh Bagao: Loh Bagao or Log Bakao is another famous tourist attraction located in Phi Phi Don Island. It's an 800m wide bay, lies at the northeast coast of the island. Stunning does not even begin to explain the beauty of Loh Bagao beach. The white shining sand, coconut grove, and beautiful bungalows which depict the quintesstional features of Thai architecture make the beach picture-perfect. Loh Bagao was not easy to reach first; the only way was long-tail boats. Now, Lawn Thong Beach at the North Loh Dalum at the south and Lana Bay in the west have paths linked to Loh Bagao. There is one good news for hikers, the path that links Loh Bagao and Loh Dalum is a two-hour walk.
  • Moo Dee Bay: Moo Dee Bay or Log Moo Dey is located on the east coast of Phi Phi Don Island. You can get there by foot from Tonsai East or from at the bottom of Phi Phi Viewpoint, or you can hire a long tail boat from the Tonsai Jetty. It's a cool spot with stunning white sand and emerald water. It is more or less a quiet beach as the speedboat day trips pass by until 03.30 pm. For visitors, this place is best for snorkeling.
  • Loh Sama: Loh Sama is one of the finest attractions of Phi Phi Island, situated in Koh Phi Phi Leh. There is a small Islet at the center, and in the north, a small beach located at the back of a small canyon Loh Sama is famous for its snorkeling and diving opportunities especially the night-diving scene. There is a narrow canyon wrapped with soft coral. Maya Bay is parted from Loh Sama through a limestone cliff. From the terrace located at Maya Bay, you will get a stunning view of Loh Sama.
  • Koh Khai Nok: Koh Khai is mostly called the paradise of snorkeling. It is located at approx—30min distance from Phuket. A large stretch of white powdery sand and indigo-colored water, with more than twelve species of tropical fishes, is exactly what someone would look for in a Perfect Beach. The picture-perfect environment and the turquoise water is just amazingly calming scenery. There is also some restaurant in Koh Khai Nok, along with some souvenir stalls. But handcrafted souvenirs from there and give them to your loved ones back home.
The majestic Ko Phi Phi leh


There is a lot to explore on Phi Phi Island from beaches to caves to remote islands. Some of the places are mentioned in the following sections.

City Parks

  • Krabi Fun Park: Krabi Fun Park is the latest addition to the list of tourist attractions on Phi Phi Island. It's an adventure attraction, located in the local countryside of the rural area of Ao Namao, 7km away from Aonang. These places are simply built around the original forest and provide you with the opportunity to take part in fun adventures. The Krabi Fun Park offers treetop activities for everyone, from adults to kids. While taking a break, you can rest on the treehouse.
  • PP Mountain Beach Resort and Water Park: The resort and amusement park are located in Phi Phi Don. Apart from various high-end resort features, this place also offers a bar, garden, and a private beach area. There are different water rides in the park. If you plan to spend your holidays in Phi Phi Island, this resort and water park will be a fantastic choice to stay. The luxury rooms and services will never let you feel tired, and the water park will also be just in front of you so that you can jump into it, whenever you want!
  • Tsunami Memorial Park: In 2004, December 26th, a three-meter high wave hit the TonSai Village in Phi Phi and took more than 4000 people's lives with it! Everything was washed away by a single hit; nearly the whole infrastructure was devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Tsunami Memorial Park or garden was built in the memory of the victims of that tsunami. It's a good place for contemplation. There are a pond and several plaques with the names of people who died that morning in the tsunami. After stepping inside the park, the walkway will take you to various colorful flowering plants and the other floras. This garden is just 50m away from the Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint.

National Parks

Phi Phi Islands were named as the 'Department of National Park Thailand.' Why won't it be? The island is mainly known for its outstanding natural beauty and beautiful water. Several national parks are covering the coastline of specific sides.

  • Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi: Mu Ko Phi Phi is what the Thai people call the Phi Phi Island. Noppharat Thara is a Marine National Park, allocated in So Nang, Sai Thai. This park is surrounded by coral reefs, spread across 387.9 sq.km. Thousands of tourists visit the park every year, resulting in the highest revenue on the whole island. There are mountains on the northwest and the southeast side. The national park is highly influenced by the monsoon season. Therefore, the greenery can be differentiated into three groups- rubber, wood, and shores, and also, there are many trees like rattans chanoha, banyans, among others. The wildlife of Noppharat consists of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, various fishes, and other aquatic creatures. Apart from that, it is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. Diving into the crystal clear water between the limestone cliffs would be a hell of an experience!
  • Mu Ko Lanta National Park: The park is located in the southern part of Krabi Province. It is spread across the 134 sq.km area. There is a rainforest, mangrove forest, beach forest in the park, consisting of various trees. The wildlife here has mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, coral reef animals, and freshwater fishes. The national park also includes two main beaches, a rocky beach and a sandy paradise beach. You can have a nice view of the park from the lighthouse located here. And some monkeys can be seen.
  • Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary: Bang Kram is also known as Khao Noi Chichi in Thai. This wildlife sanctuary has more species of birds than any other rainforest in Thailand. This place is the only place globally where you can see Gurney's Pitta, a scarce bird species. The Sanctuary is located just opposite Lanta Island. The National Parks of Ko Phi Phi is one of the primary sources of revenue here. The entry fees of the national parks are 400baht.
Aerial view of the majestic Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi


Ko Phi Phi has the world's most naturally beautiful beaches. Here are some of them:

  • Long Beach: The beach lies at the southwest coastline of Phi Phi Leh. It's only a five minutes long-tail ride away from Tonsai Village. Hikers can walk to the beach from the village at daylight, but the journey requires walking over ricks between beaches.
  • Maya Bay: This bay has become an internationally renowned beach after Leonardo DiCaprio came here to shoot. A ring of limestone hills surrounds it. It is the local's favorite spot to explore marine life and also for snorkelers. Despite being one of the most crowded beaches of Ko Phi Phi, it's a must-visit.
  • Loh Dalum Bay: Surrounded by limestone cliffs and white powdery sand, emerald water is a lovely Phi Phi Island beach.
  • Nui Beach: On the west of Ko Phi Phi Don, the beach is located in a tiny cove; you will find this beach. It offers you excellent Rock climbing opportunities, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. Right In front of the beach, there is one of Phi Phi's landmarks, Camel Rock.
Maya Bay is one of the most famous beaches of Ko Phi Phi


Have a look at the following list and learn about the sins of the magnificent landmarks of Phi Phi Island:

  • Phi Phi Viewpoint: Phi Phi Viewpoint is one of the famous landmarks located at Phi Phi Don. It is elevated to 186m, which may not be that high, but from the top, you will be pleased with the view! It is simply magnificent. You will get to see Phi Phi Leh along with Tonsai Village and Loh Dalum Bay. From the viewpoint, you can see the dumbbell shape of Phi Phi Leh. See how beautiful the color of the sea looks in the morning, from the top. Around 10 am, the morning time is the best time to experience what they call The Light Shower.
  • Pi-Leh Cove: It is located in the south-east part of Phi Phi Island. This gorgeous limestone cliff is covered with green, lush vegetation, along with the crystal clear water, which makes it tropical heaven. This place is perfect for boating or swimming and enjoying the beautiful environment.
  • Loh Samah Bay: Loh Samah Bay lies on a much smaller Phi Phi Leh island. The entire island is covered with limestone cliffs, so the tsunami could not affect the island much. The Phi Phi Leh island beaches are uninhabited, but Loh Samah Bay is still a popular landmark. There are several cliffs and caves, where you can take shelter during the rain.
  • Laem Tong: This beach is a popular landmark as it is easy to access, located almost at the center of the island. So, it's easy to reach Laem Tong on foot. The beach lies at the end of a smaller jungle. Generally, the beach is less crowded, and the water here is shallow, clear, and transparent. The beach is simply gorgeous, with splendid scenery. It's a perfect place for you if you are looking for a calm, peaceful environment.
  • Monkey Beach: This beach is located in the southwest of Tonsai Bay, about a 700m distance from the Tonsai jetty. It is simply a stunning beach. The backside of the beach is covered with limestone cliffs. The vegetation here offers the monkeys a comfortable staying. Many visitors confuse Monkey Bay with Monkey Beach. Monkeys can be found at both spots, but they are different places, and Monkey Bay is located on the other side of Phi Phi Don Island.
The beautiful Loh Samah Bay is an important landmark


The number of museums in Phi Phi Island may not be a lot, but they genuinely have something to offer. From the ancient trading times to the first Phuket-China connections, the museums showcase some exciting Thailand times. Here are some of them:

  • Phuket Trick Eye Museum: The museum is located in Phuket Town, South Thailand. It is an interactive museum with a concept of stimulating your imagination and creativity. It is the first 3D museum in Southern Thailand. It will take you two hours to get here via a ferry from the island to Phuket.
  • Friend Art Gallery: This fantastic art gallery is located in Ao Nang. You will see some of the world's renowned artists' paintings here. Even various artists come here every day to work inside the gallery. If you are looking for an opportunity to have your portrait done, you should visit this gallery. The ferry will take off from Nopparat Thara Pier in Ao Nang heading to Tonsai Pier located in Phi Phi, and this trip takes about 2 hours.
  • Wat Khlong Thom Museum: This is a perfect place for history lovers. Visitors will get the opportunity to learn the history of Khlong Thom beads. The museum has preserved many ancient artifacts related to the time of the previous Khlong Thom beads. Hundreds of years ago, the area was a huge trending port, and here ships from India and Roman Empire use met ships from China. During that time of the trades, beautiful glass beads were used as currency. This museum has a great collection of them! It is an hour away from the Island.
  • Thai Hua Museum: The museum was built inside a stunning, well-maintained Sino-Portuguese building, located on Krabi road. There is a museum, an occasional function hall, and an exhibition space. There is also a beautiful inner courtyard in the museum, which actually complements the whole Sino-Portuguese structure. Here, they have showcased different types of Phuket-China connections.


Almost the entire world loves Thai food. It has a reputation for being the world's most delicious cuisine and for having a unique yet refreshing flavour. From soups and curries to the spicy noodles, the creative use of unique ingredients is precisely what makes Thai Food so amazing.

Here we will talk about some of the best restaurants on Phi Phi Island to fully satisfy you with the fantastic Thai flavors.

Tam maak hoong, more spicy and salty version of som tam, usually contains pla ra (a sauce of fermented fish)

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some of the best Traditional Local Restaurants in Phi Phi Island:

  • Grand PP Arcade: Grand PP Arcade is an amazing choice if you want to taste the original Thai flavor with a twist. You will have a wide variety of outstanding American, Thai, and Fusion recipes to choose from.
  • Unni's Restaurant: Before you spend the night at some beachfront bar, visit this place and energize your taste buds. The Avocado Smash with feta and tomato on bread is the specialty plate of Unni's Restaurant. And also, the cocktails here are pretty popular amongst the local people.
  • Pad Thai Restaurant: This restaurant serves some of the best authentic Thai food. The open kitchen helps you connect with them. The Pad Thai dish is the specialty here, which is simply amazing, and all the other dishes. In short, this restaurant is a good one, with delicious food and a friendly environment.
  • EFE Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant: According to the people who visited this place, this place is a gem! Delicious Turkish food is what makes most people return here again and again. The friendly service makes the place so lovely. Apart from that, the restaurant's ambiance is pretty cool, and the price is also reasonable.

Vegetarian and Vegan

The magic of Thai cooking makes even non-vegetarians fall in love with veg foods! Do you want to experience that too? Take a look at the following list and enjoy yourself;

  • Aroy Kaffeine: Fresh and delicious food is waiting here for you in the clean, tidy, and cozy ambiance. According to previous visitors, this menu of this place is truly unique. And if we talk about the taste, well, it's ten on 10. You must try the ginger and turmeric shot, BBP Bowl, Shrimp quesadilla, and almost all of them, as all the food they serve tastes amazing.
  • Dow Restaurant: The restaurant has two separate kitchens, one is for meat-eaters, and the other is for vegetarians. In this restaurant, there is a massive menu with various options. If you are about to visit this place, don't miss the massaman curry with pumpkin. Both vegan and vegetarian dishes of this restaurant taste simply amazing.
  • Pirates House Restaurant: This is an Indian and Thai restaurant that is very popular on Phi Phi Island. The restaurant's inside is decorated in the Pirate theme, and it is super clean and tidy. You will get to have lots of Indian foods here with both veg and non-veg options. Apart from the extensive food menu, this restaurant is also famous for its cocktails. Here, you can also have a beer.
  • EFE Vegetarian And Shawarma: This restaurant is located in the sub-district of Aonang. The food here is fantastic and fresh! You can eat vegetarian food here at an excellent price and also in a nice quantity. Once a week, they serve their best veg dishes on the entire Island. The desserts are beautifully crafted, the ambiance is excellent, and in conclusion, this is a nice place to eat.

Street Food

Thai people are more likely to eat almost every meal out rather than cooking at home. Because of that, you will see street food vendors at nearly every street, selling their food products to locals as well as to tourists at an amazingly low price! Pad Thai is one of the famous street foods here. You must also try Moo Ping, Khao Niao, Thai Pancakes, Oyster Omelette, Sam Tam, Steamed Dumplings, Squid, Icecream Sandwich, etc.

Some restaurants can offer you good service, fresh and delicious street food, clean ambiance, and reasonable price.

  • Only Noodles
  • Pa-Noi Thai Food
  • Lucky 13 Sandwich
  • P.P. Wang Ta Fu


When you are visiting Phi Phi Island, you have to try the following drinks:

  • Fruit Shakes: Local fruit juices, shaken with crushed ice, is a specialty in the drink list of Phi Phi Island. The fruit shakes here costs between 50 to 70 baht. They are pretty refreshing, and you can choose whatever fruit you want!
  • Thai Beers: The local beer in Phi Phi is called Singha, and a little less expensive one is Chang. But according to visitors, Singha is tastier than Chang. You can buy Singha from the restaurants and bars for 60 to 80 baht and Chang beer for 50 baht.
  • DEET: DEET is popular among young people in Thailand. It contains cough syrup, cola, ice, and ground-up kratom leaves.
  • Buckets: When the sun goes down and darkness appears, revealing the party side of Phi Phi, bucket stalls start opening in the streets. They are colorful buckets where you can make your own cocktail. Don't worry; you don’t have to buy the empty bucket; they are sold with alcohol in it; the prices depend on that.


According to reports, it will be safe for you to drink the Tap water on Phi Phi Island. You should instead stick to boiled or treated water. You don't have to worry about ice as there are several ice factories in Thailand that supplied ice made from purified water.

A few days earlier, local media revealed a shortage of clean drinking water in Phi Phi Island. It came out that the reason behind this is the growing number of visitors and their misuse.

But today, after taking many crucial measures, the Island is prosperous in coping with the crisis. But still, it's not safe here to drink the tap water.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the best organic cafés on Phi Phi Island:

  • Woori Woori Cafe
  • The Mango Garden
  • Mon Café Ma Boulangerie
  • Aroy Kaffeine
  • Breakfast and Friends


Phi Phi Island does not have many breweries. Here are some names we could find:

  • Phuket Brewery
  • Krabi Brewery


Phi Phi has so many attractions and a lot of things to do! Diving is one of the prime activities in Ko Phi Phi. There are several PADI dive centers interested in teaching you diving, located on various beaches. Shark Point, King Cruiser Wreck, and Anemone Reed are some of the names of famous Diving points.

If you are a party monger, you should know about Captain Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise. Along with partying, you can also discover some of the iconic sites of Phi.

In Southern Thailand, there is a majority of Limestone Cliffs, so there are many rock climbing opportunities in the area. Tonsai Tower in Tonsai Bay is the best place for Rock Climbing. There are companies like Spider Money, Deaf Gecko Rock Climbing, Ibex Rock Climbing, etc. that offer rock climbing lessons for your safety.

You can also take Cooking classes at Pam's kitchen, Shark Watching Tours, Sunrise Tour, An Island tour in a speedboat, etc. .

Snorkelling will be a great experience in Ko Phi Phi

Yoga and Retreats

Keritas Yoga is the most famous yoga retreat center in Phi Phi. Here they will show you different yoga styles depending on your body. You can either take their regular classes or apply for private lessons. You can also learn Scuba Diving here! They say practicing yoga is vital to learn Scuba diving. The calm breathing and movement styles of yoga help to achieve successful scuba diving skills. Here in Keritas Yoga, you can come to their daily classes during your trip.


Phi Phi Don is a beautiful place and also the busiest Island in entire Thailand. You will find several unique accommodation options here to stay and spend your time in the lap of nature.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels here might be a little more expensive than the usual ones, but you will see, in the end, they are worth it. Here are some of them:

  • Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort
  • Zeavola Resort
  • Phi Phi The Beach Resort
  • HIP Sea view Resort
  • The Cove Phi Phi

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you want a sustainable trip to Phi Phi Island, hostels and guest houses are the best options. Here are some of the best hostels and guest houses on Phi Phi Island, where you can stay in a very cheap and, at the same time, don't have to compromise your comfort.

  • The Pier 519 Hostel
  • JJ Bungalow
  • Freedom Hostel
  • Blanco Beach Bar and Hostel
  • Phi Phi Dream


If you plan to stay here for an extended period, then staying at hotels, hostels, or guest houses will be just a waste of a lot of money. So, book an apartment and save some money! You will find several apartments in your desired location and stay safely on Phi Phi Island.


There is an online community, Couchsurfing.com which can help you to find several Couchsurfing opportunities on Phi Phi Island. Just stay in touch with them and find out your Couchsurfing companion in Phi Phi Island.


Phi Phi Island is full of camping opportunities, and no one would like to miss the chance to spend time in the lap of nature on such a beautiful island. It will be amazing! The crystal clear water, the sound of the waves, the sea wind making the greenery dance, the feel of the powdery sand under the sky filled with stars —everything here is just perfect for camping.

Here are some famous campsites on Phi Phi Island. 
  • Moskito Island
  • Park Campsite
  • The Anchor
  • Phuket Camping
  • Libong Camping
  • TOM TOM tropical camping

How to Get There

Here are all the possible ways to get to Phi Phi Island:


The closest airport to Phi Phi Island is Krabi International Airport. It has a bunch of airlines flying to several destinations around the world. Krabi International Airport is 46km ways from Phi Phi.

Krabi International Airport


Phi Phi Island is cut off from the mainland by the sea so that no road can connect by bus with other sites.


The nearest train station is Trang. The station is about 2hours away from Krabi. You can get there by bus. Reach Bangkok at first and then come to Phi Phi Island by direct train.


Hitchhiking is not the right choice to reach Phi Phi Island. You cannot directly get here by hitchhiking; you have come via other places like Bangkok and then ultimately need to ride a boat. It will take much longer than the other options.


Ferries and Speedboats are the fastest options to reach Phi Phi Island. The main port is located in Phuket town, which is Rassada Pier. Use a long tail to move around Phi Phi Island.

Ferries and speedboats are the best way to get to the island

Moving Around

There are only two ways to move around Ko Phi Phi; they are walking or boat rides.


Moving around by foot is the obvious thing to do in Phi Phi Island as there is no public transportation. And, surprisingly, walking is so convenient on the island. The reason is, there is no traffic, no horn, and none of the traffic nonsense is seen here.


You can hire a bicycle for a relatively low price. Moving around with a bicycle is not very common here, as people are mostly habituated to walking. But for the sake of visitors, now there are multiple companies offering bicycle rentals.

Electronic Vehicles

You will not be able to get electronic vehicles to move around the island.

Public Bus

Public Transportation is not available inside the Island.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is neither any tram and train service available in Phi Phi Island nor are any metro services available.

Sustainable Shopping

Here are a few places for sustainable shopping on Phi Phi Island:

  • 69Slam Phi Phi Island
  • Phi Phi Market
  • Namlily
  • Padi Store
  • 7 Eleven

Food Markets

Some of the famous food markets are:

  • Phasaow Shop
  • Mother Marché
  • Night Market

Flea Markets

Have a look at the following list and learn the names of some of the known flea markets in Phi Phi Island:

  • Nopparattani Wednesday Market
  • Friday Market
  • Krabi Town Night Market
  • Local Market Ban Naisra

Second Hand Stores

  • Phi Phi Market
  • Phuket Town Market
  • Krabi Town Forum
  • Market near Rawai Beach


After the water crisis in Phi Phi, people started to take eco-friendly projects seriously. This is why now there are several stores in Phi Phi that sell eco-friendly products. Here are some of them:

  • Blue View Divers
  • Zeavola
  • SplashPackers
  • Beachfront Divers


Plastic and Garbage is a big problem for tropical islands like Koh Phi Phi, so visitors need to understand the manner's depth and contribute to the eco- friendly initiatives taken by the Island authorities.

Such a movement is Trash Hero. It is a combination of global movement community-based projects started around the world. Their goal is to remove as much waste as possible and create a smooth path to the future.

Aquanauts Scuba, Phi Phi Sea Frog Diving Centre, Princess Divers, Profun Divers, etc. are some of the sponsors who are happily contributing to the projects of Trash Hero. It's your turn!


Phi Phi Island produces more than 25 to 49 tonnes of waste every day. The island can only afford a shipload of waste sent to the mainland for disposal.

Phi Phi Island is mainly tourist driven, and it's a beautiful place. If you want to keep its beauty, stop dumping waste everywhere, and help the locals to save the island.

Work and Study Abroad

If we talk about only Phi Phi Island, studying here means learning diving, snorkeling, or rock climbing and creates a career based on that. But in the case of Thailand, it's an excellent choice for international study. For the past few years, Thai people have made the country rich with culture and economic development. The country attracts more than 20,000 students every year. There are a lot of working opportunities here too.

Exchange Student

There are many exchange programs that you can be a part of and study in Thailand. Generally, you will get to live with a host family. You have to check your education institution for more information. In conclusion, being an exchange student in a place like Thailand would be a pleasant gift and a great opportunity.

Au Pair

The concept is not very known by the local Phi Phi people, but as days pass, they become more familiar with ideas like this. You can talk to the local people, and they might help you with more information about this.


There are a few local volunteering organizations and charitable organizations that do a ton of good work in Phi Phi Island and also around entire Thailand. Being a responsible tourist, it must be a significant part of your trip to contribute to such notable initiatives. The Tsunami destroyed the Tonsai village and the surrounding areas.

Participate in the following volunteering programs and be a responsible tourist.

  • Summer Volunteer Thailand
  • Medical Internship Chiang Mai
  • Teaching Monks
  • Volunteering for Tsunami relief Ko Phi Phi

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