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Eco-friendly travel guide to Lucknow advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Lucknow, India.

A beautiful view of a part of Lucknow


Responsible Travel

Lucknow is a gem in the heart of India. It is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, which is the state in the Northern Indian region. It seems to attract tourists with the magnetic attraction originating from the unique historical places that integrate Mughal and British architecture. Being a tourist, it is should be a top priority to travel responsibly and be aware of things. Responsible travel does not just ensure security, but it also provides that you travel in an environment-friendly manner. There are many different ways to do that like:

  • Cycling is one of the best ways to travel around the city. It not only saves you from getting stuck in heavy traffic but is also a great way to remain healthy. Besides, it also does not pollute the city. The locals love to ride bicycles so you will not feel like the odd one out.
  • Another environmentally friendly method to get around Lucknow is by walking. Undoubtedly, the city is huge, but one of the best things is that the most of the tourist attractions are not far away from each other and the distance can be covered on foot. Walking around the town is ordinarily safe during the daylight but you still have to be careful and take care of your valuables. Neither cycling nor walking is recommended during the night, especially if you travel through the streets instead of the main roads.
  • Lucknow also has fast Metro trains that help you travel through the city throughout the day. It is not just environment friendly, safe, and quick, but it is also cheaper than other available options.
  • There are also local bus services and rickshaws available that you can use to reach your destination. Buses are generally more comfortable as compared to rickshaws.
  • You can visit historic places with the most detailed and intricate architectural details. Mostly such historical sites have nearby local markets that sell local products. To support local people and learn more about their rich culture, you should see the local markets and explore the local goods. Instead of buying from big international chains, you should support the local artisans not only as a way to help them but also because the craft they sell is amazing in quality and not available anywhere else in the world.
  • The parks in the city are a fantastic place to visit and cherish nature. Most of the parks have eating spots inside or very near to them. You can also have a taste of delicious street food that is available near or inside these parks.

Make sure to be a responsible traveler by throwing the trash in the dust bins only, supporting local markets, and ensuring that you do not damage any public property. Use eco-friendly methods of traveling so that you don't contribute to pollution.

Air Quality and Pollution

Not just Lucknow but where ever in the world you wish to go, you must always know about their air pollution level. Even if you are not going to live in that place for long, temporary residence still impacts your health, especially if you have some respiratory problems. The air pollution level in Lucknow is mostly moderate. It is usually within the safe level air pollution scale throughout the year. However, the air pollution level drops to below 50 PM2.5 AQI (μg/m3) from the evening to midnight; therefore, that is the best time to hit the road.

Respect the Culture

If you have some experience traveling, especially across the continents, you must know that different places have different cultures. It is imperative to respect the local culture no matter how different it is from your own culture or from what you believe in.

India is one of the most culturally rich countries, and it is home to more than 2000 different ethnic groups who have their own values and beliefs. The culture you will experience in Lucknow might be very different from your own culture and is significantly different for other ethnic groups, which might confuse you about what you should do and what you shouldn't. Yet, one rule of thumb you must stick to is respect them no matter how different your personal views are. Ash Lucknow is home to different ethnic groups; some are similar to why others are significantly different. Various Hindu sects have significant similarities but they are exceptionally different from the other minority ethnic groups like Muslims and Christians.

Overall the people of Lucknow are very welcoming and hospitable towards the tourists. Indians treat tourists like their own guests.

If you ever happen to visit Lucknow during a festival, you would fall in love with the decorations and the festive vibe. Behind every celebration's origination, you will hear a fascinating story that the locals have to tell.

Top 10 Places to Visit

When it comes to Lucknow, it has a lot of things that it offers to its tourists. From historical monuments to street food, everything is worth trying. Following are the attractions that you must visit while you are in Lucknow:

  • Bara Imambara - Bara Imambara is one of the significant historical monuments that is situated in Lucknow. It is a congregation hall for Shia muslims but everyone is welcome to explore. Thousands of people visit every day to explore it. They charge a minor entry fee for entrance, which is used for maintenance and restoration purposes. There is a beautiful garden outside the building and a circular pathway that leads to the three large doors with smaller doors to both sides. It has a giant vaulted chamber if the world inside.
  • Chota Imambara- This impressive palace was initially a religious building in the Muslim community's Shia sect and later served as a king and his family's residence. It is called the court of lights because of the beautiful chandeliers and lamps inside of it. The external is beatified by calligraphic artwork that gives pleasure to the eyes to see.
  • British Residency - This was always known as the Residency as it was the residence of British in the past. Now it is a ruin and is under protection so that it can be conserved as a cultural heritage and a symbol of historical happenings.
  • Rumi Darwaza - As the name suggests, Rumi Darwaza (Door) is a beautiful gateway that is situated in between the Bara Imambara and Chota Imambara. It is so magnificent and beautiful that it is also used as a logo or symbol for the Lucknow city. The gate has a significant resemblance to the sublime port situated in the Istanbul board and due to this resemblance; it is also called Turkish Gate.
  • Chattar Manzil - This is a historical monument that gets its name from the umbrella-shaped dome. Like many other historical monuments of India, it integrates architecture from multiple regions; however, the most significant architecture that you can quickly notice is British architecture. It is now a government office, yet still, its beauty attracts people to visit it.
  • Dilkusha Kothi - Although Dilkusha Kothi is now a ruin and except for the external walls and some towers, nothing much is left of it. Still, it is of significant historical importance as it was a summer resort and a place for Nawabs to stay that came for hunting.
  • Husainabad Clock Tower - It wouldn't be wrong if you call it big Ben of Lucknow. Husainabad Clock Tower is a historical monument located in Lucknow; it is a clock's giant structure. Its pendulum alone is 14 feet.
  • Amrapali Water Park - If you want to get rid of the scorching summer in Lucknow, your best way out is Amrapali Water Park. It is not only providing aquatic fun, but it also houses some restaurants and video game sections.
  • Aminabad Market - If you are fond of buying local things from different countries, your best shopping stop in Lucknow would be the Aminabad market. This market dates back to the Nawabs era, and you would find almost everything you need right under one roof.
  • Indira Gandhi Planetarium - If you want to see planet Saturn on Earth, then Indira Gandhi planetarium is worth a visit. It is a constant attraction for science enthusiasts and tourists. You would be delighted to spend a day here and learn some new things about the wonders in the universe.

All these places make Lucknow a place worth visiting. The best thing is that most of these places are almost within walking distance from one another, and some others can be reached by using the public transport system.

Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow


If you are looking for a destination worth visiting with historical places and a rich culture, you should add Lucknow to your list. It's not just because it has so much to offer but also because traveling across the city is convenient. You don't have to wait or travel a lot to see a destination or two because they are at a very short distance from one another. For instance, if you visit Bara Imambara, then the Rumi gate is very close. After that comes the Chota Imambara; therefore, you can see all three destinations in just one day without taking any taxi if you prefer walking. Multiple parks ensure that the city has a healthy atmosphere. It is hard to find a place that is so rich in historical monuments, markets, and entertainment opportunities. You can explore the architectural innovations of multiple cultures and regions within Lucknow.

City Parks

City Parks are the parts or gardens inside the city at specific places to neutralize air pollution and to allow the citizens and tourists a place for walking, jogging, and cherishing nature. Some of the best city parks of.Lucknow are:

  • Janeshwar Mishra Park - If you want to visit a park, Janeshwar Mishra Park is worth visiting because it has everything you can imagine having in an ideal playground. It has a jogging track if you wish to jog, and if not, it's got a comfortable sitting area where you can sit and enjoy the view of nature. Multiple huge lawns are great for outdoor games. There are also some food vendors at the entrance that can help you re energize after a day at the park. It also houses fruit trees, a gym, and a beautiful lake with fish that are an absolute pleasure to watch.
  • Ambedkar Memorial Park - Ambedkar Memorial Park is a great place to visit if you wish to see magnificent structures and multiple statues. It is situated near to the Gomti River. The park gets extremely hot in the afternoon as the building absorbs heat from the sun, but it is an entirely different and pleasant place to visit in the evenings.
  • Gomti River Front Park - Gomti Riverfront Park is one of the best parks to visit in Lucknow if you want to have a beautiful view of the Gomti River. The park looks stunning in the evening when beautiful lights illuminate the entire area. The lights are mild and colorful, making the full view a delight for your eyes. The entry to this park is free. One of the distinct features of Gomti Riverfront Park is that it has different tracks for jogging and walking purposes; therefore, if you go here for jogging, you don't have to slow down your speed for people who are walking. It is a perfect place for morning or evening walk and jogging.
  • Kalindi Park - This park is great to visit if you are looking for a peaceful garden with not a lot of crowd around. It has many things that kids can enjoy. A beautiful water body that is surrounded by trees on its border. If you like solitude, then you can spend hours in this peaceful park cherishing nature.
  • Gautam Buddha Park - It is an excellent park to spend your time in. It has some rides for the kids and some food outlets, but their prices are slightly higher than their standard price. If you are visiting in summer, then early morning or evening are the best times to visit. There is a roller coaster, a giant water slide, and boats that appeal to visitors. Outside food is allowed here, so you can also visit this park for a picnic.
  • Begam Hazrat Mahal Park - This park is built as a tribute to the bravery of Begam Hazrat Mahal (a revolutionary queen who rebelled against the British East India Company). It is beautiful and a must-visit place if you love nature. Begam Hazrat Mahal Park houses fountains and exotic flowers which are also its primary attraction. The amusing shadowy trees save you from direct sun rays making this place comfortable. There is a beautiful building in the middle of the park, which is a historical monument.
  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park - If you wish to cherish nature in its proper form, this place is one of Lucknow's very few places where you can do so. This park is not just huge but is also well maintained. They also have some great restaurants in the garden. There is a proper system for drinking water, and the park is generally immaculate. All the trees in the park are selected carefully to contribute to having a pollution-free environment.
  • Chandrashekhar Azad Park - This park is named after a freedom fighter Chandrashekhar during the rule of the British. The park is famous among the locals who visit it for yoga and exercise. A tree in the garden is known for its historical importance that the freedom fighter tried to hide from the British behind it. People are mostly seen taking pictures and pointing towards that tree and telling the story of Chandrashekhar to one another.
Night View of the Ambedkar Memorial at Lucknow

National Parks

National parks are huge areas covered by trees and mostly they consist of conserved forestation. They are essential to be near every urban area for better air quality. The two major national parks of Lucknow are mentioned below:

  • Kukrail Forest - This is a forest that you can visit to get a glimpse of the wild. This forest has an the endangered status due to the land being occupied by housing societies. It is one of the ideal places in Lucknow to explore natural beauty. The Kukrail forest is not just a dense forest, but the Kukrail River also originates from it.
  • Mahabaleshwar Park - This national park is located in the area of Gaurabagh in Lucknow. It is an excellent park to visit, and the parking place is the border of the park in which cars are parked linearly. Mahabaleshwar Park is suitable for kids to see as well.


The Lucknow city is landlocked and is not bordering any sea to provide it with the virtue of having a beach. However, if you desperately desire to visit a beach, then there are a few beaches outside Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh like Chuka, Ganga, and Chandipur beaches.


As Lucknow has been housing many Nawabs, it has many significant historical landmarks that are magnificent and notable masterpieces indeed by their courtesy.

  • Rumi Darwaza: When it comes to Lucknow's landmarks, the top rank goes to Rumi Darwaza because it has been used to represent the city. It is not just a historical gate that looks amazing but also the pride of its residents. It is right in the middle of the other two great monuments, so it acts as a gateway between them.
  • La Martiniere College: While there are many places with historical importance associated with Lucknow's Nawabs, this monument is not. This place has impressive architecture, but what makes it different from all other monuments is its unique military history. La Martiniere College was initially the part of the East India Company. Still, after the acquisition, East India company estates' significant features were used to establish educational institutions for the students.
  • Chandrika Devi Temple: Chandrika Devi Temple is a famous temple in Lucknow; if you wish to view the Hindu community's religious rituals, you should visit Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow. It has a water body near it, which is often considered a part of the temple. People are often seen feeding the ducks and other animals while visiting the temple. There is a market outside the temple where people buy things necessary for the religious rituals they perform in the temple.
La Martiniere College


Museums are a great place to explore the cultural heritage of the people of regions people ocular region.

  • 1857 Memorial Museum - This museum provides complete insight into 1857, which is significant in the region's history. This museum has photographs, maps of the sites, and paintings that are associated with the incident. The locals take pride in the experience where they stood for their liberty.
  • Hussainabad Picture Gallery - As the name suggests, the gallery provides the tourist with deep insight into history through pictures. You will also get to know some amazing facts that will fascinate you. As Lucknow is known for its association with the Nawabs, this museum holds the Nawabs' portraits that you can see and know how they used to look.
  • Regional Science City - Conclusion this is a science museum that you can visit to see amazing scientific facts and do other science-based activities to learn about facts. It has a significant activity lawn with scientific activities that are fun to know facts and a productive one.
Hussainabad Picture Gallery


Lucknow has always been very famous for its food. If you want to taste significantly different food from European cuisine, this is the right place. The taste of the most authentic Indian cuisine and different dishes that are almost 1000 of years old are prepared in the restaurants of Lucknow. The food is different from other continents, but it is substantially different from its neighboring states. Lucknow houses different religious, ethnic groups; therefore, their concept of specific food items differs. Along with the local cuisine, fast food and Chinese is famous among the locals.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional local restaurants in Lucknow provide tourists and locals with the opportunity to eat and taste local cuisine with the right seating area. The following are some famous traditional local restaurants of Lucknow that you must visit.

  • Oudhiyana - This is a place with a cultural setting that serves Awadhi cuisine, which is a royal cuisine. It comes under the class of Muglai restaurant.
  • The Mugals Dastarkhwan - It is one of the luxurious restaurants in Lucknow city with good food and well-trained staff. They do not just serve traditional food but also other cuisines like Chinese, American, and Italian.
  • L14 All Day Dining and Take Away - They serve their traditional Indian along with continental and Asian food. It is at a suitable location where you can enjoy good food along with a fantastic view.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Lucknow is an excellent place to visit in case you prefer vegetarian. The prices are low, but the taste and quality are not compromised at all.

  • Green Restaurant By Neelkanth - This restaurant is known for its unique vegan dishes. If you want to enjoy your vegan food in an economical package, this is an excellent place. Their dining room is well decorated and sophisticated.
  • DineOut Pure Vegetarian Restaurant - If you are strictly vegetarian and don't want to see other people eating non-vegetarian food around you, choosing DineOut pure vegetarian restaurant is a great option. It is because they are as strictly vegetarian as you are, and they make sure that their dishes have a fantastic taste that makes you visit them often.

Street Food

  • Kebab - Kebab is one of the famous street food items in Lucknow. You can see them all around the city, and they are pretty easy to find at renowned tourist spots. The kebabs are made of minced meat and different mix of spices. Lucknow Kebabs are generally spicy, so if you like to add spice to your food, try it.
  • Biryani - Lucknow Biryani is the runner up next to Kebabs when it comes to popularity and taste. It's not just a street snack; it is a complete meal on its own. It has rice, meat and vegetables blended and cooked with spices. There are many variations among the Biryani of different outlets in Lucknow.
  • Chole Bathure - Although Chole Bathure (chickpea curry and fried bread) is famous and available all across India, the ones sold in Lucknow are exceptional in taste and unlike the ones that you can eat elsewhere. Although locals usually take Lassi (yogurt milk) as a drink with it, they go well with cold drinks as well.
Mughlai Dum Biryani is one the specialties from Lucknow. Mildly spiced and full of flavors this Biryani is a royal treat


If you prefer alcoholic beverages, then there are many bars in Lucknow with almost all types of alcoholic drinks like Sky Bar and UP's Bar. In case you do not drink alcoholic beverages, there are still other options like whole drinks and there are cafes that offer tea, coffee and different varieties of drinks.


If you belong to a western country, then you probably have a habit of consuming tap-water; however, in Lucknow, tap water is not as safe as it is in the west of states; therefore, it is much recommended that you purchase bottled water for yourself and carry it with you.

Organic Cafés

The concept of organic cafes is not widespread in Lucknow yet; therefore, it is hard to find an Organic Café there. Most people who are vegetarian go-to vegan restaurants, as most of them offer beverages as well.


As there is no drinking restriction except for underage people's drinking, there are many bars that flourish in Lucknow. Some of the Bars with good sitting and overall environment are mentioned below:

  • Be The Beer
  • Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill
  • The Beer Café
  • Percussion
  • Big Daddy


Lucknow is an excellent place to explore the culture and rich heritage. The best things you can do in Lucknow include visiting historical monuments to explore Lucknow's historical background. You can see the museums to know amazing facts about the region.

There are many cities and National Park that provide a peaceful atmosphere to spend time and cherish nature. You can also go for shopping in local Markets and luxurious malls. Don't forget to explore the fantastic cuisine and street food of Lucknow.

Yoga and Retreats

As meditation is somehow a part of Indian religious culture, yoga and retreat have flourished at a significant rate even in Lucknow. People are health conscious, and therefore you will occasionally see people doing exercise in jogging in the parks you visit. Some of the places that you can visit for yoga in Lucknow are the following:

  • Yogarth Yoga Classes
  • Kanchan Care Yoga & Physiotherapy Center
  • Third eye yoga studio(Yoga center)
  • Dev Yoga Studio
  • Paarth yoga


One of every tourist's significant concerns is accommodation. Still, you don't have to worry about it if you are traveling to Lucknow because there are many hotels and the right places to live during your stay in the city.

Hotel Clarks Avadh, Lucknow

Green Hotels

One of the good things about Lucknow is that it has many hotels where you can stay, and the best thing about them is that they thought it was also significantly less if you compare them to the global rates. Some of the Green hotels in Lucknow are mentioned below:

  • Hotel Green View Inn
  • Pacific Green Hotel
  • Silver key executive stays
  • Green Valley holiday home

Hostels and Guest Houses

Many luxurious hostels provide accommodation facilities at low cost as they are all around Lucknow, you wouldn't have to wander much to find one. Most of the posters in Lucknow provide well-furnished rooms with attached washrooms. Some of the signs with a good reputation in Lucknow on mentioned below:

  • Backpackers Den
  • Backpackers pad
  • Hotel Ranbir
  • Hashtag Travelers
  • Kalpraj hostel
  • Queenstown girls PG towny hostel


You may be looking for Apartments to live in Lucknow, but if you are not staying in Lucknow for a extended period, apartments may not be a very suitable option. It is because they will not only cost you higher, but they are also not well equipped. If you stay in an apartment, you won't get room services and other such advantages in hotels or hostels.


Although Couchsurfing is a leading global trend, Lucknow's people are somehow conservative when it comes to getting a stranger live in their home; therefore, you may not get this facility in Lucknow.


Camping is not a very safe option when it comes to Lucknow. They are also not many places where you can camp. You can settle up camp in national parks; however, it's a very unsafe option.

How to Get There

Lucknow is a well-known or an area of Uttarpradesh; therefore, many traveling options are valid to travel to Lucknow; there are airports, railway lines, and right roads that connect Lucknow to other parts of the country.


Uttar Pradesh has mainly two international airports and is located luckily in Lucknow named Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. Therefore if you are traveling outside the country or inside the country, this report will be a very first destination in Lucknow.

Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow


Using bus service to travel is an eco-friendly traveling module because it reduces the demand for individual vehicles. You will be surprised to know that many bus services operate in Lucknow to mention a few famous ones:

  • Royal Travels Delhi
  • Royal Safari India Travels
  • Shri Rishabh Travels
  • Raj Kalpana Travels


Lucknow has a railway station that connects it to other cities and makes it more accessible you can check for their schedule online to see and choose the most convenient route. The station is named as Lucknow railway station.

Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow


Hitchhiking is not a notable trend among Lucknow's locals; therefore, you cannot expect to use this module and reach the places where you desire to. Most of the people do not trust other people due to the fear of getting robbed.


Lucknow is a famous place in India known for its monuments and other attractions; therefore, traveling enthusiasts even visit Lucknow in their cars or rental ones. Motorbikes are only used by the people who reside near Lucknow to come to the city. The airport is operated by foreign tourists to land directly in Lucknow.

Moving Around

While you are in Lucknow, there is no shortage of different modules that you can use to move around the city and explore the rich culture, historical monuments, and shopping areas.


Walking is an eco-friendly method of moving around Lucknow city. It not only decreases pollution production but it also is very healthy for you. As many historical monuments, eating places, and restaurants are very close to one another, you don't have to move long distances to reach them.


If you like cycling, you can also get a cycle on rent to move around the city. Many local people use bicycles to go from one place to another; therefore, it will not make you look odd.

Electronic Vehicles

Although electronic vehicles are highly preferred, and their awareness is growing across India, Lucknow still shifts its entire vehicle system to Electronic cars; therefore, your chance of getting an electronic car in Lucknow is meager.

Public Bus

The Intercity public bus system is a very convenient and economical module of transportation. The system is so well designed that you can reach any destination through a public bus and all you have to do is walk to the particular location from the bus stop, which is generally very near.

Tram, Train and Subway

Lucknow has a high-speed metro train system that can take you to any location in minimum time. It is a fast, economical, and sound quality transport system.

Sustainable Shopping

When it comes to shopping, Lucknow is an excellent place as it has luxurious malls and has local markets. You can buy anything from here, from clothes to artifacts. You can quickly get any International standard products from the stories; however, it is highly recommended that you support the local market wherever you go by purchasing local companies and manufacturers' products.

Food Markets

As Lucknow houses people of different tastes and priorities regarding food, you will find many other food markets that sell great food. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Nahas market
  • Kapoorthala market
  • Janpath market
  • Hazratganj market
  • Fruit market

Flea Markets

Do you want to do a lot of shopping from Lucknow and not spend a significant amount on it? Then flea markets are an excellent option for you Flea Market provides economic items from for low-income people. Some of the flea markets in Lucknow are the following:

  • Weekly market
  • Pal market
  • Janpath market
  • Patrakarpuram market
  • Gurunanak market
  • Nakhas market

Second Hand Stores

Due to hygiene and other reasons, Lucknow people do not prefer to wear second-hand items; therefore, any market for second-hand items does not flourish in this city. On the contrary, people who cannot afford expensive products buy from local manufacturers to save money.


All the efforts are being made to reduce pollution; the introduction of Eco-fashion is not the one that has gained much attention from the people for now. Yet many different people create different products and crafts from their hands instead of machinery to sell.


Lucknow plays a significant role in recycling different materials for better ecological sustainability. The central part of the recycled material consists of paper car scrap and computer-based scrap. The collection center in Lucknow is responsible for collecting all the material worth recycling and then sending it for preparation to be reused.


When it comes to Solid Waste Management in Lucknow city, the situation is not as fortunate as the air quality is. The scientific investigation of LMC tells that 1500 tons of waste every day is produced just in Lucknow. Although the government and local agencies strive to reduce waste production and increase the recycling rate get still the results to remain insignificant.

Work and Study Abroad

The educational institutions and job opportunities in Lucknow attract people from around the neighboring cities and countries. If you want to find work or do business in Lucknow, you need to get an employment visa and apply for a work permit.

Exchange Student

Many exchange programs can help you be part of this study curriculum in Lucknow; however, you need to check for such information in your institution. Many hostels provide accommodation to students, and you can also live with a host family if you want to.

Au Pair

The AU pair concept is not yet trending in Lucknow; therefore, you might not use this facility.


If you want to volunteer in Lucknow, many local volunteering organizations and social work centers need volunteers to do good work. You can apply for volunteer ship online through the websites of such organizations.

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