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Eco-friendly travel guide to La Paz advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in La Paz, Bolivia.

La Paz Skyline

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$90 - $140

Responsible Travel

For most travel enthusiasts, responsible travel includes preserving the rich culture and heritage of any place. The same goes for the capital city of Bolivia. Inca trails devastated the city almost thousands of years back. Most of the local people you will come across in La Paz mostly speak the ancient languages of the Andes as well as Amazon. La Paz is one of the highest administrative capitals in the world. The city rests on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau. The city stretches to Ei Alto city in the highlands. Before knowing more about the city and different ways of responsible for traveling, it is better to know a bit about the background of the city. It is a nation shunned by others due to socialist politics; tourism is the only way by which things can be fixed.

The rural area of the nation needs employment while others might have to compromise on backbreaking the labor as well as the illegal activities. Once the concept of responsible traveling grows, many rural, as well as the indigenous committee, will start getting benefits. Considering this, La Paz is one such city, which is still in between developed and developing, and responsible traveling is the only way of fixing things.

Air Quality and Pollution

As per some of the latest reports developed by WHO, the air quality of La Paz is not very good and not very poor. However, if you have a dust allergy, then chances are there that you might issues. Besides, if you have breathing troubles, then also you might face slight issues. Due to this reason, it is best if you take precautions and wear a mask whenever you are stepping out of your house. Most of the time, you would face issues due to smoke from the vehicles and emissions from the industries. Sometimes during the morning, you might face issues in breathing due to smog, but on very rare occasions.

The city is quite concerned about the pollution levels in the city and tries to maintain a healthy environment throughout. Also, the temperature is permeable enough to enjoy a relaxing vacation. If you want to spend some relaxing time in the city, make sure that you are visiting the city, especially during the winter, November to January as the temperature during this time remains quite soothing. As a result, you will be able to explore the city quite peacefully and enjoy some good time here.

Respect the Culture

Talking about the culture and heritage of the city, here you will be astonished to see a mixed culture. The mixed culture includes people from the various origin, indigenous groups from Andes and mestizos, descendants of colonizers, and many more. Overall, the difference in the culture owes to the people belonging from a different origin. Once you visit La Paz, you will notice that the people here live a casual lifestyle, free from any worries and bindings. This is something that would no doubt make you feel relaxed. Along with that, you will see that Bolivia is a formal country having old-fashioned values. The same essence carries on to other cities as well. La Paz is one such city where you will old-fashioned vibes of politeness as well as courtesy among the local people. Strangers here will always greet you with welcoming conversations.

If you meet any people while in the city, especially if they are older, make sure that you are calling them ‘Senor’ or ‘Senora’. Most Bolivians are generous by nature. But, they can even take up the offense if you refuse to accept their offer. In case you want to explore the city taking your time, then the perfect time to visit during the winter. Coming to religion, most people believe in Christianity. However, the majority of people follow Roman Catholicism.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There is no doubt that La Paz is the best city in Bolivia and tourists love to visit here. They come from different parts of the globe and have a wonderful experience of their trip. Now when it comes to making your trip more interesting, then you have to visit these ten places.

  • Basilica of San Francisco - Do not go by its name because it is a church located in the city of La Paz. This place has a brief history, and you would be eager to know about it more and more. Come here during the day, and you would have a nice time.
  • Tiwanaku - It is an archeological site where you would get to see the fossils used in the early days. Unbelievably, but it is about 2000 years old and still has a greater significance.
  • Santo Domingo - It is one of the finest Catholic Church where you would get more than 100 worshippers. There is also an interesting thing that if you wish here anything from your true heart, then it is always fulfilled.
  • Mercado Camacho - Take a break over here and stop for at least 10-15 minutes. This market is famous for some lovely Bolivian dishes, and you would lick your fingers after having them.
  • Bosquecillo de Auquisamaña - After taking your break, you can come to this garden, which is beyond lovely. Here you will get different varieties of plants and flowers. All you can do is to take your pictures so that they remain as a memory.
  • Palacio Quemado - This palace was established in the year 1875 and tells you about rebels of the violent revolution. Get a fair knowledge about them, and you will learn a lot of things. But if you think that it is nothing, then you would never get to know something very interesting.
  • Illimani - It is a mountain for all the climbers and mountaineers who want to have an adventure. You can come here to experience the scenic beauty and know the real meaning of life.
  • Zoológico Municipal Vesty Pakos Sofro - Without any hesitation, we can say that this is a zoo where you will get the finest wild animals. Get an opportunity to interact with them and make them your friends.
  • Solon House - If you are an art lover, then you cannot miss it by any chance. Here you will get various forms of artworks and paintings by the best artists of Bolivia.
  • Mirador Laikakota - An observation deck from where you can get to explore the whole city. Go for it and see how you experience the best thing of your life briefly.
Basilica of San Francisco


Now when it comes to exploring the city, then you have to try the other things also. In other words, they can be some of the city parks and museums. If you do not believe it, then here they are mentioned below.

City Parks

  • Parque Urbano Central - It is a park for all those people who love to go hiking and cycling activities. Give it a fair trial and see how enjoyable and fun-loving it is.
  • Calle 16 Park - If you want to spend some relaxing time amidst greenery, then Calle 16 Park is no doubt one of the best places to unwind. The outstanding ambiance is something that you will cherish once you visit here.
Parque Urbano Central

National Parks

  • Parque Nacional Mallasa - Visit this park with your family and have a wonderful picnic with them. But, if you think that it is nothing, then you will not be able to have any fun.
  • Plaza Avaroa - National parks are the only place where you can see some exotic animals as well as birds. It one of the infamous tourist attractions and is a must-visit for travel enthusiasts.
Plaza Avaroa


  • Balandra Beach - It is a beautiful beach, and you will love to have a bath. The water is shallowest, and you can lounge in during the daytime. Never even think of missing it because this way, you would curse yourself throughout life.
  • Ensenada Grande - Another most popular beaches that you should visit in La Paz if you want to indulge in some exciting water activities. Alternatively, you can simply chill and relax to enjoy sunbathing.
You can enjoy paddle boarding at the beautiful Balandra beach in La Paz


  • Devil Tooth - You can call it a volcano because it has a volcanic shape and signifies some of its best features. In the beginning, you may find it boring, but later on, you will understand its value in detail.
  • Mi Teleferico - It is not just a landmark but also a worth visiting tourist attraction spot. Do not forget to include this in your La Paz vacation list.
View of the Devil Tooth


  • Museum of Musical Instruments - If you are addicted to music, this museum is a necessary visit for you. You will get to see a different range of musical instruments and realize their importance. Make a note of this place and mark it as a very important and crucial one.
  • Ethnology Museum - This museum was established in the 18th century and displays the most popular artifacts of that period. After you see them, you will get absorbed and never feel like returning to your normal life.
Outside the Museum of Musical Instruments


The food culture of La Paz is quite interesting since you will get the opportunity to taste some of the outstanding and unique dishes here. Potatoes in different varieties are the staple food in La Paz as well as other parts of the city. Apart from that, Quinoa is one of the staple crops here so get ready to taste quinoa in almost every dish. Some of the other grains as well as vegetables found here commonly include maize, legumes, soybeans, fresh vegetables, etc. One of the most popular dishes that you will get in almost every part of the city is Queso do Paria; the Spanish natives’ years back introduced a soft un-ripened sheep milk cheese.

Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to taste some of the outstanding Spanish dishes. If you are someone who likes indulging in tasting authentic Spanish cuisine, the La Paz will no doubt impress you. You will come across many restaurants that offer delicious and mouthwatering dishes. With a blend of imported spices along with a hint of exotic vegetables and fruits, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Spanish cuisine.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional local restaurants are something that you should try out where you can try out some amazing dishes. After all, Bolivian food is something more than the saltenas and quinoa. La Paz foods are something, which is reaching new heights due to high-quality food, interesting as well as sustainable restaurants.

  • Ali Pacha - It is one of the best-rated restaurants that you should visit if you are visiting La Paz. If you like having vegan foods, then it is best to explore this restaurant. From seven-course meals to snacks and delicious drinks, you will get everything here.
  • The Carrot Tree - The Carrot Tree is one of the most popular restaurants in La Paz. No matter what you need from burgers to pasta, you can enjoy everything here. Apart from that, you can enjoy some delicious pancakes here. Besides, you can relax with your friends and family members since the ambiance of the place is quite good.
  • La Cueva - With great food and excellent surrounding, you can get to enjoy some of the best quality Mexican as well as some of the Spanish dishes here. Some dishes that you must try in La Cueva are Chilli con Carne, tacos, and quesadillas de pollo, etc.

Vegetarian and Vegan

As already mentioned La Paz can be a food paradise for all the vegans and the reason behind this is due to the large number of vegan dishes you can find here. From veg burgers to an entire full course meal, you can get almost vegan dishes here. Also, if you are someone who loves to taste every Spanish dishes, then this can be your platform. Let us check out some of the popular vegan restaurants in La Paz.

  • Namas Te - This long-standing vegan restaurant in La Paz is undoubtedly a hippy oasis. It is located in the central working-class neighborhood of San Pedro. With psychedelic murals on the walls, Namas Te is no doubt one of the popular vegan restaurants in the city. The crowds mostly come here to enjoy the three-course vegan meals. Apart from that, you will also get various teas and fruit juices, national as well as international dishes.
  • Go Green - Bolivia already took part in the revolution of healthy junk food and this is the perfect spot for it near Sopocachi. Although it is a vegan restaurant, many carnivores here also take part to savor the tasty quinoa burgers as well as gluten-free yucca nuggets. Apart from that, you can also get delicious soups, Paninis, salads, and much more.

Street Food

You would be surprised to know that La Paz is a city that loves eating food always on the go. Once you visit the city, you will find thousands of food stalls on the roads that are serving some mouth-watering foods. Also, the price of street foods is quite low. If you want to taste, some of the best-rated foods, then the morning and the evening is the best time. Here are some of the popular street foods that you must taste.

  • Saltenas - Also known, as the quintessential Bolivian breakfast pastry is just the right food to kick start your day with something extremely delicious. Saltenas are an oven-baked pastry filled with meat, carrots, potatoes, peas, and loads of sweet sauce.
  • Tucumanas - This is something similar to that of Saltenas, but the only difference is these are deep-fried pastries, unlike Saltenas. Also, Tucumanas do not have internal juice. One of the exciting things about this dish is, they come with a wide number of sauces.
  • Choripan - It is yet another one of the most popular street foods that you must try if you are visiting La Paz for the first time. As the name suggests, Choripan consists of chorizo or sausage. It is undoubtedly one of the tastiest snacks that you will get any time in the city.


This is one of the biggest concerns for almost every traveler. However, you do not have to worry much about the drinks since you can try some of the popular and delicious drinks in La Paz. Apart from that, if you are not too much into drinks, then it is better to stick to tap water or packaged water. Although the temperature stays normal throughout the day. However, only during winters, you can enjoy a favorable climate throughout the day. If you visit La Paz during summers, then chances are there that you might feel sweaty and the urge to drink water. You will come across plenty of stores selling delicious fruit juices and you can try them. Alternatively, if you do not want to try any juices, then it is best if you stick to the bottled water. If you want, you can also try out some of the coffee shops to enjoy aromatic tea or coffee. However, you will only find them delicious during the winter. You will also come across many liquor stores from where you can try some of the imported wines.


As aforementioned, tap water is safe to consume in La Paz since the quality of it is good. The government here is already concerned about pollution levels. Since every year, thousands of tourists come here to visit the popular city in Bolivia; hence, to preserve the impression and the dignity, various measures have been taken to preserve the environmental condition. Hence, rest assured, you can no doubt consume the tap water here.

Still, many travelers are there who try to keep things safe thus consume packaged water. Therefore, if you want, you can also try out consuming packaged water. Apart from that, most households use water purifiers for drinking water.

Organic Cafés

The trend of organic cafeterias is quite popular and both the locals as well as the travelers love visiting the organic cafeterias in La Paz. The reason behind this is because of the delicious food as well as the relaxing ambiance which the organic cafeterias feature. From the aromatic coffee to delicious sandwiches and pastries, you can savor anything here. Let us check out some of the organic cafeterias that you should check out in La Paz.

  • Organic Mountain Café - The locals of La Paz go insane over this infamous organic cafeteria in La Paz and the reason behind this is the delicious coffee as well as the famous dish ‘tiramisu’. Although the cafeteria is small, you will find it quite comfortable and a good place to hang out with your friends and family. Here you can also taste the organic coffee. Apart from that, they even sell various coffee accessories as well.
  • Café Typica - This organic coffee shop is more of a hipster and bohemian style. Here you will get a wide variety of coffee along with some delicious breakfast options. From mouthwatering sandwiches to lip-smacking pancakes, you will get almost everything here. Overall, it is no doubt the best place to enjoy a perfect breakfast.


The International Craft Beer revolution already made huge changes in Bolivia, and it happened due to gusto. Microbreweries throughout the nation are still now is battling it out due to the market share. This happened due to some creative ingredients like coca leaves as well as quinoa that always adds a unique flair to the culture of La Paz. If you are visiting La Pa for the first time, then it is best if you check out the breweries found here. From crafted beer to exotic drinks, you will get almost everything here.

  • MagicK - It is not just a brewery but a vegan restaurant, half cultural space, and half part chic café. Although you will not find mass-produced lager; however, you can certainly get a unique collection of the country’s exotic collection of brews including Niebla as well as Prost. If you want to enjoy some good music and some fun-filled events, then make sure that you are visiting here frequently.
  • Toga - Although the restaurant is not huge the Argentine owner of the place always welcomes guests with a warm heart and friendly welcome. If you visit here, you will get some home-brewed ginger-infused beer. Even though the restaurant is small, but you can easily make some great friends here. Apart from some exotic craft beer, you can get the opportunity to taste amazing dishes; especially the piping hot bowl of Ramen is a must-try food.


With the Sea of Cortez on one side and Sierra Laguna Mountains, on the other hand, La Paz is undoubtedly one of the most popular paradises for most travel enthusiasts. Also, if you want to enjoy some enthralling water sports, then this city is a perfect aisle for you to explore something new. Let us check out some of the amazing activities that you must try.

  • Move around the Old Town - Hernan Cortez visited La Paz back in 1535; however, the city started developing in the mid-19th century. This happened only due to the expansion of the pearl diving industry. Jardin Velacoz popularly known as Plaza Constitucion is one of the best places in La Paz. If you want to explore the beauty of a place, then all you have to do is sit on the benches, and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty and charm of nature.
  • Kayaking at Balandra Beach - There are plenty of beaches in La Paz and almost all the beaches are nearby. If you drive for a few minutes, you will be able to access them. However, among the other beaches, Balandra Beach is quite protected as well as ideal for all those who are interested in various water sports. The mouth of the bay gets strong waves, which is ideal for the kayakers.
  • Visit Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de La Paz - It is one of the most popular tourist spots, which upholds the culture and dignity of the place. This Cathedral was built by the Dominicans in 1861 and is located in Jardin Velasco. Once you visit this area, the beauty of the cathedral will fascinate you.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga and retreats are one of the best things that you should try to explore if you are visiting La Paz for the first time. La Paz already has marvelous nature’s beauty that would no doubt give you enough relaxation. On top of that, if you visit the yoga and retreats, then you will be able to relax more and give yourself some soothing massage to blow away all the tiredness and stress. Let us check out some of the popular yoga and retreats that you should try.

  • Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style- It is one of the most popular places where you can practice some popular yoga. However, amongst many yoga, Ashtanga yoga Mysore style is one of the most common ones, which is taught here. The instructors here are quite helpful and assist people in every possible way.
  • Centro Pana - The soothing ambiance and the perfect atmosphere is something that you will cherish once you visit Centro Pana. If you enjoy indulging in some healthy practices like practicing yoga and enjoying relaxing retreats, then this place will be perfect for you. From various yoga to physical well-being, you will be able to enjoy everything.
  • Sacharuna Shamanic Healing Retreats - Yoga and retreats are undoubtedly one of the best ways to avoid any medications. Also, if you want to take a break from your work stress, then it is better to take yoga classes here. The instructors here also offer various retreats so that you can relax and enjoy the treatments.


When it comes to accommodation, you will get multiple options as well as diversity. From five star hotels, resorts to hostels, there are wide ranges of options. La Paz is one of the most visited cities in Bolivia and every year thousands of tourists from around the world come here to indulge in the beauty of nature. If not in La Paz, then you can also find hotels in the surrounding cities. No matter what you choose, be it hotels or hostels, you will enjoy a comfortable stay for sure. It is necessary to keep in mind that the rates vary depending on the amenities.

However, if you do not want to spend on the five start hotels, hostels are the best option. Alternatively, you can also choose to stay in the apartments since you will get the opportunity to stay with the locals. As already mentioned the locals here are quite friendly and they would let you stay for as long as you want.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are the perfect option if you want to spend some time amidst greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unlike the other five star hotels, the green hotels are different since they are situated far away from the main city. Hence, these hotels are the perfect options to keep away from the stressful life. Here are some of the green hotels that you should check out in La Paz.

  • Ecolodge Copacabana - This is one of the most popular green hotels that you should choose to stay at if you are planning for a vacation in La Paz. Situated in Copacabana, Ecolodge is connected to one of the popular shopping centers. The nearest landmarks Horca del Inca and Templo de las Virgenes would help you to reach the hotel. If you love some outdoor activities, then you must opt for mountain biking.
  • Stannum Boutique Hotel and Spa - Another most popular green hotel that you should try out in La Paz. It is a smoke-free hotel where you will get a full-service spa, restaurant as well as a fitness center. The amenities that you would get here are similar to that of five-star hotels. A perfect spot to enjoy some unwinding sessions away from stress.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you do not want to spend huge on fancy hotels and amenities, then it is always a good idea to stay in hostels and guesthouses. The hostels and guesthouses provide clean rooms and comfortable stay. Hence, if you are worried that the hostels and guesthouses are not a good idea, then you are mistaking. Let us check some of the popular guesthouses that you should try out.

  • The Nest Boutique - Nest Boutique is an adult-accommodation hostel, where you can enjoy a comfortable stay along with some outstanding amenities such as a restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge. You will also get a private bathroom, shower and daily continental, Full English, as well as an Irish breakfast option.
  • Greenhouse Bolivia - This hostel features an outstanding restaurant, shared lounge, as well as a garden. Apart from that, you will also get a kitchen and a shared bathroom. Far away from the main city, this green hotel is the best option to spend some good time amidst nature.
  • Momema Inn - Located near Cementerio Teleferico, Momema Inn is no doubt one of the best places where you can enjoy some relaxing time with your friends or family. The rooms offered here are quite clean. Also, the widespread greenery enveloping the property will no doubt let you enjoy some good time amidst greenery.


Apartments are also no doubt one of the best options if you want to stay in a homely atmosphere. If you search for apartments with amenities, then you might not get such things. However, if you want well-furnished apartments to stay in for a couple of days, then make sure that you are booking them through Airbnb.


The concept of couch surfing is quite famous in the city and staying away from your loved ones is no doubt painful. Hence, with Couchsurfing, you will be able to get a company, which would no doubt make your trip interesting and fun. In addition, if you do not want to spend huge on fancy accommodations, then Couchsurfing is undoubtedly one of the best options. Various travel communities are there in La Paz developed by the hosts as well as surfers. The hosts enlist the spaces and the surfers send requests so that the host can accept the request. Once the host accepts your request, you will be able to stay comfortably with fellow travelers. Besides, the locals here are quite friendly and if you ask, then they will let you stay with them. However, you have to show your identity proof, they will give you rooms. Apart from that, you will get delicious food as well as cozy bedding. Overall, with Couchsurfing, you will always get an exciting traveling experience.


No matter where you are traveling, camping can always add an extra dose of fun and adventure. Imagine staying amidst greenery and waking up to the breathtaking beauty of mountains, hills, and forests. Yes, camping can be this interesting only if you enjoy indulging in an adventure. La Paz is no doubt a good place for camping and the only reason is the scenic beauty of the place. From astounding mountains to beautiful valleys, you will get almost everything here that makes a perfect camping spot.

  • Colibri Camping and Eco Lodge - If you are going to La Paz for spending some alone time away from the busy schedule and hustle of the city, then nothing can be better than spending time amidst greenery. Colibri Camping and Eco Lodge is no doubt the best option. The quiet and relaxing vibes of the place would freshen your mood.
  • Camping Y Bordados David - Set amidst the greenery and mountains, the perfect mood of the place would make you feel light and energetic. Camping Y Bordados David is one such amazing camping area, where you can spend some memorable time. If you want, you can go out on bicycle trails or just for a barefoot walk.

How to Get There

You will come across many options when it comes to traveling to La Paz. The city is quite developed and you will get many options, and among them, one of the best ways is to opt for the air route. The good news is, you can reach this infamous city by air, road, rail, and waterways as well. However, if you stay near the city or even the country, only then you can travel through the roadway or waterway.

Overall, it can be said that reaching the city would not be a problem no matter which mode of transport you choose to travel to La Pa. The only thing that you must keep in mind is to carry relevant and valid documents. Before you book your tickets, make sure that you are checking all the deals and get the best one on your tickets.


Bolivia’s infamous city is no doubt a mystified country and the potpourri of cultures is something that makes the city one of the most popular holiday vacations. Almost every big city has flights to La Paz and two of the international airports are in La Paz itself and Santa Cruz. However, you first have to fly to Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Sau Paulo, or even Buenos Aires. From here, you can take connecting flights to Bolivia. Apart from that, flights are available daily from Miami to La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Manuel Marquez de León International Airport, La Paz


If you are traveling from Argentina, then you can always choose to travel by bus to Bolivia. Apart from that, a bus also runs from Juliaca and Puno to Copacabana. From there, you can no doubt travel to Bolivia. Alternatively, you can also book a private car that will take you to La Paz; however, it might turn out to be a costly option. If you choose to go by road, then it is important that you are having an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an EU or US driving license is only accepted.

A minibus in La Pez


Traveling by train can also be the best option; however, not every city has the option of rail. Few trains are there that run to various Bolivian cities from Argentina as well as Chile. Finding direct rail service to La Paz is quite tough. Another best option is first traveling to Peru or northern Chile by train and then flying to La Paz.


It would be wrong to say that hitchhiking is not popular in La Paz since randomly you will see family on the roadside waiting for trucks to pick up just for local traveling. However, it is best to avoid hitchhiking in the city since the roads are not in a good condition. Roads wind up and down in many places. Often you will notice that trucks already having three to four people inside.

If you get into it, you will be stuck and things can be quite messed up. Overall, the experience of hitchhiking is different for different regions. At times, hitchhiking works perfectly in La Paz, but not every local have private cards, and the only vehicles you will see for hitchhiking are buses. One of the best locations for hitchhiking is from the trance. It is the place where people ask toll for vehicles.


Traveling to La Paz through the other modes of transportation is only possible if you stay near the city or in some other adjacent state. You can take the rental cars for traveling to La Paz if you stay near the city. You must take the conventional transportation modes like buses or flights to avoid any hassle.

Moving Around

One of the best things about visiting La Paz is you will never feel tired when it comes to exploring this city. Among all the other cities in Bolivia, Pa Paz is the one that features breathtaking mountains, attractive valleys, and nature’s bounty. All these things will make you feel not to leave this place. The best way to explore every corner if the city is foot walking. From the enthralling tourist attractions to the food corners, La Paz offers something extraordinary to all the travel enthusiasts. Here you will be able to drive through the steep, winding, and one-way streets of La Paz.

The road is quite intimidating. However, if you have a long day ahead and have to explore many places, then it is best if you hire a car, which would cost almost US$ 5o to US$100. Make sure that you are covering all the important tourist locations without which your vacation would remain incomplete. From historic monuments to cultural establishments, you will find almost everything in La Paz.


La Paz is quite a huge city and walking through the city might seem quite interesting and enthralling. However, if you want to travel more than three to four spots, then it is best if you avoid walking and either rent a car or opt for public transport. Alternatively, if you want to shop, then it is best to travel to the nearby markets by walking since you will be able to avoid spending money on commutation. Also, driving between the crowd is tough, and to avoid any hassle, walking is the best option.


Riding bicycles is yet another one of the best options if you want to avoid crowd and vehicle renting. However, since the main roads remain busy and crowded, it is best to ride bicycles on the main road. You can ride a bicycle on the lanes and alleys. Besides, bicycles are considered as one of the best modes of transportation, especially if you want to go to any nearby shop or location. Since the roads are new and the locals; hence, to be on the safe side, you can always choose to ride bicycles.

Electronic Vehicles

Locals here always drive gasoline vehicles but the trend of driving electronic vehicles is quite high as well. Although the pollution level is under control in La Paz, still the government took the initiation to begin battery drive cars since it will help in keeping the pollution under control for a long time. Also, the gasoline expenses will reduce as well both for the government as well as the common people. If you want to be a responsible traveler, make sure that you are opting for electronic vehicles.

Public Bus

You will get the option to ride public buses in La Paz just like every other city. Although you will notice that, the public buses are mostly diesel driven. But, the government is already taking steps, and electronic vehicles are one of them. Hence, the number of electronic buses is increasing gradually. Public buses are quite cheap compared to rented cars. Therefore, whenever you are traveling to any location, make sure that you are opting for public buses.

Tram, Train and Subway

Bolivian rail networks always had a peculiar development from the past. Due to the loss of land, prestige as well as credit rating because of the War of the Pacific, the railway was quite late to develop in the country. Demand for the mineral wealth as well as the communication to La Paz, forced many foreign investors, especially the British to begin with the work of railways. FCA is the only railway company that transports passengers throughout the country. However, you will not come across many railway stations, trams, or subways in La Paz.

Sustainable Shopping

The trend of sustainable shopping is quite popular in La Paz and the only reason is due to the rising population in the city. From organic clothing to food items, you will get almost everything here. Once you do sustainable shopping in La Paz, you will fall in love with the concept of sustainable shopping. All you have to do is show the things that you want to buy and the shopkeepers will help you with the things you have been looking for. Shopkeepers here are quite helpful here and always show the customers something bespoke which you will love. Let us check out some of the popular stores in La Paz.

  • Green Shaman Vape Shop - It is one of the most popular shopping outlets that you will come across in La Paz. No matter whatever you have in mind, you will get almost everything here.
  • Unique Clothing Boutique - If you love boutiques, then this can be your paradise since you will get some stylish boutique clothes made out of organic fabric. Also, if you love alpaca clothes, then it is no doubt one of the best places.
  • Artesania Sorata - Handmade creations always add a touch of elegance to your house and this store can be your perfect option to decorate your house with some unique and exotic decoration pieces. From handmade souvenirs for your friends and family to huge room decoration items, you will get everything here.

Food Markets

There are uncountable food markets in La Paz. As already mentioned, Spanish cuisine is quite delicious and includes some exotic spices and vegetables that help in making the dishes tasty and mouth-watering. Once you taste the most popular and staple dishes of La Paz, you will fall in love with the choice of spices as well as the raw ingredients. The restaurants bring the raw materials from the popular food markets in La Paz. If you explore the food market in La Paz, you will get to know the secret behind the finger-licking taste of the dishes. Some of the popular food markets in La Paz are Mini Market El Paseo, The Witches’ Market, Mercado Camacho, etc.

Flea Markets

Every city has numerous flea markets and the specialty of these markets is you will get all of your favorite items, be it clothing or food at a cheap rate. From fashion items to home decoration, you will get almost everything in the flea markets. Visit the narrow blocks and maze of the city and you will find some amazing flea markets. If you visit the market, the massive stock as well as the variety will no doubt amaze you. Some of the popular flea markets in La Paz are Market January 10, Mercado Los Andes, Mercado Alto Obrajes, El Alto Market.

Second Hand Stores

Apart from the flea markets, La Paz features some outstanding second-hand stores. If you are not aware of the fact, then the second store stocks some outstanding fashion staples, household decoration items, and much more. If you visit every corner of the city, you will notice that the locals in La Paz love to indulge in shopping. Some of the popular second-hand stores in La Paz from where you can buy clothing and decoration items are Market No Limits, ReOutfit Shop, Canela, etc.


Locals in La Paz love indulging in eco-fashion since they are concerned about preserving the environment. In addition, various local brands in La Paz are coming up with the trend of eco-fashion so that the locals as well as the tourists can indulge in the concept of eco-fashion. The organic fabric as well as the knit materials that are used for making the clothing items are no doubt the best things you will ever find in La Paz.


As already mentioned the locals here are concerned about the environment and believe in recycling. Many companies are there who take old items and recycle them to come up with new things. In addition, the locals support such initiatives since it helps in reduces the cost in different ways too.


The amount of waste generation is quite high in the city and owing to this; the government took various initiatives to keep the city clean and free from wastes. This has also resulted in less pollution levels.

Work and Study Abroad

Many people from around the globe come here for employment as well as further studying. The reason behind this is that plenty of prestigious institutions as well as reputed companies are here who allow excellent candidates to build their future.

Exchange Student

Students from around the world come here to take admission in some of the reputed colleges and universities. Apart from that, the colleges and universities also offer scholarship programs to the scholar students.

Au Pair

Au pair is quite popular in the city since women in La Paz always try to establish themselves. Due to these reasons, many agencies are here that offer Au pair services to those women who have small kids in their houses and need someone to take care of them.


Since the city upholds dignity through its rich culture and heritage, many volunteering societies are there who help in preserving it. Many NGOs are there in the city who are responsible for taking care of the rich history and the traditional culture of La Paz.

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