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Eco-friendly travel guide to Krasnodar advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Krasnodar, Russia.

Krasnodar Skyline

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $150

Responsible Travel

Krasnodar (meaning beauty gift) is a region in southern Russia. It was founded in 1794 by the Black Sea Cossack Settlers. The city is famous for its steel-lattice water tower, designed in the 20th century, by architect Valdimir Shukhov. It is one of the most significant historical and cultural of Southern Russian and Northern Caucasus region. Responsible travelling is important in order to contribute to the local economy, communities and culture. It helps to preserve the environment and wildlife.

  • Use Public transportation: Uses of public transportation is cost effective. It also reduces air pollution and traffic congestion. This system increases mobility and fuel efficiency as well. Therefore, it brings many benefits to individuals, communities and local economy.
  • Use recyclable products to promote sustainable travelling: Eco sustainability plays a pivotal role in reducing waste and preserving valuable ecosystems. Small changes in your lifestyle such as packing light and choosing economy class over business can make a huge difference in greater context of environmental preservation. The reason is it includes an increased consumption of non renewable resources, higher level of pollution and potential loss of environmental habitats. Hence, economy class is preferable.
  • Try to avoid packaged products: Although packaged goods are highly convenient, they can do a lot of harm to your body. Production of such goods leads to increase in carbon dioxide too. All this why, try to avoid packaged food in order to protect environment from soil, air and water pollution. Moving towards plastic free packaging will decrease the chances of spoiling the surrounding.
  • Cast about the place: Believe it or not, no country in the whole world has a passport, capable of granting you access to every other one out there. So it’s important to do your homework and research the place you want to visit. Each country you travel is different from the next, and with each experience you evolve as a person and become more patient and accepting. But that doesn’t mean you should randomly wander without knowing even a bit about it. Doing research is crucial so that to know what you expect when you get there. Make sure you browse the internet, read books and ask people about your preferred destination and how things are done.

It’s your prime responsibility to preserve the nature of your destination. As an eco-friendly tourist, here are some options of moving around the city:

Air Quality and Pollution

Krasnodar has a high level of pollution and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Over the past five years, the amount of dust in the regional capital has increased by more than 50 per cent. The leading sources of air pollutants in Krasnodar are traffic, industry, domestic heating and agriculture. The numbers are also increasing because of tourists not traveling feasibly. In 2020, emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere decreased by 2.8 times over the year. The reason behind this deduction is because of the change in techniques of calculating the emission of toxic substances from vehicles. The anthropogenic load on the environment results in the downturn of living conditions of urban population due to the disturbance of ecological balance. The atmosphere has a huge impact on hydrosphere, soil, plants and other structures. Air is moderately polluted in Krasnodar city. It may cause minor breathing problem to sensitive people. So one must follow proper precautions to avoid getting sick during his travel. Main Pollutants: Annual Average- 70 AQI Air Pollution- 51.67 Air Quality- 48.33 Moderate Quality of Green and Parks- 60.00 High PM10- 42μg/m³ PM 2.5- 22μg/m³ NO2- 34.46μg/m3 O3- 67.1μg/m3 The air pollution in Krasnodar can be solved if you use the ways that have been recommended in the article.

Respect the Culture

It is very significant to understand the value and beliefs of a population in order to know about the city better. It teaches us to treat one another with compassion and warmth. So learn to understand and appreciate people from every walk of life. Krasnodar is a perfect place to see Russian-Caucasian culture up close. It attracts attraction with its festivals, nature and an active night life. The time between April and August is the best time for a vacation as you can find amazing tourist activities and festivals during summer season when tourism peaks. Krasnodar Tattoo Festival, Kubana Festival and Krasnodar Salsa Festival are the most happening celebrations of this place. You can take tours on the Kuban River and visit the city’s monuments on foot. It is also said that this city is known for being polite, and it is good for you as well to give them the same kindness in return. Thanks to its nature and decent structure, Krasnodar is a beautiful city that can make your holiday pleasant. So try not to be a rebel and instead of being critical about the culture, accept the place with full dignity and respect. You will realize that people around you are equally generous.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Krasnodar might not be as popular as other cities in Russia but don’t let that fool you. It is a must visit tourist destination where one can relax and have a good time. Following are some truly interesting places to explore in the city:

  • Krasnaya Street: If you didn’t see this street, you weren’t at Krasnodar. This is the most astonishing location of the region. It is also the centre of nightlife. Most of the monuments are located there, such as Avrora, Pamyatnik Shuriku and many more along and each architecture has a story behind it. With no traffic around the street, you can just walk and window shop here comfortably. Bordered with appealing Russian buildings, this Red Street offers the authentic Russian experience.
  • Krasnodar Stadium: It is a football stadium that holds FC Krasnodar of the Russian Premier League and has a capacity to hold 35,074 spectators. The stadium stands proud with its awesome two-tier design featuring a wave-shaped upper tier made doubly impressive by a 606 meter long, 360 degree video screen. You will be amazed to see this massive arena of football!
  • Bridge of the Kisses: When you take your partner out for a weekend, everything seems to be lovable. The city’s most romantic place looks enigmatic after dark. That’s once you can capture its outline against the backdrop of watercolor sky. So if you want those couple goals kind of pictures, you know

where to go

  • Krasnaya Ploshhad Shopping Mall: There’s a quote saying, “No decision should be made on an empty shopping bag.” So if you are thinking to buy some amazing stuffs and have fun at the same time, this shopping center is the best place to wander. It features many different stores, multiplex cinema, cafes and restaurants. From home decor supplies to clothing brands, every store has something which will fascinate you.
  • St. George’s Church: This is the most mesmerizing church in Krasnodar, rendered in a blue color. Restored after the planet wars, this structural epitome today stands because post card image of the place. Beautifully crafted walls, fascinating dome and the whole vibe of the church is so soothing that wish to stay here for hours.
  • Ekaterninskiy Skver: It’s an aesthetic garden, surrounded by picturesque buildings of various architectonic designs all the way down the Red (Krasnaya) street. For best clicks, use the spot before the legislature building. You will also find best restaurants nearby. So if anyone drains out while walking, he can pamper himself with delicious food.
  • Premiere Music Theatre: The musical culture comes alive with Premier Music Theatre that showcases the musical talent within its grand settings. Here you can watch musical performances of various genres like ballet, opera, plays and even better concert jazz orchestras. Visit this theatre if you want to immerse in the melodious scene of Russia.
  • Natalia’s House: A family of Natalia Musienko in the customary village of Shapsugskaya, Krasnodar has renovated a real Cossack ménage. Tourist love to visit here to take a glimpse of Russian culture and traditions. This tour brings you closer to the nature: spring waterfalls, ancient forest, prehistoric dolemen, mountain river surprises travelers with such pristine variety of landscapes. Along with this, the family also serves local food and organizes folk dance performances and craft exhibitions to have an absolute memorable time.
  • Krasnodar Regional Puppet Theatre: Puppets are magical creatures for early childhood settings. They can give instruction, give tears to laughter and be used in imaginative play by small hands and large. The idea to establish this innovative theatre was of Vasili Vasiliev. It is a classic vintage theatre which is full of history. Vladimir Dmitrievich Prasol is the founder of this hall and Nikolai Vasilyevich Boyko its main director. It goes on tour to Germany and at the World Puppet Festival of Puppet Theatres in Prague wins the Grand Prix. Children love to visit there because they find it amusing and great source of entertainment.
  • Lagonaki Plateau: People never get lost in hilly areas, it is where they found themselves! This astounding upland, located in Caucasus covers 800 square kilometers at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level. It is one of the most impressive places in Southern Russia. So if you want an escape from your hustle life, Loganaki Plateau is highly recommended for you.
Lagonaki Plateau


The city name hardly ever pops in the International news. However, this claiming town is chock-full of historic landmarks and beautiful green spaces. It is located on the proper bank of the Kuban River. Krasnodar is a highly developed commercial area and has the largest annual turnover in the South Federal district of Russia. It is developed especially in the field of education and culture and also known as Culture Center of the Caucasus. The city is a home to around 932,629 people and is surrounded by the area 76.000 km2 (approx). Tourism comprises a large part of Krasnodar’s economy. There are more than 80 hotels, along with gazillions of appealing parks and gardens. It is an abode to numerous such Museums, Landmarks, art centers as well, that you can visit to appreciate the soul of the city. Krasnodar has also become known in the orthodox world as a city. In the sections below we'll be discussing a number of these places to explore, so continue pursuing to understand more.

City Parks

  • Chistyakovskiy Grove Park: If you’re tired of the city air and sound of the cars, it’s a great nature island in the center of the city. There are beautiful trees, squirrels and pigeons to feed and an amusement area which is loved by teens.
  • The Solnechny Ostrov (Sunny Island Park): If you are a nature lover and adventurous, Sunny Island Park is a must visit. Enjoy a day of paintball, tennis, skating, disco and other recreation activity you wish to do on a holiday. The park has won regional contests for the simplest recreational center several years during a row. So just plan it out and come back with a thrilling experience.
  • Safari Park: With more than 120 species of birds and animals, 80% of whom are in the International Red Book, Safari Park has become one of the central attractions of the city. The visitors of Safari Park are delighted not only with the animals but also with amazing beautified territory, its flower gardens and buildings. Quite a favorite amongst children!
  • Galitskogo Park: Tourists always enjoy picturesque views of this stunning park. You get to have a lot of things that you can do in this recreational area and you will need at least 3-4 hours to wander here. It’s an excellent place to spend time without getting bored.
  • Park of 30th anniversary of the Victory: This dense park is a great place to enjoy your own company. The submarines and the planes are sitting there, waiting for you to see them. If you seek calmness, then don’t forget to stop by Park of 30th anniversary of the Victory.
  • Marshal Zhukhov’s Park: It is landscaped with benches, beautiful flowers, beds and lawns. On the territory of the park there are church chapel of Sir Alexander Nevskiy, memorial arch “they proud of the Kuban”, a fountain with light music, Bellini restaurant. The park often hosts exhibitions of folk art and other cultural events.
  • City Botanical Garden: If you’re on a family trip in Russia, do not forget to take them to this garden. The scenic beauty of this place looks more pleasant during warm sunny days as it paved walks among the trees and

bushes in blossoms.

Galitskogo Park

National Parks

National Parks are places that are visited by families to spend time amidst meadows and greenery. One of the things you don’t have to worry too much about is the expenses for yourself and others. To visit a national park and to witness its iconic views is affordable as it usually only requires a vehicle permit that you must purchase or any entry fee. Krasnodar is a hub of conservation parks. They mostly get full and considered the best places to visit in order to meet the new people. Let’s take a sneak peak of such parks:

  • Sochi National Park: Ever wished to lay lost in forest just to forget the real world? Well, this woodland will give you the same feeling which you were searching for. It is the most ancient National Park of Russia and was established on 5th May, 1983 in the western Caucasus near the city of Sochi. It covers the area of 1937 square kilometers. The park is a center of Persian leopard. Do explore this national forest.
  • Rozhdestvenskiy Park: It is located at Krasnodar krai and is considered to be one of the most remarkable features in Southern Russia. One will be mesmerized by seeing the beauty of Rozhdestvenskiy Park. It is the most used parks by hikers. It doesn’t even require much hiking experience because you take minimum time to do the activities. This place is considered to be the must see site in Krasnodar.
  • Anuvisky National Park: It is situated in Khabarovask Krai and covers the basin of the Anuvy River. This is a stunning place to embrace the flora and fauna of the city. The Amur tiger is a resident species of the park along with Asian black bear. The trip to Anuvisky National Park is a great way to spend a day in the outdoors and bring home a lot of pleasant memories.
  • Land of the Leopard (Vladivostok): It is located in Primorsky Krai in the Russian Far East. The park was established in April 2012, and covers the area of 2799 kilometers square and 280 thousand hectares of taiga out of which 80 thousand hectares of land is approved as a protected territory. As the name suggests, this national park is a zone of ferocious leopards. It is also the habitat of world’s rarest big cat- the Far Eastern or Amur leopard. Bird like The black vulture is also recorded here. There an opportunity to capture wildlife from behind blinds. You will be thrilled to see the dense woods of this forest.
  • Zabaikalsky National Park: This national park was originated in 1986. It encloses the middle section of Eastern shore of Lake Baikal (one of Russia’s seven wonders) in the region of Buryatia, the west slope of the glorious Burguzin mountains, the Ushkani islands and Svyatory Nos which is the only large peninsula on the lake. Here you get to stay in the wooden house with all the modern facilities available. The main species presented in this park are brown bears, black- capped marmots, reindeer along with 200 bird species. Make sure not to miss the biggest lake on the territory of the park, i.e. Lake Arangatuai. Having a picnic at its shores or observing peaceful waves during summer days is a real bliss.
  • Samarskaya Luka: It was established in 1984 in Samara Oblast and covers a land mass enclosed by a ring of water, formed by a bend of Volga River and the Usa River. This national park has an interesting history. There’s a large solutional cave that is somewhere connected with the name of Stepan Razin. Folks believe that in the 17th century, this cave was used as a hiding spot by him and his team. It is also famous for hiking and recreational activities. If sighseeing is a part of your hobbies, then taking a tour of Samarskaya Luka is highly recommended.
Sochi National Park


Coastal areas are often cooler than inland places. They are appealing to many tourists because of the landscape of cliffs and beaches. The sea breeze, salt water, shacks, rocks, seashells takes you to other another world away from stress and worries. There are several beaches in southern part of Russia which pays a huge contribution to the overall experience of the trip. The city has limited number of beaches, so we have tried to cover anywhere close by as well that lie in the boundaries in Krasnodar. Give it a read and start imagining yourself around the sea!

  • Vityazevo Beach: Wide coastline equipped beach. It is located in Vityazevo which is around 2 hours 40 minutes away from Krasnodar. Beautiful sand dunes, soft sand and spacious! This beach is always surrounded by a huge crowd. So if you come with your family or friends, we are sure that you will have a good time.
  • Voda Beach: If you plan to visit Krasnodar, put Voda in the forefront of your travel plans. It’s a deadly combo of theme park, beach and a mini island with very convenient location in the city, where you can relax and splash on a hot day. There are 4 pools which include children’s as well and a large platform under the canopy where you can settle on soft sofas which are made of pods and repainted white color. The island constitutes various sun beds where you can lie down after taking the pool and hammocks at all enough. There are often thematic parties which never fail to drive the attention of visitors.
  • Rosa Beach: This beach is surrounded by mountains, forest and river. So you can enjoy the nature here as well. Take a day off from city life and visit this beach cum pool club to chill around. You will also get some accommodation nearby to stay as long as you want. The blue water of this beach makes it very eye-soothing. You will be able to walk down the beach, enjoy sunset or sunrise, and outdoor activities on this beach.
  • Vysoky Bereg Beach: It is located in Anapa which is around 2 hours away from Krasnodar. The sea is much cleaner than other beaches. Convinient location, right next to the embankment to the Vysoky Bereg Beach and you can walk to the sandy one. Nearby, there’s a restaurant called Mastoni whose food is divine and worth eating.
  • Kamenka Beach: It is situated in Yeysk. Activities like windsurfing and kite flying are popular at this beautiful spot. The sea is very shallow, so warms up quickly. There are changing rooms, sunbeds and play complexes for children. It offers stunning views at sunset as well.
Vityazevo Beach


  • Sculpture Walking Dogs: This monument was designed as a couple of dogs who have just met each other for the first time ever and heading for a walk. Historical inspiration for this statue was the poem of Vladimir Mayakovisky. He wrote this poem in 1926 when he saw a bunch of homeless pedigree dogs in Krasnodar. It’s a popular landmark for romantic couples as well.
  • Monument to Kuban Cossacks: It is a memorial to Kuban Heroes in World War II. An administrative and military unit composed of Kuban Cossacks, formed in 1860 and existed until 1918. This grand statue is easy to find on Krasnaya street. One can capture happy pictures and take back as a memory with them
  • Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral: Huge white beautiful church with gift shops scarves for women, provided on Sunday’s 9 am study 1130 blessing open to all. But make sure that you don’t carry your camera or cell phones inside. The perfect combination of amazing paintings and modern architecture leaves its trace. Be patient as you continue to walk until you reach this church. Along the way are other attractions as well. So if you believe in worshiping God and love to visit holy places, this Cathedral is a right option for you.
  • Shukovskaya Tower: It is also known as the Eiffel Tower of Krasnodar and was constructed in 1919-1922 as per the advanced projects of Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov. This radio tower is a symbol of soviet radio and television broadcasting, a worldwide known monument of architecture which belongs to the Russian avant-grade. The hyperboloid structure consisting of a series of hyperboloid sections stacked on one another to approximate an overall conical shape. It was used a water tower only until the introduction of new technologies. Currently, it is a tourist attraction right in the center of the city.
  • Monument Cossacks writing a letter to Turkish Sultan: You will be surprised to know how many historical love stories are hidden in the streets, buildings and parks of Southern capital of Russia. This monument also represents the moment when the Cossacks reply to the letter of Turkish Sultan about his request to stop their raids. The sculptor made the monument basing on the similar painting of the famous Russian Artist IIia Repin and reflects many details along with the mood of people on the scene.
  • Monument to Catherine the Great: An astonishing monument to Russia’s empress Catherine who actually was German by nationality but called in this country the only real man on the Russian throne after Peter the Great. It celebrates the empress and her grant of the Kuban area, together with the newly founded city to the Cossacks. It is meaningful to locals and the city itself. Deed of gift covered by leaf-gold looks attractive. Hence, one of the significant sights in Krasnodar which must be seen and admired!
  • Temple of Holy Spirit: This is the gem of Krasnodar and townspeople are proud of having on its territory a church that no revolution can break. It was built in 1903 on November 30 of the same year the church was consecrated in the name of St. George the Victorious. So the Holy Spirit appeared temple. The structure includes the central part and two-sided chapels. Natives and visitors come not only to look at the antiquity that the temple keeps in itself, but also to find peace of mind. The doors of this sacred place are always open.
Temple of Holy Spirit


The primary goal of museum is to collect, preserve and display objects of artistic, cultural or scientific significance of education of the public. Such historical sites, teaches you a lot more than you think. If you are a student, these things will stimulate your minds and make you aware about the past. Krasnodar has a lot of history, so obviously it is surrounded by number of museums. They have now opened channels online to book to museums. Following are the best authentic halls of the city:

  • The Krasnodar Regional Art Museum of Kovalenko: It has the longest history among art museums of Northern Caucasus region. The museum’s collection is comprised up to nine thousand exhibits in such categories as Ancient Russian Art, Russian and Soviet Art of XVIII- XX centuries, art of Western Europe, Asia and Africa. Along with paintings, the collection includes sculpture, China watercolours etc. It has a range of ancient treasures. One of the best activities of the museum is propaganda of fine arts among children of different ages- a number of courses and studios are organised for that purpose. There is a lot to see and it will be hard to decide on what to see or do when you get free.
  • Museum of Military Hardware: This open-air museum displays the emblems of WWII tanks and rocket launchers. An exciting place to be visited by children as it also takes you to its funfair rides. The museum displays some historical equipment used by Russian soldiers during World War II. So if you’re inquisitive about the past life of Russia, Museum of Military Hardware is a place to visit.
  • Literary museum of Kuban: This massive museum tells you about the history of the region, people who contributed to its history. It comprises of extraordinary artefacts and exhibitions. A guide with encyclopaedic knowledge will immerse you in the magical world of ancient times. Tickets to this museum are also bought online for the convenience. It is more pleasant to visit here at night.
  • Antique Car Museum: This place is love by the people who are fond of cars. It’s a rustic museum of vintage cars whose beauty will never cease to amaze you. So if you’re interested in seeing the collection of classic automobiles, it is recommended to visit the place.
  • Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Memorial Museum Reserve: It is located in the most beautiful building of Krasnodar- the mansion of merchants Bogarsukovs, which itself is a monument of ancient architectures. This museum is divided into number of rooms and each room is dedicated to specific of time. It has rich exposition of exhibits from ancient times to the present. The whole staff is also very friendly and polite. Great place for visiting with the whole family.
  • Krasnodarskiy Krayevoy Khudozhestvennyy Muzey Imeni Kovalenko: It is a longtime art museum exhibiting works in Russia around the world in a mansion built in 1905. It owns seven paintings by Aivazovasky, 2 are exhibited, an interesting modern art hall. It includes two building and both of them have their own charm. There is an amazing exhibition of folk toys which makes easier for children to understand the difference between paintings and the context of emergence of trends. There are a few Chagali, Malevich, Kandinsky and something Japanese. The museum closes at 6 pm so make sure you don’t plan to visit in the late evening.


When it comes to Russian cuisine, Krasnodar will never disappoint you for sure. The city has a multiple number of dishes that are recommended by people when you get there. And every meal is comprised with one or the other interesting back story or history behind it. Apart from mastering how to prepare basic Russian food, chefs have been able to combine different ingredient to produce new dishes. People eat as per the season. For example, majority of people eat meals made from vegetables during the winter. Here are some of the popular restaurants, cafes and pubs of Southern capital of Russia whose dishes will give rise to your cravings!

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Vinsent cafe: It is famous for wide variety of Russian and European dishes along with the local white wine. The ambience of this place is enough to make your friends jealous by posting stories on social media! Staff of Vinsent cafe is extremely attentive and try their best to provide you timely service. It’s a beautiful family bistro where colleagues and friends can also sit outside and enjoy their drink.
  • Kinza: Along with the name, this restaurant offers unique cuisine as well which will make your mouth water no matter how choosy you’re in food. So if you love to experiment with unusual but interesting meals, then Kinza is a right place for you.
  • Sherlock Homes: This ultra-modern fancy pub is known for its excellent refreshing wine, cider and strongly flavored seafood. Live musical gig in the evenings takes you to the other world. The waiters of this pub are very friendly too. So all in all, you can never have a dull moment here.
  • Ugli- Ugli: It is one of the top rated restaurants of Krasnodar. Its main attractions are mushrooms appetizer, pork, veal and lamb, dessert of 2 chocolates with caramel. People usually come here during daytime for lunch and end up having good time with fellow ones.
  • Stan: It’s a delightful eating house that serves contemporary Russian dishes. The menu’s popular meals include: Olivier meat salad, Ataman’s soup, Pelmini which is considered as the national dish of Russia, Blini (Pancakes) and Beef Stroganoff. So those who love to try regional edibles, they should definitely pay a visit to restaurant Stan.
  • Pinocchio Djan: This restaurant is known for its delicious Armenian dishes. Impeccable service along with cozy atmosphere is what makes this place highly recommended even by the folks of the city. It looks more pleasant because it is surrounded by a lovely park. So if we have to describe this fine dine restaurant in the form of caption, then it would probably be, “Eat-Love-Click-Repeat!”
  • Borshhberry: It is an iconic grill in Krasnodar that is popular in Fusion and Russian cuisine. The entire décor is so appealing that you will be forced to give a word of mouth to your friends. The food is also very fresh and healthy and staff is extremely friendly as well.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Balkan Grill: It won’t be wrong to say that the interior of this restaurant can give you the feel of Santorini, located in Greece because it is designed in that way and painted in blue and white color. Tourists have always loved this beanery and wished to come back again. European cuisine is available along with vegan and gluten free options. From a great hospitality to authentic food along with Montenegro wine and divine desserts, Balkan Grill will never cease you amaze you.
  • Tommie Lee: It’s a vegetarian friendly restaurant with vegan and gluten free options. They specialize in preparing Indian, Japanese, Asian, Indonesian cuisines.
  • Restaurant Cho-Cho: The whole environment of this place is so soothing that you will eventually fall in love with it. Comfortable and Eye catching Vegan eatery which serves Russian, Eastern European and Caucasian meals which are also easily affordable.

Street Food

  • Mussels in sauce: Mussels is a traditional French dish, steamed in white wine and served in sauce of juices from mussels, butter and shallots. Its taste has made it a favorite among folks and foreigners in Krasnodar.
  • Kupaty sausage: This sausage in lavish rolls which are grilled or fried before eating, tastes like heaven. It is the most famous street food of southern capital of Russia.
  • Well-fed Cossack burger: These homemade burgers are tender and jam-packed with flavors. Grass-fed beef makes a huge difference in taste and quality! Since it’s a popular snack, you will find it in almost every street of the city.
  • Vareniki: These are fruit dumplings which are especially loved by children. It is one of the most fascinating style street food in the form of semicircular raviolis whose edges are sealed with cold water.


From alcoholic to non alcoholic drinks, you have multiple options in Krasnodar. Make sure you drink with a limit otherwise, you might start to misbehave which can spoil your holiday mood.

  • Krasnodar Tea: It is the most popular drink of Southern Russia, harvested in the mountainous areas of Sochi which are served with seed cakes, fruits and berries.
  • Chacha: It is a traditional drink, used for toasts in Sochi and has a fruity taste unlike vodka. The alcohol content is quite high and is also classifies as grape brandy.
  • Eastern Style Coffee: If you’re a coffee lover, Krasnodar will never disappoint you. Apart from Espresso, Cappuccino or Americano this city also serves authentic Turkish drinks made from coffee beans and brewed in a special pot.
  • Home-made wine: The local families offer this exceptionally refined home-made wine which is made from grapes, raspberries and blackberries


There is no such information available in WHO data about safely managed drinking water in Krasnodar so we suggest you to ask folks or hotel staff about the water quality because different cities have different water mineral contents. While exploring the Southern capital city of Russia, you can try finding out good quality water resources and carry a refillable water bottle with you all the time as mineral water is not eco friendly and will also result in increasing your carbon footprint. Please be cautious, the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to your trap.

Organic Cafés

  • Lyubo Café: All ingredients used in preparing the meal here are absolutely natural. So it’s a good choice if you’re prioritizing your health. It even tastes better meals from other cafes in Krasnodar. It is known for vegetable salads and delicious fish.
  • Anderson: The interior of this café is so full of green touch that it automatically gives you natural feels. The ingredients used in preparing meals at Anderson are made from small farms. So it is safe for everyone.
  • Nonna Mia: It is a high class café and serves the best Russian meals. Here you’re assured of enjoying healthy food options including yummy burgers and tasty coffee drinks.


  • Endemic Mountain Brewery: It’s a beautiful brewery in a small village at the foot of the mountains. This winery is opened on work days as well and is specialized in producing Russian dinks.
  • Dobry El brewery: Even in the cold winter months, the consumption of beer does not go down in Krasnodar. Dobry El brewery make variety of beers which has a taste of hops.


  • Sightseeing
  • Skating at Sunny Island Park
  • Hiking
  • Windsurfing and Kiteflying at Kamenka Beach
  • Sunset nearby Krasnaya street
  • Trekking
  • Picnic at Arangatuai lake
  • Explore the cave at Samarskya Luka

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is very important for our spiritual, physical and mental health. It pulls you closer towards love, kindness and respect for everyone and helps you in finding peaceful state of mind. Some of the Yoga retreats in Krasnodar are Ilash and TriYoga. They are open to both professionals and newbies. These places are friendly grounds and instructors are also very warm. If you’re looking forward to make new connections, it is feasible at these places.


Accommodation is the most important part of a trip. No matter how adventurous and enjoyable your day was, you need a good chamber to relax and get charged for the next day. It basically enhances the overall experience of travelling and helps the tourists to explore their desired city in a better way. There are various types of accommodation available in Krasnodar. If you want to travel eco-friendly, the best options are guest house, green hotels, campsites and apartments. These options are relatively cheaper than 5-star hotels and provide good quality service as well.

Green Hotels

Green travel is on the rise in current time. Consumers are prioritizing environment and choosing to stay in eco friendly hotels. To help make Krasnodar a better place, you should book only green hotels. Here are some of the options for you:

  • Hotel Vivat: The location of this hotel is the most attractive feature because it is located in the center of the city. It is traditional style décor which offers free secure parking, good food, swimming pool and various other amenities.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Hotel: This hotel provides warm quarters with a refined restaurant and well equipped gym. The hotel employ only trained staff that are willing to guide foreign men on how to cope in the city.
  • Lime Green Hotel: This hotel offers all sorts of room, be it deluxe or superior along with various amenities like free parking, WiFi, Air conditioning rooms and what not.
  • Green Hosta: Sober rooms with affordable price featuring a spa and an outdoor pool. It is definitely a nice lodge to stay in.
  • Loft: It is located in Sochi city and is just a miles away from Riviera Beach. It offers free WiFi, air conditioned rooms and various other facilities that can help you in refreshing yourself after a hectic travelling.
  • Argo: If you want to visit FC Krasnodar stadium, then Argo is the right hotel to stay in because it just 7km away from the stadium. The rooms are well furnished with appealing décor and offers facilities like LED Televisions, housekeeping, wardrobe, 24 hours front desk and many more. Couples adore this hotel the most.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Guest House Na Troitskoy: It is a pocket- friendly guest house. It features Ac rooms, private bathrooms, free WiFi and private parking and rooms as per your budget.
  • Fermerskiy Guest House: Cleanliness is the USP of this guest house. From pillows to mattresses, everything is so tidy that one will highly satisfied with the stay. It is 1.5 km from Basket ball arena and is around 3.9 km from Red Square Shopping Mall. Do you really need anything else around a motel?
  • Hostel Home 1912: This hostel offers all the facilities which a student wishes to have while staying away from home. From attached bathrooms to kitchen, WiFi and garden, it is one of the best hostels in Krasnodar. Botanical garden and airport are nearest from this place.


Our environment is going through significant transitions like pollution, greenhouse effect, deforestation etc. to combat this, there is a need of adopting eco friendly lifestyles as our lives are exposed to a lot of risks. Let’s put it in a straightforward manner, living in an environmental friendly apartment comprises of several benefits. All the apartments in Krasnodar are great. All you have to do is meet the landlord. Inform him if he needs to make replacements in it. K8rent, Pushkin and Meta are the most popular living quarters in the city.


Couchsurfing is a great medium to connect with global travelers under a single roof. It’s exciting to know the culture, opinion and stories of different people of different places. It is quite easy in Krasnodar. A lot of lonewalkers don’t mind accommodating Russians for a particular period. All you have to do is search online. Couchsurfing is popular among that are from developing or less-developing countries. Since some of them can afford to stay in apartment, they search for hosts that can accommodate them.


  • Les Glamping and Spa: It is the most popular area to camp. And the best part is WiFi is always in a good condition here so you can enjoy while giving updates to your social media family. This place also offers rooms of mountain view and suites which attracts most of the tourists
  • Beach Camp: It is located 200 metres from Lermontovo Beach, features 24 hour front desk for your convenience along with no parking charges and free WiFi. The staff here makes it easy for foreigners to settle.
  • Baza Otdiha Lunnaya Polyana: A lot of people do camp here every time. So you won’t feel lonely. Pool, on-site restaurant, secured parking are the best facilities provided by Baza Otdiha Lunnaya Polyana.

How to Get There

It is not difficult to visit Krasnodar. It just depends on your home country. If you’re from a neighboring country, transportation would be cheaper for you. But coming from a far country would cost much. However, if you’re from a developed nation, you will find it easy to access Russia. You just have to pay your ticket fee. Understandably, it is not all means of transportation that might be available from your home to the city you want to visit. In case, Krasnodar is your destination, you should know that there are many ways to get into the city. The country is also worried about immigrants because of security. All immigrants are properly scanned before they are allowed to enter.


As air is the fastest means of transportation, this would probably be the top option on the mind of some people when they want to visit Krasnodar. Fortunately, the city has an airport that receives international flights. If you desire to travel to Krasnodar, you need to check your home city for available Russian flights. So it shouldn’t be a hassle finding one that operates from your current location, especially if you‘re within Europe. The main problem people encounter is not getting a direct flight for Krasnodar. In such cases, you would fly to another city and get a connecting flight which is a bit troublesome. And the perk is that it is time efficient, so the journey is not stressful.

International terminal of Krasnodar Airport Airport


You cannot get bus from all locations worldwide. So prefer this transport only if you are from nearby city. If you want to take the bus from Krasnodar, you just have to search online about the timings and price for the same. People love using buses because it gives them views of the landscape while travelling, and that they find it exciting.

A bus in Krasnodar


This is the most favorable transport after Airplane because of the comforting and facilities. However, Trains are comparatively less time effective. The process of taking a train to Krasnodar is almost similar to bus. The best thing for anyone to do when using a train is to engage in other activities like reading a book, listening to music or even talking to amigos.


In this form of transportation, you have to stay on road and flag down a vehicle going your direction. The probability of getting a ride is not too much as some drivers might not want to stop for an anonymous person. Many people love the idea of hitchhiking as they get free rides. But it does not work that way in European cities. If a driver agrees to give you lift, they will ask you for payment. Moreover, it can be dangerous too because you are travelling with a complete stranger.


If you live in a neighboring city, you can reach Krasnodar by car. It would be easier for you because unlike other forms of transportation, you don’t need any processing to reach. Just make sure that your car is in a good condition. So go for repairing before you start driving. Try to drive at night for the safety purpose. Every city road in Krasnodar has a speed limit. Only experienced ones should drive while travelling.

Moving Around

Krasnodar is the second largest city in Southern Russia but you won’t face any trouble while moving around the city, if you’re a bit cautious about your surroundings. The mode of transport that you use will depend on where you’re going. You can trek, ride bicycle, cars and buses.


Wandering around Krasnaya Street is all you will ever want when you’re in Krasnodar. You will explore many places just by taking a walk. At night, you can just plug in your earpiece and ramble in the cityside.


Bicycle rides always give you some chills. The traffic is usually not much in Krasnodar. So you ride bicycle, if you’re pretty good at it. The city also organizes local riding competitions. You can participate if you’re good enough. One can hire bicycle on rent as well just by registering on the company’s website.

Electronic Vehicles

In today’s world of modernization, everyone wants to follow a trend. The market for electric cars in Russia is growing exponentially. Since electronic vehicles are getting popular with each passing day, tourists are getting more attracted towards them. There are various electric stations in Krasnodar for example, Stantsiya Zaryadki Elektromobiley, Tesla destination charger, Electrical Vehicle Charging Station etc. Once you register on their official site of any operator, you will receive an email at the nearest place to pick up at electronic vehicle.

Public Bus

It is one of the cheapest means of transport in Southern capital of Russia. Although automobile vehicle is comparatively more popular than any other mode, but it has well-developed bus network as well. There are 19 trolleybus routes along with several municipal bus lines. All public buses are available until midnight.

Tram, Train and Subway

It’s easy to get a train in Krasnodar and unlike buses, the train doesn’t stop at many places. There are fixed schedules for when train moves so you have to plan your day accordingly. Currently, there are around 19 trams in the city but it has plans to expand its network along with development of modern commuter services on existing railways. Subways are also available in the city at low prices.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a means of buying the local crafts of the people. There are always unique things that would catch your eyes when you visit a new city. It’s a new trend in Krasnodar and a lot of people are focusing on changing their lifestyle and adapting eco-friendly practices. This type of shopping promotes buying reusable and recycled items, organic products and services that supports the local communities. As a tourist, you should prefer sustainable shopping while buying souvenirs and other things to understand the local culture and people.

Food Markets

Food is the most essential and basic need for survival and growth. The need to buy food is always there irrespective to whatever city you visit. Some of the fresh food markets in Krasnodar include Bioteca, Internet-Magazin Atamarket, No Sadovoy Supermarket etc. The best thing about these markets is that they do not add any chemicals to their products, so it is beneficial for your health.

Flea Markets

Some of the best street markets in Krasnodar are Adler Market, Bazar Market and Yarmarka. So if you’re looking to patronize a flea market, these are the best options in the city. Here you can purchase Russian historic things from old cameras to souvenirs. Hence, such markets are highly recommended for people that love history.

Second Hand Stores

  • Luchshiy Sekond Khend: It is located in Ulitsa Sadovaya, Krasnodar Krai. This store is filled with loads of fascinating things like bags, shoes, curtains at cheaper rates. The staff is very friendly and always try to make you feel comfortable.
  • Khomyachok- Stok I Sekond Khend: Vintage clothes and multiple accessories are available for purchase here. You just have to pay a little amount of money for the quality items here.


With the new brands that have been introduced in Krasnodar, eco-fashion is starting to become popular. It’s a type of style that uses organic substances that are sourced from the local environment. Since Russians prefer quality over anything, they chooses to buy them. Here is the list of some popular brands and eco fashion stores in Krasnodar:

  • Max Mara
  • Cropp
  • Camper
  • New Yorker


The population of Krasnodar is moderate. So fortunately, the city is comparatively lesser polluted. Moreover, people are engaging more towards recycling products, especially glass or plastic bottles. The reason is to make the city clean and innovative as they can make other useful things from the recycled items.


Krasnodar is not dirtiest city of Russia but it won’t take much time to turn into one. So people should put in efforts to create awareness about waste management. The government and many organization advocates against littering as they strive to keep the city clean and avoid health issues. They also urge to foreigners to ensure that they effectively manage their waste by disposing them only at designated areas.

Work and Study Abroad

There are around 17 universities offering 303 study programs in the region. If you’re an international student who wishes to work studying in Krasnodar, it is also possible. You can do part time job so that the work does not affect your studies. Also, the locals do not discriminate and are willing to international students adequately if they effectively render their services.

Exchange Student

Kuban State University offers this program where students from partnered university can study here. To participate in academic mobility program, you should complete certain steps which are precisely described on the university website. During the student exchange program, you get the opportunity to learn regional language, their culture and several other interesting activities. Most of the students never fail to miss this opportunity for their career growth and personality development.

Au Pair

Au Pair is an interesting concept where a foreign couple or an individual offers to help out a family in a different country in managing their household, finances, and education of their children. For Russian cities that subscribe to such services, there is usually a website or forum where people can register and get paired with local host whom they can work for. This exists in Krasnodar, so you should jump to this opportunity.


A reason why some people visit other cities is that they want to be volunteers. They get satisfaction by volunteering out in different capacities. This happens in many areas of Krasnodar as well, where you can volunteer after a proper research and chosen area.

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