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Eco-friendly travel guide to Labadie advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Labadie, Haiti.

Water taxis parked at Labadie beach near Cap Haitien, Haiti

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $300

Responsible Travel

Labadie is the French name of the town; Labadee. It is a port town sitting on the northern coast of Haiti and is a privately owned resort by Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. This port town is only for the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises passengers. You will find that a vacation to this beautiful place will help you relax and get some private time with your loved ones. Since it is a tourist-centric place, all the activities and businesses present are related to tourists' benefit. Even the locals are involved in companies that are related to the tourism industry. Therefore, you will find your trip to Labadie full of sustainable items. The products and services are localized, which will entirely help in supporting the local communities. Also, international retail stores and brands are nowhere to be found here, which means the focus is on local businesses only. You must respect the local culture and communities to make your trip responsible and eco-friendly. Also, you must follow the rules of the town to have a safe trip.

Air Quality and Pollution

There is not much pollution in this country. There is significantly less population in this country. Most of the people are visitors who came here to visit the beaches and greenery. Also, there are no trains and airplanes in this town, which can create noise pollution. There are many trees and plants which help in the purification of this town. There are bars and pubs which make excessive use of light, causing a bit of light pollution.

Respect the Culture

Respecting every culture helps a person understand various things, including history, beliefs, traditions, perspectives, and other things. Defaming any religion can hurt the sentiments of people who follow it. There are not many cultural festivals in this town because this is opened for tourists. Nevertheless, it would be best if you respected the local culture and the people.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Labadie is a smaller but beautiful tourist destination that is worth visiting. Here you will get many surprising elements to explore, and it has an interesting bunch of activities to do. Labadie is famous for visiting beaches, and city parks are also very famous, national parks, museums, and many more such places. It is suitable for everyone, and you can plan a couple of tours, family vacations, and kids friendly. Some places here are incredibly unique, and you will love to revisit them. Many islands are also here to explore; some of the attractive places of Labadie include a Haitian flea market, beaches, water sports, a water-oriented playground, an alpine coaster, and the largest Zipline over water. It is the list of some of the most-visited places in Labadie.

  • Amiga Island: Amiga Island is present in Haiti, Caribbean. The island is tiny, but it is the most-visited island of Labadie, here you can enjoy the sun as there is a set up for visitors. You can relish free rum as a welcome drink. Here you can also purchase drink packages, as many bars are there on the island. Amiga Island is an excellent place to spend your vacations with your family, friends, and even a couple can come and stay here and enjoy their quality time.
  • Bassin Zim and Cave : Bassin Zim and Cave is the natural beauty of Haiti. Many local people use these caves for spiritual purposes, and you can also see artwork from Taino Indians. Taking a dip in the natural waterfall will excite you more before taking a traditional meal of Haiti in a local restaurant. Many local people often visit these caves, and many visitors also love to see these caves because of the artwork shown on the walls.
  • The luxury sailing yacht: The luxury Sailing Yacht is famous because of its pace and agility for racing. It has an innovative design, making it a thrill for sailing and reinforcing a connection with water. Sailing yacht is luxurious because of its main saloon, lounge bar, library, and boardroom. Sailing is a diverse sport with many pinnacles from the Olympic Games to many world championships titles. Standard equipment required in sailing includes dinghies, multihulls, keelboats, sailing yacht windsurfers, kiteboarding, and radio-controlled sailboats.
  • Citadelle Fortress & San Souci Palace: The palace is a royal residence. It is in the town of Milot, and it is one of the most remarkable castles of Labadie. Here you can see African pride in the construction of the court. Many locals and tourists visit this palace regularly, and because of this it is a little crowded, but it is a beautiful place you can see with your family members to spend your weekend evening.
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Cap-Haitien: Cathedrale Norte-Dame du Cap-Haitien is a temple affiliated with the Catholic Church. It also gets its name Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral and Granada Nicaragua, and it is the first cathedral temple in the town. This temple follows the Roman or Latin rite, and it is also the mother of the church of Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cape Haitian. You can go to this place with your family to see the city's stunning beauty and history.
  • Coastal Cruise: Local people of Haiti on the Coastal Cruise give excellent knowledge of the north of Haiti. On the coast, you can also catch fishes and lobsters. You can relax on the Coastal Cruise of Haiti with a signature cocktail. Three main cruise lines are Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean International Cruise, and Azamara Club Cruises.
  • Dragons Breath Zipline: On Dragons Breath Zipline, you can enjoy breathtaking views as you zip down a flight line. The length of the zip line is more than 2,600 feet. It charges for a one trip zipline, but tourists claim that it is worth every penny. The crew is also very informative here and will make your trip more enjoyable and lovable.
  • A Paradise Cove Escape and Haitian Village: The natural beauty and complex culture of Paradise Cove Escape attract many tourists. You can relax and sunbathe on many beaches in a Haitian village. You will also get to see a scenic waterfall and white sand beaches, and you can also enjoy watching fishers collecting fishes and lobsters here. It would be best if you visited this place, you will feel relaxed and at peace.
  • Dragon's Tail Coaster: You can take a wild ride on Dragon's Tail Coaster, which roars down the side of the mountain on a thrilling coaster. Please consider your health and fitness level before going on the ride. Tourists must carry a hat and sunglasses, walking shoes, and swimsuits with them. People also bring cameras, sun protection, change of clothes with them.
  • La Trompeuse: La Trompeuse is an inlet in Haiti. It is on the southeast of Zanglais, a rural area, and east of Pointe Feti. It is the best beach in Haiti, claim by many locals and tourists who visit this place very often. You must see this inlet if you plan your trip to Labadie, Haiti, and you will love this place.


Labadie is completely tourist-oriented, and here you can explore many tourist attractions. And you will also get to see many hidden and unique adventurous things and places to explore. Labadie is where you will feel wow after visiting there and willing to revisit this place. The city has many museums that will tell you more about the town's history, city parks where you can relax and interact with many people, beaches, and many more things, that will give immense knowledge of the town. Exploring new things will help you get more knowledge about local foods, healthy and delicious. Buildings and monuments are so unique and outstanding that many people love archaeology and are genuinely interested in this city. There is so much to do in the city, so tourists must plan to visit this stunning and beautiful city, and the plan must be scheduled so that activities will not be jumbled. You will return with not only thousands of memories, but also more prosperous and more experienced, and it will be fun too, and you will fall in love with this city. You will find many species of plants and animals in the forest of Labadie, so as you enjoy the beauty of the town's inhabitants.

City Parks

Labadie city is best known for its parks and gardens and home to many well-recognized city parks. They are famous for their cleanliness and tidiness, and they are also well maintained. These are protected parks to improve water quality prevent floods, improve air quality, and provide greenery and green space. There are separate walking tracks built in the park for the people visiting this place for morning and evening walks, and it will leave you with immense activeness and boost your mind. Here you can see with your partner and spend quality time, or with your family and kids to enjoy your evenings. You will feel positive and fresh in city parks; they also enhance property values, increase municipal revenue. It promotes health benefits too, and many people value the time they spend in gardens, whether walking a dog, having a picnic, or playing basketball. It can provide direct contact with nature and provide opportunities to do physical activities. Communities can increase their green infrastructure with green city parks that conserves natural ecosystem values and functions. Some of the city parks of this beautiful city are mentioned below.

  • Champ de Mars
  • Heroes Monument of Vertieres
  • Bassin Blu
  • Parc de Repos
  • Cathedral Square
Parc de Repos

National Parks

The city has many famous, graceful, and beautiful national parks. National parks increase recreation and tourist attractions; protecting biodiversity is an essential step towards saving our culture, spiritual, and aesthetic values. They also keep our air clean and clear and help us to see many extinct birds and animals. You can gain knowledge about many animals and plants through natural resources. We can take few steps to save our natural parks, such as calculating carbon footprints, reducing, reusing, recycling, eating locally, walking carpool use public transports, etc., that will help reduce pollution to some point. Natural parks are designed for three unique primary management objectives: preserving species, genetic maintenance of environmental services, and tourism recreation. They are also helpful in safeguarding ancient species and are the cornerstone of protecting biodiversity in a particular nation. We are here listing down a few of the best national parks that may or may not precisely be located in and around the city, but they are not very far from the city if they are not in the city.

  • Grand Bois National Park
  • Pic Macaya National Park
  • La Visite National Park
  • Deux Mamelles National Park
  • Monte Cristi National Park
  • National History Park
  • Manglares de Estero basla
  • Grande Colline National Park
Grande Colline National Park


Beaches of Labadie is a hidden paradise; tourists reaching here stays in a hotel have exclusive access to the beachfront. Labadie has many romantic beaches that allow adventures, such as kayaking, snorkeling, and mountain climbing. It also homes to some relaxing beaches; they provide a variety of local businesses, entertaining beach-lovers. Visitors can enjoy glorious pink and orange sunsets over crystal blue oceans. Here you can enjoy colorful coral reefs visible from the coastline, this spectacular serving as an excellent location for scuba diving. You can walk on the beach, and it is more efficient than walking on track because the required efforts to walk on the sand are more. Sunbath lovers can visit the beaches of Labadie, as it is ideal and suitable for sunbathing; all of the body takes more of the vitamin D and UV rays, helping to cure various skin issues and infections. In addition to general enjoyment, there are many health benefits to spending time at the beach.

  • Ils-a-Rat Beach
  • Port-Salut Beach
  • Wahoo Bay Beach
  • Cormier Plage Beach
  • Adrenaline Beach
  • Buccaneer's Beach
  • Nellie's Beach
  • Columbus Cove Beach
Port-Salut Beach


Labadie has many landmarks, which light up the spirit of the city. These landmarks are famous among local people and travelers, and these are convenient ways to reach these places. Labadie's landmarks include tall buildings, resorts, and water parks. Landmarks create an appealing city identity, build civic pride, and attractive tourist places. Labadie has numerous landmarks, which help local people and visitors reach their destination, and they are also gorgeous and stunning that many people visit them to see and enjoy. The literal meaning of landmark is a geographic feature used by explorers and others to find their way back or through an area. They give us a sense of a place, and they are iconic; also, we almost know them. Here is the list of some most visited and famous landmarks of Labadie.

  • Papillon Enterprise
  • The Citadelle
  • Marche de Fer
  • Fort Jacues
  • Place Saint-Pierre
  • Cathedrale de Milot
Place Saint-Pierre


Museum holds many historical and cultural, beautiful, and stunning artifacts of different categories, including artistic, scientific. Labadie is a famous city, and it has many stories to tell, and there are many museums in the city which holds many historical artifacts. It helps us to get knowledge about history, our culture, and our society, and it makes us smarter. Museums also allow us to preserve our history and culture, and you will also get inspired by the history of art. Some museums charge a fee while others are free, but most of them have charges, which helps in excavations and maintenance of the museum. Numerous museums are worth a visit to ensure that you leave the city and learned about its history, amongst other things. It is a permanent institution in society's service and development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, and researches. Below here is the list of some of the most prominent museums in the city.

  • Baraj Maryon Museum
  • Team Gentleman Bois Blanc Museum
  • Musee Du Pantheon National Museum
  • National Museum of Haiti
  • WAT design Museum
  • Musee Dr. Hodges Museum
  • Salle Touusaint Louverture Museum


It is a small town open for tourists; therefore, there are many different dishes to eat. Some of the words involve traditional Haitian dishes. There are restaurants which offer various cuisines such as American, Mexican, Swish and many others. One can enjoy the food here, especial some unique words other than these cuisines. The different restaurant provides different views such as beach view, sunset views, and other such views to have during your dinner, lunch or breakfast.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional foods or dishes are the dishes that are prevalent in that specific area of the country. Locals mostly prefer this food because they have some deep connection from the past or originated there. Few traditional local restaurants provide traditional dishes of Haiti, which Labadie is present.

  • The Hawthorne Inn
  • Coal Fire Grill & Tap
  • Guffey's Pizza

Vegetarian and Vegan

It is a small town; therefore, there is only two vegan restaurant present. They use plant milk, soy milk, or soy cheese to fulfill the need for dairy products. Even if you have a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can survive on fruits and other food items. There is a restaurant that provides vegan food. Vegan food does not involve any animal product such as milk, cottage cheese, and others.

  • The Greek Kitchen
  • Chez Prune

Street Food

Street food is what everyone enjoys. These generally involve a small stall or place where one can stand and eat. They do not require a large area to serve food; they are okay with tiny streets. They provide ready to eat food which is made in front of your eyes. As these food are made in front of your eyes, this gives quality satisfaction and hygiene.

  • Makawoni au gratin
  • Bouillon Soup
  • Tchaka
  • Pikliz
  • Legion
  • Tissot


There are different types of drinks available in this town. Some involve alcohol, whereas some are beverages. These are Haitian drinks, the province in which Haiti is present. The beverages or drinks available in Labadie are must-try for a tourist.

  • Rhum (Rum)
  • Akasan (Corn Flour Shakes)
  • Cola Couronne (Crown Cola)
  • Cremas
  • Jus Grenada (Grenada juice)


The tap water of this country is not good enough because there are no water purification plants. A cruise imports the water which is needed in the form of bottled water. The locals and the tourists purchase these bottles and resell them from their shop. Using a plastic bottle every time can cause a lot of pollution as there are no efficient waste management policies as there is no government presence here. However, you can use tap water for daily purposes such as cleaning and other such stuff.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are different from regular restaurants. These cafes serve organic dishes, which are very beneficial for health. The ingredients which they use are freshly picked from farms. The components such as fruits or vegetables are grown without fertilizers and pesticides; therefore, these dishes are very health beneficial. The farms are either maintained by themselves or have to contact the local farmers for the common ingredients. There are not many cafes present here because no one prefers it there. Also, establishing an organic restaurant is costlier because it also involves maintaining their farms.

  • Lakay Bar Restaurant
  • Kokiyaj Bar & Grill & Food Market
  • Belly Beach, Hotel Bar Restaurant
  • Lakay
  • Le Ptit Creux


Breweries are the place where beers are made and sold. There are only two breweries present in this town. Beers are the beverages that are enjoyed by many adults while enjoying beaches and other such places. The reason behind fewer breweries is that this is a tiny town with almost no population. This resort town is privately owned on a lease; therefore, not everyone can establish their business.

  • D' TitiPapi Pollo al Carbón
  • Okap Gen Moun


Activities are tasks that we perform out of our intrinsic nature or hobby. There are a lot of activities to serve in this town. There are beautiful beaches with clear water which allows water sports. Water sports that are allowed here are – Water Surfing, Snorkeling, and Kayaking. Water surfing involves surfing on the waves of water using a surfboard, which is available there. Snorkeling requires diving into the water and observing marine life, carrying an oxygen cylinder at your back so that you can stay for long in the water. Kayaking consists of traveling on a boat known as Kayak, which is different from the typical ship and is accompanied by a double-bladed paddle. Other adventurous activities involve Zipline. A zip line is an activity in which a person travels on a strong cable usually made up of steel; a harness in an inclined angle suspends the thread. These activities help us to create memories and gain experience in various activities.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an ancient practice running for a long time. There are many benefits to doing yoga; the main advantages are that it helps us gain mental and spiritual peace. A substitute for yoga is meditation, which involves calming the mind. Yoga also provides flexibility to the body. There are only two yoga centers available in this town, which is enough for the city as this is very small.

  • Guerline modest
  • Beau Séjour Leisure Centre


There are different accommodation options available. However, these are available in small numbers but have their significance in the list of accommodation. You can even accommodate the cruise itself. Other than this, there are hotels, resorts, and other such accommodation options available. These accommodation options depending on the budget you have planned for this trip. However, every accommodation option is pocket friendly, and anyone can afford it.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are hotels that are built to protect nature. These hotels provide facilities that not only comfort their customers but also relax the spirit. The dishes they serve are usually organic dishes free from any pesticide or fertilizer; therefore, it does not harm us. Their solar panels or windmill generates the electricity which they use.

  • Kaylolo Plage
  • Habitation des Lauriers
  • Auberge du Picolet
  • Marquis Paradise
  • Hôtel Impérial

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are generally shared rooms that allow another person with you who may be unknown to you. You can make friends and can move around the town, especially the beaches. A local person can help you understand his place's culture and tradition, even the language he speaks. Also, you can communicate with him without any language barrier. Guesthouses are rental houses where you can stay. The main motive for renting a home is to get some privacy. But, this option is not available in Labadie.

  • Vertières Doux Séjour
  • El Cubanito


The population lies in an artisan village; therefore, there is no apartment available in this town. However, there is no trace of apartments on any internet platforms, if there is any. Consequently, we are assuming that there is no apartment available for rent. Apartments are flats which may be available in semi-furnished or furnished conditions. There are different apartments built for a diverse group. Apartments are the best use when you want to stay in this town for a longer time.


Couchsurfing means staying at locals' houses without paying any amount. There are different benefits of Couchsurfing. It helps a person to save a lot of money. You can make local friends, and he can tell you about the history of this town. He can also tell you the best place to visit or the best beach to visit. There is a small village in this town which generally does not allow anyone to stay and even the houses are tiny. However, if you convince them, they can let you stay there.


Camping involves staying in a campground at night. It is an adventurous activity. You can stay in a tent at night. It is a temporary accommodation option because after one or two weeks you will start getting bored. There is no camping ground available in this small town. Different accommodations are better and easily affordable; therefore, camping here is not available.

How to Get There

There are no airports in this small town. The roads are sealed with fences all over, which does not allow any bus to reach here. The only way to get to Labadie is by cruise ship. Else, there is no means of transport to earn here.


There is no airport in this town. The nearest airport connected with most of the country's major cities is Cap-Haïtien International Airport in Cap Haitien. The elevation of this airport is 10 meters. It is the second-largest port of Haiti. It is a busy airport. You can indirectly reach here with the help of a ferry ride.

Cap-Haïtien International Airport


There is no international bus in this town as this area is completely fenced on its border. Therefore, no bus can enter this town. However, buses give the best experience of traveling along with enjoying the sceneries of nature. Even there no local buses on the island itself.


There are no trains in this town. There are different reasons for it. The first reason is that this town has significantly less population. The second reason is that this town is tiny; therefore, building train tracks will be very congesting. The third reason is that it is a privately owned resort town, and there is no government to raise funds. These are the reason why there is no train in this town. Establishing caravans requires many funds, and there will be no revenue from it because there will be no one to use them.


Hitchhiking means to ask for a lift from any passer going in the same direction. Hitchhiking does not involve any money as you will ask the rider to help you. There are different signals in a foreign country that signifies that the person needs help. However, the demerit of hitchhiking is that it cannot be completely reliable as a means of transportation because sometimes it can take a lot of time to get a vehicle that can help you. Hitchhiking in this town is impossible because there is no means of public transport available in this town. Also, no road connects this town to the neighboring cities; therefore, you cannot hitchhike here.


Other means of transport involves only a ferry ride. It is the only possible way to reach here. This resort town is a private town owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises. This company owns many cruises in various countries like Canada, Thailand, Japan, and many others. They have held this town on lease. They offer different tours which involve different packages. These cruises are very efficient in providing comfort to its customers.

Moving Around

Moving around in this town is very simple, and there are no vehicles available in this town to move around. All that which is best spots can be covered by walking or bicycle. The city's size does not allow much of the vehicles or facilities to be introduced here. For the population purpose, there is only one known village present here. Other than this, it is just a small town established and maintained for tourists and various merchants.


Walking is the only way to explore Labadie. However, this area is low on crime, but it is advised that you must not roam around at night because some robbers and thieves are always looking for tourists. You must be careful with the roads and streets as there will be no signals in this town so if you get lost you have to find the way by yourself.


There are no specific bicycle rental shops available in this town. However, you can purchase or ask any villager to lend you a cycle. Cycling is a good exercise which makes a person fit. There are different benefits of cycling as it helps in decreasing air pollution and is economical in use. It is the second and the last way to move around this town. There are no ways to move around in this town as nothing can be introduced as a means of transportation.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are motorized vehicles that run on electricity. These vehicles are very beneficial to humanity. The first reason why electric cars are best for humans and society is that of maintenance. The second reason is that it does not involve natural resources such as gasoline, petrol, or diesel. The third reason is that it does not create pollution as it does not emit smoke from it. However, out of the benefits, there are no electric vehicles present in this town. It is because the owners haven't introduced it to the people.

Public Bus

There are no traces of public buses in this town. There may be many reasons why there is no public bus in this town. You can opt for walking or bicycles as your way of moving around the city. Apart from this, you will not find many options.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are none of these ways of transportation to move around this town. The main reasons are because of the low population and the small size. As everyone knows, building railway lines requires many lands; otherwise, making train tracks on a smaller area can be very congesting. Even these won't generate much revenue.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves products that are beneficial for humans and nature. Also, there are many benefits of sustainable shopping, consisting of using those products, which help health. Even these products are produced in views of nature, which means without harming it. There are different categories of sustainable shopping which involves food markets, flea market for the type of food and for purchasing products there are second-hand stores. For clothes, there are different eco-fashion store.

Food Markets

There are not many food markets which are present. There is no one's purchase from the food market because there is no use for it. Along with this, even if there is a food market, we are unable to find them. Food markets are markets where food stalls are placed. There are enough cafes, restaurants, and street food stalls available here.

Flea Markets

There is a flea market which is very famous in this town. Flea markets are the place where vendors sell their vegetables or fruits on a large ground. There are two types of vendors available. One is the full-time vendors, which involve those vendors who earn their livelihood by this and takes it as a job. Others are the part-time vendors who do this for a side salary and are there only for a limited time.

  • Haitian Flee Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are the stores that involve the sale of second-hand products. Second-hand products are very beneficial for nature in many ways. It does not include the use of raw materials that would have required in making a new product. Other benefits involve that these products save a lot of energy needed to decompose and space in a landfill. There is no such shop available in this town.


Eco-fashion stores involve fashion products that are made up of natural fabrics. It involves less use of machine work and high service of handwork, giving it a good look. Even the dyes which are used to color the clothes are made from natural ingredients. Other things involve the production of these clothes generates a lot of employment for the society. Also, no such brands follow eco-fashion as the clothes are self woven by the locals for themselves.


Recycling involves reusing those products which are of no use. Recycling involves reusing products by casting them into different shapes. Many items are recyclable, and such as paper reused by the newspaper, tin can be recast for soft drinks containers. There are not many recycling plants established here, and the local people do not have enough skills to recycle various things. Therefore, they only recycle papers.


Wastes are the products that are of no use. There are only two ways to deal with waste. One is the landfill, which involves large spaces where all the trash from the entire place is dumped collectively. The second is the intrinsic method, which involves decomposing waste with the help of thermal energy. There is not much of the waste present in this town, and those present; locals use to burn them collectively.

Work and Study Abroad

There is not much of the work present here. However, every work is provided by the owners of this town. You can work as a waiter in some cafes, restaurants or hotels. Cruise ships also offer different jobs, such as sailing team member, dockyard manager, and many other such jobs. These jobs involve high education qualifications. Coming to study, as there is a deficient population in this country and it is a tourist town, therefore, there is no such educational institution.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is a program in which students are sent abroad to complete their studies. It helps a student to become self-confident. Most of the colleges provide free education in this program. There is no such program which is available in this town.

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays with the locals' family without any charge. In exchange, it provides help to the family by taking care of their child. There is no such work which is available in this town. This town's population is tiny, and there is not much of the job available.


Volunteering means to perform work out of your hobby or will without charging any fees. There are no such NGOs which involves volunteer. The reason behind it is because no one feels the need to establish an NGO.

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