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Eco-friendly travel guide to Krabi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Krabi, Thailand.

The beautiful Railay beach in Krabi

  • Air quality: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $1200
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $2000

Responsible Travel

Krabi is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. It is a bonafide party hub and young adults and party lovers from all corners of the world converge here annually to have an absolute blast. The beach town is immensely renowned across the globe for its setting and scenic views, it literally is everything that a beach lover can dream of. Located in relative seclusion on the western coast of the country of Thailand, Krabi is known to be a very clean and tidy place. The city is devoid of any kind of pollution and the air is also absolutely crisp and clean. Much of this has to do with the small population of about 50,000 people that reside here. However, the city and the numerous islands that are just off the coast attract hundreds of thousands of tourists on an annual basis, this may be good for the local economy but it does end up stressing the natural resources of Krabi and it also does impact the pollution levels in the region on the whole. Thus, as a tourist, it is your moral obligation to ensure that you visit the city and enjoy what it has to offer in the most eco-friendly and sustainable possible way. To ensure this, you have to take a host of steps to guarantee minimum impact. A few such steps are listed in this section of the article, so keep perusing to know more.

Krabi likewise offers a lot of roads for an eco-accommodating traveller to travel dependably. This incorporates the utilisation of the decent public transportation framework. As a traveller, you can utilise the buses, which include the e-bikes and the tuk-tuks.

Proceeding onward, any vacationer visiting the city can attempt to live in the absolute most well known green hotels. These are known for using the allotted assets in the best and most productive conceivable way. All the more in this way, these are so well-prepared in the current that you will scarcely feel the distinction, they are known to give you the greater part of the enhancements and administrations that the significant hotels give, just in a lot greener and practical way. They also ensure that they do not harm or impact the surrounding nature.

Likewise, as an explorer, you will see that the vast majority of the individuals in the city yet depend on neighbourhood markets for their procurement of meat and greens. While there are not many worldwide chains, nearby markets and basic food item shops solve the purpose, you can envision that individuals trust their local vendors. As a traveller, this will be an intriguing setting to investigate, go to the nearby business sectors, purchase the fresh produce, this will not exclusively be less expensive however is more advantageous and it will be a major assistance to the individuals that don't work for benefits but for basic survival.

Finally, while exploring any city as a vacationer, you will genuinely find out about the neighbourhood culture, the conventions, and the soul of the city in all solitary when you delve into its cooking. Henceforth, when you are made a beeline for Krabi, it is recommended that you dump fast food brands and global franchises. Go with the magnificent weather and enjoy authentic Thai food at some of the local legends that do just that. These will assist you in investigating the very soul of the country while guaranteeing that you travel mindfully and uplift the local economy in a sustainable manner.

Air Quality and Pollution

Krabi is a holiday destination and beyond tourism the town doesn’t really have a major industrial presence. It does not contribute much to any other field in the country apart from tourism. Hence, the lack of a large population along with the absence of the heavily polluting industries and the limited number of motor vehicles all collectively ensure that the air quality in Krabi is excellent. The air is clean and pure, those who don’t have any breathing ailments are undoubtedly going to have no trouble here but those with a history of breathing-related issues shall also find them enjoying the air without any filters or masks. Just slide down the windows or go out and enjoy the fresh air. As a tourist, you shall be pleased to know that this highly pure and good air quality lasts throughout the year. Though major cities in Thailand score poorly on the Air Quality Index, Krabi does extremely well. Thus, you can step out for a walk or enjoy a bicycle ride at any time of the day and yet enjoy the breeze. The air is especially cleaner around the ocean and you must visit the beaches to truly have a good time and rejuvenate.

Krabi experiences tropical monsoon climate, this implies that the average temperature throughout the year is bound to be high and there shall be torrential downpour for a greater part of the year. The average high temperature throughout the year is in the mid-30-degree centigrades and in the peak summers, it may even touch 35-degree centigrades. The average low temperature throughout the year is in the mid-20-degree centigrades range. Thus, as a tourist, you can be assured of plenty of sunlight and heat all through the year. Between the months of March and December, for a ten-month period, the city receives a good amount of rainfall, thus balancing the heat and bringing respite from the heat for a few hours at a time. As a result of this, you as a tourist can safely eliminate all woollen clothing from your backpack or suitcase. Just focus on packing light clothing such as shorts, boxers, vests, tank tops, skirts, and swimwear. Considering all the exposure to the sun, make sure that you carry your sunblock, lotion, sunglasses, hats, and don’t forget an umbrella. An umbrella shall be your ally on the sunny days and even on the rainy ones.

Respect the Culture

Krabi is a major tourist destination and the locals see people from literally all corners of the globe on an annual basis. Hence, you may need to remember a couple of essential behaviours to guarantee that you don't agitate the local individuals. Krabi, much like the most part of Thailand, is home to an enormous Thai populace and regardless of how knowledgeable and receptive they will be, they generally incline toward following their fundamental conventions and culture, a portion of these incorporate practices that you are strange to and you have to think about, so in this part of the article, we rattle off a couple of tips to hold fast to. These will assist you with indicating your regard towards the neighbourhood individuals and get to know them in a simpler way, not just permitting you to make some great memories there however to likewise better the name of your nation and the vacationers that will undoubtedly come here anytime later on.

The individuals of Thailand are known to be enamoured with the royalty of their country, hence, as a traveller, avoid talking about them, also you are proposed to abstain from offering any remarks about the political field of Thailand. Particularly with regards to the government, your perspectives are best minded your own business as any analysis will be treated as an indication of irreverence. Then again, on the off chance that you figure out how to give some adoration and certifiable appreciation for the imperial family and the ruler, by offering substantial expressions and having verifiable discussions, you may mix directly into specific areas of the general public. However, things shall not be as intense as the bigger cities as this is a more chilled out holiday spot where no one wishes to have such deep conversations.

In any case, be socially fragile, it is critical for you to be socially touchy. Buddhism is the overall faith followed by most Thai individuals, so one must take extraordinary thought not to irritate their exacting sensibilities. Consistently recollect that the nearby individuals are specific about the head and the feet, they believe the previous to be cleanest and the holiest aspect of the body while the feet are the filthiest and the most minimal part so abstain from being obviously easygoing by contacting a neighbourhood's head or by utilising your feet to point or contact another person.

Attempt to be as amenable as conceivable to the neighbourhood individuals, this is significant as at whatever point you run over the nearby Thai individuals, you will see that in addition to the fact that they are well disposed and accommodating by and large, they are additionally incredibly obliging and supportive. So being inconsiderate, pretentious, and pompous won't help you a whole lot here, to win over the neighbourhood individuals in Krabi, attempt and grin however much as could reasonably be expected. Disorderly voices and incensed talk can be extremely counterproductive in the city. Thais regard keeping up their temper and having the best direct openly for themselves and each other. It is essential to be courteous, calm and composed while having a conversation with a local.

Many wealthy tourists visit Krabi and the one thing that the local people absolutely dislike is a tourist who is a spoilt and mannerless brat. They are disciplined and believing in having control over their actions. They do not like it when tourists talk to them in a superior or high-handed manner. So make sure that you show them respect and always do your bit to keep the city clean and tidy, your smallest of gestures shall be appreciated and you will be regarded as a “good tourist”.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Phi Phi Islands: In the wake of being portrayed in a popular Hollywood movie, the Phi Phi islands shot to notoriety and the vacationers have come constantly, you can arrive by speedboat which takes around a short trip from Krabi territory. There are two islands, Phi Don and Phi Leh, Phi Don is occupied and is where all the travellers rush. Known for its turquoise water and mesmerising seashores the island truly is a tropical heaven. On the off chance that you are anticipating going on an outing leave promptly head there at the beginning of the day to beat the hoards of people as it gets occupied.
  • Koh Lanta Yai: It is an island around two hours from Krabi Town, it is a little island that extends around twenty kilometres from start to finish. The island is possessed and home such a large number of visitor houses and resorts. The island itself has different wonderful seashores that are frequently calm yet look totally dazzling. On the off chance that you need to unwind for a couple of days, this is the spot to move away and do it. The costs on the island are still very low as the travel industry has not arrived at the degrees of the Phi islands yet. Koh Lanta is home to many diving schools all confirmed and prepared to take you out to see the lovely marine life and coral the waters have to bring to the table. A bridge is presently being built that will connect the island to Koh Lanta Noi giving you much more places to investigate.
  • Wat Kaew: It is a sanctuary sitting in Krabi Town, It isn't the greatest of sanctuaries however has lovely designs within dividers, they are painted blue and have different Buddhist drawings on them, toward one side of the sanctuary is an enormous brilliant Buddha which is the point of convergence of the sanctuary. Outside are different food carts and merchants hoping to sell special necklaces.
  • Boossabakorn Spa and Beauty: No outing would be finished without enjoying a Thai massage while you are there, renowned everywhere on the world for their empowering and adjusted outcomes you make certain to feel like an alternate individual when you leave. The massages invigorate your organs and blood giving you that crisp inclination as the toxins begin to leave your body. You can have body wraps, scrubs and facials all utilizing normal fixings that are accessible over Thailand, for example, Coconut and Tamarind.
  • Four Islands: One of the most famous visits that guests to Krabi go on is the Four Island Tour, It takes you on a visit through four distinct islands, and they are normally Tup Island, Phra Nang Cave, Chicken Island and Poda Island. The visit is on a long vessel and will stop at every area giving you an opportunity to swim, sunbathe, investigate and stop for lunch. The pontoons generally house up to around forty individuals and a local area expert will remain at the front bringing up everything in English while ensuring everybody has enough water for the excursion.
  • Susan Hoi: Going back to at some point somewhere in the range of 25 and 40 million years and sitting on a 200 meters significant piece of land is a fossilized shellfish burial ground, Limestone stores in the encompassing water secured the shellfish and fossilized them, it is one of just three graveyards resembles this found on the planet today. In the event that you like topography, at that point, this must be visited while you are in Krabi. There is additionally a Chinese sanctuary which you can visit just as mangrove woods in the region.
  • Krabi Town: Not at all like numerous spots that you visit on vacation Krabi Town is extraordinary, it actually gets numerous sightseers however it has not changed itself to spoil to the travellers' needs. It has still figured out how to hold its 'neighbourhood' charm. The stream running through the town is in every case brimming with fishing vessels getting their days gets prepared for the café tables. The town has a certifiable vibe to it with its neighbourhood bars and eating spots to it merits visiting for that valid taste of Thailand.
  • Phallus Shrine: The cave, on the east side of the Railay Bay is acclaimed for its superb stalactites and stalagmites. Since old days, Phra Nang (Princess) Cave has been the place where anglers, before venturing out onto the ocean, have made contributions to the representative Phallus of Shiva (known as the Siwaleung or Palad Khik in Thai). The anglers, who state the cavern is the home of a legendary ocean princess, accept their contributions will acquire them achievement their fishing and shield them from threat, however, what is surprising is that the cavern contains a huge assortment of cut wooden phallic images, contributions and different articles accepted to help with ripeness.
  • Giant Catfish Farm: It is a strange fascination situated on the edges of Nopparat Thara and Ao Nang seashores. It is more a nature park than a ranch, lakes were delved in this enormous bit of forested land, and catfish were initially raised for food however local people didn't care for their taste so the proprietors changed over the spot into a recreation centre.
  • Ao Nang Krabi: Thai Boxing Stadium which is otherwise known as Raja Two believes that it has the greatest Muay Thai enclosing arena southern Thailand which is actually a genuinely enormous area as the scene can have up to two thousand viewers. Facilitating battles hosted on Mondays and Fridays, while the Friday meeting has a progression of nine rounds of bone-breaking action.
Sunset at Nui Beach, Ko Lanta Yai


Exploring the city is an interesting adventure for many with several top-notch venues to visit, they are described in brief in the sections below.

City Parks

  • Chaofah Park: It is an incredible spot to go for a lovely stroll and appreciate shocking perspectives on the stream. Visit this excellent park to unwind in a serene climate and watch the pontoons passing by on the waterway; get some delectable Thai food from the nearby merchants.

National Parks

  • Hat Noppharat Thara: One of the significant national parks, Hat Noppharat Thara, covers a huge aspect of the Krabi coastline including the famous sea shores of Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara Beach, and Railay Beach. In case you're keen on fossils you will think that its captivating and it merits remembering that there are just two different destinations like it on the planet; one in the US and the other in Japan. There's additionally a little exhibition hall close by depicting the site history and giving subtleties of the fossils in addition to various shops selling shells none of which are found at the site, or in close by waters. Information can be gotten from the National Park Office at Hat Noppharat Thara Beach, close to Ao Nang.
  • Khao Phanom Bencha National Park: This thickly forested park offers harmony, peacefulness, cascades and gives in. Tham Khao Ping, a cavern with huge stalactites and stalagmite arrangements is arranged 3 kms from the Park Office. There are likewise a few pleasant cascades. Nam Tok which signifies 'falling water', Huay Toh which is a kilometre's stroll from the Park Office, Nam Tok Klong Hang which is 10 kilomretres from Khao Phanom District Headquarters, and Nam Tok Ton Hahn which is 16 kilomretres from the Khao Phanom District Headquarters.
Khao Phanom Bencha National Park


  • Ao Nang Beach: It is one of the prettiest seashores in the area and in the event that you are after white sands and a peaceful setting you are in an ideal situation and on the off chance that you are searching for some nightlife and an energetic environment this is a decent spot to begin. There are numerous bars and cafés in the zone selling a lot of assortments of mixed drinks just as all the food types you would expect in a traveller hotspot. It is likewise an extraordinary spot to book your visits from as there are a ton of administrators in the region battling at business keeping the costs marginally lower than certain territories.
  • Phra Nang Beach: Often listed as one of the ten most lovely beaches on the planet this is a spot you won't have any desire to miss. Just twenty minutes via a long pontoon from Ao Nang, it has an astonishing view and is a delightful spot to swim. The seashore has wonderful white sand and colossal precipices at each finish of the seashore. You won't locate any jet skis or other costly interests at this seashore leaving you to appreciate the climate and take in the stunning view.
  • Railay Beach: It is possibly the most appealing beach in Thailand, open simply via pontoon because of the enormous cliffs on each side cutting it off from the territory. Here you will discover staggering white sand, amazing perspectives and incredible limestone bluffs. At the point when you show up at Railay you won't discover any streets or vehicles due to its cut off area, only a couple long-tailed pontoons and several bars to spend your nights in. On the off chance that you need to truly feel away from the world, this may very well be more or less great.
Ao Nang Beach


  • Wat Tham Sua: One of Thailand's characteristic marvels and absolutely worth a visit is this warren of caverns that sit inside the wilderness and house numerous priests that live and love here, legend has it that a tiger once lived in the cavern which is the place the name of the sanctuary began. The caverns can be investigated and you will discover numerous symbols and relics to investigate. At the point when you are at the caverns you have to ensure you visit the 'impression of the Buddha' it is a move up 1,237 stairs which is quite difficult yet when you get to the top you are compensated with 360 degree sees on the Andaman Sea and the lovely islands that fall inside it.
  • The Khao Khanab Nam: Mountains are the most popular landmarks in Krabi, they sit either side of the stream and are a genuine miracle. The two mountains sit on the head of an enormous arrangement of caverns that have numerous stalagmites and Stalactites, there are additionally countless human skeletons that might have been from individuals abandoned during a flood. One of the mountains is climbable and offers some incredible photo openings from the top.
Wat Tham Sua


  • The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum: It is facilitated in the first appointment focus of Wat Kaew, a wooden dwelling worked in 1924 on Isara Road downtown Krabi. Thai and worldwide craftsmen's displays are hung consistently, and at the end of every week painting classes are conducted for building up kids' speciality and talents in art.


The food available in Krabi is known to be a little off-beat in comparison to dishes in major cities of Thailand, some of the popular dishes for you to try here are listed below:

  • Spring Rolls
  • Tandoori Tikka
  • Stingray Curry
  • Pad Thai
  • Coconut Ice-cream
  • Spicy Papaya Salad

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most popular restaurants in Krabi are listed below:

  • Carnivore Steak and Grill: As the name proposes, Carnivore Steak and Grill is probably the best spot in Krabi to go for premium meats. This café offers normal meat alternatives including beef, chicken and pork, alongside more uncommon meats for Thailand like ostrich, duck, and sheep. The eatery's carefully natural stylistic layout combines well with its straightforward yet excellent dishes. All the meats are arranged basically and served close by a decision of ten distinctive side dishes, including potatoes, warm vegetables, French fries or rice. The menu likewise includes an extraordinary choice of fish and fish dishes, just as healthy servings of mixed greens that can be requested in three unique sizes.
  • The Frog and Catfish: It serves a scope of extraordinary Thai food, arranged with produce sourced from close by homesteads and fish straight from neighbourhood anglers. The café is an amazing spot to attempt Thai food at its best, with a determination of fiery servings of mixed greens, soups, curries, entire fish and pan-seared dishes. The fish dishes are a stick out, with alternatives, for example, new crab spring rolls, and pla tub tim boraan, which is an entire seared tilapia fish presented with a unique sauce. The café is found a little external the busiest region of Krabi Town, set inside a tropical nursery and encompassed by fish lakes. It likewise offers a library with thousands of books, and English brew is accessible at the bar.

Vegetarian and Vegan

There are quite a few interesting vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Krabi and if you wish to dine at one, the following are your options:

  • Mia’s Hangout
  • Hongming Vegetarian Food
  • Somkid Vegetarian

Street Food

Krabi does have a decent offering to tourists when it comes to street food. Some of the popular places to enjoy street food in Krabi are:

  • Chao Fah Market: Food in Krabi is deficient without wandering around Chao Fah market and taking a stab at all that the carts sell. You'll discover lines of seats and tables along a lengthy, difficult experience that has nearby Thai food carts selling a portion of the town's best fish. The night market has an extraordinary vibe with a blended horde of local people and travellers, and everybody is stuck to either food slow down.
  • Maharat Market: It is a heaven for road fish. The fragrance of Thai flavors inundates the entire territory, and all the slows down are enticing. You don't need to stress over being eager as you stroll around the market in light of the fact that the clingy rice and tropical organic products will keep you full. Head to Maharat Soi for fiery Thai curries and finger-licking fish. There is additionally a Maharat Morning market that opens early in the day and remains open till an hour or two before noon, this is the place you'll discover fresh vegetables and fruits foods.


Drinks in Krabi are quite popular irrespective of them being alcoholic or not, the local people enjoy sipping and fresh juices, mocktails, coconut water, and tea are best sellers amongst non-alcoholic drinks. On the other hand, the locals enjoy beers, whiskey, cocktails, rum, and mixed buckets amongst alcoholic drinks.


The tap water that you will discover in Krabi is unquestionably ill suited for drinking. As a vacationer, in the event that you wish to appreciate a glass of water it is proposed that you drink from a water purifier at least. This can be guaranteed distinctly at cafés and at places of the neighbourhood individuals. Notwithstanding, in the event that you wish to guarantee total wellbeing and don't wish to face any challenge with your wellbeing, at that point it is suggested that you buy packaged mineral water. This is protected, modest, and effectively accessible at different stores and carts around the city.

Organic Cafés

While there aren’t any restaurants or cafes that are specifically classified as “organic” there are a few options that are renowned for their sustainable approach and these are listed below:

  • Govinda’s
  • Sandwich Me
  • Jungle Kitchen


The high temperatures throughout the year in Krabi make it one of the best places to enjoy a few pints of beer. This is the sentiment that is shared by most of the tourists and given in this section of the article are some of the most popular breweries that you can visit in the city to enjoy a few lagers or pints of craft beer:

  • Full Moon Brewworks
  • The Hobby Hops Craft Beer Bar and Restaurant at Krabi
  • Cafe 8.98 Ao Nang


Krabi is a city where you must explore the outdoors no matter what and you could undertake offbeat activities such as taking a dip in the Klong Thom Hot Springs or you head to the elephant sanctuary and spend a few hours in the midst of wildlife. Another alternative is to head to the limestone rocks where you could indulge in some rock climbing, which is in a way a perfect alternative to the sedentary activities in town. You could go for a run in the beach or even a swim in the ocean at any of the beautiful beaches. Kayaking and white water rafting are very popular is Krabi, so as a tourist, you are recommended to not miss this opportunity if you are an adventure junkie. Lastly, you could try your hand at cooking and learn whipping up some special Thai dishes.

Yoga and Retreats

In a peaceful destination such as Krabi, there is no doubt about having an enjoyable yoga session. Hence, those tourists who practice yoga and are looking for like-minded individuals in Krabi, could certainly head to some of the best and the most scenic yoga retreats in town, these are listed below:

  • Marina Yoga
  • Samadee Yoga
  • Green Yoga


Krabi is one of the most sought after destinations across the globe by thrill-seekers, holidayers, honeymooners and partygoers. As a result of this, the city sees millions of tourists visit on an annual basis. The large number of tourists trickling in is integral for the local economy and over the years, there are accommodation options of all kinds for tourists who are visiting. Right from premium villas and chalets to executive suites, all kinds of extravagance can be found here. On the other hand, you do have some basic accommodation options in the from of hostels, basic rooms, and rental options. Thus, there is an option for every traveller irrespective of budget and requirements. More details about these are given in the sections below.

Green Hotels

The scenic views in Krabi shall already make a tourist believe that he/she is in paradise. In addition to this, there are a couple of hotels that minimise impact on local water resources and ecosystems, maximise the use of open-air spaces, extract maximum from natural lighting, ensure fresh air ventilation and avoid cutting down the trees during construction, some of these hotels are:

  • Pakasai Resort 
  • Srilanta Resort
  • Villa Cha-Cha Krabi Resort

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels in a scenic destination such as Krabi shall not only be a notch above the hostels in the other cities in terms of amenities and facilities but they shall also help young adults save a small fortune while touring the city. Hostels in Krabi have exceptional views and they are a great place to socialise with like-minded individuals, some of the popular ones are:

  • Pak-Up Hostel
  • Blanco Hideout Railay
  • Kbunk Hostel
  • Glur Hostel
  • Aonang Guesthouse


You should consider the choice of leasing an apartment just when you are remaining around for longer spans or on the off chance that you are going with a lot of individuals that you know and they are happy to remain with you in the apartment, this makes it very agreeable and cost-productive. In addition to this, you get complete privacy, so if you come across a good option, you could consider it.


CouchSurfing is a good choice for tourists visiting the city to consider however, there is a major issue which is in the form of a small population. The small population does reduce the number of hosts considerably. Yet, one can certainly try their luck by looking for good hosts on websites, apps and forums.


While camping isn’t too popular in Krabi due to the heat, there are quite a few enthusiasts who visit popular locations and enjoy camping more so during the rains, hence, given below are a few key venues that you too could visit:

  • The Anchor
  • Park Campsite
  • Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort

How to Get There

Krabi is a popular tourist destination and there are quite a few ways to get there, these are described in brief in the sections below.


Krabi is well-catered by the Krabi International Airport and as a tourist, if you are flying-in directly to the city you shall find yourself here. The airport is additionally well connected to the city by a host of means of transportation, so you don’t need to worry about anything as far as air travel to Krabi is considered.

Krabi International Airport


Reaching Krabi via bus is a good option for tourists to consider but only if they are travelling from major cities within Thailand. These buses are run by the government and private operators both, so as a tourist, you could choose either depending upon pricing and comfort. Krabi's primary bus stop is situated in the core of Krabi Town. Customary buses and minivans leave for the duration of the day for encompassing regions, and there are incessant long-distance departures and arrivals as well, including night journeys. Krabi is all around associated by transport to Bangkok, Phuket, Surat Thani, and Hat Yai, among different spots.

Bus in Krabi


Those tourists who enjoy railway rides shall be disappointed if they are heading to Krabi as the city is not connected by rail and the nearest station is at least two hours away via a bus journey.


Krabi is an immensely popular tourist destination and with a steady stream of tourists driving down to the city you can hitchhike and reach Krabi. People are often very friendly and helpful. You won’t even need to pay them anything, just be good company, stick to their rules in the vehicle, have a good conversation and if possible repay the favour by buying coffee or a meal on the go. Beyond this, the locals are mostly helpful and there are seldom any risks but just in case, it is better to be safe by constantly sharing your location and details with a known person.


Beyond the above-listed means of transportation, you can reach Krabi via waterways and that is seldom explored so it is recommended that you stick to the conventional means of transport to reach the city.

Moving Around

Krabi is a well-known tourist destination and there are plenty of options that are offered to a tourist when he/she wishes to move around town. These options are all described in brief in the sections below, so keep perusing to know more.


Walking around Krabi is truly an experience in itself. The city is truly stunning and has multiple destinations that are worth visiting on foot if you truly wish to soak in everything that there is on offer. If you are a photographer, you shall enjoy cgetting a few snaps and overall it is pleasant.


Cycling around Krabi is another great way to explore the city. The fresh breeze blowing on your hair, just peddling across town and enjoying each moment without polluting the environment is a good feeling and a decent form of exercise too. The only down side here is that you may not be able to do much of this during the day when it is extremely sunny or on those days when there is torrential downpour.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are definitely not popular here but you may be able to find a couple of electric scooters to commute around town. Nonetheless, neither of these are too reliable and you must stick to the conventional means of transportation.

Public Bus

The buses are the backbone of the local transportation in some ways, they are not too frequent but they are reliable and quite cost-effective.

Tram, Train and Subway

As mentioned above, there is no rail network present in the city of Krabi, hence, even local transportation isn’t possible via rail and tourists often have to depend upon roadways and waterways. These are quite convenient and they offer different means of transportation to different destinations.

Sustainable Shopping

In Asian economies, for example, that of Thailand, the majority of the nearby merchants are known to battle to guarantee a flourishing business, relentless rivalry and low profits make it a challenge to endure the market for them, thus, it is proposed that you generally enjoy sustainable shopping and buy merchandise that is made utilising eco-friendly practices.

Food Markets

Food Markets are gigantically famous in Krabi and the absolute best ones for you as a traveller to investigate seem to be:

  • City Market
  • Customs Food Market
  • Fresh Food Market

Flea Markets

The flea markets in Krabi are an extraordinary spot to pickup a couple of knickknacks and keepsakes, given underneath are a couple of markets worth investigating:

  • Nopparattani Wednesday Market
  • Ao Ning Night Market
  • Chao Fah Night Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are an amazing deal now and then, as they offer you nearly all around great merchandise at a small fraction of the real cost. There is a sizeable market for such products in Krabi, you can explore a few of these and you shall mostly find electronics, clothes, and antiques, however, beware of scams and rip-offs.


The eco-fashion market in Krabi is yet not extremely enormous and is developing at a moderate yet consistent pace. As a traveller, you can investigate a portion of the indigenous design stores in the city which regularly sell products made of natural materials, these are economically delivered as well as financially savvy.


Recycling in Krabi has as of late been paid attention to, the administration has consistently been sloping up endeavours to reuse however much as could reasonably be expected yet they trail extensively in contrast with other significant urban areas over the globe. However, motivation and incentive based reusing activities have been dispatched as of late. Everything including plastic, glass, metals, e-waste, and clinical waste is gathered and recycled here.


Waste collection and disposal in Krabi is quite decent, it certainly isn’t as efficient as the bigger cities in the country but there is a set protocol and though some unruly tourists end up littering the city Krabi is yet quite clean and tidy.

Work and Study Abroad

Krabi is mainly a tourist destination and it does not offer much for students. However, there is plenty of opportunity for people who are looking for work, especially in the tourism sector.

Exchange Student

Not many students visit the city fo Krabi on exchange programmes, the very few that do come via private scholarships and grants.

Au Pair

Being an Au Pair in Krabi shall be a dream for many, however, this could be a slightly unrealistic one as the local people aren’t too familiar with the concept and the very few that are may have a long list of criteria for you to fulfil.


In Krabi you have an excellent opportunity of giving back to the community by volunteering and this includes volunteering for NGOs and various other private organisations, finding out about opportunities can be done via various listings online and some popular ones are closely related to protecting the environment such as beach and ocean clean up drives.

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